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My last one was really successful so here is part two! If you guys want my you can request anything :) 


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Things I like to do on my study breaks

- take pictures of study setting of the day, my desk, my plants, my patio, … I love photography!
- make coffee or tea, sometimes warm soy milk and drink it
- eat brain food like fruits!
- or have a meal
- check Tumblr (of course studyblrs!!) or Instagram
- quickly pick up some mess around the house, like one or two things
- do some house chores such as putting up dishes from the dish washer, taking out trash, and so on, easy ones though
- organize my desk and room
- watch an episode of my favorite shows or two (my favorite at the moment is White Collar, this helps me with learning English, too in addition to relaxing)
- stretch!!!
- go check the mailbox which is across the parking lot in the apartment complex
- write something on my journal or just look at it flipping through pages
- water my plants and look at them
- pain my nails
- look at old photos, letters, postcards, or tickets
- text my friends or family, or call them
- search random things online such as recipes (I love cooking!), latest news, cute things I wanna buy, etc.
- write things down on my planner
- or… Just sit on my chair/couch and think about the world.

You guys should try them, too!! (-;

hiiii loves. so my name is emily ( postives ). I am a model for Wilhelmina Denver, fogg management, and IMG models worldwide. I have a dangerous obsession for plants, specifically succulents. my fav color is pastel green and I <3 acaiiiiiii. I play soccer and I run a lot. I have 2 birds which I love too. and my hopes in life is to be 100% organic and live all natural lol🌿☕️🐝

I want to write a love letter to the city of Los Angeles.

After almost six months to the day, I am back. What started as a spontaneous decision to visit the hub of Asian America two years ago has turned into an annual visit that feels a little more like a homecoming every time.

I am sleeping in the living room of a man I met on Twitter. I have just eaten three tacos from a truck off of Wilshire and Vermont after a party I was invited to by a Youtube celebrity. Earlier that evening, I spoke on a panel at USC organized by students I connected with on Tumblr. Balancing the plate of tacos on one hand, I use my other to quickly search and add the other panelists on Facebook and Instagram.

This is my life, one gigabyte of data at a time.

People say I’m kind of Internet famous, which always makes me laugh because I have no idea what that means. For a person who lives and works on the Internet, things can get a little weird. I talk and write about the importance of community, yet often feel like I lack one of my own. In the frozen wasteland of upstate New York, I am hours away from anyone who has a vested interest in building Asian America.

I am hungry.

I am hungry for conversations about responsible representation, about Confucian naming traditions in China, about the spectrum of sexuality. I am hungry for mentors, friends, and chosen family. It is the same hunger that left pangs of pain throughout my adolescence in Arizona. Sometimes the hunger turned into loneliness. It’s the reason I latched onto the Internet. I wanted to know how the story ended, how people combined their Asian and American sides, how they dealt with this unfair juggling act.

To some degree, being online 24/7 satisfies my craving. But it’s just not the same as sharing a meal with someone, reading their facial cues, and giving them a hug. Some days I feel more cyborg than human.

Sometimes it feels like I’m never doing enough. The likes, retweets, follows – they all blur together until it means nothing. I start questioning whether or not online organizing is “real” organizing. Fascinasians sits on Tumblr, collecting virtual dust. Since I started working with 18 Million Rising I’ve neglected the blog that was my stepping-stone. Maybe some things aren’t meant to last forever; maybe they’re just a means to an end. And in a way I wonder if that’s what LA will be someday.

LA is everything I never knew I wanted. She fills me up with music (a student strumming a guitar and singing about allyship). Theater (Paul Dateh and Jane Lui reading for a play about video games). Poetry (every Tuesday Night Café). Art (the guy covered in charcoal, sketching portraits of people while Far East Movement performs a few hundred feet away). Food. Oh god, the food.

Los Angeles is a place that always manages to break me. She shatters whatever ideas I have about myself, and then makes a mosaic or something out of the pieces. The first time I visited, I was in the midst of one of the most challenging times of my life. My professional and personal lives were crumbling, and LA caught me with her open mic nights, her cornbread, and her eagerness to love.

New York doesn’t love you like LA does. New York makes you work for it and then spits on you once you think you get on her good side. You hide the way you feel about New York under complaints and expletives. 

My parents approve of Los Angeles. They know I’m consciously working to improve my Chinese. I call them and tell them about the food I ate: the tomato and egg the stewed beef, the tealeaf eggs. She’s the perfect way for me to preserve my culture.

Everyone asks me when I’m moving here. They tap their wrists and smile, telling me it’s only a matter of time until I get sick of the long, depressing winters of New York and join them. Whenever I’m at an event or show, a certain Yonsei gives me a toothy grin and says “this could be every night if you move here”.

The truth is: I’m scared to.

If I move here, am I taking the easy way out by joining an already established community? Will the magic fade away? Will my peaceful walks down 7th street turn into angry running to catch a bus or pay a meter? Will I get caught up in the undercurrents of politics and personal feuds? Will LA stop loving me the way I love her? Inevitably.

LA is the one place in the world where I can park at a gas station under a giant mural of Hyun-jin Ryu, smell the soup dumpling someone is eating nearby, and overhear two aunties chatting in Tagalog behind me. This is Asian America. This is the Promised Land, and I’m not sure if I’m worthy yet. I want to be good enough for her.  

Los Angeles has this magical quality about her. She’s a Lazarus Pit. She heals parts of me I didn’t know were broken. She buzzes with community, glows with love, and shines with hope. I am hopelessly infatuated.



Hello Studyblr Community! 

My name is Ashley and I’m a third-year university student. I’m going to school for chemistry with a minor in math and economics. After undergrad, I hope to pursue a Ph.D in chemistry in order to become a professor. (I love to teach students chemistry so if you ever need any help, I’m here!!!) If I’m not in the lab for research or in class, you can find me in my room playing video games or scrolling through tumblr for ideas. My research focuses on the synthesis of n-heterocyclic compounds; if you want to know more just ask. ;) 

Since I earned my first C in organic chemistry I last semester, I thought I would create a studyblr to increase my determination for good grades. Though my inspiration came from @studyplants , @getstudyblr , @caffestudy , @my-little-studyblr , and @paper-fawn . These blogs are the first ones I began to follow and loved all their tips and content!

I’m excited to be a part of this community and I can’t wait to get to know you guys! xx