So I didn’t get the job. Apparently I don’t have enough experience and the lady was like “if you ever want experience you can volunteer for us!” Which was her shitty way of saying that she wants me but doesn’t want to fucking pay me.

  • Me:Ah just gonna go practise my music for a lil bit, 30 minutes tops :)
  • Me, 3 hours later:*looks up* wait why is it dark outside

speaking of headcanons.. kinda silly headcanons
me and my girlfriend were talking about hardenship and summer stuff, and suddenly somehow we came up with this: 
because of archie’s wetsuit (and his own tastes) he is usually waxing himself and thats why he is so smoothy and shiny just like sharpedo
maxie is hairy naturally, he is floffy and soft, just like camerupt
.. tbh all this was made just for the sharpedo-camerupt irony…


“Be not defeated by the rain. Be not defeated by the wind. Nor by the iron pipe. Nor by the knife. Nor by the metal bat. Be of sound body. Be without desire. Never be angered. Always have a quiet smile.

That is whom I wish to be.”


Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto [2016.07]
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spillywolf  asked:

Plot twist: Bethesda releases a DLC that allows you to romance Strong but Deacon, Nick and X6 are still off-limits.

I would literally cry