but no in all seriousness that would be

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what would all the boys be like mid-puberty??

Yoosung || Yoosung was always a bit shorter than average, so when he heard everybody gets a growth spurt during puberty, he was so excited. His… never really came. “One day,” he keeps telling himself. He cried when he got his first boner because he didn’t know how to make it go away.

Jumin || Jumin was such a sweet, young kid. His voice was kind of girly, so people never took him seriously. And then his voice dropped just as hard as his balls did; puberty hit him like a truck. When it happened, his dad handed him a playboy magazine to congratulate him on his manhood.

Jaehee || Jaehee’s first period was excruciatingly painful, but she didn’t want to show weakness, so she went around all day with a massive blood stain on her pants, trying to smile through the pain. Nobody told her. She went to her health teacher to talk about it with a list of questions to make sure she was absolutely prepared for the rest of that stuff.

Zen || At the first signs of acne, Zen freaked out and scoured the internet for his ‘symptoms’, thinking he’d gotten ill. When he learned about  puberty, he started to obsessively search for the changes of his body. You  can find a journal of him recording the changes in his… privates.

(Zen also learned yoga for the specific reason that he wanted to be able to take selfies with his dick. He accomplished this. -b)

Seven || The absolute definition of dork would be Seven mid-puberty. A minefield of zits, braces, and every sentence his voice would break. People thought he was faking it, so he played it that way… but god. One day, he started praying to be more handsome, and that’s when puberty stopped being a bitch. He’s been devoted ever since. 

He was also that kid on Call of Duty, screeching at everybody (”I FUCKED YOUR MOM LAST NIGHT, TELL HER SORRY I DIDN’T STAY FOR BREAKFAST!!”); he got revenge on all of the people that made fun of him by hacking into their accounts and buying skins for his guns.

So the little What’s At Stake thing on the side of the dashboard is pretty outrageous, as I’m sure a lot of you all are aware, but I couldn’t help myself. I just had to point out some of the more ludicrous ones.

Right. Because government regulated wages are a great idea, yeah? Those communist countries sure showed us how successful that turned out to be.

Apparently we have the capacity to outright alter the damn weather now.

…holy shit, really? REALLY?

Hillary would know all about that, wouldn’t she? Oh wait.

isn’t real. We’ve been over this, ad nauseum. Just let this hoax die already.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the United States of America internationally around the 6th lowest in terms of deaths by guns, including suicides? The latter of which makes up the vast majority of the number, anyway?

JUST PRIVATIZE IT ALREADY. GOVERNMENT RUN ANYTHING IS SHIT-TIER COMPARED TO THE PRIVATE MARKET. Seriously, my private health insurance covers everything except life insurance for less than $100 a month.

Sure is working out well for Britain, Germany and all the rest of Europe, right? Why not jump into the crockpot with ‘em?

I mean, I know this is tumblr and all, but as usual, the echo chamber is just astounding.

I could only ever dream to meet chris cause let’s face it I wouldn’t last five seconds in the presence of that man.

Suicide should never be the answer

after what happened with Jaxon i just wanted to say this.

your life is worth more than you think. so many people care about you. this community cares about you.

if you are ever in a bad place, and are seriously contemplating taking your own life. please remember how much you mean to someone. think of how much it would tear them apart.

this community is here for you. we will gladly take care of you if you need it.

it sucks that people have these thoughts daily, even at all. it’s so awful to think that someone is in such a bad mentality that they would resort to death.

so please. if you’re ever in a bad place, and just need someone to talk to, this community is here for you.

we love you and believe in you. never forget that.

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Hi ! I was just wondering how you made the decision to go to art school? Thank you !

to start off, it’s a v personal decision with a lot of financial and situational stuff to factor in. i really wanted to go to college in general, and i got the feeling i wouldn’t be quite satisfied at a non-art school. i knew i wanted to take art seriously. it can build your sense of self-discipline, expose you to different mediums/methods, and immerse you in a collaborative crit environment. but imo it’s not totally necessary for success in the art world, it will give you a leg up initially but it’s all about personal motivation! so if it isn’t a financial viability it’s not the end of ur art career. i would recommend looking at alumni to see where they’re at and if that’s somewhere you want to be


Guys….. I’m stunned. Seriously. Thank you so so so so much!!!!! When I started this blog 4 months ago, I could have never imagined how kind and supportive this community would be. I have made so many friends- some of my best friends actually- and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I love you all! Thank you! 

 Ellie 💜 

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(Just tagging a few of you, sorry if you’re not up here!)

