but my internet was away for about a day

Shoutout to internet friends. They are actually so important bc you connect with them through similar interests and even though they live half the world away you put effort into your friendship and talk (almost) every day and care about each other and it’s just so so nice. Unlike some of the school/uni friendships that are based on pure necessity and as soon as you graduate you never talk again because you don’t see each other.
Shout out to all my peeps whose besties live thousands of miles away.
Shout out to all my friends that I’ve never met, you make me happy and ily all dearly💙🌍

A way to always have money by the end of the month

Back when I made a post about how to best save/spend money I forgot to give the best advise I have.

After you’ve paid your rent and bills and possibly put a bit of money in your savings, divide the money you have left with the number of days until your next paycheck. It will tell you how much money you can use in a day and is the surest way to still have money by the end of the month.

In my case it was 1000dkk/30 days = 33dkk in a day (about 4 USD). Not a lot of money, but I didn’t spent money every day, so the next day I could spend 66dkk and so on.

As long as you never spend more than you’re “allowed”, you’ll always have extra money by the end of the month.

Of course, accident and unexpected bills happen, but that’s why it’s always a good idea to put a bit of money away every month if possible.

I have more money now (like, enough to have internet on my phone *GASP!* and eat other stuff besides oatmeal *GASPGASP!!*), but I still use this system because no matter how much money you have you’re always in danger of running out by the end of the month.

Creepypasta #1057: The Girl

Length: Long

She was one of those people that you could swear you’ve met before, but you don’t remember when. She tugged at my memory like a person you had a few high school classes with, but never had more than a few conversations. She had a round face, with soft cheekbones and bright brown eyes. Her lips were perpetually hinting at a smile that never seemed to fully blossom. She had a full, curvy figure, and the way she moved in her short summer dress had a subtle seductiveness that was far more attractive than her appearance alone.

The party we were at was slowly winding down. The host had disappeared with some girl, or had otherwise ditched entirely, and he took the energy of the party with him. As I was looking for the keys to my car, she approached me. “Hey, I have some rum back at my place. Want to come drink with me?” she said.

“Sure,” I replied. “Let me find my keys, I was about to leave anyway. Do you need a ride?”

“No,” she said, as she grabbed my phone and typed in her address. “Just meet me here, I’ll be home in 15 minutes.”

“Perfect,” I said, thinking that I had just enough time to run home and grab some deodorant and mouthwash before heading over.

I drove home and freshened up, then took my dog for a walk to kill a little more time. Didn’t want to beat her home, and I suspected she might want a minute to herself too. After about 15 minutes, I drove over to her house.

It was nothing spectacular, just your standard suburban home. The lawn needed to be mowed, and there was a little trash in the yard, but I chalked that up to college kid’s general apathy. I knocked on the door, and she let me in.

The inside of the house was comfortable, a big couch dominated the living room, and sat opposite a large TV. The kitchen was situated behind the couch and a hallway led from the living room to three bedrooms. As I sat down on the couch, she offered me a shot of rum and drank one herself. I drank my shot and poured each of us another.

“I thought we could Netflix and chill for a while, if that’s alright with you,” she said with a smirk.

“Sounds good to me. Do you like horror movies?” I said, figuring horror movies would be the easiest way to get her close to me.

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OTP AU Writing Prompts

All of these are SFW. A mixture that will work for either kid or adult characters. Some can also be used just for buddies! :)

-”So I’m waiting for my mum to come back to the video game store because I need her to loan me some money, and you’re over there helping your little sister to reach a game that’s obviously for five year olds and holy crap is that my favourite video game on your shirt it looks kinda like my shirt only better” au

-”I hate this lesson we’re in and crap I messed up AGAIN ugh hey you’re next to me so sorry but do you know what the hell I have to do’ au

-”You live next door to me and I keep hearing you yelling and one day I go to tell you to keep it down and oh my god you’re yelling because you’re watching/playing my favourite video game/anime” au

-”I’ve been kinda depressed lately and I tried to hide it, but apparently you noticed. So you’ve been sneaking notes with happy messages on them under my door/on my locker/around my stuff and that’s really sweet and I want to be your friend because that helped me but I don’t know who you are” au

