but my stubbornness won as always


Taurus Sun

Audrey Hepburn - “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

Adele - “The focus on my appearance has really surprised me. I’ve always been a size 14 to 16, I don’t care about clothes, I’d rather spend my money on cigarettes and booze.”

Taurus’ most noticeable trait is that they are stubborn. So stubborn sometimes that they won’t even stop their bad habits. They enjoy consistency in their lives. They aren’t one for change, or at least not sudden change. Another notable trait of theirs is their self-indulgence, they love participating in comforting activities. This can lead to them appearing lazy, even if they aren’t. Sometimes they can be a little self-righteous and act greater-than-thou… but usually only once they are angered. In which they aren’t angered easily, but when they are you should fear their wrath. They are graceful beings, with a love for beauty and romance. They generally have a nice aesthetic to both their appearance and their lives. They may have a good appreciation for the arts such as music and may take a liking to romantic places such as Paris. 

MysMe Headcons “Pets”

My very first headcons guys♥ Requests and critic are very welcome

Saeran (Chinchilla)

  • He is literally a nervous (but also curious) mess
  • He would ask you so many questions (What’s a chinchilla? What do they eat? Since when have you had them? etc etc)
  • He’s fidgeting a lot when he enters your flat
  • When Saeran sees the big cage his eyes will get soooooooooooooo big (adorable!!!!)
  • Saeran will sneak to the cage like a cat (Imagine him with cat ears- DO IT)
  • Names?What?” What are their names?
  • “Oh… The dark one is Lucy and the light grey is Maze”
  • He would be so quiet observing them
  • When you open the cage to get one out he literally scoots backwards
  • “Wanna hold her?”
  • OOOOH shit what have you done
  • He shakes his head so violently and presses his back to the wall
  • Poor baby is too afraid he would hurt the tiny creature
  • It takes at least 3 more days until you can coax him to hold one
  • But only if you hold her with me! “How???Just don’t let go!!!! “Alright alright….
  • He would sit on the floor with a blanket over his lap (I am too bony, she should at least have it nice)
  • He mutters tiny prayers under his breath when you approach him with one of your girls
  • As you kneel beside him, you place the animal in his lap
  • “No hunny, I won’t let go”
  • Saeran is still so afraid
  • You end up guiding his shaking hand
  • When he touches the chinchilla, his jaw drops
  • S-soft, you had almost missed that whisper
  • He is literally melting, OK???
  • From this point petting and holding the chinchillas are his favorite coping skill
  • like, Anxiety? Chinchillas!
  • Lonely? Chinchillas!

707 (Rats)

  • Oh boy he is so excited
  • like, literally, he will jump up and down
  • When you open the door to your flat, he sprints past you and searches for the cage
  • Where are our children???
  • “Uh what?”
  • You guide him to the big ass cage where tiny eyes curiously watch him
  • Seven would squeal and turn into his heart eye emoji
  • You open the cage and the rats would crawl all over you, you would hand him the rats one by one
  • “This is Belle”- She is so beautiful!!!
  • “That is Sushi“- She looks so squishy!
  •  “She is just fat…” Don’t listen to that mean old lady you are perfect “SEVEN??????????”
  • “That is Rikku” Final Fantasy? (Dirty grin…just shut up boy)
  • He sits on the floor with your pets in his jacket pockets
  • Congrats! You made him a daddy! He will never leave your place. Nope. Not gonna happen!

Jumin (Cat)

  • The second he enters your apartment, your cat hides under the sofa
  • oh god please no
  • “Hahaha, I’m sorry, she is just shy” (get back here you lil…)
  • Jumin claims to be a “Catwhisperer”. I’ve got this, don’t worry MC
  • He kneels down and clicks his tongue
  • (OMG HOW CUTE????)
  • You hand him several treats (You bet he brought his own…)
  • Even her favorite toy won’t get her out from down there
  • When you are about to drag the damn kitty from under the couch, she finally comes out
  • to run away and jump on the closet…..
  • Did she just hiss at me?
  • “Oh my, I’m so sorry Jumin, she has never done that before, I swear…”
  • She is quite stubborn, just like her owner, he smiles
  • (Your cat would totally come jump on his lap when you two watch a movie or something like this…)

