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Fic: You or Someone Like You, Pt. 9

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“I fear I do not understand.” Hank McCoy cradled his tea cup between his broad fingertips, claws delicate against the thin china. “If you weren’t certain of the origin or the intent of the device, then why leave it here without providing at least a modicum of explanation?”

Reed shook his head. "He wasn’t supposed to ACTIVATE it,” he said, managing to pack an amazing amount of insulted confusion into the handful of words.

“I see,” Hank said, in a tone that clearly indicated that he did not see, but he wasn’t really interested in getting any further into the conversation. He adjusted his half moon glasses on the broad bridge of his nose. “That was badly done of him.”

“I had nothing to do with it’s activation,” Tony said. “I hate to bring this up again-”

“But you’re going to,” Bruce said, hunched over his laptop.

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The Armitage Adventure, or Little Yeo Loose in London

Stage Door Edition

(I decided to do separate posts for my thoughts on the play and on my meeting with Richard because a) both are long and b) that way people who are still going to see the play can ignore the spoilers)

For the post on my thoughts about the play click [here]

I attended the play on Thursday, 26th of June (as planned) and on Friday, 27th of June (not planned but how could I resist).

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