but my heart just gets me into sticky situations

Interim Pt.1

So my plans are for this to be a threeshot, and  hopefully the rest should be up *pretty* soon, but I am still in the middle of my GCSE’s so ofc it’s a bit hectic right now. 

But anyways I hope you enjoy! The parts that follow are better I promise. *distant and ugly sobbing* 

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ɪnt(ə)rɪm / noun
1. the intervening time.
synonyms: meantime, meanwhile, interval, interlude; interregnum

Your alarm goes off at the most ungodly hour in the morning, and as much as you love Fall Out Boy, the heavy tones are not exactly what you want ripping you from your slumber at 6am.

Why did you set it as your alarm then, dummy?

‘Oh shut up.’ You mumble to yourself, and you’re finally sure it’s the continuous early mornings which are making you delirious.

You stumble up and out of bed, blindly searching for the light switch, and you hiss when you find it, the bright white light burning your eye sockets.

But the early mornings are now routine, and it doesn’t take long for you to be up and out of your apartment, showered and already dreading the day ahead of you.

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