but no one's sure where they came from


The PASSION of a five year old that really wants to steal a cookie out of the cookie jar.
The CHARISMA of a potato. A charismatic potato.
The INTENSITY of an earthquake, rocking your world and your house since before years were a thing.

The STUBBORNNESS of a child that refuses to eat their broccoli and will cry until their parents let them leave the dinner table.
The COMPLEXITY of doing algebra problems without a calculator.
THE DEPENDABLENESS of that one friend who always tries their best to not let you or anyone else down.

The IMPLUSIVENESS of a middle schooler’s first kiss.
The FLEXIBILITY of a professional gymnast, constantly flipping and turning 360 degrees at a time.
The TALKATIVENESS of a child who just learned how to talk. You want to ignore them, but you can’t because they’re just so gosh darn cute. 

The CARE a teenager has towards their new phone for the first week of owning it.
The PASSIVENESS of someone who is always unaware of their surroundings, but for some reason always knows what’s happening around them.
The GENTLENESS of a shiny glass cup, one mistake and they can be broken right before your eyes.

The DRAMATICNESS of an episode of pretty much every teen drama that has been on the air for way too long.
The EGO of celebrities, always inflated and is constantly validated by others, either negatively or positively.
The GENEROSITY of a teacher that decides to give the class another day to work on a tough homework assignment. 

The PERFECTION of opening a new book and smelling that new book smell.
The INDEPENDENCE of a tall and beautiful flower blooming in field full of dull grass and dirt.
The CRITICALNESS of a Gordon Ramsay that spends his life roasting people on twitter.

The CHARISMA that Aries wishes they could have and 34 shades of more charisma on top of that. Loads of charisma.
The INDECISIVENESS of someone who really wants to text someone that they like, but doesn’t want to come across as desperate.
The PEACEFULNESS of feeling that everything is okay in life and being able to finally get a good night’s sleep.

The EVILNESS of a villain that just wants to be understood in this complicated world.
The PARANOIA of someone that’s been hurt way too many times in another life and just came out the womb guarded.
The WIT of someone who just mastered the art of sarcasm and refuses to talk any other way.

The CURIOSITY of a child wanting to know where babies come from and will not stop until they get answer.
The HONESTY of a mom that always wants to make sure that her children look as good as she does when leaving the house.
The INTERESTINGNESS of that one strange toy from 5 years ago that you found while cleaning your room the other day.

The AMBITION of a grandmother making food for her starving grandchildren on a Sunday afternoon.
The MATURITY of an adult who finally understands the concept of adulting and is pretty gosh darn good job at it.
The INTELLIGENCE of Einstein, but it may not always be used. Trust me though, it’s there. 

The STRANGENESS of your cousin that everyone thought was going to be successful, but is now a professional hipster.
The REBELLIOUSNESS of a suburban teen who just discovered rap music times one hundred.
The DETACHEDNESS of someone who has not been able to find someone that they can fully trust yet.

The CREATIVITY of doubt and security dancing together in a flame of inspiration.
The INTUITIVENESS of a good friend that always knows when you’re upset and how to cheer you up.
The COMPASSION of sweet child who just wants to make sure that everyone around them is happy.

Wylan: Got called gay in the Slat earlier

Kaz: Tell us what happened

Wylan: I got called gay in the Slat.

Kaz: yeah but why?

Wylan: I was making out with Jesper.

Kaz: In the Slat?

Wylan: Yeah it was in the Slat

anonymous asked:

Off the top of your head, are there 'phan' moments that are so significant they always make you smile and randomly spring into your head? For example, the viscosity discussion and the "you loved it, you wanna do it more" attack me when i'm doing work, and i'm equal parts elated and worried for my sanity because they take up such a large portion of my thoughts lol. I hope your move was good :)

omg sorry this took me so long to respond to but i didn’t even rly know where to begin bc there are so many??? i’m not sure if they’re ‘significant’ but this is just a short list of moments that jst keep me up at night from time to time bc they’re so Good: 

1. that time dnp did a joint live show on october 19, 2015 and not only acknowledged their friendaversary but also dan went on the world’s most Extra rant about phil’s enjoyment of pumpkin spice lattes when like, literally, no one asked or came for phil about that ,,, i often find dan’s repeated ‘get over it get over it get over it … you cynic … gEt oVeR iT’ stuck in my head in random moments. that’s also the live show where dan went on the world’s second most Extra rant about the walking dead and the Themes and the Complexity for like 3 whole mins and phil sat there imitating all of his wild gesticulation until he literally got so fed up that he stops and rolls his eyes and follows up dan’s review with the fucking iconic: “my review is, it was alright” 

2. phil’s tweet and photo of dan celebrating the release of the tatinof films bc i was so sure they’d be having some sort of party, a flipside party at least, but instead this pic confirmed they were celebrating this huge release in the most dan and phil way possible: just sat together in their lounge dressed in onesies and drinking rose :) 

3. the ridiculously cute time that dan confirmed in a liveshow that phil had come w him to wokingham in 2011 to celebrate his mum’s birthday 

4. in 2014 when dan broke his and phil’s filming camera and tweeted about it while phil was out and phil replied 'do you want me to buy a glue stick on the way home’ bc like, what the fuck. cute 

5. in the making of tabinof video when they’re talking about writing in a hotel room in orlando and dan’s handling the camera and phil is basically all up on him to get in frame and and dan’s in socks and it’s all v soft and cozy 

