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Please imagine long after the war, Shepard and Garrus pick up dancing as a hobby. Since their little tango on the citadel, they’ve longed to experience it again - the way their bodies moved together, how it expressed emotions better than words could, how it felt like it was just them.

For someone who could never really dance by herself, Shepard’s a quick learner when it comes to dancing with the one she loves and trusts above any other.

They enjoy it so much they decide to enter a dancing competition. Something different, but rewarding. And at every show, no matter what style the dance is or even if they stuff up, they captivate the audience. There’s just something about the two of them dancing together, something so intimate, so real, so… right.

They don’t care if they win. They try, sure, but at the end of the day, they just enjoy the experience as a couple. They couldn’t ask for more.

Favorite squad mates in ME:A! (And my Ryder twins! I kept their names as Scott and Sara because tbh I named my Shep (Commander) Commander Shepard so I could be on a first name basis with my crew >>;;;;;;)

I got it on sale and honestly I’m having fun!

I’m so happy I can have a Turian and a Krogan on my team again!

My dog can make spaghetti

So I have a story that I know I’ve told before but I’m not sure if I’ve told it on here. It’s about my 8 year old Labrador/Golden/German Shepard mix. Her name is Harley and her main goal in life is to make her family proud of her, and the day that I am about to tell you about is the day we became so proud that we just didn’t know what to say. It was the day we realized how great of a dog she was and how much we loved her.

It was the day she made spaghetti.

I guess to make this story more understandable, I have to tell you the circumstances of it. This was back in 2011, when Harley was only 2. We only had her and my miniature schnauzer, Piggy (age 5) at the time. My family had recently gone through some issues, from my medical problems to my mom being demoted and then my stepdad dislocating his shoulder. We had close to no money so in order to make it work we ate cheap foods. This included oatmeal for breakfast, ramen for lunch, and chicken for dinner. And when chicken got too expensive, we would have spaghetti because it was cheap and almost always on sale.

Well September rolled around and spaghetti was on sale (10 boxes of noodles for $10 and sauce was 20 for $10) so we stocked up. Towards the end of September, we hadn’t touched the spaghetti ingredients that we had bought, so we had exactly 10 boxes of pasta and 20 jars of ragu sauce.

It was about September 25th or so that my sister and I had to go out of town for something family-related. We were gone for 3 days and our dogs were not doing well. Harley, especially, was heartbroken because it was the first time we were gone from the house for a long time. She would spend her days and nights by the front door, waiting for us to come home.

On the last day of our trip, Harley was alone with Piggy because my mom and stepdad both had to go back to work (they had the two days off before). I guess in Harley’s mind we left because she was no good. She thought she was the reason we left. She believed we didn’t love her anymore because she was a problem.

She wanted to change that.

My sister and I show up at home at about 2pm on the last day and as we open the door, we notice Piggy is nowhere to be seen, which usually means Harley did something wrong, because Piggy hates getting involved with stuff like that. We turn the corner from the front door and see what Harley has done.

Our pantry was open and on the floor in front of it was 20 broken glass jars of ragu sauce and 10 torn-open boxes of angel hair pasta. The sauce was spread over the pasta strategically and Harley was very obviously proud of herself. My sister turned to Harley to tell her she was a bad dog, but stopped once she saw her, because on my dog’s face was the biggest, proudest, most loving smile. A smile that said, “look! I helped!”

We teared up and smiled with her. We were proud of her, and we were amazed with how smart she was. With all the things in the pantry to chose from, she chose the sauce and spaghetti noodles. She didn’t touch the ramen or the rice.

She made spaghetti because she knew we had that a lot. She wanted to make food for us.

My dog made us spaghetti.


My Shepards + name meanings; name origins

I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten some of them wrong, I used Google and some of those baby name sites (and Wikipedia). Samus was the hardest to find, apparently it’s the feminine version of Seamus. Also Viktoriya is the bulgarian version (in this case) of Victoria.

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this might be a bit of a stretch but solas(dragon age) and shepard(mass effect) + difference for the prompt? em, dont feel forced to do this one since its kinda out there!