-”As if I didn’t already not want to go to this movie/play/whatever the idiot working on the seating accidentally placed me really far away from my family and now I’m next to you and hey you hate this as well cool oh you’re into the same stuff I like wanna be friends” au

-”My parents signed me up for this cheap low-rate art/science/whatever club and I’m sitting next to you and well hey it’s a partner activity and neither of us know anybody here so how about we go together” au

-”Our idiot mutual friends roped us into going out together” au

-”This Valentine’s Day I left a ton of meme-based ecards I printed off the internet on a bunch of people’s lockers/pinboards/whatever as a joke, but you took it seriously and sent one back, and we’re sending them to each other and my god your sense of humour is exactly like mine and we’ve started to leave more personal messages on them, whoa at what point did I fall for you” au

-”We follow each other’s anonymous blogs on tumblr about a trashy thing that we’d get teased for liking, so I caught you on your phone reading tumblr and oh my god how come you’re reading that? Wait crap don’t freak out about it I’m sorry THAT’S MY BLOG I LOVE THIS TRASHY THING TOO” au

-”You live next to me and you keep playing my favourite music at really high volume and one day I just decided to duet with you and when the song was over you turned off the music and screamed ‘WHO THE HELL ARE YOU’ and I guess we’re friends now lol” au

-”My asshole boyfriend didn’t show up on our date but you ran over and pretended you were going out with me and were all like ‘hey, my name’s *insert person A’s name*, what’s yours?’ so I said ‘I’m *insert person B’s name*. What the hell are you doing?’ and you were all ‘okay I’m going to pretend to be your boyfriend because your dickheaded excuse for one isn’t coming and this place is pretty dangerous when it comes to creeps and flirting’ and oh my god thank you so much hey you’re actually pretty nice, here’s my number” au

-”You’re in one of my classes and I don’t know you very well but one day you yelled out a quote from my favourite game/movie/tv/anime/book/etc and nobody got it and I felt bad for you so I continued the joke and we kept it going and wow I thought I was the only person who knew about that” au

-”Some asshole just knocked my stuff out of my arms/tipped over my entire desk/tripped me over on purpose/etc and you’re helping me to pick it all up wow thanks gee you’re cute what’s your name” au

-”I’ve just broken up with my girl/boyfriend of several years and I’m devastated and you’re my platonic best friend of all time and you’re comforting me and before I know it welp you’re hugging me well hey this is nice I like this” au

I think that’s enough for now but if I think of anything else, I’ll add some more! Reblog this with any of your own if you have something good to add!

Jacksepticeye Imagine Q&A

“I can’t believe we’re going to a panel.”

“I know, it’s so exciting.” You exclaimed, smiling at your friend, as the two of you entered the venue. There were a crowd of people already inside when you arrived, so you hurried to some seats and waited for it to start.

“Oh, Sean’s going to be at this panel.” Your friend waggled their eyebrows and you laughed loudly, making a few people turn to look at you.

“I guess.” You replied hesitantly, unsure of where the conversation was going. 

“Relax (Y/N), I’m not going to do anything, it’s just an observation.” Your friend nudged you playfully and you felt the tension ease, as the panel started. They all joked with each other and you laughed along at the friendly banter. 

“Alright, we’re going to open it up to questions now, so make your way to the people with microphones if you’ve got a question.” Mark announced and one of the people was right in front of you. Your friend stood up and you eyed them worriedly. 

“How about over there? In the blue shirt?” Your friend grinned and started speaking into the microphone. 

“Hi guys, it’s great to finally see you after years of watching you all. I was wondering if any of you would date a fan?” You sunk into your seat, knowing where the conversation was going.

“Why? You asking for yourself?” Mark asked, earning a chuckle from the audience. Your friend turned to you and you shook your head quickly.

“My friend here has had a crush on Sean for years.” Your friend pointed to you and your face turned red, as all the eyes in the room landed on you. You gave the members of the panel a small wave and Sean grinned at you. 

“Well, maybe your friend should try talking to me themselves and we’ll see what happens.” The audience erupted in cheers and you blushed, still finding Sean’s eyes on you. 

