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Reflections on Surgery

I went into surgery scared.  I heard rumors of crazy schedules, apathetic residents, confusing pimp sessions in the OR when you just don’t know what to say, and people cursing and yelling more than what’s considered to be normal.  Well, all of things happened.  I was at the hospital from 430am-630pm EVERY DAY. On weekends, it was only 5am-noon.  I never worked so hard in my life, but the work was different than I expected.  I had to work hard to be heard by residents and actually contribute to the team.  I had to really come up with good ways to be involved in patient care.  My goal everyday was to do one thing that was actually helpful for a patient, not just helpful for my education.  When I scrubbed out of my last surgery, an emergent abdominal bleed due to a mets carcinoid tumor coming from the ED, I actually felt sad.  I didnt want to go.  I had been so busy, but I could sense I really loved surgery.  But as I walked out on my last day feeling genuinely depressed it was over, I was certain I had loved it.  Surgery is probably the most difficult rotations because of the exhaustion compounded onto a fast schedule.  I barely had time to catch up with my own thoughts during the rotation, and it was only over this last weekend I realized what I thought about it and how to do well (I got my evaluations this weekend and I was told by an attending I was the “best medical student he’s ever worked with.  I thought it was a prank, but apparently not!).  

How to Succeed on Surgery Rotations:

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Hedda Pt. 4

Hedda Pt. 4
- Jarl Eluf

Part 3. Part 4.

Tags: @arkrimwitchout @burningsunshin3

Pairing: IvarxOFC
Rating for chapter: T
Warnings: Light sexual tension; hints about violence.
Note: Gods this took time! I am so sorry but there was constantly things keeping me away from writing. But here it is!
I know it is not very long but this will have to do.
Friendly reminder that my English could be so much better. Sorry for mistakes and simple language.


Everyone and everything is asleep, part from the owl I can hear from far away; its eerie sound impossible even for the wooden walls to keep out.
The candle beside my bed has soon burnt out and I will have to move out of bed to fetch a new one or I will sit tight in the darkness of the night and wait for something to happen.
I have not been able to sleep properly since I talked to the seer, two nights ago now.
Aslaug had seemed deep in thoughts when I finally had the time to tell her about what he had to say. She showed me nothing of what she may feel yet her cunning eyes had shifted its nature and something troubled and pondering took them over completely. However she had refused telling me her thoughts and instead asked me allowing it all to take time.
With a sigh of frustration I throw the blanket away from my legs; the thin gown for sleeping exposing my body to the chill not yet chased away by spring.
It feels as if I have missed something. The seer knew and even gave me answers I think should not be too hard to understand and even the Queen had seemed to slowly grasping his words. I have never felt this ignorant before.
My naked feet is silent when I move to the door, opening it just enough to look outside. Darkness is everywhere but the fire in the hall is still burning slow to keep the warmth around and the yellow and orange light plays on the walls. Tall and dark shadows behind every chair, every drape and look as if it tries to eat the light away.
I have not been able to sleep because I cannot stop thinking and I am worried that new dreams may come; dreams that will have me even more confused.

Silent like a mouse I move out, sneaking like a deer to where I know mead will be left from todays supper. I find it at the far end of the long table and I pour some for myself before sitting down beside the warm fire.
Staring into the flames I can hear something whisper inside of me. My thoughts of what has happened and what I should know is slowly dancing inside my head and the flames lures the beginning of answers out. But the whispers is never loud enough for me to hear.
I can hear heavy breathing from where Aslaug sleeps and sometimes the building moans under the preassure of the winds outside and no matter I would be far from alone in this place I have never felt this lonely.
I sip the mead, leaning with my elbows on my knees where I let the heat from the fire slowly burn my face; trying to make out the whispers inside; whispers of what I know but have yet not been able to understand.
A sound, not from anyone sleeping would have my ears on point if they could move, but the rest of my body does not move a muscle. The sound of something heavy and fabric being dragged along the floor; irregular breathing belonging to them who is awake.

