but no look at his face ok that face is the face of a thousand tears

Only Way To Live - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 4818

Warnings: Kinky Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female Receiving)

Notes: Honestly, I’m kinda mixed about this entire thing? I don’t think it’s as good as some of the other stuff I’ve written. The idea was so good for this too! I got the idea from an episode of Attack of Titan while I was in my slump. So, please, any feedback ya’ll have would be appreciated.

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wakeup call | taehyung

Originally posted by bwipsul

Pairing: Taehyung + Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2.1k

Request: hi <3 idk if i’ve already requested something on here, but i had this idea and i thought you could write it beautifully bc i love your work <3 the plot is: the reader is bffs with Taehyung and they’re at the mall one day & she sees her ex and just says to Tae “kiss me, I’ll explain later” :) ending is up to you <3너의 일이 너무 좋아!

Warning: Slight use of mature language

Reader’s POV

“Did I seriously have to come?” Taehyung groaned for the -nth time that day, as he trudged behind you carrying most of your shopping bags.

Turning around you gave him a sickeningly sweet smile,“ Who else would besides my best friend?”

Rolling his eyes, he retorted,“ If I knew you were going to use this on me, I never would’ve agreed to be your friend.”

Scoffing you teased,“ Well sir, you’re 12 years late.”

Shaking his head, he laughed and said, motioning to the bags in his hand, “Ok but seriously, who shops for their Christmas presents this late.”

You shot him a glare and said,“ Someone who was too busy with stupid work and projects to even leave her dorm for a week.”

Sighing, he ruffled your hair, cooing,“Was my baby working too hard now…”

Yah, Kim Taehyung.”

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possessive pharaoh  : ahkmenrah x reader

It was a chill night at the museum and everyone was doing there own thing. A soccer match was taking place, Larry and Nick were playing fetch with Rexy and you decided to show Jed and Octavius the ins and outs of facebook with your profile as an example.

“So if you click here on photos you can ‘creep’ through pictures people have taken over the years.”

“this term creep, does not signify that I myself am a creep does it?” Octavius asked whole heartily.

You couldn’t help but giggle with how concerned he was. “No oct, doesn’t mean you are an actual creep.”

You decided to show them some pictures of your profile since they asked. A picture of you in a bikini popped up.

“woah woah woah, that’s you!” Jed said surprised.

You blushed a little nodding.

“wooo wee Ahky, you’ve got yourself one mighty fine babe!” Jed called as you noticed Ahkmenrah walking towards you three to stand behind the computer.

“tell me something I don’t know.” He smirked coming up behind you to plant a kiss on your cheek. You giggled turning away from him but immediately turned back to look into his soft eyes.

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Missed You

Requested, combining two requests together because they seem to work well together. Catching Up!

“Is he coming?” You’re co worker asked.

“Yeah! He has been home for a few days now!” You say smiling, stirring your coffee.

“Exciting, we can’t wait to meet him.” She says politely before walking out of the copy room. 

“Ready for tonight?” Your boss asks walking up behind you.

“Totally, can’t wait.” You say smiling.

“Shawn coming to this one?” She asks in a condescending tone.

“Actually yes he is.”

“Wow, he does exist huh?” She laughs and walks away. 

You can’t wait for him to meet all of your work people. He has had to miss all of your work events. Christmas parties, and other events. 

Tonight was a party that your work has ever year. It’s a Halloween party, just without the dressing up. Really everyone just talks and has a few drinks, low key. 


The party has started and you texted Shawn to see what time he was gonna show up. 

No response.

“Y/n! Where’s Shawn?” 

“Not here yet but he should be here soon.” You say with a tight smile.

“Well find me when he gets here, I wanna meet him.”

“Will do.” You say clicking his number.


“Shawn, I hope your driving right now. But you’re late and I want to know what time you’re gonna be here, call me back.” 

The party goes on and you’ve come up with an excuse as to why he’s not coming. He would have told you by now if he was going to be this late, and since he hasn’t you just are assuming he forgot and isn’t coming.

“Y/n? We’re headed to the bar, wanna join?” 

“Nah I wanna get home, next time though.” You say getting into your car.

You decide to call him again because you can’t help the little part of your brain that is telling you something is wrong.


“Shawn, you’re worrying me. I know I’ve left like a thousand messages but I’m sort of freaking out, and I feel like, never mind. Just call me, please.” You say desperate. 

You drive home and sigh when you see his jeep sitting his it’s parking spot. But now you’re pissed, what the fuck was he doing? Why didn’t he answer?

You slam your car door shut and walk into the house dropping your bags by the door.

“Shawn?” You call out. 

“Living room.” He calls back.

You roll your eyes and take a breath before walking to the living room.

“Hey babe, you’re home late.” He says when you walk in. “How was work.” 

“You didn’t answer your phone.”

“It’s in our room, did you need something?”

“Nope just had a question, but I figured out the answer.” You say sourly before walking out of the room.

“Hey.” He says, you hear him getting up.

“What Shawn?” You snap.

“Whoa, are you okay?”

“Fucking peachy.” You say taking your blazer off and throwing it into the hamper.

“Y/n?” He asks not really entering the bedroom.

“Where were you Shawn?” You say raising your voice, turning to him.

“What do you mean?”

“Tonight, I waited for you. I waited and then I lied. I lied to cover for you.” 

“What are you talking about?”

“My office party.” You sigh defeated.

“That was tonight?”

“Yes Shawn that was tonight.” You mock him.

“I’m sorry.” 

“Yeah whatever.” You say walking past him to the bathroom.

“What do you want me to do, I’ve been on tour Y/n.” He says following you.

“You haven’t been on tour for the past week Shawn, sorry if I don’t give you that out anymore.”

“I forgot, it’s been crazy lately.”

“I get that, I do. But I told you about this months ago, and I called you about 20 times.”

“You what?” He says looking over at his phone.

“I called you, all fucking night. But you never answered, had me worried that something happened to you. I almost called Andrew, but I thought I should go home just in case my fears that you forgot were true, and evidently they are.” 

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it Shawn, not when you don’t even mean it.”

“Why are you so upset about this? It’s just a party.”

“Yeah, how many of your work parties have I missed?”

“Ok but mine are important.” He says raising his eyebrows.

“Excuse me?”

“What?” He asks shrugging his shoulders.

“Get out.” You point at the door. You just want to be alone.

“What? No we’re not done talking about this.” 

“Why, it’s not important. My work isn’t has important as yours is so why should we talk about it.” 

“That’s not what I meant, you know that.”

“Do I?”

“Y/n.” He runs his fingers through his hair.

“I told you to get out.” 

“Y/n, that’s not what I meant. What I meant was my parties are like big time parties. They are like famously important and I have to go to those.”

“No I get it.” You say nodding, trying to swallow the tears threatening to spill. “I’m not famous, I don’t mean that much. It’s all good, the next time my friends at work ask if you’re coming to the next party I’ll tell them you can’t because we aren’t good enough, he only goes to famous parties.” 

“That’s not,” He starts before you push him out of the room and slam the bathroom door shut in his face. You are quick to lock the door and lean against it.

“Y/n, stop. I didn’t mean it like that. Let me explain.” He says pounding on the door. 

You sigh and turn the shower on, drowning out his pleads. 

You let your tears fall and you start to strip, getting into the shower. You stand under the steaming water hoping it will wash the disgust and anger away from you. 

Shawn has never made a comment like that before, and honestly it’s making you wonder if you’re good enough for him. 


You’ve been out of the shower for a while, you just don’t want to go out and face him yet. You don’t know how. 

“Y/n?” He knocks on the door. “Babe, it’s been four hours.” He says, totally defeated. “Please come talk to me.”

You stand and look at yourself. You look awful, red swollen eyes, flushed cheeks, hair in a messy bun. You found old sweats in the cabinet and put those on. 

You walk over to the door slowly and sigh as you unlock it and turn the handle. Shawn stands from his seat on the floor and he looks much the same as you do. 

“Thank god.” He sighs hugging you. You don’t hug him back, and that makes him hug you tighter.

“I need you to answer one question.” You choke on your words.


“Am I enough for you even if I’m not famous?” 

“Y/n.” He takes your face in his hands. “I didn’t mean it. None of it. I am so sorry I missed your party, I really wanted to go. I know you wanted me to go, like really bad. I just got the dates mixed up and that’s my fault, all of this is my fault. I am so sorry. I never meant it when I said that I was more important than you. That is so untrue. You and your job are so important. They are so SO important.” He says desperately.

“Shawn I am not and will never be famous. If you can’t handle doing things that aren’t high key like that then I can’t do this. I can’t be that person for you.”

“No please,” He says, voice cracking. “No, you are the most amazing person, you are my whole world. I don’t care about any of that. You are my person, you are my whole world.” He repeats.

“Shawn.” You sigh.

“No please.” He rests his forehead against yours. “Please, please, please, please.” He whispers. “Please forgive me. I need you.” Tears roll down his cheeks. “I love you, please don’t leave me.”

“I love you too.” You whisper back.

“I’m so sorry, so so so so sorry. I will make it up to you, I promise.” He says holding you a little closer.

