but my printer has no ink


When you’re an unapologetic reylo Star Wars fan so you finesse a banner


I added the banner to my wall of dedication to star wars in my college dorm room ( and I have a stack of reylo/rose tico/finn fanart/pictures stashed somewhere secret because I used my roommate’s printer to print them out and now her printer has low ink so those will go up sometime later) BUT LOOK AT THE BEAUTY 

Also pure coincidence that Kylo is positioned above his mother Leia. 

3rd place prize for an amazing person who happens to be none other than @jelloinacup  ♥

I hope you like this, I really enjoyed making this and I feel like it’s one of the strongest illustrations I’ve done so far on this blog. 

At first, I was nervous because I knew I’d be using watercolours on a smaller scale because of how I chose to make a scene rather than just body frontals, but this meant the colours were easier to blend and form into layers. I tried to leave visible brush strokes in order to make it look kinda artsy and I think it worked. I totally forgot that I owned a printer until now so I used my brain and scanned the inked version in so that I could get a better image then my shitty photography.

Also, because I did this piece in landscape the recording is very angled so I’m sorry if it’s a bit difficult to see what I was doing, BUUUT the music makes up for it (I love that song too much, it’s my 24/7 mood).

Hope you enjoyed it and I’m sorry that I’ve been posting less frequently, school has started again and I just have a lot on my ginormous fucking plate at the moment so just bear with me, Thanks Team ♥

F*** you, in Black and White

My boss is an inept, whiny, pusillanimous twatwaffle. Because he’s a brown-noser with his superiors, it is of course most important that he be a condescending jackass to his department staff. He makes small problems big, and big problems become major issues. He makes my (utterly amazing) supervisor cry. He makes snide remarks about how he doesn’t have to be so generous with our compensation (which, due to company structure, actually has little to do with him). He is a Class A Asshole.

Being that he is my boss, I am unable to tell him precisely how useless and pathetic I find his existence to be. My ire must be expressed in pettier ways.

Once a week there is a specific report I run, make 15 pretty copies of, and provide for him to present in a staff meeting with his superiors. Knowing his constant fear of offending or disturbing the executives in any way, today I printed 14 lovely color copies of the report, and one black-and-white report from the printer that has a wonky roller, so the print is kind of smudgy. Oops, the color ink must have run out!

I know there is no way he will present a slightly blurry, black-and-white report to anyone in the room - he’ll distribute the pretty color ones, and keep the ugly one for himself. I took care to further smudge some of the ink so he can’t read the smaller figures, too.

Have fun in staff, asshole.

Trick or Treat

Thank you gift for @dbananza who showed me consideration and understanding. :D

The prompt was Halloween, so I drew up a vampire Tony and candy corn Steve. I chose a vampire for Tony because I had already drawn him as a witch, mummy, and werewolf; might as well complete my monster collection. Instead of the typical ruby gem necklace/brooch, it’s an arc reactor. Tony is carrying his smiling pumpkin bucket, waiting for some treats! 

The idea for Steve’s costume was loosely based on the joke that Chris Evans is shaped like a dorito. Keeping with the Halloween theme, I picked candy corn as the closest triangle shape Steve could wear (even though the candy is a bit more cone shaped). Being thrifty, Steve has his orange pillow case for red-white-blue wrapped candies. 

This will likely be the last of my Halloween drawings this season. I appreciate everyone enjoying them with me!

Ink on printer paper. Digital color. 

arkhamhollow  asked:

Do you think the Rogues have favorite scents, like amortentia from Harry Potter?

This has been in my askbox for awhile and I finally finished my answer.


Jonathan Crane:
-Freshly baked pie
-Cigar smoke
-Old books

Edward Nygma:
-Hot chocolate
-Printer ink
-New car smell

Jervis Tetch:
-Earl grey tea

Harvey Dent:
-Hot coffee
-Clean linen
-General cooking smells

Harley Quinn:
-Hair dye

Pamela Isley:

Selina Kyle:
-Dryer sheets
-Nail polish

Waylon Jones:
-Lemon jam
-D e a t h

Oswald Cobblepot:
-Expensive cigarettes
-Salt water
-Crisp air

-Cotton candy

the good drugs - olicity - 1/1

for@latinasmoak – thank you for your support and being amazing!

“Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day…” 

“Okay, well, that was my cheek,” Felicity grunted. She was mostly dragging Oliver across the apartment floor toward the nearest flat surface, which just so happened to be the couch. “But, thank you… I think. I just got a new moisturizer.” 