OK, I’m determined, I’m going to write something for this. Longer than the original 5-10 sentence task and not really the shippiest of responses, but here we go. I’m gonna write Solas into Mass Effect. *cracks knuckles*

“Do not do this.” His voice trembled despite himself, the Dread Wolf’s confident facade crumbling as he watched the Inquisitor raise the artifact, its arcane light catching in her eyes as they glistened, wet with unshed tears. 

“I’m sorry, vhenan,” she whispered. “You left me no choice.”

He lifted his hand, reaching out for her, his throat tightening as he choked out a final word. “Please-”

And then, there was darkness. 

He had underestimated her. Given other circumstances, he might have been proud. Her solution had been far more elegant than the plan he’d concocted to stop the Evanuris. She didn’t need to change the very nature of the world to imprison him. Instead, she trapped him inside his own mind. A dreamless sleep - his consciousness cut off from the world, from her, from the Fade, from the spirits who had brought him so much comfort and companionship over those long years before he met her. There was only a sinking moment of helplessness, a feeling of being stripped bare and hollowed out, a second of useless struggling and then…. nothing.

An utter void.

He had no concept of how much time had passed before he heard the voice. Thin, high and reedy, bearing the quickened cadence of speech and yet Solas could not recognize the language it spoke. He opened his eyes only to squeeze them shut once more, wincing at the harsh, blinding light that surrounded him. A second voice joined the first - softer, feminine - her words sounding just as foreign but in a completely different manner from the first. Yet the two spoke in turn as if they understood one another as Solas got his bearings, forcing himself to sit upright as his head spun. His body felt weak - how long had he slept? - and it took time for his vision to adjust to the strange, artificial light in the room. It had an odd, bluish quality to it, not like firelight or sunlight and twice as bright as either. It made the walls around him seem even more strikingly void of color, surrounded by nothing but dull silver paneling. The only familiar thing he could see lay about his person - a sarcophagus of sorts, clearly decorated with care, though the once-beautiful stone carvings had worn down over the ages. 

There was only one person who would have gone to such trouble to give him an honored burial. 

He was abruptly drawn from his thoughts as a sharp pain erupted from the side of his throat, an odd mechanical hiss sounding seconds after the foreign object pierced him. Solas drew back quickly, nearly toppling out of his carved encasement as he whirled to face his attacker, summoning energy for a spell on reflex as his feet hit the floor.

The…. thing that had touched him did not seem alarmed, staring at a narrow beam of orange light as it set down the implement it had just used to strike him. The light before it shifted, changing into varying unfamiliar patterns and when it next spoke, Solas was surprised to hear it speak in Common. “Hmm. Energy readings. Unidentified. Source and purpose unknown. Increased activity in frontal lobe accompanied by electrical activity in the hands. Strange. Might be coincidental. Unclear how stasis was achieved. Unfamiliar technology. Body clearly nourished, yet source of fuel undetermined. No signs of decomposition. No muscle deterioration. Yet containment does not appear to generate any sort of protective field. No time dilation or cryotech. Just stone. Odd. Otherwise, humanoid. One heart. Nearly identical circulatory system and organ structure to the people of your planet. Will need to analyze DNA to be certain, but-”

“Slow it down, Mordin,” the female voice said again. Solas sought the source of the sound, relieved to see a more familiar form. Human, yes, but at least she was something he could identify, unlike the tall and slim figure who continued to poke at a strangely-marked panel. She was not dissimilar to Cassandra in her height and physique, clad in a slim-fitting black uniform, her hand resting warily on the device she had strapped to her hip. “Just give me the basics.”

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Imagine Garrus tucking his kid into bed one night when they ask for a story, and Garrus joins them on the bed and tells them about ‘The Great Adventures of Archy and the Shepard’ - a very child friendly version of his and Shepard’s adventures, not wanting their child to be associated with their past - and he keeps talking long after the child has fallen asleep, recalling all the good times they’ve had together. Then later on when Shepard is looking for Garrus, she finds him snuggled up with the child in bed, and it is the most heartwarming sight she’s ever seen.