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Has it really been this long?

So, I was going to post this on February 7th but my life got taken over by education/school/homework. 

I can’t believe it has been 2 years since I posted this video about “Things I do with My Hearing Aids that may be Unusual to Other People”
In my early years, I was shy away about my hearing aids and hearing loss… I mean I knew I had it, I was humorous about it… though not as much as I am today. Now, I show my hearing aids with full on pride and make it colourful. I do these “bizarre’ things without questions and not care what people think.

And the views it gotten. It just makes me realize even more why I love what i do. Why i love advocating, educating and spreading the knowledge about Deaf/HOH/DeafBlind/Disability related information. 

I seriously thank you so much to YOU for all the support, love, relationships I have with all of you. Even if I’ve known you for that long, or just a few weeks/days. You are all wonderful people. You are not alone in this journey and you have me, and others who share the experience and spread the support and love.

So I wanted to say THANK YOU.

I have to get this off my chest

I’m genuinely curious why people have such an issue with people shipping Tarjei and Henrik.

Shipping is not stalking. I do not spam their social media asking about it (I have never even asked once) I respect their privacy.

All I am doing is simply appreciating their chemistry and thinking they’d make a cute couple, what’s wrong with that!?

I’m seriously wondering. The only argument I’ve seen is that they’re real people; NEWSFLASH! People fall in love literally every single day. Why does them being actors make it any different for them!? Do you know how many co-stars have fallen in love for real? Thousands. If not hundreds of thousands. Hell, it might even be millions! They are not robots. They are capable of love, why is me thinking they are in love such a horrible thing to some of you? I truly don’t understand…

Kitten Play

I know for a fact that I am a kitten… Well a big baby feline I should say because I am not a normal house cat. I’ll tell you that much at least. I have something that has been on my mind for quite awhile and it has to do with kitten play. 

I just want to be able to understand why all of the kitten play tag is about Little’s (which I have nothing against I am one as well) or controversy. Seriously why? The rest of the pet play tags don’t have this stuff. This might be because many people in kitten play are just following the trend or maybe some people are just so ignorant that they don’t know the difference.

I don’t mean to sound like a bitch. Or maybe I do. It’s too late at night for me to decide right now, but all I want to do is be able to look at the kitten play tag and see KITTEN PLAY STUFF! I DON’T WANT TO NOR SHOULD I HAVE TO SEE EVERYTHING, BUT KITTEN PLAY! 

I looked at it just now and found minors stating that kitten play is in the sigil tag. I am a witch as well, so why the hell is there kitten play in the sigil tag! Like seriously MINORS can be WITCHES too! Why are you sharing this KINK with them! You can’t blame them for seeing it! You are sharing it with them! 


Dating Tyler Includes

-songs about you
-being woken up by his ukulele
-deep late night talks
-him explaining to you about his tattoos
-taco bell for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
-his scent
-no seriously
-I just think Ty would smell like pine trees
-think about it
-cuddles at night
-his fluffy hair
-that’s ironic because he’s an egg rn
-cute smol egg
-hearing his adorable laugh all the time
-him going over lyrics with you
-him keeping you in the loop of how recording is going
-him playing the piano softly at night
-him never wanting to dress up
-playing basketball with him
-helping him with blurryface
-wearing his red beanie
-listening to 80’s hip hop with him
-being bffs with Madison
-his jawline
-no one ever talks about his jawline
-it’s not that defined and it’s so pudgy and cute. don’t you just want to squish it?!
-him being a complete goofball
-listening to self titled with him while he gets all nostalgic and adorable
-turning the tb saga on full volume just to annoy him
-he ends up performing it for you
-him writing songs about you
-lots of hugs
-him taking you to Taco Bell and making it actually romantic on Valentines Day
-hanging out with him and Jishwa
-him getting jealous easily
-him being protective
-protective neck and forehead kisses

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It’s the small moments that keep them going. ♥

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A show or even a movie with Katie And Nat as the leads and love interest? In which they're anti-heroes or morally grey characters with lots of action scenes? The only bad thing about that is that every sinle wlw would die on the spot, but at least we would die happy. No, seriously I'd love to propose this idea to Katie and Nat just because I know these two cryptids would be all for that! I bet they've even think about it before! Why I am not rich and a producer? Why am I not Daniel Taylor?

