but my sis has beautiful eyes

two different eyes

Pairing: dean x sister! Reader Sam x sister! Reader

Request: Hi! Could I request a sis fic with both brothers where the reader has two different eye colors. One eye is green and the other is brown. Real thing my neighbor has it haha. Anyways she always grew up being known as the odd Winchester and was even made fun of for it at school. Now that she’s a young adult she has come to accept it but one day when a hunter made fun of it to her she gets insecure again and the brothers try to say how cool and beautiful it looks on her. Thanks so much!

A/N: I really like the story how it turned out. It is a great idea. I really happy to wrights it and to let you guys know that your special in you own way

You are not so different from your brothers beside your eyes. You love rock and pie just like dean, and you love reading and doing research just like Sam. But your eyes where different. You had one brown eye and the other was green. You always said that you was dean and Sam in one body.

But in every good thing is a bad thing in being different. When you where younger you always get bullied because of your eyes. Every time when you where in a new school they always looked at you if there is something wrong with you. In the begin you always thought that they were just jealous but when there was a group of bullies waiting outside for you, you thought different about it.

You became older and you didn’t have to go to school anymore but you begun hunting. You and your brothers where hunting every supernatural being. After you get older you liked your eyes. You thought it look beautiful even It is a little different.

You and your brothers where looking on the computer for looking for a case until Dean get a call. It looked that we need to help a hunter. You already had you duffel bag pack so you was ready. You rode to Indiana for a werewolf hunt.

The hunter that needed help was Thomas. You didn’t like him at all but if he need help you help him. He is a friend of your brothers. you meted up with him in a local dinner in Indiana.

“so there we have the Winchester.” He said when he stood up to hug your brothers. he didn’t hug you because you two hated each other.

“what do you got.” Dean said and Thomas explained to him. You listened but you wanted to triad not to hurt him. You hated him so much because you almost died on a hunt with him if your overprotective brothers not where here you would properly die.

Thomas looked at you the whole time, It became annoying. “what do you want? Stop staring at me!” you said.

“I just remembered how weird it looks to have two different eye color.” He said with a smirk. That was it the last drop. You walked out the diner and walking to the impala. You brothers came short after that.

“hey, what is going on?” dean said.

“I not going to help him. I want to go to the motel.” You said and get in the backseat. Sam and dean looked at each other and nodded. They knew how you feel.

You where in the motel room. The first thing you did was dropping your duffel bag and jumped in the bed and placed your face in the pillow. Sam and dean where sitting next to and rubbed your back.

“hey, you know that different is special.” Dean said but he didn’t get any answer.

“he is right. We are not normal.”he said and make a funny face.” so we are different and whatever what people are thinking your beautiful in your own way. “ you sat up and looked at your brothers.

“come here you.” Dean said and hugged you. Sam did the same. “hey, and if there anything happened you say it. Im going to punch that dick for you because no one may say that to my beautiful little sister. Even she is different because of her eyes she is still beautiful.”

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Running Down A Dream Masterlist

Thanks to my lovely friend @arryn-nyxx my little series, Running Down A Dream, now has a beautiful aesthetic!  Thank you, Arryn!

Summary:  A road race leads to an unexpected night with Dean.

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam, OMC Jake

Warnings: NSFW, smut (unprotected sex, this is fantasy people, wrap it before you tap it), a little bit of angst, canon typical violence

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Love Conquers All

okay here’s the jealous!Antonio fic…… :-) hope you all enjoy!!!! 😄 i don’t own anything!!
Ever since Antonio had switched jobs, he has been out of the loop of hearing the regular gossip of both the Intelligence Unit and Firehouse 51. He didn’t really mind, as he was old enough to not care about the drama. But then he and Sylvie broke up, making him become interested in the gossip for the first time. Yes, he could just ask his sister, but since she was so close to Sylvie, he felt uncomfortable asking, to put her in that position.

Which was half the reason he went out for drinks on a Friday night, specifically hanging out with Ruzek, Burgess, Lindsay, and Halstead. He was aware that he was the fifth wheel in the group, but all he wanted was to hear the latest scoop on Sylvie.

If they knew the actual reason why he was here, they didn’t mention it. Even when they brought up Sylvie, they didn’t give him a second glance.

“Sucks for Sylvie, her landlord is such an ass.” Kim says, to which the other three wholeheartedly agreed with her. Antonio bit his tongue to prevent himself from asking multiple questions.

He couldn’t hold himself back. “Where is she staying then?”

Erin gave him a look, one eyebrow raised. “Why do you want to know?”

“Just curious.” He tried to play it off, shrugging his shoulders.

“Yeah, okay.” She didn’t believe him. “She hasn’t even moved yet, I don’t think she has a place to go….” She gave another look, one that Antonio could easily understand what it meant.

“I’m not going to offer her to move in with me, Lindsay.” He shook his head, before taking a sip of his beer. “I bet she’ll move in with Stella. If it comes down to it, that she has no other options, then sure. I won’t let her live on the streets.”

“I wish she had no options.” Kim muttered to Ruzek, but Antonio could easily hear her. “I could win 50 bucks if they get back together this week—”

“Wait. Wait, wait, wait.” He rose his hands to silence the table, getting all of their attention. “You guys have a bet going about Sylvie and me!?” He asked, incredulous. He was surprised to hear that his old colleagues were that invested in their previous relationship, as they really didn’t spend their time when they were together around them much. He thought they were pretty much neutral on the whole thing.

