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collection of 1D recs that I have read so far

Compiled from my dreamwidth posts from the past year, and I entered the fandom late, so you’ve probably read most of these already. Not an AU unless otherwise specified. Happy ending unless otherwise specified.


Better Life Choices by Ferritin4. Fake boyfriends secretly pining, like you do.

And If This is the Only Thing I Want by estrella30. Nick and Harry kiss sometimes, like you do.

nowhere better than this place by waspabi. AU with Farmer Harry and Fashion Writer Nick. This is the most beautiful (and the only) Farmer Harry fic I’ve read, except for the gay farmer dating tumblr not!fic by rubdown, which was pretty funny, but not actually a fic.

Like a Lightning Strike by Hllangel. Canon divergence AU in which 1D didn’t get past judges’ houses. I think you accidentally took my red tartan jacket from Mahiki last night. My keys were in my pocket. You had an avocado in yours, which I’m sure was equally important.

i should ink my skin with your name by crucios. Harry POV

If This Is Love by sunsetmog. Nick POV. Broke my heart, then mended it. Airport reunion scene! Novel-length monstrosity I’ve read several times.

In Vodka Veritas by Vae. Nick POV. Harry complains about bisexual invisibility.

keep my heart slow by estrella30. Harry POV. Nick produces a boyfriend out of nowhere, and Harry goes on tour broken-hearted. But happy ending!


Not Your Fault But Mine by sunsetmog. Louis-centric, plus OT5 friendship. College AU with realistic
depression (but with a happy ending; no one flunks out)

Podfic of The Disgruntled Novelist’s Bodacious Pornographer (or, that time Nick and Louis were rival romance writers) by greedy_dancer. Beautifully read podfic of a funny AU about rival romance writers by aliferuined.

Three Cheers for Involuntary Attraction (and sequels) by checkthemargins.

and i never saw you coming by annemari. Someone sends Nick anonymous backhanded compliments in the mail.

I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow by sunsetmog. Lots of pining and emotional confusion, secret relationship, being in the closet, slightly kinky. Another novel-length monstrosity I’ve read several times; I have a lot of feelings about it. The author has written snippets of a sequel, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better Than You by aliferuined. Louis has to be an asshole about everything; Nick likes it. Sequel.


emotional knapsack by irishmizzy and miss_bennie. Slow-burn futurefic of my heart. After One Direction breaks up, everyone else seems to have settled into their new lives, but Harry and Niall are both a bit lonely and depressed. Niall has the feeling that he’s forgotten something, Harry’s house in LA is too big, and they think touring again is the answer. (Hint: Fucking is the answer.)

way, no way by irishmizzy and miss_bennie. Amazing sequel to the amazing emotional knapsack. Together they are the quintessential, the ultimate, the standard Narry futurefic against which all Narry futurefics are measured. In a word, I liked it.

Baby, I by makesomelove. Aka the best babypire fic ever written. Niall gets bitten by a baby at the beginning of tour and starts craving milk. Harry provides. OH YES HE DOES. When Niall grows up, they live happily ever after. All the benefits of a vampire fic, but with none of the woe-is-me-i’m-dead-forever drama. Except for that other Vampire!Niall fic that’s also drama-free.

Maybe With Me by threeturn. Tourfic. Niall has feelings, Harry is clueless, the band is charming. So great I made a podfic of it to express my feelings.

remember that time on the bus by estrella30. Tourfic. Niall suggests they have sex, and Harry likes the idea more the longer he thinks about it.


One Hundred Per Cent by threeturn. Liam is 100% not gay, but Niall has a plan. Or, five times Niall came up with a ridiculous excuse for him to have sex with Liam and one time aliens did. One of ten delightful stories in the TROPEGATE collection.


the pawn to your king by blackwayfarers. Harry thinks Liam and Louis are dating, so they pretend to be boyfriends to get back at him. Then they realize they are dating, so they pretend not to be to get back at him.

slow to acknowledge the knots in our laces by dicktective. Liam and Louis play gay chicken; Liam accidentally wins.

