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Here are all of the FloraBall2017 images for your viewing pleasure~! I really enjoyed drawing all of these wonderful characters and dance poses!

During this event, Pom-Pom revealed her real name to be Lindy Hop! :D She’ll still accept “Pom-Pom” as a nickname, but just note that the blog will be addressing her as “Lindy/Lindy Hop” in future posts.

Thanks for the fun-filled event, everyone!

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Lies || one

He comes to visit after a month.

Originally posted by aestaetically

Word Count: 2,5k

Genre: Smut & Angst

It’s silent. I can only hear my breathing and the slightly sobbing. I’m currently sitting in the middle of the living floor. The view of the city was magical, but all I could think about was the slightly pain in my heart. I haven’t felt this way before, but today it hit me. This was something big and I didn’t know, why I felt this way. Maybe the fact that I been locked inside this apartment for a month all alone.

I hear him pull up in front of his apartment. Yes, this is someone else’s apartment. I can’t help myself to feel relieved, even when I’m supposed to be mad at him. It quickly turned into anger. I decided not to open the door. After all, this is one of his apartments, so he has the key to it.  I pretend to be focused on the night view of the city, that I didn’t notice him arrive.

I hear him fiddling with his keys, when I have been worried sick for a whole month now. I shouldn’t expect much from him, but not letting me know if he was okay a whole month straight. Was just a shitty move, even for him? Once the door was open, I hear his footsteps. He takes off his shoes, before walking to the living room. My phone lights up signaling that I just got a message. I picked it up and went on messager. I pretended to be disinterested in him. I hear him clear his throat and walk further towards me.

Hye: Me and Seoyoung are wondering if you wanted to come join as in the club on Friday or are you busy?

“Tell them you’re busy. I don’t want you to go to the club and I don’t understand why you’re even friends with those two. They’re both sluts and you know it”, he said behind my back.

I just grip hard onto the phone. He didn’t have the rights to tell me what to do, not after this. The blood rushed through my body fast and it was filled up with a mixture of anger and hurt. I just rolled my eyes, two can play that game. I knew he was standing behind me waiting for me to reply. The perfume he had on, let me know that he was in a suit. He must have came straight here after work.

Y/N: Fine by me. I was supposed to finish my choreography, but that can wait. See you guys in school tomorrow.

“So you’re in that mood”, he said and straightens his back.

“Of course I’m in that mood, you fucking left me for a month with no phone calls. Hye and Seoyoung may be the sluts of the school, but they’re at least nice and around me. Something you’re not” it sounded like yelling.

I stood up and faced him. Looked straight into his eyes and I didn’t notice a tear trailing down my cheek. I didn’t expect crying in front of him, but I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I been holding all this inside of me for a month and I’m about to explode. I didn’t care if he would start yelling at me for crying in front of him. I’m already emotional, because of this day.

“Sometimes I surely hate you, Kim Taehyung. Like why? If you’re already bored of me, just kick me out then. I know you just been with girls for few months. Like why be with me for a year. Why not just leave me after few months, just like all the other girls? Please, tell me it. Just say it, I’ll leave immediately.” I said more tears trailed down my cheek.

I just wanted to kneel down crying, because my heart was shattered into pieces. Why was this day so emotional for me? It’s like gun shots coming straight to my heart. It hurts so much, and I don’t know why it hurt that much. Why does it feel like I’m going to die? I should be happy that he’s here, not sad.

He just looked at me with no emotional in his eyes. This just made me more frustrated and mad. I felt used and betrayed for some reasons. Wow, he came here to make a fight. Why isn’t he answers me? Is this true? He’s here to kick me out. I should have noticed it, him being away for a month. He probably already find a new one to play with, but I surely didn’t want to leave.

“Are you just going to stand there or say something? You’re probably here to kick me out aren’t you? Fine, I take that as a yes” I said and turned around waking towards the front door.

I’m doing this. He doesn’t want me anymore. I should have noticed it, him acting weird. I didn’t own anything here anyway. My parents haven’t contact the police or done anything. I don’t remember anything anymore. It’s like my memories have been removed and placed with lies. The only one I trust is here kicking me out on the streets, where he once found me. This was just making me sad. I felt empty, even when he was here.