“You will not sneak up on me this time.” I mutter hushed and the sound of Ivar moving over the floor stops for a second; then he cralws closer.

“I would like to think I never sneak up on you, but that you are never focused on what is around.” I can hear the amused laugh in his voice and although I do not feel like having him mocking me in the middle of the night I find no strength asking him to find a place in Hel and curl up there.
A sad little smile tugs my lips; knowing his words was not meant for deepr things yet he managed to point out exactly how I felt. I was not able to focus and therefor I missed everything.

“What do you want, Ivar?” I sigh, barely looking to my side where he lifts himself up to sit beside me, a huff spilling from his lips when he can relax his arms.
He eyes me carefully, as if looking for something and I turn my own eyes away, staring into the fire again.
He says nothing and the tension building is having my skin crawl. I clench my jaws, trying to ignore him sitting there close, not uttering a single word but only staring at me; the feeling of it like a stone almost crushing me.

“You have had my mother troubled and Ubbe is certainly suspicious at what may have had you avoiding all of us for two days now.” I look to him, frowning at his words and I am a little surprised to see his face without any hint of making fun of me or trying to pull my legs away from under me. Actually he looks pretty curious himself.

“I have a lot to think about.” That is my pathetic answer and an airy laugh have his lips curl into a soft smile; a smile I am not sure I have seen before. Perhaps he is just as tired as I am and therefor have no need to make his presence a thorn in my side.
A shiver runs down my spine. I never told Aslaug about what struck me when I was aiming for the great hall that night, trying to escape the obnoxious presence of her youngest son.
The small sensation of belonging is even greater now when he is not trying to annoy me. That in itself however is enough to annoy me.

“We all know about your dreams and that mother is trying to help you. But you must have told her something very special this time. I have not seen her so deep in thought for a very long time.” He stares into the fire, its light reflecting in his eyes and the blue in them mixes with gold.
I frown, biting the inside of my cheek. Rarely do I hear Ivar talking calmly and about something that I could think he might have thought through before speaking. Perhaps I indeed had managed to trouble people around me.

“I never meant to upset them.” My hands look like pale gold against the thin gown for sleeping covering my skin. I pick with the cool fabric on my thighs but jump in my seat when I can feel a set of warm collused fingers snake under my chin.
I hold my breath when he turns my face, tilting it back by putting preassure on my chin where his fingers keeps my entire head in place.
In my chest my heart seem to drum harder and harder where he stares to the eye through which I cannot see. A sting of shame and need to crawl into a ball and hide have me suffocate a complaining whine.

“Wha- what are you doing?” The contrast of the hard skin of his tumb running along the smooth skin of my jaw have the fine hair on my arms rise.

“Does it hurt?” He asks, studying what I know is an eye white and cloudy like milk mixed with water. It never moves when I look up or to the side.
I can feel my stomach twisting and my body is fighting between the sensations of being scared and melting completely under his touch.

“No.” I squeal hushed, trembling under his gaze and I look for the part of me that is never late with pushing him away, asking him to go hide or to leave me alone because I could not wish for his presence. I do not find it though; like he tied the hands of my will.

“No.” Now he looks to the eye through which I indeed can see him and the preassure over my chest where he force me to keep looking at him make it hard to breathe. “Does it hurt you, when you see your reflection and when the people around you stare like you would bring them death coming too close?” His own voice is a whisper, his jaws popping where he seem to grind his teeth.
Something in his blue eyes and the way his brows are low over them is filled with helpless hope.

Why would I admit that to him?

“Yes. Yes it does.” I breathe out, the stinging behind my eyes warning me to take this any further.

Because I wanted to admit it to him.

He let go of my chin, my head suddenly feeling heavy without his support and almost falling forwards I see how he turn away; the fire illuminating the bitter and angered man in a way that truly give you an impressive picture of what fear he could induce in you by just sitting there. But aslo the massive beauty that comes with such a ruthless force and the sadness that is so obvious in his pained facial features now.

