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I mean I was always weary of it from the get go but I had no idea the fakefactory mod was just that bad. like the level redesigns are an insult to all the work and artistry that went into one of the most meticulously developed games of the early '00s.


i feel so bad for making that post now that it’s blowing up because i was waaaay too fuckin forgiving in my short description of it and now i am very scared someone is gonna try it out not knowing how truly god awful it is            w h a t    h a v e    i    d o n e   it’s literally just a shitty porno version of hl2 made almost completely from stolen assets and i should have warned you all about how bad it is 


This instagram user has been reposting other artists work and claiming that they made them. I blocked them and tried to report them but wowowee is this annoying 😤😤😤

(art in that screenshot includes works from @amethystocean-adr @deadlandsqueen @beccadrawsstuff)

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TBH seeing your fanart of older lance reminded me of an idea of an alternate universe I guess that's been running thought my mind lately. In it, the garrison is a military organization and as a result like all of the paladins are military personnel one way or another, and every time I imagined Lance (as a sniper of course, what else) I would imagine him in a pretty similar way to how you illustrated him. So yeah seeing that fanart was pretty cool lol.

GOLLY Im glad my older lance looks like how you imagine sniper lance because HECK THATS SO COOL THAT I HAD TO DRAW IT

then i was thinking about how everyone else fit in??? like pidge would be tech and infiltration and hunk heavy artilary and AAAAA


251 Years

Daveed Diggs x Reader (I was feeling inspired okay?)

Also I first saw this through another fic, so if anyone knows who it is please let me know so I can give them credit. Thanks! 

“And I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our lovely Y/N! Happy eighteenth birthday, and all the best wished towards you to help you find that soulmate of yours. They will certainly be a lucky person!” your cousin Matthew shouted in the ballroom.

A resounding applause came from everyone in the room and you sat there blushing. You never knew what to do in these situations.

“Thank you,” you said, nodding your head.

The music struck back up again, and you decided to get up and dance.

Tonight was the night of your eighteenth birthday in 1774 and the day that would now stop aging until you met the person that you would spend the rest of your life with.

You hoped that they would find you soon. You didn’t want to just be alone for a long time.

The party continued even as you made your way to the garden in the back of the manor. You made your way through the roses, going over to the fountain.

You sat on the edge and looked at the moon.

‘Please find me soon. I love you already.’


“Lin, I already told you this. Please shut up,” your groaned as your friend kept rambling on about ideas for his new musical.

About Alexander Hamilton.

He had first met you when he was still in high school, you had come in to talk to his history class.

He had been fascinated by you, and ever since then you had gotten along splendidly. His family treated you like their own, and you were often asked to babysit for him.

You didn’t mind, it was nice. But sometimes he wouldn’t leave you alone. Like now.

He had just started producing his new play Hamilton, and he wanted everything to be perfect.

You didn’t blame him, but with him calling at three in the morning was getting annoying.

Right now he was asking about costumes, and he thought that you could add your expertise. But you were exhausted right now.

“Lin, i’m going to bed. I’ll be back in New York in three days and I’ll come and see you at the theater. We can talk then.”

He huffed but you knew that he would relent now.

“Alright alright. I’ll see you then. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight Lin.”

You put your phone down and got back up out of bed. You went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

You started at your face. A face that looked 18 years old but in fact was 251 years old.

Ha. 51.

You snorted.

Would you ever find your soulmate? It had been so long, you were just announced to be the oldest person on the plant.

‘Well, back to bed for me.’


“Y/N! You made it!” Lin cried as he fought through the crowd of cast. He wrapped you in a big hug.

You laughed and hugged him back.

“I brought a bunch of old trunks with clothes that I still own. I thought that you might want to use them for inspiration. You can’t use the actual ones however.”

A smile crossed his face as he cheered.

“Thank you so much!”

“I’ll need some help bringing them up, but please be careful, they’re very important to me.”

He nodded and relayed that info to some others that went to get your stuff. You went down with them, watching them as they took it all up stairs.

“I think that’s all of the,” Lin said as he came up to you.

“Thanks Lin. I’m going to send a quick email and then I’ll come up and meet you.”

He nodded and left, yourself getting on your phone.

Finishing up your business you started to go up the stairs, but you found yourself tripping on the last step.

You braced for a fall, but instead of the cold ground you were met by a pair of strong arms.

Sparks exploded, and your chest started glowing, the second part of the soulmate bond. The two of you froze, not knowing what to do.

You picked yourself up and the man released you. You turned around to look at your soulmate, and there he was.

Daveed Diggs, the man playing Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette. Your soulmate.

How crazy was that.

“Holy shit,” he said. You giggled.

“Is that all you have to say?” you shot back. He smiled at you.

“Why do we have to say anything?” He mused, coming closer to you. His face was only an inch from yours. You felt yourself feeling hot.

He took your breath away.

You stared into each other’s eyes, before your lips met in a fiery kiss. It was wonderful. After being 18 for 243 years, this was everything you could have imagined.

As you broke apart he stared at you lovingly. He was holding you in his arms again.

“I do have a question for you,” he said. “How long have you been 18? It’s been five years for me.”

You smirked.

“I’ve totally got you beat.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve looked like this for 243 years.”

His mouth dropped open.

“Well fuck,” he whispered, sending you into a fit of laughter. “How old does that make you then?”

“251,” you replied as you recovered from laughing.

He smiled.

“Ha ha.”



EDIT: Ok so I was hoping that I guess i didn’t have to explain this but the reason they’re laughing at ‘51′ is because Hamilton wrote 51 essays. Cool? Cool.