He suddenly grabbed my wrist making me turn around. “Like what have gotten into your head? I told you, it was work. Do I have to repeat myself multiple times for you? You don’t know how much I wanted to call you, but I was busy” He said with a raised voice, I didn’t want to look directly in his eyes.

“Fine, but I’m going to Hye and Seoyoung” I said and turned around once again heading to the door, but he was stopping me by holding onto my wrist harder.

“Can’t allow that. I’m betting that their already busy with visitors and I don’t want them to include you in it”

I had to drag him with me to the bedroom. He wasn’t letting go of my wrist. In this point I was mad at him for sure. My blood was boiling and I just wanted to curse out at him with all my pain. “Can you please let go of me? Or do you want me to cut your hand off” I said, while gritting my teeth together.

He eventually let go of me. “Don’t run away then”, he said and I just walked straight to the wardrobe. I on purpose let the door be open, so he could just look in. He was seated on the edge of the bed. My clothes went quickly on the floor leaving me just in a bra and panties. Before wearing an oversized t-shirt, I unclipped my bra. “Aren’t you going home?” I asked, while having my back against him.

“Can’t I stay in my own apartment? It feels like you’re the one kicking someone out here”, he said and I could feel him smirk.

“Then you can stay here and I can sleep on the couch”, I said, while walking out of the wardrobe.

When I was about to past him, he grabbed my wrist.  "Why are you mad at me? I told you that I was going away for weeks", he said, while placing me on his lap. I just focused on the door, ignoring him. He wrapped his arms around me, not wanting me to go. This actually felt good I missed him, but something inside me didn’t want this.

“Taehyung, I’m tired. You should had texted me or called, that you’re coming over. Come back tomorrow or something”, I said trying to stand up, but his arms were stopping me.

He started kissing my neck and I could feel his bulge press against my ass. How much I missed him, I couldn’t give him what he wanted. Not today. I had so much on my mind and I just wanted to sleep. My head was going side-to-side trying avoiding his touch, every single girl would do whatever to get this chance.

“Can we do it tomorrow? I’m extremely tired, please”


He lifted me up and slightly throw me on the bed, before hovering over me. “Please, don’t be mad at me” he said and in a second he smashed his lips onto mine. It wasn’t that rough, but I immediately melt under his touch. He bit my under lip asking for entrance and I let him in. My arms were wrapped around his neck. We fought about dominance, but he won in the end.

It didn’t take long, before he was just in his boxers. He was sucking on my neck leaving hickeys. My hands went through his soft hair. After awhile he started kissing on my collarbone down to my breast. When he put one of my the nibble in his mouth, while one of his hand cup my other breast, I started to moan. “The perfect body” he said and smiled.

His other hand slide down my stomach to my panties. Every time he touched my body made me wetter by the second. He pulled my panties down and the cold air hit my wet core making me gasp. “Already wet” he smirked and his finger slides through my folds. “Ah~” I moaned. I knew this was just making him harder then he already is.

“Did daddy’s baby girl miss him?” He asked with a tilt head and a smirk was plastered on his face.

I just nodded my head. “What?” He asked and I just sighed. “Yes, daddy” I said with my innocence voice. I gasped, when he put two fingers inside of me. He didn’t start slow, he was bumping them inside of me with a fast pace making me moan multiple times. He was back on sucking on my breasts and my hand went through his hair. His thumb was rubbing on my clit making me come faster.

“I’m going-” I couldn’t finish my sentence, because he pulled out his fingers. “Someone have been a good girl” he said and pulled his boxers grabbing his hard length stroking it. I could see precum come out of his tip. “Do you want this?” I just nodded my head, but he wasn’t satisfied with my answer. “I want it, please give it to me” I begged.

He slammed his hard length inside of me. I moaned, while he groaned. He started slow letting me adjust to his side. “You’re so tight” he said with gritting teeth. “Faster~” I said and he fastened his pace. The room was filled with moans, groans and skin slapping. He was sucking on my neck once again, making him deepen himself inside of me. His trusts was hard and deep making my head throw back in pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum~” I said and felt then climax in my stomach. “Don’t cum, until I say so” he said with a strict voice. He flipped me around my face facing down on the bed, while my ass was up in the air. It didn’t take long, before he slammed himself inside of me once again. He started trusting fast and hard. I held onto the sheets, while moan into the pillow. To deepened himself, he lent forward giving my back kisses.

