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                                940922 🍑Happy Belated Birthday Prince Jinyoung

He takes care of us well and he is a perfectionist who takes the initiatives to do tiresome things that we don’t do. And his thoughts are thorough. Because he reads a lot of books, he speaks words with deep meaning. He’s a hyung but he has many aegyo. - Yugyeom

Happy Birthday to our Prince & “mom” of GOT7. There is so much words to express how thankful we are and how proud we are of you. You are so amazing and talented. No matter what us ahgases will support you and continued to be amazed at your growth not only with your career but as a person. Please continue this journey with GOT7 and please continue to be your princely yet mischevious self. #HappyPrinceJinyoungDay






shiro’s bday

you guys have no idea how amused i am that shiro’s bday is feb 29th and so i must convey it through all these potential siblinglike sass moments??? think of all the possibilities??????

shiro: patience yields focus
keith: don’t use your dad voice on me you’re like four
keith: unlike you

keith: shiro play video games with me
shiro: can’t now, i’m busy
keith: you’re not busy, you’re five
shiro: ok first of all, THE DISRESPECT, second of all, how dare you quote the english dub of ponyo to me in my own home

shiro: ugh i’m so tired…
keith: naptime for baby
shiro: had it not been for the laws of this land, i would have slaughtered you

shiro: shit i forgot my wallet
keith: don’t worry i’ve got it this time just pay me back later
shiro: ah okay, thanks–
keith: one student and one child ticket, please
shiro: kEITH

(also all of shiro’s friends and family throw him an extra big birthday party whenever february 29th actually exists, and he’s embarrassed but also adores it because he loves Friendship and Teamwork)


I will never, ever, ever get tired of ONE turning shonen expectations on their heads. I love the way the two panels on the left set everything up for a giant go-all-out battle of psychic powers between Shimazaki and Mob… 

…and then the next few panels have Reigen just walking straight up to Shimazaki and punching him right in the fucking face. 

And the only way he could do it, was because he doesn’t have any psychic powers at all. 


Finally posting this even if it’s cheesy and sloppy because I’m tired of having it untouched in my drawing folder aghhh! 

I dunno, I’m just really a fan of Molly being wary about Draco at first but then she starts treating him as her own son. I adore fics like that, gimme all of em

i have a dumb barry bluejeans hc

okokok hear me out

i think we all agree this guy has a dorky and kind of snorty giggly-laugh? its just kind of bubbly and nerdy and it probably equal parts adorable as it is embarrassing. but when he laughs too hard at, like, a dumb joke or something super dumb happening (”lup was shaving half of davenport’s mustache really necessary JUST because he ate the rest of your Fantasy Poptarts?!”)

he just sort of. forehead boops to someone’s shoulder. like whoever's next to him he just curls in and laughs and no one ever says it out loud but it’s easily without a doubt everyone’s favorite thing ever.

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present participle

EDIT: THIS GOT REALLY LONG (why am i surprised) so i put in a cut

this is some sort of language fic where yuuri pretends not to know russian so victor can feel great about showing him around st. petersburg.at some point it’s just awkward to say something, plus victor seems so happy to constantly translate (and therefore prevent other people from trying to steal yuuri from him).

 there are a lot of exchanges where victor outright lies about the other person is saying and yuuri is just ???? but also he’s super into jealous!possessive!victor so they bang a lot. victor just thinks yuuri is turned on by him speaking russian (i mean he IS but it’s also other things.)

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Hamilton things (Act 1)
  • those chills you get when they say “and Alex got better but his mother went quick” 
  • the genius that is “Aaron Burr, Sir”
  • lafayette aka the love of my life
  • lafayette’s verse in my shot. Like damn.
  • "I heard your mother say come again”
  • “if you stand for nothing burr, what’ll you fall for?“
  • "I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
  • "ah, so you’ve discussed me? I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me.“
  • eliza??? Just??? The love of my life??
  • "it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face” in farmer refuted.
  • Jonathan Groff in general in this entire damn play because I adore that goof and will protect him with my life.
  • The end of “right hand man”, right at the climax of the song. Pure genius, honestly.
  • “We’re reliable with the ladies. THERE ARE SO MANY TO DEFLOWER”
  • “Is it a question of if, Burr, or which one?”
  • “As long as i’m alive Eliza, I swear to god you’ll never feel so-,” his voice?? when he says this?? my sexuality.
  • Satisfied. Just. Ugh. Angelica Schuyler is the reason I live and breathe. 
  • “The Story Of Tonight Reprise” Because honestly its so funny like the “oh shit” alexander says. iconic.
  • love/death/life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • that “chicka blah” noise that multiple characters make in multiple songs. hamilton does it in stay alive.
  • hamilton and laurens being total otp, honestly.
  • “Ten Duel Commandments” in general but more specifically “pray that hell or heaven lets you in”
  • “call me son one more time”
  • everything Lafayette in “Guns and Ships” 
  • did i mention Lafayette???
  • “Immigrants, we get the job done” just. ugh. i love.
  • “when you knock me down I get the fuck back up again” and all of that instrumental shit afterwards because it’s honestly what I live for.
  • that cheeky “awesome, wow” in what comes next
  • Dear Theodosia was literally written about Lin’s dog because he wrote it before children were even in the picture and I think that’s honestly the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.
  • “and i thought i was so smart” 
  • the way he says “i was chosen for the constitutional convention” in non-stop
  • those chills when they say “HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE”

