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Richonne Got Me For Life!

As an avid TV viewer and frequent shipper I honestly have never experienced anything quite like Richonne and probably never will again. They are a King and Queen who don’t need crowns. Their love story is a beautifully crafted epic masterpiece.  Richonne’s scene in Hearts Still Beating reminded me once again why they are my number one OTP for life! 

First of all I love the fact that their relationship is just so mature. These are two grown ass people that have been through hell and have made it out on the other side together. Because of that they will face any adversary or obstacle together, which is why Michonne told Rick that she wants to handle Negan and the Saviors “our way”. 

They are two lovers who have been berated, betrayed, disrespected, disappointed, and doubted by their former significant others.  Two parents that have done and are doing their best to guide and protect their children in this scary and unpredictable world.  Two warriors who lead beside each other. Two friends who share their whole selves with each other. 

They have endured unimaginable isolation, loneliness, and pain which hardened them, but they disarmed their tough exteriors to embrace each other.  They found their happiness and home within each other. 

They not only love each other, they admire each other, believe in each other, comfort each other, defend each other, encourage each other, are honest with each other, are kind to each other, are patient with each other, respect each other, support each other, and trust each other through any and every thing. Situations that could have very well driven a wedge between them, brought them closer together and strengthened their bond.  They may disagree with each other but never disrespect or undermine each other.  They are two independent and equally capable and strong individuals who can survive on their own just fine but are at their best together. 

What is also so incredible about their relationship is the subtly of it all.  They don’t need to hit people over the head with the fact that they are together, there doesn’t need to be grand gestures or ridiculous PDA. In my opinion that’s what separates their romance from many others’ on TV  today.  They don’t need the typical melodrama of most TV couples, they are in the middle of of freaking zombie apocalypse after all.  Also its cheap, contrived and frankly Richonne is above that and it just wouldn’t be true to their characters for them to act that way in their relationship. Their love feels so real because it isn’t so dramatic, but the emotions they portray are just as meaningful, passionate, potent and raw. Their chemistry alone is pure white-hot ecstasy! They can say so much with just a mere glance.  They work together seamlessly.  I bet they even breathe in sync! 

It was a slow burn but we made it my Richonne Family and look at us now!  We are beyond blessed and if Scott Gimple never does right by this show again at least he has Richonne lol! Just look at them…

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If they aren’t the quintessential definition of soulmates which TV couple is? Tell me…we just might have to fight. The fact that this is a Black Woman/White Man interracial couple on one of the most popular TV shows out right now is just the icing on the cake.  TPTB struck gold with Andy and Danai’s portrayal of Richonne. I’m in love with their love! 

When will your OTP ever? 

anonymous asked:

Last time I checked pedophilia is an attraction towards pre pubescent children, so it would not be called that even if you kept moana's original age which is 16, in the end I think it just age gaps that got these people in a twist which is understandable, I know other shippers that are uncomfortable shipping a 16 or 17 yo with anyone, myself included. depending on where they live and from, so they usually age them up. Love your work btw, keep up the good work!

Yeah IKR?
Maybe they should go on Wikipedia and read about what they’re talking about, and then MAYBE say something.

It happens on every side anyway, like when someone call me homophobic because I don’t like Yaoi or Yuri LOL


My best friend is lesbian and goddamnit I am with them, wishing them to get my same right and live happily forever and even after loving who they want to love, so yeah, I am the last homophobic bitch in the world, but yet there’s people who say I am ‘cause I don’t like yaoi… Doesn’t make sense, but hey! Again, people don’t think when say something, they think that since we are on the internet we can say whatever the fuck it’s in our mind without use the brain…

I, for example, don’t like furry or anthro, but I don’t fucking go around tumblr or wherever and bother who likes it, damn, I just block the things I don’t like with “Tumblr Savior” and don’t look around for these stuffs. That’s how a person do when use the brain. They should do the same as well imo.

So yeah, I understand that it could and do bother and disturb someone, I am not saying that everybody have to love it, BUT that’s doesn’t mean you can come to me and bother me with your shitty thought senseless, specially when it’s specified the age of all characters involved.

People just love to troll, and I must say that I am kinda sorry for them… For waste their time in such stupid things, means that they have an empty life and need to do so for make it a little bit interesting (and boring for me and others at my position, but oh well.)
Thank you! Glad you like my works!

Ps: Sorry if (and I surely did! xD) I wrote something wrong, but ngh my English isn’t the best, but I try xD