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Number 4 for the Cool Asks for Fic Writers. (Also, congratulations on graduating. I remember you mentioning that you went to an Ivy League, and that's just? I really hope you can look back on these years in the future and feel proud for not giving up)

(yup, it was an ivy league! it was super tough, but yeah im really proud of myself. definitely an accomplishment i’m going to be looking back on fondly for a very long time. thanks so much!!!!)

4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?

oh boy this is gonna get long

  • @chassecroise : a sweetheart, beautiful person, amazing writer, and is gonna get published one day bc she’s that incredible. 
  • @miraculousstorytelling : a literal beam of sunshine who writes SO much for the ML fandom and shows so much love to rare pairs and is such a sweet person????
  • @megatraven : on top of being a talented writer (her alyanette/chlonette stuff is darling) she’s also such a supportive, warm person who loves building up other people in fandom which i appreciate
  • @agrestenoir : she’s a little shit that i love with all my heart and is so ridiculously talented and funny. she’s also a smart cookie who’s doing great things and is gonna be super successful one day, i can feel it
  • @flusteredkeith : such a beautiful writer oh my word, her writing makes me cry. she’s half the reason i ship so much in the voltron fandom bc her words work magic and make you consider things you never thought you would. and she’s also a beautiful person :)
  • @sadrien : she’s a fucking writing machine, like she writes so much in such a short amount of time and it’s all absolutely amazing, and i wish i had as much stamina as her. she’s another one that’s gonna be published one day. 
  • @ladriened : i just really adore her writing and her personality to be honest. i found her ladrien fics before i even know her, and i know she’s gonna insist that they’re not good, but i love then and re-read them often bc they put a smile on my face
  • @ladyserendipitous : the idea bouncing queen! she comes up with the best ideas, she’s so creative. plus she gives so much love to poly ships in the ML fandom that I admire that so much
  • @reyxa : another writer who’s super supportive of other writers, and i fell in absolute love with her fic bare necessities. 
  • @zoenightstars : i only just recently started talking to her but she’s such a passionate, intelligent, wonderful person and her fic post-it notes is one of my biggest obsessions. such a wonderful person. 
  • basically everyone else from mlfanfiction i’ll be here all day if i list all of them but they’re all such beautiful writers and such great friends who all welcomed me into this fandom when i was still starting out and trying to find my footing
  • @chloe-bourgeois-cesaire : fucking love them. their chlolya fics are so ridiculously amazing and they’re such a talented writer and a beautiful friend
  • @bullysquadess : fucking smut goals if im being completely honest. and just an all around cool chick who takes no shit and looks good doing it
  • @siderealsandman : im like kind of in awe by how chill and approachable he is while also being an incredible writer and a really cool person to talk to :) 
  • @baneismydragon : ahhhhh i love their fics so so so much!!! they’re another person who does so much writing and i wish i had half that endurance. 
  • @marinette-buginette : she has so many good fics oh my god. their marichat may series is so cute (i have to catch up to it lol) and i remember reading a bunch of her fics on ao3 before realizing who she was. she’s written some of my most favorite fics :)

im forgetting so many people and i absolutely suck, but there are so many writers in this fandom that inspire me and make me want to be a better writer and i just want to send a big thanks to all of them bc wow this fandom is chock full of them

[cool asks for fic writers]

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Ok so YES I love the long distance internet friends au but consider! Long distance wrong number au

honestly anon, thank you so much for this tonight. 

i took long distance and made it loooooong distance to the point where it probably doesn’t make sense, but ~~suspension of disbelief~~

texts between adrien and the mystery person (wow i wonder who) are in italics because theyre in french. also i didnt want to bother anyone so ‘numéro inconnu’ is from google translate so im sorry for….that

finally i tried to streamline how i do texts for this just because the way i do texts is usually a lot clunkier? so it looks more like wanna chat but isnt in like….the contact names are still what the other person would see? like when it says pretty boy thats ninos contact name for adrien and—

frick just tell me if its too confusing and tell me how to fix it im really tired

[on ao3 in case the read more is a butt and wont open]

2:51 PM
unknown number: Did this work?????
unknown number: a;slkdfjadj its me btw
unknown number: I mean duh its me who else would it be
unknown number: If you screenshot this conversation al I swear to go d Ill kill you

Adrien squints at his phone. Not only does he not know this number, but the text are in French. That’s…unusual. He thinks that it’s a lucky coincidence that his father is from France and insisted he learned the language before replying.

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i'd love to hear your tips on thrifting!

alrite!!! >:-)

