but no one's sure where they came from

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I was in a club and feeling very MAGNUS uno and got an idea for a prompt;) so what if the night before the wedding Alec goes to the club whether for a mission or to see Magnus or by accident and they end up dancing without much talking but they're so close and it's electric and they very nearly kiss but don't and it's so intimate and TBH I think we all need an explanation for where all the sexual tension came from the next day

Alec wasn’t quite sure how it happened. 

He wasn’t even really sure how he had ended up at the Pandemonium club to begin with. 

At the time it made sense. At the time, he knew he was walking in there, because he wanted to feel outside of himself. Alec wanted to be apart from his body, and very inside his body all at once. To feel music in his blood and people up next to him. A larger part of Alec, one that he wanted to ignore very much, knew that he was going there because he was looking for someone. Someone he had met there. 

Alec had found him too, because where would Magnus Bane be, if not there?

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What is all of this about the Katie fandom name? We have had one for a really long time already why are people trying to pick one?

I honestly don’t know anon. Someone that was most likely unaware of the already established fandom name has suggested something along the line of the McCryptids or McCryptics?? (Personally I am not a fan of that bit at all).

But the fandom name (McGeeks) was voted upon and established years ago.

I can understand that a lot of newer members to the fandom don’t know that but I have seen the message floating around that the name is already set. No need for change. In my opinion the name and calling Katie a cryptid is a bit of a jab at her effort to keep her life private so I can personally say that I don’t enjoy the suggestion. Doesn’t have a nice ring in my opinion either.

Oh gosh, I’m not even sure how the explain that weird ’s’ thing. It’s just a thing that kids draw, but no one knows where it came from or when it started, and it’s ALL OVER the US (and I think in other parts of the world too?) Like tons of kids just draw that ’s’ thing on their notebooks and sidewalks and all over the place and no one even knows what it means. It’s super weird.

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I need more Kuroo and Bokuto being bros and doing something stupid and funny

/I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had this idea for a long time now, but its short and dumb and I feel like it belongs on this website./ 

“Are you sure this is safe?” 

“Chill, Kenma. We’ve practiced this on like, 20 tables.’ 

“A table is different from a house, Kuroo.”

Oh, pff. He was never really one for having fun after school anyway. 

I rushed over to get my phone, ignoring the lockscreen and opening the camera from the right corner. I had no time for typing in four digit numbers at the moment. Owl Man would be here any minute! Think of the children!

I cant exactly remember where this idea came from, or why I felt the need to text Bokuto about it at 2 a.m.. Whatever, he seemed to like it quite a bit, actually. He was strangely enthusiastic about it for the early time of..morning? Part of me wanted to ask him as to why he was awake at such an hour. I’ve always had a bit of trouble sleeping, but I think honestly he was just awake to mess around with whatever he wanted to do that night. Bokuto really has no sense of ‘what time is a good time to turn off my phone and go to sleep on a school night.’

It didnt matter now, because I was running out time..! Bokuto swore it wouldnt take too long for him to get dressed and get on the roof. I got a few friends to help me set up mattresses on the ground where he was set to land, and it had all taken about three minutes. 

I perked up when I heard clumsy-sounding steps on the roof, before I rushed outside, grabbing Kenma by the arm (gently, I swear) and practically dragging him along with me. (Gently.)

“You guys ready for this!?” 

Bokuto called from the roof, dressed in what I could only describe as the robes of Owl Man. Bright blue tights that seemed to..cover his entire body.. A symbol on his chest that looked like the kind of animated owl that cant really be called cute or terrifying.. And, of course, safety goggles over his eyes. He had tied on fake wings to his back, looking to be made out of..a tarp? Feathers? Paper? I couldnt really tell  from the ground. 

Whatever, that didnt matter now. I rushed away from the house, wanting to get a good shot of this idiot super hero. I couldnt believe he was actually going through with this..!

Bokuto delivered a painful speech about how he was more of a hero than Superman in what I could only describe as a drunk European accent, before he let out a screeching ‘YEET’ and jumped off the roof in some form of a dive.

He had this idea that he was going to soar, but he just flopped onto the mattresses face-first, one of his wings breaking as the others crowding around the house burst into laughter. Holy shit. 

Bokuto began to laugh as he sat up, throwing a fist in the air as he called for the bravery of Owl-Man. 

I could not believe he actually did it. Holy fuck.

silly ml idea:

