but no i have nobody to play with anymore

“My father died in his sleep last year. Right after my birthday. I didn’t have a good relationship with him. He left the family when I was ten. We had good moments but we were never really close. I wanted him to understand me. I wanted him to realize that I needed support, and love, and somebody to take care of me. I needed him to say ‘I’m sorry.’ But he never did. Whenever we talked, all he cared about was getting across his side of the story. And then he died. And now I have to forgive someone who can’t say ‘I’m sorry.’ I feel like I’m playing this game of chess. And I have to keep making moves, or nothing will ever change. Except that there’s nobody sitting across from me anymore. And I can only guess the moves that he’d make.”

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

"Why don't you just come out?"

Because when I was 5, my aunt said, “Oh, you must be John’s girlfriend, because you like to play with him! You two are so cute together!”

Because when I was 7, my grandpa came out as gay, and suddenly nobody in my family wanted to visit him anymore.

Because when I was 10, my parents told me that I could have girls come to my sleepovers, but not boys.

Because when I was 12, my grandmother took me to church with her, and when the priest said that all gay people went to hell, she nodded along.

Because when I was 13, I was called a dyke for daring to have short hair.

Because when I was 14, I came out as bisexual to a lesbian friend, and she told me, “Well, I mean, it’s not like you’re REALLY gay. It doesn’t really count”.

Because when I was 15, I was finally given the right to marry whoever I wanted to, and people were angry with the Supreme Court.

Because when I was 16, a man went to the Pulse nightclub and murdered 49 latinx queer people in cold blood, and people tried to say that it wasn’t a hate crime.

Because by the time I turned 17, I had been told time and time again that I don’t belong, that I’m too gay for one community and not gay enough for another.

★*゚‘゚・The Mummy (1999)

❝ What are you doing here? ❞
❝ You must go. Save yourself. Only you can resurrect me. ❞
❝ By eating the sacred scarabs, I would be cursed to stay alive forever. And by eating me, they were cursed just the same. ❞
❝ I knew this was gonna be a lousy day. ❞
❝ Personally, I would like to surrender. Why can we not just surrender? ❞
❝ Then let’s run away. Right now. While we can still make it. ❞
❝ Now gimme your revolver, you’ll never use it anyway. ❞
❝ Let’s play dead, huh? Nobody ever does that anymore. ❞
❝ What are ya doing?! Wait up! ❞
❝ I’m gonna get you for this! ❞
❝ I’m sorry, it was an accident. ❞
❝ Have you no respect for the dead? ❞
❝ Where did you get this? ❞
❝ Two questions. Who the hell is Seti the First? And was he rich? ❞
❝ As the Americans would say: it’s all fairy tales and hokum. ❞
❝ I’m sure it was a fake, anyway. ❞
❝ You lied to me! ❞
❝ I lie to everybody, what makes you so special? ❞
❝ And what is he in prison for? ❞
❝ He said… he was just looking for a good time. ❞
❝ What did you find? What did you see? ❞
❝ Get me the hell outta here. ❞
❝ I will give you one hundred pounds to spare his life. ❞
❝ Yeah, I’d like ya to let me go. ❞
❝ Then we will kill her, we will kill her and all those with her. ❞
❝ For all the money we’re paying you, something better god-damned well be under that sand. ❞
❝ Do you really think he’ll show up? ❞
❝ Personally, I think he’s filthy, rude and a complete scoundrel. I don’t like him one bit. ❞
❝ I have come to protect my investment, thank you very much. ❞
❝ I only gamble with my life, never my money. ❞
❝ What makes you so confident, sir? ❞
❝ Sorry, didn’t mean to scare ya. ❞
❝ Still angry that I kissed ya, huh? ❞
❝ The last time I was at that place everybody I was with died.  ❞
❝ By the way,… why did you kiss me? ❞
❝ You always did have more balls than brains. ❞
❝ Can you swim? ❞
❝ Americans. ❞
❝ I can’t believe the price of these fleabags. ❞
❝ All night you snored!  ❞
❝ What in bloody hell is this? ❞
❝ Ah, begging your pardon, but shouldn’t we be going? ❞
❝ You boys owe me five hundred dollars. ❞
❝ Where’d all these camels come from? ❞
❝ That thing gives me the creeps. ❞
❝ What are those mirrors for? ❞
❝ Who cares? I don’t see no treasure. ❞
❝ You’re welcome to my share of the spider webs. ❞
❝ Mummies, my good son, this is where they made the mummies. ❞
❝ Ya scared the bejeezus out of us. ❞
❝ I’ve had worse. ❞
❝ Let’s be nice, children, if we’re going to play together, we must learn to share. ❞
❝And when those dirty Yanks go to sleep – No offence. ❞
❝ We’ll sneak up and steal that book right out from under them. ❞
❝ What do you suppose killed him? ❞
❝ I believe if I can see it and I  can touch it, then it’s real. That’s what I believe. ❞
❝ Why do you like to fight so much? ❞
❝ For them to protect it like this, you just know there’s got to be treasure down there. ❞
❝ …I am a librarian! ❞
❝ I can’t believe I allowed the two of you to get me drunk. ❞
❝ You dream about dead guys? ❞
❝ Stupid superstitious bastard. ❞
❝ Oh my god, he was buried alive. ❞
❝ What are you going to do? Shoot him? ❞
❝ Did you see that!? Grasshoppers! Billions of grasshoppers! ❞
❝ That’s one of the plagues, right? The grasshopper plague! ❞
❝ Oh thank goodness, you’re one of the Americans, aren’t you? ❞
❝ Help me,… please,… help me. ❞
❝ No mortal weapons can kill this creature. He is not of this world. ❞
❝ You left me! You left me in the desert to rot. ❞
❝ Sweet Jesus! That tasted just like,…like… ❞
❝ You saved me from the undead. For this, I shall make you immortal. ❞
❝ There’s only one person I know who can possibly give us some answers. ❞
❝ And you think this justifies killing innocent people!? ❞
❝ Okay, let’s cut to the chase. He’s afraid of cats, what’s that about? ❞
❝ The hell with that! I’m not goin’ nowhere! We’re safe here. ❞
❝ What friend? You’re my only friend. ❞
❝ What are you looking for? Lie, and I’ll slit your throat. ❞
❝ Something about bringing his dead girly-friend back to life. He needs the book… ❞
❝ Ya know, ever since I met you, my luck has been for crap. ❞
❝ The hell with this. I’m goin, downstairs to get me a drink. You want somethin’? ❞
❝ Yeah, get me a glass of bourbon, a shot of bourbon and a bourbon chaser. ❞
❝ Jealous? You kiddin’ me? Did you see that guy’s face? ❞
❝ Is it dangerous? ❞
❝ Save the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy and steal his treasure. ❞
❝ You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself, always get their comeuppance. ❞
❝ From now on, don’t touch anything. Not a damn thing. Keep your hands off the furniture, got it? ❞
❝ He wants your heart and your brain, your liver, your kidneys… ❞
❝ I never killed a priest before. ❞
❝ Kill them! Kill them all! And bring me the Book Of The Living! ❞
❝ This just keeps gettin, better and better. ❞
❝ Death is only the beginning. ❞
❝ Well,… I guess we go home empty handed. ❞

