but no promises that this is right

forgive me.

when do we start?
whenever you want–
baby, I was born from the ashes of my regrets
a collection of apologies consistently
directing my vision
to when the world didn’t start with
I am and end with sorry
I just want to be able to look at myself
and not see you crying
for every promise I’ve broken,
we both got a new scar
and though I have the habits
to match my inconsistencies,
I’ll still say– I love you
and if I don’t open my eyes
before the sun returns,
know that I’ll be mourned
where we last kissed
I’ll be the echo that only speaks in silence
I’ll be your metaphors past midnight
when sleeping doesn’t feel right
leaving should never be easy,
but this time I didn’t look back
because if I did, I’d just find
your presence to be missing
from the present &
that’s a gift I can’t accept
I’ve been trying to breathe
from sunset to sunrise
and maybe that’s all I can be–
for you
if we are surrounded by the truth,
then explain the blue of the ocean to me–
so much sadness comes from a place I can’t see
when will your hands match
the gentle of your words?
if we don’t return from this–
just know that a part of me
wants your forgiveness
even if we’re just
two strangers trying to forget
about how much true love hurts

Auston Matthews - Perks

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Request: “  Hey there! I was the one who requested the marner hatred imagine and u did an awesome job with it! Can I request an imagine where the reader and Auston Matthews have been bffs since forever but have always secretly had a crush on one another? Maybe the Auston sees one of the guys hitting on her at a party or somethin and gets really upset so being the awesome BFF she is she asks him what’s good and Auston just blurts out that he’s been in love with her basically forever and then her reaction :) “

A/N: Ahh I’m really glad that you enjoyed the first imagine enough to request again!

Also! Fun Fact: I’m really behind on requests. I have like 23 just sitting in my inbox right now. I’m getting to them, babes, I promise!

Warnings: Language

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Kara’s sad smile:

Do you know what’s so beautiful about this, even while saying goodbye our insecure Mon-El says “I promise I’m going to be the man that you thought I could be.” Kara realises that even when he’s leaving, maybe forever, he doesn’t believe that he’s the man she deserves and Mel is such a phenomenal actress to nail that smile perfectly. It’s equal parts:

  • You have no idea how wrong you are Mon-El
  • I wish I could tell him otherwise
  • I wish I had the time to tell him otherwise
  • I might never get to tell him
  • You were an amazing boyfriend you idiot 

It’s just so beautiful when she tells him this right before he leaves :)

A Taste of Betrayal

This is the first in a series of Hannigram first sexual encounters. Each chapter is an unrelated one-shot fic that explores different aspects of their relationship and how it might develop into a sexual one. Some will be angsty and rough, some will be tender and fluffy, some will be during show canon, some will be season 4 timeframe, etc.

If you enjoy, please leave a comment or reblog. Feel free to send suggestions, although I can’t promise I’ll fill prompts right away. But, ideas are welcome!

Will handed Hannibal a glass of whiskey. “Here, from the bottle you got me. I had been saving it, but this seems like as good a time as any.”

Hannibal sniffed it. “I generally prefer wine, but I’m happy to share this with you, Will.”

The night sky outside Will’s house was dark. The moon and stars hidden behind storm clouds.

Hannibal looked contemplative and rubbed his thin lips together. “I have not been back here since you’ve been released from prison. The air smells different than before. The house has been changed, just as you have.”

Will sized Hannibal up, moving to sit down, his fingers tapping against the glass he held. “Betrayal will change a person. The vibrations between us our different now.”

Hannibal leaned forward in his chair, unbuttoning the front of his suit jacket in one smooth motion.

“We can rebuild something better now, Will. We can become our true selves now, together, and lay bare who we really are in front of one another.”

The words sent a strange tingle up Will’s spine, one of trepidation and also of desire. He was aware of these feelings he sometimes had for Hannibal, more aware of them now after the betrayal and also more bothered by them. They made reaching his end goal more tricky, muddled how he really felt, and made where Hannibal’s feelings began and his own ended more and more hazy.

Hannibal always talked in these euphemisms. They never outright expressed their desires, but their eyes spoke volumes. They knew what the other meant.

“I regret the disruption in our development, Will, but I believe we can evolve beyond this into something more natural and advantageous to us both.”

Maybe it was the whiskey getting to his brain, but Will was tiring of these wordplays. The slithering way Hannibal refused to take responsibility for framing Will, for the pain he had caused.

“I said before that I had to deal with my feelings for you, Hannibal. But do not mistake that to mean that those feelings will end up on a positive note, that they will bring you what you want.”

“What is it you think I want, Will?”

