but my first try at one of these

Well, Edward’s a very, very remarkable man…one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. And he wanted to fit in. So he watched the previous thirteen films (and) decided to try and look a little like David Burke, as much as he could, bless him. So he put on a rug, I mean a toupee, and, umm - and put lifts in his heels. And the first film we shot together was “The Abbey Grange”. And we were running across a field, and he, he…these heels were too high so he was slipping and sliding. And I said, ‘Oh, Edward, take them out! I’ll bend my knees for the rest of the film!’

Jeremy Brett

(On the subject of Edward Hardwicke replacing David Burke as Watson).

The plan.

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent recently, but I’m having issues with my computer and it’s really ruins the fun of playing games when any time you try to play your whole computer freezes up and you lose any unsaved progress and have to restart.

As I mentioned in this post, I’m in the process of getting a few new parts for my computer including a new CPU, new graphics card, and new harddrive. But as per usual I tripped over my own stupidity and ordered the wrong version of the GPU I wanted, so I had to contact the company and hope they’d take it back so I could order the right one.

At first they refused to refund/return the card because I had opened the box it came in — which I had to open it to know it was the wrong card because both versions of the card have almost identical boxes — but after arguing with them about it for a few days they finally agreed to allow me to send it back. They haven’t said for sure whether they’re going to refund it but I’m guessing they just want to make sure it’s not damaged or used in any way before they agree to refund/replace it.

Without that card I can’t really do much at the moment without my PC freaking out. Pretty much all I can do is run TS4 CC free. If I try to add all my old CC back or play a more graphic-intense game like WoW, the GPU I currently have overheats and the whole computer just goes “Nope.”

SO! The plan right now is to just lay low for a bit, still keep up with Lusk Life (provided the PC doesn’t get any worse) and wait to hear back from the company about the card. Then if I can get a refund/return, I’ll be even more absent for a few days while I install all the new parts and then completely reformat my harddrives and start fresh.

But until then; I hope everyone has a great week and happy simming =D

but it’s like-
the night throbs in my veins sometimes
and i don’t know what to do with this energy?
it isn’t my heart, no, not that, not anything known,
but it flows like blood would and i want to leap out of the window-
i want to meet the stars / i want to tell them that the night
isn’t the darkest place that i’ve been but even when i’m there
somehow starlight still guides me.

l.s. | it flows like blood would © 2017

NCT-127 Reaction To You Practicing A Dance With Another Member

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted, I’ve been busy with college and such, and I don’t have access to a laptop at the moment so I can’t add gifs or update my masterlist 😓 I’ll focus on texts/scenarios this week then reactions when I have my laptop back, and update everything!

Being the eldest, he’d probably be understanding and mature about it, but also a bit dissapointed you didn’t come to him first. He’d try and get your attention by joking around, wanting to be the one you paid attention to.

Johnny seems like he’d be the most open about his jealousy, directly telling you he wanted you to practice with him - although he trusted you and the other members, he wanted you to come to him so he could practice with you. Despite his jealousy, he wouldn’t be mad - he just wanted you to know he could help just as well as the others.

Taeyong would be similar to Taeil in that he’d be mature about the situation, dissapointed you hadn’t come to him first but also understanding that you wanted to practice with someone else, or found them first. He’d try and offer to practice with you more often so you knew you could come to him. When you did take up on his offer he’d be secretly pleased, trying to hide his smile now that you got to dance with him.

Being as extra as he is, Yuta wouldn’t say anything at first, but make a point of showing off his dance skills in front of you - and making sure they were always what he considered sexy, subtly making eye contact to try and show you were missing out on. When you finally came to him, he’d be happy to practice with you but would make a point of picking up on small details, things you were doing wrong or could improve, or what he could do better than whoever you were practicing with.

When he first found out, he wouldn’t react but if you asked him to practice with you or tried to join him, he’d be defensive and ask if he was good enough for you now, or something similar. Aside from the joking, his jealousy wouldn’t be too bad and he’d understand that you could get more help from those in the group better at dancing, but if you ever needed vocal help - he’d put himself forward first.

Another one of those more obvious about his jealousy, he’d come and tell you he wanted to practice with you. He, like Johnny, wouldn’t be mad, but would want to spend time with you and get you to smile. He’d try and practice with you, but you’d end up being distracted by his adorable smile and jokey attitude - he’d just be glad you’d cone to practice with him.

Rather than saying anything, Winwin would be kind of clingy, trying to get you to spend time with him rather than practing with another member. When you were taking a break, he’d come up to you and put his arms round you, letting you lean on him - but if you tried to get up he’d pull you back and tell you to spend time with him, only letting you get up when you promised to practice with him.

