but my tumblr crush just said it

  • lance: at the garrison i had a crush on a boy in my class and didn't know how to deal with it so i wrote him a letter that just said "get out of my school"
  • shiro:
  • hunk:
  • pidge:
  • allura:
  • coran:
  • keith:
  • keith: that was YOU?!

“…and it was then that Elrond first saw Celebrían, and loved her, though he said nothing of it.” - History of Galadriel and Celeborn.

(totally ridiculous and ooc I’m sure but just let me indulge myself in cheesy romantic subplots haha… I also have a Thing for nerdy, lovesick, lovingly-and-adorably-awkward-around-his-crush Elrond okay??)

Supposed to take place after this comic.

Also tumblr screws up the quality of this so click on each image to read it easier :’)

  • <p> <b>Yurio:</b> One time when I was little, I had a crush on a guy in my figure skating class, but I didn't know how to deal with it so I just wrote him a note that said "Get off my ice rink."<p/><b>Otabek:</b> So you're the one that gave me that note...<p/></p>
bnha 136 ramble!

This chapter made me smile… a lot…

First off let me start with Sir. Sir sees his quirk more as a curse than a blessing.

He’s hesitant to use it, not just because of the setback it has, but because of the inevitability of an accident or something, or in most cases death.

He’s still grief-stricken about All Might’s future because he knows just how accurate it is, he knows that his foresight can’t be altered.

For a second, I honestly thought that he was still pissed off at All Might, like right here:

but he’s just afraid of people turning out like All Might… 

Look at how sad he is here… this single panel puts a lot of depth into Sir’s character. We get ti see a more vulnerable side of him. It’s not like he hates using his quirk, he’s afraid of what he’s going to see, heck, I’m pretty sure if his foresight didn’t have a 24-long interval setback or whatever he still wouldn’t use it on people…

After what he saw in All Might’s future, what are the chances that it can’t happen again to someone else?

Overall, I just find it sweet how Sir still feels sad about All Might, and how he still cares about him. Nobody really completely understands the weight of his words here apart from Gran Torino, so it’s pretty hard on them.

and omfg to bnha’s ost “my hero academia” while reading this chapter really fits the mood! XD

I honestly thought their relationship would be a little more salty, but this is refreshing though, seeing both of them talk about Izuku and all, even though Horikoshi didn’t go deep into their converstaion…

Sir’s is already starting to acknowledge Izuku, and I really like that, I didn’t expect it to come so soon, but it still made me happy. Sir’s opinion of Izuku hasn’t changed yet, but it’s getting there.

I also want to appreciate the relationship that the big 3 has:

even though we still don’t know much about them it’s pretty obvious that they all got each others back when it comes to emotional situations too so that’s cool.

This was my favorite part of the chapter. Bless Horikoshi for this scene, Aizawa coming from nowhere and unintentionally lightening up the mood was just so sweet.

Tbh, it will be kind of awkward having Izuku, Uraraka and the rest call Aizawa eraserhead will be kinda weird…but I guess I’ll get used to it.


we’ve only seen a dadzawa/izuku scene  like once or so in the manga, and that was after Izuku’s first fight with Bakugou, so this was… really sweet.

I don’t know if it was Izuku or Kirishima that said “I’ll follow you forever” but this was hilarious XD

Gonna appreciate how pretty Overhaul looks here… hot damn he’s a beauty!

I don’t know why but I really just had a hunch that Eri’s room would look like this… also

I want to murder this guy.

I see such a strong connection forming between Izuku an Eri in the future… and I also see a bunch of new headcanons on tumblr. So just like my friend indy said,


Stop checking your phone because he won’t reply,
stop thinking about him because everything he said was a lie.
But every time you sit and think,
You think about him, and your heart just sinks.
But maybe, he might want your time,
but that doesn’t mean you’re on his mind
It doesn’t mean he’ll want you to be last find.
Yet you still sit and hope,
that maybe one day he’ll say to you,
“Be mine.”
—  The voices in my head // a.a.

Brett x Reader

A/N: This is a very old request I got from an anon and I think it got deleted when my tumblr fucked me up, but I still manage to write it down before it all happen.

