but no koala tea

happy birthday to a special bean!

so somehow i reached 4k followers which is a lot… think about it, i can’t fit that much people into my house plus my backyard,, so thanks to all the people who have talked to me, complimented me, asked me things and reblogged my stuff,, you’ve made my day🐳

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     What can I say? These 3 months has been pretty fun. 

You know the drill with these follow forevers, but THIS TIME I’m shoving in an ART GIVEAWAY ! I figured I give back to those faithful followers that show support by following my moldy ass. I mean Nanu’s moldy ass. But in all seriousness, thank you! 


  • Two winners will get fully colored pics of whoever they want (OCs and Pokemon included). If y’all need some examples of my art, lookit here at @artofshiroginko

So here are the rules: 

  • You must be following me and stayed followed. I will exclude giveaway blogs. This is after all, to honor followers. 
  • 1 like and 1 reblog counts as TWO entries! 
  • Roleplay blogs ONLY. 
  • I can’t do furries/n.sfw etc. 
  • Giveaway ends May 4th! 

                     And now for some honorable mentions…..LIKE SERIOUSLY THANK. 

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sabo is probably gonna read the newspaper the day after the tea party, and koala is gonna find him curled up into a ball, crying

“oh my god sabo-kun you need to stop” koala says and sabo just cries harder

“HOW DO I PROTECT THEM ALL. THERES JUST SO MANY” he sobs, clutching his luffy-dakimakura to his chest

how on earth do 1.7k of you follow me??? am i being punk’d??? in all honesty, thank you guys so much. Being a part of the phandom, i’ve met some of the most incredibly supportive, kind, generous people and i’m just so insanely appreciative of all of you, whether we interact a little bit, message each other from time to time, or you’re one of my gc pals, i appreciate you and love you SO MUCH. 

soo to celebrate, i wanted to do something fun and i want to find more amazing active dnp/aesthetic blogs to follow so i decided i’m gonna do blog rates!! 

blacklist 1.7br if you don’t want to see this

you must:

  • must be following meee 
  • subscribe to my youtube channel (you don’t have to but it would be awesome if you did i’m gonna revamp it soon ayee)
  • send me an ask of you favorite tumblr user :))


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Pharah puns n shit

Ok so being the Pharah main i am, i have an arsenal of puns and shitty pick up lines (to use on mercy ofc) BUT I NEED MORE. If you guys know any, throw them at me! I’ll put my little list here for my fellow Pharah’s to help themselves to ;) Most i found around the internet and tumblr, so if you see something you came up with dont eat me <3 Keeping in mind my bnet is “Gaybirb” so these come off as 100x worse huehuehue

- Put your secure-titty in my hands
- (upon death) i guess you can say my wings got clipped
- dont worry im not going Pharah way
- Is there a hail storm? because Just-ice is raining from above
- my puns are koala-tea
- (to mei) let it go
- (someone needs healing) better go to the pharmercy
- they call me salad because i be dressin
- dodging missiles like i do responsibilities
- mah rockets bring all the mercy’s to the yard~
- are you a target? because i’ve got you on my radar
- the forecast is cloudy with a chance of just-ice
- i’ll keep the skies queer
- (using rocket jump) team rocket is blasting off again
- are you homework? because im not doing you and i should be
- are you sitting in a pile of sugar? because you got a pretty sweet ass
- theres a sale in my room, clothes are 100% off
- (when someone doesnt get a joke) i guess that just flew right over you
- my puns are really taking off
- I cant fly straight
- (shot out of the air) i guess you can say… i fell for you ;)
- (when you hear sixtuple kill) sex-tuple ;)

Autistic People Are Dragons

or, alternatively: all dragons are autistic


  • like caves
  • collect shiny objects
  • enjoy looking at and touching those objects again and again
  • may even fall asleep on them
  • will get very angry if you try to steal their treasures
  • often socially isolated
  • tend to spend lots of time at home
  • communication skills may not “match” level of intelligence
  • wise
  • misunderstood
  • befriending one brings good luck
  • associated with dinosaurs
  • have magical powers
  • may enjoy riddles

Am I talking about autistics or dragons??? Trick question! The answer is both.

Has anyone wanted to see a bunch of modernized Sim versions of the characters from Twelfth Night as college students living together in an apartment? No? Well luckily for you I did so here you go pals. 

So here are the Sims

Viola-Cessario looking snazzy af with her beanie. 

When The Sims can’t make twins correctly because it’s gender customization when it comes to editing faces sucks ass And then we have Sebastian, also looking equally as snazzy in a beanie. 

Olivia who is, may I say, an absolutely gorgeous Sim. 

Orsino in floral looking melodramatic af. 

Maria looking tanned and cute as heck. but tbh it’s just a good angle  (She has a koala drinking tea on her top.)

Made Sir Toby a redhead because I can. 

Sir Andrew ended up looking like that kid from The Polar Express.

(this one)

Feste looking much more edgy than he should tbh I think it’s the angle but my screenshotting fingers were getting a little tired by this point (but he has a man bun cute freckles so y’know it’s okay)

I shall keep you updated on their goings on in the Sim universe. 

Soo… 600+ of you have found me.
You may be a little bit lost, eheh. 

Hello! I’m so grateful for all of you that have chosen to follow me on this
journey of writing Charlotte. I thank all of you for giving me a chance, 
and choosing to stick around. All of you have shown me nothing but 
kindness and I could not be more grateful for that.  I think that all of 
you are so wonderful and talented. You all brighten um my dashboard
every single day. I want to let you all know that you are all so spectacular
and that everything you do for your blogs and your characters are more 
than enough. You are all so great in such different ways, and it’s amazing
that we can all come together and form a little community. 

Now, since I am not skilled in many things, here is a little bias list from 
me to you! It contains shoutouts to some of the special people that are 
involved in my roleplaying life and a list of a bunch of other spectacular 
individuals that you all should check out if you haven’t! 

PS: The graphic was made by the super amazing Torie, who you can find 
over at @greaseveined and @madeorator! She’s spectacular, and super 
generous with all of her time and talent! 

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