Jaehee (Poodle)

  • The little bean won her heart at first try
  • It has such good manners, MC
  • (You trained your dog to give his paw when meeting ppl)
  • She would be all over it
  • brushing and styling it
  • You bet your ass that she buys new stuff for him
  • Proud Mommy Jaehee walks through the park
  • she would always have a photo of the little bean with her (maybe even in her office along with yours<3)

Zen (Rabbit/Ferret…sorry I couldn’t decide)

  • Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic
  • Right now you really WISH you had something without fur
  • Like a gecko or a chameleon
  • So MC, what do you wanted to show me?
  • You get quite red and fidget around a lot
  • “Well, uhm. I want you to meet my…best friend?”
  • Zen tilts his head in question as you open the living room door, and he witnesses a big cage
  • How would you explain the name of your animal?
  • “Co-Come over, it won’t bite“ (at least I hope so…)
  • You open the cage and a white fur ball jumps on your lap
  • but…nothing happens
  • When he takes a closer look, he sees a white tiny rabbit/ferret with bright red eyes
  • Wow, haha. We have the same eye color. What is it’s name?
  • “W-what?”
  • I want to know the name of this little cutie
  • You get bright red
  • Zen sits down beside you and reach out to pet the little bean
  • “Zen…”
  • Yeah?
  • “No I mean…his name. It’s Zen.”
  • His jaw drops through the ground omfg
  • “I CAN EXPLAIN!!!! IT JUST LOOKS LIKE YOU!!! i got it shortly after I watched your first performance…”
  • He would laugh and hug you so tight <3
  • AWW. My little Fan.
  • He would tease you so much
  • but srsly he is proud
  • and secretly couldn’t be happier

Yoosung (Parrot)

  • He would be like =OOOOOOOOOOOO
  • He would totally rant about it
  • Oh god MC. It looks so beautiful and exotic. How old is it? What’s it name? Can it speak? Would it bite me? I want to pet it soooooooo bad!!!
  • You would need a looooot of time to get him calm
  • “Baby, you will scare him like this”
  • Turns out, Your lil Birdie loves Yoosung
  • As soon as you open the cage, the bird would fly on Yoosungs shoulder and nibble at his ear
  • you go from “AAAAW he likes you” to “It’s been three hours….”
  • Just imagine your adorable boyfriend with a tiny bird on his shoulder. IMAGINE IT! They would be so lovey dovey to each other ;-;
  • Don’t even think about putting the bird back in the cage, he won’t leave Yoosung
  • U end up packing everything and let your pet move in with him
  • :T well at least the new couple is happy
  • And you bet your ass, when Yoosung is raging while gaming, the bird will hear eeeeeeverything
  • he soon will greet you with some….amazing vocabulary

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I really want to get a more masc haircut (pixie cut or shorter), but my mom won't allow it and she always says I'll "look like a boy" when I bring up what I want, and she's very stubborn about it. I might try asking my dad, but he's generally less accepting of breaking gender roles. Any advice?

Lee says:
If you’re not able to say you don’t mind looking like a boy or come out, the links below might help. I’m on mobile, so these links won’t be pretty








Making Up

Jay Park x Y/N (Reader)
Genre: Romance / Slight angst
Count: 1,770
Warnings: Swearing
Rating: PG-13
(I’m writing this for Jay since he’s my guilty pleasure & to give an example of my writing style~)

Originally posted by huckleberryb

“I ain’t doing with this with you, girl,” Jay sighed as he shut the door to your apartment. Grabbing one of the shirt that you flew at him when he crossed the threshold, he tossed it on the couch while he passed the living room.

He knew you were upset. Chase had given him an earful of shit that afternoon when he slummed into the studio, half dead from last nights partying. He told Jay all about how you called him at one in the morning, waking his ass up, nearly screaming his ear off about your ruined date night and that you were going to murder the CEO. What Jay didn’t expect was to come over to your house for you to, quite literally, toss his things out of your bedroom at him.

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do you REALLY want the twitter fuckery again though? when you know it's not sincere? when you know she's with peter? you want to see her fake flirt with david? that's odd don't you think?

Yes I do! Because I don’t think it’ll be fake or forced or whatever.

