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I don’t think people have appreciated the memeability of the Great Comet performance at the Tony’s Part 1.

“When your mom says it’ll be 30 more minutes till dinner is ready”

“When you’re called to order but you don’t know what to order yet”

“When the teacher calls on you and you don’t know the answer”

Take your pick, I’m sure there’s more out there.

jackson out here having dance battles with the jabbawokees, being the greater china region ambassador for the emas, being on popular shows, working with brands like fendi and kenzo, putting out his own music and topping charts. he’s honestly living his best life and i’m so proud of all he has achieved!

David: Hiya Max! What’s up?

Max: The fuck are you wearing?

David: *is dressed in saggy jeans, a band tee, has aviator sunglasses flipped up, and a ton of watches* What do you mean? I’m dressed completely normal, silly!

Max: *scoffs* Yeah. Sure. *stands up from off the ground and causes dust to stir*

David: *yelps* Don’t get dust on my DC’s, man! *dabs*



Max: *long, drawn out sigh*

me: *thinks about Grima while doing the dishes*
what if Morgan came to the past and didn’t lose her memories but still got separated from the rest of the children, but then Grima from alternate future got into trouble and had to possess Morgan when Robin’s body was damaged, and ran away to the past, too. And then he found the real Morgan and murdered her and started to pretend he’s her (having her body ofc) and he faked his amnesia just to avoid bothering with lying about Morgan’s childhood because he obviously didn’t know all of the details and it would be suspicious if suddenly Morgan began to tangle herself in her memories. Her “ouch, my head, but wow I remember something!” WAS A LIE
And then Robin sacrifices himself, wakes up in the field, Chrom picks him up, they hug and Robin cries because finally everything is over, they won, he’s free of the fell blood, grima is gone. And then there’s Morgan standing next to them and she’s like

and I

me: looks down at the dishes. There’s a knife in my hand,

Why I’m Not a Third Wave Feminist Anymore

Why is it that I was bitter, spiteful, resentful, angry, severely depressed, hateful, more prone to panic attacks, believed every single person around me was against me, was generally unhappy, didn’t wanna debate anyone, shouted people down and played the “morally superior” card as a trump card to halt any further useful debate, I never accepted criticism and I always labeled anyone who was the slightest at odds with me a sexist behind their backs, felt fine knowing that I was playing dirty sometimes, felt fine knowing I was being dishonest sometimes (like I fucking knew I was being dishonest), and was perfectly okay willingly ignoring facts and blindly following someone because they also labeled themselves with what I labeled myself with…

When I was a third wave feminist? 

And then as soon as I stopped subscribing to it…

I stopped having panic attacks almost all together, became a happier person, my depression lessened, I was more confident in myself, I found that I was more tolerant to opinions, I could mentally debate even with people I agreed with, I didn’t feel the need to shout people down because I disagree, became less bitter, less spiteful, had WAY more friends, stopped caring about how people identify and more about what they believe, was involved in way less drama, was able to be more honest with myself and others, liked and wasn’t scared of doing research to see if my view points were generally supported by science, felt that I could change my view points if there was a change in concrete evidence, felt more relaxed with my surroundings, learned how to have a sense of humor,  no longer had to do mental gymnastics to justify myself, stopped being so selfish literally all the god damned time, stopped buying into complex conspiracy theories, became more ambitious, saw a rise in my grades in school, stopped viewing the world as black and white, and most importantly,

I stopped caring about if the person I agreed with on a certain point was a democrat, a republican, a liberal, a conservative, I didn’t care. Because I learned that no one party was universally good or universally bad. Believing that is intellectually lazy. I became more tolerant of the most important kind of diversity: intellectual diversity. 

As soon as I stopped believing the world was against me, it stopped being against me.

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Murdoc's afraid of flying? I didn't know that. D:

Yup, 2D talks about it in ROTO on pages 88 and 92.

Here are some screenshots:

(apologies for the sloppy formatting omg)

Murdoc says later in the book somewhere that he’s cured his fear by drinking more, which I don’t really count as truly conquering a fear so as far as I know this is probably still something he’s afraid of.

And @ others asking me about 2D’s journal- they’re scattered between pages 85-93 (or around there) in ROTO. And you can access ROTO for free online here.

The other day I saw a post with folks saying something like “I’m worried that Bendy and the Ink Machine’s fandom will turn out like FNAF’s or Undertale’s!” And I’ve seen this kind of sentiment going around for other fandoms too but like…

Dude, have you seen any large fandoms other than FNAF’s or Undertale’s?

Because that is what large fandoms look like. That is what they have looked like since internet communities became a thing. I know I say this a lot but I have been in internet fandoms since the mid-90s. And, no, they really have not changed.

(Aside from people using them to scream at people about social issues. That’s a bit newer.)

If a fandom is large, you’ll see a lot of people making OCs, making theories, making AUs, RPing, shipping, etc, etc. Because that is what fandoms do. You’ll also see fandoms doing crappy things. Because fandoms consist of people. And some people do crappy things.

Like, you cannot say “I don’t want the fandom to be like X popular fandom” because the only way for that to happen is… for the thing to not become successful. So you’re kindof wishing for that thing you like to fail. Which is not exactly a good thing to wish for.

Undertale and FNAF are nothing new. Fandoms are fandoms. Some fandoms do have unique problems, but for the most part, they behave the same way. You can’t really change that, so don’t worry about it. What will happen will happen–that’s just how fandoms are. Find the parts of them that you like, and enjoy them.

Fndm: Hey, can you stop posting negative stuff in the main tags?

Rwde: Okay. Here we made this tag for all the negative stuff. From people just venting or letting it all out to criticism of the show. You guys can ignore it or blacklist it.


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