“You smell good.” 

She snorted. “Now I know you’re lying, because I definitely stink. Lugging you around has worked up a sweat.” 

He hummed. “Like coffee and ink and that hand lotion you use…” 

“The ink is because I had to wrestle with the printer earlier. You’d think with something so expensive, it wouldn’t get so many paper jams, but nope. I won though, just FYI.” Felicity made sure he was comfortably laid out on the couch and moved to his feet to pull off his shoes. “I’m surprised you let them put you under for your root canal. I was expecting more of a fight.” 

He grunted, his eyes at half-mast. “Had enough pain,” he murmured. 

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Three crows, denials floating on Nile
hands only splattered
with the blood
of our own

The tomb is leaking

Silly Elektra –
of course
love of my perpetuity
shall be insufferable 
for bearable is too facile /
who seeks pleasure without pain?

Misery is alluring when it involves love

I watched incautiously –

Erotomania of you has her own spine
with collarbones, stretched out
enough to be seen –
her spleen bled by Longinus’ spear
yet eager to accommodate you
till her last breath.

Greedy to just want you to herself?

Such a wondrous fool!{

blame Eros, Himeros had washed his hands

and Nile floated his dirty work away}.

D C de Oliveira

princerazzie  asked:

My friend and i are looking to make our stickers better quality but still print at home. What paper/brands would you guys recommend for better quality stickers that won't smug?

Nattosoup:  Switch your printer.  A toner based printer won’t smudge because the ‘ink’ is toner particles that have been heat bonded onto the paper.  Waterproof, alcohol marker proof, and there are small color toner printers available for under $100

This is the printer I use.

Without knowing what paper you use, I use LD Sticker paper with my toner printer. It says for InkJet, but I have good results with my laserjet printer.  Oh hey look who has a video on printing stickers at home!

Inspired by Reioka’s monster AU. Bird Clint telling little Tony he has decided to stay.  Previous posts mentioned Clint looked like Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle, but with two feet, so I took components (e.g. human face, shaggy and feathered body).  His wings probably should be much bigger, but my hand was cramping and decided to stop there. Ink on printer paper. 

I work at a Good Purchase as Merch near the retirement capital of Florida. I shouldn’t be surprised when older customers come in and ask some.. Odd questions.

Had a couple come in and the Gentleman asked if we had printers. So I stopped working on my Plano and showed them where. We were pretty busy so I was pointing out a few of our popular models and trying to explain the options and ink program to the best of my ability. I work in the back, not sales. He then says “No no! Ones without cartridges.”. Which took me a second to process. I asked him what he was talking about. The only type of printers we had without cartridges were the new ink tank ones which last for 2 years or so.

He then reiterated “No! No Ink at all. Ink is so expensive.” Which OK fair enough, it can be very expensive. A little snooping reminded me that LaserJets were a thing. I pointed out a few and the toner, to which he looked physically repulsed by the prices. “That is just as bad as the ink. Isn’t there anything cheaper?”

Which no, No there isn’t. Not that we carry. So I tell him the only type of printer I know of that has no ink is a 3D Printer and those are not able to do what he needs. So with a huff he thanked me for my time and walked off. But it doesn’t end there.

After my shift I went to Was Club where a few of my friends work to get some food. Lo and behold there is the couple again, Checking out with a printer. But not just any printer, one I showed him. One which at the time was cheaper at Good Purchase with everything I could tell he got. I double checked to be sure.

But hey, didn’t matter to me. I don’t have sales numbers and he wasted $30 for no reason.

For the peeps who ordered my books

I received the label printer and it works perfectly :)

The envelopes will be there in a couple days. I then need to buy €500+(!!!) worth of stamps and the books should start leaving Paris on Monday/Tuesday! 

You’ll receive a confirmation email when your order has been shipped. Of course if you have any question I’m available here or on twitter! 


I am truly touched on how many people donated to the gofundme my sister put together so I can buy a new printer for my Etsy shop. This last month I’ve been feeling very stressed out because my printer has been broken and once I found out the repairs would cost more than the printer itself I felt a little hopeless. I have the best support team ever and the best followers ever! Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart! I’m also buying watercolor paper to print on and ink with the money so I can keep stocks up in my Etsy shop better than I have been able to. Thank you again everyone I am truly touched on the support I’ve been given! 🙏🏻🖤 #heathermahlerart

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Biggest (littlest) Fan

So guess who finally jumped onto the tsum tsum bandwagon super late in the game? -points to self- This guy! I actually have some of the Tsum Tsum Avengers (they’re adorable!) but this is the first time I’ve ever drawn one. Of course my first one has to be Iron Man :) Chibi!Tony is cuddling with the small Iron Man tsum tsum, but compared to him it’s about the size of a squishy single mattress. 

