but my room is not as organized as my tumblr

10/05 I took some days off because of some unfortunate circumstances this weekend. I needed that break. And last couple of days I spent time with my best friends. I feel much better now and I’m ready to study my 🍑 off for finals!

Stuff That Doesn't Require A Computer/Tablet/Phone

If y'all know one tip about falling asleep, it’s probably “don’t use your phone before bed!” Or “no blue light!” Or something along those lines. But if you aren’t using your phone, what are you supposed to do?
Self Care
- Take a shower or bath
- Wash your face, brush your teeth, etc.
- Write in a journal
- Stretch a little, but don’t actually raise your heart rate
- Meditate
- Cuddle your pets if you have any
Create and Learn
- Brainstorm a book to write
- Write music
- Practice an instrument
- Draw, paint, or create some other kind of art
- Read(don’t read anything terribly exciting or you’ll think about it instead of sleeping)
- Study
- Brainstorm a tumblr post (literally the creation of this post)
- Think of weird texts to send your friends (My fave is “I am a bird”)
Be Productive
- Clean up your room
- Organize your backpack or desk
- Plan your outfit for tomorrow
- Write a to-do list for tomorrow
- Plan your breakfast and/or lunch
- Play a board or card game
- Get comfy- take your hair down, out on comfortable clothes, etc.
- Put on socks, science says you sleep better if your feet are warm

May 22, 2017 // Monday

  • Took a leave from my work because it’s Finals Week.
  • Stayed overnight in the school library studying for Organic Chemistry Final.
  • Returned home early in the morning because I was too tired and the AC in the library was killing me and I needed a power nap in my own bed.
  • But once I got home all my motivation to study, like always, vanished, and I ended up redoing my room.
  • 2 days till Organic Chem Finals and 4 more chapters to study!

My last one was really successful so here is part two! If you guys want my you can request anything :) 


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Shameless Preferences, Enjoy! (Media pieces aren’t mine, credit to owners)

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Things To Do During That 5 Minute Pomodoro Break

Today was my first experience with the Pomodoro method (which is studying for 25 minutes, taking a break for 5 minutes, then studying for another 25 minutes, etc.) and it went so freaking well! 25 minutes didn’t feel like a lot, and I managed to study for 4 hours, which was really good as I was reviewing math and I usually quit about 1 hour in with that subject. 😂 I like this method so much that I decided to make a post about it. Here’s some things to do during that 5 minute break!

Drink a glass of water - I’ve been trying to stay better hydrated, so drinking a glass of water almost every 25 minutes is probablyyyy going to help.

Eat a snack - They say chocolate helps stimulate your brain, and what kind of fool would I be to argue with someone who’s telling me to eat chocolate? ;)

Do jumping jacks - or some other easy exercise just to get your butt to stop feeling numb from sitting.

Answer your text messages - I was chatting with 6 different people while trying to study, so I answered them when I could. 😂

Go to the bathroom - After all, you’ve drank, like, a gallon of water by now, right? 😂

Post a picture of your study space - This could be dangerous, as your 5 minutes on Tumblr could easily turn into 5 hours, so exercise this with caution. Of course, you could always take a picture and then post it later.

Organize stuff - I’m that freak that loves organization (one reason why office jobs appeal to me), so actually it’s really calming for me to make my bed, pick up my room a bit, or even just arrange my desk in preparation for the next 25 minutes.

Check social media - Again, exercise with caution! One moment I’m going through my Instagram feed and the next I’m watching glow up videos. 😬

WeHeartIt - My all time favorite app is WeHeartIt. I am so addicted. I love scrolling through it and salivating over all the pictures of cute clothes and bedrooms. (I’m a simple girl.)

Write in your journal - If you keep one, that is. I think it’s relaxing to journal or doodle.

