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i hope people in manchester, the uk but also people around the world can continue going to concerts and doing things that they love. it’s okay to be scared but don’t let this stop you from enjoying your life, cause that’s exactly what they want. my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the lost, and the injured ones ❤

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Hi!I am white, I know i could never see and feel what sana sees and feels and I don't wanna be insensitive, so what would you do w noora if you were in sana's place?If she had done and said the same stuff but still showed she wanted to stand by you? Tbh i'm tired of her so called 'feminism', to me she's all words, no action. If sana was my friend I'd want for her to put herself first this time, although noora might not mean any harm to her, shes clearly not the friend she needs, what d'u think?

Hi, Anon!!!

These are my thoughts, exactly! I’d want Sana to put herself first.

My Thoughts Exactly ; Logan Howlett

Summary: A silently growing attraction between Logan and (y/n) goes south when the rest of the team picks up on it.

Characters: Logan x reader, Charles Xavier, Storm, Scott  

Warnings: Cussing (come on, he’s logan), kissing, loads of sexual tension.

* let’s play spot the “Logan” reference *

There wasn’t much anyone could dream of getting him to do on his own, and in more than half of the cases he would end up getting bribed. Among these was the complete unwillingness to do anything involving Scott (but of course that was a given), and in turn, the complete willingness to do anything involving (y/n). Like an unspoken oath, he’d flock to her side without the slightest hesitation. It of course went both ways. They’d gone from bitter acquaintances to the most functional pair of partners to ever work together in Xmen history. Charles was naturally the first to pick up on it one night in the dining hall. Minding his business at the head of the table, scraping around his chicken tortilla soup, Charles caught sight of (y/n) as she made her way into the space.

“Evening, (y/n).” He said with a smirk already on his face.

As if on cue, Charles watched as an explosion of fireworks went off in Logan’s head. His lips parted as his palms got clammy, and his eyes grew so wide so fast Scott wondered whether or not he was gonna pass out. Those sitting around them at the other end of the table all exchanged looks among themselves and with Charles, watching Logan bloom like a goddamned flower in springtime.

“Hi everyone,” she smiled, taking her seat and draping her napkin over her lap, Logan still eyeing her like she was the last piece of cherry pie.

Just before she was ready to eat, she shot a smooth smile in Logan’s direction who was opposite of her. He quickly pulled his eyes away and glued them onto his untouched meal. The others at the table continued to exchange smirks and jumping brows in silence before a conversation arose. Throughout the length of this conversation that traversed around them, energy stayed fluctuating between Logan and his (y/n). Whether it be a simple glance or a smirk or a subtle movement beneath the table, they were making it more and more difficult for the other to focus on their dinner. Every time they caught sight of the other their knees got weaker and weaker and the temperature of the room increased by at least three degrees. Logan looked up from his plate, flashed his eyes like they were lasers just to return them to his steak.

Don’t fucking tease me. She thought, squeezing her fist in a vain attempt to be rid of some of the physical urges she was having.

Return the favor. Came the too familiar tone of the man himself whom was sitting and watching intently.

Charles, get out of my head. Not the time. She rolled her eyes, shooting an annoyed side eyed stare over at her professor.

Give him a taste of his own medicine. Charles smirked.

This isn’t a game, this is barely a conversation.

Look to your left.

Which she did and was greeted with all the eyes of her fellow team mates, all silently jabbing her on to listen to Charles and make something happen. (Y/n) rolled her eyes one last time, this time very violently, suddenly arriving at the realization she had been having a long hard day as it was and would rather be anywhere but where she was sitting.

“Excuse me,” She kicked out her chair and left the room in silence with Logan longing for her to stay, his eyes glued to her in dread as she disappeared beyond his view.

In her wordless rage there had been one thing that (y/n) hadn’t accounted for. Upon her leave, all Logan could think of was if it was something he had said or did ….blaming himself for chasing her out of his pleasureful view.

“Was it something I said?” Logan asked the table a few minutes after her exit.

“Logan you didn’t even talk to her.” Scott remarked earning a trademarked Logan glare.

“Perhaps she is tired,” Charles started, pausing to take in a spoonful of soup. “She’s not quite used to the entire weight of the world resting upon her shoulders quite yet, you know.”

“Maybe I should talk to her-”

“No,” Logan said, interrupting Aurora. Once he had heard the great tone his voice had taken, he cleared his throat and pushed out his chair. “I’ll go.”

Logan downed the last of his beer as the rest watched him in stunned silence. With a perfect posture he never wore and an adapted walk of determination, he left the room before the chatter started once more.

“Good work, Aurora.” Charles pointed his champagne glass at her. “I feel a change in the winds on this fine evening.”

(Y/n) made her way through the sleepy dorms and hallways, making sure her boots didn’t wake the youngsters up.

“Go to bed, Cherry.” (Y/n) ordered, passing a small redhead standing groggily by a door. (Y/n) patted her on the head without stopping.

