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Imagine That New Species Have Been Discovered

Imagine that three strange new species have been discovered, and that all known members of these species are male, and very small in number. The government decides to make a truce with the species, as they have the same basic mannerisms as humans, for peace between our races and for reproduction so that the species don’t die off.

The new species, three different ones in total, all look strange yet relatively human. The first looked exactly like a normal human but with large, vibrant blue eyes with bright green sclera, not to mention they stood at about half the height of a regular adult. The second species had large wings, either leathery or covered with feathers, and patches of feathers or scales creeped onto their skin in matching color to the wings. Members of the third species look normal from the waist up, as they have shape shifting qualities, but the waist down is a mass of colored tentacles that could increase and decrease in number as they willed.
And for the treaty to be fulfilled to the fullest, women with suitable wombs would be selected to breed with the new species (nicknamed Mini, Wings, and Tenta respectively), they would produce offspring until at least one suitable female was produced and birthed, then they would receive a large sum of money from the government as thanks and could carry on with their normal lives.
Imagine that you have been selected to breed with a member of the new species, and you couldn’t be more anxious. You threw a fit, you’re only 18, still in high school, but no one would listen. Your mother was excited for your children and mate, and your father was excited for the large sum of money that could put you through medical school and then some.
Your classmates, once they heard about your selection, bullied you ruthlessly about it. Called you names like ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ in the halls, knocked your things out of your hands in stairwells, threw things at your heads in class, but the worst was yet to come. You were dragged into a dark broom closet and had your mouth covered and limbs bound as someone carved into the flesh of your arms. They laughed as they did it, and left you after to be discovered by the janitor who knows how long later and rushed to the hospital. You didn’t need stitches or a blood transfusion, just tight bandages on your forearms. Your parents pulled you from school after the incident.
A few days later you’re taken to a meeting at some office with other women who have been selected for this project so that you can be told what else needs to be done as well as how each species reproduces so that you all can reproduce the new species’ children. The Minis reproduced by placing their young in a larval state into the womb using their penis, about five or six at a time, and the gestation period was only about 5 months, then they would be birthed like a typical human infant. The Wings reproduced by ejaculating into the female, eggs would be formed and birthed after about 4 months, then they would be kept warm in a nest until they hatched about 2-3 months later. The Tentas inserted a mixture of semen and eggs into the female’s womb, and the gestation period is anywhere from 6 months to 10, depending on the size of the clutch. They finish up the presentation by introducing the women to their mates, and they all seem very excited, except for you.
You’re nervous, you’re scared that your partner will just take you and leave you, you’re scared that your partner will abandon you for the duration of your pregnancy, you’re completely terrified. You’re so scared and nervous that you don’t notice the man trying to get your attention until he lightly taps on your shoulder, causing you to flinch pretty hard.
“I-I’m sorry!” He spoke, you looked at him, eyeing him up gently. He was about 6ft tall, with soft green eyes and auburn hair that framed his face gently, he had a little weight to him, but it was covered by a white button-up shirt. But what really caught your attention was the small group of thick, soft green tentacles that pooled about on the floor where his feet would be. All in all he was very
“Cute…” you mumbled softly. A blush covered both his and your faces when you realized you had said that out loud.
“Um… my name is Tomo, it’s nice to meet you miss.” He introduced himself shyly. You felt a little better when you realized he was probably just as nervous as you. You introduced yourself and shook his hand. As you continued talking with Tomo, you felt comfortable and quickly found a friend in him.
You learned that out of the five surviving members of his clan, only he and his clutchmate named Byaku were able to reproduce, as the other members were far too old or weak to be able to. He smiled and looked over at the other Tenta in the room; with blond hair, icy blue eyes and tentacles, and standing at about the same height as Tomo, he looked a little intimidating. But the mannerism that you saw him speak to his partner proved your first impression of him incorrect. He was gentle and was trying to soothe his nervous partner.
You also learned that Tentas were a completely consensual species, and you thanked Tomo for befriending you, and he blushed sheepishly before mumbling a response. You two talked for what felt like forever, but had only been a few hours. The government officials ended the meeting by saying that in one week, the suitable women and their partners would be moved to a hotel building where they would stay for the consummation and gestation, with plenty of doctors on the premise. As you bid Tomo farewell, a single thought crossed your mind as you drove home:
“Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.”

- Heya! You can call me Bunny, and I’m the author of New Species. This is my first story like this and on this blog, so I hope you enjoy! I’m planning on making this a two part series, so now that the exposition is out of the way, we can start the fun!
I’m only planning on making this Tenta story, but if you’d like routes where the reader is impregnated by a Mini or a Wings just send me a note, I visit here pretty often so I’ll be able to see it.
Thank you so much for reading New Species!! -

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 11

I very quickly moved off Jared’s lap, nearly stumbling as I stood, trying to straighten myself. Jared silently laughed at my struggles while shaking his head as he stayed seated in his chair. We weren’t doing anything wrong, it’s not like we got caught in the act but somehow, I still felt funny. I mean, it was still sort of an intimate situation.

“I just wanted to let you know it was time for stage…” Emma said responding to Jared’s question.

“Geez Em, you can turn around. It’s not like we don’t have clothes on.” He joked.

As Emma turned around, I saw she was bright red. In fact, we both were. I think it happened so fast she probably didn’t see we were clothed and that it really wasn’t a big deal. That being said, if the roles were reversed, I probably would have done the same thing.

I walked to the table near the door to grab my purse, knowing we’d be leaving right away. Normally I’d leave it in Jared’s dressing room but I had my phone and lipstick in there, you know, the necessities. I’ve learned that with Jared, it’s better to always be prepared for anything.

“I’m sorry..” Emma whispered to me.