All of them at least looked guilty. Then Kim began to speak. “You know…..if you two get back together before Saturday rolls around…that would be great.” She said, giving him an awkward thumbs up and a hesitant grin.

“I cannot believe—”

“Come on, Antonio.” Jay interrupted him with a firm voice. “You can’t really believe that you two are done, right?” He began to lean in, if that possibly could convince Antonio more. “You two are both miserable—”

“He’s just saying that because he bet you two would be back together by tomorrow!” Adam butted in. “I, on the other hand, am a firm believer of distance makes the heart grow fonder….”

“Yeah, right. I bet you’re only saying that because you bet another couple weeks.” Antonio dryly said, and his guess was confirmed by Adam’s face beginning to turn red.

“You guys are unbelievable.” He groaned, placing his head in his hands. “Focus on your own relationships, because others are none of your business. Also, if Sylvie and I get back together or not, it won’t be because of any of you. So stop the word games.”

Adam rose his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay. We get it.” The others nodded in agreement.

Antonio sighed again. “Can we talk about something else please?” He asked, wanting to actually enjoy this night out with his friends. He didn’t see them everyday anymore, so he wanted to get something out of this hangout. Yes, his original reason for coming was to learn more information about his ex, but when it was revealed that everyone was betting on when they were getting back together, it made him feel uncomfortable.

“We can talk about I caught Atwater and Virginia making out behind Molly’s last week.” Kim said with a devilish smile, as everyone else’s mouths dropped.

“What the—”


“Oh man I can’t wait to tease him about this—”

Antonio just let out a sigh of relief, grateful the attention was off of him. And listened to Kim say more details about the information she had revealed, it was even better that it was actually interesting.


It was another week before Antonio was able to meet up with Gabby. Usually it was never this bad to try to see each other, but unfortunately their work schedules just didn’t work out that week.

“Why were you so persistent to seeing me?” Gabby asked as she poured herself a cup of coffee. “I would be flattered, but I need to hear the reason first.”

Now he was wondering if it was a good idea to come to his sister for information on Sylvie. She could easily refuse, call him a creep, and then go tell Sylvie all about it. “Well, first, I was missing my beautiful baby sister—”

“Shut up, Tonio.” She rolled her eyes. Yeah, he should expected she would have called him out on his bullshit. “Why are you here?” She asked again. “Please don’t tell me you murdered someone and you need me to help you hide the body—”

“What?! Gabby, I’m a fucking cop—” He stopped when he realized she was laughing. “Ha. Very funny, sis.”

“I need to have my fun if you are just going to dance around and not talk about why you’re here!” She exclaimed. “You’ve been trying to see me for the past week, so get on with it!”

“Okay, okay.” He relented, taking a deep sigh. He couldn’t stall for any longer. “I’m here to ask you about Sylvie.”

Gabby groaned once he mentioned Sylvie’s name. “God, Antonio. If you want to get back together with her, then go talk to her yourself. I’m not playing matchmaker—”

“No, I’m not here to get back together with her!” He interrupted, not wanting Gabby to get any wrong ideas. “I just….want to know how she’s doing.”

“She’s doing good, I guess.” She still seemed skeptical about his intentions. “Finally moved out of her apartment, her landlord was a major dick.”

That was the information he came here for. “So where is she living now?” He asked, keeping his voice casual.

“…..You aren’t going to start stalking her, are you?”

“What the hell, Gabby?? What kind of guy do you think I am—”

“Calm down, I’m just messing with you.” She took a big gulp of her coffee. “You seem more on edge than you usually are. Did you have a big case this week?”

“There always seems to be big cases.” He sighed, running his hand through his hair. “Just like when I was in Intelligence, these jobs are always stressful. You know that even over at 51.”

Gabby nodded in agreement. “And to answer your question, Sylvie’s living with Cruz and Otis now.” She told him. “Works out perfectly, huh?”


“Don’t make that face, Antonio.” She groaned. “You know Otis and Cruz well, they’re great guys. Really no one better.”

He was trying to tell himself that, but the pit in his stomach was not going away. “I thought she would be moving in with Stella….” He trailed off, making himself even more disturbed by the thought of Sylvie just waking up, barely clothed in her pajamas…. Cruz and Otis getting a full show. He scowled.

“Oh, God!” Gabby exclaimed, leaning in closer as she made the realization. “You’re jealous!”

“I am not jealous!” He defended himself. He was lying, though. He was extremely jealous. Yes, he knew Otis and Cruz well. They were great, dependable guys. “I’m glad that she found a place.”

“That doesn’t mean that you can’t be jealous.” She pointed out. “Anyways, just because Sylvie and Cruz dated—”


“—And Otis had a crush on Sylvie for a long time—”


“—doesn’t mean anything is going to happen! She just views them as friends, I promise you.”

“How sure are you of that?” Antonio pressed for more information. He typically wasn’t this type of guy. He’s never been the jealous type. But for some reason, when it came to Sylvie, he couldn’t let go of these feelings, of only wanting to keep certain parts of Sylvie to himself. And imagining Otis and Cruz getting to see how she was like at home was driving him insane.

“I’m pretty sure, Antonio.” Gabby rose her eyebrows at him. “She specifically said to me that she thought being roommates with them was going to be a perfect fit because she had absolutely zero feelings for them.”


“But I know no matter what I tell you, you’re still going to be jealous.” She sighed, getting up out of her chair to place her empty coffee mug in the sink. “Honestly, Antonio. You should just talk to Sylvie before you do something stupid.”

“Why do you think I’m going to do something stupid?” He questioned.