i love the scene when they capture ulaz and no one except shiro thinks its a good idea to go into the blade of marmora hq… allura least of all because she hates galra so much

every single paladin agrees with the princess though, and side against shiro unanimously

he doesnt really put up a great argument, besides just a feeling in his heart that he has about it. and how allura responds to him is the part that makes me adore this scene:

allura, despite her deeply ingrained hatred and distrust, and the support of literally everyone else in her decision, trusts shiro. 

and he was right. it’s such a quiet moment about allura’s innate wisdom as a leader to not have a headstrong response when everyone is telling her she’s right except the one person in the room who has first hand experience with the situation at hand. and listening to them.

Me: I love Ochako Uraraka so much, she’s so soft and sweet and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Has fought an asshole that can make explosions out of his sweat without a single hint of fear or hesitation and with every intention of winning. And the plan she came up with in order to win involved letting the aforementioned asshole make a bunch of debris with his explosions so she could drop it on his head. And the only reason she lost was because she collapsed from exhaustion.*

Me: -gentle and she wouldn’t hurt a fly-

Ochako Uraraka: *Has faced off against a psychotic serial killer with no time to prepare and no warning and with only one other person to help her and came out of the encounter relatively unscathed apart from a single stab to her thigh. And that was after she had technically already beaten the aforementioned psycho by slamming her face on the floor with a martial arts move in about half a minute.*

Me: -and she has so much love for her family and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Her goal in becoming a hero is to make enough money to help her parents’ construction company that is facing major financial trouble. To that end she also goes to extreme lengths to save money which include living close to her school so she won’t have to use the bus, only buying the most cheap foods she can find, sleeping any chance she gets, and even starving herself.*

Me: -her relationship with her friends and her class in general is SO GOOD AND LOVELY and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Works herself to the bone in her studies and training along side her classmates and has excellent teamwork even with students she doesn’t interact with too often. Also her sending Kurogiri, an adult villain who made it very clear that his and his groups’ intention was to kill everyone present, flying during the USJ incident so Iida could run away and get help probably saved everyone’s lives.*  

Me: -her relationship with Izuku is the best thing ever, its so wholesome and pure and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Stopped some random kid she didn’t know from falling on his face for seemingly no reason other than being nice, later saved his life by making him float before he broke his neck on the ground even though the strain it put on her quirk made her vomit, tried to help him pass because she thought he might have failed because he saved her even though it could have hurt her chances, and then turned an abusive childhood insult into an affectionate nickname with just a few kind words and minimal-to-no knowledge of his history. All of this happening over the course of less than THREE DAYS OF GETTING TO KNOW HIM.* 

Me: -seriously she loves him so much its so good-

Ochako Uraraka: *Realizes she has feelings for her friend in the middle of a very important and intense exam, and instead of panicking she get her shit together, pushes her feeling down so she can focus, and passes with flying colors, because she is AWESOME.*

Me: -also she sleeps with mittens so she doesn’t make herself float in her sleep how adorable is that?   

Ochako Uraraka: *Is the best.*

Pleasant Surprises

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Tags: lots of kissing, fingering, smut, public sex

Words: 2538

A/N: I’m sorry it’s been so long ):

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*whispers directly into your ear* please remember that Alec Gideon Lightwood is a war hero and has his own tapestry so the vision he had when entering Edom partially came true because people notice him apart from and as well as Jace and his father is so proud of him

that is all, have a nice day and praise our beautiful boy alec lightwood becuase he is wonderful and its his birthday

Judgey and English

Originally posted by alinok

A/N: Okay this one is reeeeally long but i got carried away and I didn’t want any part of the request to get missed out because I tried to squish it into less than 2000 words

Request:  could I maybe request an imagine where the reader is new and she moves to riverdale from England and she starts off as a waitress at pops and befriends Jughead because she’s all little and sassy and sarcastic. Then maybe she could become a river vixen and reggie and the football team all take an interest and juggy gets all jelly because he’s developed a subconscious crush on her 

Word Count: 3,249 (god.damn.)