  • pre-reveal, adrien and marinette are dating
  • ladybug and chat noir are on patrol one night. it’s a dull sort of night (as it has been for them lately) so they both brought their phones to play with during patrol
  • adrien decides to shoot marinette a text since hey, he wants to talk with his gf, see what the girl he loves is up to!!! maybe he can make her smile or something. he’s pretty good at that
  • he notices ladybug’s phone light up after he sends the text and sees that her lock screen is a picture of him. adrien agreste. one he isn’t sure how she acquired since that definitely isn’t from one of his shoots and he’s sure he never laughs like that unless he’s around his friends
  • teasingly he asks if she’s a fan, because he is really curious where that picture came from, and without thinking, ladybug blushes and shuts off her phone screen and gives him a tiny scoff
  • “i’m more than a fan,” she says, “i’m his girlfriend!”
  • cue excited/shocked chat screaming
tag yourself - pop punk bands edition
  • A Day To Remember: switches between loving and despising their home town at the drop of a hat
  • As It Is: constantly nostalgic. all of the time.
  • Brand New: disappears for a long time without a word, reappears again as if nothing happened.
  • Citizen: would rather die than do literally anything
  • Knuckle Puck: oversensitive, uses too many big words without being 100% sure what they mean
  • Moose Blood: likes Brand New, in love with the same apathetic person
  • Neck Deep: just can't get over this one girl, will actually fucking stab you if you insult their home town
  • New Found Glory: couldn't care less about you
  • Real Friends: chainsmokes like an old lady, bony knees
  • State Champs: the friend that just appeared one day and nobody knows where they actually came from, but they're accepted anyway
  • Taking Back Sunday: still haven't gotten over that feud from 17 years ago
  • The Story So Far: blames a specific person for ruining them
  • The Wonder Years: //really really// loves their friends

Imagine falling in love with Jensen while working on the set of Supernatural.

Only You

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, mention of Danneel

Warnings: angst, fluff, language

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This is the SIXTH fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, “Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you should stick around and screw up their life.” It will be highlighted in the fic. This is written for @blacktithe7 I really don’t know where this came from. I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

Tags at the end

Feedback welcome and appreciated

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Anyone else wonder why no one at the Garrison was like “Hey, you look like Matt Holt from the Kerberos mission…” when Pidge got there… Like I’m sure that everyone had seen pictures of him and the rest of the crew after they were assumed dead so like… Plus Pidge getting defensive every time it came up? Idk where I’m going with this

i keep thinking about that “end of the line” thing and where it came from, like. 

what if when they were kids, it was the first time bucky saw steve really sick. and he was worried bc steve was coughing a lot and steve’s ma went and got the preacher and bucky knows what that means he’s almost ten after all. so what if one day he’s just sitting with steve and keeps checkin on him to make sure he’s still breathing and he’s like, “you’re my best friend” and it’s not really a question but steve nods anyway cause he’s tired and he’s usin his mouth to breathe bc his nose is too stuffy. and small bucky just climbs on to bed next to him and he’s like, “are you scared?” and steve nods again bc yeah of course he knows what getting the preacher means too. and bucky just takes his hand and says with all the fierceness his 8yo self can muster, “well, you don’t have to be bc i’m with you to the end of the line, pal.” and steve’s just like “even in heaven?” and bucky’s like “of course in heaven. the good lord himself’s gonna have to kick me out.” and that’s good enough and they go to sleep and steve’s fever breaks the next day

Wake Up (Older!DamianXReader)

Requested: Nope
Summary: After a severe accident, you wake up missing the critical last 5 years of your life.
Word Count: 2136
Warning: Trauma, severe pain, severe confusion, pretty angsty, death of a family member

A/n: This is part one of a three part (So far maybe) fic. It’s angst that no one asked for honestly. Part one is supposed to be a little confusing. It begins in the middle of the story. Don’t worry you’ll find out how you got here, but first, please enjoy the confusion and emotional turmoil.

The first thing that came to your mind was how numb everything felt. It was impossible for you to open your eyes, or even to tell up from down. You were just floating numbly in the dark. You were not sure how long you stayed that way. Time was immeasurable in the void.

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i love to imagine Draco, Hermione and Harry working together at the ministry. 

I imagine it’s a lot of Draco giving a sneer to anyone that rolls their eyes during any of Hermione’s speeches.

Harry too but mostly with him if he looks at you disapprovingly they straighten up, i mean he defeated the dark lord; dont want to look like a douche and insult one of his closest friends. 

And a lot of Hermione filtering through their assignments to make sure Harry doesn’t get assigned anything too dangerous, and Draco doesn’t get anything to do with dark magic (for his mental stability). 

I think that Harry and Draco’s friendship definately takes time. But they do start with having an understanding concerning Hermione. 

It’s mostly just them warning the other when Hermione is pissed at them. 

“Oi Malfoy, fair warning Hermione was looking for you.” 

“Oh for merlin’s sake what did i do now? Did she say why?”

“No, just that she wanted to talk to you.”

“Great thanks mate, big help you are Potter.”

“Hey, im just relieved it’s not me this time.”

“You’re a little shit, you are lightning.”

And after a couple hours of Draco avoiding she (of course) finds him


“Ah, Granger. I have been looking for you everywhere. Have you been avoiding me? Potter had said you were looking for me earlier.”

“Malfoy you’re so full of shite, i saw you duck into that empty conference room when i waved at you in the commons.”

“Oh, were you down there too? Wow you know i just had such a busy morning.”

“You are so frustrating!” and she’d turn and start to walk away

“Wait, didn’t you need something?”

And she’d turn around looking very annoyed and march over to him and smash her lips onto his completely throwing him off guard.

“I just wanted to know what it would be like” and she would smile at the stupid surprised look on his face and leave him pink lipped and watching her walk away.

