but no one else will so im cool with that

Sims is so great, i just got invited to William Fangmanns party.. Now im sure you all know who he is but just in case you dont.. He is a three star celeb who happens to be a very successful bass player/vampire.

Needless to say his parties are off the charts, and by off the charts i mean he went into his coffin to sleep away the stress of a kitchen fire while every one else went into seperate rooms to play various instruments solo.

The date i brought said “You brought me here? How boring” but she doesn’t get how cool a Fangmann party is you know? And like.. I get it! Before i became a dangerous vigilante dedicated to saving this city i might of thought “Hey.. Do i really want to hang out in an apartment, dancing by myself while at the same time cautiously avoiding a kitchen fire?” And SUREEE maybe i would have thought “how is this a party if everyone is just in their rooms?.. Not talking to me..”

But once again that was back when i didn’t know any better.

Okay so we should probably do this whole intro thing
  • Kate: I run this because everyone else is clueless. 19, highschool dropout, archer, acrobat, feminist.
  • America: I'm here to keep Kate in line. I don't understand why boys are so weird. 18, physics defying, fight now, talk later.
  • Teddy: What am I supposed to say here. 21, alien, shape shifting. I've never actually met the hulk, tommy named me.
  • Billy: I'm the one that tells people im an only child. Hogwarts lost my application. 19, the actual normal one.
  • Tommy: Speed is my thing, what's yours. The hot one, wiccans cool brother, 17.

TODAY I FOUND A $20 BILL ON THE GROUND. i could not believe it.. I..??? HONESTLY FELT LIKE I WAS BEING TESTED… becos nO ONE else was reacting to it, they’re just walking by… MAYBE I STARE AT THE FLOOR MORE THAN U NORMALLY SHOULD? or im just closer to the ground becos im short but… ??? i picked it up and did a spin, and no one around me was reacting so… … i kept it  

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hey im trying to get into witchy things and such. i already have a bunch of crystals and i diffuse sage in my room to start, but how else can i immerse more into it? how'd you get into it/what would u recommend? thank youu

Research. Aaaaaall the research. I know (if you’ve looked at many witch blogs anyway) that you’ll see “you don’t a fancy notebook, just a cheap one will do” and that’s honestly so true. I dont have a cool notebook, though I’d love a moleskine, mine is a nü that cost me £2 from B&M.

After that I’d say write down the correspondences of the crystals you’ve got and the herbs you already use first and foremost, just so it slows immerses you more. You don’t want to go full in all at once, but just take your time and dedicate your research to one subject at a time. Some subjects I’d recommend are crystals and herbs, and their correspondences (as previously stated) divination of some kind (check my side blog @grimoirethis and search divination. I’ve got a post that has several more common types) colour correspondences, moon cycles, their meanings, and what sort of things ars better to do on the different lunar phases and if you worship or even deities

Hope this helps!

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brielle!! i don't know who else to tell, but i got that top applicant dinner reception invite for ucsb? and im pretty sure that means i got accepted(?) if so im super happy bc ucsb is my number 1 school! but also kind of bummed bc i already made up my mind and im going to a community college to save money. : / oh well. i guess i'll get to sb eventually! thanks for being so cool, ur one of the reasons i started looking at ucsb actually :)


even if you’re going to CC, i highly recommend you go to the chancellor’s reception because our chancellor is like ahhh-mazing and also free food. (not to mention the event itself is super helpful and informative and etc.)

i don’t want to get your hopes up, but the top top applicants (lmao does that make sense? like basically the best of the best) get scholarship offers. you find out through your online portal once official admission decisions are released (at least i think so if i remember correctly?) a little bit after the chancellor’s reception. maybe you’ll be one of them? :)

if not, then you’re right - you’ll get here eventually :) CC transfers are given top priority for transfer admits and if you’re a top applicant now they sure as hell won’t turn you away later on.

congratulations again anon! and thanks for much for dropping by to tell me this, it honestly warmed my heart :) i’m so happy for you!