We all know how stubborn Gillian is. If she doesn’t want to do something, nothing can force her, not even David and certainly not the fans pressure, or she would have changed her Tumblr icon by now.

Their public image and appearances have always been well separated in my mind from their private lives and relationship. I know I can’t have them being together anymore for now, but I really want to forget ‘til the existence of Mr Morgan anyway. I still want their public interactions to be the same, and I think they will and they won’t be forced or acted because after knowing each other for so long, certain things are natural and genuine no matter what. At this point of their lives, I think their dynamic in public and maybe even in private won’t change because they’re not together together. Although, I hope that *this* will change soon. 

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The 1st big fight has stiles not talking to peter. He is half tempted to leave the apartment but that will mean peter won. So he just sits there on his laptop not saying a word. Peter said in anger that he never shuts up so see if he ever talks again. And peter doesn't know exactly how stubborn he can be till this moment. Now peter doesnt know how to get the rambling back

I woke up to this in the morning and I was just like… My heart hurts so much.

But I can see Peter getting worried about this. Because Stiles being silent is never a good thing and he wants to apologize for his behavior.

It gets to the point where Peter worries about it so much that he paces all the spaces he is in. Because Stiles not talking to him is making him very upset.

Liam- The Best One Ever

Request-  8 with liam

8.  “This is the last one of this toy. You have no idea how badly I need it, and you’re cute and all, but I will still fight you for it.”

A/N- Rest in peace Carrie Fisher, who showed me as a kid that girls could be heroes too. It’s so important for girls to have strong role models, and Princess Leia was that to me. This is my little tribute to her. Enjoy guys. 

“This is awful,” Liam stated as he walked through the toy section in Walmart. “How am I supposed to find a toy for my cousin when I don’t even know what she likes?”
Mason rolled his eyes. “Just pick something. She’s ten. She won’t care.”
“Fine,” Liam said, glancing over at a sparse row of toys on the wall. “What about this?”
Mason glanced up at the action figure that Liam had just snagged from the shelf, and grinned. “Princess Leia? That’s awesome.”
“I don’t know if she likes Star Wars,” Liam told him. “But she should.”
“Plus, Leia’s a good role model,” Mason offered. “I mean, how many strong women did you see in 70s movies? And in The Force Awakens? She was a general! How awesome is that?”
Liam smiled. “Great. Let’s go.”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Liam heard a voice say behind him.
He blinked and turned around, only to find you standing there, looking very upset. “Dunbar, you did not just take the last Princess Leia toy.”
“Oh, hey, Y/n,” he said, glancing down at the toy in his hand. “Looks like we did.”
You were on the lacrosse team with Liam, but you also had a little sister that adored Star Wars. Princess Leia was her idol, and when you found out Walmart had a limited edition action figure of her, you knew you had to grab it for her as a Christmas present. Liam might have liked Star Wars, but no one loved Leia as much as your sister did, and you were determined to get that toy for her.
“Liam,” you said politely. “You have no idea how badly I need that toy.”
“Well, we needed to get something for Liam’s cousin,” Mason told you. “And we thought, what better toy than Princess Leia?”
“Look,” you told them. “My little sister worships Leia. I need that toy.”
Liam sighed. Being on the lacrosse team with you, he knew how stubborn and relentless you were. It tended to make you a good player, but it had also led to a couple yellow cards, and disciplinary action always won out over skill. That was why Liam was a little uneasy to say no to you, but he also knew you loved your sister.
He had seen her cheering for you at nearly every game, and he knew you had skipped practice a few times to be able to babysit her. You were dedicated to making her happy, and that meant a lot more than giving the toy to someone he wasn’t even sure wanted it.
“Dunbar, listen to me,” you said firmly. “You’re cute and all, but I will fight you for that toy. Both of you.”
Liam held up his hands, still holding the toy, and backed away with a laugh, “I was gonna say you could have it.”
“What?” Mason asked. “Dude! Come on, we got it first!”
He shrugged. “We don’t even know if my cousin likes Star Wars. Y/n’s sister seems pretty dedicated.”
He tossed the box to you, and you caught it with a shocked expression. “Here.”
“I…thank you,” you told him, surprise evident in your voice.
He shrugged. “It’s not a big deal.”
“Dude, I owe you one,” you told him, looking down at the action figure with a bright smile on your face.
Liam smiled. “Mind if I cash that favor in now?”
You raised your eyebrows. “Sure.”
“Can you help me find a toy for my cousin?”
You grinned. “Of course. What does she like?”
“We don’t really know,” Mason admitted.
“But she’s ten,” Liam cut in. “And, um, I think I saw her wearing a Moana shirt last month? That’s a princess, right?”
“Oh, she’s definitely a princess,” you told him with a smile. “Come on, they have tons of Moana stuff here. I’m sure you can find something she’ll love.”
You darted forward and grabbed Liam’s wrist, causing him to blush. Mason looked down and shot him a thumbs up.
“You know what?” Mason asked as Liam began to follow you. “I think I’m gonna go meet Corey.”
“Wait, but you’re my ride,” Liam protested.
“Y/n, could probably take you home. Don’t you live down the road from him?” Mason asked you.
“Yeah,” you stated with a shrug. “It’s the least I could do.”
“Oh,” Liam said, shooting Mason a grateful look. “Cool.”
Mason walked away and you nodded Liam back down the aisle. “Come on. We’re gonna make your cousin’s Christmas the best one ever.”
Liam smiled as you led him through the store, and in a moment of boldness, he slipped his hand into yours. You glanced back at him like you knew exactly what he was doing, but you simply smiled and turned back around. Liam was beginning to think that this Christmas would the best one ever for him too.

