but no seriously


For ywpd_69min but I couldn’t resist drawing part two, so excuse that please. The theme was ‘University’

I have a headcanon hat Arakita, Kinjou and Fuku-chan go out drinking together when they’re in Uni and Arakita gets piss drunk every time so they both take turns in taking him home while he yells and rants and barely walks. One evening though he was a bit more daring and kissed Fuku-chan after lecturing him about his lack of emotions. ;w;

I don’t think you understand how much I ship this somebody please talk to me about this ship before I burst ;A;

End of YOI episode 8, basically
  • Yuuri's Fam: Oh no the dog is super sick and finding out about his dog dying last year destroyed Yuuri at the grand prix and now he's competing to win back his pride and earn his new bf's love what should we do when should we tell him????
  • Yuuri's Fam: ...
  • Yuuri's Fam: ....
  • Yuuri's Fam: .....
  • Yuuri's Fam: Between short programs and freeskate seems like a nice time.

I’m just saying, if your partner can love and handle the portion of deep feelings you have for One Direction, they’re a keeper.

Allen: Mr. Kanta, can I have 1000 sticks of Mitarashi dango this year?~

Kanda: Go ask Jeryy for that stuff.
(Get your pointy butts off me.)

YO BANI you thought I would forget about this didn’t you :B

Also ‘Kanta’ = Kanda + Santa ahaHAHAHA IT’S LAME I KNOW