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Karasuno parental unit at their best.

2nd years are in their rebel phase and just keep on tormenting uncle Asahi when no one is looking

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Pallette 46 pls~ 8D And the word ‘Blueberry Mint’! (could you draw some more Daisuga >w<? I swear, you draw the most adorable Daisuga) Thank you!

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palette 55 and… Hum…. Plane ! ^^

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Let me put a Lauren’s twitlonger on this.. guys. 

here’s the like

I think it’s time to charge my phone adress this.. sorry for my english mistakes blablabla i don’t care at this point.

That’s certainly not the 1st time we share my work without credit  -which is funny because most of the time, the copy get more recognition than my orignal- and that’s may be the 2nd time a girl liked my fanart on someone else’s account.

Usually, I tend to just ignore it because I would rather spend my energy on drawing than running after every account sharing my (fan)art without putting my name on it. And trust me, I’m here since 2013 and I’ve been stolen quite a lot already..

But rn I’m slightly annoyed because I’m not even enjoying it. I’ve been waiting so long for my illustration to be noticed, especially by Camila and yet I’m here, looking at my work being anonymously praised while I’m still struggling to promote myself as a fanartist/artist.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t draw just for my artwork’s'’’’’’’’’muses’’’’’’’’’’ to notice me, I don’t even ask people to tag them on my comments but I can’t deny that it’s a valuable part of my motivation.

Actual footage of me reacting to Camila’s like

And don’t say “don’t put it on the internet if you don’t want to be shared”

It’s a trust abuse.. When someone’s posting a cover song, you just don’t post it on your channel just because you liked it. 

When someone’s write a great piece of fanfiction. You just don’t distribute it freely on your blog like it was a vulgar brochure, it’s someone else’s work

In our langage so I can be understood, someone else’s blood, sweat, heart, and tears. (see what I did here hehe OK NO it’s a serious topic)

It just doesn’t.work that way.

Someone with whom you share the same interest wanted to share something they worked on -oftenly for hours- without asking anything else but for people to be respectful of their ‘little baby’. 

They scheduled it on their free time and spent the same time everyone spent on doing something else just so this art could exist.

they just want people to know their work, to be encouraged to continue and why not to build a small fame

No money, no interest, just your trust. 

We often don’t sign our illustration by pleasure or by narcissism, because it doesn’t serve the aesthetic purpose at all but we need to do it. (I even saw one of my animation being cropped so ppl won’t see my tumblr’s URL) We do it because we want ppl to know it’s from us, we want ppl to find us and give us their opinion on it and yes we want people to follow us. How selfish.. 

When a fanartist or an artist sign their work, they show their wish to be reachable and to be named. It’s like a trust agreement saying ‘don’t forget it’s from me but you guys can see it’

Sadly, internet is way too active to be moderated everywhere. So an artist just have trust and ethic left.

So when you share someone else’s work without credit, you deliberately disrespect someone’s else wish.

This is not illegal, this is just poorly moral but hey I’m not your Jiminy Cricket I’m just here trying to defend my work and (fan)artist’s condition on the internet. 

Stop thinking artwork are acquired like you were still in elementary school.

They’re free and here just because someone wanted it to be. And if one day this person doesn’t want to do it anymore or make it free

you won’t have any right on it, like you never actually did.

I’m done.

-pen drop-


However, on a positive note

… I’ve gotten more respectul people sharing my stuff than the other ones, also followers that put my name bellow my fanart when someone forget to do it are validating my trust on a daily basis.

I really want to thanks them. 

And most of the time, it came from my followers.

I also appreciate people that warn me when someone’s sharing my fanarts without credit, like I said I don’t really act on it but I appreciate the gesture.

And sorry anon, that’s not the excitement you were waiting for but I’ll be hyped the day I will be truly notice, thanks for sharing and have a great day!

I’ll Lever Let You Go // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff

Words: 2.0k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Sequel to “A Mutual Agreement” and “See You Smile Again” / The time has come for Dan and Phil to reveal their biggest secret to the world.

A/N: Title comes from “Starlight” by Muse bc I use their songs as titles way too much :D

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Course my internet stopped working momentarily and so I missed some of BTS on the red carpet, but still squealing over this bit that I did see. :) WOOOO!!!!!

Part Three: A Child Belongs With His Father. (Two and a Half Men S06E02)

Episode Summary: Sam and the reader investigate a case about missing babies whose parents are being murdered, and upon working a crime scene, discover a baby boy. Dean is called to help after the reader and Sam are unsure of what to do. However, while taking care of the orphaned child, the reader and Dean discover something about themselves—they make decent parents.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 5,704.

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Note: I was totally gonna try to put this up last night but someone’s power went out on three separate occasions and then my internet stopped working until this morning. Hopefully this part was worth the wait!

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