but my stubbornness won as always

Pukwudgie Traits

Pukwudgie Traits

-not afraid to share opinion
-stands their ground
-looks well after friends and family (even if they don’t always see eye to eye)
-knows how to take care of people
-good with children
-calming presence
-takes charge and makes people listen
-good in stressful situations

-strongly speaks their opinion without a filter
-stubborn, doesn’t back down easily
-sudden bursts of rage
-can get carried away
-my way or the highway
-doesn’t know when to stop
-doesn’t like change or sudden change in plans
-hates being wrong and won’t admit to if

Boyfriend Series - SEVENTEEN: The8



- The small smiles he sends you whenever you catch him staring at you

- The sly smirks when he’s dancing

- So cuddly around you

- Goal is to always make you smile

- Doesn’t want to lose you

- Teases you all the time without letting you escape from him

- Stares at you and won’t stop until he actually has to

- Holds you to him tightly whenever he can

- Stubborn af when you two argue but you probably would be too so

- First to apologize just so you two don’t go to sleep upset because the arguemeny would last until them

- Kisses you in front of the members to see your face red and to annoy the members

- Won’t go to sleep without hearing your voice

- Dances for you all the time

- Says the cutest things about you in Chinese

- Always excited to see you

- Misses you as soon as you have to leave his side for something

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This is gonna be a long one and fairly personal so apologies….

Every now and again i remember that i share genes with my sibling. A sibling to whom i have not spoken for approx. 5 or 6 years due to matters i won’t elaborate on just now. This utter shit gibbon of a younger brother hasn’t spoken to my Father for about 4 years, my Father who has cancer and lives hundreds of miles away in Cornwall. No explaination at the time, just ceased all contact with Dad. But being a stubborn bastard, Dad has never stopped trying to speak to my brother and then this week, Dad gets an email that says because he wouldn’t let my brother & his girlfriend stay with him 5 years ago for a couple of nights, hes a shit Dad, has always been a shit Dad and he never wants anything to do with him ever again.

I have trancended anger and have now become full on, critical mass style rage. Just when i thought that my brother couldn’t be any more of a cunt than hes been for all his nearly 33 years, he does this. My Dad is sick, dying even, and alone hundreds of miles away. My parents divorced when i was 5 and he did his goddamn best given the circumstances at the time so for my fucktard of a brother to even think such a fucking thing is just…..

I’m fucking digusted that the same genetics that run through my body run through his too. Its not often that i say that i truly hate someone, but i fucking despise my brother. And before anyone gets all ‘but blood is thicker than water’ on me, i have never liked the cunt. I tried to throw him down the stairs when he was 6 weeks old. I’ve never had any kind of bond with him, ever. I can honestly say that if he dies tomorrow, it wouldn’t bother me.

I am so angry right now i could quite probably stab a bitch.


Anna’s note to Ellie

I’m going to share a secret with you, I’m not a big fan of kids and I hate babies. And yet… I’m staring at you and I’m just awestruck. You’re not even a day old and holding you is the most incredible thing I’ve ever done in my life, a life that is about to get cut a little short. Marlene will look after you. There is no one in this world I trust more than her. When the time comes she’ll tell you all about me. Don’t give her too much of a hard time. Try not to be as stubborn as me. I’m not going to lie, this is a pretty messed up world. It won’t be easy. The thing you always have to remember is that, life is worth living! Find your purpose and fight for it. I see so much strength in you. I know you’ll turn out to be the woman your meant to be.
Forever… Your loving mother
Make me proud, Ellie!

the signs based off of ppl i know

aries: passionate as hell, down for anything. lowkey emotional and high key energetic, but they’re good at whatever they do to channel that energy whether it be sports or some type of art. loyal friends

taurus: stubborn, but always has good intentions. loves food, loves sleep, loves to feel like they belong/are wanted. driven, won’t stop til they get something. passionate about the world around us, accepting.

gemini: super clever and intelligent, always has something to say. their rambling usually has substance, just might be hard to find. always changing and moving so it’s hard to keep up with them but once you click with them, they’re good people to keep by your side. always happy and trying to help others, lowkey emotional and detached. (im a gemini so might be biased)

cancer: won’t ever admit it but emotional af. clingy but that’s not always a bad thing, super loyal, has good intentions always. wants to belong, always searching for something “real” with substance and if they find that in a person or a passion, they’re a force to be reckoned with. they have a lot of problems they might want you to listen to but no doubt they’ll do the same for you. lots of corny jokes, social butterfly

leo: funny and whether or not they want attention, their presence demands it. that one person that seems to get along with everyone. loud laugh. their pride before anything. the type to have a night out with, will make you forget about your problems.