She quietly climbed the stairs, passing Hanks room to which she was extraordinarily careful not to make even the tiniest noise. She stepped onto practical balcony on the upper east side of the school. It was elevated just enough to see past the treetops and not have to look at any far away buildings. The nighttime was the perfect place to sit and watch as the pines danced in the moonlight. What an amazing location to share with someone ….a very specific someone whom she had never had the chance to shared it with. She leaned over the railing, elbows propping her up, and let the wind take control of her hair, her locks swirling in the wind.

He seems quite distressed, my dear. I’m afraid you’ve upset him.

She groaned. Charles you gotta warn me when you do that it freaks me out!

Logan is laboring under the delusion that he has upset you.

He’s not the one that upset me.

Whatever the case may be, he has left us to find you.

Her head dropped into her hands, feeling the twinge of humiliation she wasn’t quite used to yet. It’s late ….he won’t even know where to look. But of course that wasn’t entirely true. Logan knew her well enough to know how special that balcony was to her. It was like an outlet and a safe place all rolled into one.

“You okay?” she heard the gruff, raspy voice travel in from behind her, where there he stood, leaning against the large door frame like a true romantic.

“You’re not why I left.” She said flatly over her shoulder.

“Sorta figured that bit out for myself. No idiot, (y/n).”

“I know, Logan.”

A few more seconds of silence and it was time for Logan to start closing in. When she heard his footsteps coming toward her she couldn’t decide whether to dread it or savor it, it was like every emotion she felt was a dead end and she kept turning back to try again. He mimicked her and leaned over the railing except he wasn’t facing the trees, he was facing her. She didn’t dare to return his stare or even acknowledge it. Logan struggled with whether or not she thought this was one of his moves. Maybe that was true, maybe he secretly wanted this small gesture to get him noticed and get him into the game, but all he cared about then was to just look at her. To watch the way she moved and breathed ….imagine what would be different the closer he got.

“They can be assholes.” Logan offered.

“Water is wet. Grass is green.”

He sighed, shifting to face the trees, eyes following.

“Something’s off lately. You’re distant, well, more than usual. I know you’re not gonna talk about it, that’s for sure. But I notice these things, you know.”

“Yeah.” She offered, still staring forward. “This team sure doesn’t miss anything, do they.”

“Huh?” His boots shifted on the tile.

(Y/n) sighed trying to get her hair out of her face. “No one in this school can keep their fucking noses out of other people’s business! It’s like they’re so bored out of their damn minds they get all their entertainment out of other people’s lives!”

“What exactly do they have trouble staying out of, here?” He asked, half expecting what he thought about 24/7.


Oh god she said it. Oh god now it was out in the open. What the fuck was gonna happen now?

He was looking at her like she had just confessed to a murder, wide eyes staring her down and making her knees wobble.

She inhaled, trying not to pass out. “Ya see, I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but I know there’s something. Right?”

Logan was so stunned he could barely talk. He had been so preoccupied in his feelings for her he hadn’t stopped to think about whether or not she knew about them. He opened his mouth but no words came out, his mind was at a stop sign and the light wasn’t flashing green.

“Uhm, w-who-what are you talking about? Us? Wasn’t aware there was an us ….at least not yet.”

“Well, yeah I mean I’ve known you for so long and ….this is the closest thing I’ve had to a possible us in a long time. But with Charles and the others ….their pestering is driving me insane. They want us together like it shouldn’t even be up to us.”

“I uh-” Logan cleared his throat and reached up to nervously scratch the back of his neck. “I can’t say I feel too differently about you …but I also can’t say that I agree with them.”

Her heart dropped down to the floor. She sought to conceal it and try to brush it off and convince herself that he was right. “Okay ….”

“It’s just with everything that’s going on lately and the known situation of our ever changing lives, starting something like that ….it won’t end well.”

“Right,” she shifted to look at her hands as they wrapped and unwrapped themselves around each other.

Logan was panicking seeing her face. “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Yeah, I get it Logan.” She said quietly and turned to leave before she felt his hand wrap around her forearm. “What the fuck!”

“I’m not doing this to hurt you!” He shouted gruffly, in a voice that was so low it was barely a voice.

“Don’t yell at me! I don’t need this shit! Don’t treat me like you’re letting me down easy. I’m not stupid, I see the way you look at me.” She pulled her arms out from him, and fixed the sleeve on her leather jacket.

“I’m not bein’ charitable here, I’m tryna save your life.” He pleaded still shouting.

“Yes, because I’m not at all capable of taking care of myself. I know what I want, and I know for damn sure what you want. But you’re not gonna take it for yourself because you’re locked in your dumb ass temple of soldierly righteousness that it won’t let you see me for what I am; someone who is so fucking in love with you that they’d rather leave this place all together than not be with you.”

“Bad things happen to people I care about!”

She straightened her back and paused to try and keep the tears behind her eyes. But then, right before she turned around to leave, she said something in the softest yet fiercest voice she had ever heard. “Then I’ll be fine.”