“I’m not saying that I’m the best friend ever, but…” Your friend trailed off, grinning wildly. You rolled your eyes and nudged them playfully. 

“Sure, embarrassing me in front of my favourite youtubers and a room full of people is certainly your greatest contribution to my life. Thanks for that.” You replied sarcastically. The two of you continued walking, until you heard a voice from behind.

“Sorry, but are you the two from the panel earlier?” You looked around and saw Sean looking at the two of you. Your friend grinned and pushed you over to him. 

“I, um, yeah that’s us.” You answered, smiling shyly at him. Sean grinned and opened his arms. You hugged him, not quite believing that it was happening.

“So, I hear you’ve got a crush on me? Would that be true?” Your eyes grew wide as you took in the flirty tone to his words.


“Well, it’s not every day that someone so stunning is interested in me, so could I maybe give you my number?” You grinned and nodded, handing him your phone. Before he put his number in, Sean hesitated.

“You’re not crazy, right? Like, you’re not going to post this on the internet?” He asked cautiously and you shook your head.

“I’ll take it to my grave. But you’ll have to find out about the crazy part.” You winked and Sean chuckled.

“I look forward to finding out.” He replied and walked away. You moved back over to your friend, in a daze about what had just happened.

“So, like I was saying about being the best friend.”

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I’m Going To Kill You

Steve, Sam

Summary: Sam keeps tickling Steve’s back wherever they are.

A/N: I couldn’t help myself. Based on this.

Words: 706

Steve was going to kill Sam.

With how close they had gotten - in a rather short period of time too - he wasn’t that surprised over the countless of discoveries they kept making about each other. Their friendship was relatively new, and he remembered a time where he still found out new things about Bucky, despite having been his friend for years. Hence he found it natural to make revelations at least once a week, and to be completely fair he found it rather exciting. Sam was a complex man, and the more layers he peeled off the more he found. It was fascinating.

Of course some discoveries were less exciting than others. Sam found out that he liked saving food just in case he would get hungry later; an old habit from his childhood he couldn’t kick. Steve realized that Sam was a neat freak and could barely go three days without cleaning his home. While these things showed new sides to them, they weren’t necessarily things they lingered on.

Some discoveries, however, were able to change their perspective on things. Steve was now absolutely certain that Sam could be merciless, and fortunately he only had to deal with it in playful ways.

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Wedding Bells

Let me start off this plea for help with that I don’t deserve it. What’s going to happen to me soon I absolutely asked for, but god, someone please save me.

I’m a perv. I hack into girl’s computers and watch them in their houses from their webcams, or even better, their rooms. Catch them doing yoga, undressing, it’s truly my lucky day when I can catch them masturbating. Once I even caught this lesbian couple, but they didn’t do anything fun- just tickled each other and planned their honeymoon. So. Boring.

It’s a victimless crime. I get my rocks off or enjoy your conversations, and the people never even know I was there.

But I peaked into the wrong cam.

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I’M SORRY FOR LATE RELEASE !!! MY PLAN WAS POSTING YESTERDAY BUT CONDITION REALLY DIDN’T FAVOR ME !!! my internet connection still not recovered after 3 days so I search someplace which have internet I used as much as I want (other reason is this is weekdays so place like that aways find easier you know)

like I say at the other time, this chapter is about Christmas Day so eventhough  it’s late I still wish all of you happy late “Merry Christmas” for all of you who celebrate it

just like always, japanese not my first language and my english is shit like my internet connection right now so please bear it…
and then again

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Kiss away the Stress - Bucky x Reader

(yay for sappy titles)

First of all, thank you to whoever requested this. I’m really sorry about the stress etc. but hopefully this will help a little. :) (Also if you ever need anything else I’m here.)

Also, this took forever to upload because my internet is so slow. So I don’t know if I’ll be able to post much for a few days.

Not my gif either sorry. One day I will learn. One day.

Lying on the floor of your apartment, staring up at the ceiling, a thousand thoughts raced through your mind. You closed your eyes, chewing your lip thoughtfully. Why couldn’t it just be over?

“Darlin’?” Bucky’s familiar voice was accompanied by footsteps and then a slight pause.