virgo: introspective, once they deem you worthy enough to have an actual conversation with substance, you’ll be fascinated with their views. won’t take your bullshit, observant and intelligent but not the type to show it off. perfectionist. outgoing/friendly personality hides how introspective they are. good people to have late night drives with

libra: a little bit weird but in a really good way. likes looking nice and making things look nice so they’ll either blow off school and prioritize the arts/fashion or work hard to make their report card look nice. they wanna be Somebodies, don’t wanna be in the background. moves on from lovers really quick, they don’t mean to but if it doesn’t work then it just doesn’t work. magnetic, people to admire from afar

scorpio: super fashionable, not very approachable but they exude this vibe of “cool and confident” that makes you wanna get to know them. good, effortless style. into the stuff that’s not really mainstream. deep talkers, they know what’s up. super cool music taste. loyal n passionate but don’t get on their bad side though. doesn’t like to admit they’re wrong

sagittarius: seriously my favorite, I hope you all have a sagittarius friend. funny without trying to be, that person everyone wants to be friends with, makes everyone laugh, super good with people, effortlessly likeable. loyal to friends, but not afraid to cut people off if they fuck up. they don’t have time for that. hard to stay committed including school, they’ve got better things to do. adventurous, won’t ever settle. cheesy as hell. if you want an honest opinion, find a sagittarius

capricorn: works hard but only if they find it worth working hard for, knows what they want. doesn’t get enough credit, often the outcast. dependable, but passive aggressive. wants success, always working towards that.

aquarius: my other favorite sign, they’re golden. wants whats best for the world, and they’re willing to do whatever to make that happen. not afraid to speak their mind but be careful because they won’t ever admit to being wrong. super confident and can by cocky, it’s actually admirable. magnetic. it’s not hard to befriend an aquarius, they won’t judge you. but good luck on keeping them as a friend and getting them to connect with you. super innovative and creative.

pisces: highkey emotional and loving but won’t ever show it verbally. creative as hell, always has their head in the clouds. musical and artistic, someone to be envied but they have golden intentions so you can’t even be bitter. super duper loyal. more selective than a cancer about what they’re emotional about. if you wanna be inspired, find a Pisces. good people to road trip with since they’re idealistic, but make sure at least one of you knows when to be realistic

Preference #10 – When he’s sleepy

Niall: Niall’s pretty stubborn and often won’t admit that he’s tired, especially if he’s just got back from tour. The two of you end up eating in front of the TV, and when Niall had finishes eating he tends to rest his head on your shoulder. “I missed you, princess,” he’ll yawn. “I missed you too, my Irish prince,” you reply, leaning your head on top of his, as you both fall asleep in front of the telly.

Harry: Harry always got really cuddly when he was sleepy. You’d be sitting in front of the telly or lying in bed and he’d just snuggle up real close to you, his head resting perfectly against your shoulder. Honestly, it was one of your favourite moods on him, because it meant you could just sit there, your arms wrapped round each other and not even have to speak. You’d fallen asleep on the couch next to each other countless times because you were too happy cuddling to move to your bed.

Liam: Liam is like a puppy when he’s tired. He’ll lounge about, stretching and yawning until you eventually tell him he should probably go to bed. “Only if you’ll come up with me,” he’ll say with heavy eye-lids and a pout on his lips. How could you say no to that?

Louis: As always, Louis would still be a chatterbox when he was tired, but his rambles would get more emotional, talking about his mum, siblings or how much he loves you. This is the best moment to get Louis to watch a soppy movie with you, although he’d normally start snoring about halfway through.

Zayn: Normally Zayn would be even quieter when he was sleepy, and often just wandered round the house, following you as you cleaned up from whatever you had been doing. You gave up asking what was up when he started doing this and, without words, would head to the bedroom knowing he’ll follow.

How I would describe the signs off people I know

Aries- my oldest friend acts very tough but actually super highly emotional. Is very direct with flirting gets taken advantage of. Doesn’t think before acting. Is very caring to the ones they love.

Taurus- one of my best friends. SO STUBBORN and dates people not worth their time. Thinks very low of themselves when they are cute lil flowers in realty. Likes sex a lot.

Gemini- no

Cancer- you are bae but you are highly emotional sometimes and sometimes you won’t open up. You are very protective though and always know what to say when people feel down.

Leo- my aunt is the only Leo I know and she is an alcoholic and still lives with her mom and dates a coke head.

