but my stubbornness won as always

COMING SOON: We’re What’s Right In This World

for @1dreversebang exchange

Louis shifted up, his palms cradling Harry’s jaw, his lips against his boy’s. Not kissing, just resting there, so Louis could feel him. “Promise me you’ll come back to me.”

Harry’s hands smoothed down the side of Louis’ body, then came up to hold the back of his head. “You know I can’t do that. I’ll never lie to you, Lou.”

He wondered if his fingers would leave little bruises where they dug into Harry’s skin. “Promise me. We’re going to have our cottage. And our dogs. And our breakfast in the garden where nothing grows because of the wind from the sea. Promise me.”

“I won’t.” Stubborn as always, his boy. “I’ll promise you, I’ll love you all my life. I’ll promise, you’ll never leave my thoughts. I’ll promise you, you’re my forever and my always. But promising you something I can’t cheapens the things I can.”

Or the World War II AU where Harry goes off to fight and all Louis wants to do is be the boy who brings him home. Coming soon, as part of the @1dreversebang fic exchange.

Me Against the World

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Word Count: 718

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Struggling Parent

A/N: I needed to find a way to release some of the feelings inside, plus I believe there are others who need this just as much as I do. I hope it gives at least one of you a little bit of hope and perhaps some strength and courage too. You are not alone.

“What the hell is going on?” Dean asked, shock and concern playing across his features all at the same time.

“Oh, same ol’ same old.” I slurred out, wiping the tear streaks from my cheeks.

Dean walked over and knelt down next to me, laying a comforting hand on my thigh.

“You know, me against the world, and the world seems to have won this round.” I elaborated though sharp gasps for air, trying desperately to calm myself down.

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Jon: So it’s that bad huh ?

Iwan: *sigh* Yeah it’s that bad. He is a total mess Jon…If he continue this way it won’t end good i tell you

Jon: Damn he is so stubborn , doesn’t he see that we all are trying to help him?! 

Jon:He was always like that you know ,ever since he was a child he would just keep pushing us away whenever something bad would happen…

Jon: Beside this what he is doing is also damn selfish, yes i know he is hurting and all but what about us? Beside it’s been almost half a year he should get over it already by now…

Iwan: Being cheated on your wedding day isn’t exactly something person can get over just like that , especially if the said person is so emotional like Shay is…

Jon: *Deep sigh* You are right….i must have sounded like such a prick right now…i just… i’m just afraid that is to late…

Iwan: You didn’t sounded like a prick, just very very frustrated and worried, and i don’t think it’s late he just need to accept that he needs a help it’s a first step really…But then knowing Shay it’s really not so likely to happen…

Jon: No it’s not likely at all, in fact it’s completely unlikely ! *Sigh* I hate to say it but i guess we will be forced to put him up for rehab against his will…

Iwan: It’s easier to say it then to do it, it’s a big process really, beside how smart would it been to force someone like Shay to do anything, i mean let’s be real once when he would be let out he would most likely just get back to his old ways just from the pure spite…

Jon: So what the we should just sit down and watch him destroys himself ?!

Iwan: No of course not, i…i don’t know what we should do really

*Child’s voice* Daaaaady Lana is starching a bed again!!!!

*Child’s voice* Aaaaaaa help daddy help she says she will eat me!!!

Jon: *Sigh* They are at again we better hurry and go check what’s going on

Iwan: Yes we better hurry and do that…

*Child’s voice* Daaaaaaaady!!!

Jon: Coming right away Cory…

MysMe Headcons “Pets”

My very first headcons guys♥ Requests and critic are very welcome

Saeran (Chinchilla)

  • He is literally a nervous (but also curious) mess
  • He would ask you so many questions (What’s a chinchilla? What do they eat? Since when have you had them? etc etc)
  • He’s fidgeting a lot when he enters your flat
  • When Saeran sees the big cage his eyes will get soooooooooooooo big (adorable!!!!)
  • Saeran will sneak to the cage like a cat (Imagine him with cat ears- DO IT)
  • Names?What?” What are their names?
  • “Oh… The dark one is Lucy and the light grey is Maze”
  • He would be so quiet observing them
  • When you open the cage to get one out he literally scoots backwards
  • “Wanna hold her?”
  • OOOOH shit what have you done
  • He shakes his head so violently and presses his back to the wall
  • Poor baby is too afraid he would hurt the tiny creature
  • It takes at least 3 more days until you can coax him to hold one
  • But only if you hold her with me! “How???Just don’t let go!!!! “Alright alright….
  • He would sit on the floor with a blanket over his lap (I am too bony, she should at least have it nice)
  • He mutters tiny prayers under his breath when you approach him with one of your girls
  • As you kneel beside him, you place the animal in his lap
  • “No hunny, I won’t let go”
  • Saeran is still so afraid
  • You end up guiding his shaking hand
  • When he touches the chinchilla, his jaw drops
  • S-soft, you had almost missed that whisper
  • He is literally melting, OK???
  • From this point petting and holding the chinchillas are his favorite coping skill
  • like, Anxiety? Chinchillas!
  • Lonely? Chinchillas!