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Fluffy head canons for lesbians with Zarya and DVA? :D

Here you go my lovely sweetheart <3  ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ


  • Zarya gets super protective over her s/o. One time when her cute girlfriend almost burnt toast, Zarya came bombing down the hall ready to fight off a bear only to see it was just a half burnt piece of toast.
  • She loves nuzzling the side of her s/o’s neck. Each kiss she places, she will compliment them in Russian.
  • Zarya is the type of gal who would surprise her girlfriend at the door with a box of chocolates, heart shaped balloons and a cute stuffed teddy bear all to just ask them on a date (She takes this stuff seriously and puts in so much effort)
  • Loves to caress her s/o whether that be on the waist, shoulder, arm, cheek. She really loves the physical contact. Plus it gives her an excuse to give death glares at anyone interested in her girlfriend.


  • D.Va will often if not all the time show off her s/o and always be constantly talking about how great, beautiful, and smart they are. She feels they are the most amazing person.
  • Whenever she even mentions or sees her girlfriend, even for a split second, her cheeks will heat up and she will get so distracted.
  • Adores cuddling with her girlfriend while playing a video game. It actually helps her from not rage quitting. Something that she often does when she is playing alone.
  • Every week D.Va will make a box filled to the brim with little notes saying why she loves them. Each day, her girlfriend gets the wonderful surprise of reading a very sweet note! (P.S. I use to do this for my teachers growing up. Every time my teachers would cry because I wrote such lovely things about them. <3)

~Mod Rose

Woah, seriously i really reached all of these followers? i honestly wasn’t
expecting this at all guys there’s so many of you here right now, all i can
say is thank you all for everything, thank you all for appreciating me
and appreciating my little oc Martine, to be honest at first i didn’t
think i would ever reach this big number of followers..no..friends! i
can’t describe how happy i am in this moment, thank you all for
roleplaying with me, thank you all for talking to me and supporting me
it really means a lot to me and i hope i’d get to an higher number of
followers in the future, but the most important thing for me is having
all of these friends here, you all make me so happy,
really.  💗

Well, guess i’m going to make a list of all the sweeties i knew and would like to know better during all my time on Tumblr! 

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Monokuma: I have a surprise waiting for you after this next test. Telling you would spoil the surprise, so I’ll just give you a hint: It involves meeting two people you haven’t seen in a long time.

Monokuma: Initiating surprise in three… two… one.

[Confetti sprays everywhere, but Peko’s parents are not there.]

Monokuma: I made it all up. Surprise.

[Peko stabs things in annoyance.]

Monokuma: Oh come on… If it makes you feel any better, they abandoned you at birth, so I very seriously doubt they’d even want to see you.


Monokuma: I feel awful about that surprise. Tell you what, let’s give your parents a call right now. [phone ringing] The birth parents you are trying to reach do not love you. Please hang up. [Dial tone]. Oh, that’s sad. But impressive. Maybe they worked at the phone company.


Lol yeah, you disney fans all know where I got the idea for this from XD

Seriously though, I could totally imagine Steven being picked on by some bullshit asshole kids, but he like he wouldn’t really care what they said. But he knew that if Connie hears anyone bully Steven, she would go ham on those little shits. Of course Steven would try to stop her, but sometimes, when they go too far,.. there will be nothing he can do for them.

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It would be so hilarious to see hook trying to drive in the show. I don't think he ever has. Lmao

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Oh, man. I want this so bad. All of his swagger and pirate pride and I want to see him get behind the wheel of a car and be like, “SWAN, I have captained vessels many times larger than this; there will not be difficult for me to master.” and then he just completely fails spectacularly at it, crashing into everything and nearly running people over. And I’d need him getting defensive about his terrible driving, too, like “Who puts a bloody fence there? Seriously?” and “Why would you come near my vessel while it’s in motion?” “I had the right of way, Killian!” “The right of what? Now you’re just making up arbitrary rules so you can claim I’ve broken them!” And then at the end of it all, he buys himself a dirt bike. “Roads. I don’t need any bloody roads.”

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RFA reactions when MC trapped in the jewelry store with robbers. Thank you


  • Literally has to be restrained by police. If they weren’t there he would be busting through the glass of the shop and taking on the armed robbers with his bare fists. Seriously.
  • An anxious mess the entire time, with good reason, of course. But he’s shaking, tugging on his hair, sweating bullets and waiting for the signal that means MC is finally okay and safe.
  • If he can sense the situation escalating he’s going in with or without the polices’ o-k. He’s a secret agent for God’s sake!!! He’s gonna get you out of there and he’s not taking any chances!! All robbers have to go!!! They’re dead for putting you in danger.


