but never this whole thing

people who are making fun of the face time thing don’t realise the whole show is based on heightened reality that’s possible but would never actually happen in the real world. Dollhouse that all of us loved and no one made fun of? That’s one of the most out there things on the show that could never actually happen. This whole A thing wouldn’t happen. No one in their right mind would spend that much time and energy and money for fun or revenge.

  • Kamil-a: [...] bumped into an audrey-is-the-billionaire theory
  • laughingpinecone: '____' sure jan
  • Kamil-a: "maybe it's horne's dept store! Weve never seen the whole thing"
  • Kamil-a: (drives up to horne's dept store) yea can i get a frickin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lodge ghost
  • laughingpinecone: "Audrey is the billionaire" "Audrey is the woman who'll declare if Coop is possessed or not" "Audrey is the other missing chocolate bunny"
  • Kamil-a: lucy....ATE AUDREY
  • laughingpinecone: (Hawk voice) you ate Audrey, Lucy?
  • Kamil-a: wait is that second one real how tf would she know
  • Kamil-a: (Lucy crying) I WAS HUNGRY

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pardon me for asking but i just saw this whole thing after i came back from the hospital and i'm confused about this martial law thing? can i ask you what is that?

Martial law is basically a suspension on ordinary laws. That gives the government, especially the president, imposition of direct military control of normally civilian functions— powers to violate our rights.

(Read: #NeverAgain: Martial Law stories)

Included were orders to transfer all powers to the president, authorizing the military to arrest individuals conspiring to take over the government, the enforcement of curfew hours, and the banning of group assemblies.

Letters of instruction were also released in the following days, ordering the closure and seizure of private media and public utilities, among others.

(Read: Macos’ martial law orders)

It was a terrifying period where no one was safe at all. Soldiers marched the streets, people couldn’t get out without fearing for their lives, even inside homes it was terrifying (some homes were broken in by military!). Political activists and media personnel were abducted, interrogated, and worse. Not even the ordinary civilians were safe because even the slightest connection or move could be held against them. People were being tortured. 75,730 have claimed of rights violations under Marcos mostly under martial law and this number doesn’t encompass everyone because this is just the reported number. What about those unreported? What about those who are still “missing” and those who were killed? The number is too high. No one should have gone through this.

Martial law can last for 60 days and we already so just how much could happen in one day based from yesterday’s events.

the signs as history of the entire world
  • Aries: Here comes the Assyrian empire-- never mind it's the Babylo-- Media-- it's the Persian Empire! (wow, that's big)
  • Taurus: ...they never got Ethiopia...
  • Gemini: Coming soon to a dank river valley near you
  • Cancer: It's sad. I'm sad. I miss you.
  • Leo: here's some huge heads. Must be the Olmecs.
  • Virgo: You could make a reli-- no, don't
  • Libra: It's a great idea. He was great. And now he's dead.
  • Scorpio: Don't worry about Rome, it won't fall.
  • Sagittarius: Actually, never. And also now. Nothing is nowhere. When? Never. Makes sense, right?
  • Capricorn: This whole thing is bullshit that's a scam fuck the church
  • Aquarius: What's on the menu? Communism!
  • Pisces: ...Wanna get enlightened in the middle of nowhere?
the bayard is the paladin is the lion: a season 3 prediction

Alternatively titled: Watch This Child Jeopardize Her GPA in Real Time As She Ignores Her Midterms to Write Yet Another Fucking Meta

The lovely @littleblackchats already wrote an awesome post about the symbolism of the bayards for each of the characters in Voltron. But I was wondering: could we take it a step further and use the weapons - and what they say symbolically about the paladins wielding them - to make an informed guess about who’s going to end up in what lion next season?

(even if the answer to that question is no, i’m already writing this so whatever)

Since Allura, Keith, and Lance are the most likely to be swapped into new lions (or, in Allura’s case, to be put into a lion for the first time), I thought it’d be cool to take a look at what the weapons each of them wields says about their personalities, and whether that can give us hints as to who’s gonna be the Black Paladin next season while Shiro’s gone.