“You know that pain.” It is hardly a question but his head move in an almost invisible nod and something moves inside, the twisting of my stomach crawling higher in my body and settles in my chest.
I am not sure why I do it but I reach out, my hand resting on the low of his arm and the muscles tense within the second; his eyes wide and shocked when he look to my fingers softly hugging him through the thin tunic.

“Then why do you feel the need to mock my pain, Ivar?” I know remembering how he use to make fun of my eye should indeed cause me to be angry with him when knowing that pain is not new to him: but I find nothing but strange sympathy.
He snorts, moving his arm so that my hand fall and I pull it back to my lap; the memory of his warmth seeping through his tunic etched to my palm.

“Give me that.” He nods to the cup in my other hand and I give it to him, watching how he empties the cup quickly before putting the vial aside, licking the sweet remains from his lips. Without thinking I feel how my own tongue runs over my own lips watching him.
Something sparks in his eyes and one of the corners of his mouth curls. He leans closer and my entire body freeze, my hands grabbing the fall of my gown.
The predatory nature of his features when looking from my eyes to my lips, even further down and then back up sends hot waves through my stiff limbs.

“You think you are so strong Hedda, but there are parts of you being so frail I could break you just-” I flinch slightly when his one hand allows his fingers to run from my ear down my neck; tickling its way over my collarbone to where a little knot holds my gown together.

“Ivar.” I gasp, my chest heaving and the heat spreading from his fingers runs up my neck, over my cheeks all the way to my hairline. I can hear the raging pulse roaring in my ears.

“All I would have to do is find your weakest spot and press. And then I would feel all that warm blood of yours cover my hands.” He snarls hushed, his breath fanning my face and his hand shape around my throat in a slow and soft manner cuasing me to moan straight to his face.
I do not want to show him the great need growing inside of me but my thighs press together and my head falls back just enough to expose my throat to his hand entirely.

“Mother said the seer told you were special, chosen.” My eyes rolls back where I can feel his lips whisper over my jawline; tensed like the string of a bow.

“Tell me little one, what is it that would make you so special?” He mumbles, the intense warmth of his breath, the warmth from his skin and the way his words intoxicates me make me dazed and slow.

“I have not pushed you away yet or pleaded you to stop.” Talking I can feel the preassure he truly gives my throat, his thumb pressing slightly at the flesh and I have to push my words through. But the fear and the anticipation is a mixture so mind blowing not one single part of me wish to push him away.
He chuckles darkly and I stop a frustrated groan when he moves away, his hand running down my collarbones and once again stops by the knot keeping me dressed. I watch him through a haze.

“That does not make you sepcial Hedda, only stupid.” He licks his lips, tilting his head to the side. His hand falls back to his lap and like that I know how to breathe again, slowly trying it out.

“You do not know what I could do to you, to everyone around.” Some of the pain I had seen earlier runs past his eyes and a shadow is slowly growing over him.

“I have heard the talk.” I gulp, still out of shape; my mind regaining its former self slowly and gingerly.

“Words from them who does not know me, truly. Do you believe their word more than mine, hm?” He stares at me darkly, warningly and for reasons unknown it just make me wish he would touch me again.

“I am not so sure you fully know yourself, Ivar.” He growls, his hands curling into fists and the fact tha I may very well have crossed some line here, striks me; my own body preparing to defend itself if need be.

“Do not come here acting like you are better than me. Do not ever think that you know me. Do not ever claim to understand what you have not ever tasted.” He barks, his white teeth glimmering between his lips and was I not so dumbfounded by the treatment just a minute ago I would have snapped back at him, arguing with him. All I find is silence.

“All you have Hedda, is your fire. And as long as mother fuels it you will burn.” He make his way down onto the floor and I watch him with curious eyes. “But a fire is only a fire when someone feeds it. What will you be when we stop feeding you?” He crawls away with that, allowing me to watch him leave to where he came from.
My mind is buzzing and so filled with thoughts and emotions I just sit and stare long after he disappeared.
No, I truly do not know annything about him but I am sure there are things not even he knows. He hides something inside and he will guard it with death as weapon for as long as he can. But my curiosity has peaked and my skin still feeling where his hand roamed will not stop screaming to feel it again.

