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Stuff That Doesn't Require A Computer/Tablet/Phone

If y'all know one tip about falling asleep, it’s probably “don’t use your phone before bed!” Or “no blue light!” Or something along those lines. But if you aren’t using your phone, what are you supposed to do?
Self Care
- Take a shower or bath
- Wash your face, brush your teeth, etc.
- Write in a journal
- Stretch a little, but don’t actually raise your heart rate
- Meditate
- Cuddle your pets if you have any
Create and Learn
- Brainstorm a book to write
- Write music
- Practice an instrument
- Draw, paint, or create some other kind of art
- Read(don’t read anything terribly exciting or you’ll think about it instead of sleeping)
- Study
- Brainstorm a tumblr post (literally the creation of this post)
- Think of weird texts to send your friends (My fave is “I am a bird”)
Be Productive
- Clean up your room
- Organize your backpack or desk
- Plan your outfit for tomorrow
- Write a to-do list for tomorrow
- Plan your breakfast and/or lunch
- Play a board or card game
- Get comfy- take your hair down, out on comfortable clothes, etc.
- Put on socks, science says you sleep better if your feet are warm

10/05 I took some days off because of some unfortunate circumstances this weekend. I needed that break. And last couple of days I spent time with my best friends. I feel much better now and I’m ready to study my 🍑 off for finals!


My last one was really successful so here is part two! If you guys want my you can request anything :) 


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08/07/2017 Wow, I worked so hard today. Although I wonder if this is still healthy. 

I didn’t take a picture because I was so busy, so I took this later on. I managed to summarize 73 pages of serious and difficult content. At 1.30 am (yes, I mean in the morning) I typed my last word and my summary of human rights was DONE! I was extremely happy and exhausted. 

I am proud for pushing through, getting it done

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This is my boyfriend Dan, by the way 2

A/N: some people really wanted me to post a part two, so I did. This is a tiny bit shorter than usual but i hope you still like it. 

Word Count: 1.1K

POV: Reader


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“You two are perfect for each other.”

Dan and I’s gazes met as we both blushed.

“We are.” Dan whispered into my ear, making my heart skip a beat.

I felt an extreme rush of emotions inside of me. Suddenly the room seemed brighter and this day seemed perfect to me. Dan and I, us together, it all made sense.

“I have never met two people like you.” Kimberly, the organizer of this high school reunion, added. “You fit together like two puzzle pieces.”

She could be the leader of the Dan and Y/N shippers on tumblr, but she wasn’t wrong.

I don’t know why Dan and I never saw what was directly in front of our noses.

For the rest of the night I could barely keep my eyes off Dan and he could barely keep his hands off me.  There was a hand resting on my thigh or an arm slung around my waist the entire time.

My skin buzzed under his touch throughout the whole evening.

“It was so nice to see you again!” Stacy, the former cheerleader and Queen B, exclaimed as she hugged me goodbye on our way out.

I quickly hugged her back, she was one of the main people who used to tease me about not getting any guys in high school, but I wasn’t the type of person who holds a grudge against people forever.  

„It was lovely getting to know you, Daniel.“ Stacy chirped and hugged Dan, who was standing right next to me, as well. As soon as she let go off him she also pecked his cheek as a goodbye. Although she acted like it was a friendly and normal gesture it totally wasn’t.

‘Hands off my boyfriend!’ the voice inside of my head yelled but then the word boyfriend suddenly rang a bell or rather an alarm clock. Dan wasn’t my boyfriend.


“Bye everyone” We waved one last time as Dan took my hand in his and walked me over to his car.

I opened the door to the passenger side while Dan sat down behind the steering wheel.

As soon as he started the engine the radio turned itself on. We were alone again for the first time since we realised that we had feelings for each other. There was a kind of tension in the air that I had never experienced before. Was I now nervous around my best friend?

“This was actually quite fun.” I admitted, laughing shyly.

“Yeah” he said and sounded totally uninterested.