Virgo- my fav sign because it’s my sign. Very nit-picking with people. It always says Virgos are shy and I’m very outgoing so. It’s very hard for us to show emotion even though we have so much of it.

Libra- dated one never again. Loves talking about themselves and boosting about their accomplishments. Always falling in love with someone. Don’t see or understand the small things in life.

Scorpio- they are always hot?? I’ve never seen one mad surprisingly but they are so cute and generous when they are in love. Reckless drivers.

Sagittarius- so many mixed feelings about them. Can be very childish at times. Just put things off they need to do. Hella emo.

Capricorn- so awkward when they make jokes. Can be a lil blonde sometimes. Is very loving though to people who care for them. Talks a shit ton.

Aquarius- ???? Confusing

Pisces- gets mad easily. Good artists but they don’t do any school work. Are very loud and weird at random times. Takes everything to heart are very emotional. They live in like a fantasy world and sometimes they lie.

I am so worried about Daesung. He has had a throat condition for years (which is why he sometimes goes off pitch during sings). And it requires surgery in order for it to get better. He’s always had slight issues with his throat since debut, eg having vocal nodules. He was meant to rest after that surgery and he didn’t. And now the problem has grown over time. But Daesung, being the stubborn guy he is, won’t get surgery. If he has surgery, his singing voice will be out of action for a few months to heal. His doctor told him if he doesn’t get surgery he could lose his voice completely and never be able to sing again. So Daesung stopped seeing his doctor, because he said he didn’t like being told this and he couldn’t go a few months without signing because singing is his lifeline and he doesn’t want to disappoint fans. Daesung is literally risking never being able to sing again for us. He’s risking his job, his ultimate passion in life, for fans.

I honestly pray that Daesung gets surgery after this comeback. I hope he goes for surgery because he will have the time to rest his voice after. We all know how much singing means to him but he’s slowly destroying himself. He’s ruining his throat as each day goes by. With this comeback his voice is under a huge amount of strain, singing and belting out a huge range of notes. He even said sorry to fans about his throat condition when really it isn’t necessarily his fault because he’s always had problems with his throat even before he debuted. I just hope Daesung goes for the surgery once this comeback and tour is finished. Get better Daesung! Fans are praying for you! ❤️

Please don’t get tired of me.

I know, i’m not that easy to handle.  Some days I will push you away but still i want you to stay. Other days, i just want to ignore you but still i want to feel your presence near me, but still don’t give up on me.

There are times that my mind is a storm cloud threatening to explode and i swear you really don’t want to hold me at that moment. I know, it’s not easy to be with me, i will always give you a hard time, but please don’t get tired of me. Sometimes, i will be cold, distant, i will be a bundle of emotions and i will be complete a hurricane, but please don’t get tired of me. I know i am really stubborn and most of the time i won’t listen to you. I am not an easy person to love. I am a galaxy that you need to discover in your every day life. I am a math problem that will surely test your patience.

But i am asking you one thing, please don’t get tired of me. I need you to understand that whether there is a war waging inside of my mind i am still worth it. I know i deserve someone like you who will never give up on me. I know there will always be someone like you who thinks i am worth the fight. Even if i am the worst person you’ll ever meet, you won’t still get tired of me because you know, i am more than those things.

—  don’t get tired of me
Call it a vision,
call it a daydream,
but I’ve seen her twice;
stood with her and felt
her skin under my hands.
Her blue ribbon in her hair;
the way she’s always eating strawberries,
and we laugh
like old friends.
There is no unfamiliar hesitation,
or doubt when it comes to
where she got her stubbornness from.
When I hold her, I’m hers,
even if it’s just until morning.
I don’t have a daughter,
but it’s nice to remember
that won’t be forever,
and I’ll know her
when she comes.
—  Schuyler Peck, Lula

I won’t just miss the XY family, I’ll miss the Pokemon too. 

  • The powerful, stubborn Greninja who chose Ash instead of Ash choosing him and also had his own arc and own form.
  • The badass, strong Talonflame who even battled a Moltres. 
  • The king of the forest, Hawlucha, who made quite an entrance at the Kalos league and is always ready to defend his ‘son’, Noivern. 
  • Noivern, who grew from a scared little Noibat who could barely fly into a Pokemon who even dared to challenge Zapdos and caused it a great deal of damage (we don’t talk about what happened after that).
  • Goodra, who also grew from a really weak dragon into a really strong one and who wants to protect his friends at all costs. 
  • (and of course Chespin, Bunnelby, Luxray, Dedenne, Squishy, Pancham, Braixen and Sylveon)