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Coldflash, prison au

I mean. You should all go read @oneiriad’s prison fic (it’s building to be coldflashwave, I think), because obviously I won’t be able to match that, but I’ll give it a shot.

1 - Barry is unpleasantly surprised to wake up from his coma to visit his foster-dad only to be informed there’s a warrant for his arrest. Apparently “impersonating a police officer” and “faking paperwork” and stuff is INCREDIBLY ILLEGAL and someone in Starling made a phone call. (And yes, you can impersonate a police officer while being a police officer, it’s called ‘pretending to be on official business when you’re not’ - and that’s exactly what happened).

2 - He’s probably going to get acquitted, since he actually befriended the same people in Starling who complained (name: Queen, Oliver “Jealous Asshole”) and they are dropping the complaint like a bunch of hot rocks because they totally forgot they made it. But the judge is pretty anti-corruption and is super pissed at the young CSI taking the law into his own hands, so she decides not to allow Barry bail, which means he spends the few months leading up to trial in jail.

3 - Len is currently in Iron Heights because he’s off his game after the whole thing blowing up with Mick. Guess who his new roommate is?

4 - Barry is happy to see his dad. His dad is not happy to see him. People in the prison who have wanted to hurt Henry but haven’t because he’s friendly with all the guards thanks to being a model prisoner for years see an opportunity.

5 - Len sees a kid being attacked, is nostalgic for Mick, and saves him for free. Entirely because of nostalgia. Of course, it didn’t occur to him that saving the kid once meant he had to KEEP saving him, and now they have to be together all the time.

6 - They get close over the next month or so, because Barry talks compulsively fast and even tells Len about his super-speed which he STILL doesn’t know what to do with (because he never got a chance to go back to STAR Labs after the initial wake-up), which Len thinks is fascinating.

7 - Len lets Barry “reveal” his escape plan so that even the judge is convinced Barry must’ve just made a mistake with the paperwork because Barry is so obviously a good guy, so Barry gets off before even his trial. Len then goes to his own trial in which mysteriously there’s not enough evidence to convince the jury to convict (Len is very popular in the lower-class parts of Central and his lawyer was very smart with the jury selection). Then he goes to find Barry to help him with his powers.

8 - Len puts out word that he wants anti-speedster weapons and gets the cold gun and heat gun. He uses that to train Barry instead of fight him. Barry still wants to save Central City. Len mostly wants to steal stuff, but damnit, Central is his city and he’s willing to help Barry protect it from everyone but him.

9 - Barry convinces Len to go make up with Mick. Mick becomes teacher #2 and takes about 10 minutes to go “so are you sleeping together?” and when they say no, asks, “why not?” until they get their heads out of their asses and realize they’re both crushing on each other.

10 - Wells!Eobard is displeased with literally all of this.

Feelings -Rafael Barba Imagine (SVU/Blue Bloods Crossover)

Pairing: Rafael Barba x Reader (Reader is a Reagan) 

Word Count: 835

Request: None; I just really love these two shows and haven’t written nearly enough Barba on this blog. 

A/N: This took forever to write, so my apologies if it’s lacking in some places. Expect more SVU/Blue Bloods crossovers, actually crossovers in general, but they’re really fun to write! x 


From the moment Rafael Barba waltzed into the SVU squad room, freshly-pressed suit and all, you knew you would have problems with him. He was arrogant, brash, and just downright obnoxious. It was like having another older brother, but worse. 

For months, you barely spoke with Barba, only talking about cases and making small talk on occasions. You had nothing to talk about, other than your sister, his boss. He loved Erin, always speaking highly of her. It was the only time you saw him genuinely emotive, and surprisingly, it wasn’t fake. You swore that he had feelings for her in a romantic way, which bugged you. The fact that it bugged you made your hatred for Barba even stronger, recognizing what that feeling of irritation could soon entail. 

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She Walks in Beauty, Chapter 8

Author’s note: Thank you once again for everyone’s patience. I know this took me a long time to get out, but I kept procrastinating because I’m a little sad to see this one go! I’ve enjoyed these two so much, it’s a little sad to be done with the story, but I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Title: She Walks In Beauty

Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: A glimpse into how Earth 2 Barry and Iris could have met and fallen in love, with the slight change from E2 canon that they were already a CSI and detective respectively when they met.

Chapters: 8/8

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

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Snowflakes & Such

This was my @mp100secretsanta2017 gift for @lovigal, who requested holiday-esque goodness with Serizawa, Ritsu & Mob. I’m reposting here so that there’s a version with a read-more. I hope you enjoy!!

“One last stop!” Serizawa said eagerly, eyes running down his neatly checked-off list of holiday cookie recipients. Reigen tried not to sigh with relief, brushing at the snowflakes that had settled on his coat and checking the heavy gray sky anxiously.

“Ah, good. If this stuff keeps falling we might have to worry about train delays.”

For the first holiday season in years in which Serizawa was neither trapped by the fear of his own powers nor a member of a terrorist organization, he’d apparently decided to fully embrace every festive tradition he could get his hands on. Last week he’d enlisted Mob in helping him decorate Spirits & Such with paper snowflakes of various geometric designs, dangling them from the ceiling tiles by paper clips stolen from Reigen’s desk. Serizawa had illuminated their artworks with ropes of tiny white lights that he strung through the office. And most recently, he’d flexed his burgeoning cooking skills and baked enough cookies to hand-deliver some to everyone he knew in Spice City.

Reigen had never been particularly interested in the holiday season before now, always regarding it with more annoyance than pleasure. Yet Serizawa’s joyous enthusiasm was infectious, and Reigen found himself offering to join the cookie-delivering spree just to continue basking in the glow of Serizawa’s delight.

However, Serizawa had made a surprising number of friends and acquaintances in the short amount of time since he’d left Claw; Reigen hadn’t realized quite how many houses they’d be visiting. Confronted with house after house of “Happy Holidays!” by strangers who welcomed Serizawa and then peered at him with polite uncertainty, Reigen was very ready to turn in for the day. The steadily-increasing snowfall made him all the more eager to return home to lonely but familiar solitude.

He peered over Serizawa’s burly shoulder, trying to see where they were going next.

“Who’s the lucky recipient of the last plate?”

“Kageyama-kun’s family!” Serizawa was practically buzzing with excitement. “I saved the best batch for them, they’re hardly burnt at all.”  

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Five Gold Rings | Berena | FR15 | 9,771 words
Serena thinks Bernie isn’t coming home for Christmas. Bernie has, in fact, come home with one goal in mind: to make Serena Campbell her wife.
Also Available on AO3

A huge thank you to Igerna, who helped me see that Edward is funnier than Robbie, and ktlsyrtis, who read over my work and helped quieten the anxiety voice. I love you both.

This is part of the Twelve Days of Christmas Berena challenge. Thank you for having me, ladies, I’m so excited to be part of this! Happy reading everyone.

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and here’s the second one, because I’m impatient

Title: Ars Gratis Artis (ao3 link)
Fandom: Flash, Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Len probably should have thought twice before he revealed to everybody just how good an artist Mick is.

(years later, Mick pays him back for it)

A/N: for the @legendsofsuperflarrowmemes’s prompt 30 (Coldwave. Artist!Mick gets Leonard to pose for him. Naked.) and for @kickingshoes, as a distraction.

warning: no adult content at all. barely answers the prompt. I’m sorry; I tried!


“This shit’s gorgeous,” Len says frankly, and he means it, too.

“Lenny,” Mick whines. His face is red and he keeps shifting awkwardly from side to side, as he had been ever since he’d come home and found Len perusing his artwork. “Just leave it be, will you?”

“No, seriously!” Len says. “I don’t know why you kept these from me. They’re amazing. Did you make these with a blowtorch?”