My observations & experiences: Cancer

A person dearest to me had a Cancer stellium and she taught me the meaning of unconditional love. She was so loving, sacrificed so much for my family, and was the sweetest person I knew. She really was a Mother to all like the Cancer archetype. I don’t know if it’s just me but they always make me feel “accepted”. They also always show me they care by their desire to help me and for their concern for my future. Really “stubborn”, I think this is because they won’t abandon what they’re feeling. Cancer females I know have soft and curvy bodies. They’re not afraid to flaunt and own it either; sexy. Funny, likes to party, and into the opposite sex. They can be very outgoing. Nostalgic, seems to always be talking about the past. Feels a connection to history or is fascinated by it. Good memories. Emotional and sensitive, their sensitivity makes them emotionally strong and resilient. While people lose their way Cancer seems to never stray, submerging into emotional experiences and emerging stronger. Where Capricorns strive for financial security Cancers strive for emotional security, so even if they can have changing moods they can be quite stable. I think this is also why you can see many “successful” Cancers. When someone or a friend is crying they’ll be the first to hug and comfort them. I really like this about them and can feel their support through it; they can make good friends. They like taking care of people, are affectionate, and give the warmest hugs. Like Taurus, they work hard to build a secure future with a place to call home and financial security to be able to provide for a family they might want in the future or for their current family. They’re romantic, into music and may be talented in it.. I am reminded of members of Fifth Harmony, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez. Speaking of which, whenever I am drawn to a singer’s voice several times they’ve ended up being Cancer or having Cancer influence. They put emotion into their singing which I always pick up on. Open about their affections, they don’t seem afraid to look vulnerable loving you. Not afraid to look “soft” or be “soft” either (similar to Pisces). I’ve also noticed Cancer leaders in groups/bands so they make great leaders. Oh and they seem to like sweets!

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wow i'm actually crying when i found your blog, i didn't know there were many others with trich.. i grew up with it & had a horrible time, always being a shamed of my existence with parents who though i was retarded and kept pressuring me to stop by embarrassing me (like showing me to their friends and saying how i have no eyelashes while laughing it off, saying i'm stubborn and won't stop pulling & all) & i keep crying every time i remember :'( Thanks so much for this blog :')

i’m so sorry your parents treated you that way. it’s unfortunate but a lot of parents don’t understand and don’t want to. when my mom would see me pulling she’d smack me and tell me to just stop it and that it was disgusting. parents seem to be disgusted but it’s usually because they’re afraid and don’t understand.
I’m glad that you find comfort in this blog! thank you for your kind words

Monsta X - MTL Likely to Get Along with a Taurus

Taurus people are known to be generous, patient, independent, persistent, and ambitious. From my experience, I know a Taurus who is often concerned for another’s well being, always checking up on them and asking if they’re okay. Believes in doing the job efficiently and correctly, they tend to not ask others for favors unless they have a solid reason to. However, these beautiful souls can be (quite) stubborn and if your arguments don’t suit them, they won’t listen. Not only that but they can also be uncompromising and possessive. 