“You’ll let your feelings take over, it’s what is Dawson’s do.” She explained. “Just…..remember your effect on people.”

“My effect on people?” He echoed her, becoming confused. “What the hell do you mean by that?”

“Even if I think it’s slightly ridiculous…people think of you as a badass, a big rough cop. So if you say something that might mean no harm, has no intentions, others might take a different meaning.”

“I get it.” Antonio nodded his head. But his mind was still on Sylvie, and how she was now living with two men who at one time both had romantic feelings for her. “I’ll be aware.”

“So are you going to talk to Sylvie?” Gabby asked, a hopeful expression on her face. When he shook his head, she began to protest. “Come on, Antonio. It’s obvious that the two of you still have feelings for each other. You two need to talk to each other—”

“Why is everyone saying that?” Antonio was beginning to get frustrated. “Yeah, sure. We still have feelings for each other. Maybe we could even be in love with each other, I don’t know. But our feelings don’t fix everything else. I got a shit load of baggage that she doesn’t need. She’s young, she has loads of guys to pick from. It’s just better this way, Gabby.” He got up from his chair, grabbing his coat from the back of it. “Thanks for talking.” He grumbled, heading towards the door.

“You’re a stubborn idiot!” She yelled as he left the house. “What happened to love can conquer all?”


“You’ve been acting weird.” Nagel commented, giving him a weird look. “What’s up your ass?”

“Nothing’s up my ass.” Antonio muttered, flipping through the paperwork on his desk. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Why did his partner have to been so damn intuitive? Ever since he found out from Gabby that Sylvie was living with Cruz and Otis, he has been feeling stressed out, unable to get his mind off of his ex. He toyed with the option of just talking to Sylvie, letting him know how he was feeling, but he pushed that idea away. He could deal with this dilemma by himself, there was no need to get others involved.

“You are such a liar.” Nagel didn’t believe him. “So what’s up? I’m your partner, you’re supposed to trust me, you know.”

“That’s with work related things,” Antonio pointed out. “Not with my personal life.”

“Our relationship could be even stronger if you trusted me with your personal shit.”

“See, when you call my personal life shit, I don’t think I should confide in you.” Antonio rolled his eyes, stacking the papers in front of him. “Plus you’re just bored and want to hear something interesting.”

“You got me. Today has been so fucking boring.” She groaned, beginning to twirl around in her chair. “Also, talking about what’s on your mind can be very beneficial.”

“Fine, fine.” Antonio gave in, pushing his papers to the side. At this confirmation, Nagel stopped spinning, facing him with an eager look on her face. “My ex girlfriend moved in with guy roommates.” He admitted his problem with a sigh. “God, this is something that teenagers freak out about! I usually don’t concern myself with this type of shit but—”

“You love this girl.” She said bluntly, causing him to stop talking. “Plain and simple. So stop being a wuss and go talk to her.”

“I wish it was that simple, Nagel.” He groaned. “Don’t we all wish it was that simple?” He asked her. “That all it would take to having and maintaining a relationship would be loving each other?”

She became silent. Knowing that he hit a cord, he continued talking. “Yeah, I love Sylvie. And she probably loves me back. But there’s more to it. So, I’m just going to be the jealous ex boyfriend and hope I get over it soon.”

“You’re an idiot.” Nagel says the same insult that Gabby called him days prior. “Clearly you won’t be getting over her anytime soon. The only logical solution would be to talk to her about it.”

“Or I could ignore—”

“Obviously what you do is none of my business, but that’s the wrong decision.”

“My sister told me the same thing.” Antonio sighed.

“Good to know that there is one smart Dawson.” Nagel said with a smile.

“Ha, ha. Hilarious.” He looked up at the clock. It was almost nine thirty. “I’m heading to Molly’s.” He said as he began to put his coat on.

“Please don’t get drunk and go to your ex girlfriend and profess your love to her. Or beat up her roommates.” She laughed, but he could tell that she was serious.

“Do you have any faith in me?” Antonio asked, feeling exasperated.

She made the hand motion of locking her mouth and throwing away the key. She then shrugged her shoulders.

God, she was a menace. “I’ll see you later, Nagel.” He muttered as he finally left the room. He needed a drink.


“Your usual, Antonio?” Herrmann asked as he was cleaning a spill off of the counter.

“Yeah, that would be great, thanks.” Antonio responded, spotting Otis behind the bar as well. He couldn’t help but feel uneasy as he began to think of him going home and Sylvie being there. Maybe he shouldn’t have came here.

“Something up?” Herrmann asked as he came back with a beer. He seemed concerned, and Antonio was almost tempted to confide in the man.

“Just a long day.” He shrugged his shoulders, taking a sip of the beer. “Thanks again, Herrmann.”

“Anytime.” He responded, heading to tend to another patron.

Antonio quietly drank his beer, trying to ignore Otis. But when he walked past him, he couldn’t stay silent any longer.

“Hey!” He called out to him.

Otis seemed surprised, and Antonio couldn’t blame him. They are barely acquaintances, only having a few conversations before.

“Oh, hey, Antonio.” Otis said, leaning against the countertop. “Do you need anything?”

“No, not really..” He began tapping his fingers against the wood, trying to figure out how to word his interest in how Sylvie was doing without sounding….well, creepy.

The firefighter understood what he was trying to get at. “Are you here to talk about Sylvie?” He questioned.


“You should just talk to her, man.” Otis told him, letting his elbows rest on the counter. “I don’t really know why you are talking to me about it.”