707 (Rats)

  • Oh boy he is so excited
  • like, literally, he will jump up and down
  • When you open the door to your flat, he sprints past you and searches for the cage
  • Where are our children???
  • “Uh what?”
  • You guide him to the big ass cage where tiny eyes curiously watch him
  • Seven would squeal and turn into his heart eye emoji
  • You open the cage and the rats would crawl all over you, you would hand him the rats one by one
  • “This is Belle”- She is so beautiful!!!
  • “That is Sushi“- She looks so squishy!
  •  “She is just fat…” Don’t listen to that mean old lady you are perfect “SEVEN??????????”
  • “That is Rikku” Final Fantasy? (Dirty grin…just shut up boy)
  • He sits on the floor with your pets in his jacket pockets
  • Congrats! You made him a daddy! He will never leave your place. Nope. Not gonna happen!

Jumin (Cat)

  • The second he enters your apartment, your cat hides under the sofa
  • oh god please no
  • “Hahaha, I’m sorry, she is just shy” (get back here you lil…)
  • Jumin claims to be a “Catwhisperer”. I’ve got this, don’t worry MC
  • He kneels down and clicks his tongue
  • (OMG HOW CUTE????)
  • You hand him several treats (You bet he brought his own…)
  • Even her favorite toy won’t get her out from down there
  • When you are about to drag the damn kitty from under the couch, she finally comes out
  • to run away and jump on the closet…..
  • Did she just hiss at me?
  • “Oh my, I’m so sorry Jumin, she has never done that before, I swear…”
  • She is quite stubborn, just like her owner, he smiles
  • (Your cat would totally come jump on his lap when you two watch a movie or something like this…)

Jaehee (Poodle)

  • The little bean won her heart at first try
  • It has such good manners, MC
  • (You trained your dog to give his paw when meeting ppl)
  • She would be all over it
  • brushing and styling it
  • You bet your ass that she buys new stuff for him
  • Proud Mommy Jaehee walks through the park
  • she would always have a photo of the little bean with her (maybe even in her office along with yours<3)

Zen (Rabbit/Ferret…sorry I couldn’t decide)

  • Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic
  • Right now you really WISH you had something without fur
  • Like a gecko or a chameleon
  • So MC, what do you wanted to show me?
  • You get quite red and fidget around a lot
  • “Well, uhm. I want you to meet my…best friend?”
  • Zen tilts his head in question as you open the living room door, and he witnesses a big cage
  • How would you explain the name of your animal?
  • “Co-Come over, it won’t bite“ (at least I hope so…)
  • You open the cage and a white fur ball jumps on your lap
  • but…nothing happens
  • When he takes a closer look, he sees a white tiny rabbit/ferret with bright red eyes
  • Wow, haha. We have the same eye color. What is it’s name?
  • “W-what?”
  • I want to know the name of this little cutie
  • You get bright red
  • Zen sits down beside you and reach out to pet the little bean
  • “Zen…”
  • Yeah?
  • “No I mean…his name. It’s Zen.”
  • His jaw drops through the ground omfg
  • “I CAN EXPLAIN!!!! IT JUST LOOKS LIKE YOU!!! i got it shortly after I watched your first performance…”
  • He would laugh and hug you so tight <3
  • AWW. My little Fan.
  • He would tease you so much
  • but srsly he is proud
  • and secretly couldn’t be happier

Yoosung (Parrot)

  • He would be like =OOOOOOOOOOOO
  • He would totally rant about it
  • Oh god MC. It looks so beautiful and exotic. How old is it? What’s it name? Can it speak? Would it bite me? I want to pet it soooooooo bad!!!
  • You would need a looooot of time to get him calm
  • “Baby, you will scare him like this”
  • Turns out, Your lil Birdie loves Yoosung
  • As soon as you open the cage, the bird would fly on Yoosungs shoulder and nibble at his ear
  • you go from “AAAAW he likes you” to “It’s been three hours….”
  • Just imagine your adorable boyfriend with a tiny bird on his shoulder. IMAGINE IT! They would be so lovey dovey to each other ;-;
  • Don’t even think about putting the bird back in the cage, he won’t leave Yoosung
  • U end up packing everything and let your pet move in with him
  • :T well at least the new couple is happy
  • And you bet your ass, when Yoosung is raging while gaming, the bird will hear eeeeeeverything
  • he soon will greet you with some….amazing vocabulary

