but no i have nobody to play with anymore

so i was playinng competitive yesterday and after we won the first match, everyone on the other team left besides this one genji. my team felt bad, so we befriended the genji and hung out with him the second match. it was really chill, and once the point hit 99 he was a gentleman and stepped off the point so we could have it.
so the third match comes around and we’re already best friends, nobody on our team is even in a balanced composition anymore we’re just switching to characters who we have sitting emotes unlocked for so we can sit with genji. all of my team is solo queue, with me and one other guy in the voice chat. so genji shows up as usual and sits with us, and our tracer runs to the edge of the point and spams “Group up!” and we’re like oh my god she wants us all off the point so genji can win. So my team all runs off the point and sits down on the edge, and genji just sorta slowly walks up and looks at us for a moment, then cautiously steps on the point until he captures it. once he captures it we all get back on and chill with him again, until he hits 99 and we all get off again so he wins the match.
we ended up winning 3 to 1 against one genji. wherever you are, genji, you are awesome and thank you for the best competitive math ive ever had :’)

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I still play Pokémon Go, too. I don't know why everyone is saying nobody does anymore.

Ahh nice, a lot of people around me seem to have stopped :’) Perhaps it’s because the number of users declined so drastically that it seems like no one’s playing anymore (even though there’s still a fair userbase)? 

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I mean I really wanna believe Jonathan Tronathan isn't a Nazi and that he's just kind of a dumbshit who regurgitates bad info that he reads, just cause I'm a fan from way back before he got big, but uh. Signs are not looking good. And there are Problematic Faves and then there's This Guy You Were A Fan Of Is Literally A White Nationalist.

Yeah I mean at the end of the day nobody is perfect and chances are most people in the public eye have either done or said something unsavoury in the past. And I get it, people are human and as humans we tend to do stupid shit sometimes.

But this isn’t even on that playing field anymore, it’s not even the same damn ballgame. 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record HE IS LITERALLY REGURGITATING WHITE NATIONALIST ARGUMENTS. And not only are people defending him they’re sympathizing with his statements. 

Grossly inaccurate and wildly off-base statements that are very deeply rooted in racist ideology.

But call any one of them racist and they’ll go through the roof. It’s hilariously depressing.


Interviewer: What would you if the Stones or when the Stones eventually break up?

Keith: Well I don’t know, I actually read something the other day which suggested that there is no reason why the Stones couldn’t be a Sinatra or Bing Crosby which I thought was an amazing comparison. The thing is with rock n roll that no one has ever done that long enough for the idea of older people to play, which no doubt is what people thought about Jazz in the 20s. It would be inconceivable because nobody older has ever done it. I mean, I played with Muddy Waters for instance in Chicago and he’s no young guy anymore but he’s playing as good as ever and if he can do it sure I can. Well given the few obvious things like not having my hands chopped off or anything.


Weekly Book Rec: “Sender Unknown” by Sallie Lowenstein

“Sender Unknown” was first published independently by Lionstone Books in 2001 and then published by Scholastic Inc. in 2006.  A science fiction young adult novel that should be on everyone’s bookshelf, Lowenstein created one of the most original stories I have ever read. I read this book when I was ten years old and I instantly reread it a few times. Then I dog-eared my favorite passages and reread them slowly as I imagined the scenes playing out in my head, that was the ultimate expression of love to a story for my ten year old self. 

Back then I fell in love with the original ideas presented in the novel and thought that the message of the story was nice, but that the setting was definitely the least likely thing to happen in real life. The setting is this: a vague future in which nobody plays with toys, nobody reads paper books anymore and fantasy stories or fairy tales have completely disappeared from being socially acceptable past-times to being utterly taboo. Everything is digital, catalogs and snail-mail is pretty much unheard of. Mark moves into a more ‘appropriate’ house for ‘successful man’ after a high school reunion leaves him questioning his life choices and very quickly catalogs arrive at his doorstep for dolls and toys based on fantasy characters. He orders a few and to his surprise; they arrive not as dolls, but as children. Artificially created children based off of fairy tales in crates that say ‘No returns’ and ‘sender unknown’. Unable to return the children, he then faces many sticky situations as the children begin to become part of his life, all while investigating their origins with an ex-cop turned cab driver and his mysteriously ghostly granddaughter…

And my ten year old self thought digitalization was the most unrealistic thing in this book. 

Eleven years later, I reread the book and instantly fell in love all over again, this time even harder. True, the mystery of it both intrigued and frustrated me just as it had as a child, and the artwork of the children was now as creepy as it was fascinating, but there was something new. 

I fell in love with the character of Markham Perralt for the first time. As a child I hadn’t been able to fully appreciate the genius of a protagonist he truly was and what kind of a carefully crafted, 3-Dimensional character he was. Mark is everything I want to be when I grow up, because he didn’t want to grow up. Although he makes the decision to turn away from creativity to join the business world, internally he goes kicking and screaming. Just like with everything else his stiff yet lovable assistant tries to get him to do, in the name of propriety.

I see you, Markham Perralt, and you remind me that in a world of bland corporate suits, it never hurts to wear an eyeball printed tie. Stay creative. Stay curious. Keep Reading. Thank you, Mark. Thank you, Sallie. 