“The initial groundwork, yeah,” Mick says. “The rest is pencil and pen and stuff. Lenny…”

“Do you sell them?”


“You should.”

“No one would buy them,” Mick argues.

Len snorts. “Sure they would,” he says firmly. “Your art’s really good.”

Mick is wringing his hands, but he’s stopped trying to pull Len away. “You really think so?”

“I really think so.”

“You’re just buttering me up,” Mick says suspiciously.

“I’d steal it,” Len says firmly.

“You’d steal anything.”

“I’m serious! This is sell on the black market good.” Len pauses. “This may even be sell on the normal market good.”

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The idea of having a job you can just take time off of is so foreign to me. I’ve never held a job I could just ‘call in’ to when I’m sick. I have to either go to the doctor every time I’m sick and need a day off to get a note saying I actually am sick enough to warrant time off, or I have to suck it up and go anyway no matter how much I feel like I’m dying. Because there’s no working from home or taking sick days when you work a manual job. So when the doctor suggests ‘just take a few days off’ I basically panic because ‘a few days’ translates into getting fired if you don’t have a letter prescribing it, and you better be giving me a note saying that YOU told me to take this time off or else my boss is going to flip out. And it’s not like I have bad bosses, either. It’s just a fact of the type of work that’s “easy” (relatively) to find. You work every day whether you feel good or not, because you have to in order to keep things functioning. There is no backup crew or substitute you can call in. So you work through a cold because you can’t take time off for it, and then your body basically starts shutting down because you didn’t rest enough, and that cold opens up the door for an infection, which forces you to take days off, which stresses you out, which makes it less likely for you to get better/get better quickly, but you have to go back to work when you’re still at half your best…

It’s a bad cycle, but it’s how life is when you don’t have the luxury of an office job. So it really bugs me when people suggest that you just “call in sick to work and take some time off.” Like, even if my wallet would allow that, my job won’t. And on that note, that’s why I hate when people give the advice to just get an “easy” job like custodial or something. Sure, you don’t need a ton of qualifications to clean stuff, but you are stuck working all the time with no time off because if you aren’t there, things fall apart. Same with fast food/restaurant service, and any customer service job. These are the jobs you are most likely to be able to find, particularly when you’re young and have limited experience. But these jobs also devour your entire life and leave no room for taking time for yourself, even when your health pretty much demands it.

In working at the animal shelter, I have taken one day off without prior request up til this point. My boss is super understanding, but even he will only allow one sick day/call in without a signed note from a doctor. So when I got sick on Monday, I just pushed through until I was incapable of even getting off the couch on Thursday. And lo and behold when I went to the doctor yesterday, I have a bacterial infection on top of a virus because I didn’t have the luxury of listening to my body and taking it easy when it was just a cold. A cold that my husband had and that started getting better for him in a matter of days, but that was still getting progressively worse by day 5 for me. And now my entire workplace is at risk for a bacterial lung infection and/or cold because I went to work sick, because I couldn’t take time off because that’s just how it has to be.

And idk, but there’s just something really messed up about people having to do this kind of thing just to get by.

Did Someone Ask for Pidge’s Origin Story?

Me. It was me. So I wrote it, and now I’m here to share it with you in all it’s twenty eight thousand word glory. I’ll be adding a new chapter here and on my AO3 at least twice a week until it’s all posted.

Title: Left Behind

Summary: Katie Holt has to find her family.
That’s all there is to it, and she’ll stop at nothing to achieve her goals. But there’s no way she would go undercover without a plan. An extensive one. And with only two months to become another person entirely, Katie has a lot to learn–about the world and about herself.

Next Chapter >>>

Chapter 1: Back Then, It Had Been Winter

It probably would have been better for security if they kept the lights on, Katie thinks, hunched over the keyboard. But it’s better for her that they aren’t.

Images flash across the screen. Reams of drone logs, pictures of space rocks, and encrypted emails slam against Katie’s irises so hard it makes her squint, but she won’t look away. She’s so close now. She can taste the truth like old coffee on her tongue–cold and bitter but necessary to make it through another day.

There have been hints, before. The flight program’s press releases were too vague, officers never willing to answer questions. “Pilot error” is all they ever said, and Katie grew to hate those words as much as she hated the resigned looks of pity she got every day from the people who thought they were being sympathetic by humoring her claims that something else had gone on. They think she is a distraught child, stuck in grieving.

They are wrong.

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Mandatory Education (Part 2/?) (X-Men/Avengers/AOS x reader)

Part 1

“You’re not concentrating, (Y/N),” Charles sighed, “I would really appreciate it if you could keep portals to other realms closed for now, if not too much trouble.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just…someone said my name.”

“Someone is trying to reach you?”

“Yeah.  Sorry,” you shook your head, trying to clear it, “I’ll work on blocking it.  Won’t happen again.”  But the voice was persistent, even as you shut down the link that had forced its way into your mind.  You didn’t recognize it at all, but whoever it was definitely knew you, and it unnerved you at it’s aggressive desperation to keep you connected.  “Dammit, shut up,” you muttered, shaking your head again.

“(Y/N), who is it?” The Professor’s voice became urgent and concerned now, pushing forward to take your arm and get your attention to keep you from letting the other voice in your mind get the upper hand.  “Do you want me to help you?  You can let me in.”

“No, I’m okay.  But I don’t know who they are, and they really want to get my attention.”

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30 Days of Voltage Love ~ Day 3 ~ MC saves her lover when they are captured ~ MPDCTY Request!

So I received a few requests for Metro PD Close To You and I’ve been wanting to start my first head-canon for a while now, but I’d been wanting to play a few of the guys routes in order to get them just right. I loved this request, so I decided it would be a great one to start with! the lovely @black-rogue requested “The boys get taken hostage and its up to the MC to find and save them.”

This is WAY longer than I’d originally intended, but I got really into it XD 

So here we go!

Hiroshi - You knew something had been seriously wrong when Hiroshi hadn’t returned from a standard call-out.
It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal and given that you were all at the end of your shifts, Hiroshi had volunteered himself.
‘Do you want me to come along with you?’
‘No, get yourself home, all of you. You’ve worked hard today,’ Hiroshi smiled, when he leant in and asked if you would be waiting for him at home.
‘Of course,’ you beamed. ‘I’ll even cook!’
‘I’ll look forward to it then,’ Hiroshi responded, the warmth in his expression melting your heart as you left the office with the others.
It was only when the dinner had gone cold about two hours later, that you knew in your gut something was off.
That was only confirmed by Nomura’s sudden call.
‘Hiroshi’s been taken by a gang of thugs.’
All else went over your head as you felt yourself go numb.
The gang’s former leader had been imprisoned after being caught out in a drug raid, but some of his former associates had been waiting for their chance to get at Hiroshi since his sentence was passed.
They had used a ruse in order to get him alone and ultimately outnumbered him.
Returning to the office, you had been greeted by the rest of 2nd Unit and Nomura, who had taken Hiroshi’s position in order to help find him.
You were more determined than anyone to get to Hiroshi. You knew he could handle himself, but given the situation, he needed assistance and fast.
The gang had said they wanted their boss released in exchange for Hiroshi walking away alive, but you knew that the higher ups would never agree to such an exchange, much to your frustration.
It has taken you eighteen solid hours to come up with a lead, but once you knew, you took off from the office, leaving your coworkers looking after you in bewilderment.
You knew that Hiroshi would fret about you riding Rocinante alone, but you were more than determined to go and help your beloved. You knew nothing would make you feel safer than taking Hiroshi’s Harley.
You had to move fast and Rocinante was just the motorbike for the job.
Taking off down the highway, you had made a mental note of the directions, knowing that the others would have found your discovery on your laptop and sent out back up.
You didn’t have much time to handle this, but you were more than determined.
Finding an abandoned warehouse that had been owned by a relative of the gang leader, you pulled up outside, letting the roar of the engine die out as you parked a fair distance away.
Knowing they wouldn’t hear the engine from that distance, you continued in on foot, finding yourself face to face with a rather nasty looking gang member who regarded you with a grim smile.
‘What have we here? All alone little girl?’
‘Put your hands where I can see them and tell me where Hiroshi is,’ you snapped, pointing your gun at him as he laughed in your face.
‘Trust me sweetheart, you don’t have the guts-’
Pulling the trigger and watching him crumple to the ground from the bullet in his kneecap, you aimed the barrel once again.
‘Don’t make me repeat myself.’
As others arrived from the sound of the gun shot, you wasted no time in taking them out, one by one.
Using everything you had been taught in self-defence, you were able to bring the men down for long enough to get to the main room where Hiroshi was being held.
‘You…’ seeing Hiroshi looking up at you with wide eyes, you felt a sickening sensation in your stomach at his beaten body.
Dropping down in front of him and freeing his hands and ankle, you were enveloped in a tight hug as Hiroshi pulled you close to him.
‘I’m so glad you’re safe. Tell me you didn’t come alone.’
‘Not exactly…I have Rocinante with me,’ you responded, offering him a weak smile as Hiroshi regarded you with surprise.
It was then that you heard the sirens.
‘Come on…the others are here…’
Helping Hiroshi to his feet, you shouldered him as best you could as the rest of second unit came bursting in, having apprehended the suspects. You knew you would likely get in trouble for what you had done, but right now, you didn’t care. Hiroshi was safe…that was all that mattered.

