but niiiiiine

summary: Law’s walking around Strawhats’ ship and SUDDDENLY the captain of the ship JUMPSSS ON HIS ARMS- wait no. 

Law’s awkward as hell because Luffy’s tryna help him not to get a  heartstroke i mean heatstroke and decides to take his clothes awa- take his hat away i mean like Law’s pretty hot tHE DAy is hot HOT DAMN LUFFY GET AWAY FROM LAW oh my GOD

The Quest for Blood Valley

Do we need more triplet shenanigans?  I think we do.

The Quest for Blood Valley
(Or, How Acacia Pines Very Nearly Got to See an R-rated Movie, and Dipper Tried to be a Responsible Adult and Failed)

“Point twenty-seven,” said Acacia, businesslike, using her keychain laser pointer to circle the relevant illustration.  “Blood Valley is an important piece of cinematic history.  With the camera angles and the special effects and everything.  The super realistic gore is a brilliant use of makeup and practical effects.  Plus the nudity will teach us about anatomy.”

“It will enrich us artistically,” said Willow robotically, reading off the top of a stack of notecards.

“Yes.  Turn the page, Hank.”

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