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I want a Love like what Mama and Father have. Theirs is an enviable Love. The kind of love story you hear in songs and fairytales. It isn’t always perfect but if two people really love each other, they will just try. No matter the odds, they’ll get through it together. The good times and the bad times. That was what Father had said before. Things are getting better now. My mother smiles more. Maybe she realises that life does go on after a tragic loss. She started eating more and indulges in her favourite foods.

Lynnie has been wonderful. She has such a big heart and she has already ingratiates herself well into our family. It is no wonder my brother fell in love with her so quickly and everyone knows that Aemon isn’t one to be sentimental. Lynnie spends time with my mother and tells her things. She’s good at making the Queen laugh and makes beautiful embroidery. Mama even tells Aemon to stay in Red Keep longer and postpone his move to Dragonstone and Aemon agrees. Like Father, Aemon knows how important it is for my mother to remain happy. He does not want our Mama to spiral back into despair.

My father has started attending court and does his Kingly duties although not as heavy and busy as before. I feel relieved that he has stopped retreating into his chambers and solar. He still needs his privacy and I respect that. It just feels wonderful to be able to have meals as a family again and talk about things, even laugh. It is nice to see my parents having their evening walks in the gardens as they just sit on the bench watching the sunset in Blackwater Rush and talk about everything and anything.

I am not romantic by nature. I know how in life one needs to be practical. But it must be nice to have a Love like that. To have a person look at me the way my father always looks at my mother as if she is the brightest star in the sky that he would give up his entire world for. I sigh as my parents kiss in the the terrace. It got quite passionate and I look away giving them their privacy even from afar.

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Does nams have a gf?

my mother told me to say “yes, her” ………..hahha, but in all seriousness, i took that interview question to mean hypothetically. like the song is about loving someone and everything that comes with it etc, not that HE was in love right now…i mean i highly doubt he would just come out and say it like that in a random interview???


Sasha Velour’s drag race look book

So my kids are peacefully playing Pokemon in the library floor, and my mom starts reading some random magazine article aloud to them without even considering asking them if they give a fuck, and then I guess they didn’t both start staring at her all fascinated, because she stopped and demanded to know if they were paying attention. My daughter said she was. So then my mom starts quizzing her on the person in the article’s name, and the date, like damn woman if it wasn’t in front of you I doubt you’d remember. And bless, my daughter did actually regurgitate these useless facts! Stuff it, Nana!

But I tell you because not only does this bullshit exchange resemble most of my mother’s interactions with my kids, but this is how we treat kids as a culture. This is normal. They’re playing a game which requires specialized knowledge, math, reading, sportsmanship, strategy–a lot of thinking. And she still thinks it’s fine to demand that they drop everything and listen to her, because obviously whatever they choose to do doesn’t matter. And most people would see nothing wrong with this.

Kids are people. They deserve agency and respect.

I’m tired.


For her, governments of any stripe would have their constituents believe that they were attempting to remove chaos from the galaxy, that they were trying to make things perfect, when only the Force was perfect. For ordinary beings, life was a constant interplay between order and chaos, day and night, light and dark.
Her reverence for the Force had evolved from an enduring love of nature. Yes, she thought of herself as agile and strong and intuitive, but she understood that her skills were a far cry from those attributed to the Jedi. She did, however, embrace the Order’s philosophy of generosity, compassion, and peaceful resolution, and on many a far-flung world she had experienced moments in nature that could only be described as transcendent. It was certainly possible that those peak moments had their basis in belief and emotion, but that hardly mattered; even if she wasn’t able to use the Force, she could at least feel it, and she was content with that.

My alphabetical 25 favorite horror films of 2016 which I will probably keep updating until the end of 2017.

10 Cloverfield Lane

The Alchemist Cookbook


The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Blair Witch

The Conjuring 2


Don’t Breathe


The Eyes of My Mother


Friend Request

Green Room


I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

The Invitation

The Monster

Neon Demon


They Look Like People

Train to Busan

Trash Fire

Under the Shadow

The Wailing

The Witch


You are a Stark. You might not have my name, but you have my blood. Is my mother alive? Does she know about me? Who I am, where I’m going? Does she care? The next time we see each other, we’ll talk about your mother. I promise.


the targaryen children and their coming of age | for @adolescenceoxygen


Not every horror movie character gets a back story. Here are just some of the few that we’ve met in passing.

“It” (It Follows, 2015)

One of the most mysterious characters to appear in recent horror cinema. What is this thing? A physical manifestation of a curse? Where does it come from, and why does it use sex to kill it’s victims?

“Suzy” (May, 2003)

Is Suzy just a doll, or something more? There’s hints to the latter, but it’s never made perfectly clear. Does she have a sinister connection to May? If so, what is it?

“The stranger” (The Eyes Of My Mother, 2016)

I’ve never seen a character introduced by way of his psychotic laughter, which absolutely sets the tone. This strange character appears to aimlessly wander along the countryside in search of victims…ultimately stumbling upon, perhaps, not the most ideal.

“Billy” (Black Christmas, 1974)

Deranged phone calls, killing rampage…check. But who is Billy? Does he suffer from multiple personality disorder? Where did he come from?

“Asami” (Audition, 1999)

Asami is anything but sweet and innocent. But who is she really? What led her to become this methodically-sadistic killer that Shigeharu falls prey to?

“Sam” (Trick ‘r Treat, 2008)

Does Sam use the formalities of Halloween as cover for one night of mass killing? Or is he literally the incarnation of Halloween altogether?

“Thing” (The Thing, 1982)

It mimics to survive, presumably built it’s ship for travel …but that’s about all we know. So just how ancient is it? Where did it come from? Are there many? What are it’s origins? (Cue The Thing ‘origins’ movie.)

“Taxi man” (Triangle, 2009)

Introduced during a poignant moment in the film (with dark music score to boot), some theorize this strange figure is the devil himself, waiting in the wings to make a sinister deal with Jess. Possible?

“Jane Doe” (The Autopsy Of Jane Doe, 2016)

Unearthed from beneath the house of a slaughtered family, Jane is the quintessential ‘mysterious horror character’. Unable to communicate, it’s only Jane’s body which holds the sinister clues about her past, and of those that fought to stop her.

@ parents 

please don’t tell your kids to shut up when they’re trying to tell you something or if they’re upset. don’t ignore them. don’t invalidate their feelings. talk to them. listen to them. never tell your kid(s) their thoughts and feelings don’t matter.


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