Anonymous said:
Good evening, dearest! Can I request imagine, where Brett confessing to his crush-witch that she his anchor, but she afraid to say something because for witch showing their feelings is a weakness. It can be angst or fluff, I trust your choice! :) (And sorry for my language)

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Albus: At school I had a crush on the new boy in my class and I didn’t know how to deal with it so I wrote him a letter that just said ‘get out of my school’.



Scorpius: That was you?!

Imagine getting together with Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B. I couldn’t stop smiling while writing this, hope it’s the same for y'all when you read it. The epilogue is next, then I back to one shots for a while. (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/Part 5A)

It was a dream come true for Chris to roll over and find you asleep next to him. He was so sure about you and the future he wanted to have with you that he woke, smiling at what transpired a few hours ago. This was a first for him; he’d never woken next to his previous girlfriends and lovers feeling so at peace with himself. He always had doubt and he was always feeling insecure about the longevity of the relationship. He found himself asking the questions: “Is this going to be another on again and off again relationship?” and “Can I be happy for the rest of my life with her?” So far, he’d never been able to say “no” to the first, and “yes” to the second. That was, of course, until you came along; with you, he could easily and swiftly answer both questions to satisfaction.

“I’m the luckiest man on the planet,” he whispered to himself as he gently brushed your hair out of your face. You stirred under his touch, but remained asleep. He smiled as he pulled his hand back, tucking it under his head as he watched you sleep. You were so beautiful and he could’ve done this for the rest of his life. “Thank you for her.” He glanced up at the ceiling and whispered, giving a two finger salute to the omnipotent force that brought the two of you together.

He could’ve and very much so wanted to stay and watch you sleep, but he figured it was better if he went and made breakfast so you could wake up to food. There was no doubt that the two of you needed some after all that energy you burned during your bedroom activities, though it did not just stop at the bedroom. Chris blushed, just thinking about it. He couldn’t tell from looking at you- no one could; you had the ‘good-girl-perfect-student-favorite-child’ kind of vibe going on. But he knew from reading your stories that your conservative nature was just a façade, you were a wild one that knew when and where to be Grace Kelly; the bedroom was not one of those places. You were all kinds of surprising and he planned to spend the rest of his life unveiling each layer of you until he knew you down to your very core.

The weight shifted on the bed and you opened your eyes. You hadn’t been sleeping, you’d actually woke before Chris. You pretended to sleep to see what he would do and say; it was not disappointing at all. You bit back your smile, admiring him from the back as he sat on the edge of the bed. He ran a hand through his messy hair- your doing, of course- then glanced back at you. You could’ve said good morning, but instead you pretended to be asleep again. Man, you were awkward. It wasn’t until you felt the weight shift on the bed that you spoke, drawing a wide smile from Chris’ handsome face as he turned back to you.

“Running out on me, Captain?”

“Oh darling, I wouldn’t dream of it,” he winked.

You chuckled as you sat up, holding the sheet against you. He smiled and walked over to your side of his bed and sat down by your feet, licking his lips. Neither of you knew what to say, but you couldn’t stop smiling. You finally laughed, covering your blushing face with one hand which made him laugh. You were adorable to him, increasingly so. He reached for you wrist and gently pulled your hand away from your face, resting it on the bed. He smiled at you as he joined his fingers with yours; you smiled back and gave his hand a light squeeze.

“I am really happy right now,” he told you.

“Me too,” you nodded.

“You’re quite the firecracker, Miss Y/L/N,” he teased you and you laughed, pulling your hand from his and throwing yourself back in the bed to bury your face in your pillow. “Oh c'mon, baby,” he chuckled, a hand on your back. “It’s a compliment.”

“I know,” you turned your head slightly, biting your lower lip. Your hair cascaded around you, framing your pretty face. “It’s just weird,” you giggled and he raised a brow, prompting an explanation. “You’re my celebrity crush,” you told him and he nodded, chuckling. “Like- I spent a lot of my time writing fan fiction about you.”