Enough to Go By by oliviacirce. Novel-length futurefic in which Liam has been secretly in love with Louis for years, and Louis is going through a divorce and needs a place to stay. The side Haylor is cute.

Louis Tomlinson and the Upstairs Neighbor by mistresscurvy. an AU in which Liam and his daughter move into the apartment upstairs from Louis. Contains a surprise fusion that’s not really a surprise, given that it’s right there in the title whoops. I loved it.

Grey sweaters = clones, apparently? by greedy_dancer. Futuristic dystopian notfic, but with happy ending.

These Streets Are Yours by sunsetmog. College AU. Angst, with a side of angst. Happy ending, though!

Fine By Me (if you never leave) by harriet_vane. Non-famous AU. Liam is a great fake boyfriend. So cute I made a podfic of it.

Replay, Darling by lazy_daze. Louis flirts via obnoxious word games. Apparently the obnoxious word games are canon.

My Love is as a Fever by harriet_vane. Hurt/Comfort. “Liam gets sick. Louis looks after him.”

Trade All My Tomorrows for Just One Yesterday by harriet_vane. Actually a Groundhog Day AU, but apart from the time loop, it’s still the same band.


Trust in Your Dream by disarm_d. Non-AU, sort of. Harry hits his head and wakes up in a world where he and Louis are not dating. Louis is straight, so no happy ending. Short and sad.

if it’s me you’re looking for by eleadore. Non-famous AU. Harry and Louis live together, pine secretly, but never say anything and date other people like idiots. lots of angst, but happy ending!

Purer Than The Water (like we were) by FeelsForBreakfast. Mermaid AU!!! Pensive and lovely.

Soft Like Circles Strong Like Squares by disarm_d. A/B/O X-Factor Era fic in which Harry is an Alpha and Alphas are the ones discriminated against (usually it’s omegas). Ended too soon. Labeled “unhappy ending”, but no one dies or anything.

Agent Provocateur by anonymous. D/s tourfic. Delightful story about subspace and Harry and Louis being idiots who don’t know they’re in a relationship.

Google Says Cut That Out by LittleMousling. Another BDSM Harry/Louis relationship.


Da Mi Basia Mille by StormDancer. College AU. Zayn gets dumped, and Harry decides to kiss him once a day in the spirit of friendship. Feelings happen.

if you never let me go, well I will never let you down by estrella30.

(just like) starting over by robpatFF. Pretend boyfriends; predictable results.

The one where Zayn can’t stop acting like Harry’s boyfriend by shuttermutt. Accidental boyfriends.

Zayn/Liam, Harry/Louis, Zayn/Harry, Liam/Louis

Yours Faithfully by threeturn. Space AU with soulbonds. Niall is a spaceship. Zayn and Liam are popstars. Harry and Louis are ex-slaves. Little Mix are resistance fighters. Do you need to know more?


Even When We Fight by threeturn. College debate club AU.

If I Was Your Boyfriend, I’d Never Let You Go by estrella30. Pretend boyfriends!

around the world in eighty thousand days by fallfreely. Harry falls for Liam on tour and doesn’t think Liam likes him back.

The More the Sun Will Shine by harriet_vane. Always-a-girl Liam. Liam has a list of naughty things she’s never done, and Harry offers to help her in the spirit of friendship. Feelings happen.

never look surprised by daisysusan. Liam’s wrist is broken, and Harry offers to masturbate him in the spirit of friendship. Feelings happen.

Marcel the marketing guy/anyone

But If You Close Your Eyes Does It Almost Feel Like by pukeandcry. Marcel/Louis. AU. Louis is the receptionist; Marcel has a crush.

Cute as Buttons by threeturn. Music video canon. Harry/Marcel. Harry has regrets after they trashed the office.

You looking like that by rivers_bend. College AU. Harry/Marcel. Harry and Marcel meet at university. I loved it so much I made a podfic of it. And there’s a sequel!

Harry/Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf RPF crossover)
How Do You Think It Goes by makesomelove. Dylan’s a fan. So’s Harry. This hilarious and charming fic is how I fell down the rabbit hole. So great I made a podfic of it!


The boys on family guy 😃😃

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