“Just hold me.” You say leaning into him. 

Your anger has melted and your heart is hurting to see him like this. He seriously thinks that you are going to leave, I mean it was a serious thought in your head. But you could never be the one to walk away from him. 

“Don’t leave.” He shakes his head.

“Shawn, I’m not leaving.”

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

“Don’t” He starts to say again but you cut him off by kissing him. He kisses you back and sighs against you. He hold you as close as possible. 

“I’m not leaving.” You whisper.

“You taste like coffee” - Tim Drake x Reader

Because there isn’t enough love for our lovely Red Robin. Besides, many of you asked for more Tim Drake so, here’s a fluffy fic with him, hope you’ll like it

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com



Once again, he’s late. 

It used to bother you how he would NEVER be on time, and invent stupid excuses when he’d finally arrive. At the beginning of your relationship, you actually almost broke up with him because of that…You thought you just didn’t matter enough to him, and you were not one to play game.

When you were with someone, then there was no one else and you were committed, and it seems that he definitely wasn’t ! When you talked to him about it, he kinda panicked and told you things that no one ever told you (« You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, the only one that keep me sane ! » and such things), his eyes so honest that you could only believe him and…You stayed.

And oh man, you were sure glad you did. You stuck around, even though his tardiness was really getting on your nerve, and it was the best decision you ever took.

Because after three months of relationship, you finally discovered why it seemed to be impossible for him to be on time.

You were walking home late at night, which was a terrible idea when you lived in Gotham, but you got caught up in the school library, working on some important essays you had to give the next day (you and your habit to always wait the last minute to do things…Queen of Procrastination). You had missed the last bus that could get you to your apartment and you knew the night bus was even more dangerous than walking, with all the robberies and drug deal (it was just the perfect place for those stuffs you know ? Always in movements, and there were so few night buses that traffic was easy to keep track of for criminals…And to be warned in advance if the GCPD was around).

So here you were, in the streets of Gotham, very late at night. For some reason, you weren’t really scared. Not because you thought you’d get saved by any members of the « Batfamily » as you liked to call all of those night vigilante lurking around in the city, but because..Well, you were born in Gotham.

And when you were a true gothamite, born and raised, you were used to the latent comes and insecurities of the place. Besides, it was when you where scared that things always got bad. If you walked through the streets, fast but not too much, with a confident pace, you were most likely not gonna get attacked.

Lowlife criminals who attacked people in the street weren’t really tough, they were waiting for a weak prey, so if you looked confident ? Nope.

You were a short woman, but you weren’t afraid, and people who weren’t afraid in Gotham were dangerous. You had walked a thousands times home on your own, at night, and never once did you get attacked.

But there were always exceptions, you guessed…and tonight was one of them.

They jumped you from a side alleyway, and dragged you down into its darkness, muffling your screams with their hands. Oh. They weren’t just any lowlife criminals. They were the worst of them all.

Those weren’t the people that were after your phone, or your wallet. No. Those were the one that wanted something else, that were just disgusting pigs.

You fought like Hell, but they were more powerful than you, and besides, you were largely outnumbered.

Tears appeared down your cheeks when you started to feel their hands on your naked skin, and you closed your eyes…When suddenly, you fell on the ground as they released you.

Were you dead ? No. You could still feel the cold ground of a chilly Autumn night in Gotham…Or maybe that was what the Afterlife was ? Being stuck in the place you died forever ?

You opened one eyed, and then the other, and what you saw…blew your mind.

It was one of the guy that always stuck around Batman. The one that had a black mask over his face, and wicked cool red wings.

And looking at him fight made you feel something strange. His movements looked familiar, as if you knew the dude. But…it was impossible right ?

One of the thing that made Tim fall in love with you, was your quick wit and quick thinking, and as you were watching « Red Robin » fighting those disgusting thugs that attacked you, you slowly came to the realization that…this was your boyfriend.

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If You Do - Jungkook SMUT *Requested*

Originally posted by nochujungkookie

this took too fucking long omg, i MIGHT make a fanfiction out of this (cue word might)

hope you like it.


“Stop staring at her” jimin said as he nudge jungkook, who was lost staring at you across the hallway, he sighed when he saw your boyfriend put an arm around your waist pulling you (harshly) next to him, he wanted to punch that asshole, you were beautiful but not the girl next door beautiful but beautiful in a way he hasn’t seen in his 17 years of life, you were someone that everyone would stop walking and stare at you as soon as you crossed their paths, you were so naturally beautiful that make up could ruin that beauty and not give it the shining it deserved, but you weren’t just beautiful, you were smart too, jungkook was sure you could win awards with that bright mind of yours, you could write thousands of books and shakespeare would be nothing compared to your beautiful writings, you were also kind, everyone would think that because you were beautiful and smart you would be stuck up and a brat but that was not the case, you were nice and kind to everyone around you, you had a beautiful heart, and the worst part is that jungkook was the only one who noticed this.

He sighed and turned to look at his friend “he doesn’t deserve her” jungkook said as he closed his locker, jimin rolled his eyes and taehyung looked at him “and you do? Come on let’s be honest here jungkook, she is beautiful popular and comes from a rich family, you come from a middle class family and you are a nobody, im jaebum might be a class a asshole but at least they have the same kind of lifestyle” jungkook scoffed and rolled his eyes “thank you hyung that helps a lot” taehyung widened his eyes “oh i didn’t mean it like that kookie you are a great guy really attractive and smart but you are different, let’s face it we are not popular we are the underdogs i think you’d be better with someone like us” jungkook nodded as he stared at you again your eyes catching his sigh for a minute, his heart stopped beating and he could feel he was going to faint when you smiled at him.

He was about to say something when he was interrupted by a girl covering his best friends eyes, taehyung smiled and turned around to hug his girlfriend and kiss her on the cheek, jimin gagged at the love affection but jungkook smiled, he has always liked people being in love and happy and seeing taehyung be happy with the girl of his dreams gave him hope that maybe one day he’ll be as happy as his hyung.

“Hello princess” he said smiling at his girl “hello oppa…and you guys of course” hyori said turning to look at jimin who had a scowl on his face and jungkook who was smiling at them “good morning noona” jungkook chirped with a smile “yeah good morning” jimin said refusing to look at her “jiminie are you still ignoring me?” hyori asked with a pout, her and jimin were twin brothers they were really close and they shared everything together, that was until she started dating his best friend, he wasn’t really ok with it but he thought that if his sister and best friend were happy then it was ok with him, he just didn’t like it when they rubbed it in his face “well you keep doing PDA with my best friend and you guys had sex on my room so until you buy me a new bed i’m going to keep ignoring you” jimin said as he walked away, hyori rolled her eyes.

Jungkook was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t hear the conversation that was happening behind his back, he was too busy staring at you across the hall, your smile had changed into a frown and you looked like you were on the verge of tears, he just wanted to run to your side and hug you but he knew that if he did that he would end up with a broken nose and a very bruised face that not even make up would cover it.

He came back to reality when hyori snapped her fingers in front of his face, he looked at her with a raised eyebrow “jungkook ah you don’t want to die do you? Because if you do you should let us know so we can get help for you” she said with a fake concerned face making taehyung snicker, he was about to answer when you passed by his side looking at him as you walked away, jungkook shook his head and started to follow you.

Taehyung sighed and closed his locker and put his arm around his girlfriend “guess we have to start organizing a funeral” he said as he walked away.

You sighed as you sat down in the empty art room, lucky for you it was friday and no one went in the art room that day, you just wanted a day without being surrounded by people, telling you how to dress how to talk what to say and what to do, you just wanted to be yourself but you friends your family and your boyfriend wouldn’t let that happen, there was just one person that made you feel free to be whoever you wanted to be, that person also made you feel loved and wanted and that person was going into the room with you.

You smiled when you saw jungkook coming closer to you, he wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his forehead on yours closing his eyes, you sighed and hugged him placing your head on his chest, he hugged you closer to his body kissing your head “i missed you” you sighed, he placed a hand on your chin so you would look up to him “me too” he whispered before kissing you hard, as if  he had spent years without kissing you, you kissed him back and moaned when he introduced his tongue inside your mouth, it has been more than a week without his touch on your skin, your parents had gone to a trip and had lots of meetings on your house so there was no way you and jungkook could meet there and if you weren’t at home you were hanging out with your fake friends or your boyfriend, you only got to talk to him through texts and even then you had to hide so no one would find out.

You pulled away and started to take off your panties, jungkook bit his lip and took a condom out of his pocket before unzipping his pants, you bit your lip and tried not to moan at the sight of his hard leaking erection, before he could do anything you dropped to your knees and took his cock in your hands, he was about to say something when you took it inside your mouth, he let out a long groan when he felt you suck him as if you hadn’t done that in years, he felt your tongue playing with the head of his cock while your pretty lips wrapped around him and he could feel like he was going to pass out really soon if you didn’t stop sucking him like a popsicle on a very hot summer day. [cringe]

He put one of his hands on your head and the other one on the nearest desk so he wouldn’t fall to his knees, he threw his head back and let out a long moan that set your skin on fire, you had missed the sounds he made, sweet and long, he wasn’t afraid to be loud or to let you know how good you were making him feel unlike your boyfriend that only focused on himself and let out low grunts that made you want to ask him to shut up because they turned you off like nothing else.

