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Do you have any drawing tips I love your work

oh wow i’m probably not the best to give advie but i’ll try:

  • a tip i learned from my wife hannah hoffman  - no more free days. like her i use the app don’t break the chain to make sure i practice everyday. i only started getting serious about art 80 days ago, and i got my drawing tablet and started doing digital art 75 days ago. but since then i’ve practiced everyday, and that really helps.

  • get inspiration from others. i follow lots of people who do arts, and that really inspires me. when you’re starting it’s very hard to figure out how you wanna draw things (all my drawings still look like they’re drawn by different people so that takes a while)
  • try not to be too hard on yourself. a lot of times it can feel like everyone is better than you, and that you’re never going to improve. well there will always be people who are better than you. try to see it as motivation instead of discouragement. sometimes it will be hard to draw, but try not to get too mad at yourself about it (this has been the first day in like a week where i’ve been able to draw something i liked. there will always be ups and downs)

good luck with drawing! also if you ever want me to see something feel free to tag me in it (also getting tagged i things makes me so happy cause people remember me and care enough about me to tag me in something?)

(also i realise these aren’t really about actually drawing but more general advice. sorry. i hope it was helpful) 

Weekly Planners

More printables! Yay! Can’t believe i’ve 1000 notes on my first printables post, and I’ve reached 0.5K followers!!!! So here’s a little something for y’all :)

  • Weekly Log Printables (download here)
  • Weekly Planner Printables (download here)

hope you guys find them useful xx do tag me in your posts @studious-annabeth or #studious-annabeth when you’re using them!! I really wanna see how these help you guys :) feel free to ask any questions & do send me suggestions on what printables to do next or any feedback on these printables. wooo!!

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help, i havent played a pokémon game in like almost 20 years. the last one was yellow version on gameboy color... anyway going on a long trip and my girlfriend offered me her game system and my choice of pokémon games. what would you recommend: sun, y, or omega ruby? i wanna play but im like what?

Hello friend! I’m happy to help you!

Given that selection of games, my advice would be Y first, followed by Omega Ruby and then Sun. These games take place in an alternate dimension from the original Pokemon universe, one where Pokemon are capable of things like Mega Evolution and Z moves. (A character in Omega Ruby references the original universe when she speaks of the consequences of sending a meteor into another dimension.)

So you can kind of think of this series as a reboot, with ORAS being prequels to XY and SuMo being sequels. Only you should play Y first so that you’ll understand some of the references in Omega Ruby. Y also has one of the largest selections of Pokémon in any Pokémon game. There were so many to catch that I actually had to stop and just focus on the storyline during my first run of the game.

I hope you enjoy them, and have a safe trip!

I don’t wanna sound ungrateful but when more than 2/3 of your notes are likes you just get a little irritated, don’t you? What is it with the ‘like but don’t reblog’ culture here? If you like art, please share it, show it to your followers and friends.

And no I’m not whining for notes and attention here. Exposure is something that helps and motivates artists, it can help them get feedback, find people who like their art so much they send in pompts/requests or want to do colabs. And it also just motivates them.

So please please please when you like someones art, also give them a reblog. It’s like putting a foto up on your wall for people to see instead of throwing it in a drawer and forgetting about it.


I can’t believe I actually have 5000+ followers…please tell me it isn’t a dream

I love you guys …ahhhh

underline are some friends I REALLY love and thank you for being yourself. MANY WORDS please be careful if you wanna read 



@sanspar my fav senpai , thank you for leading me to this fontcest hell , you are so nice and precious . I will keep following you wherever you go(´;ω;`)

@sugarshower I think I tag you so many times XD but I REALLY LOVE YOU , you are amazing and gentle , kinda shy and cute  (*´艸`*) My heart doki doki for you so many times. Knowing you is one of the best things in my life sugae.

@sinkka Talking with you everyday makes me so happy , I can’t help but always giggle when reading your message, they can always make my day. I will always be your lil peridot <3

 @yuniepie  you are so adorable and I always want to hug you (ノ∀`*).Your sans  are the cutest thing in this world.and Studying is hard but I will be here to listen if you want.Remember to take rest!

@papssicles I met you when I was new on tumblr , it’s you let me became more confident .Really love to do art chain with you XD thoes just too cute and funny! Bro,you still can pitch my cheek whenever you want

@buttercupsticksnlicks smol team!! I will fight for you!! your paps are hot af .You are super nice+adorable.I wish I can cuddle you one day

@blueberrycomcerejeira you are so gentle and a little shy. I really love your art.Those comics always can catch my heart like omg my nose is bleeding 

@yumisaki-san you little cat devil …too cute (つд⊂)  you and @lizherubones made me wanna pet a cat at home so hard. I WILL PET YOU ONE DAY(NO CINI)

@rennycadensfw I am sorry that it’s so late Q///Q but I really like your character design. You and your art are so pretty (〃∀〃) < loves for you!

@ursik-l-in-junk-mind SMOL TEAM  AND I LOVE YOU you are a chill pal and I am so happy to know you , your comics/video always hit my feels so hard.Even between us is a sea(?), it can’t stop my love for you and your arts.

@endercatt I FUCKRINGG LOVE CAT COME HERE so happy to meet you!! you are such a adorable person(CAT?) it would be so nice to surrounded by you…again 6///6(?

@fontsandsins words can’t describe how much I love your buttontale AU and your paps.you made me watch “Coraline” and damn…it’s a amazing movie! I ship your button!pap and my spooky!sans so much ……. you are so hot

@downtothebonezone thank you for always supporting me and reblogging my works Q////Q it really means a lot to me.you are too wonderful to this world*hugs and kisses*

@aunderita you need to stop using your comics’ cuteness to attack me dude.And some of them hurt me so badly…Q///Q.but keep going! I would like to see more your works to hurt me heart 

@saltyglowsticks thank you so much for giving that sad headcanaon , it’s really fun and hurt to draw it out at the same time.But I still love it so much.MY CHILD <3 !

@sinfulbones It’s really fun to talk to you ε٩(๑> ₃ <)۶з ! and your works are amazing !you are full of energy! it’ s really great (๑´ڡ`๑) keep going my friend ><!

 ——–pic is inspired by [Its a Secret -Yume Nikki Secret Easter Egg]———

How to handle a really really bad day

When you have a really really bad day you can either go sleeping all day coz you dont wanna face this goddamn filthy world full of disappointing people 

Or…you can go do the following for a change:

 1) Shopping

It helps believe me it does, when you are pissed at something and wanna punch someone in the face just let it go and go shopping

2) Dye/Cut your hair, do some change

I know you guys will probably be like, dye/cut my hair every time Im pissed at someone? I’ll be dyeing or cutting my hair everyday! well what I mean is make some change in your style that you always wanted to see in yourself but delayed


Hell! It works! Dancing really friggin works to calm you down believe me, its your happy place!

4) Or you know, snap! and set your mother’s boyfriend on fire and kill 15 students in high school, I guess that works too