Dance - I had to add this. 😜

5 minutes isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to replenish your drive, so use it well! Do something that relaxes you or something that gets you off your feet – depending on your mood. Math stresses me out, so I opt for relaxing. History can be dull, so for that I would choose something more energetic. Just make sure that when those five minutes are over, you’re back at your table and ready to learn. ^_^

Also, a YouTuber named Thomas Frank made this great video where he studies for 25 minutes. Watching it is sort of like having a study buddy, and it helps you keep track of the 25 minutes!

My heart is a hotel rented to
Occupying the space where
blood should flow,
Screaming out the window and
jumping on the beds,
In this haunted hotel that is my

There’s more room for them than
the organs I own,
I give them too much space to
Wailing In the corridors; demanding
to be fed,
In this haunted hotel that hides
the undead.

The living stopped visiting a long
time ago,
Chased away by the terrifying
Now it’s just me and them inside
these walls,
Feeling their violence and hearing
their calls.

My heart is a hotel rented to
I’d have them evicted but I know
they won’t go,
They’ve said they’re here to stay
until I’m dead,
In his haunted hotel that is my


I’m 100% on board for @magicianmew‘s #nofilterwitchcraft! This is my altar that hasn’t been updated or properly cleaned since Beltane, crammed unceremoniously into a corner of my room, surrounded by nerd shit. I don’t think I’ve actually organized my materials since Imbolc. In a perfect world I’d have a neat little shed in my garden entirely dedicated to my craft, but here we are. 

You can read magicianmew’s entire post here. (x) I think it really is important to promote the idea that even if you’re not the picture of witchy aesthetic and organization, you and your craft are still every bit as valid and powerful. Happy Saturday!

My morning routine


When I start preparing a new exam, I usually wake up at 6AM. - Starting from one week to the exam, I set my alarm at 5AM. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get out of my bed, so I generally set an alarm on my iPad too and then hide it on a shelf, so I’m forced to get up and turn it off.

Cold Water

As soon as possible, I wash my face with cold - veeery cold - water and it helps me to open my eyes, wake up and feel more active. It’s also a good trick to keep your skin nice and clean, because cold water removes dead cells and shrinks skin pores.

Caffeinated Routine

Even if I drink redbull, I don’t like it in the morning, so I prefer to drink a large cup of ginseng coffee and then I drink my redbull - if I need it - in the afternoon. 


While waiting for my coffee to cool down, i stretch all my body for 5-7 minutes. It’s very good for your muscles, especially if you have to stay sit on a chair for hours…hours and hours. 

Coffee  & Tumblr 


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Checking my bullet journal

I organize my day, writing down a to-do list and prioritizing study tasks. 

Make up my room

I hate to study when I’m surrounded by clothes, sheets, shoes, socks etc…so before starting with my work I make up my room, and when everything is in its own place I’m ready to start studying. 


54. 新しい机 New Desk








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Summer Quarterly Goals July 1st - Sept 1st

Hello! I wanted to share my summer quarterly goals with everyone. Although it says July 1st I’m probably gonna work on them now. My goal is only to finish half of them. Cause I’m lazy lol.

Summer Quarterly Goals

1. Finish first draft done of current WIP

2. Decide on title for current WIP

3. Do something eventful once a week

4. Exercise everyday

5. Make packing lists in bullet journal

6. Organize room

7. Finish 101 in 1001 list in bullet journal

8. Maintain weekly step average of 105k

9. Get 50 followers on Tumblr

10. Make “To see/watch/read” lists in bullet journal

11. Make a guitar in wood working

12. Get a bike

13. Organize shelf

14. Go to a local event

15. Use phone less during meals

16. Read a book

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish all my goals this summer but some will definitely be harder than others.

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5 people tag

So, I was tagged by @perimotivated and by @moosenotes. Thanks so much you guys!!