Eiki - You were always partnered with Eiki. Always. This one case shouldn’t have been any different, but it wasn’t believed to be serious enough to warrant the two of you. It should have been you that handled the case, but Eiki volunteered himself.
He knew you had been working hard lately and wanted you to have a break.
When Hiroshi had come running into the room, telling the rest of 2nd Unit that Eiki had been taken, you dropped your cup and barely noticed it shatter at your feet as the news struck you.
‘No…’ you breathed, unable to comprehend the news as Hiroshi explained the situation.
‘What’s being done about it?’ you asked, seeking answers from your superior as Hiroshi regarded you uneasily.
‘We have the case, but they’re not giving us much more manpower than that. They don’t negotiate with criminals.’
‘So we put our lives on the line, but when it’s one of us, they couldn’t care less?’
‘Calm down…’ Hanai tried to insist, though you rounded on him with a look of pained fury.
‘Calm down?! It should have been me. Not Eiki. This is my fault and no one outside of 2nd Unit cares?’
‘Eiki can handle himself,’ Hiroshi remarked, placing a hand on your shoulder as he tried to appease you.
‘Kirisawa, I need to find him.’
Seeing the determination in your eyes, Hiroshi nodded to you, encouraging everyone to do their best to track Eiki’s movements.
‘Kyobashi, see if Yachigusa’s phone can still be traced.’
‘Sir,’ Kyobashi nodded, heading to his computer swiftly as everyone else was handed their assignments.
‘What do you want me to do?’ you asked, looking at Kirisawa as he regarded you with a serious expression.
‘I want you to look through everything on the case that Yachigusa collected. Knowing him there has to be some indication about what’s going on here. Head up the SWAT team that they should be ready for any imminent callouts for assistance on this.’
‘Yes sir,’ you began, though before you could go to Eiki’s desk, Hiroshi put a hand on your shoulder.
‘We will find him…you will find him…I know it.’
Nodding to him in confidence, you went to Eiki’s desk and pulled out everything he had on the case you had been originally called in to look at.
Looking into the names that were on file, you realised you recognised one of the surnames on file and did a background search, realising that you had put someone away under the same family name back when you first started out.
Looking down at the engagement ring that sparkled on your finger, you could feel yourself getting worried. These people weren’t to be taken lightly and they had taken Eiki over you…
Finding a photograph of the two of you amongst Eiki’s papers, your could feel a sharp pang in your heart as you continued to look through the file.
Finding another old photograph of the original crime scene from the old case, you realised in an instant that they would have taken Eiki there.
‘I’ve got you…’ you breathed.
Running out of the office without so much of a second thought, you had taken the stairs and headed out of the back exit to your car.
You didn’t have time to get the clearance to borrow one of the unmarked police cars and you weren’t about to wait for another minute.
Calling Kirisawa from the car, you had been put through after only a couple of rings.
‘Where did you go?’
‘Kirisawa, I know who has him. I’m on my way now. I’ve forwarded the address to Kyobashi and told him to notify the SWAT team.’
‘Wait, you need back up for this-’
‘No. It should have been me they took hostage. I have to do this. I can’t wait for back up when he might need me.’
‘We’re right behind you. Be safe.’
Knowing he couldn’t talk you down from this, Kirisawa instead put his faith in you. You were a strong detective…he would have your back if it meant Eiki was safe.
Pulling up outside the house where you had visited two years before, you got out of the car and unholstered your weapon before running up to the house and around the back where you remembered a lesser known entrance.
Bracing yourself as you listened for anyone inside, you heard the sound of something being thrown and took the sound of the impact as your chance to let yourself in without being heard.
Hearing two suspects voices, you realised that you would have to take one down first to give yourself a better advantage.
As one rounded the corner, you took the element of surprise and kicked him hard in the groin before striking him in the face with the butt of your gun and roundhouse kicking him to the floor.
Knowing that you hadn’t gone unheard, you had run into the next room and found Eiki tied and bound to an old radiator as he looked up to you with wide eyes.
As your eyes met that of the other assailant, you both had a gun aimed at the other within a second.
‘Drop the weapon…’
‘I wondered when you would get here…I’ve just been having a good chat with your fiancé. I had wanted you originally, but this seems so much better. Tell me; how do you think it will be planning his funeral?’
‘Go to hell,’ you snapped, your voice shaking with anger as Eiki looked between you. It was only as the sound of sirens filled the atmosphere that his concentration was broken for a second and you were able to disarm him, sliding the gun across in Eiki’s direction as you kicked him in the stomach hard enough to leave him breathless and knocked him onto the floor before putting handcuffs on him.
Breathing deeply as you got to your feet, Eiki’s voice rang out behind you as you rushed to him and dropped to your knees.
‘Are you okay?!’ you both asked at the same time, regarding each other with worried expressions as you let out a deep sigh of relief.
Gently touching the area where Eiki had taken a punch to the face, you told him how sorry you were as you reached out and broke his ties free.
‘You have nothing to apologise for, you just saved me,’ Eiki responded confidently, taking your face in his hands as tears began to slip down your cheeks.
Embracing each other, you couldn’t see the hot tears that trailed down Eiki’s face at the knowledge that you would go to such lengths for him.
‘Don’t ever scare me like that again…’ you whispered, not realising that Eiki was thinking exactly the same thing.
‘I love you…’ he breathed, his voice in your ear so that the others couldn’t hear as 2nd Unit came into the room.
‘They’re both okay. We have the remaining detectives of 2nd Unit. Some medical assistance required,’ Kirisawa stated, speaking into his radio as you helped Eiki up.
‘Looks like ya got ‘em pretty good,’ Tennoji remarked, sounding impressed.
‘Never mess with a woman in love, huh?’
Though you hadn’t been paying attention to Tennoji’s remarks, you looked at Eiki tearfully as he leant his forehead against yours.
‘Thank you…’ he whispered.

