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literally almost every anti-ks/’discourser’ blog is just

one brave soul hears word of a webcomic called killing stalking that’s only been referred to as ‘bad’. so they venture off to read it. they cant make it pass the first chapter as they were offended by woo calling bum a faggot (sorry i meant f*ggt) or something. they return to tumblr dot com with tears in their eyes and a horrendous tale to tell. ‘its bad’ they proclaim. hushed murmurs begin to fill the room as the crowd wonders of the horrors that have been seen. all of their followers whisper and nod in agreement to one another. despite never actually reading it,, they were too afraid too,, they could all simply come to one final conclusion. 'its bad’ their followers repeat in a chorus. koogi is then crucified and burned on a stake. 

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can you draw taeil secretly judging doyoung for trying to act cute?????

how to see less upsetting photos on the internet? google search

I’ve been seeing a lot of otherkin hate on my dash and??? People shouldn’t be doing that because a lot of the time people who are otherki/n are mentally ill (or it’s a way of coping) and it's​ litterally albeist as fuck to just be going like “sorry otherkin don’t exist lmao” I’m not kin myself, I’m just into psychology. The reason there is so many people who are kin is because this is a website on the internet. There is a huge amount of people on Earth. The mental illness is rare (I’m still trying to find out a completely correct name as I’m a bit confused, but ATM that I know of it’s called Clinical Lycanthropy) but due to the internet allowing connection, a good amount of these people can be found. Please respect otherkin and the such, I know this is a pretty sharp lane to be talking about. If I misworded something on accident or the such, feel free to shoot me an ask or message me!

But for Pete’s sake, respect otherkin people

My names Aleksandr and I like dank memes. I’m a smol boys at the age of 14. I live in the fried chicken state (aka Kentucky)
I just want to make some new friends and talk to new people. I speak English, some French, and some Russian (not much).

Like: books, boys, cute people, writing, dinosaurs, cats, my plants, memes, music, and space.

Dislikes: homophobes or bigots of any kind. If you are a bigot or fascist please just ignore this post.

If you would like to be frens or just wanna chat about something, my Tumblr is Aleksandr-gogh. And if you want, I can add you to this cool tumblr pen pal group chat I have with some other dank memers.

guys im just gonna shout out my friends bc i have more friends now than i did the last time i did this (wow what a surprise (like legit)) im probably not gonna go super in depth bc it would be really similar between everyone so anyway yeah.

also: these are not ranked by importance to me or how much i love them, i just listed as they came to mind

@snow-slime who, if you havent guessed already, is my best friend and i love a lot. pls follow him, he has awesome art and is just an incredible person in general (his reblogs are on @slimearchive if you want)

@lum1natrix is basically my tumblr mother. shes so sweet and is always there for me. shes such a lovely person and if you dont follow her already, go do it

@rhinkydankiplier is my boyfriend and is just incredible. he makes me so happy and is just the best. please go follow and appreciate the lovely person

@crankywankiplier is a weirdo, but i love them. bee’s a good weird, and idk what id do without them

@smallsiplier has been my friend for literal years and is awesome pls follow this smol bean

@kodimint is my child and i love them a lot okay please follow and love them with me

@teeniethebean is just amazing??? and is so pretty???????? i love teenie a lot okay they were one of my first friends in the jse fandom and i just really love them okay

@tigracespace is so fucking sweet. shes like a mother to me too, and is just incredible????? pls love her

knowing my forgetful ass, theres other that i didnt mention but to all of my mutuals: i love you and youre all amazing. 💜💜💜