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one of the boys that i like(d) confessed to me that he likes one of my friends and my ex-best friend who tore my heart apart and left me last year is now getting closer to me again and my trust issues are still very bad if not getting worse and im so lost

slow down and take a deep breath. you’ll be okay, there’s no rush in dealing with all of this. lets take it step by step, ok?

  • so one of the boys you previously liked likes someone else?? well, that’s not ideal but it’s ok!! think of it this way: you have less drama to deal with - you no longer have to overthink simple things like messaging him, the time it takes for him to reply etc etc…. it’s cool!! do a face mask, exfoliate, move on
  •  i’m not entirely sure what happened between your ex-best friend and you so i don’t really know how to approach this, but since you don’t seem to be v happy about them getting close to you again, you can always call it off. i don’t know if it’s the best option since again, i don’t have context, but it’s entirely up to you how you handle it. you could talk to them, let them know they hurt you and you’re not sure if you can trust them again, or if they hurt you beyond repair, then cease all contact with them. you owe it to yourself to do what makes you happy, and it that means cutting them off, then do it. it’s your choice
  • trust is a difficult thing. there’s no pressure to resolve things right now, so just take it day by day. you’ll be fine my dude!! sit down with a journal and write things out. i guarantee you’ll feel a little lighter

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Hi there, Dania! It's Mabel! I saw you've been having a real hard time, so...just wanted to drop in and wish you ALL THE LUCK on all your gross school junk! I'm here to cheer you on, 'cause YOU'RE...*gives you a sticker with a cat with sunglasses on it* one COOL CAT! 😄 A few messages from everybody else - Dipper and Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford wish you tons and bunches of luck, too! Grunkle Ford is GREAT at helping with studying, so he says if you ever need him, he'll be here for you! (1/2)

And Grunkle Stan had a real nice message for you, too - he says he’s never been the best at studying, but he’s here if you ever need someone to tell silly jokes to help you get through it! Mkai…I’ll let you get back to studying now. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, GIRLFRIEND! 🌈🎵🐖✨🙌

I’m literally tearing up this is the sweetest thing ever?? Oh my gosh… I don’t know what to say I’m crying. :’) This is so cute and so so sweet and thoughtful and I needed to read this… Thank you so much. <3 <3 <3

IM LITERALLY AT A LOSS FOR WORDS AND CAN’T EXPRESS MY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW IM SO SORRY but!! This is so so appreciated. Believe me, I’m tearing up! :’) I’m going to try my hardest now…. I will.

Does anyone else remember Code Lyoko?

Well, was watching Miraculous and a thought hit me like “huh, you know what else was a super cool French show? CODE: LYOKO”
I mean, I was super obsessed with this show when I was a kid. It was MY childhood. I wanted to be Yumi so bad and begged my mom for fans. Ulrich was like my first boy crush. I drew the Xana symbol everywhere! I learned how to play the theme song on my violin. And I totally swore to myself that I would name my daughter Aelita one day (oh you know Im still doing it). This was just a big part of my childhood and it makes me really excited but sad if forgotten. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only fan. So I just want to know iF aNYONE REMEMBERs THIS SHOW! :D

CLYDE: His money.
TOKEN: … Thanks.
CLYDE: Just kidding! I, uh, don’t know? He’s cool, he’s my best friend, man. I can spend so much time with him without getting bored.
CLYDE: And unlike everyone else he doesn’t tease me for crying too much. And he’s super smart and usually the voice of reason whenever the rest of us does something stupid-

CLYDE: Aw, are you flustered cause I’m praising you?
TOKEN: Shut up.
CLYDE: You can praise me too!
TOKEN: Well, Clyde’s… He’s an idiot.
CLYDE: Your definition of praising is different than mine.
TOKEN: But he’s like, you know, our idiot. Everyone needs a Clyde. He can make me laugh and he’s actually not as stupid as many people think.
CLYDE: Okay, you can stop now, you’re making me blush-
TOKEN: And you’re nice. You stand up for others and don’t care when people tease you for it. And I like that you’re not afraid of your emotions and-

TOKEN: Please forget I said any of these things.
CLYDE: Dude, what? No way! That’s like the nicest thing anyone has said to me. You’re so in love with me.
TOKEN: Oh my god.
CLYDE: I should tell this Craig, maybe he’ll be nicer to me too.
TOKEN: Don’t you dare.