Tadanobu - Tadanobu shouldn’t have even been out in the field. When the news had reached you that he had been held hostage, you had braced yourself against the edge of your desk.
How could this have happened?
You knew Nomura was strong, but you had never expected something like this to happen. Most people assumed he was a womanising slacker. At one point, you thought that was true, but then you got to know the real man beneath it all.
He had saved you on more than one occasion and now, he was in need of help.
‘Okay, we need to pull together all of our resources here for Nomura’s sake,’ Kirisawa stated, looking serious as he talked about one of his oldest friends.
‘What do we know right now?’ Hanai asked as Kirisawa put a large selection of files on his desk.
‘Not enough. There are plenty of people that Nomura has put away over the years that have made threats to his safety. Or it could be something entirely unrelated.’
‘What do we know about the culprits?’
‘Three of them were involved in the capture,’ Kirisawa responded, his gaze meeting with yours as he continued. ‘It is believed that they were waiting for Nomura outside his apartment.’
Feeling a horrible sensation in your chest as he explained what had likely happened, you remembered Tadanobu’s invitation to stay the night, but you were roped into covering night duty for one of the others.
What if you had been there? Would Tadanobu be here now? Instead of in the hands of some unknown assailants?
‘Don’t do it…’
Looking up, you realised Kirisawa had finished talking to the Unit and was now stood in front of you.
‘I can see what you’re doing…you’re blaming yourself because you didn’t stay at Nomura’s place last night,’ Kirisawa remarked.
Of course, given that they were old friends, it wasn’t surprising that Kirisawa knew about it.
‘I just keep thinking what if I’d been there…’
‘Then they could have gotten him at a different time…You know if someone is tenacious enough they will try to get their way regardless.’
You knew Kirisawa was right, but the feeling of guilt just wouldn’t lift.
‘Hey…you know he’d be counting on you to keep your head up right now. He wouldn’t forgive me if he thought I wasn’t watching over you right now. In fact I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t hear the end of it,’ he remarked, making you smile weakly as you looked up to him.
‘You’re right. I know you’re right…what can I do?’
‘Why don’t you head over to Nomura’s apartment? Check out the area outside and see if these guys left anything behind.’
Nodding in agreement, you headed to Nomura’s apartment and found his car stationary in the carpark, where he must have left it as he was taken.
Looking around it, you had been about to dismiss it when you noticed that something was off about the back door.
Pulling on the handle, you found it opened immediately.
Someone had broken into it and surprised Nomura from behind.
Finding Nomura’s keys just underneath the drivers side of the car, you realised they must have subdued him and in their hurry, not been able to find his car keys.
Looking over the back seats, you found a short dark hair as well as some dirt on the floor that stood out for it’s colour against the interior.
Getting back to second unit, you had Kimura run a test on the samples you had found, hoping it would give you some indication as to who had taken Nomura.
Looking at the background on your phone of the two of you, you had let out a sigh as you sifted through a large number of files, all relating to cases Nomura had worked.
It was only when Kimura came into the office with the results of the tests he had run that something stuck out.
As Kimura explained that the type of soil found was only found in a certain district, you suddenly moved a large number of files aside to try and find one that had taken your interest earlier.
‘That’s it.’
Finding a file relating to a homicide that Nomura had investigated, you could see that the family had been trying to prove the suspects innocence, but he had failed all of his appeals thanks to the strong evidence against him.
‘Who did the hair belong too?’
Taking the paper offered to you, the brothers name stood out as you realised where Nomura had been taken.
‘It’s the family, they have him,’ you remarked confidently, calling for Kirisawa.
Once it was confirmed, you headed out, knowing that you might not have much time.
Kirisawa had been against you going alone, but you were determined to get to Nomura as fast as possible, even if you had to act alone. Deciding to go with you, Kirisawa had told back up to follow in a few minutes behind to give you some element of surprise.  
Finding the site that had been on the files, you brought your car to a sharp halt and didn’t hesitate to run up to the house that stood alone in the middle of a very desolate area.
Looking inside the windows, no one appeared to be around as you looked over the property and recalled seeing an old barn in the photo’s.
Heading for the barn next, you could hear raised voices inside and the sound of water as well as someone gasping for air.
‘How does it feel Nomura?! Knowing no one can help you even though you’re innocent.’
Nomura’s silence didn’t go down well as he was pushed beneath the surface of the water in a large barrel that was place in the centre of the barn.
Feeling Kirisawa’s hand on your shoulder, you glanced to him as he indicated that he would go in through the side.
Nodding to him, you had braced your gun tightly as you drew a deep breath and kicked the door in.
‘Police! Hands where I can see them!’
While your voice resonated with confidence, you couldn’t help but falter slightly upon seeing Nomura’s disheveled state as he was thrown to the floor, his hands and ankle bound with rope as you aimed your gun between the suspects.
‘Funny how quick you are to react when we take one of your own. Think how we feel that he took one of ours.’
‘Your brother was guilty and sentenced by a jury of his peers. You have to the count of three to get on your knees with your hands behind your heads. I won’t hesitate to use force.’
‘Pitiful little girl. You’re outnumbered,’ the brother snarled, approaching you as you heard Nomura’s voice call out.
‘No! Leave her!’
Everything happened so fast. Hearing Kirisawa break in through the side door, you took a swing at the brother and knocked him off his feet as Kirisawa took advantage of the commotion and quickly handcuffed another of the family members while you rounded your gun on the third one.
‘I’m not going to tell you again.’
Realising he couldn’t possibly win, the last one dropped to his knees and put his hands behind his head as instructed while you both arrested the remaining two suspects.
Going to Nomura who had managed to push himself up against the side of the barrel you looked him over and loosened his tie from around his neck as you gently touched the side of his face.
‘If I haven’t said so already, you look great today,’ he remarked, offering you a weak grin as you shook your head.
‘I have been so worried and that’s what you want to tell me?!’ you remarked, despair lacing your voice as you cut the ropes that bound him.
Looking over the cuts and bruising that was on his face and hands, you knew he must have been beaten pretty badly, though as you helped him to stand, he pulled you into his arms.
‘I think my heart just about stopped when I saw you there alone.’
‘Kirisawa wouldn’t allow it…’
‘I’m glad. I’d have had to make him pay if he had.’
‘Hey I just saved your ass. Be more grateful,’ Kirisawa remarked, making you chuckle weakly. It had never felt so good to hear the two of them at their usual bantering.
Once the suspects had been brought into custody, you had helped Tadanobu to the car with Kirisawa giving you some time.
‘I was so worried…’ you admitted, wrapping a blanket around Nomura’s shoulders as he pulled you in close and rested his forehead against yours.
‘Promise me you won’t be so reckless in the future…’
‘If it’s you at stake, there’s no way I can promise that. Would you promise me that Tadanobu?’
Seeing the seriousness in his eyes at your question, Nomura captured your lips in the softest of kisses with his ever so slightly trembling hands.