Jokers Daughter Imagine: The Return

Request: (anon) First I want to say that I love you and that you’re work is amazing. You’re so creative and reading your posts always make me smile. Unless they’re sad ;-; Anyway, could you maybe write something where at the age of 12, the jokers daughter goes missing thanks to one of his business partners kidnapping her and when she’s 17, she suddenly appears at the doorstep, drenched from the rain and covered in cuts and bruises.


Monster T sat in the VIP booth across from Joker fidgeting and sweating, his heart was beating so fast he was sure Joker could see it pulsating through his skin and jacket. He raised his hands in defense and submission all at once.

“Mr. J, I didn’t mean any disrespect. I came here with some offers, welcome you back to the world, back to business.” he said trying to keep his voice steady.

“Oooooh are you sweet talkin me now?” Joker hissed at him then mocking him with the smile stamped on his hand.

The Joker was willing to forgive crosses against himself if it meant he could get a good deal, but his daughter was different. When Monster T came in and started eyeing you up he was a dead man walking.

“I didn’t know she was your daughter.” he continued. Not appreciating being jerked around. He tried to control his anger. “I didn’t know she was so young.”

“One…. two…. three….” Joker started counting his fingers confusing Monster T. “eight…. nine…. ten….” Joker stopped and looked up at him. “Looks like I’ve run out of fingers.” Joker stood up and approached him like an animal stalking his prey. In one swift motion he grabbed T’s hand and snapped two fingers until the nails reached the back of his hand. He went swirling to the floor in pain. “Eleven…twelve. There we have it! My daughter is twelve. But I’m sure you didn’t know that huh?”

Joker didn’t even give the man time to answer before he pulled out his gun and fired a bullet into his skull, hitting his eye tattoo exactly on mark. Joker motioned with his hand for Frost to come over and take the body away. In just a few seconds he went from a violent hunched over creature to brushing his hair back and sauntering to his seat eloquently. “Dump him somewhere his buddies will see him, maybe that will teach the whole lot of them finally.” Joker huffed out “And send the princess over.”

“Yes boss.” Frost picked up the man’s legs by the ankles and dragged him out of the VIP booth. He called over to some goons that were free and pointed at the body. “By the docks.” He said before heading to the main floor and making his way through the crowd.

You were sitting behind the bar with your body guard next to you, the bartender refilling your virgin Shirley Temple and dropping a cherry in it. You sat in awe watching your mother dance in her gold dress and jewelry. You wanted to be like her someday. You shook out of your day dream when you saw your Uncle Johnny coming and jumped over the bar to run to him. You wrapped your hands around his waist to hug him and he chuckled as her returned the favor.

“Your dad wants to see you hun.” he said with a smile. You shook your head and grabbed his hand and he led you through the crowd of people. When you got to the VIP booth you saw a goon cleaning up the floor.

Daddy must have just finished work, you thought to yourself. When Joker saw his daughter his icy blue eyes lit up and turned warm. He extended an arm out for you to run into and be beside him. He wrapped his hand around your shoulder and you felt the cool touch of his rings that gave you goosebumps.

“Princess you’re going to be going home early tonight.” he said not making eye contact, knowing you would be upset.

“But daddy why? I want to watch mommy dance more. I always ride home with you guys in the lambo.” you said trying to guilt trip him.

“I know baby but tonight you have to leave. Someone wasn’t nice to you and I don’t want it happening again.” he said sternly signaling for you to stop protesting.

“Looks as though you took care of it.” you teased him and look down at you with a smirk.

Feeling bad that he was making you leave and prideful that you wanted to stay with him he cut you some slack. “Howabout one of the guys takes you home in the lambo? So you don’t go home completely heartbroken huh?” he grinned.

You crossed your arms and tapped your foot pretending to contemplate and keep you in suspense. He mimicked your actions to make you break down and laugh.   “Okay okay okay I guess that’s fine daddy.” He took your face in his hands and planted a kiss in the center of your forehead. A perfect parallel for what he had done just a few moments ago. He snapped his fingers and Frost came back over.

“Take her home please Frost and take the lambo.” Joker said dangling the keys. When Frost reached for them Joker pulled them back. “And not a scratch on it.” he said before handing them over. Frost shook his head and extended his hand for you to take. The two of you wandered outside and got in the car home bound.

As the goons were dumping Monster T’s body off by the docks they were growing more nervous by the minute. It was still early in the night, people around, they could be easily seen. The dropped the body and quickly made their way back to the car. They sighed in relief for a moment before beginning to drive back to the main road. They felt the tension leave their bodies and as they reached to turn on the radio a parade of bullets fired through the windshield. Their bodies rattled back and forth with blood spewing. Loud screams and tires screeching raced past their car and to the docks. The car came to a halt and four men jumped out and ran over to Monster T’s body.

“I knew it! I knew it! I fucking knew it!” one screamed. “We should never have let him go there alone. That fuckin clown is crazy!.” the other three men stood silent, mourning the loss of their crew member. They knew they were wrong to let him go and were on their way to try and take their mistake back, but it was too late. “If that clown wants a war, then that’s what he’ll get.” the man said before heading back to the car and the other men followed him. “This time we fight fire with fire.” he said before they sped off.

