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Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, September 25 to Sunday, October 1 (aka CN’s 25th anniversary).

Look at all that color on Mon-Thurs! Wow! I hope the lineup stays like that (or gets even nicer!). Say hello to Looney Tunes and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs reruns. Here’s some suggestions to make the schedule better. Maybe put SU or Clarence in an 8am or 11am timeslot? That’s my two cents. But seriously, I kinda dig that schedule.

Teen Titans Go! doesn’t get a primetime slot for two days straight thanks to movies like Spy Kids and Rango, the latter being a network premiere. Rango also gets something I’ve never seen a movie have: a 2.5 hour long timeslot. Guess there was too much important stuff that couldn’t be cut into 2 hours?

I wish Friday wasn’t like that.

Steven Universe and We Bare Bears get some early early morning reruns at 6:00am on Sunday. Better than nothing!

Here’s what’s new new new new this week:

Ben 10 - Friday at 5:00p

Teen TItans Go! - Friday at 6:00p

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - TWO NEW EPISODES - Friday at 6:30p

The Amazing World of Gumball - Friday at 7:00p

We Bare Bears - Icy Nights 2 (ooh!) - Friday at 7:30p

Top 3:

(too lazy to type)

I saw Everything Everything again on Friday and ugh they are SO good. Their live act is incredible, it’s full of energy and I don’t even know how to explain because I’m bad with words but their sound is the most unique sound I’ve heard and the vocals are just incredible. The basslines and percussion are also A++. But back to the vocals, Jonathan sings in falsetto a lot but also switches from high to low as if it’s the easiest thing in the world and that’s very impressive. His voice might not be for everyone but give them a chance !

Hello. It is Ai here, I would like to… give Cú another try at rping. It’s been a while but I’m still very much invested in Fate as a whole and Cú is still my favourite who I somehow can’t shake off. I can’t forget the amazing time I’ve had with him or the friends I’ve made in this fandom.

So to get out there and try to find rp partners again, can you give this a like / reblog to find out other Fate rpers? I’m open to other fandoms as well, no biggie at all! Just hit me up, I’m an easy person to get along with.

Another Monsta X Confession: I never want “Beautiful” to end like I actually get really sad when they take their jackets off ‘cause that means it’s the final chorus and they about to wrap up in that rose bush. Such a strong, solid performance and badass song that deserved better…

I haven’t been on such a spasmodic reblog spree since the night of the Sheffield hug, THERE ARE SO MANY GLOWING TINY SMILING HAPPY PERFECT LOUIS AROUND AND YET NEVER TOO MANY, GIVE ME MORE PLEASE ILL TAKE THEM ALL

jastascatterbrain  asked:

concept: Shiro got really annoyed with Slav when he saved him from beta traz bc Shiro has anxiety and is constantly trying NOT to think of the bad possibilities of things, so when slav started going on about all the things that could go wrong Shiro flipped. They've since discussed it, however, and now Slav tries to give probabilities that would make shiro feel better.

CANON ACAON CANON WWOWM!!!!!!!!  this is fille d with good energy

Cassie’s Internal Battle

Choosing a favorite battle was a really tough decision for me.  In the other books in the series I can pick my favorite battles quite easily (favorite battle of all time was Cassie against the Spartoi, solo, and what comes after).  While RtS had tons of battles, probably more than any other book in the Cassie-verse, possibly more than any two books combined, none of them stood out to me as my favorite.  

 So, as I am wont to do, I am taking a different spin on “battle” and am looking at one of Cassie’s internal battles in this book.  Specifically, her internal battle with her feelings about Pritkin.  She’s been repressing the hell out of these feelings for weeks, if not months.  We see all the way back in EtN that she has fantasies about him, but she always pushes them away.  They have gotten physical at least once in every book starting with EtN.  You can see her feelings toward him change as the series goes on as well.  Just look at the way she describes his looks.  When he first comes on scene in TtD he’s described pretty poorly.  Cassie starts to point various of his more striking features as the series progresses before finally calling him “handsome” in RtW. It wasn’t until she lost him in HtM that she remotely started to realize the depth of her feelings for him.  

 In TtS and RtW Cassie has some odd thoughts and fantasies about Pritkin.  Some rather, non-platonic thoughts.  To her, these come out of nowhere because she’s repressing her feelings like a mofo.  She’s convinced that she needs to be with Mircea and work on that relationship and never considers that she really does have other options. She never considers that she loves someone else.  And maybe that’s part of why her relationship with Mircea isn’t working (it’s not the only reason it’s not working, but it’s certainly part of it.  He’s also in love with someone else, so there’s that.).

 In RtS we see Cassie full on battle with her emotions over Pritkin.  She chooses sex acts with him over other options to get out of trouble and never really questions why.  In chapter 49 when they are sneaking into the castle in the actors’ wagon, Cassie and Pritkin talk about why Pritkin wanted her name so badly before and why Cassie doesn’t want to have sex now.  Cassie cannot bring herself to say that she loves Mircea.  Because I don’t think that she does.  She’s battling with herself here because she’s supposed to love him but can’t.  It bothers her.  Near the end, in chapter 58 Cassie loses her shit because the man she’s trying to save is running off to save the world again and she still can’t find the words to make him stay.  

 Then finally, in chapter 59, Cassie figures it out.  She finds the words. She lets herself feel the emotions she’s spend weeks fighting. Cassie tells Pritkin that she loves him.  And together they save the world.  

I had the loveliest time with a girl from my dorm floor? ?? I forgot to get her contact information

Dear Pythia

For RtS Appreciation Week day 1, my favorite battle scene was the Cassie and Jo battle where Jo sent her to the Badlands. The “spiritual battle”, so to speak

All this week I’m going to be handling my selections a bit differently. I’m going to try and pick up where the book left off (minus the obvious Mircea stuff,) with Cassie trying to handle the advice aspect of being Pythia. Not everyone can physically go to see Cassie, so how else can she advise them?

Dear Pythia, Vol. MMXVII, Issue 1

Well hello readers, I’m Cassandra Palmer, your new pythia. I came home from ensuring the gods stay in their little hidey hole, and I see this big stack of fan mail on my dining room table. So let’s try to make the pile a little smaller, shall we?

Dear Pythia,
Traditionally, necromancers have been ostracized by the magical community. Our only options are to either hide our ability from everyone, get sent off to a lifetime sentence in a prison that the Silver Circle calls a school, or join the Black Circle, who welcomes us with open arms. What advice can you give to young necromancers trying to fit into a world that shuns them?

Court Appointee

Dear Court Appointee,
I’m starting with your letter because it’s a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I don’t want to beat a dead horse (sorry,) so I’ll be working closely with the Silver Circle to ensure that their schools don’t become a death sentence (again, sorry) to necromancers. You have some special abilities, CA, and I’ve known a few necromancers in my life, so I’ll be keeping your and their thoughts in my head as I deal with Jonny’s cache. If it comes to it, I’m known to cause a stink that will raise the dead (mostly sorry.) Keep your chins up, necromancers, because I’m on your side, til death do us part (not sorry about that one.)