Kazusa - Kazusa was renowned for his work at the Metro PD. He had always worked so hard on cases that you were envious of him when you were first transferred to 2nd Unit.
You had been working late one evening when Kazusa and the others had already finished and left to go and get drinks at Station.
Hearing the door to the office open sometime later, you looked up and smiled as you saw Kazusa in the doorway.
‘Still working? I wish you’d taken us up on the offer and come to Station with us. It gets kind of lonely without you there to make us laugh.’
‘I’m glad I’m such a comedian,’ you responded sarcastically, making him chuckle as you smiled as well.
You knew Kazusa was always thinking of you and worried about you overworking yourself.
‘Ready to go home?’
‘No, I still have some things to do here, you go on ahead.’
‘Hm…At least come to mine when you finish.’
‘But it’ll be late,’ you began, seeing Kazusa shake his head as he leant down to kiss you softly.
‘I don’t won’t be able to sleep knowing that you’re not home safe. At least if you’re at mine I can see it for myself.’
Unable to resist him when he was looking at you so imploringly, you nodded in agreement.
‘Okay, I will.’
‘Good. See you soon then,’ Kazusa smiled, stealing another kiss before reluctantly leaving the office and you with a light tinge on your cheeks.
It was only when you finally left work and headed for Kazusa’s apartment did you discover that something was wrong.
Finding the door ajar, you got your gun out and made a call to your boss.
‘Hey, what’s going on? You’re not still at the office are you?’
‘I’m at Kazusa’s…the doors ajar and everything’s a mess…I can’t see him.’
‘I’m sending back up now. Until we know what’s happened, be careful…’
Hanging up the phone, you eased inside and stepped on some broken glass.
Looking around to find the place in complete disarray, it was clear there had been a struggle and Kazusa was nowhere to be found. Sinking down to the floor as you heard the sounds of your coworkers, you looked up to see Eiki and Shusuke entering the room.
‘What happened?!’
‘I don’t know…Kazusa told me to come here after I was finished to make sure I was safe, then I came here and found…this…’
As Asano offered you a hand and eased you to your feet, you walked back through the apartment to find Kirisawa walking in.
‘No…’ you sighed, shaking your head.
‘Okay, we’re going to have them put a fine tooth comb through this place. If there was a struggle, there’s got to be evidence of it somewhere.’
Being encouraged that there was nothing you could do for now, Asano and Yachigusa took you back to the office with them where Kyobashi and Tennoji were already waiting with Nomura.
‘Is it possible this is someone involved in a case that Hanai worked?’ Kyobashi remarked as you sat down at your desk and tried to get your head around it all.
‘I don’t know…maybe…he didn’t say anything.’
‘I’d imagine if he knew he would have worried about her safety first and foremost. She would have known,’ Asano remarked as Kirisawa rejoined them.
‘Kimura is processing everything now. We should have an answer soon. In the meantime, we got a couple of witness statements from Hanai’s neighbours who said they saw a man in his late thirties with dark, untidy hair. About six foot and dressed in baggy black clothing.
‘Are they helping to compile a sketch?’
‘Yeah, they’re talking with a sketch artist now. Until then, lets look through Hanai’s recent cases and see if anything stands out.’
Though before you could take anything, Kirisawa pulled you to one side.
‘Are you okay?’
‘Yes, I want to help. I can’t just sit back on the sidelines…’
‘I’m not expecting you too. I know how much he means to you, but we are here for you, as well as him.’
‘I know…thank you,’ you responded, seeing Kirisawa offer you a kind smile as you took a few files and sat down to work.
It didn’t take long to come up with a solid lead against a man who Hanai had been pursuing for a number of crimes. It seemed he had wanted to take revenge against Hanai for his work.
Heading to the perpetrator’s home, you had been insistent on going in first.
‘Call for back up as soon as you have a clear view of Hanai,’ Kirisawa instructed, knowing that you needed to do this.
Going down the hallway and finding the suspects apartment, you knocked on the door and called out your position as the police.
Waiting a moment and hearing a scuffle, you kicked the door in and headed inside before they could get away.
Finding Hanai in a heap on the floor with his arms raised above his head and bound, you were met with the suspect.
Before you could raise your gun, the suspect lunged for you, though you quickly gained the upper hand and tripped him to the floor, only to kick him across the face as he tried to get to his feet and knocked him into a nearby coffee table that collapsed under his weight.
Pinning him down, you quickly called for the others as you put handcuffs on the unconscious suspect and ran to Hanai.
Wearing his work shirt, you knew he had been beaten pretty badly by the tears in it. Untying the binds that held him up, you tried to support Kazusa’s weight as you eased him down to the floor when the others came in.
‘Is Hanai okay?!’
‘Pretty beat up…he needs to be seen too.’
‘No…don’t go.’
Feeling Hanai grip onto your sleeve, you reassured him that you weren’t going anywhere as you and Tennoji helped him to his feet.
Getting to the steps just outside, you helped Hanai sit down and put a warm blanket around him when he took your hand.
‘I’m so glad you’re okay…’ you breathed, your voice laced with concern as he nodded.
‘I was more worried about you…he could have taken you too. He could have hurt you…’
‘I can handle myself,’ you responded, offering him a weak smile as Hanai pulled you in close.
‘Thank you…’
‘I love you,’ you whispered, seeing the colour deepen in Kazusa’s cheeks as he kissed you softly.
‘I love you too…’ he responded, keeping you by his side as the paramedics attended to him.

Yutaka - It had all started out like such a normal day. Going into work with Yutaka after staying at his place the night before, you had been handed some new case files to look over while Yutaka was called out on a domestic disturbance call.
The address was one that had called in assistance from the police previously, but no arrests had ever been made.
Sending Yutaka with Hanai, you knew that it made sense to send male officers to this kind of domestic disturbance, but you couldn’t help but feel a little saddened to not be going with him.
‘Try not to miss me too much,’ he remarked with his usual grin, making you roll your eyes.
‘Take care,’ he added in a low voice, making you smile softly as he left the office.
Tennoji was always so kind-hearted towards you.
‘Hey, you have a really bright grin on your face,’ Eiki remarked, looking amused as you blushed and turned back to your work.
It was just another day in 2nd Unit…so why did it all have to go sideways?
When the news had reached Metro PD that Yutaka had been taken hostage by the accused in the domestic disturbance callout, everything in the room became tense.
‘What about Hanai?’ Kyobashi asked as Kirisawa put down the phone.
‘Hanai was outside to make a call as he didn’t have service. They thought the situation was calm until the victim was forced out of her home while the husband held a knife to Tennoji. Back up is on it’s way.’
‘We’re going in right?!’ you remarked, your voice raising an octave as Kirisawa nodded.
‘Yes, all of us. Let’s move out.’
Heading down to the reported address with the rest of 2nd Unit, you arrived to find a tactical team setting up outside as Hanai approached you all.
‘Boss I’m sorry, I was only outside for a few moments when it all happened…’
‘It’s okay Hanai, I trust that you wouldn’t have left Tennoji if you believed it was dangerous,’ Kirisawa assured him, though your focus was on the flat where Tennoji was being held.
‘We’re intending to take the building by force and corner the perp,’ one of the tactical division members explained when you intervened.
‘No. If you make him panic, then who knows what he’ll do before you apprehend him. We’ve already determined he’s unpredictable and at this point, desperate.’
‘I appreciate your concerns but it’s not your call.’
Feeling frustrated at the lack of consideration being taken for Yutaka; you appealed to the wife who was sat in the back of the ambulance.
‘Is there any way in where he won’t anticipate us?’
‘There’s a fire escape at the back. At the top there’s a large window that you can get into, it’s never locked.’
Thinking quickly, you got Kirisawa to help the men prepare for their assault from the front as a distraction while you went around the back.
As your plan was put in motion, you went up the fire escape that you had been informed of and let yourself in through the back window.
Finding Yutaka bound in the next room, you saw the perpetrator by the window, watching the men out front as intended.
Getting up behind him, you knew Yutaka’s eyes were on you when the attacker turned around at the last moment.
Dodging away from the edge of the blade, you tackled the assailant and forced him against the wall, hearing a photo frame shatter behind him as you kicked him hard and pushed him down to the ground.
Seeing him reach out for anything that he could use as a weapon, you dug your knee into the base of his back, distracting him long enough with the pain to snap a pair of handcuffs on him.
‘Jeez woman, what the hell were you thinkin’ coming in here alone!’ Yutaka yelled out as the door burst open and the tactical team came running in.
Letting them take the assailant out who was now yelling about assault, you went to Yutaka and freed him, seeing that he had a few cuts and bruises from a struggle as well as a cut on his arm.
‘You really scared me!’ Yutaka continued as you freed his hands when you looked at him with tearful eyes.
‘You scared me! Finding out you were a hostage in a dangerous situation!’ you responded, raising your voice as Yutaka looked at you with widened eyes.
Though before you could say anymore, Yutaka pulled you into his arms and held you close.
‘What am I gonna do with you? Huh?’
‘I could ask you the same thing…’
Though he talked calmly, you could feel his racing heartbeat against your cheek as he held you.
Going outside, the rest of 2nd Unit met you both and helped Tennoji to the waiting car.
Realising that your wrist was hurting from the brief encounter, you had been about to get it checked out when Yutaka took your other hand.
‘Hey…thanks…you might have taken years off my life today, but I was glad it was you to save me…you really kicked ass.’
Smiling softly at him, you could see the fierce blush on Yutaka’s face as he suddenly pulled you in to a hug, hiding his blushing face against your stomach as you smiled in relief. He really was okay…

