but no seriously these chips are real

I don’t know why, but I REALLY want a jelly donut, or two (let’s be real, 4, I don’t care if I can’t eat them all at once) and a Dion’s sandwich. The full 12 inch monster, but with a fruit cup instead of chips, I hate those chips for some reason. (I know they’re the same ruffles I get at the grocery, but I can’t stand them for some reason.) Fish and chips at the aquarium’s restaurant also sounds great, and then I’d get to watch sharks swim by at the same time.

i’d just like to take a moment to publicly appreciate this precious little potato chip nachzehrerr for putting up with my ridiculously slow replies and having a having a fantastic oc. supes sweet mun and awesome characterization. you should all check this shit out okay? okay. great. why are you still reading this? go check it out. seriously. get over there.

invader-bub asked:

why are you so nice to a stale potato chip like me? you're too beautiful to handle, seriously, you deserve the best things in the world.

Awwww you’re so pretty tho ^_^ of course I’d be nice to you because you’re so sweet to me. You’re like one of my best internet friends. I wish we could meet in real life.


what the shit with fancy and expensive dates

i mean

a walk through a zone full of nature and fresh air sounds 347201 times better than a cafe

sitting on a bench in a shadowy park listening to music you both like sounds 462791081 times more comfortable than a crowded restaurant

eating chips and drinking cheap beer in front of the tv laughing at lame cartoons sounds ∞ times more fun than a night in the club

why spend money and effort on a false intimacy when you can create a real and personal one for free?

—  invest quality time, not money
Digital Foundry Rates Xbox One Streaming on Windows 10 PCs

By Chris Knight Digital Foundry is a site that takes its video quality very seriously, comparing the latest in video card and graphics chip performance.

It has taken an in-depth look at the quality on show when Windows 10 PCs stream Xbox One apps, and has a good dig through the service to find any strengths and weaknesses as far as the user experience goes.

The service is commended for its low input lag, ability to use the Xbox controller and microphone. On the negative side, there are some audio issues and connecting problems between the two sets of hardware, although that may depend on your set up.

Worse though, and a real app killer, is the inability to get smooth frame rate performance when running an Xbox game on the PC.

What’s frustrating here is that we were actually able to reach a completely stable 60fps during gameplay in a select few instances. You can see this with the Forza 5 footage included in our performance analysis – the first 20 seconds are very fluid, but frame-rate quickly degrades. As far as we can tell, bandwidth is not the limiting factor here.

We do know Microsoft is still working on this app, with its hidden high-res feature, so there is plenty of time for tweaking and updating to get the service running smoothly.

It also has to contend with various home network set ups, something that Sony’s PlayStation 4 to PS Vita Remote Play streaming app also falls foul of, so Microsoft isn’t alone with this issue.

Read Digital Foundry’s full thoughts here. Then let us know how your Xbox streaming experience is coming along.

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“When you suck in your stomach, the cow becomes a cat again” First time I heard a teacher saying this, I had to bite my tongue not to laugh. Maybe it’s just me but I hear it from more people: I do not see a dog in down dog pose; nor in up dog. And if pigeon pose is insired on a real pigeon, then it’s got to be one that just got hit by a bicycle… My advise: don’t take the names too seriously. Just like with star signs. If somebody tells me they’re Aquarius star sign, I always ask if that means they like chips with their fish…😝😝😝
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