but no really i miss marco bodt


Happy Birthday to our precious freckled Jesus! He’s such a cutie and I miss him so much 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。 Marco was a really nice character with an open heart, he saw Jean always as a leader and for everyone in the trainees squad he was a really good friend. 

Everyday I think of him and thanks to Isayama for shows us this good and nice character! We will never forget you, Marco!

Artist:  こーだ

So I was feeling nostalgic and I was going through Youtube looking at some old anime videos and…..

it was like

so pure

And not angsty….

….well as angsty as it is right now

I just really miss the early days of the fandom ok?

The unrequested sequel and Jean’s POV to fenfyre’s prompt:  All I want to do is get over my dumb crush on you, and you’re making it really hard by being so touchy-feely AND FOR GOD’S SAKE STOP WALKING AROUND OUR ROOM NAKED

Marco Bodt was an undeserved gift. For all the trouble Jean caused in high school, all the homework assignments he missed, all the kids whose faces he personally acquainted with the concrete, all the cars he may or may not have egged, he expected nothing but the worst for his first roommate in college. Where he expected an asshole, he found a saint. When he expected some self-absorbed jock or egotistical know-it-all, he instead received a bookish nerd with the most adorable self-confidence issues. Who cared about how others thought he appeared? That was a needless concern that plagued Marco most days.

But worst of all, when he expected an uncomfortably straight roommate, he got… Marco.

In the first two weeks Jean came to quite a few conclusions about his new roommate. First and foremost Marco had a personality almost as soft as his appearance. Something about the way he carried himself made Jean just want to embrace him, like a small puppy or kitten. While not as lean nor as toned as Jean, Marco had the right amount of body in the right places. And it only served to entice Jean and whittle away at his self-control.

Marco was patient, kind, and awkward. He was messy, loved cinnamon cookies to an almost unhealthy degree, and trusted those around him too quickly for Jean’s tastes but that’s just what made him so goddamn endearing. That and the smattering of freckles across his cheeks. Those were Jean’s kryptonite.

The signs were few and far in between but it really shouldn’t have surprised Jean when Marco made a sudden declaration their second week in the dorm.

Jean had just finished another cup of instant ramen when he heard a nervous grumble from Marco’s side of the room. Jean glanced over at the still undecorated portion of their tiny shared space.

“Uh, Jean?” Marco cautiously spoke.

“Yeah?” Jean’s mouth fell into its natural scowl.

“I got something to tell ya… and I think you deserve to know this about me since we’re sharing a room after all,” Marco’s voice wavered. The unusual shift in Marco’s behavior captured Jean’s undivided attention. “I understand if you’ll want to leave me or have me leave but- I’m gay.”

Jean’s eyes widened upon hearing those words. The words he only ever heard Marco say in shower fantasies. He frowned when he processed those words because that meant he was eternally fucked.

In a few words Marco smashed the last of Jean’s self-control. After understanding what those words meant, Jean embraced them almost as tightly as he embraced Marco.

“That would <i>never</i> be a problem for me, don’t worry,” Jean replied in the most composed voice he could manage. He felt Marco tense up at the unexpected contact but he soon relaxed into Jean’s arms. “And if anyone ever gives you shit for it, tell me. I’ll introduce them to the pavement, intimately.”

Jean let the hug linger longer than he probably should have but why wouldn’t he? Christmas and his birthday came early that year.

Any reservations he had about touching Marco evaporated after that day. He indulged himself whenever he could: ruffling Marco’s hair, snuggling against Marco when they watched terrible movies on their shitty TV, and hugging him when the time called for it or even sometimes when it didn’t call for it.

Jean’s heart was captured hook, line, and sinker.

And for all of Jean’s bravado and determined nature, he was hopeless in the realm of actually flirting and confessing his affection. Unlike Marco who at least had the balls to tell him straight up, Jean couldn’t bring himself to tell Marco that he too liked dick. And boobs. But Marco probably caught the latter from all the vintage pin-up posters he had. They were both cute and pleasing on the eyes.

Instead of talking with Marco, Jean did the next best thing and dropped hints when and where he could. Whether through lingering touches, unsolicited nicknames, and even commenting on guys’ appearances here and there whenever they were out. Although they seemed to only come across as friendly or Jean’s vainly attempting to wingman for the awkward mess of freckles.

Even with the advice of the happiest couple he knew his tactics weren’t working.

“I don’t think he likes me,” Jean frowned. He pulled his milkshake nearby him and started sucking it down. “I’ve been air drying without a towel for like six weeks and he still hasn’t so much as talked to me about it.”

“So even letting it all hang loose ain’t working? He’s one tough customer,” Connie said. Thinking of the next course of action, Connie rubbed his chin in an exaggerated motion.

“I thought he would’ve at least commented on your nakedness. Did you see any subtle reactions? Did he blush? Did you see a half-chub?” Sasha inquired in between bites of her fries.

“Well of course he blushed, I was naked! I mean have you seen me? I’m not exactly unattractive.” Jean scoffed at the notion.

That earned some laughs from his childhood friends.

“Well did you look at his dick for the honest reaction?” Connie followed up.


“There’s your problem. You gotta try and see if he likes what he sees. If that’s a yes then you hit on him.”

Jean crossed his arms as he debated it. “Are you sure this will work?”

“Yes.” Both his friends said in unison.

“It’s how I got Sasha. Although I was more suave about it than letting it hang loose.” Connie cracked a wide grin as he reminisced.

That earned a quirked eyebrow from Jean.

“And what exactly did you do?”

“I incorporated it into her favorite thing: food.”

Sasha paused her eating to blush at the memory. “Good times.”

Jean bit his lip as he soon regretted this train of thought.

“You know what? Forget I asked that. I think I get the idea though.”

“Good. Another piece of advice, always cook with aprons. They don’t cover much but they at least cover your nipples.”

As much as Jean didn’t want to hear those words, there was a story begging to be told there.

“I’m both horrified and curious.”

“So was I,” Sasha chimed in. “Also aroused.”

“Okay I’m out. You can have my fries!” Jean immediately left the booth and sped walked out of the dining hall and towards their dorm.

Marco would be back soon enough and if Jean knew Marco’s schedule as well as he did, then today would provide the perfect opportunity to practice Connie’s disturbing advice. Thursday afternoon yoga was perfect.

Part 1 | Part 3 (TBA)

Hope it was everything you were expecting Fen~

Jean's Last Moments

Heyo! This request comes from an anon. “Anonymous said: Hello! Can you do a recording of Jean and like all of his friends died so he is alone looking into a fire kinda going crazy and talking to marco, idk my ideas are scattered everywhere but ya I think this would be cool anyway THANKYOU”


Hey…Marco…Mikasa and Eren died today. They gave it one last attempt at fighting the colossal titan and…even combined, with Eren in titan form, that wasn’t enough. After Armin last week…that makes me the last survivor of the 104th squad. I don’t even know If I’ll make it through the night but…I just wanted to talk to you. I miss them…but I miss you so much more. By the look and sound of things though, I’ll be joining you soon. So, have a bowl of soup or something waiting for me when I join you, okay? It really shouldn’t be long now…I can hear them…I knew I was going to die anyway but…starting this fire…it reminds me of you. I don’t know why, maybe it’s how warm and inviting or whatever other bullshit it may be but…I’m glad I was able to share my final moments with you.

I’m sorry, it seems like I have one hell of an art block and it’s been ages since my last art post here.
So here I am, with something I did like this summer and didn’t post anywhere because it was rough and rushed, but maybe posting it anyway will help me?
Who knows.
I really miss drawing like I used to.