Just INFP Things

- Doing stupid or clumsy things because you forgot to pay attention to the real world again; walked into doors, burned your food, maybe jumped a red light… 

-When someone is Having Feelings in your vicinity, you are having those feelings right along with them, even if you don’t know who they are or why they’re upset


- Really wanting to have your life all organised and together but also being the sort of person who just doesn’t do that

- When you look at a thing and it reminds you of another thing but nobody else sees it and then you become ‘the weird one’. 

- Dropping everything you’re doing to google something you got curious about, or draw an image that just occurred to you, or in any way indulging a sudden burst of imagination before it slips away and your boring life returns

- Having to say ‘I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT IT’S JUST THIS FEELING’ on a daily basis to a bunch of blank faces

- Nobody seems to appreciate the value of a long walk by yourself

- The sensible, logical voice in your head is constantly facepalming at all the stupid stuff you do, even though it told you this was a bad idea

- Your best solution to most potential problems is ‘I’ll just take to the woods and live alone with the trees where nobody will care what I do’

- ‘What are you staring at?’ ‘What are you smiling about?’ ‘Why the sudden gasp?’ 

- When you’re focused on something important then you start thinking all these other thoughts about the thing and then it snowballs and you realise you have no idea what you started off focused on anymore

- The inside of your head is basically Jean Valjean’s ‘Who Am I?’ playing on a loop


Please add your INFP things below

Talk about the Twitter post about sexism

Since we apparantly still live in the 1950′s sexism seems to still be a gigantic issue in video games. One problem I have with this is the people who speak up about it like it can just be ignored and blocked, that’s why that exists. But when you get told that literally every single game, something has to be wrong. 

I don’t understand how people can categorize it as trolling or just being toxic, because it is legit harassment towards someone based on gender and that shit seems to be more acceptable than toxic people. 

I had a game where these guys were going against each other, insulting each others playstyle and they threw their arguments aside just to fully focus their attack on me and being a girl.

It’s pathetic and sad having to block people on twitter because they say stuff like “please no feminism” and “wow this overreaction”

It’s just so sad to see, I literally have no words. I have no issues dealing with these people, I would move on and do whatever the fuck I was doing but knowing that girls everywhere suffer thanks to this behaviour, it literally makes me so uncomfortable and that this seems to never get punished- it’s… so disgusting. Nobody speaks up because exactly these reactions come back.

“are you sure you weren’t just playing bad?” buddy this guy was a tracer only main who said he couldn’t tank so he went torb instead and died in under 2 seconds, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the issue. 

fucking cut my fingers off and wake me up when this shit is over and girls don’t have to be scared in video games anymore or don’t have to be scared to speak up. 

fucking hell.

Tim Stack: What does that last shot mean to you? It’s left pretty open-ended.

Sarah Paulson: Well it’s the green cloak of the SCUM. It’s the SCUM cloak. Listen, this is a conversation that Ryan and Tim Minear and I really had. At the end of the day, she’s the mother of a son. She has a boy she’s raising. There’s a kind of poignant moment where he says, “Am I going to be a good person? Am I going to be a good man?” And I say, “I hope so.” And their intent with writing it and my intent with playing it was, “I hope you will because my mission in life now is to create a world where men have to be responsible for themselves and their behavior. I’m going to be in Washington and have some power, and the goal being nobody is going to get away with anything anymore. More than a good person, you have to be a feminist. You have to be on the right side of history.” It should have had a feeling of something odd in my communication to him.

But I think they wanted to keep it sort of mysterious in the sense of what does it mean. And what does it mean to each audience member in terms of how they view the reality now that Ally has power, beyond just personal power. But what will she do now that she has some sort of beginnings of a political voice and an opportunity to reach further into the world of being a civil servant? What will she do with that? If she is in fact a member of a new group of women who will stand for nothing but the righteous treatment and respect of them, what will that look like? But it shouldn’t be definitive. It should be up to the viewer to decide what it means she’s going to do with this. Does it mean she’s going to kill men? I don’t know. I have an opinion about it, but it’s not one I’m ready to share. But it was a conversation that was had about what this would mean for her being the mother of a young man and having been a person who witnessed so much senseless killing. But it should be a mystery.

“What sort of lunatic fantasy is that?”

Ready for something we’ve had 21 months to look at but haven’t for some reason? 