Alright, so in episode 1, Allura tells us that a lion’s quintessence is mirrored in its paladin, and that the paladin shapes the bayard. So lion = paladin = bayard. The lion and paladin should be similar in personalty, and the bayard should be compatible to the paladin’s style of fighting and personality as well. This is shown really well in Hunk and Pidge: Pidge’s weapon is small (like her), electric (reflecting her interest in computers), and made for precision (Pidge is more interested in finding clever solutions than just brute-forcing problems), while Hunk’s is big (just like him), long-range (reflecting his wish to stay distanced from conflict), and packs a punch (Hunk is the strongest character on the team, after all).

So the weapons tell us something about the personalities of the ones using them. But what can their respective weapons tell us about Keith, Lance, and Allura?

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That whole “Bitty never jokes about babysitting” thing absolutely killed me like, can you imagine little southern gay Eric R. Bittle who has internalized the idea that gay men can’t have kids, and even though he’s always wanted a whole mess of children, has just kind of resigned himself to being Uncle Eric to all his friend’s kids. And then one day while he’s in the kitchen baking, Jack comes in and sits down at the counter with a notebook and says, “Okay I know you said you don’t want me to even think about proposing until after you’ve graduated, but I’d really like to start thinking about the house we’re going to buy, so I can set aside some of my bonus for the downpayment”. And Bitty gets halfway through an internal ‘this boy’ when Jack keeps going, frowning down at his notebook. “It really depends on how many kids we want, I guess. For how much space we need.” 

And Jack’s sitting there with his serious face on, thinking about how they definitely have to make sure the backyard has enough room for a homemade rink, totally unaware that he has just murdered his boyfriend. 

LGBT Percy Jackson Headcanons

-Trans girls are always accepted by Artemis into the Hunt

-Nico never actually says he’s gay, just makes it known by making out with Will in nearly every location possible

-Queer kids whose parents didn’t accept them are year round campers

-At first the Ares kids were a little wary of the LGBT community, but when a second year Ares camper comes out they become fiercely protective of them

-The Aphrodite kids are walking encyclopedias on all LGBT terms, and have a list with definitions in their cabin for questioning campers

-The Aphrodite kids also really like helping trans campers feel comfortable in their own skin

-Pansexual Piper

-Lesbian or Bi Reyna

-Asexual Thalia

-Apollo kids (being children of the god of prophecies) always know who is going to come out next, but never pressure them to do so

-Chiron makes any homophobic campers be on stable duty for a month

-Dionysus lazily mentions that if he hears anyone else being homophobic… well, he hopes you like dolphins

-Athena cabin getting into debates on which of their favourite fictional characters are LGBT and having literal CHARTS and GRAPHS to prove it

-Bi-curious Percy, though he never acted on it because it’s always been Annabeth

-Jason being the straightest, whitest, cis-est, malest demigod out there, but supporting his LGBT friends and the entire community without hesitation

-Jason is literally the guy to make t-shirts, to keep buying skittles, to find all LGBT songs possible, and, of course, “Guys! Guys! There’s a Pride Parade next week! We /have/ to go. Where can I buy a pink tutu on short notice?”

-Nico secretly loving that Jason is like this but never admitting it

-Pansexual Will

-Frank being really confused about the whole thing but totally accepting it because people he love are in that community and it’s all about love so how could that possibly be a bad thing?

-Annabeth, Frank’s go-to on anything he doesn’t understand, happily explains everything she knows to him

-Frank thinking it’s so cool and telling Nico how awesome he is for being himself

-Hazel being /floored/ on how accepting the world is of LGBT people today, though of course plenty of people still suck

-Hazel being slightly relived to know that it’s normal because although she loved Sammy then, and she loves Frank now, there was this girl back home who she sort of had feelings for and never understood what that meant

-Demisexual Frank

-Bisexual Rachel

-Leo and the rest of the Hephaestus cabin working on bracelets for gender fluid kids that change colour to correspond with how they feel

-Alex Fierro buying out all of the first ones ready

-Bi Magnus

-Gay Hearthstone

-Gay Blitzen

-^^^This was obvious because Blitzstone is practically canon, come on people

-Each and every god (besides those who swore off all love) responding with ‘yes’ when asked what their sexual orientation is

-Polysexual Sadie

-Polysexual Leo

-Trans Meg

-Also lesbian Meg?