“I just want to know how she’s doing, how she’s settling with you and Cruz.” Antonio said sincerely, which was the actual truth. Yes, he was jealous, but he mostly wanted to know that she was doing well.

“Or you want to know if she’s sleeping with one of us.”

He was not expecting those blunt words out of Otis’ mouth. “What the—” He began to splutter, caught completely off guard. “I cannot believe—”

“I’m not stupid, Antonio.” Otis sighed. “A blind man could tell how bothered you are by this living situation.”

“I shouldn’t have talked to you.” Antonio began shaking his head, feeling foolish. He was really tearing himself apart over this. “Please don’t tell Sylvie about this.”

“Don’t worry, it’s something you should talk about with her.” Otis assured him. “She’s still crazy about you, you know. I can tell, we all can. And it’s obvious that you are too. So I don’t know what the hell you two are doing.”

“Obviously I don’t know either.” Antonio mumbled into his drink. He sighed as he got up out of the stool. “Sorry for bothering you.” He said as he placed money down. “Tell Sylvie I said hello.”

“Will do.” Otis responded, as Antonio left the bar.

Antonio couldn’t hold back a yawn as he finally reached his apartment floor. Even though he had a low key day at work, this internal dilemma he was having regarding his feelings with Sylvie made him mentally exhausted.

But what he saw waiting in front of his door shocked him completely.

“Sylvie?” He took a few steps forward, not believing what was in front of him. But indeed, Sylvie Brett was standing outside his door, looking pretty determined. However, the current dress she was in had him even more surprised. “Why the hell are you in your pajamas? It’s still winter—”

“Why are you going around asking about me?” She interrupted him, looking confused. “Do you know how this is messing with me? I’m trying to forget about you, damn it!”

“I—” Antonio was speechless. He had unfortunately assumed the people he confided in didn’t open their mouths to Sylvie, but he was wrong. “I’m sorry, Sylvie. But God, I can’t tell you how much this is messing with me too—”

“Why?” She shortened the distance between them. “Why the hell is it bothering you that I am living with Otis and Cruz?”

He sighed, feeling like he had been explaining to everyone lately. “You have to know why, Sylvie.”

“Okay, so you’re jealous. Whatever.” She was beginning to become visibly emotional, her hands moving around wildly with every word expressed. “Then keep it inside, don’t get me involved. Because we both know the best way to get over our feelings is to ignore it! And if I keep on hearing how concerned and jealous and crazy you are over me, that isn’t helping me at all, Antonio!” She was now crying.

“Shit, Sylvie. I didn’t mean for—”

“I know! Fuck! I know!” Her voice was getting louder and louder.

Antonio hurriedly approached his door and unlocked it, pulling Sylvie inside. He didn’t want his neighbors to complain about the disturbance.

Sylvie didn’t seem affected by the interruption, as she continued to yell. “You’re a good man, Antonio. Hell, the best man I know. So obviously I know that you didn’t mean for me to get hurt by all of this. But I did.” She started to pace back and forth, unable to calm herself down. She was also rubbing her arms, her loose t-shirt clearly not giving her a lot of warmth.

He started to shrug off his jacket, concerned. “Here, take this, you’re freezing—”

But she backed up, now even more fired up. “See! See, this is what I don’t even know why I came over here.” She then went off on a tangent, sputtering words out of her mouth. “Even though I am incredibly pissed off at you, you are displaying a million reasons why I shouldn’t be! And then I’m getting upset at myself for being a bitch! So yell at me, please! Scream, whatever! Get mad at me for verbally attacking you!”

“Sylvie, you’re scaring me.” Antonio reached for her, grabbing onto her shoulders. “Calm. Down.” He told her firmly, not letting go until she started to let go of the tension that was controlling her entire body.

He took out his phone, planning on calling Gabby to pick Sylvie up. It was clear that she wasn’t in the state of mind to be able to drive.

Before he hit the call button, he heard sniffing. Looking up, he saw Sylvie beginning to cry. Without a second thought, he placed his phone down, his attention now on her. “Do you want me to get you some water….?” He asked, not knowing exactly how he should comfort her. Everything becomes complicated once you break up, you don’t know how you are supposed to react to the other person.

She shook her head. “No.” She began to cover her face, not wanting Antonio to see her cry. “Please stop talking.”

Her bluntness irritated him. He knew he had upset her, that was understandable, but he had been nothing but kind to her since he found her waiting outside his door. “Sylvie, I’m just offering—”

“Antonio, if you continue talking, I’m going to end up kissing you. So please shut up.” Sylvie begged, moving her fingers enough to allow her eye to peek through.

At that very vulnerable confession, Antonio was speechless, which Sylvie was probably very glad about. But he was damn sure not going to be silent for long. They had been skirting around for too long, avoiding their issues and feelings for each other. It was clear none of their tactics of ignoring each other and stuffing their feelings down were working.

“What if I want you to kiss me?” He broke the silence, raising an eyebrow at Sylvie. She dropped her hands in shock.

“A-Antonio!” She stammered out. “We can’t! Don’t you remember the reasons why we broke up? We clearly can’t be together—”

“Why not?” He stepped closer to her, only inches between them. “Our feelings for each other are still just as strong, I’ve settled more into my job, and realized how I need to handle everything better.” He listed off reasons. “Yeah, I still stand by my belief that you could do better, a lot better. There are a lot of guys who don’t have a demanding job like me, kids, or a crazy ex wife.” He took a deep breath before finishing his mini speech. “But I guess I’m selfish, and I want you back, Sylvie.”