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(Post this soon, too, please.) Sorren Fey, I will not be letting my child play on this website anymore if you decide to continue to behave so poorly, or are not fired. By the by, I have seen you on your DeviantART profile. You look no older than fifteen. Nobody that young should be in such a high position, or have that many piercings. Someone of that age is not mature enough to make rational and responsible decisions. I hope Tess or Nick sees this message. - Sincerely, a disappointed mother.

Woah man. I understand your a parent, and you have a valid point but. People can have as many piercings as they want, ik its 16 yrs for some piercings but like,, does it really matter? - tree (also posting asap because its related to the sorren stuff)

Contain yourself, contain yourself, old cat.

Apathy. Boredom. Fury. Day has been fuzzy around the idea of time. Tea was wonderful, of course, for it was raining and I was revisiting favorite tapes with the muse in the muted depth of the late afternoon, where nobody cared to beckon me. Did some chores, including two batches of laundry. It’s like the sleep that does not come, the tears have stopped. I don’t care anymore. I have better things to plan, I have to invest in myself. Read only 12 more pages of Lolita. Could play nothing on the ukulele, only checked if the guitar was in tune (it was), and was overtly frustrated in my inability to play any barre chords just as yet.

78. Not allowed to play the bag pipes in the Gryffindor Common Rooms in the middle of the night while everyone else is sleeping.

We weren’t sleeping for long. - PP

You know, I don’t mind the bag pipes when they are played well. You sir, can not play well. - RL

Which is why I needed to practice. Duh. - SB

Did you have to play them the night before the big game? - JP

Yes. Yes I did. - SB

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37. Can you live a day without tv?

HA! I don’t actually watch tv! So shows would not be missed or anything.

The physical television I have is used for console gaming… Except I have nobody to play with anymore cus all the gaming friends i know have Overwatch on PC…

Switch out “tv” with “YouTube”, though… x_x

i’m so happy that i was born early enough to experience a childhood without screens and now virtual reality being so easily accessible… like don’t get me wrong i love technology and it’s awesome we all carry around computers in our pockets but like… kids should grow up trying to make sense of the world on their own terms, with their imagination and ingenuity and innocence! now, i feel like the internet and all these colorful point and shoot games are just… idk. i’m wary of the idea of children one day having a play date and just sitting in a circle on the floor staring into a vr headset for hours. i know that kids still have recess and stuff and fun reasons to go outside but i know i can’t deny that i see more six year olds with iphones than without these days! i wonder what’s going to happen to the world because of this in fifty years…. whats going to happen when nobody remembers the natural world anymore?


KINGDOM HEARTS TRASH. I had sworn I would never EVER post a picture of me online, but in all honesty, IDGAF ANYMORE :D This is a special #KhFandomSelfie thingy for fuckyeahkingdomheartsseries, who recently hit 30K. Congrats man <3 Let me also add a HUUUGE thanks, for you reblogged my KH photoset the other day and its notes were doubled in a matter of hours. I really appreciate that :)

Except for Axel, everything else is handmade by me :)

For the record, I don’t really have a strict blocking policy. I just block everyone, and yes, EVERYONE who irritates me on a number of different levels. Because I ain’t hanging out here to be lectured by someone else about how I should watch my shows. I don’t care if you “have a point”, nobody asked and nobody cares. I don’t need all sides of the story at all times to keep me from embracing literally every single show I ever watch. Of course you can play the role of SJW here and teach everyone a lesson about how literally everything is problematic therefore we should what, not be a fan of anything anymore? It’s just fucking rude.

So no, I don’t keep track of people who disagree with me. I’m not masochistic like them. I just block everyone who pollutes my tags with counter arguments, period. As long as we’re not gonna see each other’s posts ever again, I’m not gonna be the one who will be missing valuable content on my dash.

I get the entire marvel fandom & most of tumblr are angry about the Spider-Man reboot & how Andrew isn’t playing Peter anymore, but come on guys… Nobody is even giving Tom Holland a chance. I bet every single one of you would kill to be in a Marvel movie as someone, even if it was in a reboot. He was probably so excited to be cast & to most likely be in an avengers movie & then he’s going to go online & see everyone being salty. That’s not cool.

I have some faith in this reboot & am happy marvel actually owns Spidey now. I have faith in Tom’s acting capabilities. The least you can do is give it a chance and stop complaining.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words // Closed RP (high school) with heartartemishunter

Alice sighed as she looked up at the photography teacher. The teacher was assigning a new project, and saying that she was allowing them to pick their partners. Alice, having no friends in that class, sat silently as the other students quickly jumped up, running to their friends. She sighed, playing with her hair as she looked around the room. She looked back down at her desk as the teacher came up to her. 

“Miss Vachier? Do you not have a partner?” He asked, looking down on her. 

“No sir. I don’t.” She replied quietly, looking up. 

“I’ll have to assign you one I guess. Again.” He said, a bit annoyed with her. 

She didn’t even bother trying to find a partner anymore. She just waited for the teachers to do it for her. Nobody really wanted to be paired up with her. Or at least, not that she knew of.