6. ‘your eyes are like three colors at the same time. that’s a trick question. your eyes are blue, green, and yellow.’ (x)

7. ‘i’m obsessed with your curl dan. how did that form?’ (x) .. and really all of the pastel edits video

8. dan going out of his way to add the clip of phil spanking his ass with the plushy snake at the very end of the pinof 6 bloopers even tho ,, no one asked or needed that and it was obvi in the original ,, like why 

9. the fact that when dnp went shopping for the suits they were gonna wear to the brits in 2015 phil just needed to take a spontaneous pic of dan in the shirt he ended up picking, obvi bc he felt a pressing need to commemorate the moment and he thought dan looked beautiful: 

(but rly tho, why did phil need a personal photo of the shirt dan was going to wear to the event, an event at which there would be like 500000 professional photos and videos taken … what a sap)

10. iom for phil’s birthday this year was so great and obviously so was the fam vacay and whatnot but it’s sometimes easy to forget how long dan has been a part of the family, and so i often think about phil tweeting out that he was celebrating his birthday with his family and dan at “the coolest thai restaurant ever” all the way back in 2012, complete with photo: 

they’ve just been a part of each others’ lives on such a deep level for so long it continuously boggles my mind <3

You Who... [M] (ft. Jeongguk)

Drabble Game Prompt 96. “Here, let me.” with badboy/jock!jeongguk

→ badboy football jk (warning: overstimulation, cumplay, fluff, and fuckingjeonjungkook)
→ 1.4k words prequel part 01 | 02

A/N: i have no idea where this came from, my hand sort of slipped, jfc what have i done 

UPDATE: added the highly-requested prequel as a thank you for 1k+ notes :) make sure to check out Give and Take! It’s a similar AU to this one! 

“There you go, yes, you can do it babe,” Jeongguk encourages, as you bite down on your lip.  

He grins up at you as you move your hips slowly against his, finding the way you squeeze your eyes shut tightly the cutest thing ever. 

“J-jeongguk I-I can’t–” you stutter, arms clutching at his bare shoulders as your movements stutter and begin to slow down. But you whimper instead at the loss of friction between your legs and begin to cry tears of frustration as you don’t know whether to continue grinding against him and chase after another orgasm or to stop completely. 

He just laughs huskily from beneath you, and wipes a tear from your cheek and presses a quick peck to your chin as you make up your mind and your movements continue. His head dips down to press open-mouthed kisses against your collarbone, painting the skin there in blossoms of red and pink. “Shh,” he grates against your neck, a gentle hand coming up to stroke down your spine and settling on the curve of your hip to firmly help guide you up and down his cock. “you got this.” 

He’s in awe as he watches you desperately move against him, your soft breasts and nipples brushing up against his hard chest and melting him on the spot. It’s been years since he’s met you and only a few months since the both of you finally started having sex, but he’s secretly delighted at how sensitive you are and how desperate you are to pleasure the both of you. He wants to spread you out and fuck you with his fingers and tongue and make you cum over and over until you’re screaming hoarsely or tie you down onto the bed and tease you for hours until you’re begging for him, but he smiles as he relishes in actually convincing you to top him for once. 

Cause this time he’s being a little selfish and pushing the boundaries on how far he can take you because he’s currently coaxing your through your third orgasm and is harder than he’s ever been in his life as he watches you in tears because you’re desperate to reach the peak once again. 

You muffle your cries in in his neck and thread your fingers in his hair as you feel the wave approaching again. “Jeongguk, ‘m gonna come,” you murmur breathlessly, making his dick clench at how fucking submissive you sound to him right now. He whispers sooth encouragements into your ear and moves his hips up to meet yours just right and grazes the spot inside of you that has you cringing and sighing into his neck as he grunts when you clamp down on him and bite gently into his shoulder to muffle your cries. 

The orgasm is stronger than the last two he brought you to with his fingers and his mouth, respectively, as the feeling of his skin beneath your fingertips and the sheer rawness of his length brushing your walls makes you clamp down on his girth harder than you’ve ever come before. You cry out and clench your teeth and you’re going through your third intense wave of your orgasm when suddenly he flips the both of you over and pins your hips to his bed and begins to pound into you desperately.

His voice is strained and his hairline slick with sweat as he props himself up above you and glares determinedly into your face thats scrunched up in pleasure, moving his hips against you until he reaches his own peak. You feel his dick twitch once before he’s letting out a loud groan and a strangled cry of your name before his chest pulses for a moment and then he slumps down onto you. 

The both of you are spent and you’re still crying from the overwhelming feeling of being coaxed through three orgasms, with the third being the most intense you’ve ever felt in your life, and your chest heaves from the effort it took. Jeongguk is no better, as he pulls out of you with a groan and kneels between your legs. 

Taking advantage of your slumped and exhausted state, he pushes up a thigh and leans down a bit to see how his cum leaks out of your slit and grasps his cock that hasn’t softened yet with a groan. He gently holds the base of his sensitive member and collects the cum that’s already oozed out onto your thigh with his tip before pushing it back into you. 

You let out a strangled cry, a hand coming up to your mouth so you can muffle your cries, and another desperately clutching onto the wrist holding onto your thigh. He pauses, glancing up at your expression and waiting for you to push him away, but a slight movement of your wrist draws your thigh higher up and his hips a bit closer to you. Grinning, he grasps his softening cock once again and drags his tip from your upper thigh back into your slit, massaging his own cum into your center. 