Sylvie didn’t reply with words, instead wrapping her arms around his neck and yanking his head down to meet her lips. He made a noise of surprise, but complied, moving his hands up to cradle her face. He could only wonder why the hell he took so long to getting back together with her. Hell, why he had even let her go.

They finally separated. “I said if you kept on talking I was going to end up kissing you.” She breathed out, panting loudly. Once Antonio was sure she had caught her breath, he picked her up, allowing her legs to wrap around his waist, and carried her to his bedroom, lips attached to each other once more.

Jesy is so gorgeous. I mean, she has always been beautiful but I feel like her beauty is so underrated. Sis just slayed my ass. It should be a felony for looking LIKE A MEAL FRESH OUT TI OVEN and make my self-esteem flop like a fish out of water.

Like bitch, how you gon’ slay like that? Stealing my eye virginity and shit.

Ol’ thieving ass.

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I'm bored and giddy so here's some Makorra wedding headcanons

•Korra’s one requirement for her dress is that there can’t be sleeves. She wants to show off her guns

•Tenzin pays for the whole thing. Mako tries to convince him to let them save up themselves, but you know how stubborn Tenzin can be when he has his mind set on something

•Mako and Korra both agree on a small, simple wedding so that they can spend more on their honeymoon

•Bolin cries when Mako asks him to be his Best Man (even though he never would have considered asking anyone else), Asami’s the maid of honor. The airbending babies are the flower girls and ring bearers

•Their engagement is really short. Like, a month. They’re like “well we both know we love each other and that’s not gonna change any time soon so let’s just get this shindig done”

•Katara helps Korra get ready for this “shindig”

•When Korra’s dad gives her away, Mako says softly, “Don’t worry sir, I’ll keep an eye on her for you.”

•Mako cries. A lot. Throughout the whole thing.

•The one time Korra cries was during the vows. Mako incorporated “I’ve got your back, and I always will,” and Korra allows herself to shed one tear

•ok I know this is really cliché right now but they dance to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and they grin like idiots the whole time (FIGHT ME ON THIS I DARE YOU)

•(Mako cries again)

•The only person who cries more than Mako is Bolin

•"Dude, you’re not even the one getting married" “I know, it’s just so beautiful… And you’re so happy…”

•Bolin’s speech was actually really precious. He mentions how proud Mom and Dad would be of him, and how much they’d grown since their days on the streets. And then: “Welcome to the family, sis”

•Lin shows up later. “Well, I figured if my best detective was running off for a while, I should see his excuse” which are the nicest words she’s ever said to him

•Mako’s smile somehow gets even wider

•seriously, he’s grinning the ENTIRE night. And his eyes never leave Korra.

•Korra is having the time of her life and has never laughed so much before

•they hold hands for like 10 hours straight and don’t let go and are basically glued to each other’s sides. You’d have to get a crowbar to pry them apart

•after the delicious dinner (catered by Narrook’s), they DOMINATE the dance floor

•I have strong feelings about them taking swing-dancing classes before hand

•even Lin is impressed

•ok so airbending babies: Ginora is just in complete awe that two people could be in love THIS much. Ikki is as energetic as always and basically jumps around and asks a gazillion questions whenever she gets the chance (“so what kind of flowers are these? Why are they blue? Why are the streamers red? Those two colors don’t really go together–wait! That’s because you’re a waterbender and he’s a firebender! Aw that’s so cute omg but aren’t you technically a firebender too since you’re the avatar? Shouldn’t you include green and yellow in here too??–” “IKKI STOP”). Meelo doesn’t really know what’s going on but all these adults are laughing at everything he says so that’s fine by him

•cutting the cake turns into an all-out war

•"the fire nation is attacking again!“ “You started it!” “We had a peace treaty, remember? Ask Katara, she was there”

•it takes them forever to leave because everyone has something sweet to say to them or some embarrassing story

•it doesn’t help that Mako keeps offering to clean up every two seconds

•eventually Korra just picks him up bridal-style (or I guess you could call it groom-style) and carries him to the car

•The airbending kids, Bolin, and Asami all helped paint the “just married” decorations on their car

•Basically the whole ride back home was spent either kissing or calling each other “husband” or “wife”

CHILLIN LIKE A VILLAIN. Pleased with yourself, are you, Becky with the good hair?

-Oh quite, though I’d be more pleased if my damn arm would unglitch.

HA looks like it got stuck while you were putting your filthy hands on Wyatt. God’s punishment is swift. Know what else is gonna be swift? YOUR DEATH. Get him, Waylon Fairchild Dementia Raven Way!

-Ugh, no way, I’m exhausted, everyone is in love with me and I just want to be with Draco, ok? Why couldn’t Satan make me less beautiful? IT’S A CURSE

Waylon sis truly don’t even talk to me about curses and Satan right now, this entire lot is cursed and crawling with evil spirits and beelzebubian energies. Ever since we moved here my life has never known peace. Next thing you know snakes are gonna start manifesting in this house physically.


-No way bitch, time to suffer. Look at it and weep, look at it with your own two eyes!

First of all I’ve been weeping since yesterday so joke’s on you. Secondly I still can’t believe you did this to me after I generously gave you this whole debonair look YOU’RE THE WORST

-La la la can’t hear you over the sound of your plans crumbling all around me!!

I’m seriously gonna murder you a thousand times. Wyatt what about you, you dumbass bimbo? What do you have to say for yourself?

-Not beaucoup, I honestly don’t know why I’m doing this, it makes absolument no sense! Huhu! 