“Baby…baby i’m close i don’t ..ugh fuck i don’t want to cum yet, i want to be inside you baby…ugh” he sighed when you pulled away and stood up, he gathered himself before kissing you hard while grabbing your thighs, you wrapped your legs around his waist as he made you sit on the big wooden desk, he was about to enter you when you stopped him “wait..the condom” he widened his eyes and nodded taking the foil out of the packet but instead on putting it himself he gave it to you so you would do it yourself, you smirked as you placed the condom on his length, you smiled when you saw him close his eyes trying to focus so he wouldn’t cum in your hand, he grunted when you started to slide your hand up and down, he opened his eyes and took away your hand and he kissed you hard, you were about to kiss him back when he entered you making you gasp at his size, he stood there for a minute letting you adjust, when he felt you relax he started to thrust into you.

You were in paradise, it felt like you had spent years without his touch without his hands holding your hips like his life depended on it, it felt like it had been years without his cock inside your tight heat, making you feel like you were reaching nirvana each time the head of his cock pushed against your sweet spot, and that’s when you noticed one thing, no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t live without jeon jungkook.

You put your arms around his shoulder bringing him closer to you, you were in the middle of a messy kiss when he pulled away to let out a low groan that made your insides tingle, “fuck i missed you so much” he moaned against your lips, you bit his lower lip making him growl you smirked and kissed his lips and jaw line going down for his neck “i missed you too kookie ah fuck harder please go harder i’m so close baby” you said in between moans, jungkook nodded and started to pound faster and harder, you closed your eyes and opened your mouth to moan but you were so lost in pleasure no sound was coming, you could hear him breathing heavily and letting some whimpers, you opened your eyes to see him with his face towards the ceiling wearing a deep frown while he bit his lip, his uniform was slightly messy he had the first few buttons of the shirt open revealing his toned chest while the horrible red and blue tie hand loosely around his neck, you moaned at the sight, jungkook looked at you and took one hand from your hips so he could grab the back of your neck to bring you closer to him so he could kiss you, and you kissed him back, you kissed him back with all the passion and loved you had for this boy, you kissed him as that was the last time you two were going to kiss, “please cum with me” he pleaded in between moans, you hissed when he kept hitting your g spot and nodded, you kissed him again as you felt him cum inside the condom, shortly after you felt your walls contracting and suddenly you felt pleasure running through your whole body, you were so lost that you didn’t notice jungkook staring at you with heart eyes, you didn’t feel him placing kisses on your forehead down your cheek and neck, and you certainly didn’t hear him when he told you to break up with Jaebum.

You finally came back down your high, and you frowned when you saw him sigh and throw away the condom with a frown on his face, you didn’t say anything as you put back your panties and put your uniform back in it’s place, you saw jungkook fix his shirt and tie, you frowned and grabbed his hand “jungkook what’s wrong?” you asked and he looked at you, with pain in his eyes, he shook his head and hugged you closer to his body, you hugged him back still frowning at his odd behaviour, you pulled away when you felt his body shake, you looked up to see him and your heart clenched at the sight of him crying, you placed your hand on his cheek and he closed his eyes and leaned on your hand “kookie what’s wrong?” he shook his head and hissed “i love you that’s what’s wrong, i love you but we can’t be together because you refuse to break up with him” his voice was filled with a mixture of pain and hatred and you pulled away, and shook your head “i told you it’s complicated i can’t break up with him” “and you still refuse to tell me why….” “i can’t jungkook i’m sorry but i can’t”.

He rubbed his face and shook his head “whatever” he made the attempt to move to the door but you grabbed his wrist “jungkook please don’t be mad at me” you pleaded and he looked back “i can’t be mad at you i can’t hate you but you are hurting me and you have to make a choice, either you break up with him or this, what we are doing is over” you sighed and let go of him, he stood there waiting for your answer but you couldn’t give him one, you were about to say something when the bell rang.

“Tomorrow…jiyong hyung is holding a party, if you go without him i’ll be willing to forget everything but if you don’t show up then it’s over between us” he said before disappearing through the door leaving you there to be alone with your thoughts

Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 11 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: … nope

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here!l Read Part 5 here! l Read Deleted Scene here! l Read Part 6 here! l Read Part 7 here! l Read Part 8 here! l Read Part 9 here! l Read Part 10 here!

~In the Supernatural Universe~

“You won’t…” you choked out, feeling a fresh wave of tears well up in your eyes. You weren’t just scared, you knew this feeling, you were hopeless and you felt terrified.

“(Y/n)” Jensen’s voice rough somehow sounded distant as you struggled to breathe. A shake of your shoulders made you blink and focus back on him “Are you alright?”

“I’m- I’m-” you opened and closed your mouth like a fish out of water, looking from Jensen to the other actor and your angel friend standing a few feet away “I can’t do this.” your voice cracked and you felt Jensen squeeze your hand.

“I can’t do this, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I just-” you felt like choking on your own tears as your head swam with a thousand thoughts.

“(Y/n), I- I know this is hard but we need to kill the witch and out of all of us you are the most skilled hunter. We- we can’t really do this without you.” Jared’s voice was desperate as he looked at you with puppy eyes, pleading for you to help them.

And it broke your heart in a million pieces to see him like this because there was a part in you that didn’t operate with logic and it only understood what was happening this very moment. And for that part this man was Sam, your Sam, needing your help and as always your body just wanted to wrap your arms around his shoulders and let him cry it out in your chest like most scary nights when the bad dreams he didn’t tell anybody about were too much to take. And now there was a nightmare coming true, the possibility of them being stuck here and your heart couldn’t take to see him like this.

But then there was another part of you, this one you had tucked away a long time ago, that in a way didn’t want them to go. Or more like, didn’t want him to go. Chuck, this was messed up.

“I- I can’t. I really just- I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” you croaked, placing a hand over your mouth to hold back the sobs as you proceeded to bury your face in your hands.

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Silence Pt.3

Warnings: ANGST, language (is that even a warning? it just says bitch.)

Request/Summary: After Sam and Dean read through their sister journal they uncover something they didn’t want to know. Dean confronts her in a not so passive way.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader Winchester.

Word Count: 1,001

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N your nickname


Silence PT.1  Silence PT.2

The question pounded into your head over and over again, “Did you kill those people?” the five words repeated themselves in your mind like an echo that never died down. Your eldest brother drilled holes into your eyes, while the other didn’t know where to look, his eyes switched from looking at you his baby sister, to Dean his older brother. You, you just stood. You didn’t know how to react, he had found your journal. He had read through your journal, what were you supposed to do. A million questions raced through your mind but once you took a hold of one it would just slip away, it was like trying to grab smoke with your hands.

Finally after a long unbearable silence  you managed to grasp a question. “What?” You spluttered out. Your voice came out quiet and hoarse. You saw as your brothers faces changed from worried and mad to surprised, and you had to say you were surprised too, this was the first time you spoke in nearly three whole months now. Although it was just a word it was a big step. You were so overwhelmed you forgot about the deep fear of speaking you had had for the past weeks. Dean stood there ogling at you, until his face contorted into one of disgust and hatred. You felt as your heart sank, never had he looked at you the way he was now.

“Great. You can speak now.” He spat walking closer to you, he gave you the journal which had little indents of where his fingers where grabbing it tightly “You seem confused, let me explain. See the other night after you had your little break down Sammy found your oh-so-precious journal of yours and realized that maybe that might tell us what had happened to you, but then of course we found something you probably didn’t want us to see.”

Sammy? You knew he had something to do with all of this but Dean was one thing, you’d expect this from him. He looks through your stuff all the time, but Sammy? Sammy respects your privacy, he’s the one that listen to you and is patient and simple cares for you, or so you thought. You looked over at him, and he just avoided your gaze, his face was one of pure guilt. You shook your head disappointedly and looked back at Dean, who maintained his strong stance and stared at you.  

“Now I’m gonna ask you one more time. Did. You. Kill. Those. People?” He said, punctuating each word, you glared at him as you slowly began to walk backwards as he moved towards you cornering you. You were such a coward, hiding from your brother. You were strong, you saved the world, but right at this moment you felt like an idiot.

“No.” You said in a monotone voice and stood your ground. Although you looked brave, in the inside you were nothing but a complete mess.

“No? That’s all you have to say? I don’t believe you.” He said lowering his voice so only you could hear him, he seemed so mad you could swear he was going to hit you, “I don’t even know why you’re still here. You’re nothing but a lying bitch.” Dean, your Dean said. He wasn’t possessed, or a shift shaper or something like that. This was your older brother, who has protected you with all his life, now telling you to leave.

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a/n: get some tissues this is nearly 3000 words of pure emotion and sadness and angst

Slamming the door closed on your car, you carefully walked up the path to your sister’s bridal shower, large gift box in hand. You had flown home from Shawn’s tour to get ready for your return to university, and you made it back in time to go to her shower.