Most - 








Least - 

Minhyuk, Wonho, and Jooheon would most likely get along with a Taurus. That is because they’d overlook the fact that they can be quite stubborn and a tad possessive, but I think they’d like someone who cares a lot for them (take their more negative qualities into something better). For Minhyuk, he’s placed first because as a Scorpio, he has the greatest compatibility with a Taurus. I believe he would look forward to seeing someone expand their creative ideas and different perspectives on life and learning about their goals and morals as well. Someone who’s lax and peaceful would give a balance to his outgoing and somewhat hyper side. With Wonho, he is like the same and appreciates the generosity they have to offer and their ambition to get things done (even though they can be lazy at times) or their projects that they create for themselves or for someone else. It’d be a problem if they don’t listen to what he’s trying to explain, his perspective and understandings, so hopefully that won’t affect the relationship between the two too much. As for Jooheon, he’d like their independence and overall general characteristics, so there’s not too much to say. But, there is a clash between the stubbornness and possessiveness because he’d like his own space (considering he’s an ambivert) but not all Taurus people are the same.

With Shownu and I.M, it’d be a love-hate relationship– there’s ups and there’s downs. Shownu would like how they try to enjoy life as much as possible and have the optimism that drives them to do so. Dedicated and practical, he’d appreciate how they can make use of themselves and like to keep busy at times. Although they are stubborn in their allegiance and how they can be inflexible when it comes to sudden changes, leaving them to be quite traditional. He feels that they might not understand everything he says and things can be lost with translation or communication because they can take things the wrong way. As for I.M, he might not get their opinions which can lead to clashing in arguments and not coming to a full consensus. Though, he’ll acknowledge their patience and perseverance that would give him some motivation to do the same. But he’s placed lower because of their fixed approach that would give him a hard time to get along with.

Hyungwon and Kihyun would not get along that well with a Taurus mostly because of the above answers. I don’t want to repeat myself over and over again, so I’ll try my best to prevent that. For Hyungwon, he can be a bit indecisive which a Taurus can get frustrated by. I feel like he’d be indecisive when it comes to plans or personal things that would only affect himself. He’s thankful for the fact that they are willing to do the things for the ones that they love but he doesn’t know if he’s one of them because a Taurus can be vague about that and can only trust loved ones. Other than that, the obstinate nature and uncompromising traits would steer him from being less likely to get along with them. Almost the same as Kihyun. Kihyun would like the fact that they have common sense and are quite laid back, but the thing is, he’s got this sassy personality that if he accidentally says the wrong thing, a Taurus can and will fire back hard if they’re provoked. They can take it the wrong way and spark up something unintentional between the two. Especially when stressed, Kihyun would go crazy and during conversations he and the Taurus might not have the same thoughts and opinions (perhaps opposites) where they just can’t agree. 

Admin Mochi

I am not your wildest dream
You will not get lost in my eyes
My voice is not hypnotic
My “beauty” won’t give you butterflies
I am not sweet and sensitive
I won’t sugarcoat things to protect your feelings
I’ll insult you to show affection
My attitude will leave you reeling
I’m indecisive and argumentative
Stubborn as hell
Refined and ladylike?
No, I’m not some southern belle
I am a free spirit
I am not some possession to be bought or tamed
Try to control me?
You might get maimed
I am temperamental;
Mentally unbalanced
You want to be with me?
Hope you like a challenge
I am not just for decoration,
Another trophy on your shelf
Though you may try to change me
I will always be myself
I’m strong and determined
Funny and playful
It’s hard to get past my armor,
But once you do I remain faithful
Take me as I am
Or watch me as I go
Either way is fine,
But please no shit show
I am imperfect
Oh so flawed
But you have to admit
My writing leaves you awed
—  @catherineday
Why I don't need you.