When he’s completely limp and cringing himself from the overstimulation of pushing himself back into your pussy, he drops your thigh and climbs back up, whispering sweet things into your ear. 

“Baby, you were so good,” he coos, smoothing back your hair and wiping leftover tears. “You deserved that, you were so hot. Here, let me,” he gets a warm towel from the restroom and wipes down your thighs and core before dressing you in his t-shirt (a sight which he’ll never admit he absolutely loves) and pulling on a pair of boxers before climbing into bed with you and pulling you into his chest.

“I loved it.” 

You hiccup, breath short from the sensitivity but also from your tears. “You did?” 

And he thinks its the damned cutest thing ever, how even if you were an innocent girl he’d never thought he’d date, you suddenly turned into a sex starved shyer version of yourself because of him, and then returned back to the sweet blushing one he’d fallen in love with even after hours of rough sex and the dirtiest things. It absolutely fucking thrills him and makes his dick so hard whenever he brings you to too many orgasms, when you reach the point where you dont know whether to stop or continue, or to cry or kiss him. He’s had his fair share of flings and sexcapades, but he knows that the only girl who’s ever made him so whipped, the only girl who’s gotten Jeon Jeongguk wrapped around her tiny little finger, is you. 

You who he began to tease and flirt with as a joke, but ended up falling so damn hard for you after just a partner project where you ended up sympathizing with him and treating him like a real fucking human being, and not the football athlete that everyone worshipped and expected so much out of. You who always looked at him, past his body and face and extracurriculars, and into his soul and really truly understood who he was at the core. You who drunkenly kissed him one night underneath the stars and you who’s cheeks went furiously red when he kissed you again in front of the entire school. You who weren’t afraid of telling him when he was being too cocky or just a dick, and made sure to keep him in check, to the point that his teammates were commenting on what a kind softie he was becoming. 

And finally, you who he found himself hopelessly irrevocably in love with. 

And he looks down at you, with your bare face that’s not really anything special. Eyes, nose, and lips that are average, hair that’s common, and a body that others will say they’ve seen better. But its the way you look at him with your eyes that makes him love you. The way you press your nose against his neck when you cuddle with him and the way you shyly move your soft lips against him when you kiss him goodbye. It’s the way your hair feels like absolute silk underneath his fingers when he runs his hands through them when you’re asleep, and the way your entire body literally lights up and bends at his will and his only

Those are the things, amongst many, that made the high and mighty bad boy Jeon Jeongguk fall in love with you. 

So he cups your face and smiles as he pecks against your lips, peppering your face with them until you giggle and shriek against his attack. Laughing, he draws you close. 

“I did, because I fucking love you.”

Prequel: 01 & 02 [fin], Give and Take[M]

everything Solas says about the subject of the Blight in DA:I
everything Solas says about the subject of the Blight in DA:I

(For reference, here is what Solas has to say about the Blight, darkspawn and the Grey Wardens, all together.)

  • Solas: Your Order… the Grey Wardens…
  • Blackwall: What about them?
  • Solas: The Wardens see themselves as the world’s defense against the Blight, do they not?
  • Blackwall: Yes… why do you sound so skeptical? Doesn’t everyone know this?
  • Solas: When an Archdemon rises, they slay it. What will they do when all the Archdemons are slain?
  • Blackwall: Retire?
  • Solas: Without Archdemons, there can be no Blights. Is that the reasoning?
  • Blackwall: Right. Where are you going with this?
  • Solas: Nowhere. I hope they are correct.

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nefarious ❖ chanyeol

anon requested: Heyo could I request some step brother chanyeol smut where they don’t get along and are constantly teasing each other (in a sexy way?). One day chanyeol is going through the girls Phone and finds her daddy kink bdsm Tumblr and decides to punish her ;) in turn some kinky sex with spanking and bondage. (Lol sorry this is so detailed chanyeol has been fucking me up lately)

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

7456 words | smut, daddy kink, stepbrother-stepsister relationship, light bondage (choking, thigh riding, spanking), don’t like=don’t read | velvet

✎ Nefarious: wicked, villanous, despicable or simply Park Chanyeol.

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Bungou Stray Dogs or that anime/manga where almost everyone likes to be extra™ with their long coats. 

Allow me to demonstrate with horrible pictures:

(I’ve probably made a big mistake, but this was something what I came up with when I suffered from insomnia, allergies and boredom. May contain a lot of typos and I do not know whether they are intentional or not. + I’m pretty sure I forgot someone from this “list”.. Oh well)

Edit: Yes. I’m ashamed, I totally forgot someone. 

Edit, again: One kind soul noticed that I had forgotten our dear and beloved mafia dad:

silly ml idea:

  • pre-reveal, adrien and marinette are dating
  • ladybug and chat noir are on patrol one night. it’s a dull sort of night (as it has been for them lately) so they both brought their phones to play with during patrol
  • adrien decides to shoot marinette a text since hey, he wants to talk with his gf, see what the girl he loves is up to!!! maybe he can make her smile or something. he’s pretty good at that
  • he notices ladybug’s phone light up after he sends the text and sees that her lock screen is a picture of him. adrien agreste. one he isn’t sure how she acquired since that definitely isn’t from one of his shoots and he’s sure he never laughs like that unless he’s around his friends
  • teasingly he asks if she’s a fan, because he is really curious where that picture came from, and without thinking, ladybug blushes and shuts off her phone screen and gives him a tiny scoff
  • “i’m more than a fan,” she says, “i’m his girlfriend!”
  • cue excited/shocked chat screaming
Puck You [G.D]

Puck Me [Ethan’s Version]

Summary: When Grayson becomes a little too aggressive with a player from the opposing team, who just so happens to be your ex-boyfriend, you meet with him in the locker rooms to have a word with him.