Thankfully, the door had been opened so you didn’t have to worry about balancing the gift in one hand. It wasn’t even that impressive of a gift, it was just a blender. But, it wasn’t a cheap blender, so you didn’t dare loosen your grip as you walked down the hall, until you dropped it on the table with the rest of the gifts.

“Hey! Glad you could make it!” Your sister’s best friend smiled, hugging you.

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Be More Chill Deaf AU

Ok Jeremy, it’s no big deal. He’s just your best friend. Your best friend that you have a crush on? Fuck. Ok ok, you’re fine. Just go up to him and tell him how you feel. It’s fine.

Jeremy massaged his left hand with his right thumb, a nervous tick he had formed from his anxiety over talking to people. It never happened when he wanted to talk to Michael, yet here he was, rubbing his palm in a soothing circular motion as he tried to steady his breathing.

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Surprise *Kian Lawley*


*Jc’s point of view*

“Hello guy, what’s up! Today’s video will be a little bit special. You may or not know, Kian’s best friend (Y/N) went in Belgium for her studies and it’s been now four years since they haven’t seen each other. But luckily, (Y/N) just graduated and she’s coming back! So we’ve been in touch to surprise Kian. It will be nice and simple but I’m sure there will be a lot of tears” I laugh as I start the intro.

It’s been four months since (Y/N) contacted me because she was coming back and she wanted to surprise Kian. Since the past four years, they have been facetiming and texting every day because they promised each other that they wouldn’t forget each other. I also know that Kian is head over heels for her, he’s been with girls during those four years but it was just for fun. And I am pretty sure (Y/N) has feelings for him too.

“(Y/N) texted me yesterday saying she will be here by 8pm so we’re going to get her now during this time Bobby will distract Kian and blindfold him when we are coming blablabla and you’ll see.” I smile and tell Bobby he can stop filming. After, me and Harrison take the car and drive to the airport.

I got a text from (Y/N) saying “I just landed, I’m waiting for my suitcases”.

Then I finally see her face in the crowd, my smile got bigger because I just can’t wait for Kian to see her.

“Hi Jc” She smiles.

*Kian’s point of view*

I don’t know why but I think something is up with Jc. When I asked him where he was going he didn’t tell me but he had that weird smirk on his face. But then I thought of my best friend (Y/N). I miss her so much, I think she’s graduating soon so maybe she’ll come back.

“Dude, why are you always checking your phone” Asks Bobby. “(Y/N) haven’t text me today, that’s weird.”

“But she has her exams, right? Maybe she’s studying.”

“Yeah but she always text me usually.”

“Relax dude, I’m sure she’s fine. But for right now I have a surprise for you.” Bobby smiles.


“Come on, sit on the couch, put that blindfold on and you’ll just have to wait and see.”

*Jc’s point of view*

When we arrived in front of the house, we got out of the car and I start filming.

“Ok so now we are in front of the house, (Y/N) is with us” I put her in the shot and she smiles and wave. “How are you feeling about this?”

“Really excited.” She smiles.

Then I opened the door and see Kian sitting on the couch, tapping his foot on the floor because he’s nervous.

“ What are you doing Kian?” I laugh. “Bobby blindfold me and told me he had a surprise for me so I’m waiting. “ He laughs.

I go closer to him, (Y/N) following me and righ when she was in front of him, he stopped tapping his foot and start sniffing.

“Dude what are you doing?” I laugh. “I don’t know it smells like (Y/N).”

“You’re dreaming dude.”

“Probably but I’m fucking tired of waiting. BOBBY WHERE IS MY FUCKING SURPRISE?”

*Kian’s point of view*

I start laughing after what I said but stop right when I felt cold fingers taking my blindfold off. And then I finally saw her after four years. She was smiling and her eyes were shining but most importantly, she was right in front of me and looking as beautiful as ever.

“Oh my god”

That’s all I had so say, I got up and instantly take her in my arms. She has her hand around my neck and I have mine around her waist, holding her close.

“I missed you so much.” I say, my face buried in her neck.

“I missed you too”

I moved a little bit away from her, and just look at her face. She changed a lot, she’s a woman now. But then I saw tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Why are you crying?” I say as I wipe them away. “Because I am really happy to see you.”

I take her in my arms again, her face against my chest and look over to Jc, Bobby, Harrison, Franny and Corey smiling.

“Thanks guys for doing this.” I say and Jc answers “She was the one organizing it. So thank her.”

And at that moment I did what felt right, I took her face in my hands and kiss her. The guys starts cheering but all I could hear was my heartbeat going a thousand miles an hour and feel her lips on mine. God I missed her.

Unbreakable (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. Part 2. Finally! This part took me so long to write… I’m so happy I finally managed to get it done! I hope you guys are still enjoying this, because I know I am! Let me know what you think!

Still slumped on the hard floor of the roof, Bucky let the sounds of the busy city below wash over him. He had no idea how he would even begin to earn your forgiveness; he wasn’t even sure he deserved it, but he was going to damn well try. Letting his head fall back against the wall, a shaky breath left his lips, the images of your past flickering in his vision. He couldn’t get the look of fear on your face out of his mind, both the one of the young child, and the one he had caused mere hours ago. The suffocating guilt quickly became too much, forcing him off the ground and out of the building.

Walking aimlessly through the bustling city, Bucky fumbled in his pockets for the familiar rectangular object he always went for when he was stressed out. Placing the cigarette between his lips, he flipped open his lighter, cupping his hand around the flame as he lit it. Taking in a deep breath, Bucky let the smoke billow out of his mouth.

He knew he’d fucked up. He’d let his pride and ego guide his actions, all because he couldn’t admit to anyone but himself how he truly felt. Bucky had fallen for you the moment he’d met you. He’d fallen for your razor-sharp wit and the way your smile could light up any room you entered, but most of all, he’d fallen for the way that you treated him just like anyone else. You were the only person he’d met in a long time that didn’t look at him with either pity or fear, and that meant the absolute world to him.

“You know, smoking kills.” The familiar deep drawl of Natasha’s voice crooned from the alleyway Bucky had been walking past.

“Doubt this’ll be what kills me…” he muttered in response, stopping in his tracks to face the red-head. “What are you doing here, Romanoff?”

“Could ask you the same thing Barnes.” she said, smirking at his confused expression, “Why did you leave the tower in such a hurry? Running away from your problems?”

“Not this time…” he said, running a hand through his tousled hair.

“Good. So, what are you doing wandering through New York in the middle of the night?” Natasha asked, kicking off the wall she’d been leaning against.

“Getting some air.” Bucky said with a sigh, “I know I have to fix this, I just don’t know how.”

“Well, being there is a start.” Natasha said, her usually harsh-sounding voice taking on a softer tone.


Sliding down your bedroom door, you brought your hands up to your face, finally let out the sob you’d been holding in all night. After the events at the pool, then your nightmare, and finally your run-in with Bucky, you were exhausted: mentally, physically, completely. Letting the tears run freely down your cheeks, you couldn’t control the flames that began to curl around your body. In your unstable condition, you could quickly feel the fire getting out of control, licking up the walls and along the floorboards.

The sound of the tower’s fire alarms going off rang through the room, the sprinklers being activated shortly afterwards. Yet even the new-and-improved Stark sprinkler system couldn’t put out the flames that were beginning to engulf the room. As the fire grew, your tears fell at an even faster rate, fear fuelling the raging inferno.

What if you hurt someone? If you couldn’t control the fire then no one could. You didn’t want your friends or the innocent people in the tower to be hurt, or worse, killed, just because you were having a mental breakdown. Suddenly, a loud banging on your bedroom door caused your head to snap up.

“Y/N?” Steve’s voice travelled through the reinforced door, followed by the sound of him coughing and wheezing. “Y/N? Are you in there? We need to get out of here, now!”

“Steve?” you managed to whisper shakily, your nails digging into the bare skin of your thighs.

“Y/N! Thank god!” Steve said, the relief clear in his voice, “The whole tower’s being evacuated; FRIDAY set off the emergency protocol.”

“Steve, you need to go, now!” you responded urgently, eyes squeezing shut as you tried to regain any ounce of control.

“What? Y/N? No! It’s too dangerous to be in the tower right now, I’m not leaving you in here alone!” he said, his captain voice coming out as he tried to convince you to leave.

“Steve! It’s me! I’m the danger, I can’t… I can’t control it… Please, I don’t want to hurt you!” you wept, the tears turning to steam as they rolled down your scorching skin.


“Steve! Go!” you yelled, letting out a shaky breath as you heard his retreating steps.

You had resigned yourself to your fate. Though the fire wouldn’t kill you, the building collapsing would. All you could hope for was that no one else got hurt along the way. If those you loved were safe, then you were happy to die here alone. Feeling your energy slowly drain away, you let out a shaky scream as the fire took hold, ripping through you like a thousand bullets. Whimpering in pain, you let your head drop to your knees, your eyes fluttering shut as the flames danced behind your eyelids.

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how would you feel ; riarkle

summary: the four times farkle doesn’t say he loves riley, and the one time he does.
author’s note: my computer is being so irritating so i had to post this w my phone so sorry if the formatting is gross!!!!! the formatting on ao3 is fine and the link to my ao3 profile is in my bio.