“Incredible fan fiction,” his hand absentmindedly, but soothingly, ran up and down your back. You smiled, sitting up again. “Why’s it weird?” He quizzed, fingers gently tucking your hair behind your ear as he brushed your cheek with your thumb. “Did last night not live up to your imagination?”

“My imagination couldn’t have lived up to last night,” you giggled and he chuckled; his cheeks were starting to hurt from smiling. “No, I mean- it’s weird because this is like a dream come true for me. I’m like a nobody,” you said and he pursed his lips at you; he hated it when you said that because you were everything to him. “Who gets to date their celebrity crush?”

“You,” he answered, “and me when you become a famous, Oscar winning screen writer.” You smiled and reached for his face, brushing his cheek with your thumb. “And can you not call yourself a nobody anymore? You know I hate it when you do that,” he reminded you and you nodded with pursed lips.

“Just out of curiosity,” you began and his facials waited, “what happens to my Tumblr now?”

“Uh- What do you mean ‘what happens to my Tumblr now?’” He asked with narrowed eyes.

“We’re like dating now, right?” You asked and he nodded. “So what does that mean for my writing? Surely you don’t want me to write about-” you gestured between the two of you, “this anymore. I mean- before that, we were friends so it wasn’t really…Y'know, personal. But now-” you cut yourself off, wiggling your mouth. He wasn’t really showing any facial expressions that could tell you what he was thinking. “Is it different?”

He thought about it for a while, then chuckled and answered, smiling. “It is,” he nodded. “But we’re the only thing that’s going to be different.” He told you and you frowned in confusion. “I don’t want you to give up writing about us. Well-” he corrected himself, chuckling, “the reader and Chris.” You laughed softly. “That’s how we found each other, it’d be disrespectful to toss it aside. As long as we have ground rules, it should be fine.”

“Trust me,” you cupped his face in your hands, “I’m going to be incredibly selfish with the details I find out about you.” He chuckled, placing his hands over yours. “Thank you for letting me continue. As perfect as my life is right now, I still like to run off into my writing.”

“I know,” he smiled and turned his head to kiss your palm. “So do I,” he winked and you chuckled. “Anyway,” he began and you dropped your hands as he pulled his away. “Shall we go make some breakfast?” He got to his feet and walked over to his wardrobe to get one of his dress shirts for you to wear. “There’s a food fight story you wrote that I’d love to act out.” He tossed you the shirt and you caught it, slipping it over your body.

“Of course you would,” you laughed and took the hand he was holding out. “Is that what we’re going to do now?” You quizzed as he pulled you to your feet. “Act out every story I’ve ever written?” He shrugged, smiling. “Didn’t you say you love me as me now, and not the me in my stories?”

“I did and I do,” he nodded. “But you gotta cut me some slack, I mean- you wrote us pretty similarly to who we are right now. Real life Chris wants a food fight as much as Fan fic Chris.” You threw your head back, laughing, and he wrapped his arms around your waist. “But does any of that matter?” He smiled when you wrapped your arms around his neck. “We love each other, don’t we?” He asked and you nodded. “Now that’s what’s important.”

“That’s true.”

“Of course it is,” he chuckled and pecked your forehead. “Now let’s go make breakfast, have a food fight, and discuss our upcoming trip to Boston.” You smiled when you remembered that offer was in the letter he wrote you. “Do you think you could take a week off school, or am I asking a little too much of a new girlfriend?”

“We’ve lived a thousand lives together,” you reminded him and he chuckled. “I think I can manage.”

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Jealous - Henry Mills

“Henry, you’re being a fool.” “Of course, now is my fault”
he said frustrated.

You and Henry have been in a relationship since a couple of months, at the beginning it was a little hard, Regina didn’t want no girl near from her son, and having The Evil Queen as jealous mother from you boyfriend is something dangerous. But everything went worst since they returned from the Underworld and a special guest came with them. That guest was no other than Peter Pan, you knew him well, when you were a child he used to come visit you and he turned into your best friend.

Seeing he again was the best thing ever, you had so much to tell him you two spend so much tie together, fact that get Henry jealous every time, obviously he denied that, but you knew it. And it was stupid, Peter was like an old brother to you, and you were just like his little sister, nothing more.