Words: 8.8k

Warning: public sex, swearing, dirty talk, hockey!grayson 😍😻

A/N: Puck Me blew tf up, and I couldn’t just write about hockey!ethan and not give ya’ll hockey!grayson like who tf do you think I am? Inspired by Scary Love, since it was supposed to go up first lol oops. Church by Chase Atlantic is the song for this one! LISTEN I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT I WORKED HARD ON IT I’D APPRECIATE IT SM IF YOU READ IT OK ILY ALL…

(P.S I’d say this is similar in parts to a smut @lovin-the-dolans wrote, but I spoke to them so no one comments about this being alike/copied, go check out their stuff if you haven’t!) Xx

You didn’t think things were going to end up the way that they did.

You had woken up that morning with a text from your next door neighbor and friend, Grayson Dolan, asking you if you’d be at his hockey game. You wouldn’t say that you were the best of friends, you were actually best friends with his twin brother - who was currently taking a 2-week trip for a class - so that was one reason you knew each other very well. You’d often go over to his house, acknowledge each other, and teased each other as well whenever Ethan would disappear for a bit. There was tension there, you could both tell, but it was never brought into action.

Now since Ethan was gone, Grayson went to you for a lot of things. It was cute that he felt awkward and weird without his twin, so you decided to sit with him during lunch, because of his anxiety spreading even when he had his teammates around him. You decided to ride home together, often stopping by the gas station for drinks and snacks while jamming to Kid Cudi. You especially decided to go support him at his game, one that he had been waiting for with excitement yet determination.

However, a game that started off friendly; completely took a turn.

You could remember dropping your phone when someone beside you startled you when jumping up due to a goal, but just as you reached down, you started to hear the commotion - and not the cheery type. It was more like an ‘oh shit’ type of commotion.

So with your phone back in your grip, you stood high up on the heels of your feet to try and see what was going on out there. You immediately gaped at the sight of Grayson in his black jersey - matching the one he lent to you for this game - as he was all up in another dude’s face from the opposing team. You knew right away that he was angry, clutching tightly onto his hockey stick and even going as far as taking his helmet off to scream in the guy’s face and make him see his true anger. The aggressiveness he showed did things to you, but you shook your head at yourself and tried to push out of the crowd so that you could get closer to his side.

Maybe seeing you would calm him.

The whistles were going off, Grayson’s name was being shouted out, and there had to be a time out for him to take a breather. It’s when you noticed the name on the back of the other guy’s shirt, making you realize that this wasn’t just someone from the rivalry team, but your wonderful ex-boyfriend.

It wasn’t that he was shitty, or even cruel, he just wasn’t the type of boyfriend you wanted to gush to everyone about. So clearly, nothing ever worked out.

You reached one end of the glass windows, separating you from the team sitting off to the side, and as if in fate; Grayson eyes met yours. His glare was still there, but you could see the stars in his eyes softening when he realized it was you, and all you could do was mouth to him: ‘it’s okay.’

Luckily, the game had finished off smoothly. Grayson had tried his very best not to push your ex-boyfriend on purpose, or swing a punch, and went ahead with the game, going for the win since the victory would be a lot better to rub in his face.

You stayed back for a while, and once you became very impatient, you decided to be bold and go ahead and speak with Grayson even if he was still in a room full of other men. It was quite easy to get inside - you knew because it wasn’t the first time. You once helped Ethan with a prank in there, so it was an in-and-out situation.

Meanwhile, Grayson was changing out of his hockey gear, sweat imprinting his sweet olive skin, with a frown still embedded onto his beautiful face after everything. He got a few pats here and there from his supportive team, yet he didn’t really pay attention to them. He only stopped once he heard a chorus of whistles starting up in the locker room, causing him to crane his neck to try and see what the hell was going on now.

“Heyyy! Looking good, Y/N!”

Grayson’s jaw clenched at hearing that, clutching onto the neckline of his tight white Nike shirt that he still hadn’t put on. Not until he saw you.

“Hi chula!”

“Bitch, you can’t be in here!”

“You looking for me beautiful?”

“If that’s what your dick looks like, no thanks.” Grayson couldn’t help but chuckle to himself at hearing you defend yourself, his plump lips tilting over one corner. He liked that you were like that. He liked that you hung out with him despite getting comment after comment about being a slut or a bitch, simply because you were around him; the most popular guy on campus.

You stopped directly by Grayson’s locker after that comment, trying your best not to look down at his heavenly, glistening body even though you’d seen it so much that you could remember every freckle, ever muscle, every ripple. You had to admit that it helped with the fantasies, but you were never going to let him know that. It’d sound creepy if you said you stared more than enough times across your window whenever he would lift weights, do push-ups, or simply walk around shirtless before and after a shower with just a single towel around his hips.

“What is it, doll,” Grayson asked, though it sounded more like a statement from the way he said it. He wasn’t even shocked to see you standing there, knowing very well how daring you grew to be due to his twin brother.

“Here to talk. Put some pants on,” you said, crossing your arms so your breasts lifted up with the jersey, completely unaffected by everyone else only because Grayson’s beauty topped all of theirs. If it was just you and him, however, it’d be different. You’d be nervous as all hell.

