but my true love are the heavens above



“Sit down, I want to show you something!” Thomas dragged you into a quiet room, away from the party, your birthday party.
“What is it?” You giggled at seeing him so excited.
“It’s your birthday present, well part of a big surprise I’ve been working on…” He pulled out his guitar, and you let out a squeal. You loved his playing.
“I wrote you a little something,” you yelled your hands over your heart and smiled brightly at the romantic gesture.

There’s this girl I know,
She’s the one I’m dreaming of,
Angel sent from heaven above,

They say some people,
Are just meant to be,
And baby,
I know you were made for me,

All I wanna do,
For the rest of my life,
Is call this shining spirit,
My beautiful wife,
See those sparkling eyes,
This may be no surprise,

But I truly love you,
It’s true,
I’ve fallen for you,

Fallen for you,

They say some people,
Are just meant to be,
And baby,
I know you were made for me,

Will you marry me?

He finished off the song as you gasped.
“Are you serious?!” You stood up in the closet you were in and knocked over a can of paint. It crashed and spilt all over you and him.
“Oh no!!” You complained. It was not only all over your brand new dress but all in your hair and covering your face as well. “I’m a total mess, I look awful!”
“You’ve never looked more beautiful,” he whispered not thinking you heard it.
You pecked him on the lips, and ruffled through his soaking now blue hair and laughed.
“Looking a little punk rockish now, not really your style…”
He laughed, “before I was interrupted, there was something I was trying to ask,” you held your breath knowing what was coming up “will do me the honor in becoming mrs. Smurf?”
“Yes!” You kissed him, spreading more blue paint on his semi clean face.
“I love you,” his blue smile showed in the dim late. You stayed there listening to the music from outside in perfect serenity with your fiancé.

Sorry of this sucked, I’m really bad at writing songs off the spot 😁

ll You finally came home to me ll

Just want to express my reawaked Destiel / Twist & Shout feels with this quick artwork.

So imagine Dean dies as an old man, thinking all his life about Cas and the time he spend with his first true love. In heaven he meets Cas again- and their heaven is a beach, and this( quote above) would be the first thing he’d say to Dean.
Finally together forever. u//u Let a girl dream ♥

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For my one and only Cas @florastiel

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