Shusuke - You had known things like this to happen in the Metro PD. You had even dealt with hostage situations first hand. But it had never involved a member of 2nd Unit. Let alone the man you were in love with.
The night before, you had been on a stake out which ran late into the night and, not wanting to disturb Shusuke’s sleep, you had gone home afterwards.
Going into work the next morning, you had thought everything was normal, until you noticed the time and realised Shusuke wasn’t yet in work.
It wasn’t like him to be late.
‘Has anyone seen Shusuke?’ Eiki remarked just as you were wondering over him.
‘No, he hasn’t called in sick…it’s pretty unusual for him to be late,’ Kirisawa mused as he and Eiki glanced to you.
‘Have you spoken to him?’
‘No…I was supposed to go over last night but I was on that stake out with Hanai.’
‘I’ll give him a call,’ Kirisawa remarked, picking up the phone and dialling Shusuke’s number while you fretted.
Was he sick?
‘I’m sure he’s just overslept,’ Eiki remarked, clearly sensing your worry when Kirisawa’s voice rose.
‘Who the hell is this? What do you want?’
Unconsciously getting to your feet, you could see the seriousness in Kirisawa’s expression as he listened intently to what was being said on the phone.
‘I want to hear him. Now.’
Pressing the button to mute the speaker, Kirisawa told Kyobashi to track the call before switching the speaker back on as his eyes widened.
‘Where are you? What can you tell me? Asano? Asano?!’
By the time the call had been cut off, everyone was around the centre table as you braced the edge of the desk.
‘Asano has been taken hostage. The captors want us to release a friend of theirs who got caught up in a drug raid and are saying they won’t let Asano without confirmation this guy has been let out.’
‘Who the hell are these people?’ Tennoji remarked.
‘Not intelligent, that’s for sure. I got a trace on the call,’ Kyobashi announced, turning the laptop to face the rest of you.
‘It’s in a one mile area here. Give me a little time to analyse the call and see if anything stands out in the background.’
‘Kirisawa, I want to go and check out the area,’ you announced, feeling all eyes on you as Kirisawa considered your request.
‘Take Hanai with you.’
‘How did he sound…’ you asked finally, unsure you wanted to know the answer as Kirisawa hesitated.
‘Pretty out of it from what I could gather…’
With that knowledge, Hanai pulled you out of the office and encouraged that you get to the area in question as quickly as possible.
By the time you got there, you realised it was a lot of industrial buildings.
‘There’s a lot of ground to cover here,’ Hanai mused.
‘We should split up,’ you agreed.
‘Make sure you contact me if you find anything,’ Hanai responded, letting you part ways as you headed off in different directions.
For the first half an hour, your search was unsuccessful. Though just as you were beginning to worry that your search was futile, you noticed a car parked in an otherwise seemingly abandoned parking lot next to an old warehouse.
Heading up to it, you looked into one of the broken windows and sure enough, you could hear voices inside.
Notifying Hanai that you believed you had something, you found an unlocked door and headed into a narrow hallway that led to many empty offices.
Looking out through one of the windows, you could see on the main floor that a couple of men were talking while another was tied to a metal pillar.
Recognising it as Shusuke, you realised that you needed a distraction in order to lure them away from Shusuke and into an area where you could better handle them.
Thinking it would be easier to bring them into the narrow area you were in and hide out in one of the old offices, you took a metal pipe and threw it down the corridor.
The result was exactly what you were hoping for as the two men stopped conversing and began to head in your direction.
‘You’re sure we weren’t followed here?’
‘Don’t be stupid. We came here at the crack of dawn, who the hell would follow us at that time?’
Realising they didn’t trust one another much, you took advantage of that and threw another pipe down the corridor, knowing they would come and investigate it.
With the lesser trusting of the two coming down the hallway first, you had waited until he was right beside the door you were hidden by and managed to take him from behind, using a judo throw and hearing him slam to the floor.
Hearing the rush of footsteps, you had quickly moved on to the latter and tripped him up as he came towards you before twisting his arm up behind his back.
‘Gah! You bitch! where the hell did you come from?!’
Ignoring his torrent of verbal abuse you put handcuffs on him and pushed him into the room with his friend before locking the door.
Running out to Asano, you had seen that he was wearing handcuffs himself that had been linked around the pole he was bound too.
‘The others will be here soon and we can get these off,’ you remarked, though Shusuke was looking at you in utter disbelief.
‘You’re alone?’
‘You shouldn’t have…you could have gotten hurt,’ Shusuke remarked, looking concerned, in spite of the fact he was the one who was bound and clearly roughed up from his experience with his two captors.
Shaking your head, you touched the side of his face tenderly as you sat with him and looked over his wounds.
‘I couldn’t just leave you…’ you breathed, your voice pained as you leant your forehead against his.
‘I’m sorry…I scared you…’
‘Of course you did…’ you whispered. ‘I’m just so glad your safe.’
By the time the others arrived, Shusuke was quickly freed from his binds. The first thing he did was envelope you in his warm embrace as the emotions you felt came to the surface.
‘I love you…’ he whispered, his tender voice sending a warmth into your heart that no one else could ever match…