  1. dont make the assumption that every thrift store is equal and know ur stores!! i like to think tht there are four different types of thrift stores? at the top are stores like buffalo’s exchange and plato’s closet. these are about as easy to shop in as ur usual forever 21. 2nd tier are stores like goodwill, unique, and saver’s. goodwill has a flat price for every “type” of item (ex all t-shirts are $2), while the other 2 dont. these are laid out similarly to retail stores, w longer racks generally. 3rd tier is generally stores like value village and family thrift center. these stores r generally huge and messy w a huge range of prices (a quarter to $100). last r outlet stores that sell clothing exclusively, with items sold by the pound or with an extremely low flat price. theyre very hard to shop at and u will have to Dig but the payoff is huge. generally! more difficulty = higher payoff.
  2. this is my general what 2 bring: at least a little bit of cash with u (not all thrift stores take cards), ur own bag (if u can…. this is more optional it’s just greener), hand sanitizer, a CHARGED phone, headphones + music (if youre alone OR….), a friend (good for a. moral support b. finding u shit c. finding them shit d. telling u that a piece looks like shit)
  3. wear comfy clothes tht u can slip things over and shoes tht are easy to take off (like leggings, a tank top, a jacket, + slides) bc if u have a lot of stuff tht u want to try on it’s much easier to just slip a pair of pants over ur leggings or kick off your slides
  4. find out what days ur local thrift stores have sales!! for example at mine they have 20% off everything every monday so on top of the deal ur already getting u get a…… bigger deal
  5. im gonna b honest with u!!! to get the best pieces u do sometimes need to dig (literally dig in some stores)…… i walk thru every thrift store i go to two or three times over to make sure i dont miss any piece. be prepared to spend two or three hours there! (i personally enjoy thrifting so it doesnt bother me)
  6. it’s much easier to have items in mind tht you’re looking for bc unless u really like going thru racks one by one it can get overwhelming really fast…. most of the time for me i’m looking for cheap staple pieces primarily with the Big Lucky Find at the back of my head. dont have One Specific Thing in mind bc u’ll be disappointed, but have an idea
  7. ignore sizing…. tbh it fluctuates so much btwn different brands tht it doesnt matter, esp w vintage items
  8. dont try stuff on unless u must…. i never try on tops or anything, only pants rly if i think theyre not gonna fit me. im generally pretty good at eyeballing
  9. unless ur looking at t-shirts or denim where u should flip thru everything, look thru racks by colors and textures u like bc or else ull be miserable flipping thru everything. i generally glance over a rack as im walking thru and pick what catches my eye, n then walk back thru (bc usually ull b between two racks) and look at the opposite rack and so on
  10. THE LITTLE BOYS’ SECTION is the place 2 b….. u can find so much cool stuff there!!!!!! n nobody ever goes thru it. same w mens’ (provided u can find things tht fit)!!! like one time i found next to new checkered vans that i wear every day in the mens’ shoe section. dont skip these aisles. also sneak a peek at the rack of the dressing room to see if anyone decided not to get smthng tht u might like!
  11. tl;dr of the last point? Look Everywhere. dont limit urself to one section
  12. make sure u check items for stains and small tears!! generally these dont bother me too much bc i can fix them so i get the item anyway, but its good to be sure. if u point these out at the register normally they’ll give u a discount as well bc the item is damaged
  13. i love getting vintage shoes but a lot of the glue on them tends to be dried out which makes the sole detatch but this isnt the end for the shoes @ all!! just invest 5 bucks into some good glue or, if u really want to, go to a shoe repair place to make them good as new
  14. after u get ur things…. wash it all (if its washable) just in case
  15. my last tip!!! is 2 be respectful. pick up after urself, dont make employees’ lives hell n try to put things back where they were, dont leave things in the dressing room (go put them on the rack outside)….. and dont try on clothes just bc u think theyre “funny” or theyre “ugly” n u want to laugh about how stupid u look. thrifting is the only option for some ppl n its just. a dick move and ur basically making a mockery out of it which understandably makes ppl feel like shit so!!!! yeehaw. be mindful….

this is just sum stuff i picked up over my time thrifting….. if u have tricks of ur own feel free to use those !

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I saw your reblog and just now realised that Shiro's wearing Keith's clothes... How do they even fit? What are they made of??

listen up nonny, i thought about this a long time ago and i have two theories

one is the logical one which is that since shiro was keiths mentor/guide/big bro/whatever, when keith was kicked out of the garrison, he took with him shiros clothes. he knew the whole piloting error was a lie so he thought maybe shiro would come back or he just didnt want to let go, or he was going to live in the desert and more clothes was a necessary thing

the other one is that keith always had these clothes with him because he always saw these tv shows where people who live away from society in the wild or the desert get buff. so he had these clothes hoping to one day be fit enough to wear them and look cool.

 but then shiro came back and was like “listen dude im literally only wearing a morphsuit type thing and a crop top, i need other clothes” and so keith reluctantly gave him his super secret buff clothes

because where else are they going to get clothes for shiro in the middle of a fucking desert right after they rescue him. the only clothes they could give him had to come from keefs closet

Thank you for 700 followers!!! I remade my blog only 2 months ago and I remember being devastated because I had lost seemingly one of the most important things in my life lmao but that gave me a chance to start over and make an effort to actually talk to people!! yay!! socialising!! ok here are some people that are really cool (ps the idea for the meme edit is someone else’s i just can’t remember wHO pls help me)

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what are some hamilton ships you like?

im terrible at shipping bc i have strong opinions on maybe 3 ships and then everything else im just like

Originally posted by dairyfat

lams is my #1 u cant go wrong with a classic (thats a lie u absolutely can)

but i feel like..there are so many ships…. i cant tell which ones 2 give opinions on