The last scene of The Abominable Bride opens with John Watson scoffing at Holmes’ ideas of what exists in a future world. “Flying machines” and “telephone contraptions” are what Watson points out. This means Holmes told Watson about what he saw in “real life” –  in the future (present-day) plane and cemetery scenes. 

So Victorian Holmes is relaying information on what he saw, almost as if the present day scenes in TAB were fake (we know at least one was). Holmes then goes on to say something very important:

“From a drop of water, a logician should be able to infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara.”

This means since he “saw” the future through his experience on the plane (flying machine) he can infer what a future world might look like and how he and Watson might fit inside it. 

Holmes’ “drop of water” is the future (present-day) scenes. Through those, he is inferring how Sherlock and John might live in that reality. 

Series 4 is the Niagra to that drop of water. Victorian Holmes saw Sherlock’s present-day life and projected a reality for himself and John based on that. THAT is series 4.

John picked Mary in HLV? Threatened Sherlock in Baker Street? Kicked a chair out of anger? “Tell me where my wife is you pompous prick or I’ll punch your lights out!”, “Mary’s taking me home!”, “Do not forget me!”, “nobody deceives like an addict”, “This could kill you, you could die!”, “I have access to the top level of the MI5 archive – that’s where I’m looking”, “Beloved Sister”, “Solitary confinement is locking you up with your worst enemy”, “when you’re ready to go to work, give me a call”, “I’m not playing this time, Sherlock, not anymore”

So you think John treated Sherlock super terribly in Series 4? Well, that’s what Victorian Sherlock saw in HLV and TAB. That was his “drop of water”. He used all those things to create the Niagra, which is Series 4.  

I hated reading until...

“Father, I want to study law.”

I told him during dinner when I arrived from work. I embraced him when I assisted him to stand up because he couldn’t stand alone. I sort of succumbed to the enormousness of my thoughts. How on earth had this been possible? I didn’t know, the evening seemed to be as uncertain and as deep as my feelings. And so I did a little retroactive activity.

I remembered sixteen years ago I was ten. I didn’t know libraries exist. I wasn’t a fan of reading books. I was more of an outside kid. Although I liked going to school, I’d always look forward to trot into our home and change clothes to play games with friends and hunt bugs by catapulting stones into highrising trees in the neighborhood. When bugs plummeted from a towering tree behind the blazing sunlight, everyone got exhilirated.

I’d always hear my father reminding me to read books, but due to the inundating demands from outside home I must say I liked going outside more.. my father was persistent..he would remind me over and over again.

Once, I was helping my mother cook our lunch and I was called by my father. He was holding a thick old book. I supposed he was reading it, because there was a bookmark clasped in it. I was panting deep inside. Agitating thoughts flowed in my head in every inexplicable way. I sat down and waited. He asked me to pick up a science encyclopedia and read it aloud. And so I acquiesced. I was perspiring because when he opened the book and asked me to read, I didn’t know how to pronounce “fungi.” I would say it as is. Like “fuunngiii.”

My father got angry, and I was deeply quiet. Back then I didn’t particularly discern why he acted like that. I would always regard reading as a chore and I just couldn’t help but cry. If only I could play outside like I always do, I told myself.

Months passed and my father went busy supervising his vegetable business. And of course I continued playing and playing until I got tired. My friends got tired too. I guessed some things were bound to wane and fade away. I resorted to my instinct, I realized that I didn’t want to be reminded by my father anymore. I had a tiny paradigm shift and picked up a book because I got bored playing. The antique book didn’t have a cover, but I was fascinated by the sheer old smell of it, and the brownish stain that embraced it. And so I opened it and I started reading. I read it aloud alone chapter by chapter, and finished it. It was the start of everything. I finally needed nobody to tell me to read.

My father saw me and he kept working and years have passed I read classics and finished college with a degree in Literature. And I still couldn’t stop reading. I’m just in love with words.

Right now, he’s watching TV while playing Candy Crush in his tablet, it’s been his rapertoire since the day he got stroke. I’d always remind him to take his meds, I’d provide for him and I love him so much. I thank him because he gave me this gift that will never tarnish: the unending love for books…

When I told him that I wanted to study law, he couldn’t say a word.. All he did was to cry, and so everything had dovetailed to me..and I realized why he got angry when I pronounced the word “fungi” as is.

I just realized something I think is pretty significant.

We all know that Sarada addresses Naruto as “Lord Seventh” implying that she’s had very little contact with him even though Sakura and he were on the same team, which is bizarre considering how important friends were to Naruto and how close he was with Sakura. I say was as, thanks to the terrible ending, nobody seems to be close to anybody anymore. However Sarada seems aware that Naruto and her parents used to be close, even before she speaks to Naruto.

But Naruto’s kids didn’t seem to have any idea who Sasuke even was. Like he’s called the “Shadow Kage” and is supposed to be Naruto’s strongest bond but it seems Naruto never bothered to mention him to his kids at all. Boruto knew him as Sarada’s dad but you’d think that, since once again he and Naruto were so close and that Sasuke played a very big role in ninja history over the last few decades, that Naruto would bring him up at least a few times. Have at least one picture of him somewhere.

But when Boruto first meets Sasuke he has no idea who he is. Even when Hinata says Sasuke’s name there’s no recognition; Naruto’s son has literally no clue who Sasuke is. Naruto never once bothered to show his kids a picture of his supposed “best friend” and “Shadow Kage.” Evidence given to us by the narrative would even suggest that most of the “new” generation have no idea who Sasuke is, considering that ChoCho didn’t recognize him either, and that his name and picture have been almost completely erased from history.

So what can we gather from this?

1. Naruto not only didn’t keep in contact with Sakura, but also practically hid Sasuke’s existence from everyone. Especially his own kids and history itself.

2. Sasuke, who isn’t in the village only once every decade or so, doesn’t seem to know how his story is being erased because he’s trusted it to Naruto.

