but my thoughts my thoughts i must speak them!

Food for thought

At the risk of sounding like an idiot I will putting my rambles in here based off the JAMM thread that is going in the community.

1) Who’s to say there is just one killer?

Either we have a single killer that employs different ways of killing someone or we have a sequential killing sequence. 

Ex: Person A killed Meli with poison.
      Person Z killed Jess by strangling them with their necklace.

2) We saw the arm that killed Jess @askdoratonks that had a black glove.

However who’s to say that said glove belong to them? Who’s say they aren’t framing another person in order to cause some confusion? 

3) ____ isn’t the murderer they are too much of a bean.

I hate to say it but anyone and everyone is capable of murder .

Ex: We have 10 year olds that kill someone by accident.
      We have 18 year olds that kill someone with intent.

Meli @askanotherweasley
Jess @askdoratonks 

People it’s not:
Jess @manseyfuls-patronus (Ash has told us)

People at large:
Andy @siriusly-not-over-remus
Katie @girlswillbeboys11
KP @whompingwillovv
Relic @lifeasamarauder
Lunday @lundayy
TT @asktheboywholived
Ash @wallyscags-patronus
Zaara @highwaytothegrangerzone
Laina @ohtheclevernessofme1972
Jess @sirussly
Meg @lizziebennetinjapan
MC @askrowena-vv-sm

Final thoughts: 

As much as I would love to solve it right away I think we need to wait a little longer to gain some more insight and clues even at the risk of more people dying. So far just about anyone and everyone except the dead are fair game. (unless they aren’t really dead)

In conclusion…

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.and “Good hunting.”