“I think you want many things all at once. You want me. To mold me into a creature of your own design. Partially out of curiosity, partially out of a desire for companionship, partially to see what i will do. How you can change me, bend me to your will.”

Hannibal smirked. Taking another sip of his drink, their eyes locked together.

“I would like to bend your will to mine this time …”

Will’s eyes darkened, hatred and desire mixing together into a poisonous, unstoppable force in his mind. He wanted the man in front of him to become undone at his hand.

Hannibal’s smile widened. “And what would you like to see me become at your hand, Will?”

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foreveralone4200  asked:

I can't get over my ex and I've been trying I'm giving other people a chance its been almost 4 months now and I can't think of anyone else and I dont know what to do I miss her so but she's happier with her girlfriend and I dont know what to do I wish I could get her back

it’s been 5 months since my ex broke up with me and tbh i’m still not completely over it. and i probably never will be, i loved them with everything in me and that isn’t something you can just easily move on from, you know? i think accepting and acknowledging that they are always going to have a piece of your heart is important because pretending that they aren’’t or that you don’t care about them when you do just makes it harder on you. 

one of my best friends keeps telling me that this is a loss and that i am in mourning and that i have to let myself grieve. some days are going to be better than others and some days are going to be awful, but they keep reminding me that i am making progress whether i realize it or not. and i think that’s really admirable advice because it’s true. you just lost someone important to you, it’s not realistic to move on from that right away. you have to let yourself be sad and let yourself miss them and don’t worry too much about getting better because it will happen when you least expect it. seriously, i know it sounds like bull but one day i woke up and i realized that i hadn’t been sad over my ex in a while and it was just like /whoa/ because i truly did not think i was ever going to be okay.

tbh i still struggle and i’m not at peace with my breakup all of the time and i still love them, i always will i think, and i probably won’t ever one hundred percent be over them. and that’s okay. one day i won’t be hurting as badly as i am now and one day you won’t be either. but until that day comes, we both just need to mourn and grieve and feel. 


Mmmmmm k, but collage AU were Black hat wears eyeliner and edgy band t-shirts and thinks fedoras are still cool, and dr.flug who is a nervous collage reck and is a Lil pudgy (freshman 15!) And strives to get good grades and somehow they end up as room mates. Think of the possibilities!
-punk! Dementia who lives in a close by dorm and throws huge parties and when black hat and dr.flug walk over to tell them to be quiet, they somehow get sucked into these crazy parties
-black hat saving dr.flug from bullies and being like ‘I didn’t mean to do that, reflexes lol’ ‘not saving you, nope’ and dr.flug is just kind of awe struck and forever follows black hat around and puts up with his snarkyness b/c he can see right through that tsundere edge lord and knows he actually cares
-black hat going into business management and dr.flug going into engineering and black hat promising to hire dr.flug once his business gets started and then them working together to formulate the business all the while it becoming an ‘ours’ business even though black hat won’t admit it

Welp, That’s all I’ve got at the moment! (Yea, BH has a Lil tail, I need it man, fight me :p )

My Season 12 Spn Coda’s: All in one place

Kiss You Back to Life (12x1 speculation)

Summary:  Dean was dead, and Cas had promised to keep watch over Sam. It didn’t matter that he wanted to go with him, that he wanted to end at his side.

Waking Life (12x1)

Summary: They were back to hunting, back together, back to being a team, plus one. They fought hard together, Mary perhaps harder than all of them combined, but that wasn’t enough to keep Dean from noticing that Cas was gone. It wasn’t enough to keep him from praying for that to change. It wasn’t enough to keep him from dreaming a world of lies in which he was there, right there to stay.Then he woke up, and he wasn’t alone.

I Failed You (12x1)

Summary:  Dean, Mary, and Cas are on the road, searching for Sam. They stop for a night at a dingy motel to rest before the next fight.

Leaving (12x3)

Summary: It was quiet, except in his head. The night was pushing him down into the mattress, and all the noise pouring into his head via the headphones did nothing to clear out the words. Here he was alone again, and yet not. Sam was still here. It wasn’t the same though.

Magda (12x4)

Summary: She stayed as still as she could. The cold tile floor was nothing compared to the cold stone of her mother’s basement. There was blood on her chest. The red bloom of it was making her shirt sticky. Why? She kept her eyes closed and barely breathed at all.

I Choose This (12x7 Christmas, Holiday Mixtape challenge)

Summary:  They almost kissed, but he had to open his mouth and ruin it all. Dean wanted to fix it, and Christmas seemed like just the time to set things right. Hopefully, Cas can stop hunting Lucifer for long enough to join them at Jody’s house for the holiday season.