I dislike him and I momentarily even hate him but he let his guard down tonight; allowing me a glimpse of what he is gurding so fiercly and just like the fire I will try to tear through whatever is in my way.
I dreamt that night but not a dream of foretelling but of him. I dreamt of his eyes, his hands and his lips; waking up with an unfamiliar ache in my abdomen.


“It is that simple.” Sigurd stands up, crossing his arm where I lean forward to study the snare he prepared; trying to remember every step he showed me.

“Yes, looks easy enough.” I smile, being outside the growing town away from the people and everything that is constantly pecking my attention having me feel at peace.

“Next time you will have to do this yourself.” He pats my shoulder before turning and we lave the snare and if lucky we will have a rabbit or hare in it tomorrow.

“I appreciate you taking your time teaching me.” I step over a small stone covered in moss.
The trees are getting green and soon their foliage will offer shadow the to ground and wild animals.

“Nuh, it is fun.” His blonde curls swirls around his neck when the wind embrace us and I pull my cloak tighter around me; seeing the fields through the trees before me.
Birds are singing and sometimes the sun manage to touch us when the clouds part for a minute.

“You should join us to the cabin some day; there is a lot of things you could learn.” He holds some branches out of the way for me and let me pass.

“Perhaps I could bring Arkan. I think he would like getting out.” I visit the horse sometimes but I have yet to ride him. I cannot blame time because I have plenty but for some reason I have always found myself far away from the stable and from the big animal.

“And he can help carrying what we get, home.” Sigurd encourages.
Spending time with Sigurd is easy. His nature is calm and kind. He is easy to talk to and is quick to laugh if need be.
But the freedom is cut off quickly where a horse can be seen as soon as we come out the fields and its rider waves its hand towards us.
Sigurd frowns where we stop, awaiting the rider and it does not take long before I recognize Hvitserk holding the horse enough so that it circles us.

“Mother asks for you, we have a visitor.” He says, the horse throwing with its head.

“A visitor?” I echo, grabbing his hand when he extends it, feeling how Sigurd lifts me by my waist to help me up behind his brother.

“Jarl Eluf. He has been riding for days and is in the hall with mother right now.” Hvitserk barely wait for me to snake my arms around his waist before he have the horse moving; my dress exposing my legs to the cold and the warm body of the horse.
I look back to Sigurd, running after us but soon he is just a small little ant and the town is growing in front of us.
I ask Hvitserk nothing when he guides the horse between the buildings an moving people, slowing down just enough to not crash into whatever is before us.
Earl Eluf is no name I remember, yet the cold unease inside have me hold onto the young man hard. I do not know any by that name but if Aslaug requested my presence because of his arrival he must know mine.

“They are waiting, get inside.” Hvitserk struggles with holding the horse still where I slide down; the wet ground splashing mud on my legs and dress. I nod before turning and I hear how he rides off again.
My heart is beating fast and my palms are sweaty where I stop outside the doors of the great hall; voices coming from inside. I must look like a mess but I doubt neither the Jarö nor the Queen will give me time to freshen up. So I enter.
Aslaug sits in one of the great chairs, a few men I do not recognize is sitting by the fire and Ubbe is by his mothers side.

“Hedda! This is Jarl Eluf. He claims to be the man raising you.” Aslaug motions for the tall man with his back facing me.
I gulp, confusion eating me from the inside as I watch the black cloak covering all of him; grey fur lining his shoulders and the white, long braid along the middle of his back.
Then he turns and my heart stops inside my chest. I hold my breath, the blood in my veins turning to ice and I can see how Aslaug look as shocked as I. She has seen this man as well.
His face is old, his eyes pale and on his cheek clean from beard is four long scars.
The fur around his shoulders is a wolf, its limp legs crossing his chest to keep it in place.
Jarl Eluf; the man turning into a wolf. The man claiming to have raised me?