“Are you okay, beautiful?” He came to crouch beside you, stroking your hair back from your face with a gentle hand.

“I’m fine.” You groaned, squeezing your eyes shut.

You heard Bucky sit down beside you, “No, you’re not.”

There were a few seconds of silence while Bucky just stroked your hair in a calming manner with his right hand.

“I had a really stressful week.” You managed finally, opening your eyes.

Bucky nodded before shifting to lie down on the carpet beside you. He lay on his side so as to look at you, one hand gently rubbing your arm.

“Do you want to talk about it or do you just want me to… be here?”

You didn’t reply immediately, the events of the week running through your mind.

“Or I can leave? If you want?” Bucky said softly.

You laughed slightly, “No, Bucky. I want you here more than anything.”

The smile that you loved so much made it’s way across Bucky’s lips.

“Glad to hear it, Darlin’.” He propped himself up onto his elbows, leaning over to kiss you briefly on the lips.

When he pulled away you gave him a cheeky smile, “It was a really, really, stressful week.”

Bucky grinned and leaned down to give you a longer, more passionate kiss. Your hands went to his hair, his hands cupping your face gently.

“Is that enough to at least cancel out the stress?” he teased, tapping your nose gently.

“Maybe a little.”

“A little isn’t good enough, sweetheart. I want you to be happy.” Bucky pulled you into his arms, holding you close in a warm hug.

You could feel his heart beating through his shirt. The rhythmic thumping helped to calm you. You buried your face in his neck, breathing in his scent.

Bucky fiddled with your hair behind your back, just holding you.

“Better?” he asked after a few minutes, pulling away to look you in the eyes.

“Yes.” You smiled.

“You sure? I don’t like my baby being stressed.” He gave you a sincere look.

“I’m sure, Bucky. I love you.” You leaned forward to kiss him. It was a sweet, gentle kiss but with each touch between the two of you you felt a bit better.

“I love you, (Y/n). I love you so much.” He mumbled.

“You’re brilliant. Thank you.” You lay back down on your back and rested your head on Bucky’s chest so you could hear his heart.

“You’re brilliant,” Bucky kissed your forehead, “And beautiful,”

Another kiss.

“And amazing.” With each word he planted a kiss on your face, slowly moving down from your forehead to your lips.

“And intelligent.” A kiss on the nose.

“And the best girl in the word.” He gently kissed your lips. An upside down kiss.

When he pulled away you couldn’t keep the smile off your face.

Bucky traced your collarbone. “You’re perfect, (Y/n), and I love you more than anything. Never forget that.”

How Much For That Bear in the Window? (Ch. 8)

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Summary: Dan, an eighteen year old boy who has finally reached the age to be sold from the whorehouse he used to call home, is given to a man with dreamy blue eyes who makes this seem a lot less terrifying. 

Pairing: Phan

Prostitution Fic/Bought

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Just A Job? - Part 2

Title: Just A Job?

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: Part 2/3

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: In desperate need of money, Lexie agrees to help her paparazzi friend get the perfect shot of Tom Hiddleston. She just never expected what would happen afterwards.

Warnings: Minor swearing.

Author Note: Because I felt like writing angst, and I remembered I haven’t written part 2 of this yet. 

“I’m just saying maybe selling those pictures wouldn’t be a good idea,” I twirled the phone cord around my finger. It was an ancient thing, and I should have upgraded to a cordless years ago, but I always loved the look of the older rotary phones. 

And you couldn’t exactly play with a cordless to alleviate anxiety.

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   Hi there! Have you ever heard of the expression “ men sana in corpore sano ” ( a healthy mind in a healthy body ) ? When you study isn’t it better to study when you feel good? While studying you can’t neglect your body ( you can’t no matter what you’re doing haha ) ❕ So here are some habits that maybe can help you to feel better in your body or to have a better lifestyle!