“No worries, we were actually just talking.” I told her with a smile.

Everyone was waiting on Jared now so he quickly made his way around the room, grabbing his sunglasses and a bottle of water to take with him. He kept looking around, it seemed like he thought he was forgetting something. With a last minute decision to throw his leather jacket on, he was finally ready.

I thought Emma was going to blow a gasket, she was so frustrated. I couldn’t really blame her, trying to wrangle three grown men had to be stressful even on a good day. Jared being late was partially my fault and I felt bad about that. If I wasn’t there, he’d probably already be at stage driving every crazy.

“Alright, let’s go.” He said to both of us as if we were the reason he was late.

Emma was right with me as we both rolled our eyes at him. Jared just laughed. It seemed he somehow got a second wind because the exhaustion or whatever it was I saw while sitting on his lap less than ten minutes ago was gone. He was in full on performance mode.

Moving swiftly down the hall, Emma and I trailed behind Jared. He sure moves fast when he wants too! He said a quick ‘hi’ or fist pumped each tech as we walked through the halls and it made me realize that it’s kinda insane how many people are involved in putting on a show. Typical Jared, he knows each one of them too.

The closer we got to the stage the louder we could hear everyone singing to the videos playing on the big screens that were set up. It sounded like the audience were more than ready for the show to start.

I stopped short as techs rushed to Jared in order to get him miked up. The last thing I wanted to be, was in anyone’s way. Even with backstage VIP access, there’s a lot that goes on you don’t get to see and for an outsider like myself, this was really cool.

Looking around, I saw Robert standing a little closer to the stage, holding his camera. Since Emma was busy, I thought I’d go over to stand with Robert instead of standing by myself.

“Hey!” Robert said as he saw me approaching.

“Hey Robert! Whatcha doing?” I asked.

“Part of the film crew. Wanna see? It’s a crazy crowd out there!” He said as he handed over his wide lensed camera to me. “I think I got some good shots.”

“Wow, these are some great shots!” I said as I flipped through them.

The show hadn’t even started yet and people were already on each other’s shoulders.

“Looks like I gotta go, Jared just signaled he’s ready.” Robert told me as we both looked in Jared’s direction.

Robert walked away to get into position for the best entrance shot so I was left standing by myself again. Once Jared was ready, he looked in my direction and smiled as he fixed his in-ears. Using his finger, he called to me while mouthing the words 'Come Here’.

I could hear the first few beats of 'Escape’ start as I quickly walked over to him.

“Stay over here to watch, ok.” He asked and I nodded my head, “This is Sheep, he’s our stage manager.”

I looked at Sheep, “Nice to meet you, Sheep.” I said, reaching out to shake his hand.

“You too, Vivie.” He said warmly.

Sheep was a slightly older man with a totally cool rock and roll vibe.. I loved him immediately.

“Let’s do this.” He said to Jared, “Don’t worry, I’ll look after her.”

Jared smiled and I shook my head. I travel to third world countries on my own but he thinks I need someone to look after me at the side stage of a concert? Sometimes….he just may be a little too overprotective. Not that I’m really complaining though. I still think it’s sweet.

With so many people around, not to mention the fact fans could probably see us from the opposite side of the stage, Jared just backed away and started towards the back of the stage. Sending me a quick air kiss, I smiled and sent him one back just as he stepped around the side of the curtain to duck under the stage.

“You’re fine here until I come back, right, love?” Sheep asked in his very British voice.

“Yep, I’m good!” I loudly responded over the music.

I watched and waited, Shannon should be making his entrance any second.

Just as that thought crossed my mind Shannon came up from behind me to poke me in my side. I must have jumped ten feet in the air. Shannon let out a chuckle as he was handed his drum sticks. That poke must be a “Leto thing” because Jared has done that to me on several occasions too.

“Enjoy the show, Vivie!” Shannon said with a wink as he took off towards his kit.

The show in one word? Phenomenal. I was completely captivated the entire time. With the amount of energy that not only the guys put out there for everyone but also the crew, it’s just insane to me that they could possibly do this nightly all the while traveling to different cities and countries.

I’d be dead.

Sheep came to check on me a few times but I told him I was fine. He had enough to worry about and I felt bad he was stuck being my babysitter. We were about halfway through the show and Jared was going to be coming off stage. Shannon and Tomo would be going out for L490. After that, it would be Jared’s acoustic set.

“Hey!” I said waving as I saw Emma approaching.

“How’s the show going?” She asked.

“Awesome. It’s fantastic to see them play without having to worry about the girls. I mean, I love 'em to death but they’re so distracting!” I laughed.

“Hey…I wanted to apologize again for just walking in on you guys earlier. I’m just not used to having to knock.” Emma said in all sincerity.

“Really, it’s no big deal!” I assured her.

Unknowingly, she reassured me a little too.

Jared came off stage where we were standing, seemingly ready for a breather. I couldn’t blame him for that. I know I could never jump all over the stage while singing perfectly like he does. Knowing that he was going to have a few minutes break, I had a towel and bottle of water ready for him. Might as well make myself useful. Handing him the towel first, he looked surprised.

“Thank you, baby.” He said as he wiped his face off.

'Baby’. I savored his open affection but was still a little surprised by it. Emma seemed to be equally surprised and as his attention was solely on me, Emma quickly excused herself.

“Looks like everything’s going good.” Jared said.

“Absolutely.” I said smiling. “No wonder you’re so exhausted every night!”

“I’ll be fine..” Jared said as I looked back at him. “You worry too much.”

Jared was standing just slightly behind me when he trailed his fingers up my spine then wrapped them tightly around back of my neck, squeezing just hard enough to send me a message. It was a dominant move and one that instantly set my body on fire.

But he already knew that.