but no rlly i love you

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headcanons for dating daddy-erwin

• cUDDLES 24/7
• You would probably be waking up at 2 am bc I heard something in the hallway (im a pussy tbh)
• having to deal with me sexin you up any chance i get
• midnight drivesss
• crying w me over my unhealthy obsessions

this was low key rlly hard bc I’ve never been in a relationship 😭😭😭

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okay idk if you're a fan of blackpink, but the fans that ship lisa and jungkook have been really annoying me. like they keep shoving down my throat all this evidence and i got so sad because i love taekook with all my heart... and idk what to do anymore :(

AYYY I LOVE blackpink but again I don’t rlly ship Jungkook with anyone but Tae so I guess I’d be pretty annoyed if someone kept shoving a ship I didn’t like towards me D: HOWEVER we must remember that everyone has a right to ship whatever they want and to them finding evidence must be really exciting so I think we should just learn to live along side them xD TBH if u rlly rLLY shipped Taekook then a simple ship like that wouldn’t sway your faith in them!

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name the mutuals you wanna be friends w/

THIS IS SO RISKY PLS…i wanna b friends with all my mutuals bc theyre all the Best but in specific uhhhh @hyunsouls @1boba @2minari @a1yu @graceling @ilucafe @ksooluv @kangmin @se1fcare @ygartist @1una n @hyungwon @sunfelts r rlly rlly cool n i love them but im a pussy !!!!

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Is Blamie based on the story on how YOU found your soulmate or is it a story you created. The caption of the video says "a story of how I found my soulmate.". Sorry if this is a dumb question I'm just rlly confused. Btw I loved the short film.

its entirely fictional :o

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man,, i cant stop looking at ur recent tododeku sketch i rlly love shoutos calves theyre so nice??? !!!

ajsjdhdh thank you! I like his calves too XD

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(cornma anon) sorry i was concerned you broke up because i didnt see you postin about them anymore and i was just checking to see if something happened bc you seemed down sorry.... i feel rlly bad

Oh no sorry I didn’t mean to come across rude just they had a bunch of questions too and it made them uncomfy (my bad) nah I love them so much!! They are just moving so they aren’t online and I still rb stuff for them they are the ☀️ tag Snrrk

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It is totally normal to be over 18 and not have had a boyfriend/ kissed anyone yet!! it makes me so sad that girls beat them selfs up over something that is so common! just because your friends are doing something doesn't mean you need to, please please please don't put your self worth into something as trivial as a boyfriend, you are worth the world

i knoow it’s totally normal & totally ok and honestly there’s rlly nothing wrong with it But i’m still in the mood for love u feel me :/

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When did you actually get a thigh gap? I'm the same height so I was just wondering ✨✨

honestly i don’t really remember when i actually got a thigh gap, but i think it wasn’t too hard for me since my hips are wider in proportion than i am tall. by the time i hit 100 lbs i had a thigh gap (from an old pic in eighth grade lmao), but yeah that’s sorta it 🙃.
/// okk also short rant: ik the tumblr community makes thigh gaps sound extremely desirable, but tbh they’re rlly glorified excessively. a thigh gap is just a product of genetics and bone structure, and with that in mind a large thigh gap is not tHe ultimate symbol of thinness, and much less the defining symbol of beauty (or fragility/delicateness/etc.). i just want to say that regardless of how fast results show on your thigh gap, you are so beautiful and, to quote radiohead, so fuckin’ special ✨✨ love ya

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The Heron skeleton turned out really beautiful! A little unrelated but do you have any tips for processing a pigeon skull?

Thank you !!! I am pleased. He was skinned, maggot cleaned and then quickly finished off in a warm slow cooker with bio powder if anyone was wondering (I prefer slowly macerating but was in a rush, also I rlly love how beaks come out after a slow-cook???)

Pigeons can be pains in the arse, they are likely to fall apart into more pieces than a normal bird skull would just because of how they are built (pheasants pose similar issues!)

My fave method for pigeon processing would probably be macerating in a small tub of water somewhere warm, keeping an eye on it (giving it a stir every now and then and topping it up if water evaporates) though you will need to scramble the brains and rinse them out, either when it’s fresh or started rotting, and sieve the bones when it’s done. May involve trying to glue the mandible back together which is my least favourite part of pigeons

You could also maggot clean in a small loosely covered pot, or, probably best of all for awkward wee birds, dermestid beetles (though I don’t have access to them myself).

Good luck anon!! Pigeon skulls are super interesting, and pigeons are awesome birds themselves. Hope all goes well!

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tbh i would love for your silly cave ppl to stay foreeever i love them so much and i had loved to see more of em

omg u cutie patootie!! I’m so glad that you love my trash children! don’t worry though, we’ve still got the rest of gen1 + gen2 with these guys! I hope you enjoy the next part of their story :)

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This is the first time I've ever actually seen anybody talk about legend on my dash and I'm so surprised! But also really happy! Its not that popular but I've always liked it and it just brought back so many feelings! I will always love Day and I will never not be bitter over how he was treated by the government! I hope I get to see more edits about it in the future from you? I'm hoping! Sorry to be a bother but do you know anybody else who's read the series? Or made edits of it?

ahh i love legend sm!! it’s such an underrated series that deserves to be much more popular than it is (it is kinda old but???),, + day is my son and everyone can just Fight Me tbh. i’ll defs be making more legend (and tye) content!! i don’t have the books so it makes it kinda difficult to find new things to make but i love the series sm i don’t think i’ll be stopping anytime soon even tho they’re pretty infrequent. 

there’s a bunch of tye/ legend blogs you can find here, and some of my faves (they aren’t necessarily just marie lu) are @fionnsykes  @itsiparwing @deanpinterester@incorrect-legendyoungelites

okk guys i rarely ever go through the notes under my posts,, but today i finally did, so 1. thank u guys so much, u guys r so so sweet and i rlly don’t deserve it😲😲, 2. yes, everything w #me under it is me lol, 3. if u have things to ask don’t be afraid to :-))

A playlist for Gundam with Dreamwave and songs like dreamwave. I hope this is alright Gundam!! -Mod Soda

🐭 Jooly - FloFliz

🐭 First Love - Utada Hikaru (Music Box Version.)

🐭 Nightbreeze - Jinsang

🐭 5:32PM - The Deli

🐭 Warmth - Mittens

🐭 Lullaby - Pan’s Labyrinth (Music Box Version)