You and Frost drove steady through the city back to the house, you gazed out the window taking in the moment. You were so content you laid your head back and closed your eyes listening to the sounds of gotham. You suddenly felt Frost’s hand gripping your arm, your eyes shot open and he had a terrified look on his face.

“Hold on.” he said as he slammed his foot on the gas, you looked in the rear view mirror and saw another car racing towards you. The passenger side window opened and a machine gun emerged. It started firing wildly and Frost grabbed your head and pushed it down so you wouldn’t be hit.

“There’s the lamborghini! Joker must be inside, keep shooting!” the men screamed in the car as they raced after what they thought would be simple revenge.

Frost was losing control of the lambo as bullets destroyed the tries. He tried desperately to keep the wheel straight to protect you but it was no use. The engine took too many hits and blew out right in front of your eyes. You wanted to stay strong but you wanted to cry for your father at the same time. The lambo swung off the road and skidded into a ditch. Frost threw himself in front on your and went out the windshield that had been shot out and banged his head on the front of the car. His weight stopped you from getting serious damage but the impact took your breath right out of your lungs and you passed out. The men drove over and opened up the car doors, to their surprise the Joker was nowhere to be found. Frost lifted his body up slowly and went to grab one of the men but they hit him in the forehead with the barrel of their gun.

“You know who this is gentlemen?” the leader said as a statement more than a question “This is the lil bitch the clown and that whack job girlfriend had.” the men stared at you passed out in awe. They had heard stories but hardly anyone saw you in the flesh. “This is the revenge, the power we need.” he said and poked your cheek with his gun. “She’s out cold. Take her to the car.”

‘What about the guy?” one of the men asked.

“Leave him. Someone needs to let the joker know who is in control now.”

The Joker sat and watched the rain in his once lavish mansion now rundown and dark, twirling a piece of his daughter’s hair between his fingers. The days turned into weeks, weeks to months, and months to years. Today marked the 5th anniversary of the night he failed. Failed you, his reputation, his empire, everything he had built as the Joker. He never suspected that scum like Monster T would haunt him. His crew had all but taken Joker captive as well. He was under their control as long as they had you. He tried to disobey in the beginning but he soon learned that they were serious and they had to you. Each time he didn’t obey their commands they sent a piece of you. The first time it was a strand of hair, then the second time it was a whole lock of her long hair. It drove Joker more insane than he already was thinking they touched you and disrupted your perfection. He promised as long as they kept you alive and safe he would do what they asked. It involved giving up his club, the gun trades, the drug trades, everything. He wasn’t the king of gotham anymore, he was a puppet for the men. The Joker’s pride was taken away but it wasn’t as hard as he thought, he just wanted you safe. Sitting in arkham all those years ago before he ever met Harley he never imagined in this moment he would be at some type of peace. But when it all came down to it he was just happy he never got a body part in the mail.

The thing that was killing him was not knowing, seeing touching. Wondering what you were thinking. Killing himself thinking that he wasn’t there to wipe your tears away and to make you laugh. To wake up in the middle of the night with you next to him. He tore the entire city apart searching for you, but each time he got close they took you further away somewhere new. The one thing that kept him going was the thought of making them pay for it all. Then the doorbell rang he barely even noticed until he heard chains rattling closer to him. Frost approached him and Joker turned his head slightly to see the once mighty suited right hand man in dirty rag clothes and chained up like a prisoner.

“The door slave.” Joker said to him. The man he once considered a brother became the source of all his rage and the blame. Frost went to the door faced unrecognizable from all the beatings. When he opened it his jaw dropped and he let out an inhuman noise.

Joker immediately grabbed his gun thinking it was one of the crew members who had you coming back for more. When he pushed Frost out of the way and saw what stood in the doorway he dropped the gun to his side. There you stood. Your knees were bruised and your face had little cuts all over it. Your hands were completely covered in blood and you had a shard of glass gripped. Joker was frozen in time and didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t even sure if you were real.

For a moment he was so still he looked like a wax figure to you. You reciprocated the action and dropped the shard of glass to your side as he did the gun. You were the first to make the move and jumped at him and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Daddy…” left your lips softly and the sound of your voice, more mature now but still the voice he’d know anywhere snapped him back into reality and he picked you up and held onto you tightly. He felt like he was going to faint or his knees were going to give out so he carried you and both rested on the couch.

You lifted your head from his shoulder and looked around. The house you loved as a child was broken down even more than your father was. You knew there wasn’t much time to waste as much as you wanted to stay in his arms, but you two had to move. You weren’t a little girl anymore and realized you had to be the strong one.

“How did you… how are you here?” he asked.

“I escaped. I broke a mirror and I just… I escaped. We have to get ready they might know I came here.” you said getting off the couch but your father grabbed your arm and pulled you back. He cupped your face in his hands and stared at you for a moment before kissing your forehead. The last thing he did five years ago with you. “Daddy please I..” you tried to resist, now wasn’t the time for bonding but the euphoric feelings of being back in his arms was overtaking you. You broke down in tears and wrapped your arms around his shoulders so tight you were scared you’d cut off his circulation.