It was hard holding my climax in, but I was too tired for his punishments. I hear him groan and trying hard not to moan. The skin slapping was loud, because of how fast he was slamming himself in me. I was crying into the pillow, because it actually hurt to hold it inside. “Just come” he said and I immediately clenched around him. Making him groan, on how tight I was around him. It didn’t take long, before I felt him fill me up with his cum.

He slowly trusted making himself jerk all of his sperm inside of me. After that he rolled over and grabbed my waist pulling me down with him. “I missed you” I heard him said and I felt a kiss on my shoulder. My body felt exhausted, so I fell asleep.

I woke up alone. What did I expect? The first thing  on my mind was taking a shower. I stepped out of the bed and the floor was ice cold, making me shiver. I turned on the shower and the warm water hit my skin. This felt extremely relaxed. After showing I wrapped myself with a tower standing in front of the mirror, seeing the hickeys on my skin. “Should I cover it up or just let it be?” I said to my reflection and decided to let it be.

The outfits I was wearing was ripped jeans, a black sweater with a low neck paired with plain Timberlands. I walked to the desk to grab my bag. I wasn’t hungry, so I just grabbed a apple and a energy bar. The way to school was just normal, people staring at me. Like I’m a kind of celebrity. I don’t understand why, but maybe the hickeys is the reason for today’s stares.

“What’s that?” Hye pointed at my neck. “Haven’t you seen hickeys before?” I said sarcastically. “I think, she means. Who putted them there and wow their huge?” Seoyoung said.

“Just a guy” I lied, no one here knows about Taehyung. We walked inside the school and I honestly looked like a slut with the huge hickeys on my neck and collarbone. “Like how? You don’t even go out” Hye said surprised. “That doesn’t mean, I don’t invite guys to my apartment” it felt like I betrayed Taehyung, but I was just talking about him. We arrived to the classroom and I sat down on my desk.

The teacher didn’t mind the huge hickeys on my body, I guess she’s used to it. It’s not a week, when we don’t see one of the girls have hickeys on their neck. I mean Hye and Seoyoung. Their known as the school’s sluts and they have fucked all the boys here. “Y/N, the nurse wants to talk to you” I looked at her confused, but just nodded my head. I stood up from my seat and headed to the nurse office.

When I came there. I slightly knocked on the door and heard her say come in, so I walked inside. I sat down on the chair across her desk. “Are you feeling okay?” She asked and I nodded. “You have been behind everyone and you’re the best student here. It must be hard living on you’re own. You know you can always talk to me”, she said and looked at my hickeys. “Yes, and don’t worry about them. No one forced me. You can say it was a stress reliever”, I said and smiled.

“Could I go? Or do you want to ask more questions. Feel free to do it, but I don’t know if I can answer them”, I said and she just shook her head. All the others in the class was probably in the dance studio, so I headed there. I was surprised, when I saw who was in there too.

14,000 Follower Milestone Celebration

To celebrate earning 14,000 Followers, I’ve taken 14 pictures of me in 14 pairs of undies in 14 different poses, as ordered by @undieboy-au​. Each of these pairs of undies are among my favorites for various reasons, either because they were firsts, gifts, or unique in some way. Thank you all so much for following me, it is a sincere blessing and honor to have my posts read and viewed by you all.

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I have a question. I know AU means alternate universe, but to what extent exactly? Does it include even small changes in characters life? For example if a fic was about Dan and Phil and everything was the same from their regular life except Dan was short, or Phil didn't graduate university, would that be considered an AU?

I usually say that small changes are still considered reality! Reality is usually things that can happen irl while au’s are more out there hahaha. So for example like i wrote a fic where dan had a gf and they broke up so he was sad so dan and phil started cuddling and doing all this stuff that could be viewed as romantic, and i consider that reality. But if it’s like them at college with a bunch of stuff changed, then that would be an au. Does that make sense?



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Hi, this is @will-be-undone again, and, as a black person, I just wanted to say that you're support of the black lives matter movement and your views on people saying "all lives matter" makes me so happy! Thank you 🌼

Omg you’re so sweet.. I’m so glad I can support the movement and create a safe space! It means so much to me and it’s so important to me to stay educated and also educate others 💕


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The second series of Diamond Select Muppet toys are now in stores, and ToughPigs reviewed them all for your viewing pleasure!