but my printer has no ink


I made a swatch book for Harle

This is actually mostly for my sake – in the very few contests I’ve done, I get there and tend to forget aspects of what I wanted to say. This has not only swatches of as many materials as I could include (I obviously don’t have extras of things like the bells, but all the fabrics, one of the gems, a piece of Thibra, and a couple of assembly samples are in here), but it also explains where I used the materials, has a breakdown of the techniques of each piece of the costume, and has answers to some of the common judging questions (what are you most proud of and what techniques did you learn).

I think this will be a good checklist for when I get to pre-judging tomorrow and my mind goes blank and they start asking me a million questions at once, haha.

(I would include reference images here, but I don’t have color ink for my printer, so I’m going to show references and my WIP images off of my computer. I do explain in here which references I used for which parts of the costume, though!)

Seems like my old printer has finally died. I’ve spent all my ink trying to get a unblotched & streaked print of Ninavel out, but nothing works :’( I hope no one was thinking of buying any Ninavel prints this weekend, because I have about 1 left… What a depressing start for the week :’D
 Well, at least the comic came out all right. And I’ll get a proper batch of them Ninavel’s for the next con.


I usually use ink on paper, but sometimes I use ink on Ikea’s Expedit/Kallax doors. Call me crazy. Or a neat person who doesn’t want her bookshelf to look cluttered. Inking took ages a few days in past August and total cost was a bit under 20 €.

Simple designs, such as black and white line art, are easy to make, but screentones are tricky. First you need to choose what you are going to ink. I chose Reiner and scanned a page with this headshot from vol. 12. Then I created a new canvas in Photoshop that has the same measurements as the actual door and fitted the headshot on it. I dropped opacity to 39% because I only needed a light print. After that I separated my canvas to 3 parts since I only had access to a A4 printer.

I only have 2 wip photos, but the first one shows a part of my process. There I have already inked the line art and cleaned the door once. You can’t really see that print, but it was light for a reason. With light print you could see better what you have already transferred (= drawn) with carbon paper and what you still need to transfer. Best option for cleaning blue “carbon“ is a detergent that cleans grease stains and for ink there is scotch brite. Never use hand sanitizer, it takes away all of your ink! Use it only if you have an accident with ink, such as when you get stains on your desk.

Carbon paper looks like that ↑. You could use just 1 sheet, but then you’d need to move it under your print. I used 2 sheets and I had to move them, too. In the second wip photo I have inked Reiner’s screentones, the next step was to transfer the screentones for the background and ink them. And there were a lot dots to ink. A. LOT.

It’s kind of funny how Reiner seems to follow you with his gaze. Last photo shows how it looks like when I’m trying to enjoy my coffee in the living room. (I had a stressful week at work and no days off for almost 2 weeks. Thankfully I have Saturday and Sunday just for myself.)

Printer has ink! Pictures are printed and more spreads are being finished and ready to be posted heh. So get ready for lots of fall and newly tried out layouts from me in the futur.~

I spent most of my first week of September playing games (as usual) reading, and spending a lot of quality time with Emira, my 2 year old green cheek conure. 💕