Joker felt something start to rise from his stomach and into his chest. The feelings inside of him started changing like a light switch and his mind started to race a mile a minute. He got a slight headache after all the years of disassociating to all of a sudden be brought back. As you held onto him the feeling of being a protector reignited inside of him. Like he had a purpose again.

You unwrapped yourself from him and looked in his blue eyes. “I won’t lose you again.” he said, the first time you had heard his deep voice. You weren’t sure where to start, with what happened to you or tell him you knew what they had done to him. Before you could say anything he started up again. “What did they do to you?” he asked.

“Nothing too bad.” you said immediately not wanting to worry him. “Just some beatings but most of the time it was okay. I know what you did for me. I don’t know how to..”

“Shhh shhh princess.” he didn’t want to hear anymore, just some beatings, he scoffed when he thought about those words leaving your.

“I can take it daddy, I was fine.”

“I know you can. You’re mine. But because you’re mine you shouldn’t have had to.” Joker looked over at Frost standing there not knowing what to do. “I made him pay for failing you.”

You finally understood who opened the door and were horrified. You got up and ran over to Frost and used your father’s gun on the floor to shoot the chains off. Joker looked ashamed of himself after he saw you do this.

“We have to get them back. Frost isn’t to blame. We have to make them pay. We have to bring you back.” you said confidently and your father was taken aback by the woman you had become while you were away from him. He looked at you and noticed just how bad of shape he and the house were in. This was no condition for a princess to lay her eyes on he thought. Joker took a moment to embrace the strength flowing back into his veins.

Joker stood up and extended his hand for you to grab. You walked back over and took it. This time you reached up and cupped his face in your hands. He looked at you and saw that his sweet and innocent girl had been replaced by a woman filled with fire and a lust for blood. He liked what he saw. You turned out more like him than he had imagined.

“You have to become the king again.” you continued. As easy as snapping fingers Joker smiled that malicious and terrifying smile only he could. You matched it as best you could.

“Frost!” he called out for the first time in five years. “Get me a suit. Get me my guns. Get her something befitting of a princess.”

You looked over at your Uncle Johnny and nodded as if to let him know that things were finally back the way they were.

“And bring the car around. We’re going for a drive.”

When I Look at You {Percival Graves x Reader}

Requests are open!

Prompt: @effleurermonamourgravel : Just a really fluffy cute one about Graves x reader?? it’s up to you what it should be about <3

A/N: I linked a song for the romantic scene be sure to check it out.

Warnings: none

Originally posted by talking-limbo

You came home from work and crashed onto the mattress. Within in five minutes, you fell asleep. You woke up what felt like only twenty minutes later. The door opening woke you with a start. Percival stood in the doorway. He was slowly backing away and closing the door but you were already awake and sitting up.

“I’m so sorry..”

“No, it’s alright. I wasn’t getting much sleep anyway,” the exhaustion was apparent as you spoke. Percy walked over to the bed, kicked off his shoes, and shuffled under the blankets. 

“What are you doing?” you mumbled. He didn’t answer, instead, he wrapped his arm around your waist. 

“I know you had a rough day at work so you stay here, I’ll let you know when I’m done.” He got up and dashed out of the room leaving you laying in bed confused. 

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As fandom celebrates the engagement between Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov, somewhere between worlds, Yuuri Shibuya is feeling suddenly insignificant, as if this other Yuuri has usurped his throne and far surpassed his legacy.

“Woah, hold on,” he says.  “I’ve been engaged to Wolfram since the first light novel was released in 2000, and now these guys come along and try to upstage us??  Wow, rude.”

People are having none of it.

“But you proposed by mistake,” they say.

“But you aren’t really in love with Wolfram,” they say.

Yuuri ignores the first comment because he can’t really deny it, and also engagement rings in Barcelona are a lot more romantic than a slap across the face over the dinner table, so he knows he’s already lost there.  Instead, he focuses on the whole “in love” thing, because he doesn’t think anyone else has any business trying to determine how he feels one way or the other.  Also, baseball season ended weeks ago, so he’s feeling a bit pent up competitively, and this seems like a great opportunity for some good old-fashioned sportsmanship or something, even if he feels more defensive than sportsman-like at the moment.

He considers going over everything he and Wolfram have ever done for one another.  That whole “I’ll fall with you” thing still has to carry some weight, doesn’t it?  Then he calls to mind every instance in which he ever waxed poetic about Wolfram over the span of seventeen novels, but he knows it’ll take too long to cover it all.  He starts mumbling something about “the sun” and “looks like an angel” and ends up going on another mental tangent about how Wolfram’s the most beautiful person he’s ever met, but because it happens in his head, no one hears a word of it.

Wolfram comes to the rescue.

“You know what we have that Viktuuri doesn’t have?” Wolfram says.

“What?” Yuuri wonders.

Wolfram’s answering grin is wide with pride.  “A daughter,” he says.

Yes.  Yes!!  That’s it, Yuuri thinks.  He and Wolfram have Greta, and no matter how much fandom might like to pretend Yuri Plisetsky is Viktuuri’s son, they have no official adoption papers to make that situation anything more than a silly delusion.