The other day I was eating something and my dad wanted some and didn’t ask permission so I, being myself, said “step back” and stood infront of my food, though I’m a literal foot and 100 pounds less than him. He raised his eyebrows at me. I stood my ground and locked eyes with him. “You better be glad I’m this stubborn, I won’t let men get away with stupid things.” I said. “I know that,” he smiled. “I actually talked to your momma about that the other day. I said ‘she doesn’t NEED a man, she WANTS a man. She does just fine by herself, too independent.”
Stubborn has always been a compliment to me. Stubborn is not putting up with ignorance. Stubborn is independence. I went eventually let him have some of my food and said “I only keep you around to kill spiders and open jars, you know.”
My mom asked me what I imagined myself doing in 5 years. I’ll be 21 by then. I thought about it
for a second. “Well,” I said. “I don’t think I’ll be alone, I think I won’t be married yet though.”
She said “why do you say that?”
I imagined that I would be in a small studio apartment, with plants I regularly forget to water and a laptop on me at all times, writing things like this. with large awning windows open and white curtains. In a noisy city where it smells like coffee and cinnamon every morning. The constant hum of distant of sirens occupies me. I’ll be a writer. I won’t be kept by anyone. I won’t be anyone’s wife at that time, I won’t be anyone’s mother. I’ll belong completely to myself. That’s something I’ve learned to not give myself away to people until I’m ready. Because only so much of me can go around. I’ve opened up to a few people who didn’t deserve that. they didn’t deserve to know me like that. Seeing my heart exposed. To see my wounds, to touch my wounds and claim to heal them, when in reality, they threw glue at a hurricane.

The wisest thing a man told me was “if you only need a man to open jars then get a sturdy hand towel.”

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017.
1:17 AM

Maleah Harrison.

Here is the next chapter of Rage! You guys didn’t think this was gonna be easy, did you?

I’m going out of town this weekend and won’t have my laptop, so I might not update next week. :/ but if that’s the case, I’ll update ASAP!

Summary: Castiel was always too stubborn for his own good–too stubborn to die, even. As Castiel sits recovering, Sam and Dean prepare for their biggest fight yet.Meanwhile, come Hell or high water, Mary Winchester is getting back to her home world. Updates Thursdays.

Read from the beginning

my stepdad just came over while i was watching anime and looked at my laptop screen and sighed and was like “when are you ever going i grow out of that” and all i could say was “i won’t” because i’m stubborn and my parents have always belittled my interests even when they tried to support them which makes no fucking sense but they did.
like just let me enjoy things jesus fucking christ

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(1/2) Can I get a matchup for my OC, Whinry? Shes 17 and 5'2 with long sunflower blonde hair that's always in a ponytail and sapphire blue eyes with pale skin and multiple ear piercings and is curvy. She's a trained medic and engineer. She is very sarcastic and salty with a foul mouth and crude and sadistic sense of humor and is very stubborn with a scary hair trigger temper and won't hesitate to hit someone over the head with her trusty wrench-

(is this winry from fma? lmao.)

I ship her with Shiro!

Originally posted by shiro-the-head

there’s going to be a lot of arguments, and they’re not always going to say what they mean when their tempers flare, but they’re a good match when it comes down to it. they say what they mean, and their relationship is stronger for it. she may be brash and rude, but shiro’s demeanor will chip away at her. she’ll learn to be more accepting and forgiving bc of shiro too, who may admonish her behavior, but never her herself. he knows there’s something wrong with her past, and he doesn’t push it. she’ll tell him when/if she’s ready.


We’re different, you and I 
And while you’re busy being different 
I’m busy seeing different, listening different 
It’s alright, I won’t mind it, for now 
It’s alright, I won’t talk about it, for now 
You have your thoughts, your reasons and words 
You don’t care, what anyone says, so why bother 
It’s alright, I won’t care, that you don’t care, for now
I’ll not waste sincerity on indifference 
Keep your ways, and whims, I’ll keep mine 
But don’t fail to realize 
I have my own thoughts and reasons to be wise 
Not just in my own eyes 
I try to find the ways that are always right 
Instead of believing my own lies, or others’ guise 
But you know, if we don’t see the same, that’s fine
for now 