Japas’ sleeping face.
Also an update about my new tank… It’s still super cloudy. And the pH is really low, I am slowly raising it back to what it should be…
I feel really dumb for not checking the parameters when this issue started. I was too prideful thinking the water parameters were as perfect as ever, as I’m always making sure all is fine. Turns out it wasn’t really like this. Fortunately, I can now remedy this so my fish son won’t suffer.
I turned to @milesbeardworth for advice, as I always do, and I knew that they’d ask about this, but still I thought that wouldn’t be the issue… I am really thankful for you, miles! You’re a really nice and patient, helpful person.
It is hard for me to share this experience, because it’s difficult to admit I was terribly wrong and terribly stubborn. But I think it’s important to say this, because for as simple as something might sound, it can do a whole lot of difference, so if you’re feeling lost, don’t be afraid of taking what seems like a too small of a step. It can help you find your way… It’s important to be humble.
Anyway, I am new to fish keeping, and I’m doing my best to learn. Hopefully this can help someone else as well ^^

Making Up

Jay Park x Y/N (Reader)
Genre: Romance / Slight angst
Count: 1,770
Warnings: Swearing
Rating: PG-13
(I’m writing this for Jay since he’s my guilty pleasure & to give an example of my writing style~)

Originally posted by huckleberryb

“I ain’t doing with this with you, girl,” Jay sighed as he shut the door to your apartment. Grabbing one of the shirt that you flew at him when he crossed the threshold, he tossed it on the couch while he passed the living room.

He knew you were upset. Chase had given him an earful of shit that afternoon when he slummed into the studio, half dead from last nights partying. He told Jay all about how you called him at one in the morning, waking his ass up, nearly screaming his ear off about your ruined date night and that you were going to murder the CEO. What Jay didn’t expect was to come over to your house for you to, quite literally, toss his things out of your bedroom at him.

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anonymous asked:

I apologize if I'm bothering you but laffayete how do you deal with people saying that pansexual dosent exist? A boy in my class keeps telling me that and I'm pansexual my self so it hurts my feelings and I usually end up crying once I get home it makes me feel terrible. So do you have some advice or ideas on what to do?(sorry for any bad English)

Lafayette: No, you are not bothering me at all, don’t worry. You could try to prove it to him - we have a flag and articles written about us after all - but there is always going to be ignorant and stubborn people, and there is a chance that he still won’t see reason, and I think that kind of person is not worth spending time and tears on. Try not to let him bother you - it is your life, and he doesn’t get a say in that, and he can’t stop you from loving whoever you want. That is the main thing, isn’t it?

Liam- The Best One Ever

Request-  8 with liam

8.  “This is the last one of this toy. You have no idea how badly I need it, and you’re cute and all, but I will still fight you for it.”

A/N- Rest in peace Carrie Fisher, who showed me as a kid that girls could be heroes too. It’s so important for girls to have strong role models, and Princess Leia was that to me. This is my little tribute to her. Enjoy guys. 