College!AU Dino
  • major: social work
  • minor: ballet 
  • sports: does performances with the uni’s ballet ensemble. 
  • clubs: doesn’t have time because he does field work with the peace corps + volunteers at an children’s hospital 
  • dino is basically the campus little brother. every upperclassman adores him 
  • everyone from the seniors in the social work major who give dino their old notes from classes like ‘society & mental health’ to the dance majors who ruffle his hair when he’s running around the practice room trying to find where he left his duffel bag from ballet practice
  • everyone just really really likes him and feel like they have to take care of him even when dino is like “don’t spoil me!! im an adult in college after all~” like everyone can’t help but just be like,,,,you’re so young,,,,so much to learn,,,,,stay safe
  • but it is also because dino is really sweet and hardworking. he’s at the top of all his classes and takes his schoolwork seriously 
  • he wants to work with children when he grows up, specifically with children who have suffered abuse and he wants to be able to show them that there are things in the world that can help them cope and that they can excel at - he wants people who may have been hurt and reduced to nothing to know that nothing in the world can take away the talent locked inside of them
  • that’s why dino doesn’t only work hard in all his classes, he does his best to pursue what he’s talented in aside from social work and that’s dance!
  • originally he had thought of doing modern dance as his minor, but something about the discipline of ballet really enchanted him 
  • since he considers that his parents and his life in general has always been loving and lenient with him - he wanted to challenge himself with ballet
  • and the first semester damn near KILLED HIM because good god who knew holding those positions could hurt that much
  • but slowly he’s become really good because he already has a history of dance and tbh he had taken the course just to see if it was worth it and now he’s made it his minor because he actually likes it a LOT
  • he’s a bit oblivious in a lot of things so dk and hoshi like playing lil pranks on him and jeonghan is always getting defensive over dino
  • like once hoshi had hidden dino’s ballet shoes and was pretending he didn’t know where dino could have left them but then he felt jeonghan’s dark aura activate and with the most stoic smile jeonghan was like “hoshi. give. my. son. his. shoes. back. or. this. is. your. last. day. on. earth.”
  • and hoshi damn near turned to dust under jeonghan’s gaze and when jeonghan got the shoes back he reverted back to the Soft person he is like “dino sweetie here you go(:” and dino was like gigfjs stop calling me sweetie im not a little kid and jeonghan was just like tehehe and hoshi was like DID NO ONE ELSE WITNESS HYUNG TRANSFORM INTO AN ACTUAL DEMON
  • but this obliviousness is really just because dino values truth over everything and he’s just a really good hearted person??? like that is why he’s so perfect for the social work major because you can see his genuine concern and he doesn’t hide his feelings at all
  • and like he’s so good at encouraging people like he’s always telling vernon how cool he thinks he is for playing violin or he tells mingyu that he’s totally gonna succeed in the business major
  • but his truthfulness is also….blunt
  • as in when jun tried to grow a  goatee and dino was like “hyung. that’s ugly.” and jun was devastated for two weeks but dino was like “hyung. you know i can’t lie. it was horrific. disgusting. distur-” “aLRiGHt dino that’s ENOUGH”
  • all in all dino’s just an honest, hard-working, sometimes naive to the world around him college student
  • who is doing his best to read up on children’s psychology while doing stretches in the gym before ballet practice
  • and you’re not close with dino, you know him mostly because your part-time job is at the diner down the street from campus and you work the graveyard shift on the nights when you don’t have class in the morning 
  • which also seems to be the nights when mingyu and minghao crave pancakes at midnight so they drag out everyone to go eat with them 
  • everyone being dino and seungkwan because mingyu tries to get wonwoo to come and minghao tries to get jun to come but wonwoo is zzzzz and jun is not a pancakes kinda person
  • so the four boys always stop in on the thursday you work and it is relatively empty except for students there to pull all-nighters 
  • and when you first saw them you were too busy with your own problems floating around in your head to notice if they were cute or not 
  • but then when you were bringing over pancakes you overheard them talking
  • and one of them (seungkwan) goes “i might as well drop out, im not even good at my major. what’s the point?” and like you know it isn’t your business so you keep putting the plates down
  • and the other two are like “dude me too” or “aww don’t feel that way”
  • but then the seemingly youngest one of them all, shakes his head and goes “it is alright to feel that way, it should just encourage you to improve and get better. you can say what’s the point now, but as you grow - the point will become clear. especially if you put all your love into it.”
  • and you almost drop the syrup you’re holding because………you’re so used to the 
  • pathetic ‘oh i want to quit too’ ‘oh im not good enough’ and the responses are always either agreeing or pitying
  • and then there’s this boy who tells his friend that it is ok to feel that way…..and maybe??? maybe deep down inside you’d been needing to hear that too since you had been doubting your own studies in the days prior
  • and like you’re frozen because you look over at the boy and you get so distracted that mingyu has to be like ??????? are you ok ???? and you snap out of it and mumble that you hope they enjoy the meal and you get out of there before you turn red
  • but the next week……all you can hear is that boys voice in your head
  • and you try hard to remember details of his face,,, the innocent brown eyes, the cute n wide nose, the warm smile,,,,,,,
  • to your surprise (and slightly to your happiness) you see him again with his friends the following thursday
  • and maybe it is a bit too obvious but you greet them and hand him the menu first and you hear one of them go “dino, remember not to get the strawberry pancakes again last time-”
  • and on your notepad, you quickly scribble his name: dino down and smile
  • and after that, a whole half a semester goes by how this group of friends comes in
  • and almost subconsciously you start giving dino free refills and asking the chef to slip an extra pancake into his order
  • and like the group gets to know you too, one day mingyu just flat out asks if you’re in the art major and you answer him whether it is yes or no and by this point you know all of them by name and they know you
  • but it isn’t anything past saying hello more casually before they order 
  • until one night……..
  • dino comes in and he’s fiddling with something and then,……you see him put on a pair of glasses and you have to grip your notepad to your chest because he looks….?????!!!!!!!! so cute
  • and like you’re not going to lie to yourself anymore he has always come off as the cutest one to you from all your customers but…….with glasses??!?!?! 
  • and you hear minghao say he looks like a librarian and mingyu says dino should borrow his roommate wonwoo’s big round glasses and do a detective konan cosplay 
  • and they’re all laughing and dino is like “c’mon. i think they look good? my noona from ballet said i look cute”
  • and just as he says this you walk up to take the order and seungkwan grins and points to dino and then to you and he’s like
  • “Do you agree, does he look cute?”
  • and you’re caught so off-guard you just can’t stop to think before speaking so you just blurt out a slightly excited/embarrassed “yes!!!!” and dino kind of looks down quickly but the tips of his ears turn pink
  • and seungkwan’s smile grows even bigger and mingyu smirks up at you and minghao wiggles his eyebrows
  • and you’re like oh god i sounded too happy i messed up ok ok ok get yourself together 
  • and dino is still looking down, twiddling with his fingers and mingyu just gives you a wolfish chuckle and is like “WELL I THINK ILL HAVE SOME CHOCLATE CHIP PANKCAKES WITH A SIDE OF LOV-”
  • and you’re like “CHOCLATE CHIP OK! COMING RIGHT UP!”