It’s freshman year and Riley is trying out for cheer, again. Even though she made it last year, she still wasn’t satisfied with her “pity acceptance” and vowed to make it this year (I have to prove myself this time Farkle. We’re in high school now, it’s the big leagues), but for real this time.

The whole gang was going to come and support her again but everyone besides Farkle was preoccupied. Lucas and Zay had football practice, Maya had independent art study with Mr Turner, and Smackle was tutoring Yogi in biology. Farkle also had plans, the robotics club was about to make a huge breakthrough with their most recent endeavor, but when he saw the way her face fell when everyone bailed, he couldn’t do that to her. He knew that if she knew he had somewhere else to be, she would make him go, so he made sure she felt like his number one priority. At least, that’s what he told Smackle when she accused him of having feelings for her (again).

“She’s our friend, Smackle. My best friend actually, and I promised her I would be there for her. Always.”

“I thought I was your best friend, dearest? Match made in heaven?”

“You’re my girlfriend. There’s a difference.”

Smackle pretended his comment didn’t sting, and didn’t question it further.


He was gathering his stuff from his locker when she anxiously floated over to him the day of the try outs. She looked adorable in her high ponytail, pom poms in hand. Not that he noticed.

“Farkle, I’m so beyond nervous!” Her words zoomed off her lips as they walked to the gym. “I’ve been working with Zoe all summer, you know that, but what if it’s not enough? These girls have made this their lifestyle and I only started this summer. I want this so bad, my head could burst.”

“Riley,” he paused, stopping them and grabbing her hand, platonically, “You’re going to be great. You have never failed at anything you put your mind to. Don’t freak out, Riles. I’m going to be in those bleachers cheering you on the whole time.”
She looked up at him with her big, doe eyes, “Always?”

His heart broke at the sight of her vulnerability so he squeezed her hand, “Always.”

Her try out went great, he knew it would. She danced and laughed and even though she tripped at least seven times, she had more cheer than anyone there. He reminded her of that when they sat outside of the school waiting for their ride as she cried into his shoulder. As she cried, he held her tighter than ever before. Platonically.

The results got posted the next day and Farkle picked Riley up in his dad’s car even earlier than Cory could have taken her so they could wait outside and eat bagels. She wanted to be the first one to see the list, and for Farkle to be the second. When the school finally opened, Riley ran to the bulletin board outside of the gym before Farkle could even make it two feet inside. When he got to the bulletin board, she was standing in front of it, motionless.

“Riles,” he began cautiously.

“I, I made the team,” she whispered as if she didn’t even believe the words coming out of her own mouth.

It took him exactly .2 seconds for him to run to her and sweep her into his arms. She giggled wildly as he lifted her off the ground and twirled her around, embracing her as they celebrated this triumph.

Setting her down but not letting go of her, they looked at each other from a dangerously close perspective. His breath was heavier than he ever wanted it to be when he was around her, and her face was flushed pink with something she could only describe as pure exhilaration. Of course, at the time, she blamed it on the good news.

“Riley,” he paused, I love you,“I’m so proud of you.”

Her eyelashes fluttered as she looked at him in a daze, I love you too “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

That night, he thought about the words he thought in that moment of pure bliss and reminded himself that it was platonic. They had said it a thousand times.

So why could he not say it then?


Freshman year quickly turned into sophomore year and sophomore year brought more challenges than any of them could imagine.
After the London Debacle the six had faced at the end of the last school year, Riley and Lucas had decided to stay broken up and a long three months later, Lucas and Maya had decided to put themselves, and everyone else, out of their misery and try dating again. They were now almost four months in things had settled. They were happy. Everyone was happy. Until the night that Smackle became very unhappy.

“Really, Smackle, I can leave. I don’t want to get in the way. I shouldn’t have come anyway.”

Smackle and Farkle were having a fairly innocent make out session in Farkle’s room when Riley barged in with bags full of snacks and all of the back to the future movies in hand. Ever since Maya and Lucas had started dating, Farkle had been there for her to lean on and she naively didn’t notice the effect it had on Farkle and Smackle’s relationship. That is, she didn’t realize it until she saw poor Smackle freaking out on Farkle.

“No, Riley, you’re fine,” Farkle said for the umpteenth time that night. Riley could very clearly see that things were not fine, that she was most certainly was not fine and that she should leave, so why did she believe him? Why did she take her word for it and sit there, knowing it was only making things worse?

Smackle scoffed, “Classic.”

Farkle’s finger were going to town on his temples, trying to soothe his mind in anyway possible, “Isadora, if you have something to say then say it.” He never called her by her full name.

“Fine,” she began, stronger than a bull, “If you want to really hear it then here it goes. Riley is using you, Farkle, and you’re letting it happen because you’re too nice. Ever since Lucas and Maya started dating she has needed someone to be there for her 24/7 and you became that person. But guess what, babe? I need you to be that person because you’re my boyfriend,” she paused and turned to Riley, “You hear that? My boyfriend. I get that things have been hard for you Riley but things get hard for everyone and you’re not the center of the universe. You don’t have dibs being treated right and you definitely don’t have dibs on being treated perfectly by my boyfriend.”

“You don’t get to talk to her like that, Smackle!” Farkle’s hands were balled and his neck was bright red. Riley had only ever seen him like that the time that Maya’s dad showed up drunk to one of her art shows over the summer. He was always the first one to start swinging for his girls but she wasn’t going to let that happen tonight. Smackle was right, she was being selfish.

“Farkle! Enough!” Riley yelled as she stood up and walked in between them, facing Farkle. “She’s right. I mean, for God’s sake it’s a Friday night and I barged in here with no warning just assuming you’d be available. That’s selfish, Farkle. Don’t defend me. Your relationship with Smackle is more important than my bruised ego. I’m going to go now,” she turned to Smackle, “I really am sorry, Smackle. I hope you can forgive me and realize that I never meant to hurt anyone,” she paused for a moment to gather herself, “Right, I’m gonna go now. So sorry. Ok, bye,” and with that, she slipped out the door and slid down against it, letting her head fall into her palms.

What the hell is wrong with you, Matthews? Get it together.


She woke up the next morning with a knock on her bay window.

Groggily and even more clumsily than normal, she made her way from her bed to open it up and let whichever one of her friends had decided to disturb her slumber this time. However, when she saw it was Farkle, she instantly sobered up.

“It’s seven am, what are you doing here?” She asked with a yawn.

He scooted in and sat next to her, head in his hands, “Smackle dumped me exactly six hours and forty seven minutes ago. After you left we kept talking and then talking turned to arguing some more and then arguing turned to tears and tears turned to slammed doors. I can’t believe I messed things up with her so bad.”

Riley’s heart broke at the sight of him. Now that she was really paying attention, she noticed that he was wearing the same outfit as yesterday and his hair was sticking up in every direction besides the one it was supposed to be.

She sighed and put her arm around him, resting her head against his crouched frame, “I’m so sorry, Farkley. This is all my fault. Do you want me to talk to her?”

He laughed dryly, “Actually, I feel like you’re the last person she wants to talk to. Well, second to last, actually. I think you’ve finally beaten me at something,” he joked as she playfully shoved him.

The two sat in silence for a little bit, just enjoying the heat of each other’s bodies.

“Are you wearing bunny pajamas?” He asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

“Excuse me for not expecting company at seven am.”

Silence fell upon them again.

Until Farkle was, once again, the one to break it.

“It wasn’t your fault, ya know. I’m the one that kept putting everything before my relationship. Don’t feel bad about it,” his voice was a whisper and she could tell he was incredibly serious and even more so remorseful at how he handled things with Smackle.

She sighed and started fiddling with the loose strings on the friendship bracelet she made him for his birthday last year as a joke. She ignores the fact that he never took it off, “You can say it wasn’t my fault all you want but the way she looked at me just goes to show that it was. She had every right to look at me like that.”

“Riley, you’re talking as if you’re a homewrecker.”

“I might as well be. You two were the best couple I had ever seen and here I come in like a bulldozer, messing everything up.”

He laughed the littlest laugh at that, it was just so absurd for Riley to think that she was anything less than perfect, “If we truly were the best couple, then some weirdo girl in bunny pajamas wouldn’t stand a chance against us.”

This made Riley laugh and bury her head into his shoulder, which felt like a victory.

I love you, “You’re the most important person in my life,” so much, “I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.”

I love you more, All she did was smile at him and continue fiddling with his friendship bracelet.


New Years Eve was a time of revelations for the group of six. Sophomore year had finally reached the halfway mark and the friends were celebrating with another New Year’s Eve party. However, to avoid the bad luck of the eighth grade party, they had changed locations to Maya’s apartment. Katy and Maya moved in with Shawn into a much nicer place about three blocks away from Riley and it seemed like the perfect location so Zay, Smackle, Farkle, Riley, Maya, and Lucas, along with the rest of the class of 2020, set up shop and got the party going.

Midnight was in exactly three minutes when Farkle found Riley on the roof of the apartment building. It was rare how bright the stars were shining that night.

She was leaning against the railing, head dreamily placed in the palm of her hand.

“Whatcha thinking about?” He asked as he mimicked her stance.