“This is awful,” Liam stated as he walked through the toy section in Walmart. “How am I supposed to find a toy for my cousin when I don’t even know what she likes?”
Mason rolled his eyes. “Just pick something. She’s ten. She won’t care.”
“Fine,” Liam said, glancing over at a sparse row of toys on the wall. “What about this?”
Mason glanced up at the action figure that Liam had just snagged from the shelf, and grinned. “Princess Leia? That’s awesome.”
“I don’t know if she likes Star Wars,” Liam told him. “But she should.”
“Plus, Leia’s a good role model,” Mason offered. “I mean, how many strong women did you see in 70s movies? And in The Force Awakens? She was a general! How awesome is that?”
Liam smiled. “Great. Let’s go.”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Liam heard a voice say behind him.
He blinked and turned around, only to find you standing there, looking very upset. “Dunbar, you did not just take the last Princess Leia toy.”
“Oh, hey, Y/n,” he said, glancing down at the toy in his hand. “Looks like we did.”
You were on the lacrosse team with Liam, but you also had a little sister that adored Star Wars. Princess Leia was her idol, and when you found out Walmart had a limited edition action figure of her, you knew you had to grab it for her as a Christmas present. Liam might have liked Star Wars, but no one loved Leia as much as your sister did, and you were determined to get that toy for her.
“Liam,” you said politely. “You have no idea how badly I need that toy.”
“Well, we needed to get something for Liam’s cousin,” Mason told you. “And we thought, what better toy than Princess Leia?”
“Look,” you told them. “My little sister worships Leia. I need that toy.”
Liam sighed. Being on the lacrosse team with you, he knew how stubborn and relentless you were. It tended to make you a good player, but it had also led to a couple yellow cards, and disciplinary action always won out over skill. That was why Liam was a little uneasy to say no to you, but he also knew you loved your sister.
He had seen her cheering for you at nearly every game, and he knew you had skipped practice a few times to be able to babysit her. You were dedicated to making her happy, and that meant a lot more than giving the toy to someone he wasn’t even sure wanted it.
“Dunbar, listen to me,” you said firmly. “You’re cute and all, but I will fight you for that toy. Both of you.”
Liam held up his hands, still holding the toy, and backed away with a laugh, “I was gonna say you could have it.”
“What?” Mason asked. “Dude! Come on, we got it first!”
He shrugged. “We don’t even know if my cousin likes Star Wars. Y/n’s sister seems pretty dedicated.”
He tossed the box to you, and you caught it with a shocked expression. “Here.”
“I…thank you,” you told him, surprise evident in your voice.
He shrugged. “It’s not a big deal.”
“Dude, I owe you one,” you told him, looking down at the action figure with a bright smile on your face.
Liam smiled. “Mind if I cash that favor in now?”
You raised your eyebrows. “Sure.”
“Can you help me find a toy for my cousin?”
You grinned. “Of course. What does she like?”
“We don’t really know,” Mason admitted.
“But she’s ten,” Liam cut in. “And, um, I think I saw her wearing a Moana shirt last month? That’s a princess, right?”
“Oh, she’s definitely a princess,” you told him with a smile. “Come on, they have tons of Moana stuff here. I’m sure you can find something she’ll love.”
You darted forward and grabbed Liam’s wrist, causing him to blush. Mason looked down and shot him a thumbs up.
“You know what?” Mason asked as Liam began to follow you. “I think I’m gonna go meet Corey.”
“Wait, but you’re my ride,” Liam protested.
“Y/n, could probably take you home. Don’t you live down the road from him?” Mason asked you.
“Yeah,” you stated with a shrug. “It’s the least I could do.”
“Oh,” Liam said, shooting Mason a grateful look. “Cool.”
Mason walked away and you nodded Liam back down the aisle. “Come on. We’re gonna make your cousin’s Christmas the best one ever.”
Liam smiled as you led him through the store, and in a moment of boldness, he slipped his hand into yours. You glanced back at him like you knew exactly what he was doing, but you simply smiled and turned back around. Liam was beginning to think that this Christmas would the best one ever for him too.

cookieknights18  asked:

Hey, hope you're doing alright sweetie! Life is bigger than these anons so don't let them bother you. Their anger is misguided and you shouldn't let it affect you! Solve things with your friend and make peace with them. Don't let these anons get in the way. Lots of love and my inbox is always open if needed okay? I'll be sending memes later.

I’m doing a bit better since everyone has come here to show that I’m not alone and not everyone hates me. Amber has been by my side since the hate started and I know that I’m hella stubborn at times but she won’t for a second let me go through this alone. Thank you, lovely! 

the soft playlist!

okay, here’s what i have so far:

call it dreaming by iron and wine

easy silence by the dixie chicks

little bird by ed sheeran

i’m yours by jason mraz

stubborn love by the lumineers

mess is mine by vance joy

lego house by ed sheeran

i won’t give up by jason mraz

ghosts by casey abrams

i love you always by the icarus account

tenerife sea by ed sheeran

bloom by the paper kites

my my love by joshua radin

forces of attraction by jóhann jóhannsson

lullaby by the dixie chicks

hearts don’t break around here by ed sheeran

it’s still too short, and i have a lot of repeat artists which i don’t love (can you tell who my favorite artist on this list is? XD)  aaaanyway…

does anyone have recs?  music that is similar to what’s already on the list?  they can maybe bend a bit, but the basic requirements i use to find songs for this list are the following:

  • lyrically: safe sounding.  preferably about platonic love, but romance is also okay so long as it is very warm and comfortable and (if that makes sense?  basically no pining, i guess, focusing on songs about stable relationships without doubt of a breakup).
  • soundwise: mostly acoustic.  not exclusively, but it’s gotta be close.  i stay away from anything with a whole lot of energy, generally, but i also don’t typically love completely flat songs, so somewhere in the middle is good.  slow and interesting is the sweet spot!