“I’ve never said that it was your fault, just that you’re overreacting.” “I’m not overreacting, (Y/N). You have not spent time with me since we return, and it has been like a month. I think that prefer him over me.” He said and you laugh, it was so good seen him jealous. “Oh great, now you’re making fun out of me”

You still were laughing when you walk near to him and kiss him in a sweet kiss, he tried to resist, but he ended but grabbing your hips and pushing you even more near to him. When the kiss finished, you hugged him.

“For what it was that?” he asked you smiling “Because I love you, even when you’re jealous. Peter is my best friend since I was little; he played with me and listened every time I needed someone to talk with. But Henry, you are my boyfriend. You are the only person who can make me smile when I’m blue, or make me like pop music. You are my hero. And actually I like when you get jealous.” You said laughing.

Henry just kissed you, that were what he needed to hear, he had always being crushed in you and that was what he needed to realize that you were crushed in him to. When he let you go, he looked into your eyes and replied you: “I’m not jealous”.

Ace Valentine Story

About a year and a half ago, I was on Omegle (Yes, that site where they connect you with random strangers and let you chat) and I met this person who did an RP (roleplay, fandom, obviously) with me. It went pretty well, so we decided to start doing another, and we began doing it long-term, first on twitter dm, and then on tumblr. We started chatting a bit and I felt we had a sort of connection, which led to us becoming close friends.

After a while (not sure whether months or weeks,) they disappeared off tumblr for a few days and I had no idea what happened to them. When they returned a few day later, I found out that they had attempted suicide. I don’t want to say too much because I know they’re sensitive about this, but their life was really rough at that point, and they had depression and other issues and they were very, very alone in it all. Of course, being a human who understands the sanctity of life, I was concerned, and as any decent person would be, I didn’t want someone to take their own life. So, I tried my best to help them, to talk to them and convince them there was something worth living for.

It wasn’t easy. Dealing with a person going through depression and trying to help them when you’re on an entirely different continent isn’t easy. But they slowly opened up to me and I’m very proud of them for letting someone in in their situation. At some point along the way, I just kind of realized that I cared for them very much. Deeper than a friendship, but I had no idea what it was at that time. That was also around the time when I realized I was ace and I found out about my romantic orientation. But I didn’t realize my feelings for them for what they were yet.

It all kinda just came out one day (a fucking leap day, to be exact) when we were doing those ask things  on tumblr where you ask people who their tumblr crush is and stuff like that. Well, we asked each other the same thing, and… it turned out we were each other’s tumblr crushes. And when we talked about it a bit more, it turned out we actually liked each other, not just our blogs and stuff. And it hit me like a brick wall. So I did the logical next step and asked them to be my partner. Don’t ask me what compelled me to do it, I just felt like I wanted to, like it was the perfect time and that it made total sense. I mean, I liked them, they liked me, why the fuck not? So I asked. And they said yes.

We worked out the whole me-being-ace thing and they were really cool with it, and I really appreciate that. I feel very lucky that I could find someone who is accepting of who I am, and they are so much more than I could have ever asked for in a partner.

So… yeah. I fell in love online with someone whose real name I didn’t even know until we were actually in a relationship, whose face I’d hadn’t even seen until a short while before I’d asked them, someone I had met literally by chance.

And that’s the story of my online relationship with my partner @onmywaytofandomhell! Happy Valentine’s to all the aces out there!

My dear lgbt+ children, 

Heteronormativity, cisnormativity and allonormativity can be just as hurtful as lgbt+-phobia. 

Your parents keep asking “Do you like any boys in your school?” but you’re into girls? I see your pain. I believe you when you say it hurts. 

Your best friend asked who you have a crush on and when you said you don’t get crushes, she laughed and said “Everyone does!”? I see your pain. I believe you when you say it hurts.  

Your SexEd teacher talks about what happens “when a girl gets her first period” and you’re a boy who just got his first period? I see your pain. I believe you when you say it hurts. 