I hate you both so fucking much I might actually vomit.

Ugh my poor Jojo </3 I’m so sorry that your love life has turned into a giant pile of crap.

-Please, who cares.. Definitely not me!

Yeah well that much is obvious! Are you sure you’re alright tho? Because you look, you know. worryingly expressionless and in denial.

-Oh no, I’m just focusing on my new proposal,“Project MKUltra: The Comeback”. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I have to deal with adulterous whores again!

Good, good, pour yourself into your art. Speaking of, maybe it’s also time to pour yourself a refreshing drink?

Attaboy, milk that cowplant, Jojo!

-Hmm this process feels oddly sexual..

Yea, I can tell by your massive erection, jesus, I mean even for you-

-Ew no what the hell? That’s just because Ti-Ning is dead!

Oh ok, that’s fine then!


Hard to believe anything can course through your veins with all that ice in there but alright. Now we just have to wait..

..for the cowplant to get hungry again. I literally can’t with Daniel and Gunther constantly picking fights with Jojo’s former suitors, especially since Jojo doesn’t seem to give enough of a fuck to fight them himself. We are family, I got all my sisters with me!

Ugh I keep forgetting Daniel has 9 nice points, what a crybaby. How you gonna fight capitalism when you can’t even fight Wyatt?? MAN UP DAN

Nice, there we go! I’m truly living for Brit’s utter lack of interest in fights happening next to her. Her aspiration bar is about to hit the crapper bc I’m even worse at playing popularity sims than I am at getting couples not to whore around, so the time has come..

TO PARTY HARD, TOGA STYLE. I really threw this party thinking it would be a success and save Brit from aspiration failure, so obviously the time has come to acknowledge that I’m even stupider than Wyatt. Things get off to a good enough start with the profs tickling each other, which everyone knows is the mark of a wild college party!

Ti-Ning, gone but never forgotten.

-Hey Brit, want some Ti-Ning to wash down that pizza? 

-Please stop addressing me.

-That’s right, address moi instead! 


………………………………………………………………..all I can say is LMAO

Wyatt, sweetie, full offense, exactly how dumb are you?

-What? I wanna marry Jojό! <3

Ok. Do you have any recollection of breaking his “heart” 2 hours ago, setting him on the path of a complete nervous breakdown?

-Oh, that was just a bump on la route, don’t be so dramatique!

-Does it count as a win if the only thing you put in the hole.. are your tears?


Meanwhile and to the surprise of no one, Gunther is being sexually harassed by a professor, namely Down-With-The-Kids-Pink-Beanie.

-Sooo Gunther, half-alien professor told me all about you, you little ginger minx.. What do you say you and I adjourn somewhere private and I see if the carpet matches the drapes..

-EW forget it, lady, you’re not even in the art department and I only have one rule: no whoring without extra scoring.

Um what about the rule of monogamous dating which you are currently doing with Mel?

-RIGHT that too!

Once again…god.

The one person having a great time at this party is Kevin Beare, who eats half a pizza by himself..

..and then moves on to chips. He legit came here for the free food and didn’t talk to anyone the entire time, which is what I do at every party except with drinks. Live your truth, Kev!

Look who’s back from class and still glitched lolol

-Can you please reset me already, I had to take an exam like this!!!

Pfff grades??? There are so many more important things in life, Fran. Live a little, join the celebration.. party like there’s no tomorrow. CAUSE THERE ISN’T

I’ve no idea what happened here but Tiffany is non-stop bullying this 2006-Oliver-Sykes haired professor. Judging from Pink Beanie and sims professors in general it’s safe to say he deserves it. GET HIM TIFF 

-Why doesn’t anyone want to fuck me, Frank? What am I doing wrong? Has Woody Allen been lying to us about hot young women being uncontrollably attracted to neurotic, misogynist, mediocre intellectuals over 60?

Oh great, I thought this party was gonna end as a dud but I see we’re going for full-on disaster.

-I’ve just about had enough of you and your passé casquette, communiste! 

-My casquette is not passé, it’s classic!


-Aw come on, please? For mommy?

-You should use that line on Jojo where it might actually work!

Enemies,                                                                                                         these bitches my enemies,                                                                                 not on my level so they just pretend to be,
yes, why do you envy me?
Cause I am the MVP,
these bitches my enemies


Yea, seems about right. Whatever though, cause after the party..


Goodbye Francis, it’s been nice, hope you find your paradise!


It’s a beautiful morning and our llama friend is back to spread some school pride and presumably some bodily fluids. We almost went an entire day without seeing him but here he is again!  GET OUT OF MELODY’S SHOWER YOU FUCKING CREEP


Yea don’t worry that day is permanently coming as soon as we milk Frances out of the cowplant. Honestly this fucking llama is the last straw, the time has come for me to take back control of this house..

..starting with getting sweet, dumb Wyatt back with Jojo! I really think the Frances thing was a fluke, I mean W wasn’t in a committed relationship with Jo, he didn’t initiate it and he rolled the want to get engaged to him for the second time after it. So the whole thing = Fran’s + ACR’s fault!!!1 Also and more importantly we have literally 0 other viable options and college is almost done so it’s time for Jojo to put Lemonade on repeat and get over it.

Let’s bring out the big guns!

-Mom! it’s so good to hear your insufferably domineering voice. Did you get my latest murder pics?

-Ha! Yes they are great, thank you mom. Soon I’ll add the french courtesan to my album. Now tell me, in as much detail as possible, how proud of me you are!