Warnings: Bad pick up lines, some brief angst

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anonymous asked:

so...a Victuuri version of that Adam Scott, Mark Hamill clip needs to happen y/y?

“38.7 million views in 24 hours. Do you know what that means? You beat Adele. You beat the Avengers. You beat that Psy video where he wears harem pants and pushes people off treadmills. You are in a very exclusive club, my friend.”

The audience laughs, and Yuuri should laugh too, but Kerry Washington’s skin is perfect and he can’t stop staring. And her teeth are so white that they don’t even look like teeth. It’s like when he was writing his thesis and spent so much time staring at the opening sentence of the discussion section that he had to check four times to make sure he spelled “the” right. There’s a name for that sort of brain malfunction, but hell if he knows what it is. 

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reaction to their crush falling asleep on their shoulder

(A/N - aaa sorry for not posting all week!! I hope this is alright!!)


jinho wouldn’t notice you were sleeping at first so he’d carry on talking to you but when he realised he was basically have a conversation with himself he’d look down at you and he’d get so soft and giggly when he realised you were sleeping on him!!


hui would look at you with so much love in his eyes!! he would honestly be so happy that you felt comfortable enough with him to fall asleep and he’d tried to carefully move you so you were in a better position so you wouldn’t hurt your neck


hongseok wouldnt want to move in case he disturbed you so he’d be perfectly okay with sitting still for as long as you were sleeping. he would think it was the sweetest thing and instead of just sitting there awkwardly, he’d rest his head on yours gently and fall asleep with you!!

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Reader x Stiles Stilinski


Imagine: You are Derek Hale’s daughter and has a passionate relationship with Stiles Stilinski, but he doesn’t know. Once he founds out, he invites Stiles over to dinner and you decide it’s good timing to make him pay for all the teasing.

N/A - It’s nearly three in morning, so forgive me for any mistakes. I’ll fix them later. 

Warnings: sort of smut, but it only has some handjob; also, swearing. that’s all. 

Word Count: 1767

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sincerely 3 cuddles headcannons; Connor

i absolutely love connor so here you go;

-the boy is literally like a fucking tree, so he’s almost always the big spoon

-the first time he initiated cuddles it was out of anger

-someone had said something to him and he was ranting to you 

- ‘get the fuck over here’

-he just s q u e ez es you and it kind of hurts because his grip is so tight

-you don’t say anything until he finishes ranting and then you’re like 

’con im literally getting smushed to death pls let me go’

-he just kinda glances down at you and turns beet fucking red before letting you go

-it’s kinda a thing now, you cuddle when one of you is angry or annoyed

-like one of you will be pacing around the room and the other will just grab the angry one mid-pace and make them fall into their arms

-and you just stay like that, still ranting

-usually it ends up that you fall asleep cuddling with each other

-connor still sometimes holds you a little too tight when he’s v angry

-you have on more then one occasion had to cut him off mid-rant to tell him you couldn’t breath

-and that usually diffuses the situation and he laughs and you just look up at him with so much love because his god damn smile is so cute and he’s got a cute little blush

-he l o v e s it when you’re on his lap and he just nuzzles his face into your neck and you m e l t

-he’s not a huge fan of cuddling in front of your friends but like I said he’s so down for you just sitting on his lap and he’ll just kinda stay silent while you talk to zoe about some ‘girly shit’ and bounce you up and down a lil’ bit while his hands are around your waist

-its fucking adorable you’re just sitting there beaming and being the little ray of sunshine you are and he’s wearing all black silently but there’s just a lil’ smile because the boy is so stupidly in love

-when you sleep he goes back and forth between wanting to just be on his own side of the bed and wanting to hold you


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PLEASE talk about your villain!saitama au