so yeah!  i’d really appreciate any recommendations!  this is a really important playlist to me and it helps me a lot with my writing, so i’m always looking to improve it!  thank you in advance <333

zoozlespooks  asked:

BACK AGAIN: 🔥on....ehh, just share one, my mind's a blank

people can change

i had this girl when i was younger who said that no one could change ever and that “once a bitch, always a bitch” or something like that

some people are stubborn and won’t change because they don’t want to, but they do have the ability to change themselves

this goes for everyone

i wish i could study humanities / literature / history etc but not have to deal with the stress of schooling because i actually really like learning, i just hate the working and deadline part of school. i wish there was a school for people just genuinely interesting in learning about stuff and following their passions but wasnt so hung up on exams and grades, rather just about actually helping the students to remember and truly absorb the curriculum rather them temporarily memorize it in hopes of getting a higher mark on a test or something that won’t contribute to their long term learning goals

i feel like i just got the horrible combination of being incredibly hungry for knowledge and passionate about many things while simultaneously being very, very lazy and stubborn and not quite the right fit for the traditional education system, plus mental illness. i was always doing so well in school and not to brag or anything but my teachers had such high hopes for me because they could see how i genuinely liked learning, and then BAM depression!! and i stopped being capable of doing school like a normal person. everyone is so confused when i tell them i never graduated high school, and now go to an adult education centre, because it’s the last thing they expected of “someone like me”

also, you know what really fucking sucks is that going most of my childhood/teenage years getting honours and good grades and then mental illness hit, it made me feel so incredibly useless and awful because i couldn’t maintain my grades when my grades meant so much to me and my teachers impression of me meant so much and then it all went downhill and i just felt so incompetent and stupid

Translation of 50 Questions for Shison Jun

Soooo I did a rough translation of the 50 questions JunJun answered in his photobook for shisonjun​~

Fair warning, lots of literal/awkward phrasing, feel free to ask me to clarify~
Also, I just gave up on translating これからもよろしく, it’s basically along the lines of “please continue to have good relations with me in the future”. (^^;)

Happy 20th birthday, JunJun~!! o(*゚▽゚*)o

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Always a Gentleman

“Why can’t you just admit that I won, mate?” Killian asked, chuckling as he and Charming sat in front of the fire, just finishing a friendly duel.

“You didn’t win. I slipped.” Charming muttered tersely.

Killian smirked, shaking his head. “Like Father, Like Daughter.” he replied. “I see where Emma gets her stubbornness from.” he said.

Charming chuckled.

Sighing, Killian closed his eyes briefly and swallowed, running a hand through his hair. “Speaking of my lovely Princess…”

Charming furrowed his brows. “What’s up?”

Killian took a breath. “There was a reason I asked if you wanted to camp this weekend.” Turning towards the love of his life’s father, he stared at him directly in the eye and took another breath before he continued. Charming tilted his head, waiting.

“I think the whole town of Storybrooke knows how I feel about your daughter by now. I am irrevocably and hopelessly in love with her.” he said.

Charming nodded, yet stayed silent.

Killian cleared his throat. “She taught me how to live again. She made a world full of darkness become light again. She is my home. It would be an honor and a privilege if you would allow me to show my love for her for the rest of my life.”

Charming let out a breath. “You mean….?”

Killian nodded. “I am asking for your blessing, for her hand in marriage. I want to marry her.” he said.

Charming stared at Killian for just a moment, thoughts and memories running through his head.

Finally, he smirked and smiled, extending a hand. “There is no one who deserves my daughter more than you and you’ve proven that. You have my blessing.”

Killian smiled wide as he shook Charming’s hand and Charming patted him on the back.

“…and you didn’t win.” Charming added.


We’re Sticky Sweet


Song: Toothpaste Kisses-The Maccabees

Feather soft shapes being traced across my bare back, slowly woke me from a warm, deep sleep. I laid still, not opening my eyes, but instead listening to Harry’s soft, steady breathing, hoping it would lull me back to sleep.  I snuggled back into Harry’s warm chest, happily and comfortable realizing if I wanted to I could stay here all day.  

Neither of us had work or appointments to get to and I for one was planning on spending the whole day snuggled up in his bed.  

Harry was curled up behind me, our bare legs tangled together as the heat of his skin mingled with mine. At some point in the night we ended up sharing  the same pillow, and I could feel his warm breath wafting across my neck.