Grayson threw his shirt back in his locker and went for his shorts instead, reaching down to place them on, and you had to tighten your thighs at seeing his bulge in those boxer briefs. “I’m listening,” he said with that deep, sexy voice of his. His bright loopy eyes seemed a little darker, and he did that soft angelic look he so often did that honestly drove you crazy. The one where he slightly tilted his head down and stared through his long lashes, his brows etched a bit together, reminding you of the scar in between.

That time, you couldn’t quite speak. The other boys had gone back to doing their own thing while stealing glances at you - and then Grayson’s eyes went to rake over your body. His black jersey on you was tied at the front, showcasing your belly button, and then you had tight shorts on with vans and white knee socks that just drove Grayson insane. The thought of gripping your thighs and eating you out until he was full… it was too much for him, and he was lucky his coach came over before his dick started straining his obvious shorts.

“Y/N…” Coach sighed next to you, rounding the corner of the aisle, not even surprised to see you there. “Again with this. You can congratulate Mister Dolan afterwards, please step out of the boys locker room.”

Nodding once, you put your head high and started walking back from where you came from. However, you gave Gray a side-eye, making sure you sent him the message that you needed to speak with him asap.

When you managed to get out of the locker room in one piece, you received a text from Gray himself not even a minute later.

The Worst Dolan🏒: Don’t leave. Wait around fifteen and come back inside.

The Worst Dolan🏒: We’ll be alone.

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tag yourself - pop punk bands edition
  • A Day To Remember: switches between loving and despising their home town at the drop of a hat
  • As It Is: constantly nostalgic. all of the time.
  • Brand New: disappears for a long time without a word, reappears again as if nothing happened.
  • Citizen: would rather die than do literally anything
  • Knuckle Puck: oversensitive, uses too many big words without being 100% sure what they mean
  • Moose Blood: likes Brand New, in love with the same apathetic person
  • Neck Deep: just can't get over this one girl, will actually fucking stab you if you insult their home town
  • New Found Glory: couldn't care less about you
  • Real Friends: chainsmokes like an old lady, bony knees
  • State Champs: the friend that just appeared one day and nobody knows where they actually came from, but they're accepted anyway
  • Taking Back Sunday: still haven't gotten over that feud from 17 years ago
  • The Story So Far: blames a specific person for ruining them
  • The Wonder Years: //really really// loves their friends
Make fun of my kid? I'll get you back somehow.

So I am not sure if this belongs in @prorevenge, sense it wasn’t planned on my part. It kind of just fell in my lap. Feels more than petty, so here I am.

For a bit of background: My next door neighbor is/was a college student. She lives with our actual neighbor, her boyfriend. Typical crazy college kid. Weekend parties, drinking on her patio all hours of the night, and weird hours. You know the drill. I figured she was trying to experience college life, so why not? You do you lady!

Anyways one summer night last year she was sitting out on her back patio with her girlfriends doing their drunk thing. I am out wrapping up on some stuff with my toddler daughter. She at the time had a medical thing going on that caused her to walk a little weird. Nothing life altering and something that would heal with time. She did have a weeble waddle to her, especially when running. Sometimes she would fall right over. She was out running around with the dog and the ladies next door were waving and telling her how cute she was. All good.

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Best Friends and Barely There Clothing

Helloooo lovies! So this is my first imagine on this blog, and I do hope you enjoy it! I will be posting lots of imagines and blurbs etc. regarding Harry, and most will contain smut! But I will of course have writings that are just pure fluff as well! Enjoy this one!

Warnings: Smut & Language

Word Count: 3k

“Don’ tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“Having a baby with you?” You asked breathlessly, your eyes falling closed as Harry began to move your hips over his bulge, causing you to let out a quiet whimper as the fabric of his jeans rubbed through the thin lace material covering your clit.

“No love,” he let out a throaty laugh, his eyes moving down to where you two were currently grinding against one another, “Don’ know why I was thinkin’ of havin’ a baby, really… was mainly just thinking about sinking my cock inside of ya, pet.”

Your eyes snapped open as the words left his mouth as you pressed your clit down against him to gain even more friction as his words literally caused you to throb at the thought, “Harry…” you whimpered quietly, your fingers now gripping onto his tshirt tightly.

“Do you wan’ tha’?” His accent was thicker than you had ever heard before as you stared into his darkening eyes, and all you could do was nod your head and let out a breathy sigh of agreement along with it. Somewhere among your exchange of words, Harry’s hand had slipped into your panties and his finger was slowly moving around your clit, but not quite applying the pressure you were currently craving; he was going to make you beg for it.

OR the one where Harry really can’t stop thinking about the act of making babies with his best friend, and he’s tired of her slinking around his house wearing barely anything.

“Would ya ever have a baby with me?” The words slipped past his lips casually, his eyes trained on you as he brought the wine glass that was in his hands to a rest on the coffee table in front of you two.

“Excuse me?” You all but choked as the words registered, the wine that was gracefully slipping down your throat coming to an abrupt stop and getting stuck in your vocal pipes, causing you to cough for a few seconds as you worked it out. Your sea green eyes flicked up to his emerald ones, squinting as he watched you with amusement, a small smirk playing on his lips as he captured his bottom one between his thumb and forefinger.