I felt my stomach drop. The voice inside of my head started to panic like crazy.

I turned my head to look at him but his eyes were glued to the road as if he were avoiding me.

For the rest of the ride I was too scared to say anything. The only sound in the car was made by  the radio that played song after song. First we had to listened to an upbeat party song then a song about heartbreak started playing followed by emotional ballade about old times.

No matter how emotional they all were, nothing compared to the way I felt deep inside, sitting next to Dan in silence with 1000 thoughts on my mind.

He didn’t say anything either, he just drove us home while trying not to look at me once. When we parked in front of our flat all he had said was ‘yeah’ and somehow that was enough for me to know how he felt about this, about us. At least that was what I thought.

The most absurd thing about this situation was that we had been sharing a flat for over a year now. Somehow the ‘platonic friends’ thing always worked but after tonight I wanted more.

We walked up the stairs next to each other in silence. Dan was biting on his bottom lip the entire time. As I unlocked our front door and we got out of our shoes everything felt so weird. Our flat wasn’t cosy and homey anymore, everything just felt cold.

It was around 3am and we were both tired. Deep down I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight though.

“Night” I quietly said as we both started walking towards our separate rooms.  

“Night” He croaked shortly before he closed the door behind him.

I was all alone now. I fell down onto my bed and let out a deep sigh.

‘What the heck happened today?!’ I asked myself as I smashed my head against my pillow. The fake and perfect boyfriend thing, turning into more than friends, being all touchy feely and then this drive home and Dan’s dismissive response.

It was a disaster, I knew that I should have never went to that goddamn high school reunion. I was totally miserable now. I lied awake in bed and just stared at the blank white ceiling

Why didn’t I just delete the email as soon as I got it?

“Y/N?” there was a knock on the door. “Are you still awake?”

My heart started beating faster again.

“Come in.”

Dan was wearing his pyjamas again, his brown curly hair was messy but I could tell that he hadn’t closed his eyes for even a minute.

I sat up straight in bed and waited for him to say something. It took a little while until he had built up all the courage to finally open his mouth.

“I’m sorry” he apologized as he intensively looked into the eyes again.

“Dan, it’s okay if you don’t feel that way. I get it.” I whispered and tried to hide the hurt in my voice.

He scratched the back of his neck before he continued.

“Y/N, that’s not what I meant. I’m sorry for what I said or didn’t say during our ride back, I was suddenly so nervous around you and didn’t know what to do. I was just scared of ruining this.” He pointed at me and then at him.

I unbelievingly eyed him. Today was a rollercoaster of emotions with a lot of ups and downs and we were currently racing towards our happy ending.

“So there is an ‘us’? I asked him full of hope.

“If you want to?” Dan wanted to know and all of a sudden he was completely shy and nervous again.

“An ‘us’ is all I want.” I admitted and as soon as those words left my lips we were both smiling like complete fools.

“Soo… do you want to come sleep in my bed tonight?”  

“Nice To Meet You”

Shameless Preferences, Enjoy! (Media pieces aren’t mine, credit to owners)

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May 22, 2017 // Monday

  • Took a leave from my work because it’s Finals Week.
  • Stayed overnight in the school library studying for Organic Chemistry Final.
  • Returned home early in the morning because I was too tired and the AC in the library was killing me and I needed a power nap in my own bed.
  • But once I got home all my motivation to study, like always, vanished, and I ended up redoing my room.
  • 2 days till Organic Chem Finals and 4 more chapters to study!
things i want to do this summer

• lay idly on a beach
• embroider my old jean jacket before the All Time Low concert
• read Hear The Wind Sing
• read Dance Dance Dance
• add a few dancey song to my tumblr autoplayer
• redo my wall
• take a bunch of polaroid pictures for the wall
• redecorate my room a lil
• buy some new bed sheets
• pass the summer course
• have at least one ice cream per week
• organize my wardrobe
• sew all my patches

Things To Do During That 5 Minute Pomodoro Break

Today was my first experience with the Pomodoro method (which is studying for 25 minutes, taking a break for 5 minutes, then studying for another 25 minutes, etc.) and it went so freaking well! 25 minutes didn’t feel like a lot, and I managed to study for 4 hours, which was really good as I was reviewing math and I usually quit about 1 hour in with that subject. 😂 I like this method so much that I decided to make a post about it. Here’s some things to do during that 5 minute break!