- tip number 1 : drink 1/2L of water/day! More than 60% of the body is water so you need to get hydrated ; for this each 10/20min during the study break drink water 💦

- tip number 2 : please eat less junkfood ( I know it’s hard haha I like food like all of you ) I don’t say to stop it but just eat less. It won’t hurt you & I guarantee you that you will feel better hehe c:

- tip number 3 : eat more fruits and vegetables!  some people don’t like fruits but try to eat some ( try all the vegetables you can? the more colorful they are the more benefit you get) , there are at least some fruits/vegetables you like? They’re beneficial for your body since it’s full of vitamins , but don’t eat too much of fruits either haha there are some fruits with a lot of sugar If there are some vegetables you dislike you can mixed it with other things? There are plenty of recipes on Internet! ;)

- tip number 3 : do some stretching or yoga or sport! I don’t know a lot of things about it but I feel really good after that! ✨ My body and my mind feel relaxed , all the anxiety i have accumulated walked away with the sport. Don’t sit all day , dance , walk , go out a little! :)

- tip number 4 : clean your room at least 1x/week! A room can become really messy in less than a week so you must clean not only for your room but also for you. Personally I feel more organized , it’s like a new start for the next week so I get more motivated! ( + i plan my things to do for the next day )

- tip number 5 : During study session eat small healthy snack! Your brain need a lot of other things + sugar ( eat fruits? a little chocolate bar? ) I personally like to eat a small bowl of nuts ( peanuts , hazel nuts , etc … they contain a lot of antioxidant & omega 3! But don’t eat too much + it’s really caloric )

- tip number 6 : During your study session don’t forget to do breaks! I read that the brain was more effective with breaks every 20min! Your brain+ eyes need a break & you too haha. Drink some water , walk a little , do stretching , look at the sky & breath some fresh air!🌬

• tip number 7 : Everybody say it but once again you need more SLEEP! Sleep is essential for your body , the hours of sleeping gone can’t be repared by sleeping 13 hours the next day/weekend. So even if you can’t sleep 10 hours why don’t you try 6/7/8 hours , do it step by step ( I know that school can be very stressful sometimes ) ? Instead of sleep at 1am & wake up at 9/11am why don’t you try to sleep at 11pm & wake up at 7/8 am? When you sleep earlier it’s easier to get up earlier + I feel so good the morning , not tired at all !( The best you can do is to not watch tv/laptop/phone one hour before bed but I will say nothing because I can’t do it lol  but i need to try )

- tip number 8 : laugh more , it’s good for the health! ( + try to do some recycling or help as much people as you can ) Go out with the people you like , tell them that you love them , draw more , save a little of your time to do what you like or enjoy or try to find out your passion!

- tip number 9 : “Be ambitious for what you don’t have and great full for what you already have.”

- tip number 10 : “ Don’t compare yourself who is at chapter one to someone who is at chapter 20 “ Love yourself!! The more important is to like yourself then you can be confident , everyone may not be perfect but just a reminder that maybe you don’t like some part of you but your family or friends like them! They made who you are! To me a beautiful person  is just someone who is healthy and happy c:

Thanks for reading - jojo aka @kiimbapnotes

one of the most annoying things about my life right now is that there’s all these things that hypothetically would be enjoyable but I don’t have the energy for any of them. Like: helping my mom in the garden, thinking about what vegetables we should plant, playing with the electronics toys I was super excited about in January, going for walks and taking pictures, trying to meet up with friends that live half an hour away, getting re-connected with political stuff I’ve dropped, etc etc etc…

But by the time I’ve done my job to any reasonable standard and eaten enough and been a person all day, I’m just DONE (and it’s a good day when I manage all that). Battery dead, time to recharge, internet/tv/puzzle games on my phone. If I’m lucky maybe I can do some writing. 

And I don’t know how much of it’s anhedonia and how much is I’m just tired because I’m sleeping like shit lately and how much is other brain weirdness, and then well do I need to ask my doctor to start playing with meds stuff? Do I just need to force myself to do things anyway? How do I make that happen? 