-A large number of LGBT and ally kids being from the Aphrodite cabin because LOVE is LOVE people!

-Calypso making flower crowns that correspond with the different flags’ colours and giving them to anyone who wants them

-Bi, pan, and poly Apollo kids never feeling the need to change the pronouns when they sing love songs or write love poems

-Apollo being *extremely* out at CHB while he’s there

-Him actually giving other LGBT kids the courage to come out

-A small elite group at Camp Jupiter created as a safe space for queer kids

-Reyna always supporting it but being really shy about joining when she comes to terms with her sexuality

-The kids in the group gladly welcoming her

-Asexual/aromantic child of Aphrodite worrying something is wrong with them

-Their brothers and sisters assuring them that they’re normal and there are all different kinds of love

-Hephaestus cabin setting up LGBT movie nights (nothing graphic, mostly fluff, though Travis and Connor have tried on more than one occasion to sneak some x-rated stuff in there)

-Piper running an LGBT aesthetic blog on tumblr

-Feel free to add more!

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Hey ^^ What do you suppose was Thomas' inner monologue when he first saw James?

well the FIRST thing you need to know is that I just went to rewatch this scene and TEARS are now generously coating my EYEBALLS oh my god. [scribbling in notebook] ‘reminder: fight bear mccreary’


something that always makes me giggle about this scene is that thomas is mid-conversation with another man (speaking in a quiet business-like tone) when james comes up those steps all bright hair and serious eyes saying, very loudly, “LORD THOMAS HAMILTON.” and thomas turns and once he does he’s just like “……..anyway I’m talking to ribbon boy now. I’m gonna talk to ribbon boy for the rest of my life. it’s nice talking to other people but here is ribbon boy so. you get it.” did that other individual just stand there while thomas continued to ogle james or did he awkwardly shuffle away? maybe he was also ogling. IT’S A MYSTERY.

I wanna say this is the greatest example of “oh no he’s hot” I’ve ever seen in my life but since we’re talking about t dot ham here it was probably more along the lines of, “HOOOOOO BOY LOOK AT THIS. LOOK WHAT IS STANDING BEFORE ME. THAT IS…..NICE. THAT IS VERY NICE. 10/10. oh wait are you the liaison sent by the admiralty? you are?!? 15/10. BLESSED DAY. TRULY MAGNIFICENT.”

of course afterwards he gets all Serious Business and gives his “you’re cute but I gotta make sure you’re COMMITTED, lieutenant” speech, bc my darling boy does not mess around. but I’m pretty sure thomas’ main reaction to james mcgraw walking into his life was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED™ and he continued to be pleasantly surprised by him again and again thereafter :’’’)

Queer As Folk!AU

When Credence decided to go to Babylon, the most famous gay nightclub in New York, he had only planned for it to be his one and only act of rebellion against his Ma. He had not planned to get picked up by an older, devastatingly handsome man before he even had a chance to enter the club. He definitely had not planned to lose both his virginity, and his heart, to said man in the course of a single night.

When Percival picked up a sad looking twink outside Babylon, he had only intended for the boy to be just another, fully consenting, perfectly legal, one night stand. He had not expected the boy to confess to being underage, and a fucking virgin, as they laid panting on the bed. He definitely had not expected the boy to also declare his undying love and start following him around like a lovesick puppy.

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“I’m still not entirely sure why this is a good idea.” Castiel looked at the large groups of people walking around, the sound of voices and music slowly flowing towards them as they stepped out of the Impala.

“Hey, it’s gonna be fun, I promise, alright?” Dean answered.

Castiel looked at the blonde as he walked over to him and held out his arm.

“Alright.” Cas smiled shyly, then locked his arm together with Dean’s.

He didn’t know how he got so lucky to be on his third date with Dean Winchester, the most handsome and sweetest guy in school. Dean was popular, Cas wasn’t, but Dean still showed interest in Cas since they got Latin together.

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you think just because i buy books means i actually read them? what a laugh ! i’ve never read a single thing in my whole life