-I don’t know how Wyatt is doing, he’s the french courtesan, I’m going to kill him! Are you even listening to me?

-What do you mean it’s probably my fault? Can you divorce dad already, his influence on your brain has been catastrophic.

-Love is a battlefield? Mom seriously. Divorce. Now.

-Ugh yes, I could imprison him in a gigantic safe for a few days instead of killing him, but what on earth would that achieve?

-Well I don’t care about having a husband! Worst case scenario, I’ll just marry Max!

-Yes, Max does look like dad. Yes, he is as dumb as him. YES, MOM, I KNOW. HONESTLY YOU’RE ONE TO TALK 

-Well, I have to go now, but you’ve certainly given me a lot to think about. And by that I mean which care home to put you in cause you’ve obviously lost it. Goodbye, mother.

As soon as Jojo hangs up the phone Melody runs over to autonomously lecture him. Nice move, Mel, let’s peer pressure him till he caves!

-Jojo this is an intervention but please don’t mistake it as me actually caring about you. Your bullshit harem drama has taken over the entire greek house storyline and enough is enough, we demand equal airtime. Just forgive Wyatt already, he’s too hot for you and you were literally dating 2 other dudes at the same time and you also treated him like shit and you are the worst and Gunther is the best and he’s gonna beat you for heir. Melody out.

Yes, powerful stuff, thank you, Mel. Now Wyatt, let’s apologize!

-I’m so sorry I kissed Frances, Jojό, I don’t know what I was thinking </3

That’s a great start Wyatt, now let’s try it facing the right way!

-I’m so sorry I kissed Frances, Jojό, I don’t know what I was thinking </3 Also I’m totally planning our wedding in my head you right now.

Ok, smaller steps, let’s get him to not hate you first!

If there’s one thing I hate about ts2 it’s how ridiculously hard it is to be forgiven for cheating, shit is unreal. Wyatt has been apologizing for about 3 years now and Jojo is still furious jfc, it’s legit easier to get forgiven for cheating irl than it is in this game.

-For the thousandth time, I’m so so sorry Jojό, honestly in the dark of the nuit at first I thought Frances was you and then it was too late!

-Yes, it was also broad daylight.

-Well you know I have bad eyesight, mon cheri :(

Wyatt seriously, we’ve reached the point where you’re throwing junk out there, so let’s take a break.. 

..from this fucking house! It’s date time! Time for dinner and public woohoo in that vegan restaurant downtown, cause I’ve ignored Gunther so hard his aspiration is currently scarlet red. Mel is doing great though, like all knowledge sims in uni, she’s legit never not-platinum. The adorable couple make themselves right at home, by doing literally what they do at home 20h a day. NOT WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR GET UP

-Maybe if we act like children they’ll think we’re under 12 and we’ll get a discount!

-We’re so in sync, babe, I brought my monster trucks with me for this very eventuality!

-Here, let me blow you a kiss, babe. A prelude of tonight’s blowing. 

-Honestly, every time you talk, I just see the eggplant emoji <3

I didn’t vomit from Wyatt/Frances but this date might actually do the trick!

-Do you think the waiter is mad that we insisted on lobster in a vegan restaurant and he had to go fishing for it?

-Whatever, babe, we deserve it. 

-We really do. I ship us.

-I ship us too <3

Good because I don’t anymore.

Yaas, aspiration problems taken care of! Mel’s shy ass hilariously had a fear of having her photo taken, but public fornication she has no issue with.

-Having your photo taken is unnatural! I’m just using the photo booth as god intended. 

Ofc, on the 6th day, god created the photobooth for people to publicly fuck in.

-Wow Mel, my reflection in your sunglasses is so beautiful.

-So is mine in yours, babe.

-I almost wish we could look into each other’s eyes but then it’d ruin our whole look. You know what, screw it..

-..I was gonna wait till we graduated it and were more mature and crap like that, but whatever, babe, when it’s right, you know. Will you marry me, Melody Tinker, despite the certainty that one or more of our kids will get the Komei nose?

-Oh my god, Gunther! I literally thought you’d never ask, because, let’s be real, you’re a gigantic slut.

-These days are gone, babe, I’m a changed man!

-This ring has been in my family for half a generation, ever since my mom stole it from Florence Delarosa who was obviously never gonna need it.

-Oh it’s beautiful and the fact it’s stolen makes it even more precious!

It’s morphin time! Let’s pretend the red around Gunther’s memory signifies passion and not a crippling fear of commitment. Congrats you gross, crazy kids!

It’s also morphine time, cause damn are we broke as shit. In hindsight perhaps we shouldn’t have gotten the lobster.

We return home, where I’m trying to fulfill Jojo’s longstanding wish to see Ti-Ning’s ghost but apparently Ti-Ning is an even bigger asshole dead than he was alive. Bitch seems to be deliberately refusing to scare Jojo, I mean we’ve been standing around playing ghostbusters for like 4 hours now and it’s just not happening-

-but some scary shit IS happening inside. WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS.

-What!? We’re just talking about our mutual interest in entertainment.

Brit seriously, don’t make me kill you cause I’ll do it, I’m kinda on a roll here and completely exhausted from this fuckery.

-Gawd, fine, I’m gonna go to sleep.

GO TO A DIFFERENT BED. I’ve noticed a sudden and disturbing reappearance of slutty wants in Gunther’s panel immediately after the engagement, which I’m guessing is some kind of regression back to his usual pattern, like he’s rolling wants to woohoo 10 sims and makeout with another 20 and idek. It’s extremely pissing me off and it’s also extremely not happening.