Why does everything always have to be so god damn difficult? 

unmouse  asked:

I've been a long time fan of your work and I was so excited to see your process video! I was wondering if you might be able to share where you got that stipple brush that you used to eat away at the tree shapes at 6:32 (or if you could share the brush itself?!) that would be so great! Thanks so much! :D

I’m happy you like my work!
The brush you’re asking about was created by me to match my specific desires. And to be honest I would prefer you’d created your own brushes that would give you the effects you want. You might not agree with that, but I think there’s a little too much sharing instant recipes in the internet these days and people just copy the techniques and tools of others without trying to figure things out on their own. And this leads to the situation (that I see mostly in the gaming industry) where you cannot tell one artist from another anymore…
So I’ll just tell you how I created the brush and you’ll be able to create your own and shape it to meet your particular needs…
So basically I took a standard hard edge round photoshop brush and painted a group of black dots that was more dense at one side and getting gradually more sparse towards the other side. I created the dots using my mouse so that the dots would have 100% opacity and would be perfect circles. Then I went to Edit –> Define Brush Preset… and created a brush out of it. And then in the settings of the brush I checked Shape Dynamics and then checked Flip X Jitter and Flip Y Jitter so that the brush would have more randomness when used. I also set the spacing to 25% in Brush Tip Shape. 
Et voila!
I hope that this answer will satisfy you. And sorry for being a douche and not sharing the brush itself, but I honestly believe you’d benefit more from creating your own tools…

Take care!

- Szymon

The Maze Runner - College AU: Newt - Finding A Friend

Prompt: You spend your days to yourself in the college library, in a spot you claimed as yours. Each day it is the same, reading or tapping away on your phone by yourself. But one day, after a incredibly boring lecture, you find yourself speaking to a blond-headed cutie who has happened to fall right into your quiet place. 

Requested by: @already-tried-that

Finally! You think to yourself as you hurriedly walk out of the lecturer’s class, that lecture always goes way too long, you swear that he does it on purpose just to mess with you! It’s not like you don’t like psychology but… He could make it a bit more interesting. Somehow. You’re sure of it. You shake your head and stifle a laugh as you round a corner, he must be the most boring person in the world! Suddenly you find yourself wondering if he has a girlfriend or a wife… Poor her.

You walk into the library and notice familiar faces at their usual tables or bean bags either whispering quietly or studying fiercely. This is the only place you actually get some peace and quiet, because unfortunately, you of all people had to land in the same dorm room as the loudest and most out-going person on Earth. It’s not like you dislike the girl… But she could start thinking about warning you when she has a boy over, especially when there is alcohol involved. Again, you shake your head, college is full of crazy wonders. And crazy people.

You walk the last few steps towards your little spot where you spend your time reading or playing random games on your phone, a place cut into the wall making a little nook just for one, maybe two, people to enjoy but you stop abruptly as you spot a blond headed, thin twig of a guy smooshed up in your peaceful nook.

He looks up at you with big brown eyes, at first you think he’s just going to stare at you awkwardly until you say something or walk away but he then smiles and reaches out a hand towards you. You take it into yours, a surprising warmth against your cold skin, “Hey, I’m Newt. I… uh, I stole your spot didn’t I?”

You shake it timidly, “Y/N,” and then let go, your eyes dart from his feet to his eyes to your own feet, “Yeah… kind of, I suppose. But that’s okay, I’ll go sit somewhere else.”

Newt shakes his head immediately, “No, wait a second, I don’t want to be the guy who stole your reading space.” He slides over a little and adjusts the brightly coloured pillows decorating the floor and wall, “There’s enough room for the both of us.” Again with the smile.

You consider your options, either sit with people who probably won’t ever say a word to you again, or even right now for that matter, and endure a cold, hard, plastic chair because you certainly aren’t allowed to touch one of the bean bags –they’re only for the book club people. Or, you could sit right here in your spot, just with a little less room and a really cute boy as company. You smile, “Thanks for that.” You sit down, fitting right in beside him. You pull out a book you started two nights ago and slide your fingers over the pages to your bookmark.

“Is that a good read so far? I have always wanted to be daring and read a Stephen King novel.” He smiles again, a flash of interest reflecting in his eyes as they land on the title.

You turn the book over in your hands, “Yeah so far it is good, I’ve only read a few chapters but the story seems intriguing. Like most of his novels, I’ve read a few already and they haven’t disappointed me yet. You should definitely check him out.”

“I would but… Like I said, it’s pretty daring.”

You tilt your head slightly to face him, “Not a fan of horror?”

“More like… Would be absolutely fine with horror, just not when I’m by myself.”