42 Days (12x8)

Summary:  They say that one can lose their sanity in 19 days of solitary confinement. Dean has seen nothing but these walls for 42 days, that and the face he imagines when he feels like he might never be free again. When he closes his eyes, there’s nothing but blue eyes and a warm smile to fill him with thoughts of what might have been.

You, You’re Everything (12x10)

Summary: Castiel tells Dean about his last days in his female vessel. Ishim said that humans were dangerous and that being close to them made one weak, but twice now Castiel has tested that theory, once in 1901 and now with Dean.

Understanding (12x11)

Summary: Dean put his hand on Cas’ knee and left it there for a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours, maybe forever. He could explain the action away, but he maybe didn’t want to do that anymore. He had his memories back now, and with their return came a bit more understanding.

All I Want, All You Can Give (12x12)

Summary: Somehow, some way, Dean stopped caring about how long the hugs lasted. They were a regular occurrence now and so necessary. He’d hold Cas and forget what was weighing him down. He’d hold Cas and let himself almost do more. He was warm and solid, an anchor that kept him from getting tossed out to sea. Dean knew he needed this. He hoped Cas needed it. Dean thought that maybe Cas did. And in the end it felt like something good, something to hold onto.

A Love, A Fear (General Season 12)

Summary: His hands rested at his sides on the truck seat until he brought them up to pray. He remembered though, that God was gone, and no one that cared could hear him. Castiel sighed and just pressed his palms together anyway and rested his fingers against his lips. He loved Dean, and that was the most frightening thing in the universe.

13 Best Traxx (12x19)

Summary: He walked up to the truck like he was a bit nervous. Cas watched him as he approached. He was already in the driver’s seat, ready to go. Dean didn’t think the watching was making it any easier. He had thought before about just leaving the tape in the truck for him to find the next time he was away. He changed his mind though and made it more personal.

Come Back to Me (12x23)

Summary: And what if he just stayed there forever, knees slowly becoming one with the earth? He could only glance at him and then look away. He couldn’t focus on him too much, or it would be real. He couldn’t touch him, because that would be a proof too physical of all that he lost, all that he never even gained.

So Dean tipped his head back and stared into the vast expanse of the stars and prayed. He had no clear recipient in mind as the words formed in his head, half nonsense, half clear begging.

Their First Kiss (12x23)

Summary: Their first kiss is not like it should have been. It wasn’t something that came about after a hard won battle, bodies flung back against stone walls, lips bruised from the rush to taste each other fully.

Miss America

She had been pouting all week, missing her home. She was upset, her friends were all renting out a boat, drinks, food, family and friends, all gathering to sail and watch the fireworks, it was a tradition for her, every forth of July she would dress up and relax with them. 

But this year she promised Harry she would fly out to him, she promised to hang out with him and his family. She hadn’t realized it meant she would miss on of her favorite days of the year. 

“It’s just like a cookout right?” Harry asked, sitting across from her on the bed. 

Y/N sighed, “no, it’s more than that. Anything before July 4th of 1776 is irrelevant,” she stated. 

“Okay Ron Swanson,” Harry rolled his eyes, leaning back, “I’m sorry you’re missing it.”

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Rambles from the hospital.

Seriously I made the post about my final fight against Billy the cancer without knowing I’d end up crying hysterically in my hospital bed from sheer happiness. You guys have no idea how much it means to me that so many of you showed me love and support. I promise you, right here and now, I won’t take this for granted. After I get better, I’ll start studying and become a youth worker specialised in culture, especially music. I want to be an adult who can help young people with problems with the best way I know. Music, arts and most importantly conversation. This is what I can do to give back to the world for taking care of me at my lowest and showing love and support when I most needed it.

Once again thank you so much, all of you who liked, reblogged, replied and/or messaged me in these past two days and huge thanks to @therealjacksepticeye as well! I will continue living the best I can. You called me an inspiration, but to me, you are the inspiration. It’s thanks to you that I’ve realised I should aspire to be the best version of myself.

So. Few more days of chemotherapy. Then stem cell transplant and then approx. two more weeks in a hospital and then I’m free. This is now third day with chemo and so far so good. I haven’t been as nauseous as I was afraid and I’ve managed to eat pretty well.

Anyway this post had no bigger function. I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You guys in this community are the best and I can truly say your support is what has kept me so positive and cheerful these past 6 months.