-We’re just friends!!! Paranoid much?


Look here, THIS is the distance I wanna see between you two. It’s also NOT the distance I wanna see between Wyatt and Jojo, man this apology shit is taking fucking forever UGGGH

-Jojό, are you still mad at me?

-What do you think?


-Guess again.



-Oh Jojό, I know you hate me but I’m gonna keep apologizing for the rest of ma vie, cause I really have nothing better to do. And also because je t’aime, Jojό.  Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold cold cœur?




Private Lives Chapter Ten

Title: Private Lives Chapter Ten

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: ~2700

Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: None really for this one, lots of parenting moments. 

Catch Up HERE

A/N:  This has taken awhile. Honestly, my life is insane right now. I have so many things happening. I haven’t stopped writing, but it has been hard trying to find time to actually post my writings. Thanks to those who are sticking with me right now, I truly appreciate it. 

Character: Jensen Ackles


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“Thatcher Ackles!” You yelled. “If you don’t get down here, you’re gonna be late for school!”

“I’m here, I’m awake!” Thatcher jogged into the kitchen and grabbed a PopTart that was waiting for him.

“You are lucky today is my day off, Kiddo,” you said, glancing at him.

“I know, I know. Thank you, Y/N.”

Once you were in the car, Thatcher sat in the passenger seat quietly. He looked like he was thinking something over. You looked over while stopped at a red light and noticed a small frown on his face.

“What’s up, Thatch?” You asked curiously.

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Scenario: *2P first meets you/attempts to flirt with you*

2P!America: *lowers shades* Well, aren’t you a looker? What’s your name, dollface? *leans against wall*

2P!England: *kindly extends hand to shake* My, well if i must say, you are a beautiful young lady. May i do you the honor of inviting you out for some sweets and tea?

2P!France: *huffs out a puff of smoke* Wanna fuck?

2P!Russia: Hmm, you are aesthetically pleasing…would you like to accompany me for the day?

2P!China: *huffs out a puff of opium smoke* Weeeeeeell, let’s look at the facts here. I’m sexy, you’re sexy. We’re both sexy. I think we both know where this should go ;D 

2P!Canada: Hmph, uh…you into hunting…? I got a,uh, pretty cool rifle collection, if you want to see it… *averts his eyes, rubbing his neck with a slightly embarrassed scow l.*

2P!Prussia: *nervously tenses up* A-ah….um…d-did it,umm, hurt when you…like, you know…*pulls hood over eyes*…like…w-when two people….*pulls it even farther down*…c-can you, maybe,if you want t-to….*fights the urge to cry* W-wanna be…friends? ((poor bby))

2P!Romano: Oh my, is that a Michael Kors clutch!? *swipes it from your hands with a starry look in his eyes* *after a while of gawking, he finally looks to you, almost dropping the clutch in shock.* I’ve rarely seen a girl more beautiful than a Michael Kors clutch…but you might just take the cake *returns it to you*

2P!Spain: *grimaces, obviously not comfortable* Oy,idiota, if you wanna go on a date with me, you can just ask, si?

2P!Germany: *has a beer bottle* *notices you* hEYYYYY, well lookie here! Did you sit in a pile of sugar, cause’ you got a sweet aaaaaaaass~! ;D No? Well, how about…is your dad a baker? Cause’ you got a nice pair of buuuuuns~! hEY! No? Well, fuck. Want my number, anyway? ;D

2P!Japan: You look quite honorable, miss. If you would like, we could exchange accomplishments and ambitions over some dinner?

2P!Italy: *gently kisses your hand* Princessa, i could scour the endless sky for the rest of my life, and never witness a single wonder as beautiful as the one in front of me…

People who wear makeup - please help!

Is anyone here a whiz at makeup? My sister has asked me to do hers for her formal on Wednesday.  I rarely wear makeup, and I don’t really understand it, so I have a couple of questions for if anybody could take pity! (pls I need help) 

- what colours will look good with a very pink, very pale skin tone and strawberry blonde hair - dress is white, dusty blue, and salmony pink?
- she has hooded eyelids which aren’t very large.  Eyes are blue.  Any suggestions?
- how to cover red pimples 

If you have any suggestions, I’d really appreciate them! I did my own makeup for my formals; mine wasn’t as good as everyone else’s, and I felt kind of self-conscious about it.  I’m determined that my lil sis won’t feel the same way.  She deserves to look beautiful! 

lawful-tired  asked:

Skiretehfox says to send freezerburn prompts. How about going to/at the beach?

I’m so sorry this took so long! I hope you like it though.

Set in canon verse- team RWBY’s second year at Beacon on a rare day off (man we need a beach episode).

Silliness and girl talk at the beach.

Warnings: there’s a make out scene and sexual references.


3458 words

Weiss Cream

The relaxed waves of the vast blue ocean glistened under the warming rays of the Sun that shone proudly down from the highest point in the sky and blessed Vale with what had to be the hottest day of the year. Or at least that’s what it felt like as Weiss adjusted the wide parasol she had ordered Yang to fix into the sand by her deckchair; such fair skin made protection from the Sun an absolute necessity.

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msamberpriley Aaaahhh the first day we hung out and decided this was IT! We’re gonna be besties 😂😂 my inner twin! Smart, beautiful, literally one of THEE sweetest humans I know, giving, and talented! “Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard all that God has in store for you”! Keep shining and being the positive light in a dark place! I love you sis and my family says HAPPY BDAY TOO!