I slowly opened my eyes to see the sun just starting to rise behind the slightly opened blinds.  It wasn’t going to rain today, but the sun was most likely going to stay hidden behind the dark clouds.

I rolled over, my head landing on Harry’s chest as his arm tucked securely around me, his hand continuing to swirl across my back.

“Morning, baby.” His voice was rocky and sleep laced. I placed a lazy kiss right between the butterfly’s antennae and linked my leg over his.

“Mmm, what time is it?”

His hand slid up my back, softly massaging between my shoulder blades as he kissed my forehead.  

“Early.  You can go back to sleep.  I’ve got you.”

I snuggled into his chest, yawning as I loosely wrapped an arm around his waist.

“That feels nice.” I murmured into his chest.  “Let’s just stay here all day.”

He yawned, pressing his cheek to the top of my head. “Ok.  Are you cold?”

I shook my head, mimicking his yawn. He had just gotten his air conditioner fixed and now instead of his house being a sauna, most of the time it felt like an icebox.

“If there’s one thing you’re good at, it’s keeping me warm.”

“Well I’m glad I’m good for something.” He laughed.  

I tilted my head back, scooting up in the bed a bit.  

I smiled. “You’re also good for this.”  I pressed my lips to his, sighing at how unbelievingly soft they were. He kissed me slowly and languidly, leaving me dizzy when he pulled away.  

He parted his lips, tangling his hand in my hair and deepening the kiss as I drug my fingers down his bare torso, stopping when I reached the sheets that were tangled around his waist and ran my fingers across the coarse hair below his navel.  His teeth teasingly tugged at my bottom lip before he pulled away.

“Good morning to you, too.”  He scooted down on the bed, placing sporadic kisses all over my stomach.  

I raised my arms above my head, stretching.  

“I had a dream about you last night.”

I could feel his lips tug into a smile against my skin.

“Did you?”  He lifted his head and smirked at me.  “Was it a naughty dream?”

I laughed, shrugging my shoulders.  “Maybe.  It did start out quite a bit like this.”

He slowly leaned down towards me, placing his lips just under my jaw and sucking lightly.  

“A bit like this?”

I nodded, sliding my toes up his legs under the sheets.  “Except for that we were on a pirate ship.”

He laughed through chattering teeth and sat up, running a hand through his hair.  He placed a quick kiss to my nose before untangling himself from the sheets and throwing his legs over the side of the bed.  I propped myself up on my elbow, enjoying the view of his bare backside as he started towards the bathroom.

“Wait,” I whined.  “I wasn’t done kissing you.”    

He turned around, running his hands through his hair and smirking.

“Someone’s a bit needy this morning aren’t they?”

I grinned, pulling at the blanket. “Maybe.”

He grinned, raising his eyebrow. “Good. But come kiss me in the shower cause it’s bloody freezing in here.”

I threw the blankets off myself and shuffled into the bathroom behind him.  

He turned on the water, and we stepped in a few seconds later when It was warm.  

We stood under the shower head, letting the water heat us up as we shared lazy, wet kisses.

He reached for the shampoo behind me and squeezed a generous amount into his hand before lathering it into my hair.  I tilted my head back so the soap didn’t run in my eyes, sighing as his hands skillfully massaged my scalp, making my whole body go lax.  

“So, what’s on the agenda today, peaches?”

I turned around to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.  “I don’t know.  I kinda just feel like being a lazy bum today.”

He chuckled.  “I could get on board with that.  After golfing all day yesterday I’m completely knackered.  I can’t believe I let Niall talk me into playing that many games.”

I turned back around grabbing Harry’s body wash.  “Speaking of which, when are you going to teach me how to play?”

He scoffed.  “Because that’s just what I need.  Another person beating me at golf.”

“You don’t even know if I’ll be good at it.”

“Doesn’t matter.  I’m not going to risk it”

I frowned at him as he moved in front of the shower head, lathering his hair up with leftover shampoo on his hands.

“Really? You’re not going to teach me just because you think I’ll beat you.  

He grinned down at me softly, water running down the tip of his nose as I squeezed a bit of the body wash into my palm.

“Ya, well you’re good at everything so I’m just assuming.”  

I massaged the body wash down his arms and torso paying extra attention to his hips I loved so much.  The steamed air was now perfumed with the smell of honey, vanilla, and amber.

“Not everything.  You’ll always have scrabble.”

“Ah yes,” he laughed.  “Cause there’s nothing sexier than a man with an extensive vocabulary.”