So really. Thank you so much. I love you all.💗

He tried to kiss me! 😱

We were in his office, talking about usual stuff. I gave him a waterfall card I promised I’d make and he was delighted. Suddenly my phone rang, it was my classmate, asking where I am because we had something important to do. I wanted to stay with him the whole day but had to hurry up.
Than he embraced me, as a thank you and kissed my right cheek, he smelled so enchanting! After that his hand slipped lower to my back pocket, I whispered “I’m glad you liked it”(the gift card), he said “Of course I do” and came really close, his lips opened a bit, but like reality hit him, he realized what he was about to do and placed the kiss innocently on my nose.
I stood there as blood rushed to my cheeks, forgetting everything, just shimmering with love and excitement.
I’m not just another student to him! That has to be true! 😱😍😍😍

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so alpha!bucky fucking you long and hard after you, his good omega "friend" (he's got a crush on u on the lowest of keys) is trying to comfort him while he's super frustrated during his rut. it started with you JUST cuddling him, but then he can't take it. he has to have you right there- "it hurts so bad, i can't have this no more, please help i need you!" "please let your alpha have you, you smell so damn good!" "can i take care of you pretty omega? i promise i'll do you right"

I would say yes in a heartbeat 

Moaning Monday™

anonymous asked:

I'm sad because people wont date me for my bisexuality. Like if it was for my face or for my annoying personality i'd get it??,? But....... it's really sad that people usually turn me down solely because i'm bi.. :(((

I’m really really sorry anon. I know it’s tough right now but one day you’re gonna meet someone who won’t be a biphobe and you will be happy I promise.

Broken Promises

Whoops! I know I hoped to do the next episode tonight, but it looks like I’m gonna be a touch busy later on, not to mention you guys have an hour special to deal with tonight, right? So! Next episode tomorrow instead! For now, I’m gonna answer some asks and beg for your forgiveness. ❤

anonymous asked:

Heyo... Sorry to bother you but I just needed to share this with someone but I really feel like I shouldn't be here. I just don't feel like I have anyone. i mean, I have friends and I can tell they care about me but I... I feel like they have better friends. I feel like I should disappear and leave people a lone. That I'm not good enough to be here. I just... I don't man. I'm not really in a good head space right now and I know I shouldn't listen to my brain but it's hard not to right now

Hi, darlin’.

I know that you feel like you don’t have anyone, but I can promise you that that is a lie. Obviously actions speak louder than words in regards to your friends but…One of the bad parts of life is that we will never be able to see how other people look at us, so believing people is harder when you have doubts, ya know?

I’m sure they love you, and I’m sure they think nothing but positive thoughts about you. Disappearing would most definitely have the opposite of your desired effect.

Believe me when I say that you ARE good enough to be here. You’re /more/ than enough, and you deserve so much good in your life.

Brains are awful sometimes, my love. It’s okay if it doesn’t want to listen for right now; the good thing is that it will listen eventually and you will get some solace. If you need me, message me okay?


Neil: “Ah, I want to show you something. Maybe we should sit down?”
Rowan: “Sit down? What is this? An intervention? Am I going to be so shocked that my legs will give out?”
Neil: “What? No, It’s nothing weird.. I promise!”
Rowan: *laughs* “Neil.. I was joking. Let me wash my hand first, okay?”
Neil: “Yeah, of course.”
Rowan: “One freshly washed Rowan, coming right up!”

anyway im really glad so many of yall have stuck with me over this weird time of me not posting at all i love this community so much and i really do appreciate every single one of you who has made my time here so great! hopefully i’ll be a bit more active on this blog but i wont make any promises because i dont wanna let anyone down!

Opening your 3rd eye may not yield the results you expect.

I say this because this chakra tends to be the one that everyone wants to open right away, usually because it seems to promise such amazing abilities and gifts. When I was first getting into the metaphysical world, that was something that I had always wanted to do—my 3rd eye was always something I wanted to open, because the “powers” that came with opening it were so cool (for example, seeing spirits is a huge one, seeing auras, being able to read minds, and a lot more stuff).

However, opening your 3rd eye doesn’t mean you’ll get all those powers you were promised. at least not when you open it initially. You may get something else.
Every person, upon opening their 3rd eye, has their own gifts. At least this is what I believe (in fact this entire post consist of my beliefs, so feel free to do your own investigations). Opening your 3rd eye is not a fruitless effort, you do gain something out of it.

Just maybe not what you wanted. I got intuition, but at a time I wanted other things. but I’m fine with what I have now. And that “gift” may be present in your life before you even open your 3rd eye, it may just get stronger as you open it (as in my case).

Now you can get the other gifts, but it takes practice. As do all psychic abilities that you’re not naturally attuned to.

And because the 3rd eye is a chakra, I don’t think it’s healthy to open it without having opened your others first.

The hype to have your 3rd eye open is great in this generation, but doing that without properly balancing your other chakras can lead to risks and unbalance, and you don’t want that. The 3rd eye can be opened through meditation, but should only be done after you’ve done the others. Go in order.