But I need to be heard and listened to 
If you’re so stoic and stubborn, what can I do 
I had accepted the fact that I wouldn’t get through
Then sometimes you say things that don’t sound like you 
Maybe you listened, or just wanted some attention 
Would you believe, I might see where you’re lacking perfection 
If you’d take it seriously I’d tell you 
But would you, really 
It’s been so long and you’re so intelligent 
And convinced 
Would you care or consider 
an alternative 

Ok first ZAYN LIKED MY POST OMG…!!! I didn’t expect he would react at all. I have no words… He is the sweetest human being ever :’)))) I’m still sober here staring at the screenshot seeing his name glowing. What an exciting night.
For those who want to read the article I mentioned, I’m posting it here. It’s only a summary of what I’ve been through in the recent years and is for people in my school to know about me. It’s originally written in Chinese by me so here’s the translated ver.

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She got a box of color pens for present at the age of 3, and from then on opened the gate of a brand new world.
She loves to draw figures, and has even done her own comics. Growing up, she found herself getting used to pin her hopes on drawing characters after finishing a book or a film because of still stuck in the vibe and emotion.
At 14, like many other normal teens, she got her own fav.
And that is where the story is supposed to start.

His name is Zayn Malik.
I never liked to admit that my behavior was “worshiping”. My own expression would be “nah I like him the same way as how y'all like the charming guy next door”. Before everything happened, people would laugh and say, “grow up baby, you still need to go back to reality after daydreaming… Like how are you going to contact someone who’s that distant from you? ”
I couldn’t even fight them tho - they’re right :)
When I listened to Lost Stars, the lines enchanted me a lot.
Please don’t see just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies. Please see me reaching out for someone I can’t see.
“Why do I have to achieve it that soon tho.. I wouldn’t mind waiting for another few years when I become a real artist, so that I could reach out to Zayn..” I thought.

Zayn loves to see drawings.
And I like to draw him. I always say I don’t rub my emotions onto people’s face all the time when I’m into something. Drawing is my best way of expression.
I dedicated all my stubbornness, infatuations and adolescent craziness into my colors and started to depicted the look of his in my mind. The outfits on a certain concert, the hairstyle during an interview… Those are all I’d love to note down. 15 minutes per day and I have never stopped. I put my doodles on Instagram with almost no followers as if it was a way of relief.
2015 wasn’t easy for Zayn: his decision of leaving the group raised criticisms against him. To support him as one in thousands I drew even more pictures than I thought I could do. Slowly, my works got recognized in a small-range of the Zayn fandom. People DMed me encouragements, and a few of Zayn’s family members liked my drawings on IG. All of these inspired me a lot and made me itch to draw more creative things for my idol.

One day a friendly girl came to me and introduced herself. She told me she’s also a fan of Zayn and she liked my style of art. The best part is she seemed to have bunches of awesome ideas, so she successfully convinced me we would be a real cool pair of partners and might get Zayn’s attention one day.
I wasn’t positive about being noticed at first, but I’m sure that collaborating with such a fun girl would never bore me. So we started to contact each other through Whatsapp every day, even when I was on a trip to America. Anita comes from South Africa. She loves to read and write, and there is always some kind of passionate personal charm around her. If I had to pick a character to define her I would say Monkey D Luffy. And yeah we have so many interests in common - spanning over 6 hours, we chat from Disney films to the One Piece TV.
I enjoyed the whole summer discussing what to draw with her and seeing our ideas glowing…

Last August, I have got off a flight from Los Angeles and arrived home.
I checked out my Twitter and saw Zayn was online. He has just changed his icon.
I couldn’t help tweeting him - or talking to myself cos I knew he wouldn’t see me.
“Sigh when is Zayn going to see my drawings of him? I can’t wait for feedback from him.”
“Maybe my works ain’t that good…”
“Maybe he’s never going to see me… Nvm”
When I was about to get offline, these words appeared on my screen.
“Zayn followed you back!”
…That must be fake. I thought.
But then my notifications blew up. I couldn’t even see clearly what people were yelling about. When I finally caught a glimpse of the msgs, I learned that the real Zayn Malik has followed me.
I felt like my heart would explode in seconds.
… Imagine something you’ve been longing for ages finally happens.
I thanked him through dms and tried to calm down… But you know… How could I :D

Since the follow Zayn has hardly ever directly interacted with me, but it’s good enough to see that some of my drawings were collected to his Facebook album. I mean… He’s Zayn! The one I thought I never thought I could get in touch with. He now knows me as an artist, and probably knows he has fans in China.
On social media things were going smoother as well. A website has asked me for credit, and some online shops bought my pictures for making T-shirts, phone covers and mugs.