“What would I do without you, Wolfram?” Yuuri asks.

“Still come in first place instead of fourth, because as much as I hate to admit it, you don’t really need me to take care of you, even if you are an idiot.”

Yuuri and Wolfram high five one another and go have a picnic with their legally adopted daughter.

The next day, the kingdom’s newspaper runs an article about how they’re more in love than ever.

Wolfram smirks and dangles a marriage contract in Yuuri’s face.

Yuuri knows he doesn’t need to sign it to prove anything.

(Somewhere in the depths of the internet, a small but annoyingly loud part of fandom suddenly rises up and says, “But wait. Even if Wolfram still looks and acts really young, he’s actually 66 years older than Yuuri, so that’s pedophilia.”

It’s actually not pedophilia, because neither of them are pre-pubescent kids, and humans and demons age at such different rates that Earthen standards don’t really apply in the Great Demon Kingdom, but this small and annoyingly loud part of the fandom doesn’t care about accuracy. They grasp their pitchforks and begin their war anew.)

Okay but like

Imagine Boss secretly being the hugest cuddle bug ever

But he never wants to admit it aloud


Like one day, Boss came home from work. It was a particularly stressful day, and he just wanted some time to relax. He quietly goes upstairs, passing the couch where Red was sitting.

“uh, boss?” Red murmured. “y-you okay?”

Boss said nothing and quietly went up stairs, his shoulders hunched forward and his expression blank, which was a sure fire way for Red to tell something was up.

Boss went into his room, shutting the door behind him without much force. Stars, he didn’t even have the will to slam it shut like he normally does… he strips of his armor and puts on some more comfortable clothes to wear: a black tank top and a pair of black sweatpants. Yes, believe it or not, Boss actually did dress sloppily on occasion. He left his armor laying carelessly on his bed before he left the room. He really just didn’t give a shit today.

He stepped silently down the stairs, his eyes focused on the ground as he didn’t want to really look at anything at the moment. He was headed for the kitchen to start dinner. He knew Red wasn’t going to–

“boss.” Red called, his voice firm yet gentle.

Boss turned and looked at Red, his expression turning from its blank, sad look to a look of excited shock.

“SANS…” he murmured happily as he took in the sight in front of him.

Red was laying on the floor right in front of the couch, with a bunch of pillows behind him and Boss’s favorite blanket neatly folded in his lap. It was made of synthetic fur, a rare find in the Underground. He loved the fuzzy texture of it against his bones…

It also happened to be the only blanket he’s ever found that can actually completely cover him without leaving his feet out in the open, and that was a plus in his book.

Red chuckled and patted the ground next to him. “well don’t just stand there and gawk, boss. c'mere and snuggle for a bit,”

Boss looked almost shy as he walked over and knelt down next to his brother, his hands fighting in his lap as he looked at the smaller skeleton awkwardly.

“c'mere, ya big doofus,” Red said teasingly, gently taking hold of Boss’s hand and tugging him closer.

“BUT I HAVE TO MAKE DINNER..” Boss objected, his hand beginning to slip away from Red’s as he began to get back up.

Red pulled him back down, his grip firmer. “dinner can wait. you need some time to relax…”

Boss grumbled something inaudible before finally giving in and settling back down. He let Red take the blanket and lay it over the two of them, his expression awkward yet content. Red shifted closer to Boss until he was flush against him before laying an arm over his ribcage.

“y'know, you can do a little of the work here, too…” Red grumbled.

“SORRY…” Boss said quietly before turning on his side so he could face Red. He wrapped his arms around the smaller skeleton and pulled him close, breathing in the faint scent of mustard and cigarette smoke as his nasal cavity was buried in the fur of Red’s hoodie.

Ahhh, what a nice smell…

Red’s fingers traced small circles in Boss’s back, rousing a small and trill purr from him. He pulled Red a little closer, his arms around him tight yet gentle.

“I LOVE YOU,” Boss murmured, his voice just above a whisper.

“i love you too, sugar,” Red responded, his voice warm and happy sounding.

Boss smiled to himself and nuzzles into Red’s hoodie fur. Red almost never called him anything other than Boss… and it was a nice change of pace for once.

His eyesockets began to drift close, the wake nurturing scent of his brother slowly lulling him to sleep. Red soon followed, the loving and protective feeling of the taller skeleton’s arms around him, pulling him into a peaceful sleep as well.~


REQUEST by ANONMOUYS: Can I maybe have a Roman smut where he and y/n are at a family party and y/n her ex is there, constantly flirting with her, causing Roman to get jealous af and when everyone leaves, he makes sure she’s his and his only omg

Warnings: Smut, language
Disclaimer: This is my first time writing smut so please don’t judge. Feedback and help are always more than welcome 


Finally the day arrived where I was looking forward to, unlike my long term boyfriend, Roman. He felt really uncomfortable with my ex being there, which I fully understood, but I had nothing against him.

‘’You getting ready?’’ I yelled from the bathroom. ‘’I’m starting to think you’re the one who needs more time than I do.’’