Katsuyuki - You knew that Katsuyuki was not one to be underestimated. He was excellent at his job and able to handle almost anything that was thrown his way.
Having gone out on an assignment with Asano, you hadn’t thought much of it. You knew Katsuyuki had wanted you to join him, but as you were finishing up paperwork on another case, you were unable too.
‘I guess I’ll just have to enjoy your company later,’ he muttered, quiet enough so the others couldn’t hear as he left the office.
How could he always talk like that so easily?
‘Perv…’ you sighed, returning to your work with the faintest of smiles on your lips.
It was only when Kirisawa received a call that things turned serious in the office.
‘That was Asano. He and Kyobashi were ambushed while they were out on duty. Kyobashi has been taken hostage in a nearby building. The suspects are armed.’
As worry set in at the news, you were grateful that Kirisawa requested the entire unit go out to the scene.
On the journey there, Hanai had pulled up a blueprint of the building that the owners had sent in, with all possible entrances covered and leaving you restricted with options.
‘What about the ventilation system?’
‘It’s too narrow…’ Hanai responded, though as you looked over the measurements, you realised you should just be able to fit through.
‘Kirisawa, please, send me in. I can do this.’
Seeing your superiors eyes widen at your suggestion, he regarding you thoughtfully before nodding in agreement.
‘Sir, are you sure? She’ll be going in alone…’
‘I understand your concerns Hanai but this is a difficult situation and time isn’t on our side. Currently the perp has the advantage. We need to act fast before they have the time to get a step ahead of us.’
With that decided, you were fitted with a bullet-proof jacket and given a radio to keep in contact with the others.
‘Remember, once you’re in, call for us.’
‘Yes sir,’ you nodded, getting out of the back of the van and heading for the vent around the corner of the building.
Getting inside, the vent was definitely cramped, but you were able to move through with some ease.
Keeping your breathing in check, you kept thinking about Katsuyuki as you moved forward, using him as your strength.
As you came to the end of the vent, you looked down into the room below you and saw two men talking in a heated manner over how to handle Kyobashi.
Seeing their firearms in the next room, you realised now was your best chance as you dropped in and knocked one of the suspects to the floor.
Before the other could run and get his gun, you managed to get in front of him and knee him in the groin, before kicking him back to the floor.
As the other jumped up and moved to attack you, Kyobashi called out to you in warning as you swung a punch at the second attacker and called in for back-up. Within seconds the place was infiltrated and the suspects apprehended. While Kirisawa praised your work in catching the culprits, you helped Katsuyuki.
’I must admit, it was rather alluring to watch you handle them so easily. I’m almost jealous.’
‘I can kick your ass too if you like,’ you responded, your voice laced with sarcasm, though you felt relieved to find that Katsuyuki was alright.
Kneeling down to untie the binds that held him, Katsuyuki flexed his wrists as you observed the cuts that adorned them.
‘Savages…anyone with a little common sense would know how to tie these things without leaving such marks,’ he sighed, though just as you were about to argue his attitude towards the situation, Katsuyuki pulled you into his embrace.
‘I’m grateful that you came for me…but never put yourself in that position again…’
‘Didn’t you once ask me whether I would have protected you in order to keep you safe, even if it meant hurting myself in the process when you did the same for me?’
Seeing him regard you with widened eyes, you knew that Katsuyuki was well aware he couldn’t argue with your response.
Letting out a sigh as he held you close, you supported him out of the building to be taken care of by the on site medics. Though he didn’t have too many injuries, he was still required to get checked over, though before you could go to speak with Kirisawa, Katsuyuki took your hand and pulled you close.
‘Don’t go,’ was all he said before allowing the medics to check him over, with you by his side…

So there you have it! This took a good few hours, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out :) In fact, I really love how it turned out! More requests for my 30 Days of Voltage Love coming up! 

Thank you so much to everyone who likes and reblog’s my work! Every single one is so appreciated! For all the messages and requests and those who are so patient in waiting for their request, it is all so appreciated! 

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stydiascoven  asked:

If you haven't already done it: 35+ stydia

Lydia Martin spends more time in air ducts than she spends not in air ducts. Although she doesn’t soundly know this as fact, she’s relatively certain there’s more than a small grain grain of truth to it. She almost feels at home as she slithers through the echoey silver prison, and her elbows are definitely not going to have enough time to recover before she is back in an air vent, re-opening her already re-opened wounds.

It doesn’t help that she’s supposed to be blending into the office environment, so she is naturally in a pair of stiletto heels, a pencil skirt, and has on a pair of glasses with a camera planted inside. Lydia has crawled through an air vent in a pencil skirt before, but that doesn’t make it easy, and she’s glad she’d had the foresight to pick one of the skirts with a slit up the side. More wiggle room. Plus, it drives Stiles haywire. Lydia loves multi-tasking.

Speaking of Stiles.

“How’s it goin’?” he inquires over the small chip in Lydia’s ear, and she pulls a face at the sound of his mouth full of doritos.

“Absolutely fantastic,” says Lydia dryly. “I was thinking– would you like to move into a vent? I think our couch would look great against the metal.”

“Someone’s grumpy,” Stiles comments, and she wants to tell him that it’s because she’s been able to hear him crunching in her ear for the past twelve minutes, but really it’s because her elbows are killing her and she’s sweating just enough that it’s going to become necessary o fix her lipstick while she and Stiles hack into the laptop of the company owner.

“Grumpy? Me? Never.”

“You’re right,” he replies, chomping particularly hard on a chip. “I’ve known you since I was twelve, how could I forget that you’re the ray of sunshine that lights up my whole life with your endless positivity?”

“And don’t you fucking forget it,” Lydia mutters to him, feeling extremely triumphant when she sees the grate that she had marked the last time she was here. “Okay. Almost there.”

“That’s what she said.”

Lydia wishes she would stop laughing at his insipid sex jokes, but somehow Stiles’ sense of humor has been ingrained in her since they were sophomores in high school and he’d been her partner in Chemicals class. They’d sat next to each other at a lab and Stiles had taken to stealing Lydia’s furiously scribbled notes as the professor told riveting stories about poisoning people. One day, she’d called him out on it, he’d said something dumb in return, and now they’re here. Here being an air duct in which Lydia laughs at all of Stiles’ ridiculously lewd jokes and hates herself immediately afterwards.

She kicks out the grate that she’d had loosened by a fellow operative in on the mission and then proceeds to slide out of it, landing neatly on the plush carpet in the darkened office. With the amount of night security that this building has, the only way they would be able to pull this off is in during the workday. But Lydia is still grateful for the darkness that curtains the room and the darkness the door that remains firmly locked.

“I’m in,” she says, slightly breathless from the fall. When they were younger, Stiles would cheer for her every time she did anything particularly impressive. At this point, they’ve been working together since high school, and he normally yawns when Lydia takes on a group of men or concocts a particularly fabulous potion with which they can “poison the shit out of the bad dudes.”

(Lydia likes making poison with Stiles. It reminds her of their days in Chemicals 245, bickering over which one of them got to pour the ingredient that made the thing smoke slightly. Lydia usually won.)

“Do you have the chip I made you?”

The eye roll that Lydia directs towards the security camera which Stiles has hacked into is nothing short of exceptional. She walks briskly across the room, which gives her about ten seconds for sarcasm.

“No, I came all this way and completely forgot it.”

“Ha,” he says as Lydia opens her necklace and removes the chip from the compartment she’d had build into it. “Okay, the password is ‘chickenparm82.’ Let me know when you’re in.”

“I’m in,” Lydia says, her red nails tapping impatiently at the desk as she waits for the desktop to loud.

“What a dumb password,” Stiles is muttering to himself. “Seriously, who likes chicken parm that much?”

“You’re one to talk,” Lydia snorts, pushing the chip into the computer. On Stiles’ end, she hears him begin to type immediately. “Your password is literally ‘12345.’”

“All of our best friends are experienced agents,” he argues. “They’re never gonna fucking guess ‘12345.’ I’m a genius and you know it.”

“No,” Lydia says patiently, furiously typing as she drags files. “I’m a genius. You are above average.”

“Every fricking time. Do we have to do this every time I mention I’m a genius?”

“Yes. Only because the idea of your ego getting more inflated than it already is makes me want to choke on my own tongue.”

“Hey. Don’t joke about that. It could happen.”

“Should we grab the contacts too? Just in case?”

“Yeah, load ‘em on,” Stiles agrees. She hears him chewing on his pen in her ear and is trying to decide exactly how she is going to eviscerate him when she hears him say, “Damn. Have I ever told you that you look really fucking hot in pencil skirts?”

“About twice a day,” Lydia says, and she hates herself for smiling, for the way she sort of feels like her stomach is glowing.

She’s idly clicking through the computer, because they have twenty minutes until this guy is scheduled to be back in his too-large office, and if he’s racked up enough suspicious activity to warrant Lydia stealing files off of his computer, she wants to know what she’s stealing.

“I can’t believe I hold it back to two.” He whistles. Actually whistles. In her ear. It hurts. “You’re welcome.”

“Stiles,” Lydia says, voice going cold. “He has information on here… information he shouldn’t have. Things I didn’t know I was supposed to look for.”

“Take it off,” Stiles suggests.

“He’ll notice.”

“How ‘shouldn’t have?’”

“Like, really shouldn’t have.”

“We can always go back in.”

“Easy for you to say. Then I’d have to stay undercover.”

“I like you at a nine to five job. Did I mention that you look really fucking hot in a pencil skirt?”