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4 n 26!!

oshit deep queshuns dude!!!

4. do you like your name? is there another name you think would fit you better?
okay short story!! my name (bening) is an indonesian word; it means clear/transparent/beauty (in some phrases?) but it mostly means transparent. i used to not really like my name, i created pseudonyms with names that i think are cool, like clara, or calieste and else, i almost never using bening to introduce myself in the internet bc i didnt like how it sounded, or the meaning, falala. one period of time i even thought about changing my name? AHAH but as time went by i started to, well, give less shit about it and gradually as i started to love myself more, i started to like my name more too. so yeah!! ayE

26. how would you describe your gender/sexuality?
im mac&cheese and my sexuality is cartoon characters/// ok no. fem & demi heh

yo another one of these, cool!!
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Nickname: Neon, Fresh, Chara, kin names
Zodiac: Cancer
Gender: Agender yooo
Favorite color: plue
Average hours of sleep: SLEEP IS FOR NERDS (its really inconsistent also i have insomnia)
Last thing I Googled: “6969 nsp song”
Occupation: Student (I guess)
Height: around, 5'5"

im supposed to tag ten people so @wallisgloom @dreemurr-kid @willhelm-von-clausewitz @ask-voidtale @valisartbin @askcaitlinthehedgehog @the-arctic-f0x @dat-undertale-tho and whoever else wants to do this bc i cant think of anyone else yo

you know what i can’t stop thinking about??? when andrew took neil’s hand off the beanbag and placed it on his chest when he still wasn’t ready for that

and neil, my beautiful asshole child, knows that andrew isn’t ready, knows how important an actual "yes” is to him aND fuck i just?? someone else might have just taken that as a “yea cool i’m letting you touch me so go ahead touch me” but it’s not like that and like neil says “he wasn’t sure which one of them andrew was trying to convince” i mean sh i t that makes my heart hurt ?? was andrew trying to convince himself he was ok with neil touching him so soon was he trying to convince neil he was ok with it when he clearly wasn’t for neil’s sake i don’t??

but then– “i won’t be like them i won’t let you let me be” neil lets andrew know he knows it’s still too soon and he will respect andrew’s boundaries until a clear yes is said and i am just….really emo….

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Can I ask how you deal with other roleplaying your muse? I struggle so much with it and I always see you talking to Lori's

Honestly I play one of the most hated characters that has ever been on the walking dead so if anyone is willing to write her im like making them friendship bracelets within minutes. No but seriously people who write your character are just that people and the fact you both have enough passion for this same character is actually something cool. Some of my greatest friends on this site have been other Lori’s. @sacrificalis-matrem for example we met because she wrote Lori and then we ended up meeting last year and are seeing each other again in a couple weeks. 

You just sort of need to focus on your own writing, your portrayal is yours and no matter how many other accounts of your characters exist that can’t be taken from you. They are people just trying to have fun and relax by writing their character like you.  My advice is to embrace your twins but if you really can’t then no one is forcing you to follow other accounts of your characters. I know some people who do exclusive partners because it makes them feel more comfortable and get closer with their main partners and if that works best for you then maybe do that. 

someone: oh so you work as an assistent vet tech?? that’s cool

me: yep i help save everyone’s beloved pets

someone: but isn’t the doctor the one that saves them??

me: ,,,, uh,,, w - well yeah

me, internally: but i mean lmao where would the doctor find the time to prep and place catheters for iv and iv fluids, give injections when there’s a, b, c and d surgeries that need their attention, prep for a surgery that they have to perform, clean out used kennels and cages to minimize disease spread and contamination, answer phones in order to keep appointments in order and make new appointments to try and help save more pets lives –

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is anyone else in like this weird half-state where you dont identify as polyamorous but you're also definitely open to the idea?

Yeah i was like that for a while tbh then i started dating one of my bfs (bill @qcrip ) and he had a gf so i was like cool guess im poly now (then now i have 2 bfs and i love them both w all my heart)

-mod Casper