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omg, fanon marichat is 2000x more unhealthy; I don't know what the other anon is talking about, attacking adrinette and ladrien. The whole 'strong man and weak woman' trope that's *everywhere*, the super ooc Chat Noir that's just NOT Adrien, plus him being all pushy and almost manipulating Mari into bed is somehow considered super healthy??? Marichat is so problematic and Extreme Marichat Shippers™ feel their ship is "superior" so they attack people that like the other sides. Just ignore them.

Man, looking back I never did ask if they meant fanon or canon Ladrien but I thought they probably meant canon. Which raised a lot of questions for me cuz LOOK HOW PURE. JUST THEIR EYES MEETING.

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I wracked my brain for a bit and brainstormed with a friend earlier, and we just couldn’t find one thing that’s problematic about Ladrien. Not. A. Thing. I don’t know what that anon was talking about either.

I don’t think they attacked me though. Anyway, it’s kind of awkward for an Extreme Marichat Shipper™ to attack me for liking Ladrien because I, myself, am complete Marichat trash. I just happen to also like all sides of the square. I will defend these ships because they are my cute, innocent, little bbies who deserve the best and all the love and happiness and cuddles. (ノ*°▽°*)

I kinda agree that there are lot of problematic things that spawn from Marichat fanon. But Marichat itself isn’t inherently problematic. It’s just the way fanon portrays them, and I’ve heard time and time again from several people that they got turned off by Marichat because of all the fanon things and I’m like why does fanon have to do this. I wish I could change their minds, but I can just work from the inside by making my own pure Marichat fanworks to battle all those bad fanon tropes. (ﻭ`ー´)ﻭ

Kind of a long post under the cut in defense of Marichat– 

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You’ve got this look I can’t describe,
You make me feel like I’m alive,
When everything else is au fait,
Without a doubt you’re on my side,
Heaven has been away too long,

this is specially dedicated to nora, kat, yumeh and ashlie because they’re the best friends i’ve got in hnr fandom and when i asked them to help me to do the mazumeweek, they accepted really fast, you’re really the best, i want to hug you and kiss you. Also is dedicated to all the mazume shippers who are participing or just enjoying the mazumeweek, you’re an amazing fandom and i love you.