‘’That might be the case,’’ Roman laughed and came in the bathroom, wrapping both his large arms around me, ‘’you look beautiful babygirl.’’ He started to kiss my neck slowly, causing me to shiver under his touch.

‘’Babe,’’ I laughed and turned around to face him, ‘’I know I’m probably asking way too much of you, but can you, please behave today?’’

‘’Y/N, listen,’’ he took my hand in his and we walked into the bedroom, ‘’I’ll try, but how can I behave myself when your ex is in the same space as me, the same space as you? He will try to hit on you again, I just know.’’ He looked at me serious. I tiptoed and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders.

‘’I understand,’’ I pouted my lips as I ran my hand through his black hair, ‘’it’s the fact that him and I are still friends, otherwise I wouldn’t invite him, you know that.’’ I kissed his lips, immediately feeling myself getting aroused by the way his huge hands rubbed my back up and down. He sighed against my mouth and pressed his head against mine.

‘’I’m only doing this for you.’’


Both of our families and friends arrived at the house me and Roman shared together and it was pretty crowded. There was food that was being brought along with Patricia and Sika, Jimmy and Jey took care of the music and everyone was having a good time, at least, that’s what I thought. Little did I know that Roman was boiling with anger and jealousy deep inside, watching my ex and I talk with a couple of other friends. Whenever Dan, my ex, got a little too touchy, Roman shot me a dangerous look, signing me to take my distance. At times, I obligated, but he can’t order me around.

‘’Why don’t we grab a bite,’’ Dan said as everyone left, him being the only one, ‘’just like old times, you and I.’’ He smiled. I shook my head as I walked to the kitchen with a few plates.

‘’Look, I’m happily taken and I don’t think it’s smart to go and eat something, especially because you are my ex.’’

‘’Too bad,’’ he said, getting closer to me, ‘’I know you miss me y/n.’’

‘’There is a reason why we broke up, Dan.’’ I looked at him, suddenly realizing Roman was standing in the kitchen opening, arms crossed. ‘’You should leave, everyone left and we want some time for ourselves.’’

‘’Ah I see.’’ He turned around and looked at Roman. Dan chuckled and threw his hands in the air. ‘’Fine, see you later.’’ He walked past Roman, straight out of our house.

‘’What was that?’’ Roman asked low. He was frustrated.

‘’That was absolutely nothing,’’ I said, strolled by him, up the stairs. As I stepped inside the master bedroom, the door closed behind me with a loud slam, ‘’Roman, I’m not doing this now.’’

‘’So you and that jerk are meeting up?’’ He inquired, his voice full of anger and annoyance. ‘’Tell me honestly, do you miss him?’’

‘’Oh my god, Roman,’’ I groaned and sat down at the edge of our queen sized bed, ‘’you are being senseless.’’

‘’Oh am I?’’ He made his way towards me and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me up. ‘’Are you sure?’’ His hands grabbed my ass and I let out a small moan. ‘’I’m being senseless?’’ He mumbled against my neck, biting down on my sweet spot.

‘’Yes.’’ I whispered. I clenched my thighs together, feeling the wetness soak through the lace panties I was wearing. Roman noticed and his left hand traveled down to my center and rubbed me through the thin fabric. I let out a soft moan and gripped his biceps tightly.

‘’You’re all wet baby, all for me?’’ He groaned. I nodded and grinded my hips against his arm, begging him to do more. He chuckled and slowly lied me down on the bed, him towering over me. His hand, once again, slid down my body. He pulled aside my panties and slowly circled my clit with his thumb. I arched my back and threw my head back in pleasure. ‘’I’m still being senseless?’’ He asked. I nodded and pulled his face down to mine. My lips hungrily found his and I gasped against his lips as he slid two fingers inside me. He took advantage of my gasp and slid his tongue inside my mouth.

‘’Oh…my fucking…’’ My voice trailed off in a moan as he pumped into me with an exaggerated slow pace. ‘’Roman…oh fuckk.’’

‘’Does that feel good?’’ Roman growled. My breathing became uncontrolled as I felt myself begin to tighten around his fingers, reaching my peak. ‘’Not yet babygirl, not yet.’’ He slowly pulled his fingers out, leaving me feeling empty.

‘’Roman please,’’ I whined, ‘’I need you.’’

‘’What’d you say there?’’ He purred as he stood at the end of the bed, undressing himself, pulling his black t-shirt over his head.

‘’I said I need you,’’ I said louder. His tribal tattoo left me speechless everytime I saw it.

‘’Take off your clothes.’’ He demanded roughly, towering over me again. Impatiently, he grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Once I was fully naked, he took his time, looking up and down at me, shaking his head. ‘’You’re so beautiful,’’ his head dropped down to kiss my breast. ‘’And all mine.’’ The feeling of his tongue flicking against my nipple, his hard, thick erect shaft rubbing against my entrance, his warm body pressed  against mine, made me crazy. ‘’You want me inside of you baby?’’ He took a hold of his dick and slowly pushed the head inside. I arched my back, trying to push him inside of me more. ‘’Nah ah, use your words baby.’’

‘’Roman, please.’’ I breathed.