  • Calls in all sorts of favors to get MC out as quickly as possible.
  • Selfishly careless. He isn’t even thinking about any of the other hostages, he’s only thinking about you. 
  • Threatens to get one officer fired every second you’re in danger.
  • Tries to keep his cool exterior but on the inside he’s falling apart and a nervous wreck.


  • SOBS THE ENTIRE TIME HE’S SO FUCKING SCARED AND WORRIED!!!! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO HIS MC???? First Unknown and now this????? CHRIST have you got bad luck
  • Clings to whoever he’s with, whether it be another member of the RFA or a police officer. He finds someone and attaches himself to their side.
  • Bites his nails excessively. 
  • PRAYS you’re going to be okay.
  • Jumps at the news that there’s movement in the building


  • Almost as emotional as Yoosung. Seriously on the brink of a breakdown.
  • Yells at the cops, yells at the press, calls them all useless
  • Tries to convince them to let him talk to the robbers as if they’d listen to him. “I’m so good looking there’s no way they can deny me of what I want!!!!”
  • Smokes an entire pack of cigarettes 


  • Feels absolutely helpless!!!! :(
  • This is the first time any member of the RFA has ever seen her sob. She lets herself be weak.
  • Begs and pleads with the team assigned to get the hostages out to PLEASE!!! keep MC safe
  • Keeps her eyes trained on you through the glass the entire time. Has a mini heart attack every single time you move.

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Seb is sick, he's got a cold, he probably wasn't feeling well to take all the gift boxes, then someone did it for him. Seriously, he always takes everything with him,, but this time he is not well. People need to relax, he is human.

Absolutely - he has assistants for a reason, anyway. Why would someone make the assumption that he was just leaving them behind to be trashed? That’s an awful thought - and unless they FOUND the boxes filled with gifts in the dumpster later, there’s just no reason to think the worst. Poor Seb, I feel for him being sick AND having to do a Con. Cons are exhausting when healthy - at least from my perspective. They keep him SO SO busy and he’s always so accommodating. C’mon people, don’t assume the worst from Sebastian. He’s not perfect, but he really is a good guy. Get some rest, Sebby! xoxox

So, as of tomorrow, we have officially been open for six months! I am still just completely in awe at how well this whole thing has gone for us. We are lucky enough to still have most of our founding members while also getting in new, enthusiastic players in every week. We, as admins, put a lot of work into this place every day, but it would absolutely not be the same without you guys.

So, seriously, thank you all SO MUCH for being such freaking badasses. I don’t care if you’ve been here for six full months or if you’ve been here for a few days. This place would not be what it is without you guys.

SO TO CELEBRATE we decided our next task was going to be something a little different and (hopefully) fun.

We decided to make our sixth task a fandom task! Below the cut is a series of questions for you guys to fill out for your characters to see where they fall in other fandoms and universes.

As always, tasks are optional, but encouraged. They’re useful for character understanding and development, and who doesn’t love fandom?


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you're wrong about harry getting a percentage, he got paid A LOT to be on the cover

Your source?

Also, the anon was asking if money towards a magazine would benefit Harry and the answer is no. If he got paid - which I seriously doubt since it’s promo for Harry - someone buying a copy still wouldn’t affect Harry financially at all.

but consider this:

When all the Bad Stuff ™ is over, or they just have a break for like a couple of hours maybe, Emma and Killian are just laying around in bed. Or chilling in sweaters under blankets on their makeout couch. Or in the kitchen having some food and just enjoying being around each other. And somehow they get on the topic of marriage.

Not really seriously, just something that they both play around with. At first it’s all just playful, debating which Monster of the Week would disrupt the nuptials, “I personally think I’d look smashing in a white dress.” “Killian, no.”

But then Killian gets a little more serious, muses, “Emma Jones.” He’d wink at her or something or just raise an eyebrow and say, “I quite like that.”

And then Emma would just bite her lip and fire back without hesitation, “Killian Swan doesn’t sound so bad either.”

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I love your Terry and your comments on all the Bats Beyond universe. Also, all the drawings of Jason with Starfire and Roy. And I would like to read RHatO but at the same time I don't want to... I read somewhere that that Jason was OOC and that all the New 52 are just a big mess and I'm honestly confused if I should read it or not.

Oh RHatO…..

You can read it IF and only IF you know you can blank out mass parts of the comic. To be truly honest, it’s about 98% Lobdell drivel. It takes itself waaay too seriously, ALWAYS has a misogynistic undertone (or is just blatantly misogynistic, A.K.A. How Kori is handled through the whole damn comic), and is all around infuriating to sit through or pay actual money for- particularly because of what could have been.

(This is gonna be really long I’m so sorry! MORE UNDER THE READMORE!)

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