Harry was your best friend. Harry had been your best friend for almost 6 years now, and you had been by his side almost every step of his career, cheering him on and encouraging him to take leaps he was too afraid of. But you were only best friends… why would a baby together ever cross his mind? You two may have shared one or two (or ten or twenty) drunken kisses on nights when you stumbled into one another’s flat, coats being haphazardly thrown to the floor and lips meeting in a sloppy goodnight as you both fell onto whomevers bed you had chosen for the night before passing out, but that was it.

“What? Not weird to think about having a baby with ya best friend, is it?” His smirk was only getting wider as you let out an exasperated breath, your eyes narrowing to slits as you decided to place your wine glass on the table next to his.

“S'just….” he continued, refusing to break eye contact, “What if m'not married by the time I’m 30. Ya know more than anyone I wanna have kids… so if m'not married and you’re not… would ya have a baby with me?”

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Soulmate AU // Harry

Requested- nope, just had the idea

Summary- harry refuses to accept the reader as his soulmate due to their different social sides

Pairing- harry hook x reader

part two (happy ending)

“Ah yes! Your soulmate is right in here, Y/N!” Jane explained as you two stood in front of a classroom.

You began to fidget as you spoke, “I know you’re not supposed to, but Jane, please give me a hint!”

The girl looked to be fighting with herself as pursed her lips, she looked around the hall to make sure it was empty before leaning in to whisper, “He’s from the Isle,”

You jumped back with wide eyes, “What!? Jane, that has to be a mistake! I-I can’t be soulmates with someone from the Isle!”

“My soulmate is from the Isle too, Y/N. I didn’t think you’d be one to judge someone based on where they came from.” She frowned, looking down at the clipboard she always carried.

You instantly felt guilty.

You reached out and pulled her in for a hug, “I know, I’m sorry.” You mumbled.

Jane rubbed your back as she spoke, “I was nervous when I found Carlos was my soulmate too. It’ll be alright.”

The two of you pulled away with smiles. “Remember, Y/N, there are no mistakes. He’s your soulmate for a reason.”

You nodded at the girl before taking a deep breath and pushing open the door.

Oh no.

Sitting at a desk was the infamous Harry Hook.

“So, you’re the unfortunate soul stuck with me?” He smirked as he stood and looked you up and down.

You sheepishly nodded, subconsciously shrinking back as he walked towards you. “I’m Y/N, uh your soulmate,”

Harry shook his head and laughed, “I don’t want a soulmate so go along and find someone else - I don’t need this in my life right now.”

Now, as a fairie, you weren’t known to get mad, but right now you were absolutely furious. “What do you mean find someone else? That’s not how this works, Hook. I just had a mini breakdown outside when I found out you were from the Isle and now-”

“That’s it! I’m from the Isle! You just said it yourself, love.” He exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air.

“B-But there are no mistakes, we’re soulmates for a reason a-nd i’m willing to make this work if you are.” You managed to stutter out which made him roll his eyes.

Harry reclaimed his seat and patted the desk next to him, wanting you to sit down. You quickly made your way to him and sat, being even more nervous than before.

He leaned in rather closely before speaking “Listen, we’re rivals. Not soulmates. We’re supposed to be at each other’s throats and not in the way I want to be.” He winked at the end and you already knew you were blushing.

“I-I don’t know what to say that, but like I said before, i’m willing to try and make this work.” You once again tried to reason with him.

Harry sighed and threw his head back, he was in that position for a minute before finally responding, “Fine, we’ll give this soulmate thing a shot.”

A grin formed on your face as you reached over and pecked his cheek which may have made him blush. You knew he’d deny it so you didn’t even bother mentioning it, but you saw the pink tint.

“Just to be clear, I’m not good with commitment, or soulmates or love in general,” He confessed, suddenly becoming shy.

You shrugged, “Neither am I. We’re both new to this so we’ll figure this out together.”

Harry nodded at your words before standing up, “Gotta tell my mates i’m finally off the market.” He winked at you before leaving the classroom.

You needed to talk to Jane as soon as possible. How did she do this was Carlos?

Young Avengers Trailer Pitch


We start with a quick shot of the current Avengers (in a possible future MCU line-up) being captured. 

Next up, we are in a dark basement, where MARIA HILL and CLINT BARTON are meeting up, both look tired and banged up. CLINT is wearing a hearing aid, has a white strip over his broken nose and his chugging a big cup of coffee.

CLINT: So what now?

MARIA: There’s something you need to see.

She drops a bunch of files on top of the table he’s sitting at. 


We see BILLY sitting on the buss, red hoodie thrown over his head, headphones on, blackened eye.

MARIA (Voice Over): William Kaplan. Code name: Wiccan. He’s a reality warper.

Shot of BILLY talking to CLINT in some diner. 

CLINT: Are you even actually wicca?

BILLY makes a funny face and shrugs, shaking his head. Next shot, BILLY is flying through the air, hands shining blue as lightning crackles around him. 

MARIA (VO): Thomas Shephard. Goes by Speed. 

TOMMY, identical to BILLY, sips around a room full of bad guys like a blur, stops in a corner, leaning cheekily against the wall.

TOMMY: You guys didn’t think I’d let you have all the fun without me, did you?

MARIA (VO): Teddy Altman.

CLINT: Hulkling?

TEDDY sits on a couch, arm wrapped around BILLY comfortably. 

MARIA (VO): Kree-Skrull hybrid, shapeshifter. 

Quick shots of TEDDY in his green alien form, flying around, fighting aliens; punches through them with a roar. Next up, a CLOSE UP of BILLY looking shocked.

BILLY (aroused): Whoa.