“Just how glad I am that this year is about to be over, and all of the possibilities that next year has to offer. 2018: the year of hope.”

He smiled warmly at her optimism, it had always been one of the many things he had loved about her. But up until recently, he thought it was all strictly platonic. But, when him and Smackle broke up a month and a half go, he began to realize that he had been lying to himself all along. It was never strictly platonic. It was hardly platonic period. Farkle hadn’t just loved Riley since the first grade, he had been in love with her since the first grade and he hadn’t been able to shake the realization since. Especially not with them being alone on this rooftop and her cheeks being as red as the day he first almost told her he loved her. It was all of the almosts that made him realize that it was more than friendly. Because friends don’t need almosts.

After a little bit of silence and a whole minute of the countdown gone, Riley asked, “What are your resolutions this year, Farkle? Now remember, nothing is too big.”

He looked at her and then he looked back up at the night sky. My resolution is to get the girl. “I don’t know. What’s yours?”

Nervousness suddenly washed over her as she looked down at her glove clad hands and then back up at him, “Promise not to laugh?”

“When have I ever laughed at you?”

“Almost everyday!” She joked, causing him to laugh out loud.

“Ok, ok I promise not to laugh. But hurry up, there’s only twenty seconds until midnight.”

Between the time it took for him to finish talking and for her to build the courage to speak, the time had dropped to ten seconds. They could faintly hear the countdown from their party downstairs.

She looked at her hands and whispered quietly, “I want to fall in love.”

Five seconds.

“What?” He couldn’t hear her above the countdown.

Two seconds.

“I want to fall in love!” she screamed giddily to the streets of New York City as the party downstairs and all across the east coast screamed “Happy New Year!”

With the new knowledge of her resolution, he didn’t waste another second.

I love you. He kissed her.

I know. She kissed him back. I love you more.

Riley and Farkle weren’t dating. Unless you call him giving her rides everyday, waiting for her at her locker, and sneaking kisses under the bleachers in between classes dating. Because if that what dating was, then they were definitely doing it, and had been for the entire second half of sophomore year, the whole summer, and the first few months of junior year. But they would go to the grave saying that nothing had changed. They even said so when Farkle showed up to school with a hickey peeking through the collar of his shirt after a long weekend. The same long weekend that Riley had told Maya she was busy the entire time of.

“Hey Farkle, what’s that on your neck?” Zay asked at lunch that fateful Tuesday back at school, trying to feign innocence.

Maya sat down next to Lucas and decided to join in on the phone, “Yeah, Minkus, what is it? Did you ‘fall’ again?”

However, Farkle didn’t back down easily, and he had been playing Maya and Zay’s games for a few years now, he was no Novice. “Actually, it is. In fact, it looks just like the bruises that were all over your neck freshman year right after you and Lucas had made it official. You must have ‘fallen’ a lot too. What a cowinky dink,” he finished as he took a bite into his apple, giving a smug look to Maya who just glared in response.

“Hey guys, what are we talking about?” Riley asked as she sat down, right next to Farkle of course. “Sorry I’m late, I had to stop by my physics class and ask a question. That class is so insanely difficult it’s driving me cra-” she halted as she saw the death stare Maya was giving Farkle, “What’s happening here?”

Without looking up from his casserole, Lucas nonchalantly explained, “Farkle and Maya are slut shaming each other.”

“Are you serious? That’s the third time this week!” Riley sighed annoyingly, hitting Farkle on the arm.

“Hey! It’s not my fault that your girlfriend keeps coming at my bruises. It’s not my fault that I uh, fall down a lot.”

Maya snickered from across the table, making Farkle snap his head back to her direction.

“What’s so funny, Hart?”

She laughed harder and then tried to calm herself down, “Woo, man,” she wiped tears from her eyes, “I just think it’s hilarious how easy it is for you to call Riley my girlfriend when I’m not even the one sleeping with her.”

Suddenly, the whole table turned to a ghost town aside from Maya’s uncontrollable cackling. Riley sunk her arms and Farkle’s ears, neck, and chest turned bright pink.

“Oh my,” Smackle squeaked from next to her boyfriend of three months, Zay.

Lucas wrapped his arm around Maya and looked at the group awkwardly, “Alright honey I think that’s our cue to leave. Bye everyone,” he said as he ushered a still laughing Maya away from the table, grabbing both of their trays in the process.

“Yeah uh, Iz I think we should head out too. You promised me you find that one book in the library, remember?” Zay said, very clearly trying to make a break for it in anyway he could.

“No, I have no memory of this.”

Zay opened his eyes wider, signaling urgency. Finally, Smackle caught on, “Oh yes. That book,” she fake remembered. “Let’s go,” and, with that, they ran off after Maya and Lucas.

It was quiet for a little bit, with Farkle trying to piece together what had just happened and Riley trying to find the courage to come out of the hiding place under her arms.

“Well. At least Maya and I won’t slut shame each other anymore?” He reasoned weakly, as he stared at his unfinished peanut butter and jelly.

Riley groaned.

“Hey, I mean, this isn’t that bad,” he continued, swiveling to face her this time, “I mean, it’s not like we were keeping it a secret or anything. Were we?”

Finally, Riley uncovered her face and looked at him tiredly, “I don’t know Farkle. I mean, we’ve been together but not together for like nine months now and we’ve never even talked about what we are or what we’re doing or where we’re going. What are the rules here?”

Farkle’s mouth was dry. He never brought up the talk because he didn’t want to scare her away. Neither of them had ever been good at relationships and now that he had her in his grasp, he didn’t want to lose it.

“I didn’t realize that there were supposed to be rules,” he trailed off.

Riley scoffed and gathered her things, trying not to let the tears fall in front of him, “Yeah well you also didn’t realize that all I want is to be your girlfriend. And they call you a genius.”

And then, it was just Farkle at the lunch table, and it was his turn to hide and groan.


Over the past nine months, Farkle’s bay window visits had grown substantially in frequency, but this time he was nervous. It probably had something to do with the fact that he hated himself for ruining the best thing that had ever happened to him, but he ignored that and tapped on the locked window. She must have known that he would try to stop by.

“Go away, Farkle,” he heard Riley snap, muffled slightly by the glass.

“Please, Riley, can we just talk about this? Unlock the window, please.”

He rested his head against the window in frustration and sighed, You really did it this time, Minkus.

And then suddenly, his head was no longer on the window, but inside of Riley’s room, landing with a thump.

“Sorry,” Riley apologized, completely deadpanned and full of zero remorse.

He climbed in and rubbed his forehead, “It’s fine. I deserved that.”

She had moved back to her bed and was facing the wall in front of her instead of him, clutching a pillow, “Yeah. You did.”

Farkle then noticed that the pillow had mascara stains on it and his heart sank so deeply.

“Riley, I know I handled this whole situation, you and me, the complete wrong way. I just, I don’t know what’s wrong with me sometimes. I just got so caught up in how great things were I forgot or didn’t realize how amazing things could be if we just talked about it. I was selfish. I didn’t want things to get ruined so I strung us both along for almost a year and I’m sorry. I understand if you never want to talk to me again but,” he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, I love you, “But, please just know that I would never want to hurt you.”

Her eyes broke away from the wall and turned to him. She saw how tired he looked and it had only been three and a half hours since they had last spoke. She knew she shouldn’t let him off that easily, but she also knew she wanted nothing more than to have him hold her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

“Farkle,” she began as she moved off of her bed and next to him, clutching his hand into hers. The bracelet she had given him had lost almost all of its integrity and color, but it was still seared into his skin. “You’re not selfish. I didn’t speak up either. But being scared isn’t an excuse, for either of us. So, right here, right now, we need honesty. One hundred percent, complete, and total honesty.”

He smiled at her, “I can do that.”

Placing her free hand over their conjoined ones, she whispered, “How do you feel about me? Am I just a nine month long booty call to you?”

He scoffed, “Of course not. Are you serious right now?

She looked incredibly serious.

“Oh my God you are serious. Alright, well. No. You’re not a booty call. You never have been and you never will be. You’re my best friend, and you’re also everything I’ve ever wanted or needed out of a partner, a teammate. Riley, you’re everything to me.”

“But you told Smackle that being a girlfriend and being a best friend are different,” she asked warily.

“With her, they were. Smackle and I never had what we have. We have,” he turned to face her and grabbed both of her hands, “We have history. We have a near life long bond. For us, being best friends and being more isn’t that far of a stretch. Name one thing that is noticeably different from before.”

Riley giggled and traced the bruise on his lower neck, “Well, this is certainly a new development.”

He laughed and grabbed the hand she was using to trace the bruise and brought it to his mouth, kissing it sweetly. “Besides that, nothing has changed. We are still us. Late night movie marathons, bagel runs, and mix cds, everything that we had is still what we have. And what we have is perfect.”

“But what is it that we have? Are we dating, are we friends with benefits? What is happening?”

He looked into her eyes deeper than he ever had before and drop his voice to a more serious tone, “What do you want?”

“I wasn’t lying when I made my resolution this year. I wanted to fall in love.”

The past tense stings, “Oh, well what do you want now.”
“I don’t want anything more. I already have you,” she pauses and smiles at him, “My resolution has been fulfilled.”