  • and you escape even though seungkwan is like “i would like to ord-” and you disappear into the kitchen where the staff are all like ??? why are you so red in the face???
  • and you’re like excuse me but could i possibly lock myself in the freezer for a bit
  • but you know you have to go out there and so you just put the ticket down and take a breath and go back
  • this time, dino has the glasses off and for some reason it hurts a little bit to have him not even look at you when he orders
  • but you put on a smile and when they’re done and you’re bringing back their change, dino and seungkwan are already out near the door and minghao is in the bathroom and mingyu is the one left and before you can just give him the money and leave
  • he grabs your wrist and he’s like “question, do you maybe like our little brother?” 
  • and you’re like khsdgc,blgfew ….no excuse me…….
  • but you’ve never been good at lying and mingyu isn’t dense, he sees right trough it and he smiles again and you want to be like pls wipe that grin off your face
  • but it’s mingyu so you know that’s not happening 
  • and he’s like “i think i can help you - will you let me?” 
  • you’re not even really sure what he means by that but you nervously sneak a peek over to see dino laughing at something seungkwan said and how,,,,,how you really wouldn’t mind being able to see him laugh like that with you,,,,,
  • but you shake your head and you’re like “i- no- i don’t even know him-” and mingyu’s like “don’t be modest, we’ve been coming here for over two months and plus-”
  • he leans over and he’s like “dino brings you up sometimes.”
  • the thought makes your heart jolt and for a second you really consider it but in the end you’re like “don’t joke around he doesn’t even know my nam-”
  • and mingyu shrugs and he’s like “oh really? then let me tell you something. dino’s doing volunteering in the mornings on friday at an childrens hospital. we come over at midnight on thursdays right- technically shouldn’t he be sleeping in? he has to get up at 6 am. and yet, everytime i invite him to go to the diner - he’s always up for it.”
  • mingyu looks you in the eyes and grins 
  • “believe me, he’s not doing it just to hang out with us.”
  • you look back at mingyu and then bite back your lip,,,,,if that’s true,,,, does that mean,,,,,,dino might be thinking about you,,,,, even when he’s not here?
  • the answer you find out late is yes but you turn to mingyu and you’re like “ok, ill accept your help”
  • mingyu claps his hands together and gets up to ruffle your hair and he’s like “see you next thrusday- be ready!” 
  • the whole week leaves you on edge and all your friends are like is something up do you have an essay due??? a big test???? and you’re just too embarrassed to tell anyone about your crush and so you’re just like yep!!!!
  • you even see dino on campus outside the gym and you’re still so ???? about everything that you jump to hide behind someone you barely know and then end up having to apologize for doing that to them LOL
  • and then thursday rolls around and you look up at the clock; 11:56pm
  • and you’re taking steady breathes but you can barely hear a customer call your name of hear the host when she tells you to seat another couple of students
  • and you keep checking your hair and adjusting your uniform and you’re just like,,,,,,,,,why is the diners unfirom yellow yellow doesn’t compliment me at all
  • and then the door opens and you see the four familiar faces 
  • mingyu sends you a secret thumbs up and you feel yourself sweat a bit when you come up to the table and hand out the menus and like ???? nothing out of the ordinary happens
  • nothing happens at all not even when they’ve ordered and the time ticks by and you’re wondering what mingyu’s plan is
  • until finally it is time to pay for the bill and as dino takes out his share, the other three are like ‘…….oh looks like we all forget our money’ and dino’s eyes widen and like tbh so do yours
  • and you’re both like “what”
  • and mingyu’s like “oh no … does that mean we have to stay behind and wash dishes to make up for it??? well….”
  • and then minghao chirps in like “let’s rock paper scissors and loser has to stay behind and do dishes to pay” and dino doesn’t joing because he’s like “i can pay for my half” but the other three are like “no no we came together, we have to pay together so get in on the game”
  • your eyes are dashing between all their four hands and dino and on the count of three ,,,,,
  • dino throws out rock and every other person puts out paper almost as if it was PLANNED (winkwink) and dino is like WHAT BUT I HAVE MONEY
  • and faster than you can comprehend, mingyu is pushing minghao and seungkwan out of the diner and you and dino are left there in complete disary 
  • and then it clicks in your head,,,,mingyu,,,,,,,he told the others didn’t he???? THIS WAS HIS PLAN
  • and dino gets up and sighs sadly and he’s like “im sorry, i….i guess ill just do the dishes then?” and you’re like you feel so bad but also when you bring him to the back the host is like “go help him wash. ill wait tables since it’s dead in here anyways”
  • and that is how you end up with your sleeves rolled up beside dino washing dirty dishes in the huge sink in the back of the kitchen
  • and for the first ten minutes it is really REALLY AWKWARD 
  • and you feel semi-horrible and then even worse when you remember that doesn’t dino have his volunteering tomorrow??
  • and so finally you sigh and you’re like “you can leave, the host won’t come back here to check ill clean alone.”
  • and dino is like “what?? no i could never leave this all on you. it’s my idiot hyungs fault-”
  • and you don’t think again and end up saying “go, you have to get up early right?” and dino stops and he’s like “huh? how do you know”
  • you’re like RIGHT HE DOESNT KNOW THAT I KNOW and you just stutter like “i-i-i-im guessing you have morning classes or something…..i don’t know….”
  • and dino just laughs and he’s like “not quite, i have to volunteer.” and you look at him from the side of your eye and you’re like ok time to try and initate conversation so you’re like “oh, where?” and he’s like a “a childrens hospital. people are always calling it my job but to me it really is a pleasure. i really like that my volunteering actually means something.”
  • and once again you find yourself enchanted with how,,,mature and truthful dino is with his opinion on things 
  • and you’re like smiling to yourself because he’s just so sweet, working with children and not even complaining about this dishes just doing his best to get it done
  • and then suddenly you turn and you see dino has stopped and is looking at you and you’re like ????? is something wrong
  • and he just leans against the sink and he’s like “i know why all the hyungs forgot their money.”
  • and you freeze and you’re like,,,,,oh no,,,,he’s going to be so mad
  • and before you can think to lie and be like what?? you bow your head and mutter an apology
  • but instead of getting scolded or yelled at, dino just lets out a chuckle and,,,,,the warm sound makes you lift your head and he’s like
  • “wow, so they really did set me up?” and you’re like “wAIT YOU DIDNT KNOW” and dino’s like “nope, i was just saying it to see if it was maybe true but your response gives it away”
  • and you’re like whgirjfdasldfsd what,,,,,good you need to start thinking more
  • and dino is like “you were in on the prank too but here you are helping me clean.” but you just stop scrubbing a plate in your hand and you’re like “it wasn’t a prank.”
  • dino gives you a quizzical look and you’re like “……mingyu was trying to help me…” “help you?”
  • and you’re like GOD he really is oblivious,,,,,,,and you just don’t want to lie to him so you shyly look into the water and you’re like 
  • “yeah he was helping me get closer to you, since i kind of….well you could say……have a crush on you….”
  • you can almost hear the gears in dino’s head turn and it’s painstaking because you just want him to tell you he has no interest so you can get this embarrassing turn of events over with
  • but instead he laughs and goes
  • “you could have just asked me out on a date, washing dishes together really isn’t the best way to get to know someone”
  • and you think your ears are tricking you. because did he just imply that he would have said yes if you asked him out and you just blink and stare at him
  • and dino is like “next time, just tell me. i know things go over my head but….”