“I think it’s cute.”  I laughed, pressing my thumb in between his brows.  “you always get a cute little pucker right here when you’re concentrating really hard.  I have to say it definitely won me over.”  

“Ya know I have been told by a surprisingly large amount of women I have a very attractive pucker.

“C’mon Harry, don’t be stubborn.  It could be cute.”  I walked around him, snaking my arms around his waist and pressing myself flush against his back.  

“You could stand behind me like this.”  I ran the pads of my fingers up and down his back, and then down his arms, smiling to myself when I felt him shiver.  

“And then you could put your hands here.” I spoke quieter, wrapping my hands around his hands, which happened to be resting close to something else.

“And then you could…” Before I could say anymore he spun around stepping forward so I had no choice but to back into the shower wall.  He braced his arms on either side of me and hastily pressed his lips to mine.  He kissed me roughly as I drug my nails down his back, moaning into his mouth.  

“You’re being quite a tease this morning aren’t you?”

I smiled, pulling his lips back to mine as he grabbed my leg and hitched it around his waist.

Needless to say the water ran cold before we got out of the shower.

When we got out of the shower, Harry grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me before grabbing one for himself.  He ruffled a towel through his hair as I applied some lotion on my legs, smirking at the red lines down his back.  I grabbed my toothbrush which was sitting in a jar next to his.  A toothbrush was one of the only things I permanently kept over at his place, and it’s weird to say, but every time I saw it sitting next to his I got flutters in my stomach.  It alway got me thinking about our future.    

While I was overthinking, Harry walked over and hip bumped me, reaching for the toothpaste. I scooted over so we could share the sink.  He had a double vanity but we always shared the one.  

“I can already already tell it’s going to be a hat day.” He frowned at himself in the mirror, running a hand through his fluffy hair.

I spit into the sink, putting back my toothbrush and reaching for the floss.  “You could always let me braid it.”

He narrowed his eyes at me through the mirror.  “You’re never going to let that go are you?

“Please? Just once?”

He spit into the sink.  “Absolutely not.”

I picked up the razor sitting on the side of the sink.  “Well you could always just shave it off.”

He filled his mouth with water from the tap and turned his head, spitting it in my face.

“Harry! That’s disgusting!”

He looked pretty pleased with himself as he wiped his mouth with a hand towel.  

“So is you threatening to shave off my hair! I know you’re keen of it, cause you were pulling on it pretty hard a few minutes ago.”

He smiled cheekily, both dimples popping as he passed me the towel.

I laughed. “Well I can’t say that you’re wrong.”

I failed to grab any clothes when I came over last night, so I had no choice but to rifle through Harry’s closet for something to wear.

“And what do you think you’re doing?”

I looked over my shoulder and saw that he had changed into a white henley and black joggers.  He had an elastic  between his teeth and was raking his hands through his hair, pulling it into a bun.

“Well I might have forgotten to bring any clothes over, so unless you’d prefer me to run around naked all day…”

He smirked, coming up next to me and rummaging through his closet.  He grabbed his blue knit sweater and handed it to me.  “As much as I am keen with the all day naked thing, you’d probably be a human icicle by the end of the day.

“Thank you.” I grinned, taking it from his hands and putting it on with the leggings I wore over yesterday.  I had to roll up the sleeves a few times, but I love how his clothes enveloped me.

Downstairs Harry started a fire and we sat on the couch eating scones and jam for breakfast.  Despite the weatherman’s prediction for no rain there was a slight drizzle.  But I wasn’t going to complain because it made being wrapped up in Harry’s arms in front of a fire even cozier. I felt safe and warm with no intentions of moving.   

Between the pitter-pat of the rain against the window and Harry’s fingers carding through my hair I felt content enough to stay in this moment for the rest of my life.  When I felt Harry’s hand fall lightly against my back I knew he had fallen asleep, and I was out not too long after him.

An hour long nap later, and round two of what happened earlier in the shower it was full on pouring outside.  

Harry decided cookies went well with rain, so I threw a batch in the oven.  When they were done I brought them out with some tea and we decided to play a game of scrabble.  It started out as a harmless game, but Harry got a bit heated when he thought that I was cheating.

“That’s not even a word!”

I licked my lips trying to hide a laugh.  “Harry, I promise you it is.  I don’t know why you’re upset because you’re still winning.”

“It doesn’t matter who’s winning! You’re cheating.”

“I am not!”

He sat back on the carpet, scooting his feet under the coffee table and wrapping his arms around his knees.

“Alright. Then go on, use ‘Muzjiks’ in a sentence.”