You laugh a little as his cheeks go slightly red with embarrassment, “Fair enough, I mean, when I was little I was too scared to watch Spy Kids because of the gigantic thumb creatures…” You sort of frown for a moment, wondering if you should have told Newt that or not. It’s actually kind of embarrassing.

He laughs at you, “That is so adorable!”

“They were terrifying!”

He laughs again, “Well… I got scared in Finding Nemo…”

“The killer fish at the start?”

“No, actually, what did it for me was the crazy girl in braces. Since that movie, I have stayed away from them all. Except my sister, but technically she’s not crazy… At least I hope she’s not.”

You both laugh together this time, and you can’t help but notice how attractive his laugh is, and the way his eyes shrink with that big, cheesy grin. “Do you miss your sister now? Being away in college and all?”

“Yeah… Yeah I do, I mean, you’ve probably noticed my accent, so it’s not like I can just go drive down for a weekend every two months… Plane tickets aren’t at all that cheap. I’d have to fly all the way back to England –so I have to wait until special holidays like Christmas and Easter, with my sister’ birthday as an exception.”

“Oh that must suck, I don’t do very well without my family.”

He tilts his head, his eyebrows furrowing in worry, “Is it going okay so far?”

“Actually I must be one of the lucky ones, I grew up around here. Although… I really did consider moving away. I like the idea of travelling somewhere new, but in the end I couldn’t make myself do it.” You think back to your days of senior year, searching the internet, making calls, talking to family members who have travelled for education –you remember you were so ecstatic just thinking about a new independent life.

“Well maybe one day you can travel the whole world, who knows, anything can happen.” Newt places his book down by his feet and readjusts his position, “Where would you go?”

“Oh… anywhere really. I’d probably have to start out with interstate travel, and I’ve always had an interest for Japan, or India… And going through Europe would be awesome.” You turn to him, “What about you?”

“Definitely like the idea of Japan, I’ve already been to some places in Europe. Maybe Australia too, or New Zealand.”

You smile as you think about all the places you could go, and all the different foods you could eat… “Everywhere.”

Newt nods in agreement, “Everywhere.”

You both continue talking to one another about life back home, about high school and all of the things you experienced, all of the crappy grades on your math tests or how gross the food they served was most days. You two seem to connect somehow, a boy you have never seen before, and suddenly you thank yourself for always sitting in this one spot no matter how lonely you felt sometimes.

“Okay,” You say after laughing about the time Newt was practically thrown out of one of his old girlfriend’s house for staying over that one night, “What if we read this book together?”

He looks at you with confusion.

“You said you couldn’t read a Stephen King novel by yourself, so we’ll read this one together.” You propose, standing up and wandering over to the bookshelf.

Newt glances over at you as you walk back to him, “But haven’t you read some of it already?”

You drop the same book into his lap, “I don’t mind starting again, besides, an opportunity lies before me to educate someone else of the Stephen King world, why would I turn it down?” You smile, and so does he. You sit right back into the nook with him and open to the first page.

“So we come here at the same time each day and read further on?” He asks, an eyebrow raised.

“If that works for you, yes.”

He picks up your phone and enters his number, and vice versa, “Just in case something comes up.” He picks up his copy of the book and opens it to the first page too, “And no leaving me behind, Y/N, if I get scared you have to be on the same page so you can comfort me, okay?”

You laugh while nodding your head, “Don’t worry, I won’t read ahead.”

He leans back in deeper into the pillows, “Good that.”

anonymous asked:

Yoooo ur from Toronto? I live like an hour away from u when I'm not on the other side of the country for school lmao... I want to freaking meet Natasha casually strolling down the street chillin' in Toronto

I mean if you live here, you can easily recognize the places Natasha or Elise frequents but I’m not some stalker ya know?  I’m just going about my day XD  But yeah that’d be cool, I’d have no guts to say hi or anything tho since they’re like pretty much living normal lives outside the internet d:

It’s pretty cool that you’re going to school outside if Canada or w/e you live xD

Introduction Video

REQUEST: If requests are open again can I have a super fluffy scenario where Dan is talking about how much he loves the reader in a video, and how he reacts when the reader sees the video? Thanks, I love your blog!