“Hedda. By the Gods I am happy I have found you.” His pale lips parts in a smile, markings carved into his teeth and all I can see is the blood dripping from his jaws in my dreams.

Saudade - Part Two. Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Rating: 18+ NSFW
Words: 4484

Notes: There isn’t any smut in this part, sorry to disappoint the perverts, but it’s still marked smut because the series itself has smut, and there will eventually be smut, don’t worry. Thanks to my hoe’s for helping out and reading it over. Tip: It’s good to have friends to take a second look, they can usually pick out things you can’t or suggest things.

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anonymous asked:

if you're doing companion reactions, how about romanced companions react to sole being kidnapped and taken across the country and coming back after like 5 years

Hello, Satan my old friend..I’ve come to talk with you again. 

This got REALLY long (mentions of suicidal ideation, thoughts) 

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UNDENIABLE BEAUTY… [Maggie Greene x Reader - F/F]


~ Imagine where Maggie realises just how beautiful the reader is, and decides to confess her feelings (F/F) ~


- requested by the lovely @musermallate


“Are you coming?” Y/N asked, opening the door to the truck and smiling at me. I nodded quickly, jumping into the passenger’s seat before she got in beside me and started the engine. I watched as she huffed when the engine failed to start the first time. I couldn’t help but laugh as she scrunched up her face in annoyance at the old vehicle, “This damn thing!” She yelled, slamming her hand on the dashboard before trying again. She finally got it to start and revved the engine victoriously. She looked at me and grinned, nodding with pride as we drove down the dirt path and off of the farm.


It’s always fun going on runs with Y/N. I like spending time with her. Since she arrived at our farm with her group, I haven’t been able to stay away from her. I can’t take my eyes off of her sometimes. I’ve never had a real relationship with anyone, besides a few high-school crushes that didn’t really end well. I’ve never been one to commit to someone, I’m not the typical girl who’s going to follow someone around. I’ve lived on a farm my whole life, I’m a dedicated country girl who’d rather ride a horse and get a little muddy out on the fields than hanging around with guys.


But the main thing is, I’m not into guys. I thought I was, I was fully convinced throughout my teenage years that a boyfriend would come along and we’d be happy. However, that never happened. I found myself having crushes on girls and I would get embarrassed because I thought I was weird and too different. With my family being quite religious, I thought I was doing them a great injustice, so I hid my feelings. To this day I’ve never told anyone, and I’ve never shown a girl I’ve liked how I feel.


Y/N… I don’t like her. I’m in love with her. Now, I’ve never been in love before but I know this is what it must feel like. My heart skips a beat whenever she enters a room or walks by me, even if we don’t speak and she just glances at me, it feels like my heart is dancing in my chest. The butterflies - How can I describe the butterflies? It feels like thousands of cocoons hatch in my stomach when she smiles, and beautiful butterflies flutter around in my stomach making me feel as if I could rise off of the ground and start floating in the air. Sometimes I feel tingling sensations running down my spine that make my whole body shudder when I lay eyes on her. When she touches me, a fire inside of me ignites, a fire that not even a million buckets of water could put out. A forever burning flame, that makes my skin prickle and goosebumps rise on my arms and legs. If this isn’t love, then what is it?


We drove down the road in a comfortable silence, exchanging a few words and jokes now and again. We mainly spoke about our pasts and she enthused about her old friends and the hobbies she once had. She told me stories about her childhood and embarrassing moments from high-school that she’s still trying to forget. The way her eyes light up when she’s really into a story warms my heart. Sometimes I just want to grab her and kiss her, and tell her how beautiful she is to me and that I love her more than anything in the world. I’m scared though. Scared of rejection. I don’t think I’d ever be able to live it down if she pushed me away. It’d be the worst pain in the world, and I don’t think I’d even want to live knowing that she hated me…


We arrived at a pharmacy and parked the truck. We both jumped out, our knives tucked into our pockets beside our guns. We slowly crept towards the doors, before banging on them to check if there was anything inside. She looked at me through the corner of her eye, as if to ask me if I could hear anything. I knocked once more then shook my head. We both stood back, gave each other a knowing look, taking our knives out of our pockets. “3… 2… 1…” I spoke, before we both kicked the doors. The wood cracked and the doors flew open.