“Other people have it worse” is a deeply insensitive remark. Please don’t let those people silence you. Turning (emotional) pain into a competition is unhealthy for everyone involved. You deserve better than that. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: “Wait, what does those “normativity” words mean?” They describe the (silent) assumption that everyone is hetero/cis/feels romantic and sexual attraction or that being/feeling those things is “normal”. 

so ive been looking up any possible archive of the relationship sam and i have had since a big part of our relationship was the like 4-year-long crush we harbored for each other from the Homestuck Era of 2012

and the first ask they ever sent me said some stuff about art and then

“You are already one of my favourite artists on tumblr, just imagine where you’ll be in a few years.“

i could not have imagined this. its so much better than i would have.

Liv’s Weekly Favorites, Week 1

Hi, guys!

The post I made suggesting this got a lot of positive feedback, so here I go!

Please keep in mind that these are my personal favorites, some will have my personal opinions attached, and some won’t. I probably won’t do more than 10 in a weekly post, just to keep my sanity intact. ;) 

Chaptered fics will probably be repeated more than once, if I like the latest chapter update, just so you know! If you guys are interested in my favorite fics of this week, they’re under the cut! Please feel free to PM me at @isakbeanie if you wanna discuss any of these fics!!

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1:14 AM

well my friend just told me that J is at the summer camp with like all the sports and shit. but im not in summer camp, but my friend told me to come bc my house is literary 30 seconds away from my school.

idk, i just got excited at the subject of him. i miss the sound of his voice. i miss that feeling i got when other people said his name. i just miss him. and i probably won’t have him as my gym teacher, because im just that kind of person that always gets struck with bad luck, and never gets what they want.

sorry to pour my heart out on here. i just can’t tell anybody else that im so fucking crazy about this man without them judging me. so i talk to my damn tumblr followers about it….

jkm59  asked:

Hi Skeletorific! Thank you so much for running this Tumblr, it really brightens my day. This is my first request on Tumblr, so please let me know if I commit a faux pas. For my ask, the skelebro's crush has a sibling/best friend/cousin/etc. that confesses to the skelebro they like him romantically. The skelebro's crush is cheering on said relation from the sidelines, unaware of the skeleton's feelings for them. What are the reactions of the skeleton and the outcome of this awkward situation?

Okay, can faux pas be used more? This is like the most polite ask ever put in my inbox. Not that the rest of y’all are rude or anything, but I just loved reading this. Also I feel this qualifies as a hearty flangst steak. Also I’ll be using “you” pronouns to refer to the crush, but I guess either person could be the reader.

Also, given that a lot would be dependent on the personality of the reader and the friend, I had to leave this a little more up to interpretation than I gnerally do

UT!Sans: Welp……this is awkward. He doesn’t want to trample on their affections, especially in front of you. He’ll say a few things that could be interpreted a hundred different ways but sound positive. When they have a second alone, though, he does his best to let them down gently, explaining to them that their great, but he’s honestly kind of into someone else. He doesn’t say who. He doesn’t want them to either fight with you or, worse, for them to tell you and you to either try and convince him to go out with them or worse, go out with him out of pity. In all likelihood he’ll give up on the crush. Clearly you don’t think of him much in that way if you were that eager to get him with your friend/relative/whatever. But if he can he’ll likely try to remain friends with both of you. No sense tossing out any of the few people he can connect with just because more complicated emotions got involved

UT!Papyrus:…..CUE THE PITY DATES! This is pretty similar to how it goes in game. He’s devastated that his crush evidently doesn’t return his feelings, but he can’t let this other person get their feelings hurt! So he goes on a date. And then another. And another. Surely feelings will develop at some point! But….if they never do….chances are Sans or Undyne is going to have to step in, as he’ll feel too guilty to break up himself. Still, he wants them to know that even if they aren’t the one for him, they are still very great!

UF!Sans: He gets pissed, so much so that he ‘ports out without a word to either you or them. Yeah, a dick move. But….look, Red plays his cards close to his chest but when he has a crush he always thinks that he’s being insanely obvious. Like, maybe you don’t know he has feelings that strong for you, but you gotta know he’s clearly more inclined your way, right? So this thing with your friend….it feels like a condescending let down. Like you’re saying “Me? Wouldn’t date you, but here, let me push you off on the first willing person so I don’t have to break your heart personally.” Whether or not that’s what you’re doing, its how he interprets it, and he won’t talk to you or your friend for some time afterwards. Eventually, he apologizes to your friend (well, as much as Red ever really apologizes). Not their fault you used them. In some time, he may come to forgive you too. Its not without the realm of possibility that he would date the friend, though it’d take some time. Still, his relationship pool isn’t such that he can really afford to completely reject interested candidates.