I am pretty sure the world would explode. They’re gorgeous. They’re best friends. It took less than 90 seconds in the ALS video to prove their chemistry would be adorable and hot. Onscreen they both look at their female co-stars like they’re ready to eat them for every meal…. Someone out there needs to make this happen.

They could seriously be sitting there eating bowls of cereal of 2 hours and I would call it the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time.

Everyone’s happy about the rings but...

Am i the only one that thinks this is strange?

Yurio looks SO pissed off. I know he wanted to be against Viktor in a competition but this can’t be the only reason he’s so mad. Why did he had to talk about the Ring if he just wanted to compete against Viktor? Why does Viktor look at him like that? I DON’T GET IT OKAY.

Maybe i’m freaking out about nothing, but i seriously don’t understand what happened here. 

NCT U/127/Dream is NCT!

Hello fellow NCT stans.

I’m writing a hopefully brief post since today I have been reading about how some NCT stans whom are going around saying so and so unit is better, or why them?! What about U!? 127?! and so on…

Now, I am in no way telling you all how to think, or to take my words too much to heart. These are just my words as an NCT stan that just wants nothing but the best for these boys.

  1. DREAM won this award!! And it is their first! So a big round of applause for that! Haechan has said on numerous accounts how much he would like to win on a music show. (seriously glad he got his wish bless him).
  2. Granted they were pitted against 127, but 127 has been promoting for more than a month, so of course their numbers and such will be lower compared to when they first started.
  3. “So and so’s songs are/were/is better.” Y’ALL STOP! Everyone has different preferences~
  4. When 127 gathered all those rookie awards, I didn’t see anyone complain about that… so why start now? Everyone would say “this is a win for NCT!”
  5. There are more awards to come for the boys! This is just the beginning… instead of antagonizing about which unit is better, and who deserves it more, lets be happy!
  6. Let’s appreciate every single member… They didn’t work their asses off to be compared… Each and everyone of them are different and put in something special no matter what group they are in.
  7. Last but not least… NCT U/127/Dream is NCT! They are one group full of different colors~ Sure the members may be in different groupings (besides mark), but that still does not change the fact that they are considered one group… They are NCT!

Sorry for the rambling… I sometimes can’t help myself >_>

  • Yang: Aww Ruby, what's with the bouquet of flowers?
  • Ruby: Oh they're from my girlfriend.
  • Yang: What? Since when have you had a girlfriend?
  • Blake: Ruby, you didn't tell her your dating someone?
  • Yang: YOU KNEW?
  • Weiss: We all did. I think even the Professors know by now.
  • Yang: Seriously? Well why am I the last one to know? I'm your big sis Rubes.
  • Ruby: Well I didn't know how you would react and Pyrrha was super nervous about tell-
  • Yang: Pyrrha?! You're dating PYRRHA?
  • *From down the breakfast table Pyrrha waves*
  • Pyrrha: Hello!

Still not over the newest Malec promo tbh. OK, I know we are all stressed out now. As much as we all wanted bamf!Magnus (well, I did and I still do!) and angst, why not giving us some fluff for a change I am sure you are all asking yourself.

Well, just think about this: From what I gather so far, the new scenes seem to be all from the pilot if you ask me. And honestly? The big “argument” looks like it might happen after/before this pic:

Which also leads me to think that it happens before Alec and Maryse have their argument/fight regarding Jace going with Valentine. The scene where Alec says “Jace is closer than blood.”

AND I think we can all pretty much agree that after that, and even though Alec and Magnus probably went their seperate ways after the fight in the institute (which we saw in the trailer), Magnus is still the only person Alec will go to.

Look at this pic. Very closely. Magnus doesn’t exactly look like he is happy at all. He is most likely even annoyed at Alec that he comes to see him after pretty much shutting him out after their fight. You can even see it when you take a closer look at Alec’s posture. Being welcomed and happy to see his boyfriend Magnus clearly looks different.

But if you ask me, they will work things out. Remember “When things got crazy, don’t push me away?”