3. Sakura is either completely clueless because she hasn’t kept in contact with anyone and just stays home all day or knows what’s going on but doesn’t care to try and correct it.

4. Hinata never knew anything anyway so she continues to be irrelevant even now.

5. Everyone who lived through the 4th Shinobi World War and knew of Sasuke’s contributions either turned a blind eye or, more than likely, has been silenced.

6. Even with only two Uchiha left in the entire world, they’re still being oppressed and they don’t even know it.

7. Team Taka’s contributions to not only Naruto and Sakura but the 4th Shinobi World War have been completely washed away because of their involvement with Sasuke and how tightly connected they are.
(Side note: It’s bizarre that Naruto will go so far out of his way to avoid talking about Sasuke’s achievements to the new generation, going so far as to make up lies about himself and Sasuke, and Sakura will tape herself over a picture of Karin but nobody seems all too concerned that Orochimaru’s kid is a ninja for the village. A man who experimented on children, tried to destroy the Hidden Leaf, and is known for planting spies in the village (Kabuto) is perfectly accepted but Team Taka is continually treated like criminals.)

So I’d really like to see the pros try and explain away this complete disrespect to Sasuke and Team Taka’s characters.

Talcott on Jared

Talcott: Your Majesty…do you remember my grandfather?

Noctis: Yeah.

Talcott: There’s something I wasn’t able to tell you back then. Grandpa died because of me… It was my fault. An imperial officer approached me in town, asked if I was from the Crown City. And that was just the beginning:

“What brings you here, young man? You didn’t come here by yourself, did you? Your grandfather is a butler at a manor? How very grand! He rubs shoulders with the royal family? You must be ever-so proud!”

Talcott: I answered him without thinking. A little after that, the man showed up at our hotel.

Noctis: Talcott…

Talcott: Think what you will of me, but please know that Grandpa didn’t give you away.

Noctis: Listen.

Talcott: …Yeah?

Noctis: You’re not a kid anymore. You should know by now what happened that day wasn’t your faultnone of it. Y’know, it’s hard to ask someone else about their pain, but it’s just as hard to share your own with someone else.

Noctis: I appreciate you opening up to me, and I swear I’ll make things right. But believe me when I say that nobody blames you. Not me, not your grandpa. Trust me: you have the king’s word.

Talcott: I suppose you’re right, Your Majesty. Thank you.


imagine stydia laying in bed together after they got stiles back.imagine them laying facing each other, and stiles gently caressing her cheeks as he tells her that they should sleep.she nods and moves closer to him and he wraps his arms around her pulling her closer to his body and after 2 minutes of just them hearing each other breathing and heartbeats lydia speaks “i still haven’t said it ba-” he interrupts her and tells her that she don’t have to but she sits on the bed and looks down at him and tells him “no, you deserve to know everything,i don’t want to hide anything from you anymore” she looks so small and fragile, so her reaches for the hand that is on her lap to encourage her, she intertwine their fingers and looks down at their joined hands, with small smile on her face she starts to talk “you have always been there for me even when i ignored you,you knew things about me that nobody else knew, you believed me when i didn’t even believe in myself” she looks at him, she sees that he has tears in his eyes,she drops her gaze to their joined hands and plays with his fingers while she continues “i liked you the way i liked scott, maybe a little bit more, but when i kissed you” she takes a shaky breath “but when i kissed you everything has changed, i didn’t know what i am feeling, i never felt like that and i was scared and i hated it because for the first time i didn’t feel like i am in control of what’s going on, so i tried to forget about it, i tried to spend more time with aiden and it worked for a while but i didn’t want to be with the bad guys anymore” she stops and wipes the tear that escaped her eye “and then you were not you, i thought i lost you” “i lost allison and aiden and i needed you but you weren’t there, i was mad not at you but at me because i had my chance and i was too scared to do something” she breaks down and cries.he sits and wraps her in his arms,so she is sitting in his lap now, she buries her face in the crook of his neck,  he whispers comforting words to her, she finds her voice and tells him “ sometimes i thought that maybe you still have feelings for me but then i see you with malia and i feel so stupid to think that you’re still waiting for me, you deserve to be happy and you were happy with her and i didn’t want to ruin the thing that made you happy, you deserve happiness after all of what happened with the Nogitsune , you waited years for me so i deserved to wait for you ” “ and then you saved me as you always do, and from that moment i knew that what i am feeling is not just temporary” .she speaks softly “ then you told me to remember that you love me but i forgot it” she pulls from their hug so she can see his face ,they are both crying now. she looks at him softly “i remembered that i love, i love you stiles” he crashes his lips against hers.he tries to tell her through the kiss that he loves her, that he missed her, that he is sorry for not being there for her. he kisses every inch of her face as he whispers that he loves her, he tells her that he is sorry, he tells her that it has always been her, no one but her.

“no one else but you lydia” 

and for the first time both of them sleep knowing that they’re right were they belong.safe in the love of their life arms. 

my thoughts on what happened after they got stiles back

  • they would spend each second holding hands 
  • she goes with him to his house 
  • she wears his clothes to sleep 
  • lydia tells him everything 
  • and he tells her everything 
  • they don’t have sex, they make out a lot but they both know that it’s not leading to sex.
  • they spend the night cuddling,talking and sharing kisses. 
  • stiles keeps making jokes to make her laugh. imagine before she starts talking she tells him that she is bad at feelings and after she finishes her mixtape he kisses her and after he drops his long ass mixtape he kisses her again and jokes that she is really good at feelings . and she chuckles and buries her face in his shirt. and tells him softly that he is stupid and he tells her gently “that’s why you love me” and she softly replies with “yeah, i dolove you” fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. 
  • the last thing they hear before they fall a sleep is “i love you”
  • stiles wakes up first, and he spend 5 minutes just staring at lydia sleeping.
  • he wakes her up with kisses. 
  • they have sex for the first time in the morning, they would have breakfast with the sheriff then after he leaves to work, they cuddle on the couch, stiles keeps complaining about that he missed so many episodes from ( a tv show that he and lydia watch together), and lydia tells him that she hasn’t watched the episodes yet and he tells her “why? i thought it was you favorite show and i remember once you told me that it’s a life changing show?” she turns around to face him and she tells him “you weren’t there to complain about how stupid the show is. so i got bored and i didn’t continue watching it” 