We dashed inside, checking everywhere to see if there were any walkers creeping around. I held my knife in front of me, ready to kill anything that tried to attack. She jumped over the counter and walked up and down the aisles where shelves were stacked with boxes of medication. She sighed, walking back towards me and sliding over the counter, sitting on the edge of it. She tucked her knife back where it belonged and smiled. “It’s clear,” She stated, patting the space beside her.


I hoisted myself up onto the counter, shuffling a little to get comfy before slouching. She scooted up closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder, sighing again. “Doesn’t it feel good to go somewhere and not have to stab a dozen walkers before you can sit down?” She laughed. Her head bobbed up and down on my shoulder as she chuckled to herself, making me smile widely like an idiot. I turned my head to look at her, my face dangerously close to hers as I gazed into her amazing Y/E/C eyes. For a moment I felt like I was getting lost in them, like falling down a well or drowning in the ocean. I wanted to sit like this forever, with nothing else surrounding us.


I looked back forward, tilting my head so it was on top of hers. We sat in silence for a moment, the sound of our breathing being the only noise in the room. “Why did we come here again?” She suddenly said, amusement clear in her voice. I shrugged, before she moved her head off of my shoulder and turned her body to face mine, “You’re awfully quiet today Maggie, are you alright?” She asked, placing a hand on my arm gently. I wanted to melt into her touch and pull her into a hug but I knew I couldn’t. She looked at me sympathetically, and my stomach fluttered with the same butterflies as I saw the concern and care in her face, “You can talk to me.” She said consolingly.


“I… I’m fine,” I stuttered, looking down and fiddling with my thumbs, not knowing what to say to her without sounding like a moron, “My mind is just… Elsewhere.”


“What are you thinking about?”


“You,” I unconsciously blurted out, suddenly looking at her with my eyes widened as I realised what I’d just said, “I… I mean -”


“Maggie are you sure you’re alright? You’re shaking…”


I jumped off of the counter, standing in front of her and holding my arms by my sides to try and calm myself down and get back into a sane state of mind. She looked at me with furrowed brows, showing her confusion, “Maggie, what do you mean? Why are you thinking about me?” She jumped down and stood in front of me, holding me in front of her by my upper arms as she forced me to look at her directly.


“I mean…” I started, before sighing. I’m just going to do it. If I don’t tell her now I’ll regret it, either of us could die at any time and I don’t want to waste another minute fantasising about what we could be. I want it to be a reality, “I’m thinking about you because I like you, and damn does it feel good to finally say it… Listen, I know you probably think I’m crazy and you’ll most likely hate me after this but you needed to know,” I confessed. She looked at me for a moment, her eyes widening before softening again.


“I don’t understand… Why would you like me? What is there to like?”


Hearing those words broke me inside in an instant. How can she not see anything that’s worthy of being liked? I love everything about her, even her flaws and her embarrassing moments. Everything.


“There’s a whole list of things I like about you Y/N… A list long enough to take us to the end of time. I have liked you ever since I first laid eyes on you. I’ve never felt anything like this before in my life. You’re beautiful Y/N, truly… I wish I’d have told you earlier, but I never found the courage.”


“Maggie I don’t know what to say…” She whispered, taking my hand in hers and giving it a gentle squeeze. I looked down at our hands and back upto her face. She took a step forward, our faces only inches apart as a huge smile grew on her face, “I wish you’d have told me earlier too…” She said quietly, before leaning in and pressing her lips to mine softly. My eyes fluttered closed as my free hand came upto her face and rested on her cheek, stroking the soft skin. The kiss was slow and sweet, and the fire inside my body was stronger than ever before, as she wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tightly as she disconnected our lips. I hugged her back, wanting to lift her up and spin her around in glee but I refrained from doing that.