“And there’s your twice a day.”

“Lydia, just take it off. You’ll be out anyways. And it’s on the drive, so if we need it–”

“It wasn’t in our explicit instructions.”

“Since when do we ever follow our explicit instructions?” Stiles asks impatiently. He begins to get fired up. “We married our field partner. Worst idea ever, according to instruction, but instruction sucks. And speaking of instructions, do you want pizza for dinner tonight?”

“What does that have to do with intructions?” Lydia questions, her fingers speeding along the keyboard as she makes a last move to delete the information and empty the trash can on this man’s computer. If he’s as dangerous as this would make him seem, she’ll probably be seeing him again. If not, he might not know what he’s losing.

“Oh, like, I was thinking the kind of pizza that you store in the freezer and then put in the oven.”

“Naturally,” Lydia replies, closing down the computer and brushing her finger prints off of it. “Okay, I’ll just get back in the air vent and we can get out of here.”

“Or nachos.”


“Well, we did Chinese last night.”

Lydia lifts herself into the air duct, wincing as her wedding ring clacks too hard against the metal.

“Stick with your pizza idea. You have good instincts. You alway have.”

“Fine,” he agrees. “But you’re gonna be the one to put it in the oven.”


“You have to learn how to turn on an oven eventually.”

“I’m going to get out of this ventilation system, we’re going to drive home, you’re going to turn on the oven, and then you’re going to go down on me for as long as I want. In that order. Sound acceptable?”

There’s a beat of silence.

“Yeah. Uh- yeah. Sounds good. Yep. No complaints here.”

“Great,” Lydia says, letting out a frustrated groan as her elbows begin to throb. “Copy that.”

The Real Dr. Sexy

Author: @britishbasics

Word Count: 2590

Warnings: Violence, blood, scary monsters, and language.

Original Imagine: Imagine you are a doctor and you have to patch Dean up after a hunt gone wrong.


You try to wrap your head around the strange circumstances surrounding the medical report that you are currently struggling to write. You have no idea where to begin. You sigh and push yourself away from your desk. Standing with your hands tucked into the pockets of your white lab coat you stare out the window below at the parking lot of the hospital. The patient, a young man probably around 24 years old, was admitted to the hospital late at night a few days earlier, badly beaten up with multiple broken bones and deep lacerations on his legs, and no ID. You and Doctor Milland were working in the OR ward that day. Dr. Milland was busy treating a possible heat attack so that when the paramedics wheeled him in, you rushed over to help.

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Frozen Short Fic: An Unexpected Discovery (Domestic Assassin AU)

So, I had an idea for a DA!verse fic (“how does Kristoff discover Elsa’s secret?”), and I thought of stranger-who-writes-fiction’s little drabble from way back.  Then I said, “Okay, so how does it get to that point?"  The end doesn’t happen the same, of course, but that’s where some of the inspiration came from.

This fic sort of got away from me, starting off humorous and then suddenly veering into drama.  I apologize if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes, who’ve written this ‘verse before.

Tagging all the usual suspects: ultranos, hathor-aroha, raksha-the-demon, geometrynerd, beanie2008.  Please let me know if you want/don’t want to be tagged!

"An Unexpected Discovery”

Setting: Domestic Assassin AU (post-reveal)
Characters: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff
Rating: T (to be safe)
Words: 1,705
[Also on FFnet.]

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Ten/Rose AU: Does This Belong To You? {4/4}

Genre: College/Uni AU
Rating: Teen?
Summary:  Rose works at the Lost Property Office on campus where a lot of strange items have been showing up recently. Including a tortoise. Again.

A/N: Final piece of the fluff, with jealous!John and kissing! Enjoy, and happy holidays! :)

For phoebeweatherfieldcaufield, now it’s complete you can read ittttt.


Part One / Two / Three / AO3

Chapter Four: Under Some Shrubbery As Tradition Goes

“I have to admit,” Rose said, her arms full of tinsel and hay, “I didn’t expect to be doing this three days before end of term.”

John sneezed, dropping his own bundle of sparkly straw. He was assisting Donna set up for the annual Christmas Panto that night, and Rose had somehow been roped into it, too.

“Ooh, bless you,” she said, setting her armful down.

“Thanfs.” He wiped at his face and sneezed again. “I fink ahm ahleergic.”

Rose tried not to laugh. “Let’s get you away from this stuff. C'mon.”

They hurried to deposit the hay bundles onto the stage at the bottom of the small auditorium and escaped through a back door. It was, miracle of miracles, gently snowing outside - tiny little flakes that melted once they hit the ground. It certainly wouldn’t last, not by a long shot, but it did make everything look like a scene out of a Christmas card.

He reached for her hand and pulled her along the path through the school grounds behind the Drama building.

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in which Regina is an asshole and Emma is also an asshole

“You steal my parking spot all the time and I was just heading out to leave a strongly worded note under your windshield wiper but oh no you’re hot AU”

Based off these prompts (x)

I’ll probably go down the list for each prompt since I just love these so much.

two assholes in love 1/?

Emma knows she’s in for a rough morning when she steps out of her apartment exactly seven minutes into rush hour. She also knows that her boss will have her ass if she so much as waddles into work late. It’s sort of a custom – a tradition of sorts.

Much like the parking spot she’d reserved for herself for the past three months. The one that is now being occupied by some fancy looking Mercedes.

“You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me,” Emma mutters. The stupid car isn’t even parked straight. “There are other spots, you know! Not just that one.”

As it turns out, today is Tuesday. And Emma has never ventured too far into the different lots on a Tuesday to figure out there’s hardly ever any parking close enough to warrant a short walk. So yeah, maybe she takes the five minute hike behind the building. And yeah, maybe she’s pissed.

There aren’t any buts, really. Emma’s pissed.

It happens again the next morning.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: Bond injury fic

“My arm’s gone.”

  Q was typing so rapidly that he almost didn’t hear James. When he did register the words, he barely processed them.

  “Just try and bandage it. Restrict usage,” he said quickly, his eyes scanning the screens in front of him. “On your right, there’s a service hallway. Go down it.”

  A lot of grunting, some closer gunshots, another explosion, thankfully more distant. Then a lull in the noise, and nothing but James’s footsteps and breathing, both of which sounded uneven.

  “I don’t think you quite copied me there, Q,” James said, his voice tight with pain. “There’s nothing left to bandage.”

  Q blinked, feeling suddenly cold. “I’m sorry. What?”

  “My arm, Q. It’s gone.”

  Q turned back to the screens, hitting a few more buttons and quickly flicking through the security cameras. He found James in a hallway, leaning heavily on the wall. His left arm ended just below the elbow; he was trying to stop the bleeding with little success.

  “Oh my god,” Q said, before quickly hitting several more keys. “James. Oh my god. Find cover. I’m sending in backup.”

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Through Fear and Fire

Fic Request:  Lydia’s POV and reaction to everything Brunski said about stiles while they were in his office and tied up. Also, Brunski goes to stiles with the needle.

Rating: T

Genre: Thriller, Angst, Horror

Author: freakinfandomfeels

Authors Note: I added a few scenes to this because I wanted them to actually happen in 4x09 ;) and it was a little hard to write in Lydia’s POV but anyways hope you enjoy!

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Fic: For Want of a Nail Ch.8

Pairing: InahoxSlaine (orangebat)

Rating: PG-15

Chapter: 8/?   ~Previous Chapter: ch.7~

Words: 6k

Genre: Humor, romance, angst, fluff


   There is too much Inaho wants answered and so, rather than just leave Bat after shooting his aircraft down, he takes him in for questioning.  

On how different the events of both seasons would be had Slaine spent time in the Deucalion._

Chapter 08: Induratize

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