UF!Papyrus: He’s TICKED and does not care who knows it. He rejects their protestations of affection, very harshly. If you try to tell him off for it, he just lights into you, until he finally storms off. And the thing is he has no idea why he’s reacting this way. If he stops to think for more than a second he finds he isn’t really angry, not at your friend, not at you. But Boss’ first instinct is always self-protection when it comes to emotions. Rather than let anyone see how much he’s hurting he will always choose to lash out and hurt them first. Within a week, he apologizes. First to you. Then, after like an hour of semi-starts and lengthy pauses he finally manages to choke out a confession. What happens next is up to you, but this is an intensely vulnerable display for Edge. Handle it carefully. (Also for the record he will eventually apologize to your friend).

US!Sans: Uh…..wow. His reaction is kind of an odd mix of the Tale bros. His reactions seem positive, but vague. He isn’t really saying anything about how he feels, but he isn’t turning them down either. This goes on for a while. He doesn’t exactly ask them out, but when they happen to hang out its not not a date. He never asks them to go steady, but doesn’t stop them when they start referring to him as their boyfriend. For once the skeleton with boundless energy is just…..dragging. Immobilized almost. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Clearly it took them a lot of effort to be able to confess. And he doesn’t want to put you in an awkward position. But he’s still hung up on you, guilty about being so, even more guilty about letting this go on, but terrified of hurting someone irreparably and losing two people that he values quite a bit. If someone doesn’t catch on this could potentially go on for months. Still, like Tale Papyrus, he wants them to know no matter what they are definitely someone worthy of being loved, even if not by him specifically.

US!Papyrus: Out of all the skeletons, Stretch is the only one for whom this isn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence. I’ve mentioned it before, but he’s a chronic lowkey flirt who’s extremely hard to read, and has a tendency to send very mixed signals. This isn’t the first time someone’s been caught in the crossfire, and while he’s obviously not thrilled that they’re going to be hurt, he’s gotten good at letting people down easy. After a few weeks (out of respect for their feelings), he corners you and lets you know that it’s actually you he was into at the time. If you end up accepting his offer, he does his best to keep your relationship on the DL in front of them. Not that you’re hiding it, but he knows that this could be a pretty rough blow to a relationship you clearly value, so he wants to give them time to move on from him.

SF!Sans He’s initially very unreceptive to the idea but within a few days his affections have transferred. Rasp is an absolute sucker for being adored, and in the end he will always be attracted to whatever strokes his ego the best. This doesn’t mean he’s incapable of maintaining an unrequited crush, but ultimately he’s very…well, efficient. Let’s just skip the pining phase and go straight to the part where I have a built in partner to make me feel good, shall we? Its only after a few weeks whirlwind courtship that he bothers to sit down and figure out how he actually feels. Depending on the personality of the friend its entirely possible that he’ll stay in the relationship, but its also possible that he’ll realize he’s still into you and thus a break-up is necessary. Its going to be messy, whichever he chooses.

SF!Papyrus: Um…….what? No, wait, what? Someone’s into him without him actively putting energy into trying to form a connection? What? He lets them down gently as he can, without telling you or them who he actually is into, but as the weeks go by, he finds he can’t get them out of his mind. Seriously….what? Syrup has been a fixation for a few admirers in the past but in a world like Swapfell you don’t exactly go publishing feelings like that, so he’s never really known. The idea that someone might be crushing on him is entirely unexpected. And not necessarily unpleasant. Its possible he may ask them out. Even if he’s not ultimately attracted to them, this is a rare confidence boost for him. He will likely feel a little closer to them because of it. Even if they don’t end up as a couple, they will at least be some kind of drinking buddy in a year’s time. He kind of gives up on you, though. Evidently there’s nothing there for him.