  • and he takes the plate from your hands and wipes it down with a towel and turns back to look at you
  • “but…..i think you’re a little oblivious too - i mean, didn’t you see me stare?”
  • and you’re like what stare whEN and dino is like????? always when you were taking our orders down or when you were talking to others and you’re like really???
  • and dino nods and he’s like “the yellow uniform you have - it makes you so cute and bright, i couldn’t help myself” and you’re like gkhfdx this ugly mustard shirt,,,,,he thought it was cute????
  • and dino is like “i thought i gave myself away with the whole glasses thing, when you said i was cute - i was so happy i could barely look up my smile was so wide,,,,”
  • and somehow in that moment you and dino realize that you both hadn’t been noticing your subtle interest in each other 
  • and somehow that makes the two of you burst out into giggles and it is so loud the chef has to shout for you two to keep it down
  • and in the end you really can’t believe it but it looks like mingyu DID help you out
  • and once you and dino are done w/ all the dishes it is the end of your shift and he walks you back to campus and in the cold he looks cute shoving his hands into his pockets and getting pink on the tip of his nose and when you finally reach campus you have to split ways but dino says that he promises that he’ll think of a better first date than washing dishes
  • and you guys exchange numbers and ,,,, as you hit the pillow in your dorm to go to sleep you close your eyes and all you can see is dino’s laughing, shining face
  • and it warms your heart, it really does
  • dino keeps his promise. your first date is to an indoor ice-skating rink and like,,,,,,dino has so much more energy and his balance is amazing and you’re like HOW and he’s like “im a dancer, it comes naturally” and you end up clinging onto him for dear life when he brings you to the center of the rink
  • and you’re like dino dino please do not drop me diNO and he’s chuckling and wrapping his arm around your waist
  • and you’d be blushing if it weren’t for the fact that you’re AFRAID
  • dino is such a sweetheart though, you go to get the two of you some hot cocoa and you come back to see him helping two young boys get their ice-skates on and then helping them walk onto the ice
  • and the parents are gushing over how nice your “boyfriend” is and you’re like oh my he’s not- but you just hide behind your cups like,,,,i wish he was tho,,,,,,
  • you grab a bite to eat after and dino, without even noticing it, asks you to feed him a piece of meat and you’re like dghflgsf does he not see how this could be couple-y
  • but no he doesn’t, he just wants food LOL
  • but by the end of the date, you’re exhausted but a good exhausted and dino even shyly asked to hold your hand on the train back to campus
  • and you both are in college but everything is innocent and pure-hearted
  • and dino doesn’t kiss you out of manners but you do kiss his cheek and dino returns to his dorm with literal hearts in his eyes
  • and those hearts stay in his eyes even when he shows up to ballet practice and the instructor is like “dino, why do you look like you’re day-dreaming????? make a straight face” and dino’s like !!! sorry but at the same time,,,,,,,,,,he can’t even think of anything but you
  • mingyu sees you and dino meeting up for lunch on the quad and he hugs you both from behind like “kids, time to thank me for making this beautiful love come true” and you and dino roll your eyes and mingyu’s like you both owe me
  • dino: “no you owe me because i was the one stuck washing dishes for three hours”
  • you: “yeah and you owe me because i had to wash them with him”
  • mingyu: “but i brought you two toge-”
  • speaking of which, you basically ban dino from coming to the diner thursday nights because you know he has work in the morning and you want him to get his sleep
  • instead, you pack up some pancakes for him and bring them to his job during lunch and all the kids are like ??? pancakes for lunch ??? THAtS SO COOL and dino is grinning and all the hospital staff think you’re the cutest, most caring s/o 
  • and they’re like “we wouldn’t trust anyone else with dino’s pure heart” and you’re just like oh my gosh???t hankyou ???? this high praise
  • it doesn’t take dino long to also invite you to one of the ballet’s performances
  • and you’re so nervous before the show for him, but dino sees you for a bit and he’s so confident (not to mention handsome in his costume and with his hair slicked back)
  • and you’re like !!!! how are you so????calm and he just holds your hand and is like “because i believe in my abilities.” and right before he needs to go back you quickly peck his lips and you’re like gOOD LUCK 
  • and as you run off, dino touches his lips and he’s like oh,,,,,,our first kiss
  • but then yes right the Performance
  • your kiss gives dino even more confidence than before and after the instructor and all the upperclassman are like “your form looked the best today!!” and dino is like “thank you, it’s because my luckiest charm in the world is here”
  • you run over and jump into his arms in a big hug and everyone is like OHHH HE MEANT THEM and you’re red like oH right i need to introduce myself!!! 
  • you quickly bond with everyone on the ballet team because like dino, they think you’re adorable and want to protect you
  • and everyone is like “you and dino are our precious lil gems” and you and dino are like wE Arent LIL ……..we are also adults in college
  • but no1 ever listens GODDAMMIT
  • because you so wholeheartedly support dino in his passions, he is always there to support you in yours. and you’ve never had someone root for you like dino
  • like he isn’t afraid to just be like “im your number one fan. really.” no matter what it is you do
  • and dino can actually be so corny without even knowing it 
  • like you were all hanging out w/17 and dino is like “my phone battery always dies because my lockscreen is my s/o and i keep opening my phone to stare at them because they’re so stunning and so my battery is dead in like two hours”
  • and vernon scrunches up his nose like “dino that is so cringe-y” and dino is like what????? why???? i love my s/o’s face
  • and you like hide your head in your hands like gOD HE is sO  blun t and the rest of 17 is laughing while dino looks around like idgi what did i say something funny
  • secret date you and dino have: when you both have nothing in the morning like on saturday nights you both climb up to the top of the gym and watch the stars
  • and dino tells you stories about all the kids he’s meet through the hospital and how their life struggles have touched him 
  • and you let him lay his head on your lap and you talk about your own problems and struggles
  • and dino always says that the nights where the city sky has no stars is still a good night because he has his own star next to him all the time,,,,,,you
  • and once again he’s being corny without even realizing it
  • but you two do like sitting up like that in the cool dark air and it is here that dino, maybe because it is dark out, isn’t afraid to kiss you with a bit more confidence and 
  • you two are cute,,,,,,sitting on your blanket talking under the stars and kissing every now and then
  • jeonghan once caught you two tho and you got earfuls about how you could catch colds sitting up there
  • dino is straightforward with everything so it is easy to know what he likes and doesn’t and you barely get into fights, but he is also really sensitive and sometimes if something is bothering him about his major or his dancing he can try to overwork himself and not deal with it
  • and so sometimes you just have to hug him tightly and tell him that you’re here to listen,,,,,and it is that care that you show him that makes him fall for you even more than before
  • dino is oblivious but he remembers things about you that you think he’d forget. for your finals week he made you a playlist of instrumentals from all your favorite songs
  • and you and him listened to it together while studying
  • and every time you guys stopped for a break dino would insist on making you get up to dance a little to shake the stress off
  • which you both did no matter how silly it was until you fell over onto your carpet and dino rolls over to hold you and you snuggle up into his chest
  • you guys are the ‘must be protected at all times’ couple 