OKAY wow you’re going to regret this ask but honestly I’M DELIGHTED

so disclaimer i haven’t read the manga, just seen the anime, and picked up manga bits and pieces here and there. so in this au:

saitama is a villain

he’s really fucking bad at being evil

like so, so bad at being bad. so saitama was a hero for like a week okay and he went this is boooooring i’m booooooorrrreeeeeeddd. and because people just love to turn on him for some reason, and he kept saving everyone - like he does - and he just kept getting blamed so he went you want me to be a villain? FINE

and the association got really worried but saitama literally just traded his yellow jumpsuit for a black one and started laughing maniacally inbetween punches. he literally didn’t change his behavior any other way, and soon he’s known as the strongest villain ever. smart monsters hesitate to attack z city because that’s saitama’s turf, his city, and he doesn’t take kindly to interlopers. but there are lots of people who don’t want to be a big dog, but work for a big dog. so saitama accidentally gets all these eager criminal minions and is like, well, i am supposed to be a villain. so he starts setting non fatal “hits” on people and sending his crews to attack banks and take all the money and destroying specific buildings.

except every person he has his henchmen beat up is an abusive ex, a child beater, a rapist, a dirty cop - all these people that sift through the legal system because the city is being attacked every other week by literal monsters. the money from the banks was dirty, and (after paying his henchman a very competitive wage, because it is actually possible to buy loyalty if you do it right) he gives the rest away. he still lives in his studio apartment, still goes shopping for deals on saturday. all the “random” buildings he destroys are involved in on corrupt deal or another. oh, yeah, saitama knows all this because he has the most intense underground criminal network no one has ever thought of - all those grandmas he goes deal hunting with on saturday know everything about everyone. he spends a lot of time hanging out with old ladies, only part of it to maintain his spy ring.

so saitama accidentally on purpose turns his hodgepodge criminal organization into some vigilante justice group. they all know it but none of them are willing to bring it up because hey - they’re well paid, they work for the #1 s-ranked villain, and saitama has never killed any of them. this is the best gig any of them have ever had, and they’re not willing to mess it up by pointing out that they’re one of the good guys.

but saitama is bored again. his life as a the most notorious villain of z city is so-so.

then he runs into genos.

genos who knows of saitama because of course he does, but meets him in the middle of some battle or something and is instantly aware that something is off. saitama is cheerful and funny (and hot) and somehow leaves the battleground having caused no casualties, having killed the monster that nearly killed a bunch of s ranked heroes, and somehow saitama is still being blamed for it all. genos is intrigued.

he goes to bang about it, trying to find out how evil saitama really is. instead this conversation happens: “actually his death count is zero.” “what” “i think he was just bored. he was a hero for a bit-” “he was a HERO?” “-but it didn’t work out. it’s not his thing. he really hated those weekly quotas.” “…you’re joking.”

and he starts stalking saitama, and is BAFFLED by his normal lowkey lifestyle. finds out that saitama regularly “kidnaps” king so they can hang out and play video games and no one even goes after him anymore. starts hanging out with him, which he thought would be harder, but instead he just offered to help him carry home groceries and saitama agreed and then they were talking about a random show and the next thing genos knew he was in the notorious villain saitama’s studio being made dinner.

and this goes, with genos slowly peeling back the surface of it all to discover the truth. and he starts falling hard, harder than he thought he could fall, but it’s okay, because saitama is falling too. and soon everyone knows genos and saitama have a ~thing~ and he keeps waiting for the hero association to say something about it, but they don’t. what does happen, however, is that some monsters will see him and automatically surrender because they figure jail is nicer than they’d get if saitama figures out they hurt his boyfriend. it doesn’t happen often, but it happens enough for it to be a running joke.

so saitama stays the #1 villain, it’s just that now he has a hero boyfriend whom he adores and they are an adorable power couple; its disgustingly cute.

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u know what would kill me tho, since viktor in the canon universe confirmed that when he was younger he never really listened to anything yakov used to say, so please imagine coach yuuri chiding (its more of a stubborn pout that says 'you know what u did wrong, im not even gonna say it') viktor for maybe putting too many quads in his sp. Viktor's dying from the pout because its too adorable to be on his coach and viktor cant handle it

When he skates off the ice with his free program, giving the teenagers around him a run for their money, Yuuri just slowly shakes his head and opens his arms.

Victor falls into them with a gratified sigh, moved to tears.

“New personal best,” Yuuri huffs against his chest, toying with the sweaty ends of Victor’s messy ponytail. “But I told you not to do that last quad.”

“You’re lecturing me about that now?”

Yuuri pulls back and taps Victor lightly on the forehead, looking awfully smug. “If not now, when?”

Victor’s been crushing on Yuuri for years. Over the last few weeks, the crush has moved into a full-blown, realized infatuation, and in this moment, Victor would dramatically claim that this is the first pull of love blooming between himself and his mentor.

friend if u like the idea of that please read this scene from the body music series by @wbtrashking ive been dead for 15 years