Drink a glass of water - I’ve been trying to stay better hydrated, so drinking a glass of water almost every 25 minutes is probablyyyy going to help.

Eat a snack - They say chocolate helps stimulate your brain, and what kind of fool would I be to argue with someone who’s telling me to eat chocolate? ;)

Do jumping jacks - or some other easy exercise just to get your butt to stop feeling numb from sitting.

Answer your text messages - I was chatting with 6 different people while trying to study, so I answered them when I could. 😂

Go to the bathroom - After all, you’ve drank, like, a gallon of water by now, right? 😂

Post a picture of your study space - This could be dangerous, as your 5 minutes on Tumblr could easily turn into 5 hours, so exercise this with caution. Of course, you could always take a picture and then post it later.

Organize stuff - I’m that freak that loves organization (one reason why office jobs appeal to me), so actually it’s really calming for me to make my bed, pick up my room a bit, or even just arrange my desk in preparation for the next 25 minutes.

Check social media - Again, exercise with caution! One moment I’m going through my Instagram feed and the next I’m watching glow up videos. 😬

WeHeartIt - My all time favorite app is WeHeartIt. I am so addicted. I love scrolling through it and salivating over all the pictures of cute clothes and bedrooms. (I’m a simple girl.)

Write in your journal - If you keep one, that is. I think it’s relaxing to journal or doodle.

Dance - I had to add this. 😜

5 minutes isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to replenish your drive, so use it well! Do something that relaxes you or something that gets you off your feet – depending on your mood. Math stresses me out, so I opt for relaxing. History can be dull, so for that I would choose something more energetic. Just make sure that when those five minutes are over, you’re back at your table and ready to learn. ^_^

Also, a YouTuber named Thomas Frank made this great video where he studies for 25 minutes. Watching it is sort of like having a study buddy, and it helps you keep track of the 25 minutes!
My morning routine


When I start preparing a new exam, I usually wake up at 6AM. - Starting from one week to the exam, I set my alarm at 5AM. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get out of my bed, so I generally set an alarm on my iPad too and then hide it on a shelf, so I’m forced to get up and turn it off.

Cold Water

As soon as possible, I wash my face with cold - veeery cold - water and it helps me to open my eyes, wake up and feel more active. It’s also a good trick to keep your skin nice and clean, because cold water removes dead cells and shrinks skin pores.

Caffeinated Routine

Even if I drink redbull, I don’t like it in the morning, so I prefer to drink a large cup of ginseng coffee and then I drink my redbull - if I need it - in the afternoon. 


While waiting for my coffee to cool down, i stretch all my body for 5-7 minutes. It’s very good for your muscles, especially if you have to stay sit on a chair for hours…hours and hours. 

Coffee  & Tumblr 


Originally posted by mansplainedmarxist

Checking my bullet journal

I organize my day, writing down a to-do list and prioritizing study tasks. 

Make up my room

I hate to study when I’m surrounded by clothes, sheets, shoes, socks etc…so before starting with my work I make up my room, and when everything is in its own place I’m ready to start studying. 


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When you get this, post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers!

1. I don’t want to have children or get married. My best friend is pregnant right now and even that feels like too big a change for me to really, truly handle (but, and you can’t tell her this, I am super excited to spoil the shit out of that kid once it’s born).

2. I (mostly) taught myself how to bake. My grandfather’s wife taught me how to make pie crust once the old school way, and other than that one Christmas break where I was determined to learn how to make fudge the right way with my mother’s help, I’ve taught myself (or learned from TV/books/the internet) everything that I know.

