but no one really was

do you ever get like… a pre-crush. like “I don’t have a crush on you, but I feel like there’s definitely potential for one if I got to know you better”

deku aka the happiest bean in the world *cRIES*

istg at this point maybe bnha really has consumed my soul

also the reason i never rly color him properly is bcs i aLWAYS mess it up fsr

i did this to calm myself down from all the shit thats been going on

inktober 2017 - 18

Ft. this weeks edition of “I am very low on time so how quickly can I draw this character and have it still hopefully be recognizable”

Last year, I dressed up my Alolan Raichu as Zenyatta from Overwatch (I trained him to light up the little balls and rotated them around himself). We went trick-or-treating together. I got, like, five pieces of candy. My little guy could open a shop with all the stuff he got.

Yes, I’m jealous.

What happened here on this day?

Need some help from a Friend?

i think have truely accepted the fact that this fandom is just too big and has too many deserving people in it for tay to meet that it will ultimately be impossible for me to meet her. I know she’s trying her best but i think i’m okay with others meeting her over me, i’m just here for a good time and to appreciate my idol like I was before i even knew that she tried to meet people. I’ve come full circle and I gotta tell you it feels good a lot less stressful

this is a split second shot but look who’s back at it on the tiny piano