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • wipes and tissues
  • a loose pen or pencil (which I always seem to lose)
  • some sticks (just in case)
  • a few bands an clips for my hair
  • extra money

5 things you’ll find in my room:

  • 6 torches
  • a bunch of old books from my childhood
  • an old pack of cards
  • a jewellery box (actually 2)
  • a mini fan

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • learn the guitar
  • take up a course in basic programming
  • a star wars marathon
  • go around the world
  • build my own school with my own educational system (I know, it’s a bit much ain’t it?)

5 things that make me happy:

  • my friends and family
  • music
  • cats and dogs
  • smelling old&new books
  • tumblr

5 things I’m currently into:

  • studyblr
  • organizing stuff (I really need to though)
  • planning my summer holidays
  • buying new clothes
  • writing short notes

5 things on my to-do list:

  • studying for my o-levels
  • studying for my orals tomorrow
  • reading the 6th book of harry potter
  • watching some suggested musicals
  • posting original material for my followers xx

Hehe, hope you enjoyed this. I tag @studyoon @weasley-studies @modernstudies @thestudycactus @z-oologystudy xx

I have no idea how to phrase anything right now…

but since I don’t say it enough…

I love you guys very much💕✨

I’ve been trying to clean and organize my room for 3 days, and it still looks the same. But, the time I get away from my phone and laptop is really nice. Also, I realized my brothers bring a lot of fun and happiness to my day, so this past weekend has actually been less depressing.

Since I really wanna get my room cleaned and organized while being in a high-spirited mood, I may be away from tumblr for a while. By that, I mean I may be on during the day, but it will be very spotty.

It’s weird to think that being away from this hellsite makes me less stressed?? I don’t know… summer is weird.

Anyway, I’ll still be posting daily stuff on @allison-daily (if you all wanna know what’s going on during the day).

Again, I love you guys very much. I don’t say it enough, and that’s the main reason I made a post💕✨

Five things you like about yourself

Thanks a lot to @shiranuigenma who tagging me , i’m glad and this is for you. 😄😄

1. My eyes : i know everyone says that but is very true, without then i will not able to see and i like my eye color ^^.

2. My cooking : I’m not a masterchef but i like to cook sometimes in special cakes.

3. My organize skills : i like to know here my stuffs are and clean my room and organize it gives peace.

4.My drawing: Besides i’m not so good artist i like painting and draw stuffs.

5.My hair : i love change my hair stiles.

Now i tag every one in my tumblr ^^

some things
  • I’ve gotten rid of about 70% of my wardrobe and I’m selling a bit of it + giving the rest to an organization that supports military veterans + their families/children/grandchildren so that makes me happy
    • I also am giving away some cute stuffed animals/Hello Kitty plushes I bought back in the day of 2012 Tumblr when they were my only source of joy (lmao how emo does that sound I hate myself) and it makes me happy to think some little kids will get to enjoy them
  • my room is finally completely together and I love it so much. I feel so much safer, happier, and content in here, like all the awful things that happened in my old room never really took place. I can sleep happily, and the only nightmares I’ve had are about not getting my diploma due to forgetting a major assignment from undergrad lol
  • my sister is coming tomorrow and we’re all going to have a family dinner. I’m prob going to have to buy the groceries since my parents are still really tight on money/waiting to get their check from their client when they will (hopefully) pay me back at least partially. but I really don’t mind doing it. it makes me happy to help them out and know I’m alleviating their stress about it. they’re also being slightly more honest with me about their difficulties, so that means more to me than anything tbh
  • excited to spend time with my sister
  • once she leaves I’m going to figure out my gym routine/what time of day is best to go here to avoid people I know from high school lol
  • I’m still scouting around for a nannying job bc I just want cold, hard cash rn tbh lol I’m still applying to other jobs in my field, but I honestly just want easy money to pay down my credit cards and stuff
    • but this will also be immensely easier living at home w/ less expenses, and I’m thankful for that
  • basically just super excited to get into a nice, healthy summer routine. I already feel so good and happy and free here/not self-conscious at all. I even went out the other day w/o makeup (big deal for me !!) so that’s cool