MARIA: Next, there’s Hawkeye.

CLINT looks confused.

MARIA: Kate Bishop.

CLINT: You mean like Hawk-girl or Hawkete.

MARIA: No. Hawkeye. 

Shot of KATE, looking preppy and beautiful with purple sunglasses. She smirks, arching an eyebrow. 

KATE: Believe me, I’m the better Hawkeye.

Quick shot of KATE, jumping though the air and shooting arrows, looking badass. 

We return to the first shot of her in civilian clothes.

KATE: Barton’s got nothing on me.

CLINT drops the files on the table with a grunt. 

CLINT: You gotta be kidding me. Who’s next.

MARIA (dropping the next file in front of him): Miss America Chavez.

CLINT (arching an eyebrow): Related to Cap?

MARIA: Who knows? We’re still not sure where she came from, or exactly what she can do.

Appears AMERICA, dressed in stars and stripes. Slams her fist against the ground, making it tremble with waves. She flies off to punch a bad guy. When she turns to the next one, her eyes light up but don’t see any of her star portals yet.

Shot of the YOUNG AVENGERS sitting together in some sort of lair. KATE sends AMERICA a look. 

KATE: So what’s your deal?

AMERICA (with a wink): Wouldn’t you like to know, Princess.

Back to the basement with CLINT and MARIA.

CLINT: Who the hell put this kids together?

MARIA quietly hands him one last file.

We see the YOUNG AVENGERS back at the same lair. Someone stands in front of them. We see CASSIE LANG facing them, suited up in an Ant-Man suit.

CASSIE: I need your help to find my father… Are you in?

The YOUNG AVENGERS share a confused look. BILLY, nervous, finally takes a step forward and nods.

BILLY: We’ll stand with you.

CASSIE smiles.

Series of shots of the YOUNG AVENGERS in battle against assorted bad guys (humans, aliens, monsters).

Next, we see a young boy with dark hair and green eyes, standing in front of them, both hands behind his back.

LOKI: You are going to need help in this new endeavor of yours. I could provide some assistance.

AMERICA pushes her way to the front of the group to face the kid, a glare set on her face.

AMERICA: Oh, no way we’re falling for that, Chico.

BILLY: America, c’mon, he’s just a kid.

LOKI smiles, pulling out his hands behind his back. His fingers sparkle green. Without missing a beat, AMERICA punches him hard, sends him crashing back through several walls.

AMERICA: No. He’s not.

More shots of the YOUNG AVENGERS fighting. Next, a wide shot of them standing in front of an entire army of aliens, flying towards them. CLINT is standing with them, next to KATE.

CLINT: Okay, this looks bad.

TEDDY: Guys! We need a plan!

AMERICA: Punch everyone.


New quick glimpses of them in battle.


TOMMY: No way are we calling ourselves that.

We see CASSIE growing suddenly for the first time. The rest of them gasp as she towers over them. 

BILLY: I didn’t know you could do that!

CASSIE: Neither did I- Watch out!

She moves quickly to step on a group of aliens that were about to attack them. 

TOMMY: Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!


anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcanon or whatever it's called about the MC spamming Saeran messages until he replies? I just played the April fools DLC and thought it was funny that you had the option to say "why did you never answer me after the prologue, unknown?" Lol

A/N: Sorry Saeran, babe, time to be annoyed

wow okay this is horrible and im sorry like i had an idea for it and the idea just.. flew right out of the fucking window idk what happened but i hope??? this makes you laugh even a little bit


It had been 5 days since some mysterious guy texted you and coaxed you into this apartment- practically slapping you in the middle of this group who keep calling themselves the RFA. They seemed to be on edge and wary of you, which is understandable- but you couldn’t answer their questions. They wanted to know where you came from, what you wanted, but you couldn’t give any answers, hell, you couldn’t get any answers of your own!

There was only one text. One from this ‘Unknown’ person, who basically said the fun would start now. But what fun? What did they want from you? What did they expect you to do here, with these people… surely they didn’t lure you here just so you could make new friends and suddenly do charity work.

You’ve had enough, it was time to get some answers.

You picked up your phone, scrolling through the messages to find Unknown’s at the bottom.

The last text was from you, moments after being thrown into a RFA chat room, asking who the hell he was. Wow, MC, you’re really trusting, aren’t you. Sure, going to some strangers apartment and breaking in, what a good idea. You were starting to think that picture he sent you was fake, too. Taking a deep breath, you braced yourself to text him, not giving up until you got an answer. Hovering your thumbs over the keyboard, you decided to approach this casually.

“Don’t leave me on read you bitch”

Smooth, MC, real smooth. So casual, good job.

“I didn’t mean to call you bitch, autocorrect”

Nice save!

“Sooo… what’s up?”

You waited about an hour with still no response, but you didn’t let that discourage you.

“Anyway, so I had a sandwich today, that was pretty good. You ate, right?”

“Even if you only had a snack, that’s good too.”

“I like sandwiches. Do you like sandwiches?”

Another few hours went by with no reply and now you were just angry.

“Okay, I’m not playing anymore. Who are you?”

“Why am I here?”

“What do you want from me?”

“Who’s apartment is this! Is it yours? Am I going to find your clothes in this closet?”

“…am… am I going to find a body in this closet?”

A few of the members were in a chat room, you decided to break and talk with them. Maybe you’d come back to some texts!

No new messages

Son of a bitch.

It was time to up your game. What could you do? What would catch this guys attention?