“oh god, i love you” he says and then he kisses her.they make out until lydia pulls back and looks at him,stiles know what she wants “you sure?” he tells her ,she nodes and then she is kissing him again ,he pulls back and gets up from the couch, she stares at him confused then he offers his hand to her saying ”i don’t want our first time to be on a couch” she grins and takes his hand and they fuck. 

nona-inc  asked:

What's your favorite headcanon for KatsuDeku? What's a quote that reminds you of them? AH PLEASE JUST RANT ABOUT KTDK AND I'LL BE HAPPY. 💛💚

KatsuDeku: The Ramblings of Ink: Chapter 1

In all seriousness

My favorite headcanon for KatsuDeku has a lot more to deal with Katsuki more than Izuku. The headcanon is that throughout their relationship Katsuki has always placed himself in the protector role, and Izuku in the protected role. Flashbacks before their quirks came about, and even some of the flashbacks and moments in the show presently, Katsuki still places the two of them into these slots, even if it is subconscious.

Let me explain…

Katsuki and Izuku grew up together and are always referred to as childhood friends. Katsuki was still very good at things, and Izuku always admired Kacchan, so the dynamic was put into place. Katsuki felt, that as Izuku’s friend, he was meant to look out and protect Izuku. He shows Izuku how to do things, lets Izuku follow him around, and likes the attention Izuku gives him when Katsuki does something for him.

Then Katsuki gets his quirk, Izuku doesn’t, and cue their messed up society fucking up these two kids. (Someone remind me later to rant about how their society in general and just the disregard of the majority of the adults in this goddamn show effect the kids so much, seriously) As stated in my ship opinion, putting all of the blame onto Katsuki for Izuku’s problems is an over exaggeration and incorrect. Society plays a huge roll on how the two of these boys grow up, even together.

Back to the headcanon

Now, still as kids, quirk and no quirk established, Katsuki still fills the protector roll, he just begins to become an asshole about it whenever he’s in front of others. Mainly his two friends that I call Tweedledee and Tweedledum or the kid with dragon wings and the kid with extendofingers. Katsuki always used to pick on Izuku, but now that society and others have told Katsuki that he is not just looking out for Izuku, but better than him, well … you see the problem. Katsuki continues the behavior until the bridge scene, ya’ll know what one I mean, then shit really hits the fan.

Not only has society and the adults told Katsuki that he is better than Izuku, but now Izuku himself is challenging the dynamic of Protector/Protected. Izuku reaches out his hand to Katsuki and asks if he needs help. The one being protected has just looked out for the protector, someone society has claimed to be beneath him.

So Katsuki becomes an even bigger asshole about it.

Now, I’ve watched both sub and dub of the show, but I’m going to be using the dub for this example because I just rewatched the first two episodes yesterday. We’re gonna talk about the classroom scene. Katsuki is shown to be arrogant, rude, with an inflated ego to match, however nobody scolds him for it. Katsuki makes his huge scene and even jumps on his damn desk and his teacher does absolutely nothing about that. Then he’s made aware that Izuku wants to attend the same school that he does, the school for heroes, a school where quirkless loser Izuku would never survive. So he has his overthetop dick reaction while the entire class is watching.

When he thinks it’s just going to be himself and Deku, the tone changes. It’s threatening, but not as loud or imposing as it was when the entire class was watching. Then, the tweedles show up and Katsuki has to promenade around again because that’s how he is. So, he blows up the notebook, but he doesn’t destroy it. Please remember that this is the same kid that almost blew up an entire building his second day of class.

Katsuki only singes the edges of the notebook, Izuku can still read all of his notes. Katsuki held back when damaging Izuku’s notebook. Tossing it out the window was to show off to his two dork friends who never show up again. Katsuki doesn’t say anything more, not until the two idiots begin to pick on Izuku. (This would be a second headcanon, but really something I just noticed while watching, but like Katsuki is the definition of I can call my friend shit, but the minute you do I will either kill you or one up you. Sadly, Katsuki picks the one up option). Katsuki is all body language, and boy does he say a lot.

Side note, I love that Izuku’s response 9/10 to Katsuki is to call Katsuki an idiot? Like Izuku isn’t scared of Katsuki, he just knows (until OFA) he can’t take him in a fight because that’s been drilled into his head since he was a kid. Combat is the only time Izuku is ever hesitant around Katsuki, but I’m getting off topic.

Back to the headcanon

Katsuki believes that quirkless Deku will never be a hero, not because of anything Izuku is personally, but because he’s quirkless. So, protect Izuku by crushing his dreams of becoming a hero, he’ll do something safer and something he can actually do.

Cue Katsuki realizing that Izuku has a quirk and thinks he’s been lied to his entire life. Yeah, that really switches up the dynamic again, doesn’t it?

Izuku can fight now, and is growing so rapidly at it that Katsuki feels he’s being left behind. Izuku is moving further and further out of that Protector/Protected slot that Katsuki doesn’t know what their dynamic even is anymore. I just really like to play around with the idea of Katsuki fitting that baseline ideal of friendship then having it completely flipped on him, then it literally punches him in the face.

The headcanon is not meant to take away the terrible behavior Katsuki shows towards Izuku as they grow up. It’s only amplified due to a child never being told his behavior is unacceptable. Once they’re both at U.A. nobody lets Katsuki get away with that shit, and he slowly begins to stop because of it.

