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I keep looking at this gif because it makes me think of all the hardships these two went through together especially Iris.

  • When Barry was picked on at school a lot when they were younger, Iris was there for him.
  • When he lost his mom and his dad was incarcerated, Iris was there for him.
  • When Joe brought Barry to live with them, Iris was there for him
  • When Barry told people what he saw the night of his mother’s murder and nobody believed him except Iris because, Iris was there for him.
  • When Barry went on about the impossible, Iris was there for him. 
  • When Barry was struck by lightning and rushed to the hospital, Iris was there for him. 
  • When Barry was in a coma for nine months, Iris was there for him.

She’s always been there for him.

It’s so nice to know that the only person Barry wants to come running home to is Iris. That he promises to keep running home to Iris. It’s nice to know that when he thinks about Iris and hears her voice, it will always guide him home (to her). 

Damn. So good!

And now Barry can be there for Iris. Beautiful. 

Sterek Fandom I Need Your Help

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I’m thinking about opening up my own shop to raise funds for my semester abroad this fall, and since I have ZERO art talent, I figured stick to what you know, right? So here is a survey to figure out what y’all would potentially like to see in this dorky little shop of mine.


(again, not an artist, so please ignore my horrible sketches)

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Hi this isn't meant to be rude but it certainly is ignorant and I've been meaning to ask for a while. How can Pidge be a trans girl if Pidge was already born a girl? I'm sorry, I'm just confused. I'm not trying to say she can't be, i just didn't understand how that works?

hi!! first off: you’re not being rude, anon! and second off: the thing about pidge is we don’t know if she actually is afab (assigned female at birth). sure, there were flashbacks to when she was younger (i’m assuming about thirteen years old, seeing as to how she’s fourteen in canon) where pidge was very obviously presenting as a girl, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she was afab. she could have transitioned/come out early in her life and have a supportive family! (which is so nice to think about because supportive families are awesome and i live for them.) not to mention that a lot of pidge’s character is very obviously trans-coded. ask any trans (or, really, non cis) person and they’ll tell you this. the whole scene in season one episode six (“taking flight”) where pidge came out as a girl and the scene in season two episode seven (“space mall”) when pidge couldn’t decide which bathroom to use are two scenes which definitely hint at trans (girl!) pidge.

i hope that answers your question!!

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can i ask for hcs about dating james from team rocket? thanks!

Can I date James? Lmao

>He’s like a mom and best friend in one it’s the best thing

>James will always make sure you come before him and Jessie and Meowth know this and think it’s cute but also really weird bc ew feelings

>When he’s out and about and sees something nice he thinks you would like, he’ll try to get it for you. Most times it’s kind of hard because the team rocket salary isn’t that great, so he’ll come back in tears and tell you about how he genuinely wanted it for you but couldn’t

>Please comfort him he means well

>He will try to avoid his family at all costs and make sure you don’t have to deal with his crazy parents, but he wouldn’t mind taking you to meet his grandparents

>His Pokemon love you just as much as he does

>Jessie and Meowth have definitely sat behind you while you’re on a date with James and have been signaling to him if he’s doing good 

>They are the best cheerleaders and only want him to be happy

>He loves to hold your hand and will be extremely cheesy about it

>”Hey, can you hold this for me?” “Yeah?” -he places his hand in yours- 

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you obviously love yourself a nice pair of thighs, but what do you think about thighs with stretch marks?

I mean I have stretch marks so, no qualms at all. Just something I usually tend to forget to pay attention to.

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I wonder what harry is up to right now...He's getting closer to the timeframe for the release and it seems like things are moving along nicely so it's cool to think about what's happening behind the scenes. Like photoshoots and decisions around album art and getting a band ready for promo preferences and all that. There's so much that goes into any promo campaign but this is a massive launch and I bet there's so much happening that we'll get to find out about soon!

I’m so sorry this is like 20 hours later but I am soooooo hype thinking about everything he’s been preparing. And now to find out it’s coming way sooner than we expected???

AAAA I am In Romantic Relationships and have still not fully... finished processing it?


So 2 really really close friends are now also 2 girlfriends and ???!!!
I love thinking of them that way cause I really love them??

I mean I knew I wasn’t fully aro but you know, that just means I didn’t “fall in love”, I just.. loved them as really close friends and we were talking and just kinda decided it was a thing… (actually a lot more complicated and it involved lengthy talks about what “romantic relationships” meant and it led to massive insights on myself)

idk it feels nice to not have to think about whether my love for them is platonic or not anymore?

@michin-yo @not-terezi-pyrope I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH????

Anyway that is my announcement for the day.


-Viktor creating skate programs based on Yuuri making him cry (ep 12)
-The short program’s song is “After The Final,” and the free skate program’s song is “Let’s End This”
-Viktor “I am extra” Nikiforov decides his costume is based on a white robe(???)
-“What’s your theme this season, Viktor?”
“Oh, you know, ‘selfish boyfriends who make decisions all willy-nilly but they’re not actually selfish’”
“That’s very specific, Mr. Nikiforov”


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡

“I haven’t signed anything.”

“I hate you.”

I read this fic by @byakurangesso and i am suddenly cured. all my problems have disappeared.

I will legit fight anyone who says that Tsukki doesn’t care about Yamaguchi. Look at the face he makes when Tadashi admits the guys in the other sports clubs intimidated him. You can’t tell me he didn’t immediately decide to protect this boy.

sometimes I wonder if everyone who hates pineapple on pizza has ever had pineapple on pizza or is just reacting to the concept of it

If I'm ever given a second chance in life, 
I wanna be able to live only for myself.