You found a ton of text messages you could copy and paste- making sure they were full of emojis and sexual innuendos, like those holiday ones that go around.

Nothing? It’s been a whole day now- what was his problem? Professional at leaving you on read? Fine- you’ll just have to rest tonight and try again tomorrow.

For the next few days, you spent all of your free time texting Unknown a bunch of random things you’ve thought of, as if his texts were your diary. You even sent him the entire Bee Movie script- 27 times! Nothing! No messages! Nothing at all!

You took to writing down every swear word you knew. Anything you could call him- you did. Anything nice you could compliment him on, you did. Anything you could possibly imagine to ask randomly, you did.

“Do you think cats have feelings?”

“Woah, bitch, wait, do you think pigeons get sad because they don’t have ears?”

“Do pigeons listen to Metallica?”

Finally, you gave up- this was your last resort.




“U” “N” “K” “N” “O” “W” “N”

Suddenly, your phone lit up with a call- you didn’t hesitate to hit answer.

“Oh my GOD, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. DAYS. IT’S BEEN DAYS. YOU HAVE TEXTED ME UTTER NONSENSE FOR DAYS. What is wrong with you? What do you want?! What the fuck is your problem?! I wish I could turn my phone off just to fucking ignore you, but I can’t! I have to deal with message after message from you! I wish I could block your number but I fucking CAN’T! Text me again and I swear to GOD I will come over there, and it will be the last thing you ever do!”

After his rant, he hung up the phone and you sat in the middle of the bed, staring into space. You didn’t get any of the answers you wanted, but at least now you knew he got your messages in the first place. About ten minutes later, you snapped out of your trance and looked down at your phone.

“Hey Unknown, you’ve got a nice voice”

“I’m going to fucking end you.”

Touch Me, Touch You | 01 (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

BTS; Yoongi/Suga (Ft. J-Hope/Hoseok)

Genre: Smut | PWP

Word count: 1.7k

Description: Yoongi gets a surprise when he thought he had the apartment all to himself.

Anonymous requested: Voyeurism with Yoongi was supposed to be a drabble but turned into this…

Warnings: Spanking, masturbation

A/N: I…. have no words to explain myself here… This is the first part to Yoongi’s birthday scenario so…. There will be a concluding part posted on his bday ^^ Do I dare tag @ellieljade because she coaxed me to post this tbh…. 

Originally posted by parkejimins

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bts reaction: their gf moaning and being at a loss of words during rough sex

request: can i request a shinee + bts reaction to how they’d feel seeing their girlfriend moan out and be at a loss of words when they’re giving her hard/rough sex? >.< thank youuu

author’s response: thank you for requesting and i hope you enjoy this haha! have a great day!

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

jin: feels even more like the man. he’d tease you incessantly, leaning forward as he increases the force of his thrusts.
“what’s wrong, baby? cat got your tongue?” he’d husk with a smirk, forcibly swinging his hips forward so he can sink deeper inside of you, smiling as you respond with a long moan.

Originally posted by sweetly-delirious

suga: “i knew i was good at this, but damn,” he’d rasp, noticing you hadn’t emitted a single word. your moans would be enough motivation alone for him to increase his pace and intensify everything. he’d get so riled up, he would most likely add a little spanking and over stimulation, wanting nothing more than to see you fall over the edge, spent and truly lost for words.

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

namjoon: would initially think he was hurting you, even though you were obviously moaning with pleasure. “b-babe,” he’d whisper, slowing down as he leaned forward to brush his fingers across your cheek. “i’m not hurting you, am i?” after you managed to inform him that he was definitely not fucking hurting you one bit, he would proceed to tease you, making sure to thrust harder. a little daddy kink would spill out as he exhausted all his effort to make you feel good, to make you moan louder to the point where you lose your voice.

Originally posted by mewchim

jimin: gosh, am i really doing that well? he’d think to himself as he noticed that all that was really breaking from your throat were loud, shrill moans of pleasure. he’d definitely up his game, thrusting harder and doing everything in his power to intensify the pleasure for you. when he finally came, it definitely would prevail to be one of his best orgasms. he would definitely be up for a second round.

Originally posted by lets-weird-girl

jungkook: like namjoon, initially inferred something was wrong, so he slowed down a bit, making sure everything was alright. when he was assured, he would feel like a boss, knowing his skills had been able to rob speech.
“you know you can talk, baby,” he’d rasp, keeping eye contact as he doubled the pace of his thrusts, grounding his hips into yours. “go ahead, say something.” it would honestly make him feel so damn powerful and that would probably turn him on beyond anything else.

Originally posted by vthesecretoilet

taehyung: it would turn him on so damn much and the sight would probably make him moan with you. he always strives to make you happy and feel good so the fact that he was very much doing that would make a very happy taehyung. he wouldn’t tease you too much, only mentioning it when you two lay next to each other, tired and catching your breaths.
“you know, babe, next time, if you want, you can talk.”

Originally posted by bangdulce

hoseok: “you okay, babe?” he’d tease, playfully biting your lower lip. “you’re awfully quiet. in terms of speech, i mean, of course; i’m pretty sure the neighbors are getting ready to complain about all this noise you’re making.” honestly, hoseok wouldn’t give a damn if anyone did complain, because he definitely wasn’t. in fact, your moans would only spur him to go faster and make him want to prolong the session for as long as he could. as always with hoseok, you’d be dumb not to expect more than one round, and tonight was definitely no exception.