His heart stops and then starts going again at a mile a minute.

“Wait so does that mean that,” he was trying to stay calm but he couldn’t help the goofy smile breaking across his face.

“Yes. I love you, Farkle Minkus,” the goofy smile mirrored on her face as they giggled ridiculously.

“I love you too. So, so much,” he held his hands and kissed her knuckles again, “Since the first grade.”

She smiled back at him, “I can’t believe it took us ten years to get here, and the whole time we were right under each other’s noses.”

“I know, and now we’re dating,” he said with his smile wide and smug.

Her eyes widened with excitement and she squeezed his hands a little tighter, “We are?”

He laughed excitedly, “If you would do me the honors then yes, I would be honored to be your boyfriend. Beyond honored actually,” he paused, “I can’t think of a word that means more than honored right at this very moment, I’m a little flustered,” Riley laughed at that, “But yeah, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Riley cheered as she wrapped her arms around her neck, pulling him in for an embrace.

They stayed like that for a little while until Farkle started giggling.

“Why are you laughing?” Riley asked as she pulled back to look at him.

“I just think it’s funny that we did everything so out of order. We kissed, had,” his voice dropped to a whisper as a joke, “sex, and said I love you all before we started officially dating. Why are we like this?”

She laughed too, resting her head against his shoulder, “Oh well, I guess. Who cares. We’re together now,” she looked back up at him smiled.

He leaned down and rested his forehead on hers, “I’m never going to get tired of saying ‘I love you’ to you.”

Smiling and leaning in to kiss him, she hummed against his lips, “I’m never going to get tired of hearing it. I mean, it took you long enough.”

“That’s really rude, I’m fragile.”

“Whatever. Shut up and kiss me.”

“I mean, if you insist.”


Request: N/A but, @marveldcmistress , you said you wanted to be tagged in this!

A/N: First Lance fic!  I will definitely be open to writing for him again if any of you guys want to request a fic for him!  Hope you enjoy!

Lance Tucker x reader

Word count: 2030 (damn I’m wordy)

Summary: Lance never thought he’d be so excited about being a father… maybe now he’s a bit too excited… But, seeing Lance go all mushy for his baby is the most heartwarming thing you will ever see.

Warnings: pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness, cravings, etc..), super fluffy adorableness.

(Y/L/N)= your last name

(Y/B/N)= your baby’s name

(E/C)= eye color

(H/C)= hair color

 (GIF not mine)

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

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Drove All Night

So I was inspired to write this after watching the Voice in which Celine Dion was coaching some singers to perform her version of Drove All Night that’s been redone like a thousand times.

Waverly and Nicole are in a long distance relationship, but Nicole feels like surprising Waverly. If the title didn’t tell you exactly what happened… the below gif has nothing to do with the fic, I just think I’ll use it as often as possible

Originally posted by mzhyde48

“Wynonna….” Waverly whined in frustration. “I have to go.” Looking at her wristwatch, she could feel each second that bled away with her sister’s asinine…

“But… you’re the only one that pours my shots the way I like them.” Wynonna gave her a pleading look until she received the snap of a towel to the back of her head. “Hey!”

“Leave your sister alone, Wynonna.” Gus slipped behind the bar, grabbing a few empty pint glasses. “She’s got a date.”

“It’s not a date.” Waverly protested, unable to hide her smile as she untied her apron. “It’s just a call.”

“A pre-scheduled call that happens every Friday.” Gus pointed out as she filled a glass with beer.

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Ghost/Living Person AU

#41 from the prompts I got forever ago… I’m slowly working through them! <3

(Someone messaged me this number and I wrote it down, so I don’t have it as an actual ask… and I can’t find the original message. So if this is for you let me know?)

Anakin can be forgiven for not remembering it is the anniversary of an event ten years in the past. He is nineteen, bright and beautiful, a devoted Padawan to his master Qui-Gon Jinn and the Order that took him in all those years ago. His world is the warm hallways and lofty salons of the Temple, excursions to other systems always done under the careful wing of his Master.

He does not remember the face of Qui-Gon’s former Padawan, even if he knows his name: Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kenobi exists like a fabled krayt dragon on the homeworld Anakin remembers even less than Kenobi’s face: a figure to be discussed in quiet, hushed tones, a now-legendary name among Padawans.

The Padawan who died slaying the first Sith Lord to be seen in a thousand years, taking a mortal blow meant for Qui-Gon even as he rammed his blade through the creature’s heart.

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Requested by Anon: Sherlock x reader where she is pregnant with his baby & he loves her so dearly but one day she is seriously seriously injured in a case and it’s kind of sherlock’s fault indirectly and she loses the child tragically. Sherlock is v guilty and protective and sorry

(gif not mine but writing is)


Walking into the living room you span around in your cream coloured dress and you felt beautiful. “Come here you.” said Sherlock as he grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him to sit on his lap. He began to kiss you as he placed a hand on your tummy. Your bump wasn’t showing yet but you had a first scan. There was a healthy baby that you hope would be as intelligent as its father. You gazed into Sherlock light eyes as you brushed his dark curls from his face. “What did I do to deserve something as perfect as you two.” he sighed with happiness.
“Saved thousands if not millions of lives by being a smart arse?” you answer playfully as you leave a light kiss on his nose. He smirked.

“Mycroft keeps texting me asking how I am. I think he is excited about becoming an uncle.” you giggle as you look around. Your eyes stare at the vacant bedroom. “I was thinking of perhaps making John’s old room into a nursery but only if you’re OK with the idea. He’s really settling into his new place with Mary.” you say stepping off of his lap. Sherlock stared down the hallway at the now empty room, a grunt of contemplation left his lips. You understood that there was a lot of memories tied to the rooms in 221B Baker Street but at some point he will have to make changes so new memories can be made. One thing must be paramount, you must not rush him with his decisions.

Grabbing a glass of water from the kitchen you turn back to see Sherlock on his laptop. Walking up behind him you gaze over his shoulder at the computer screen. On the screen was a photograph of a man that was the latest big criminal that needed to be stopped. He had red curly hair and wore a long dark coat. It all started when he replicated some of Sherlock’s early cases. It’s like he wants to copy and get Sherlock’s attention for some reason. Kind of like a fan boy gone wrong. “I wonder what he is going to do next. The dedication and details that he puts into his crimes really are fascinating.” Sherlock said as his eyes sparkled with curiosity. Worriedly you put a hand on Sherlock’s shoulder as you spoke. “You’re leading him on too much Sherlock. Surely you can see that each murder is getting more elaborate with more victims.”
“I know. He’s just so interesting.” he sighs.
“The guy is a maniac.” you interject. “Besides how many days has it been since the last murder?” The criminal now had a clear murder pattern.
“Five. Today could be my lucky day.” replied Sherlock. Sometimes you worried about Sherlock. Murder and detective work can seem like a game to him. It’s like he forgets that people’s lives are at stake.
“Please Sherlock. You know who he is just arrest him. Don’t toy with him or let him toy with you any longer.” you say with concern but your warning appeared to go on deaf ears.

Sherlock opened a new tab on his laptop and began frantically refreshing his ‘Science of Deduction’ website because that is how he has communicated with the suspect previously. “I’m just going to pop out to the shop, maybe buy something for lunch. The doctor says that exercise is good for the baby.” you sigh walking past Sherlock. He suddenly turned around and grabbed your hand. He placed it against his lips, kissing it whilst his eyes stared into yours. “Don’t be too long… This will be the last time I tease him. I promise.” he said apologetically.
“I’ll be back soon you psychopath.” you giggled at him as you began to walk down the stairs.
“High functioning sociopath.” Sherlock called back.

Sherlock had unknowingly been waiting for at least an hour. A 'ding’ noise came from his laptop notifying him of a new message on his site which read. 'Why don’t we finally meet? I have been waiting for so long to meet you. Shall we say the old factory?“ Finally what Sherlock had been waiting for. As he went to grab his black jacket something struck him. It had been too easy. Before the criminal had laid out puzzles for him to solve but this time he arranges to meet face to face? Confused, he reaches for his mobile and dialled a familiar face, one of the few he could truly trust. "John? I know that you are probably busy but I need your assistance. It’s the copycat killer. He’s suggested a meet up but I don’t think that all is as it seems.”

“I’ll be a while Mrs Hudson” Sherlock called as he hailed a cab. The taxi picked up John on the way. The pair discussed how John should remain hidden somewhere in the factory but be ready to strike if things get out of hand.

The factory was disheveled. The walls thick with dust and most of the windows were shattered or boarded up. As John looked for another entrance, Sherlock quietly walked in. He vaguely recalled that this factory was significant in one of his very first cases. Was it a body found here or a major clue that helped solve the case? Sherlock walks into a big room surrounded by small offices.

“I thought you would be coming so I brought you a gift or was it that you brought me a gift?” said a gravelly voice in the distance. Out stepped a red haired man wearing a purple shirt, black jacket, trousers and shoes. Exactly the same outfit as Sherlock had on. Sherlock’s eyes widened as he could hear somebody quietly crying from the stranger’s direction.