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, with so much force and determination, Logan took four steps forward and swung her around by her arm, landing her right into him. He kissed her, and damn did he kiss her well. The fire in her chest withered away as she sunk into him, feeling his hand come up the back of her neck, the other still latched onto her arm which were on his chest. Neither of them wanted it to stop, wishing they could stay like that for the rest of their lives. When she finally pulled away they weren’t sure how long it had been. His lips trailed after hers as her arms came up around his neck.

“So you do love me.” She said softly.

“Yeah ….” He nodded slowly, his face was complete with a big set of puppy eyes trailing all over her features and a smile that was so god damn soft and sweet she couldn’t help but kiss him again.

This time she lunged into him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He was up against the door frame in a matter of seconds. His jacket had gone past his shoulders and was already on the tile.

“They’re all gonna wanna know.” (Y/n) pulled away.

“I wished I cared.” She laughed as he backed her into the wall, his hands arching her back as he buried his lips in her neck.

“About damn time, Howlett!” She smiled from ear to ear. He was doing the same thing back to her, oh how she loved the way he smiled up close. “Can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

“Not as long as I have.”



Something weird about watching ‘13 Reasons Why’ is that by the end you’re rooting for Hannah and wanting her to make it and be okay that you almost forget she’s dead and the ending is already sealed. Clay won’t wake up to it all being a dream, she won’t be all “surprise bitch”, she’s dead, and it feels weirdly surprising when the suicide scene happens but you knew the whole time it was coming…


The recipe to a good life, outlined by Kai.


💖 Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 💖

I wanted to do something for the occasion so I decided to make some Nanbaka themed cards. This is my first time making some so I hope they turned out okay ^^; Please feel free to use these to send to your loved ones! 

Me listening to Hamilton
  • Act 1: Man this is great! Alexander you're doing great!!
  • Act 2: *running around on fire* HOW DID YOU FUCK UP THAT FAST ALEXANDER?!?!

klaus opening up to caroline

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Also....I have one more. What about assassin andrew being sent to kill neil but falls in love instead au ❤❤❤

Mostly, Andrew Minyard slits his marks’ throats. One clean slice on the side, a severed carotid artery, blood flow to the brain cut off. A quick death. Not out of mercy, but out of necessity—cutting major veins is too messy, and severing a windpipe is too slow.

So Andrew Minyard goes for the carotid arteries. Mostly.

Neil turns to the next page in the folder. Some of Minyard’s earlier victims were strangled to death. A few have been shot, though likely as a last resort—police reports mention signs of a struggle, bullets in the back of the head like they were trying to get away.

Well, “victims” is a subjective term. Implies faultlessness. Innocence. Andrew Minyard’s victims are never faultless or innocent. Before the Moriyamas hired him, Andrew Minyard operated like a vicious Robin Hood, or a Batman-for-pay, taking relatively small fees to rid real victims of their abusers.

And now he’s after Neil.

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Yuuri (Ep. 02) & Yuri (Ep. 04) 

Skating aside, he’s not good at putting himself out there. 

He was arrogant about his abilities since no one in his age group rivaled him. 

Knowing that Kaitlin isn’t going to get any industry recognition for Dee this season is making me kind of angry. She’s always fantastic, but there’s something about these last few episodes that have been especially wonderful.

1-Look at Hero or Hate Crime, when Charlie confesses that they’ve been smoking together:

In a matter of seconds, she goes through several emotions-

  1. slight confusion from Charlie’s plan to cover smells
  2. surprise that he told them about the smoking thing
  3. betrayal/ ‘what are you doing?!’

Notice how she freezes, leans just slightly forward, then farther back

2- In The Gang Tends Bar-

She makes three facial expressions that, in progression, show her feelings 

  1. At the beginning, “aw that’s really sweet, I love him”
  2. Middle, she snaps out of it and looks at the other guys
  3. Lastly, she has a regretted look on her face because she knows she has to rip Charlie up… but remember in The Gang Misses the Boat when Charlie and Dee have a conversation and Charlie says the guys make him do stuff he doesn’t want to do and Dee says it’s peer pressure? I think she ripped Charlie up because a) she’s afraid of her own feelings, and b) she feels peer pressured into doing it

3-Then later in The Gang Tends Bar-

I originally meant it to be funny, but it’s still important.

When Mac gives Dennis the rocket launcher

  1. She looks kind of happy for Dennis. Her brother is making some progress and actually has feelings and cares about things, and got a gift that he loved, which probably means more after his confession that he’s hurt that they never get him anything for valentines.
  2. Maybe even glad that Dennis has Mac, and that being an “old married couple” and the “codependency” she accused them of is actually good.
  3. That if Dennis can show such raw feelings in front of everyone, and he and Mac can have their thing, then maybe it’s okay to accept that she does feel lonely, and there may actually be some kind of connection with/ feelings for Charlie.
  4. Mac and Dennis really have strong feelings for each other, and she’s gonna have to continue sharing a bed with two people who are in love with each other.

(2 was taken from this post, so I take no credit for that great observation)