And I believe after they talk about that argument, the famous “Alec dropped his stele” scene will happen.

What I am trying to say: JUST RELAX, PEOPLE!!!

We all knew that angst was about to happen because the thing with Jace is way too important for Alec to just go all “lovey dovey”. But they will get through it. Heck, they will go on a date in 2x06. Besides, Malec is canon. AND endgame. No need to go crazy. All will be fine. Pretty much everyone involved in the show told us that. ;)

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what's your favourite thing about shirabu? just wondering, since there's a lot of him on your blog ^_^


(I could rant for 3 hours probably, but you asked for The Favourite Thing so I gave that some thought..)

I think the reason why he stood out to me when I first read the manga: his design combined with his tough and salty attitude.

But what really really gets me is that he is sorta… scary.

He is one of those people who are driven by a spark, have a clear aim in their head, and do everything they can to achieve it. (Just look at those eyes they give me chills all over) He has this obsessive personality that speaks to me, without being corrupt or sly.

He has a pure, real fascination with Ushijima and Volleyball. He doesn’t pride himself as being the most important, he doesn’t strive for attention or praise (he’s seems confident and practical like that; knowing when his plays are good, knowing when he fucked up Big Time) - He plays to see that sort of power happening in front of him, because of him.

And he has a mental strength and discipline that my past self can relate to (that’s a story for Another Time) which leaves a very bittersweet feeling.


Another thing that just won’t let me go: his inner conflict and doubt which was never clearly answered.

“Faced with such amazing raw potential, wouldn’t the setter’s will be superfluous and wholly unnecessary?”

It is a way of showing that he gave up part of himself to get what he wanted. It is a conflict, it is hard, he seems like he is suffering and out of place or nothing special- amongst The Big Guys, the Miracle Boys- where his actual flashy skill is not required.

But he tries to keep up and pushes himself harder, and he is not less important than the others on the team. It is something he wanted, he decided that for himself and did it, and I think there are people who don’t think it is worth it or a good idea. But the reasons for why he chose this could be so multifarious! It makes me want to explore his personality, past and future. This right here is something that fascinates me!

tl;dr Shirabu is complex! And completely underrated~

For anarchists who do know something about anthropology, the arguments are all too familiar. A typical exchange goes something like this:

Skeptic: Well, I might take this whole anarchism idea more seriously if you could give me some reason to think it would work. Can you name me a single viable example of a society which has existed without a government?

Anarchist: Sure. There have been thousands. I could name a dozen just off the top of my head: the Bororo, the Baining, the Onondaga, the Wintu, the Ema, the Tallensi, the Vezo… All without violence or hierarchy.

Skeptic: But those are all a bunch of primitives! I’m talking about anarchism in a modern, technological society.

Anarchist: Okay, then. There have been all sorts of successful experiments: experiments with worker’s self-management, like Mondragon; economic projects based on the idea of the gift economy, like Linux; all sorts of political organizations based on consensus and direct democracy…

Skeptic: Sure, sure, but these are small, isolated examples. I’m talking about whole societies.

Anarchist: Well, it’s not like people haven’t tried. Look at the Paris Commune, the free states in Ukraine and Manchuria, the 1936 revolution in Spain…

Skeptic: Yeah, and look what happened to those guys! They all got killed!

The dice are loaded. You can’t win. Because when the skeptic says “society,” what he really means is “state,” even “nation-state.” Since no one is going to produce an example of an anarchist state—that would be a contradiction in terms—what we‟re really being asked for is an example of a modern nation-state with the government somehow plucked away: a situation in which the government of Canada, to take a random example, has been overthrown, or for some reason abolished itself, and no new one has taken its place but instead all former Canadian citizens begin to organize themselves into libertarian collectives. Obviously this would never be allowed to happen. In the past, whenever it even looked like it might—here, the Paris commune and Spanish civil war are excellent examples—the politicians running pretty much every state in the vicinity have been willing to put their differences on hold until those trying to bring such a situation about had been rounded up and shot.