3. When I taught myself how to make macarons (i.e. the Cookie That Shall Not Be Named), I sat in front of my oven and cried more than once. HGD thought (and still thinks) it was very funny.

4. I certainly care more about politics than I used to, but I am envious of my friends that have the energy to stay on top of what is happening politically 24/7.

5. HGD is graduating at the end of this semester, and it’s possible that we might be moving to a different city, and I am sort of using that as an excuse to not really put a lot of effort into looking for a job… (because I am terrified of having to find a new job, and not at all sure what I want to do and also because I am lazy).

6. My hair has been a lot of different colors, but it’s never been dyed a “normal” color (except for when it fades back to it’s natural color). My favorite color it has been was probably green, but never again.

7. My drink is a vanilla latte. It’s been my drink since my senior year of high school because I had an off period, but also had to come back to campus on Wednesdays for a physics lab and the only place I had enough time to go to was Starbucks. One day I didn’t know what to order and the barista suggested a vanilla latte and the rest is history.

8. I don’t know that I will ever be brave enough to write a fic and then share it. Which makes all my amazing tumblr-frands that write such wonderful stories AND share them FOR FREE even more awesome. I am, forever and always, in awe of their talent!

9. I really love to organize things - my room, schedules, emails, events, etc. (And I think I’m pretty good at it, too.)

10. I almost went to an art school for college and I am so glad that I didn’t, but I do wonder how different my life would be if that’s the path I had chosen.

Ooooh, I tag:  (omg and I have no idea who hasn’t already been tagged, so just ignore me if you’ve already been tagged… but also let me know because I want to know all the things about you) @queenofthyme, @staganddragon, @llap115, @belleslettres-love, @phoenix4dragon, @phd-mama and who ever else wants to do this!


My heart is a hotel rented to
Occupying the space where
blood should flow,
Screaming out the window and
jumping on the beds,
In this haunted hotel that is my

There’s more room for them than
the organs I own,
I give them too much space to
Wailing In the corridors; demanding
to be fed,
In this haunted hotel that hides
the undead.

The living stopped visiting a long
time ago,
Chased away by the terrifying
Now it’s just me and them inside
these walls,
Feeling their violence and hearing
their calls.

My heart is a hotel rented to
I’d have them evicted but I know
they won’t go,
They’ve said they’re here to stay
until I’m dead,
In his haunted hotel that is my

Tumblr - Girl (Part 8)

Tumblr – Girl (series)
Part 1

Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: answer time
Word Count: 2.148
Warnings: it’s a quite smooth one, parts of a panic attack, mental illness, maybe parts of implied rape

Notes: it’s been some time, but here it is, part 8! Woho..
it’s a quite smooth one, but I hope you like it in spite of that.

As always loads of love and thanks to my precious beta @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki you are truly wonderful! Thanks so much!

Enough talk, enjoy Part 8. :)

Mishas POV

With some new energy the text gave me I mastered the rest of the convention, the panels flew by and soon it was time for the closing ceremony and with the knowledge of Y/N being okay I could enjoy the whole day. I had a smile tugged on my face and when the whole convention sang “Carry on my wayward son” together I got goose bumps. From time to time I saw Jensen looking at me, and smiling, sometimes I met his gaze and he seemed truly content with the situation.

After the convention ended, I went to my room, there were two more hours left before our drivers picked you up for the flight back to Vancouver. I first packed all my things to my carry-on bag, I never brought much stuff with me to a convention weekend, then I lied down on the bed, took my phone out to make some notes on my answer, which I wanted to do later, but then I saw there were a few messages from the cast:

 Rob (5 min ago): Hey buddies, what about some farewell-drinks? In 10min in the Lobby? Dick&Rob

 Jared (3 min ago): Mish, are you joining for some drinks?

 Jensen (2 min ago): Are you in your room? I’m on my way to you before good-bye drinks. :)

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54. 新しい机 New Desk








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