college!vixx (here) & college!bts (here) & college!seventeen (here)

find special college!jb (here), college!mark tuan (here) college!youngjae (here), college!jinyoung (here) & college!jackson (here)

find special college!wonho (here) , college!im (here), college!hyungwon (here)

and please look forward to more special college!aus!

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I love your high school AU!! (Your drawings are super cute!) U can use this opportunity to tell us even mooooore stuff about it if u want hint hint wink wink ;D .......

TYSM ??? im glad u think its good :^; and that u like my art <333!! i really appreciate it !! hmMM what could i talk about– how about!! okay, like ages?! Urbosa is a Senior and has Beef with Revali who is ALSO a senior who likes to stalk their friend group and likes to poke fun @ link a lot smh —! Riju is probably one of the youngest, being a freshman that is lowkey in love with Urbosa and how cool she is– she wants her to teach her how to be cool tbh!! 

uhMM!!! link, paya,  zelda are Juniors, Sidon is also a junior, but he’s a year older than link, paya, and zelda!! Zelda is friends with Urbosa!! And they get along v well urbosa is gay for her and !! uHM idk what else to talk about theres so much i just – dont KNOW WHERE TO START U FEEL ??? agfdjshkrau gdf im just overwhelmed that ppl like it ;0; 

i was working as an art TA for some 5-8 yr olds the other day and one of the kids came in wearing a ballet costume: tights, tutu, make-up, uggs and nothing else. she insisted she wasn’t cold at all but i s2g i was shivering just looking at her so i forced her into my sweater and scarf. im a big proponent for burying kids in warmth lmao. 

anyways here are some mspaint teen/baby nightstars. sorry i havent been posting much and i missed a lot of cool stuff ppl have been doing

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fucc,. i love your mas headcanons so much, they always make my day

!!!! I’m so!!! glad!!!!!! ;u; <333

whispers look, look, I have more!!!