“Ok, it another word for Russian peasants.”

“Is that right.”

“Yes, it is.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Are you calling me a liar?”

He shrugged, taking a sip of his tea.  “I think someone just really wants to beat me at a game of scrabble.

I crawled around the table to where he was sitting.  “Well I think someone’s a sore loser and doesn’t want to lose his king of scrabble title.”

“I am not.” he scoffed.

I sat next to him and poked his side. “Are you sure about that?”

He laughed, swatting my hand away, “Yes, I just believe in playing fair and–what are you doing? Ah, stop!”

I crawled on top of him, digging my hands into his sides.  He was laughing so hard he couldn’t catch his breath to tell me to stop.  I usually never took advantage of him being ticklish, but I was not going to stand for being called a cheater.  When Harry laughed hard, it was hard not to laugh along with him because it was so contagious.  I reached my hand up to wipe tears from my eyes and he took the opportunity to grab my arms in his and pin them to my sides.

“Alright, alright you win! You fight dirty, you know that?”

“Nowhere in the rules does it say you can’t persuade your opponent by tickling.”

I was still straddling his waist as he sat up on his elbows.   It fell silent as we stared at each other, both still quietly giggling.  His eyes were bright, and they were crinkled up at the corners from laughing.  He pressed his lips together, smiling at me fondly.  

“You’re are so beautiful,”  He spoke softly.

A smile involuntarily crept up my face as I leaned in to peck his lips.  

“Thank you, Harry.  You are too.”

We both laughed again as I crawled off his lap.  He stood up and held his hands out for me, and I let him pull me to my feet.  My fingers intertwined with his as we stood close, our noses brushing.

“Let’s go somewhere.”  He pulled my hand, taking me with him towards the front door.  He reached into the closet, taking out a beanie and pulling it over my head.  He handed me my coat next.

“It’s raining outside.  Where are we going?”


I paused in the middle of pulling my coat on.  “We’re getting frozen yogurt? Harry we just ate cookies and it’s freezing outside.”

He buttoned up his coat and threw his hat over his head.  “Ya, but this is special frozen yogurt.”

I looked at him skeptically, not knowing at all what he meant by that, but honestly right now he could convince to go ice skating.

“Ok. Let’s go.”

The bell above the door greeted us as we stepped into the shop, and I shivered as the welcomed warm air hit me. My hand was still in Harry’s as it had been the entire way here.

I’m notoriously indecisive, so coming to places like this really scatters my brain.

“They all look so good, but I’m just not very hungry.”

He squeezed my hand, “Want to share one?” I nodded and he grabbed a cup.

We got our yogurt and headed over to an empty booth.  I slid in next to Harry instead of across from him and rested my head on his shoulder as he threw his arm across the top of the seat.

We kept small talk while we ate, but I had an instinctive feeling that he had something heavier on his mind.

“Is everything ok, Harry?”

He nodded, pulling his spoon out of his mouth and looking at me.  

“Everything’s perfect.”  My eyes drifted to his berry, red lips as he spoke, and I suddenly had to know.  I leaned in, capturing them in mine.  I was right, they were sweeter than the yogurt.  I could live forever indulging on his lips alone.

He pulled away, quickly pecking me once more before speaking.

“So I might have fibbed a bit earlier.”

“Mmm? How so?”

He looked down at his hands and I could see the tip of his nose was pink from the cold.

“There’s really nothing special about this yogurt.  In fact I prefer Go Greek, but I did want to talk to you about something important.”

I nodded, scooping another bit of yogurt into my mouth.

“Of course Harry, you can tell me anything.”

He cleared his throat.  “Well…I suppose won’t beat around the bush.  I was hoping…you might want to move in with me.”

My cheeks were going to be sore from all the smiling and laughing today.

“Are you serious, Harry? I mean of course I do, but are you sure?”

He wrapped his hand over the top of mine.  “I have honestly never been more sure of anything.  I want more than your toothbrush and a pair of your knickers in a spare drawer.  I want all of your things and all of you.  But only of course if that’s what you want.”

I cupped his cheek in my hand, kissing him through my smile.  

“Yes, Harry.  I one hundred percent want move in.”

I kissed his cheek before nuzzling my nose against his ear.  “I love you, Harry.”

“I love you, too.  Maybe even enough to let you braid my hair.”

I pulled back, my eyes going wide.


He picked up the yogurt cup, smiling as he shoveled the last spoonful into his mouth.  

He winked.  “Well maybe not quite that much.”

It’s raining and I felt like some fluff, so this happened. :)  Thanks so much for reading! <3