‘’Please what?’’ He smirked against my neck, licking a trail upwards to the spot behind my ear, making me shudder.

‘’I need you inside of me,’’ I whispered as seductively as I could, ‘’please?’’

‘’That’s my girl,’’ he gently said, pushing himself inside of me carefully, ‘goddamn y/n, you’re fucking tight.’’ Roman groaned in my ear, making me even wetter. We both moaned as he fully rested in me, grinding his hips in slow circles. He hooked my left leg around his waist and started to thrust, setting a wicked pace. His fingers dug in my waist, guiding me down as he thrusts into me, causing him to go deeper with every move he made. It felt like absolute heaven. ‘’You’re all mine babygirl,’’ he grunted, biting down on the skin right above my collarbone, making me cry out, both pain and pleasure involved, ‘’mine and no one else.’’ He pulled back and I felt it burn, knowing the mark would be hard to cover, but who cares.

‘’All y-yours Roman, oh fuck!’’ I moaned. ‘’Jesus Roman, p-please.’’ Feeling my orgasm coming, I was into anything that would make me cum. His thrusts became sloppy and less coordinated so I knew he was close too.

‘’You gonna cum for me babygirl?’’ He pants. I nodded, my hands wrapping around his sweaty shoulders. ‘’That’s it y/n, fuck, right there,’’ he moaned loudly as I felt his dick twitch inside of me. He kept thrusting, now roughly massaging my clit, sending me over the edge. I cried out, fireworks exploding as I clenched around his dick. Roman slowly pulled out and fell next to me under the covers. ‘’I’m sorry if I overreacted,’’ he murmured against my hair.

‘’You honestly thought I was flirting back?’’ I asked, looking at his slightly embarrassed face. I chuckled and traced my finger over his impressive tattoo. ‘’I’m yours Reigns, don’t you worry about that.’’

‘’All mine babygirl.’’ He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss.

I Could Get Used to This

Not sure where this idea came from, but I found myself writing it instead of The Fate of Black Cats. Not worry my friends, I am still working on it. In the mean time enjoy this piece of fluff.

Running late was no stranger to Marinette. She was often late to most everything. This was so common an occurrence, that on one of the few occasions that she was on time she assumed she was running late. It did not help matters that the night before she had fought a long and tiring battle with an akuma and did not get much sleep. With all these things working against her, she stood little chance of being truly awake and alert.

When she rushed into her classroom, she immediately dashed to where Alya usually sits and begged her assistance in not catching the teachers attention.

“Alya scoot over.” She whispered as she plopped down in Alya’s usual spot. Strangely, Alya already seemed to be sitting on the wrong side of the bench. With a shrug, Marinette plopped her head down on the desk and fell back asleep. She was awarded with pleasant dreams until she felt someone shaking her shoulder to wake her up. She cracked her eyes open, ready to scold Alya, only to find Adrien, not Alya, sitting beside her. She decided she must still be dreaming. Adrien doesn’t sit beside her, after all, and it was too much of a dream come true to be real. She picked her head up and looked at Adrien, a little dazed from sleep.

“Marinette, class is about to start.” She smiled at him and wondered at how real dream Adrien looked, even through her sleep-hazed eyes.

“Good morning hot-stuff,” She replied before leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. She missed the way his eyes widened and his cheeks grew hot. She did not hear the exciting muttering and laughing from her fellow classmates, or the click of Alya’s camera. She only barely noticed Adrien’s sputtering as she lay her head back on the desk.


“Yes, Adrien, I love you too. It’s not time to wake up yet, still sleeping.” She responded before promptly falling back asleep.

The victory yells from Alya and Nino did not wake her. Nor did the cheering from her other class mates. She did not wake up when Chloe entered and asked what all the ruckus was about. So she did not see Adrien place one hand on his cheek where she kissed him and the other over his heart as if she had shot him. She did not see his face turn bright red as he stared at her, but Alya did. Alya captured everything, for posterity, she told Nino, and to show Marinette when she became lucid again.

Everyone noticed that Adrien had a hard time paying attention to the lesson after that. When the teacher came in and noticed Marinette asleep in Nino’s usual seat, she sighed and started with the lesson.

Adrien did not attempt to wake the sleeping girl again until it was lunch time. He shook her shoulder again wearing a soft smile. He did not see Alya silently recording again behind him.

“Marinette, it’s lunch time, you really do have to get up this time.” She roused slowly and gradually. When she finally lifted her head and saw that it was Adrien waking her, she froze. He grinned at her before leaning in as she had earlier and kissing her cheek.
“Good morning, beautiful.” He said quietly before getting up and walking calmly out of the classroom. His smile grew when he heard hysterical squeaks and screeches coming from the almost empty classroom accompanied by joyful laughing and cheering.

He could get used to greeting Marinette that way.

Listen I know everyone loves making Chewbacca a dog in modern AUs, but please consider as an alternative: Chewbacca, Han’s extremely hairy foreign friend with an accent so thick that only Han understands what he’s saying. They’ve been friends for years and never explain the circumstances of their meeting. He shows up to every family gathering and no one knows where he lives or where he came from. Everyone just accepts it.