  • they’re not Really for “”cheesy”” (idk, the word isn’t cheesy but i can’t think of it haha) nicknames/pet names like babe or honey or stuff like that but ace does give them pet names that he mumbles to them in spanish or portugese when he’s tired, and like??? they’re (sabo especially) Overdramatic ™ with their nicknames??? Like, “light of my life, warmth of my soul, apple of my eye, do the fucking dishes” kind of thing
  • Have you ever seen those gifs where someone will just run at someone else and cling to them. Touchy feely to the extreme, all parts of our bodies are touching well Whoops le shrug. That is Ace. 100% ace. Ace would t o t a l l y fall asleep and then refuse to get up bc he likes cuddling but then marco would just stand up and take ace w/ him. Sabo tries but doesn’t have the thigh strength, lol, when he works out w/ koala he’s like p l e a s e we have to do squats so that i can pick up ace for long periods of time and she’s like you’re a loser 
  • Sabo also!!! likes ace sitting in his lap!!! bc ace is heavy and presses down on him and when he’s a bit Out of it it’s rlly nice to just have someone??? there???? and then he can cuddle ace or like hide in his back and just Not Think abt loud things. OFC tho like he’s the one who’s like Wow Ace going to fucking Crush your boyfriend,  is that the plan??????/ Do you not want to buy two wedding rings or two anniversary gifts anymore?? ? There are nicer ways to let me down than Literally Killing Me. Sabo is such an Asshole
  • tbh tho like sabo will pull ace on top of him and ace will kind of flop to marco’s side and lean on him rather than outright sit; sabo’s the one who’s like Yes this lap is Mine Now
  • uHHHHHH marco also has a habit of!!! buying them things that they look like they might like. Just kind of. Accidentally collects things and he’s like just absentmindedly thinking oh sabo would like that/would look nice in that shirt, oh ace was complaining about not having any spare metal to melt and play w/, and then before he knows it he has his wallet out and arms full of random shit for them and he’s like Fuck.
  • Ace and Sabo are like cats. They just. randomly dump dead animals, rocks, etc. in front of Marco’s door. That’s their way of giving gifts; here look, we bought you these things. 
  • Ace and Sabo were like Yes Excellent, he Likes Us. Obviously he has figured out what this means and accepted it, he’s Ours Now. (Marco had Not figured out what it meant, he was Super Fucking Confused by it all but. look. he’s so fucking gone on those two.)
  • imagining some of the weird habits ace/sabo picked up from living like 10 yrs in a forest is a Good Time. Like………sabo maybe not as much as ace but w/ ace, even w/ makino helping him and shit like that just. just. he so 100% has Weird Things that just. he thinks are completely normal and everyone else thinks is batshit insane. Seakings??? Ehhh, crocs were about that relative size when he was younger. Typhoon??? Well one time luffy Flew the Fuck Away during a storm, this is Easier to weather bc he only has to worry abt himself. Flirting??? Never. This boy Does Not Fucking Get It. As soon as he realises he likes someone he’s like cool. okay. i dont know what im doing. fuck. and he tries to copy other people anD LIKE. MAN USUALLY IT ENDS SO SO BADLY. 
  • And like i mean i hc ace as demi so omfg it would take him forever to realise he liked anybody. he’s USELESS.

okay so I was tagged by @flower-taemin to do this bias x selfie tag and I tried to be fake cool so here you go. Too bad the only clothes I own are black so..and I only had a dead flower… #low budget

anyways I will tag @choiminoh @leejinklies @blingjonghyun @tofnew @sataeminism @silverznight and.. anybody else who wants to do this c: of course no obligation!!

That’s gotta be the stupidest shit I’ve felt for so long is like ok regardless of how much more complicated it is when u factor in how weight loss is not inherently a healthy change but like IM THE SAME….. I was just as cool a year ago and now a bunch of folks wanna hold my nutz because I lost weight like on one hand I am just naturally distrustful but the pattern of this happening is too stark and obvious for me to dismiss …. and honestly generally like it’s just men…. like everyone else has always been kind to me regardless …. like it’s all embarrassingly predictable … this chain of events

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hi <333 :)) im really happy right now because im drawing taetae for his birthday ANYWAY do you have any greek mythology au's in your (sarah, right? hi!) little fanfic recommending mind (you dont have a specific greek mythology au tag in the navigation page?? i read a sugakookie one but i couldn't find anything else that was good ~ jikook, sugakookie, yoonmin, yoonseok, namjin and taekook are all cool but i dont really care if its another pairing :)))

HI!!! Yes this is sarah lol you’re so cute <3

I haven’t read many at all, but I looked around a little for some

Greek Mythology!au:
if it means the death of me (i won’t let go)
by hedonistically (yoonmin, namjin - drabble)
flowers love the sun by bootaeful (taekook - 12k) - this one seems promising!
too close to the sun (i fell for you, i always do) by yourdietsoda (yoonmin - 10k)
i’m a symphony of the world gone wild (what a pretty sight) by leionai (jihope - 1.5k) - this one is demigod!au
A Godly party by 2kitsune (yoonseok - 3.5k)
forever is a tangent by astringxnt (taekook - 9.5k)
crush(ed) by fatal (cumrich) (jikook - 5k)
Pomegranate Seeds. by AliLikesStories (yoonmin - 17k) 
selene, interrupted at his music by jellyprince  (yoonseok - 1.5k)
Like Honey and Grenadine by bazooka (taekook - 31k)
Death Becomes Him by numberts  (yoonseok - 1.5k)
olympus by xiajin (sugakookie - 6.5k) - is this the sugakookie you had read previously?
the apple of eyes by wordcouture (jiikook, namseok - drabble) 

I hope this helped :)
~admin sarah


tagged by the gorgeous @blingjonghyun to do this cool moodboard/aesthetic thingy!!

i really like the ocean and the sky (anything bluish really) so i figured that i’d stick with that!! hopefully i did this right?  sorry that all the pics look the same okay i have like one day a year where i look good so i have to make the most of it…

tagging the lovely: @im-the-mac @rainbowosha @sluthyun @sabakunocasali @flower-taemin @kimjongloser @myuux2 and whoever else wants to! <3