There is a way out, which is to accept that anarchist forms of organization would not look anything like a state. That they would involve an endless variety of communities, associations, networks, projects, on every conceivable scale, overlapping and intersecting in any way we could imagine, and possibly many that we can’t. Some would be quite local, others global. Perhaps all they would have in common is that none would involve anyone showing up with weapons and telling everyone else to shut up and do what they were told. And that, since anarchists are not actually trying to seize power within any national territory, the process of one system replacing the other will not take the form of some sudden revolutionary cataclysm—the storming of a Bastille, the seizing of a Winter Palace—but will necessarily be gradual, the creation of alternative forms of organization on a world scale, new forms of communication, new, less alienated ways of organizing life, which will, eventually, make currently existing forms of power seem stupid and beside the point. That in turn would mean that there are endless examples of viable anarchism: pretty much any form of organization would count as one, so long as it was not imposed by some higher authority, from a klezmer band to the international postal service.”

- David Graeber

Happy, Natsu & Nalu 504

On a more serious note, I wanted to point out why I think the last chapter was a serious development for NaLu. I am not a NaLu fan that gets excited about the slightest interaction. I do however pay close attention to the emotions and character building which I am being shown by Mashima. I love to character profile and piece things together. So you can take my observations however you like, but I am doing this for a bit of fun.

Natsu has always taken what Happy has to say seriously, unlike the other guild members he always listens even in the heat of battle.

After the Zeref fight, Happy specifically asked Natsu to look for another way and not to go after Zeref because he doesn’t want Natsu to die. Natsu having a high regard for his best friends feelings agrees to this. I have never seen Natsu do anything that would directly hurt Happy. Even if you don’t support NaLu the strength of friendship between Natsu and Happy is irrefutable. 

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NCT as texts in my class chat pt3
  • Taeil: they need to stop updating whatsapp my old brain can't comprehend too many changes
  • Hansol: we have school tomorrow???? seriously???
  • Johnny: *every day* which room are we in?
  • Taeyong: sometimes i think i'm the only one here who hasn't lost his sense of reality
  • Yuta: I don't even know what day it is and you except me to know if we have homework
  • Kun: it's on wednesday. no thursday. no actually wait it's on wednesday. no wait i just checked it's on thursday. i mean tuesday. just look it up yourself i'm not even going why am i answering this question
  • Doyoung: guys you're asking really unnecessary questions how about you think for a second before sending a message
  • Ten: you love me no matter what i do
  • Jaehyun: listen if the plan says we have this period off then we have it off i do not care if they send some teacher to watch us i am going home it says we have it off and i have the right to leave if it says that so i will leave
  • Winwin: someone do it and then let me copy pls i'll love u forever
  • Mark: *writes an entire poem about the train being late and that he won't be on time for class because of that*
  • Renjun: you all have known me for over a year and still can't spell my name right i'm disappionted but it's okay because i love you
  • Jeno: *penguin was stolen from the zoo, several people asked him if he did it* i have the right to be silent *actually quotes the law* also i have named the penguin fred
  • Haechan: *about our teacher* he forgot what he told us 10 seconds after because he was thinking about his flowers at home which he clearly thinks are more important than we are
  • Jaemin: that teacher is the devil just more evil and without make up
  • Chenle: wait that homework was for tomorrow? lol i'm not gonna do it
  • Jisung: god you're such a...fish

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This may sound like a weird question, but if Yellow Diamond and Steven do interact, how do you think it would go? And a weirder question. how do you think a Yellow Diamond and Connie interaction would go; for some reason, I don't know why I am interested in the latter, but I am, you know?

I’ll focus for now on YD and Steven, mostly because I feel like the main avenue YD would acknowledge Connie and seriously pay attention to her at this point in the game is either through Steven or through the other Crystal Gems- most directly, through Rose because Connie is literally taking up Rose’s sword- and I think Connie would deserve better than that. Also because my thoughts on Steven and YD interacting ran long. 

I feel like if YD goes into the interaction knowing about Steven’s gem, and knowing he’s either Rose’s son, or, under the assumption he is Rose- she’s going to be deeply conflicted.

On the one hand: this is everything she’s been trying her absolute hardest to not think about. Everything uncomfortable about Earth, about the war, about loss, really comes right back to Rose. 

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