Hmmmm a quote is pretty hard. “The best relationships are the ones you never saw coming.” isn’t really for them more or less my reaction to this ship. Cuz I did not think I was going to love it as much as I did.

I hope that was a fun ramble for you!! Thank you so much for the ask!!

Klaine one-shot - “The Gourd You Give” (Rated PG)

It’s just another day at work for Kurt when a handsome man bursts through the door and begs Kurt for a pumpkin. (1577 words)

A/N: This is a re-write. Warning for mention of illness. Meet cute.

Read on AO3.

“Help me! Quick! I need a pumpkin!”

The words fire out so quickly from the man’s mouth that his request is finished before the bells over the door stop jingling. Kurt looks up from the issue of Vogue open on the counter he’s sitting behind and straight into the eyes of the most desperate man he’s ever seen – harried for certain, curls that have been gelled down within an inch of their life breaking free around his hairline, hazel eyes shimmering from the cold, his cheeks flushed from running (Kurt assumes, since he’s panting like a tired dog). Plus, the door has a brand new dent from where the man slammed into it before he realized it was a pull door and not a push.

“Uh … okay.” Kurt puts a worn business card into the binding of his magazine to mark his spot, then closes it to handle his manic customer. “You do realize you’ve just entered a costume shop, though. Not a supermarket.”

“I know.” The man nods vigorously, taking a deep breath. “I need a pumpkin costume.”

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Watcher or Player ?- Tommy Mancuso x Reader

Originally posted by bicanaries


Pairing : Tommy Mancuso x Reader

Fandom : Nerve

Warnings : Grammar mistakes 

A/N: Sooo, I think this is the first Tommy Mancuso x Reader fanfic here, and I’m proud to be the first to post something about him, even if it’s crap, oops


“Tommy !” you said, walking towards your best friend. 

 "Hey Y/N, what’s up ?“

"Have you heard of that game called Nerve ? Here, look.” he furrowed his eyebrows as you handed him your phone.

“Yeah, but barely. The only thing I know is that it’s starting to be quite popular. What is it about ?” he said, his eyes following the words across the screen.

“It’s a game where you can either play or watch. If you’re a player, you have to take on a series of dares to earn both money and fame. And if you’re a watcher, well, you have to pay to watch people doing their dares. Vee joined the game yesterday night and chose to be a player because Sydney encouraged her, but those dare are dangerous, Tommy. This thing knows everything about you once you’ve registered.”

“Vee is a player?!” he said, his eyes widening. “No, that’s impossible. I mean, I don’t think she would do that, she’s one of the shyest girl I know.”

“I know, but I swear, i’m not lying! Nobody else should be involved in this game anymore, it’s too dangerous and someone has to do something. Vee is becoming popular, she won a lot of money and her dares are getting really dangerous.” you bite your lips and crossed your arms. You knew how unsafe this game was and you were worried sick for Vee, and the rest of the world.

“ …Y/N, I know you might hate me for saying this but if Vee is in danger, we have to play.”

“Wait, what ?!” now it was your turn to have your eyes wide open

"The watcher can see everything the player does, right ? Then we have to keep an eye on Vee. We are going to do something, because I highly doubt someone else will !”

“Okay, no, Tom, just listen. This game is EVIL. Once you’re logged in, there’s no coming back ! They know everything about your life, they control everything !”

“Y/N, do you even know what I can do with a laptop?” he said smiling, his eyes staring into yours. “I do know how evil the whole internet is. We only know and use ten percent of it. Trust me, I know what i’m doing.”

“Oh my god. Please at least use your own phone if you want to play this goddamn game. I hate you. You know that, right ?” you said as you rub your hands over your face, feeling more and more anxious

“Of course I know.” he smiled as he handed you back your phone before taking his own out of his pocket.

“Let’s do this.” he glanced at you and noticed your worried expression. “Hey. Please, you have to trust me.”

“Shut up, I need a hug.” Your best friend laughed and engulfed you in a tight hug, which you gladly returned, hugging him tighter.

“Just don’t do anything dumb, Mancuso.” He rolled his eyes and kissed your forehead before pulling away. “I promise-”

You jumped as the Game Voiceover interrupted him.


“Wow, that’s creepy.” he said, staring at the screen

“You still have the opportunity to give up! You know that some kid in Seattle died playing that, right ?”

“Y/N, we’re not playing ! We’ll watch, AND end this game ! But PLEASE, you have to shut your pretty little mouth and trust me.”

You stayed silent and sighed, because you knew you could'nt change his mind. Tommy was very good with our technology, and he knew a lot of things that he probably shouldn’t.

“Okay Y/N, we’re watchers now.”

“Yeah, awesome” you said sarcastically. “Are you going to find Vee or are you just being a dumb watcher just like everyone else ?”

“Jeez Y/L/N, chill.” his eyes were still on the screen, as he scrolled throught the player’s profiles.

“Okay, I think I found her. Her user is Vee_99 and- wait…she’s not playing alone. She has a partner, _IAN_, which means that they have to do their dares together. Shit, what do our naïve friend get herself into now ?” he shook his head and bites his lips. “Get in the car, we’re going to find her.” he ran his hand through his hair and grabbed his keys and laptop.

“Where are we going ?” you said, as he started driving

“I don’t know, it’s some kind of arena.”

“What ?!”

He rolled his eyes “The dare. They have to do it there.” He seemed pissed off, and honestly, you could understand. Sometimes you were being a jerk for no reason, and you hated yourself for that, but you could'nt help yourself. There was an awkward silence and you decided to broke it.

“Tommy…” you said, almost whispering. “I’m sorry if I pissed you off. We both know I can be a pain in the ass, and I’m always nervous for anything, but I never doubted you. I trust you, and I know you can do it.”

He smiled but stayed silent, his eyes focused on what was in front of him. “We’re here.”

As you were about to step off the car, you saw a familiar face running towards the both of you.