The man was clutching onto your arm, dragging you close to him. “Sherlock” you whimpered. Tears ran down your face and you trembled with fear. “Isn’t she beautiful.” said the criminal as he gently stroked your cheek. You could see Sherlocks fists clench in anger. Using the hand on your cheek he slowly moved your head to face him. Suddenly he slapped you across the face and Sherlock darted forward. “Ah Mr Holmes, you’ve now shown me your hand. Wouldn’t want to do anything reckless now would we?” said the criminal and Sherlock froze.

“Just let her go. You have me now. I’m the one you want.” said Sherlock who kept a steady sounding voice, though it was taking a lot of effort.
“True” said the criminal as his eyes looked away from Sherlock and back to you. “To show there’s no hard feelings, how about a hug beautiful?” He holds an arm out and wraps it behind you. One arm remained down by his side as the other pulled you forward, crushing your body into his. You let out a blood curdling scream as a huge sharp pain cuts into you. Smirking, he slowly removes a large knife from your stomach.

“No!” Sherlock shouts with more anger and anguish than you ever knew he had. As the criminal was distracted, John crept up behind him and tackled him to the ground. Witnessing what had just taken place, the doctor did not hold back with the punches. After knocking the criminal out he phoned the emergency services.

Your legs became weak and Sherlock leapt forward to catch you before your body hit the floor. Looking down you could see your dress being stained by a growing patch of red. “Keep your eyes fixed on me.” Sherlock said as he took your hand in his. Tears rolled down his face.

“Sherlock… No matter what happens know this… I love you… You… Idiot.” you whispered shakily. John was applying pressure to the wound and you cried out in pain. “John you’re hurting her!” Sherlock shouted angrily. He knew that John knew what he was doing. He knew that John was a doctor. But seeing you in pain like this was too much for Sherlock to bare.

“Sherlock… He’s trying to help.” you whispered. Your eyes closing as you felt very sleepy. “(Y/N) stay with me. Please stay with me. You have to stay with me.” Sherlock begged as he squeezed your hand, forcing your eyes open. Despite this you could not fight it any longer. Your eyes closed. The last sound you heard was Sherlock crying in despair.

Your eyes slowly open. You were laying in a white hospital bed. Looking down you see Sherlock clutching your hand in his own, his head on the bed. The duvet felt damp where his face was on top of it. “Hey you.” you manage to say even though your voice was quiet. Sherlock looked up. His eyes were red and watery from crying. “(Y/N)!” Sherlock exclaimed whilst he tenderly kissed your hand. A smile crept onto your face. You looked around the room. There was a smashed vase and a set of drawers that had been ripped apart. The curtains in the room had also been partially pulled down. Then it dawned on you. A sinking feeling began to wash over you.

You tried to sit up whilst you whimpered in pain. “Don’t move too much. You’ve lost a lot of blood.” Sherlock said as he carefully helped you to sit up. Your eyes filled with tears as you stared into his.
“And we both know that I have also lost something far more precious.” you said crying. Sherlock slowly nodded his head as he began to cry. He moved up towards you and kissed your forehead before hugging you. You pressed you face into his chest, muffling your sobs.

One week later

221B was full of colour as bunches of flowers of sympathy from friends and family filled the room. The biggest bouquet by far was from Mycroft. You sat in John’s chair reading a book as Sherlock read the newspaper, but he was really staring at you. You sighed placing the book down and rubbing your stomach. It was still sore. “I’m just going to pop out to the shop, maybe buy something for lunch. The doctor says that exercise is good for my recovery.” you say wincing slightly as you stood up.
“Great idea, I’ll tag along. Fancy chips?” Sherlock added as he grabbed his jacket.
“Sherlock. I’m only going to shop on the corner. I can go by myself.” you smile.
“No.” he growled. “You’re not safe out there any more. Last time you went out. You… We lost our…” his voice was breaking. “It was my fault I should have listened to you. I should have quit while I was ahead.”

You walked up and hugged him.“The only person at fault was that maniac. Think about it. Going out by myself isn’t all bad. We would have never met if I didn’t bend the rules and go out on my own.” you smile as Sherlock’s mouth also curled up into a smile.
You reached forward and grabbed Sherlock’s hand. Despite there still being pain in his eyes, the smile stayed on his face. “Chips?” he asked as you both walked down the stairs and out of 221B. “It’s a date. You psychopath.” you reply, staring into his eyes.
“High functioning sociopath.” he protests before gently pressing his lips on yours.

You Can't Give Up

Characters: Dean, Sam, sister!reader

Warnings: attempted suicide, angst, fluff

Word count: 2207

Summary: after you make a bad decision because you believe it’s the only way to fix everything, you realise it’s not the only solution and the boys remind you why you should always keep fighting.

A/N: I am in no way trying to glorify suicide. I understand that this is a very touchy subject and if it triggers you in any way I strongly suggest that you do not read this.


That one word summed you up pretty perfectly. Everything about you was a broken piece of glass that if anyone touched they would get hurt. You hated that your life caused so much misery to others. If no one wanted you around why should you? You knew it was complete bullshit because your brothers deeply cared about you, you knew if you were gone there were people that would care.

Not even just your brothers but all the friends you had made through them. Crowley, Castiel, Charlie, Jody, Jo, Ellen, Ash, Bobby, Kevin. You knew when they all found out what you had done they would be devastated but that didn’t stop you from feeling so alone. You felt like the boys were going to leave you every time you did something to piss them off. At first you would be angry with them and fight back and you would all get into this huge argument.

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🖤 Another Love 🖤

Request: @recklesslonelyblond​ Hey lovely! Can I request some twisted imagine Chibs x Reader where she find out that Filip cheated on her with Fiona/Althea and also she just found out that she is pregnant and she haven’t told him yet? Thank you! 😄 I also wanted to say that I love your blog and your works are amazing 😙😙

Notes // Mentions // Warnings // Words: Chibs Telford x Reader // Fiona Larkin, Kerrianne Larkin-Telford, Jimmy O'Phelan, Ima Tite, Tig Trager, Juice Ortiz, Bobby Elvis, Jax Teller, Tara Knowles // Angst, Drama, Fluff // 3.742

Song suggestions: Just Give Me a Reason by Madilyn Bailey ft. Nate Ruess, Happier by Ed Sheeran, & The Blackest Day by Lana Del Rey

We need to talk, Filip.

You ok, lass?

More or less…

Nervously you waited for him, reading the same three messages over and over again. Your hands were as cold as ice and trembled relentlessly. Why did he done it? You desperately searched for answers, thousands of thoughts seemed to explode in your head.

How did it come to this?

You looked forward to meet Fiona and Kerrianne and already liked what your boyfriend Chibs told you about them. They visited the States to celebrate Kerrianne’s 22nd birthday. You got along well with Fiona and especially with Kerrianne the instant you and Chibs picked the two Irish women up from the airport. No surprise, you and Chibs’ daughter shared several interests and you two were almost of the same age.

Right from the start you knew it couldn’t always be easy with the not insignificant age difference, which separated you and Chibs. Nevertheless, a part of him always stayed the reckless Glaswegian boy and he mentioned once or twice that you’re an old soul, caged in a young body and only your eyes revealed this secret.

The two Europeans wanted to stay for a few days and you spent a lot of time with Chibs, his ex-wife and his daughter. He always made sure that you didn’t feel excluded, be it an affectionate kiss or pinching your bum unexpectedly, followed by him winking at you. He knew all the little tender endearments, that made you feel loved.

Would it be better if you didn’t knew?

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Fix You - Chapter Five

SPN FanFic

~ After being gone for months, Y/N has returned home to the boys with no memory of their life together. ~

Reader x Dean

2,813 Words

Warnings: Super heavy on the Angst. Mentions of torture and rape. Just sad. All the feels.

A/N: This is it folks. The End. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think! Huge thank you once again to @idreamofhazel who read this part over for me and helped me find the ending. 

Chapters: One ~ Two ~ Three ~ Four ~ Five

Chapter Five - Coming Home:

The first few days you had spent fighting back; kicking, punching, biting, doing anything you could to your captor, desperate to repay just a tiny bit of the pain he was inflicting upon you. You’d been caught on a solo hunt, like a helpless victim, and you hated yourself for being taken so easily; acting like a damsel in distress instead of the tough as nails hunter you knew you were.

You had fought with Dean before you left. He’d refused to let you go alone. He didn’t understand even though he said he did. This was one you had to do alone. This one was on you. This was revenge, at long last, for Matt. Once this was over, once this demon was dead and gone forever you could finally let him go. Let go of the pain, let go of that tiny bit of you that still wished for him at night. You could finally let yourself be with Dean fully, wholly, forever, knowing that Matt’s killer was defeated.

He wouldn’t let you go, so you had to do the worst thing you could think of and sneak out once he was asleep. You waited, lying awake in bed next to him for hours until you recognized the telltale signs of his slumber. You felt his arm slacken around you as his muscles relaxed. You heard his breath slow. It wasn’t until he let out a soft, low snore that you dared move, sliding slowly out from underneath his touch to run away into the night. You hated yourself for doing it; you’d promised never to leave him like that, but he’d given you no choice.

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