Ink on printer paper. Line art. 

travelersan  asked:

Hi! I'm attending my first event, and printing at home! What are the standards for poundage/gsm on art prints, and where would you recommend buying it? I was planning on using 28lb/105 gsm Georgia Pacific paper. Is that good?

Heidi: This is a bit of a complicated question, because paper weights are complicated.

First, understand that paper poundage (lb) is not consistent and depends on the size of the uncut original paper and the type of paper, among other things.  Its a weird system that involves a lot of different factors and the explanation is not super relevant.  GSM is more reliable as it is literally grams per square meter for a paper, and doesn’t vary depending on the paper type.  For more on paper weights, see this:  http://www.paper-paper.com/weight.html

That being said, there’s two factors to consider on making prints.  First is personal preference: what would you be happy paying your price for and receiving?  If you want to make low-quality prints, then don’t charge much for them.  Keep in mind, though, that many people use professional printing services such as CatPrint, which use high-quality papers.

Personally, I find it kind of sad and even insulting when I buy art from an artist and it’s on super flimsy paper.  I generally like a lightweight cardstock for my own work, which is durable enough to stand up to some abuse and feels like a professional poster, but still lightweight enough to easily ship or carry to conventions.

Second, consider the overall quality and longevity of the printed image.  If you are using a printer that has good, waterproof pigment inks and printing in high resolution, you probably want a paper to match.  In that case, consider professional-quality photo papers or art print papers.  These papers are more expensive, but give a better image.  Please pay attention to what is actually professional quality, as some photo papers are actually very cheap and the photo coating will peel off or the inks will begin to feather/halo/bleed after only a year or two.  

Epson paper is generally very good/professional quality and has positive properties like being acid-free.  I use Epson Premium Presentation Paper (matte) and Premium Photo Paper (Luster), as well as their watercolor paper.  Be sure to get the Premium paper, as it is much higher quality than the other papers.




Kiriska:  28lb/105 gsm sounds like regular printer paper. Definitely do not recommend for art prints. Personally, I think prints should be at minimum 80 lb cover stock or 100 lb text stock, keeping in mind above-mentioned caveats about paper weight.

Further reading: #paper for printing, #paper weight, #prints

Inktober #3: Poison

She’s a healer that got into poison-making when she signed up to fight evil.

This is mixed-media watercolor, ink, and metallic pen. 

Saying Thank You to SJM - An Update

So, I have finally caught up with all my emails for the ‘Saying Thank You to SJM ProjectAnd with still well over a month to go until the ‘closing date’ so to speak, the compilation of the thank yous people have submitted has reached 40 Pages.

And just to get all sappy over y’all for a minute, whilst proof reading them in anxious fear that anti’s are going to be sending in hate mail or general antics, I haven’t got one letter for SJM like that. Honestly? A couple of them have been really, really touching.

The main theme of all of them? That SJM has helped people through really rough times, be it of illness, change, or with how they live their lives. I wanted to do this just as a ‘give back to fandom’ thing, but CLEARLY had ulterior motives, because I’ve benefited so much just from getting to read all of these; They’re such a true example of how fiction and fandom can help, heal, and support people. 

And in this case, it’s Sarah J Maas who has helped so many people. And the fandom too. Consider my faith in fandom and SJM’s works #Restored


  • Thinking of getting these printed out on like silver paper if I can find some??? Will post a photo of the finished thing so folks know what the heck I’m handing this poor jet-lagged woman
  • RE artworks, they are BEAUTIFUL and luscious. Just so you know, I’m typically trying to fit them 2-a-page so my printer doesn’t use the world’s supply of ink for this.
  • As a PSA, please try and use legible fonts. Both for my sakes proof-reading and b/c Sarah can’t ‘zoom in’ on an actual physical piece of paper :P

My uni has free black and white printing and we’re only supposed to be able to print in colour at the library where we have to pay for it but the printer in the student lounge prints in colour (and I’m pretty sure it’s not intentional that its set up that way) so since the school won’t give the gsa any funding because of our ‘lifestyle choices’ or whatever, I’m printing all of our materials in colour and I don’t feel even a tiny bit guilty about stealing their coloured ink.