"Tommy, Y/N! Guys, please, you have to stay out of this.” It was Vee, she seemed terrified and anxious.

“Vee, we know what kind of game this is !”

“No, Y/N you don't ! That’s the point ! I broke the rules, I’m a prisoner now. The watchers, they stole our identities and my only way out is to win. Please, this is dangerous, stay away from this. I can take care of myself.” She put her hand on your cheek then kissed your forehead “Thank you though guys…really. I have one more dare to win. It’ll be over soon.” you could see she was holding back tears, and her voice was slightly cracking. Then, she turned away and disappeared in the crowd.

“Y/N, I need your help. Here, take this” Tommy handed you his laptop and you already knew what he was going to do.

“Is it safe ?” you whispered

“Yeah, don’t worry. Anything is safer than this game anyway. The only thing I have to do is to hack the very first player, the one who created the game, so I can have an access to every code. Then, I’ll be able to change them in order to desactivate every account. I’ll need 5 minutes, maybe less, can you please check if the dare started ?”

You took his phone and went through Vee’s profile. “Not yet, but the viewers are making a countdown. Tommy, you have to be quick.” you bite your lips, holding back tears.

“It’s almost done…I’ve got the codes, now I have to desactivate the game”


“10 seconds !”

“The countdown is at 5 ! Tommy you have to do something !” you said, as tears were streaming down your cheeks.

"I can’t Y/N ! I can’t do anything ! Everything froze!”

Suddenly, you heard a gunshot, and you put your hands on your mouth. You were unable to move, and everything around you seemed to have vanished.

“Now!” Tommy shout, and you felt his phone vibrating.




Your eyes widened as a small smile appeared on your face “You..”

“We did it, Y/N” you jumped into his arms and cried on his shoulder. “But w-what about Vee ?” you said as you pulled away, remembering your friend just got shot.

“She’s fine. The bullets were blanks. Sydney told me they were trying to help us shut down Nerve, so we planned it together before we got here”

“Why didn’t you tell me ?” you said as he wiped your tears away.

“Because you’re a pain in the ass.” he laughed and kissed your nose, hugging you tighter.

You know the world was actually a better place without all this new technology. People were present. The problem now is nobody communicates, and when they finally do it’ll be through a text or FaceTime. Adults now have no need to see one another for months, there’s no need to catch up anymore because everything is shared on social media. You see kids these days spending their entire day on a phone or iPad.

I crave the simple days. When I was younger my brothers, cousins and I would spend our entire day out, going to the park, spending every penny at the milk bar, pink slips with bikes with the neighbouring kids, exploring, pulling a risky by playing soccer in the middle of the street. I swear despite the weather, we were always doing something. It’s sad that the kids now won’t have much of an adventure to look back on.

the fake ah crew definitely have to take turns for who gets to decide how a post-heist celebration should be played out

like, gavin, michael, and lindsay always decide to do a bar crawl. and, okay, here’s the thing: you have not been on a true bar crawl until you have bar-crawled with the fake ah crew. cops are called. lots of making out happens. people lose their pants–this has nothing to do with the making out.

jack and geoff usually go for an casual party/feast at the penthouse (geoff’s tends to involve a great deal more booze, and jack always orchestrates a massive pizza delivery). sometimes they’ll go for a little bit of bar-hopping, but listen: they are tired. they just spent all day heisting, and they are tired. they say they’re not going to fall asleep by nine o’clock, but they do. 

jeremy and mica? block party. share the celebration, share the joy, bust open some fire hydrants and buy up all the beer and hot dog buns and fireworks in the tri-county area. (also, jeremy: “you guys have to carry me around on your shoulders in celebration.” 
“uh, for how long?” 
“when does the sun come up?”)

nobody lets ray pick anymore because the very first time he was like, “i want to sit on my couch and play resident evil alone.”
“you– the way you want to celebrate as a group is for us to go away.”
“yup. also, stop at that convenience store before you drop me off. i need snacks.”

and honestly no one can predict what the fuck ryan is going to say. either he’s totally fucking with them or he’s using the opportunity to unveil some unprecedented hobbies.
“we’re going minigolfing.”
“we’re baking tiramisu.”
“we’re adopting all the dogs at the animal shelter. every single one of them.”

anonymous asked:

I know this might be a weird ask, but could you tell me about your experience with Discord? Here's a little context: next week the Teamspeak server that my circle of friends and I used will be shut down, because the owner (a friend of a friend of a friend, so nobody in our close circle) can't pay for it anymore. Now we already have someone who would pay for a new one, but we also thought about trying Discord. There are many of us, including me, who are skeptic. Would you recommend Discord? Why?