We both pulled away to look at each other, and she sighed, a small smile settling on her face as her eyes seemed to twinkle. And right then, I knew that this girl was everything to me…




This is actually the first time I’ve written anything F/F so I hope it’s good! Thank you for the request. Remember - Anyone can send a request for an imagine or a ship, just go to my Ask page!
Zodiac Signs as La Dispute Lyrics

Aries: Its an honest thing when there’s no one there. Some days feel like dress rehearsals, some days I watch and you don’t care.

Taurus: They will label you thieves, wolves and whores, but you are nothing less than angels

Gemini: Your silence screams, you’re giving in to your failures.

Cancer: So use your fingers darling and tear at the restraints they call the body. It’s the temporary things that rip us apart, for the body is but a piece of art for you to tear to pieces.

Leo: I want to believe the way I am is just the way it goes. For the things that came, not the things I chose to come. I want to know if I had any control, I want to know if it’d comfort me.

Virgo: He says “life is like a wineglass” as he spills his drink like secrets all across your dress and says: “my dear I must confess, I never thought you knew what love was like for real. I never thought you needed me”

Libra: Whisper secrets, speak in a hushed voice. The first thing that you learn is that you never let them hear you. In a sound proof room, in a windowless world, keep your voice down or dull your words.

Scorpio: I think you saw me confronting my fear, it went up with the bottle and went down with the beer. I think you oughta stay away from here, there are ghosts in the walls and they crawl in your head through your ears.

Sagittarius: Don’t we remember all the moments we remember the best. Frames in poems and pictures, sang aloud in refrains? Does this cycle of pain and disdain for the past not work exactly the same?

Capricorn: Can I still get into heaven if I kill myself?

Aquarius: I felt your sickness brush against my arm as I walked by you - heard your voice but couldn’t tell that it was you.

Pisces: Underneath the laughs there lies a need that nobody is getting.

‘Imagine trying to set up Bilbo and Thorin, only to have them fall for you instead’ and 'Imagine caring for Bilbo and Thorin when they catch nasty colds, and they turn out to be the worst patients

Imagines from ImagineXHobbit

Imagine combination requested by anon.

Characters: Bilbo, Thorin, Narrator (gender neutral)
Pairings: duh!

This is happening! Is what I decided, when Thorin hugged Bilbo. The two of them just seemed to radiate love when they were together. And then I understood it all; how Thorin got so upset when he thought Bilbo ran away, after the goblin tunnels, and how he risked falling off a cliff to save Bilbo. Of course, he would’ve done that for anyone else in the company, but it was such a nice moment between the two of them. And there was Bilbo, standing between the pale orc and Thorin. A smart hobbit like him would’ve known that there was no surviving that, if the rest of the company hadn’t jumped in. But after that night, there hadn’t been much interaction between them, so I decided to wade in. 

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Kiss the Girl

Note: This is kinda long. Also if you haven’t checked out Part 4 of Moments Gone just click here

“You gotta do it, man,” Zay said taking another bite of his sandwich. “You know you wanna.”

They were all in Farkle’s house playing video games but decided to take a food break. Lucas had thought it was the perfect time to bring up his current predicament.

“I do,” Lucas said rubbing his sweaty palms on his knees and reclined back in his seat. “I’ve been wanting to kiss her again ever since she kissed me. But I get so nervous, I sprint off every time she leans in.”

“You’re an idiot,” Farkle chirped from across the room, coming in with a tray of lemonade. “Take my genius advice, Freak Face, and just do it.”

“For someone who sometimes dresses like they sponsor Nike, you sure don’t take their advice.”

“Thanks, Zay,” Lucas grumbled sarcastically. “Hey, I don’t even wear Nike half as much anymore!”

“No you went back to those blue shirts,” Zay said. “You need to just set the mood, maybe that’ll help you to stop sweating like a pig. Ease all that tension inside you, y'know.”

“He’s right,” Farkle said squeezing in next to Lucas. “Maybe a romantic setting between you and Riley will help ease your nerves. I have a perfect idea!”

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