but no internets

Can yall immagine the rise in scuicides if net neutrality dies? Just think about it. Im not even being over dramatic.

Like how many times have you heard someone say to their favourite youtuber “watching you saved my life”

Or how many struggling artists have made a living online.

Or how many anxiety sufferers have found online jobs to support them.

Or how many people have moved away from all thier friends and only get to connect through online gaming.

Or even how many people have used IM scuicide lines because they cant bring themselves to pick up a phone and call?

I really wonder if the FCC have thought about this. (Clearly not tbf)

Why Taking Away Net Neutrality is a Human Rights Violation

Hey, guys, so just a reminder that taking away Net Neutrality is not only a wicked act but also possibly a human rights violation.

In 2016, the UN declared one’s right to have access to internet a human right. So limiting and restricting that access is arguably violating that right. It’s also censorship, as it withhelds information from millions of people. Unrestricted internet access allows one to freely excercize their freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of opinion (all of which are human rights).

Also, think of the kids with abusive parents, or kids questioning their sexualities, they might no longer be able to access supportive online communities or resources to help them in these situations.

Think about doing research for an assignment. You google your subject, find a good link, click on it and oh, wait, The link you clicked on is a news website and you haven’t purchased the news package…guess you can’t do your report.

Taking away Net Neutrality is a violation of multiple human rights and it affects all Americans. We need to stop this.


Please everyone, contact congress, your representatives, the FCC and possibly the supreme court. (if this proposal passes and Congress does not intervene) December 14th is the day the FCC commissioners will vote.

Ajit Pai
Mignon Clyburn
Brendan Carr
Michael O'Rielly
Jessica Rosenworcel

These individuals shall decide the fate of net neutrality. Contact your constituents, fight harder than ever before. We cannot let this stand. And after we bat another attempt to target net neutrality, we need to implement legislative protections to ensure the FCC or any other body can tamper with or try to remove net neutrality in the future. I have had enough. I also think to send a message consumers ought to boycott or reduce their consumption of services and products by Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and so forth to put them in their place. Reminding them of the public’s opinion, will and the true power of the consumer.

If you wish to file a comment with the FCC please visit the official website and enter this proceeding: 17-108.