ok uhh

  • it’s nice and clean
  • easy to use
  • free
  • plenty of customizable settings for privacy and whatever
  • custom keybinds (very useful if you PTT in game so you can PTM in disc)
  • you can have it display the game you’re currently playing as a status (so it’ll say ‘Playing Overwatch’ under your name, for instance), but you can also change programs’ names within discord so you can have it say ‘Playing with my weiner’
  • connect it to your bnet and steam and other stuff so your friends don’t have to keep asking for your UN or your twitch
  • DM and call friends
  • group DMs and calls
  • nice convenient recent messages tab
  • you can make as many servers as you want, it’s actually very convenient
  • join as many servers as you want, whether it’s for /r/Overwatch or your otp
  • multiple text and voice channels within a server for organization and whatever
  • you can have bots to help you do stuff (or to play !airhorn in a voice channel)
  • you can assign roles to people for different tiers of moderation and permissions (and different name colours)
  • custom emotes
  • pretty much constantly being updated
  • a dev team that gives a shit about its users? fucking amazing
  • it’s better than skype which is backed by microsoft whereas discord is led by people who make gaming memes and furry jokes on twitter so you know it’s gotta be worth something
  • no ads! i wouldn’t mind dealing with ads because i would die for the discord team for what they’ve given us, but they’re very firm about the no ads thing
  • if you do wanna support them you can get discord nitro which i wish i had money for because it means you can use custom emotes in any server or DM, and also have a gif as an icon. among other things. but imagine being able to :awoo: in DMs, that’s the power you can wield by throwing some money at these people they’re fucking nuts
The Castlevania series, summarized in one sentence each
  • Castlevania: Go kill Dracula.
  • Simon's Quest: ["Pick up the pieces" by Average White Band begins playing]
  • Vampire Killer: Go kill Dracula's portrait painting.
  • Haunted Castle: Go kill Dracula because god dammit I just got married and it's a good thing I had this leather kilt and chain whip under my tuxedo.
  • The Castlevania Adventure: Go kill Dracula while wearing soggy boots.
  • Castlevania III: Invoke the power of friendship, but not more than once at a time.
  • Super Castlevania IV: Guess what? Dracula still needs killin', so get to it, buster! And don't spend too much time playing with the whip because you're on the clock. Chop chop!
  • Belmont's Revenge: Go kill Dracula and probably also your son because vampire hunter parenting is hard.
  • Rondo of Blood: Go kill Dracula as a 13-year-old girl, with doves and a cat, then tell him how disappointed you are and how big a meanie he is.
  • Dracula XX: It's way harder and you can't be a 13-year-old girl and throw cats at Dracula anymore but some people still like it, for....some reason?
  • Bloodlines: Go kill Bram Stoker's Dracula because there obviously can't have been more than one version of the story and they must all be connected, _riiiiiiight_?
  • Symphony of the Night: Who's the black magic priest that's a rez-machine to all the vamps? SHAFT! (You're damn right.)
  • Legends: Go kill Dracula and then have a baby with his son, so that baby can grow up to also kill Dracula (until you get written out of the timeline).
  • Castlevania 64: You're a Belmont except you're not, but you still act like a Belmont except when you don't, and also a little girl can go kill Dracula if you really want.
  • Legacy of Darkness: Aaaoooooo, Werewolves of London.
  • Chronicles: Go kill Dracula, now with leather fetish gear and rockin' red-pink hairdo.
  • Circle of the Moon: _Waaaahhhh_ I wanted the whip but you got it instead, not that it matters because Igarashi pretends none of this ever happened.
  • Harmony of Dissonance: We really, really just wanted to make Simon's Quest and Symphony of the Night again, and Igarashi has this weird thing about furniture.
  • Aria of Sorrow: YOUR SOUL IS MINE. [Mortal Kombat theme begins playing]
  • Lament of Innocence: So it turns out that generations of Belmonts have all essentially been wielding this one guy's dead wife for a thousand years or so, and nobody thought to question this until now? (also NATHAN SPENCER IS A BELMONT HEADCANON CONFIRMED)
  • Dawn of Sorrow: I'm Dracula! No, *I'm* Dracula! No, *neither* of you are Dracula now get in the car or nobody gets any ice cream!
  • Curse of Darkness: Y'know how Dracula has a huge army at his disposal? Go play as the guy that made those armies except he's not a bad guy anymore because reasons. Also more leather fetish stuff, because I guess someone enjoyed it the last couple times?
  • Order of Shadows: An obscure relative of the Belmont Clan goes and does the usual Belmont thing because for some reason people wanted to kill Dracula on a Java phone.
  • Portrait of Ruin: Go kill this other guy that isn't Dracula while a know-it-all schoolgirl tags along and slaps people with encyclopedias and sometimes turns you into a frog.
  • Portrait of Ruin alternative joke: Go kill not-Dracula and his not-daughters with the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP.
  • Dracula X Chronicles: We finally get the good Dracula X in English, except you have to play through a weird remake of it to unlock the good stuff.
  • Order of Ecclesia: Go kill Dracula by resurrecting Dracula with the thing that's supposed to kill Dracula, then using the thing that's supposed to resurrect Dracula to kill yourself in order to kill Dracula, then your best friend who's been trying to kill you the whole time takes the bullet because he secretly just wants to see you smile for him.
  • Judgment: Our timelines are completely fucked up, so let's fuck them up even more by having the personification of time summon a bunch of random Belmonts and make them fight each other.
  • Adventure Rebirth: We're so sorry that the Game Boy one sucked so much, so here's an apology...about 19 years later.
  • Castlevania Puzzle: People really wanted Symphony of the Night on phones, so we took Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo and threw Alucard into it because iPhone users won't care.
  • Harmony of Despair: Left 4 Dead is really popular guys, and people really want a high-def Castlevania game, so let's take the DS games, throw co-op into them, and let the player zoom out to see the whole castle at once because that's not totally unplayable or anything.
  • Lords of Shadow: God of Whip: Chains of Belmont.
  • Lords of Shadow alt joke: What a horrible night to have a quick-time event.
  • Lords of Shadow alt-alt joke: A glorious waste of Sir Patrick Stewart, and oops I guess you're actually Dracula.
  • Mirror of Fate: People really wanted another classic-style Castlevania so we said "to hell with them" and made the one nobody liked into a 2D game like nobody could tell the difference.
  • Lords of Shadow 2: Castlevania and Metal Gear had a baby and this is exactly why inbreeding is illegal in most states.
  • Resurrection: We really wish Sonya Belmont was canon, guys. Also another Belmont with a gun.
  • Kid Dracula: Go kill Dracula. Oh wait, YOU'RE Dracula. Go kill Galamoth.
  • Wai Wai World: A superhero, a scantily clad robot girl, a samurai, a pipe-wielding ninja bandit, a Moai head, King Kong, and Mikey from The Goonies join Simon Belmont to go kill...uh...something?
  • Wai Wai World 2: Simon Belmont joins a machine-gun-wielding mercenary and a baby (among others) to go kill more shit.