*Dan’s POV*

I wasn’t at all nervous to actually film the video. I knew that, per usual, the words would flow out of me with ease. Especially talking about you. I could talk about how much I love you for days, for weeks, for ages, and I wouldn’t run out of things to say. It would come completely naturally. And it did.

I introduced you to the Internet whilst trying to protect you from it. I never mentioned your name or showed any photos. After simply announcing I had a girlfriend, I described you a bit. “She does this thing when she laughs really hard where we snorts a little, and then her cheeks get red because she’s embarrassed, and it gets me every time,” I chuckled just thinking about it, picturing the blush that creeps over your cheeks as you try to stop yourself from laughing.

“And she makes me cry-laugh more than nearly anybody. Just the other day she came up with her own joke, but then couldn’t even tell it because she made herself laugh so hard with her own joke that she couldn’t even talk. She was laughing so hard that I couldn’t help but laugh, and soon enough we were both reduced to tears over a made up joke that, by the time she had calmed down enough to talk, she couldn’t even remember.” I laughed again, brushing some of my fringe off my forehead and biting my lip. “I’m not ready to share her with you guys completely yet- you all know how I like to keep some bits of my personal life private. But I love her, you know? I really love her. And I don’t want to hide the happiness that she brings me from you guys anymore, because you’re a big part of my life just like she is.”

I sighed, smiling in thought, and about to continue when I hear your knock at the door. Grinning up at the camera, I quickly signed off. “That’s my girl now. Bye Internet.” But, in true Dan fashion, I didn’t remember to turn the camera off.

I’m more nervous to show you the video. Way more. A week later, when I’m done editing but haven’t uploaded, I’ve got your over and you’re seated on my bed with my laptop in your lap. “I don’t know if I can sit here while you watch it. I might need to leave the room.” I say, smiling anxiously as I queue up the video.

“Pssh whatever, Dan, you’re staying! We always watch your videos together, and I laugh and you cringe. Why is this one any different?” You ask, furrowing your brow. “What’s it called, anyway?”

Smirking, I hit the play button just as I answer, “it’s called ‘I’m in Love.’”

Your jaw drops and your eyes widen at the screen. As you watch the video, I can’t tear my eyes away from you. A strand of hair falls over your face, hiding your expression from me, and I gently tuck it behind your ear so I can look at you, and admire how beautiful you are to me. I would feel bad about the tears pricking at your eyes if they weren’t pricking at mine too. Listening to my own voice saying the things I feel about you is a little overwhelming, and it’s all I can do not to pull you in my arms and never let you go. “Oh Dan, I love it. I can’t believe you did this!” You say, your voice breaking adorably as I say my ‘bye internet’ on the video.

I don’t answer right away, knowing that I had added a bit after my sign off. The end screen is my empty room, after I had walked out to let you in that day. Our voices can be heard clearly, albeit faintly, in the background. “Hi, love,” is my greeting.

“Hey babe,” your voice answers. “Sorry I’m a little early. I was bored scrolling tumblr by myself and I missed you.”

“You missed me huh?” I teased.

“Only a little. Don’t get too cocky.”


A giggle can be heard from you, and I remember that I had pulled you in my arms as you fake-struggled to get away, and pretended to try to avoid the kisses I had begun peppering on your face. Finally, you pulled back to gaze up at me fondly, and you brushes a bit of my fringe off my forehead and rested your hand on my cheek, “I love you.”

I had grinned, “I know.”

The Camera Kiss

Summary: Dan gets bored waiting for Phil to film his new video that he decides to go eavesdrop on the filming, when he heard Phil talking about their first date and past kisses he bursts in and kisses the boy completely aware they are filming. What happens when Phil forgets to edit out the kiss. 

Word count: 1974

Warnings: Just pure fluff and cuteness. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Danisnotonfire or AmazingPhil, None of this is true it is just work of Phanfiction, anything Phil says in the video is not true I made it up. 

Dan should of known better not to walk into Phil’s room when Phil was ‘talking to himself’, he should of known even better not to walk in and kiss him and then walk back out. Dan really should of known that it was very risky to do something like that, because if it ended up on the Internet his whole world would be turned upside down.


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