Because of being busy studying, I had no choice but pause. I went inactive on all social media and tbh it killed me bc I didn’t draw at all during those months.
When I got back, half a year has passed and things changed. I sort of found that it was impossible to go back to the days when me and Anita doing our magic and had fun drawing.
I talked to Anita, saying I don’t think it’s necessary for me to come back. People don’t need me anymore, and Zayn doesn’t.
She comforted me as usual, telling me we’re going through this together so don’t worry.
I still felt sad for a few times, but I wanna be as happy as I could be, at least it’s for her.

This July, I got a package from England.
Yeah it was from ZAYN.
I nearly passed out when Anita revealed the truth. In short, Zayn wanted to appreciate the dedicated fan artists so he prepared surprises for us. I suddenly thought of back to April or May this year some big accounts asked for my address… And then I understood. This is all kept well in secrets.
So the gift was a photo canvas and a card with Zayn’s handwriting on it. He told me that he has loved my art and I shall keep drawing.

In All of a sudden, I thought of the old me. Two years ago, I was unhappy about people’s remarks, about the theory that since not many people could achieve such things, I won’t be able to either.
What I thought was… What if I am the one?
I’m glad I was such a stubborn kid. I wasn’t even good, but I set my sights high.
I need to say thank you to the old me. Thanks for daring to turn depression into motivation instead of being knocked down.

I’ve won plenty of awards and medals since I have contributed my works to organizations, but a present like this, I would say, means even deeper since it’s about spiritual encouragement. Zayn has so many fans who has done a lot for him and he might not always remember me but it doesn’t matter. The strength he’s given me will never fade away.
So I’m currently holding a gallery called “Lya & Pop Culture” in school. During these 2 weeks you can see Zayn in different styles with different mediums by me, along with many other celebrities and animated characters I drew. You will even see my version of One Piece characters in realism!
I’m sincerely inviting all of you to come x.

Translation of 50 Questions for Shison Jun

Soooo I did a rough translation of the 50 questions JunJun answered in his photobook for shisonjun​~

Fair warning, lots of literal/awkward phrasing, feel free to ask me to clarify~
Also, I just gave up on translating これからもよろしく, it’s basically along the lines of “please continue to have good relations with me in the future”. (^^;)

Happy 20th birthday, JunJun~!! o(*゚▽゚*)o

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Always a Gentleman

“Why can’t you just admit that I won, mate?” Killian asked, chuckling as he and Charming sat in front of the fire, just finishing a friendly duel.

“You didn’t win. I slipped.” Charming muttered tersely.

Killian smirked, shaking his head. “Like Father, Like Daughter.” he replied. “I see where Emma gets her stubbornness from.” he said.

Charming chuckled.

Sighing, Killian closed his eyes briefly and swallowed, running a hand through his hair. “Speaking of my lovely Princess…”

Charming furrowed his brows. “What’s up?”

Killian took a breath. “There was a reason I asked if you wanted to camp this weekend.” Turning towards the love of his life’s father, he stared at him directly in the eye and took another breath before he continued. Charming tilted his head, waiting.

“I think the whole town of Storybrooke knows how I feel about your daughter by now. I am irrevocably and hopelessly in love with her.” he said.

Charming nodded, yet stayed silent.

Killian cleared his throat. “She taught me how to live again. She made a world full of darkness become light again. She is my home. It would be an honor and a privilege if you would allow me to show my love for her for the rest of my life.”

Charming let out a breath. “You mean….?”

Killian nodded. “I am asking for your blessing, for her hand in marriage. I want to marry her.” he said.

Charming stared at Killian for just a moment, thoughts and memories running through his head.

Finally, he smirked and smiled, extending a hand. “There is no one who deserves my daughter more than you and you’ve proven that. You have my blessing.”

Killian smiled wide as he shook Charming’s hand and Charming patted him on the back.

“…and you didn’t win.” Charming added.