but no one's perfect

ahhh i marked my two dances on stage today and the teacher that runs the show was like “you don’t need to audition them we know they’ll be perfect” jfkdkdjsjs i feel Loved and Pressured


#ThankYouBones week- Day 8 → 5 b&b moments that made you fall in love with them

While it was hard to choose I am not gonna deny, I fell in love with them from the first episode. It’s that line “be a cop” that made it for me. She challenged him right from the start. His little smile made me just love them more. My second fav moment is when he gave her the pig. That closeness between them and how he assures her that everything will be ok was just perfect. My third fav one was when she tells him she is one of those people who doesn’t deserve a family but, he tells her her that “there is more than one kind of family”. It shows to me that although they aren’t family yet, he still considers her one of his. The way he touches her scene and the way she looks at him afterwad was just magical. My fourth fav one is after Vincent’s final goodbye as they watch the car drives away and she holds him. I feel this was the moment they knew that everything is going to change between them. The smile on his face says it all. My last fav moment is following his stay in jail when she tells him she won’t hurt him. It is just how all comes together. They are now a family and she wants to assure him that he can trust her.


Hello Ladies and Germs!!! In preparation of my upcoming milestone with this blog I’m doing an Itty Bitty Giveaway!! 

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Hey, Lauren! Could you help me understand something? What's people's problem with Karamel? He may have been an asshole in the past, but it was exactly his love for Kara that changed him! And they're perfect together! One is able to complete the other! Not to mention their chemistry, which obviously owes more to Melissa and Chris, which is amazing! What do people want? Who do they want Kara to date? I just can not understand the haters...

I can see several main reasons

1. they ship her with lena

2. they ship her with someone else

3. they judge him based off his first couple of episodes and ignore all character development!!!

Hmmm I wanna change my icon 2 a different pic of my special perfect boy lance bt I cant find one that satisfies my heart hmmm

listen,, my social standing cannot take anymore tdm updates,,, it just Can't™. every time i see something new posted about this movie i almost eject into the sun or perform a one-woman-musical that consists of me screeching loudly about how PERFECT everything is and embarrass myself in front of the rest of the normal human population. do u know how much restraint,, it takes me,,,, to not scream at people, about the cast being all cute and adorable and the facT THAT THEYRE FILMING AND THERE’S A RELEASE DATE and.

honestly. i Do Not have chill anymore. i cannot do normal people things like ‘being calm.’ my recent tags are all varying numbers of exclamations points and that is IT. just exclamation points!! because of this movie!!! and these books!!

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I'm so happy you're on Tumblr! Your blog makes my day so much better, the smut is an indescribable blessing and your antics with the Thot Squad are just perfect. Like, thank you all, you're such beautiful people

I wish I could put gifs on ask responses on the Tumblr app, because I am addicted to memes/gifs and I know of one that would be perfect to express my sparkly-eyed gratitude for this anon… BUT ALAS, THIS DAMN APP LACKS SUBSTANCE

Thanks so much for appreciating how extra we are. It gives us life, and the fandom smut.

@diabolik-trash-heap and @louisvuittontrashbags, Y'ALL THOTS GET ANON LOVE TOO

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btw. as of the last 2-3 months, I only followed your blog and anotherones .. bc ppl were too delusional on others w theories & disrespect. I really appreciate ur level-headedness & willingness to look at situation from fair perspective & realize no one is perfect. I just appreciate it.. so if whatever u do in future w blog..i still want to follow.

i’m so happy to read that since many people unfollowed me, i’m glad i have your support babe 💘💘✨

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Hahaha oh my god Anon that’s perfect. And after he screams it the camera pans over to a Diet Coke-drenched Mat and Steph with Chris hanging from the curtains to remain dry XD

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CARE PACKAGE INBOUND! A crate lands in front of you; if you open it, you find several bottles of gin and vermouth, as well as a couple jars of olives, a cocktail shaker, and some glasses.

That’s one hell of a care package. Perfect.