but my heart soared

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Dropping by to spam your inbox with love, friendo! :3 Thanks for all your edits and writing and art!! It's specifically author appreciation day, so let me express to you in the best words I can how much I loved that Gladio/Ravus smut you wrote for me: *HIGH-PITCH SCREECHING*


AAAAH! This message came out of nowhere and descended from the heavens as a blessing, because it makes my heart soar…! Aaaah, you’re too kind to me, friendo! QCQ

If anything, I should be thanking you and everyone else instead! It’s always fun to write and do my arty things, but it’s even more of a pleasure to be able to share my awful sense of humor or dialogue-ridden writings with you all. I’ll admit, until I got into the FFXV fandom by impulsively writing something with the ‘my hand slipped’ excuse, it had been years since I wrote. Like, legit. Freshmen year of high school years. AKA eight years? It’s crazy to think that I came back into writing, graphic making, and doodling/arting (is that even a word?) full-force!

I think, if anything, you guys here on the Tumblr-space have always been such an inspiration and joy for me when I write and do… Whatever it is I do. Giffing? Shitposting? …Punning it up? Regardless of what it is, I always get a kick of inspiration and joy because I’m just happy to share my work with you, and hopefully spark a few smiles or blushing faces every day with my content! C:

As for that Gladio/Ravus writing, I’m gonna get sentimental with you and say that I’M SCREAMING BECAUSE THAT’S SUCH A SUPER FLATTERING COMMENT FOR THE NSFW GOD TO TELL ME! Because, like, Imma level with you, friendo, I hadn’t written a NSFW fic until I got into this fandom. And even so, my NSFW fic pool is, like, countable on one hand. Maybe two, but this one fic is questionable.

So when I was all, ‘I should write something NSFW,’ you were on that faster than Prompto is to Gladiolus’s dick, and you sent me a super awesome request that I just couldn’t refuse. qCq It was probably the most fun I’ve had in writing a fic in a long time, and so I really wanna thank you for that! For being an inspiration too, because your blog is always, like, one of the first I go to for NSFW inspiration.

Like, legit. Pretty much all of the likes I have are some sort of NSFW thing, and they all come from your blog. I love it.

I’m just super glad that you liked that writing though! QCQ Literally any time you have an idea (especially a Ravus one because fuck that man. But also, let one of the boys fuck that man too- *shot*), I’M ALWAYS EAGER TO WRITE FOR YOU. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! YOU’RE AMAZING!

Thank you so much for the kind message…! And for reading this far, since I rambled alot. oUo I bow before the NSFW god, so keep on being awesome, my friend!

i want to go to a dimly lit elegant restaurant with viola davis, drink wine, listen to her life stories with the background of soft piano music, say something witty and feel my heart soar as she laughs brilliantly and cups her hand under her chin and my entire life would feel okay because i, made viola davis, laugh,

A Window View - Peter Parker

request -  Can you do a peter x stark!reader where when he first meets her, she’s sleeping on Tony’s couch in a weird way when Tony’s about to introduce peter to her. Peter just finds it absolutely adorable and when she wakes up and sees peter she gets all awkward while getting off the couch and trips a little. Btw love your blog its amazing. Everything on her is absolutely amazing

a/n - thank you so much for 3k!!! all of the love and support i’ve been getting has made me so grateful, thank you for everything :) hopefully this fic isn’t too trashy and a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

The alarm on my phone rang at an amazingly annoying tone for the third time during a 20 minute period. The sun was just peeking through the windows into the living room, having the awakened chatter of the city commence at this hour. The tower was beginning to wake up as the sun rose higher into the sky, while I was doing the complete opposite.

I groaned, lifting my head and scrambling for my phone that was on the coffee table. It was nearly 10 AM, but I didn’t know, and I also didn’t care. I was up until two o’clock in the morning the night before, studying for a test that I would be having later this evening. I seemed to have become so concentrated that my head was on top of my History textbook, having the page still open to the same one from last night.

Shut up.” I hissed at my phone, squinting at the screen as I turned the alarm off. I hummed in content as I turned my head back around, grabbing my pencil pouch and cuddling it close to my body as I fell back asleep. Considering my situation, and just how lazy I became, I just really didn’t give it a second thought these days. No one would be up here until noon most days, so I was content with it.

I was already too deep in my slumber to hear the doors slide open, only to have my father and someone else come in.

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for @allmycharactersare-dead: oikawa, iwaizumi & the flock 1 and 2 trainees from wingbeats!! because dragons and dragon riders are. the coolest. also I promised you a thing!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 

7:32 PM - Peter Parker

request -  queen. I love your writing. If you’re willing to do another peter Parker smut bc im full of sin and ur last one was so damn good, can u do one where u guys are friends and peter asks if he can eat u out “for practice” or something and he’s rly awkward about it ? if u don’t wanna do that or if u wanna change it in anyway that’s totally cool. thanks for sharing your word with the world, it’s amazing!!!

a/n - had to get around to writing my second smut fic on this blog and i hope it isn’t a flop like me!!! this is NOT a continuation of 11:57 PM, i just thought it was cool to name the smut fics a time bc i think it makes it mysterious?? idk im dumb LMAO but don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like and follow!

7:32 PM. The time where I was supposed to be studying for my upcoming exam in Chemistry, but instead I’m over at Peter’s apartment doing the complete opposite. From being teenagers, it automatically causes us to always want to touch the other, and that’s the case just about now.

Our textbooks laid on his desk as we were sitting on his bed, myself straddling his lap as he held me close to his body. Our lips were happily engaged, coming together countless times as some music played lowly in the background. May had just left to grab dinner, explaining why Peter took such advantage of the situation.

Peter’s lips left mine as they came for my neck, kissing my sweet spot tenderly. He had only waiter a couple of seconds before gliding his tongue over it, making my spine shiver rather than his. One thing that I noticed lately is that Peter is taking more control, even though his nervousness was still as clear as day.

“Peter..” I rasped, holding the back of his head. “Don’t stop.”

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