Mark would be jealous, but would keep quiet about it. Being young, he wouldn’t want to come across clingy or easily jealous, or offend you or whoever you decided to practice with. When you caught on to his feelings, he’d admit them and you’d be able to joke with him - making sure you came to him next time.

Being the savage kid he is, Haechan would probably just roast whoever you’d practiced the dance with, saying he could teach you better - or you were doing it wrong because you’d had such a terrible teacher. If you called him out and suggested he was jealous he’d deny it and joke he was just looking out for you so that you could getter better - which you would if you practiced with him, he’d assure.

Requests are open for NCT-U and 127!

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What are some of your favourite quotes in Old Norse and/or Icelandic?

Sæll (eða sæl), vinur,
(Hello, friend,)

Great question! Here are my three particular favorites:

First, the quote that I try my best to live my life by:

Hávamál, stanza 26, line 1 
(from GKS 2365 4to 3v, line 20):

“Ósnotr maðr þykkist allt vita.”
An unwise man thinks he knows all.

I find this quote of advice to be very important, especially for those actively seeking knowledge on a daily basis. Yet, it is important for everyone to understand, because the world is far too complex for a single person to know everything.

Next up is one of the most powerful statements I have read so far in a saga, partly because I feel that the author’s own words are reaching out to the reader through Njáll Þorgeirsson in this moment:

Brennu-Njáls saga, Njáll Þorgeirsson, chapter 70
(from Möðruvallabók, AM 132 fol. 25v, lines 29-30b):

“…með lögum skal land vart byggja en ólögum eyða.”
…with law our land shall rise, but it will be destroyed with lawlessness.

Lastly, there is the very emotional quote from Guðrún Ósvifsdóttir, which I recently posted about:

Laxdæla saga, Guðrún Ósvifsðóttir, chapter 78
(from Möðruvallabók, AM 132 fol. 194v, lines 32-33b):

“Þeim var ek verst er ek unna mest.”
I was the worst to the one whom I loved the most.

Not only do I find it to be deeply emotional and realistic, but I find it to be a glimpse into the genius and richness of the literary tradition seen in Iceland during this time.

I have a few others, but those are my absolute favorites at the moment. This one also comes pretty close, though, but context does help with its impact:

Brennu-Njáls saga, Höskuldur Hvítanesgoði, chapter 111:
(from Möðruvallabók, AM 132 fol. 39v, line 2a):

“Guð hjálpi mér en fyrirgefi yðr.”
May God help me and forgive you.

Anyway, thanks for asking! I quite enjoyed thinking about what my favorite quotes were so far, and I do hope others enjoy some of them as well!

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)

Bye Bye Chocolate

I have decided to give up Chocolate for Lent. 

You all know my love for the ‘bad’ things in life; chocolate, red meat, wine, men from the MCU. And my love for the first one in particular has meant my waistline has been expanding more than i would like to admit.

Now, i’m not religious, BUT, i feel that if i can give up chocolate for the duration of Lent (28th February to 15th April - about 6 weeks), this will help my health a huge amount.

In real life i am one of those people that everyone knows LOVES chocolate, and even if i say “I’m trying to be good” i get replies of “Oh go on, have a little bit”. But if i say “No i’ve given up Chocolate for Lent” people shut the fuck up and respect my decision (weird fuckers).

So, will anyone join me in being slightly healthy and perhaps give something up for six weeks as moral support?  Anyone with me?

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Cresco Amor

So I have been trying to start writing little things here and there and decided to give this a shot. I wanted to explore slow, burn, pre-official MSR with my own personal ideas of the season 6-7 timeline and what I think may have been happening behind the scenes leading to … well, everything. Totally innocent (at this point), nothing explicit here. This is (hopefully) going to be the first of many stories. But that all depends on my motivation and bursts of quasi-creativity.

Somewhere in Nevada, heading east

October 30, 1998

“I do want to stop.”

“Mmk” she responded groggily rubbing her eyes and reaching for the folded map in the glove box. “I think there’s a motel about 20 miles or so ahead, small town called Littlefield.”

“No. I mean stop. Get out of the car… eventually”

“Oh.” She said simply, realizing his meaning. “That’s… good, Mulder.” She looked out of the window into the darkness wondering what she would be seeing if it were daylight. It was a barren desert which they had been driving through for two hours now, since they were turned away from Area 51.

“I just cant stop now, Scully. Not with everything that’s been taken from us.”

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The Field by Gimmie

[1625w | General]

When he turned back to the field, he zoned in on the sudden appearance of Derek Hale, being led by the hand toward the meadow. He looked hesitant, but the girl was smiling with her head tilted and persuading him, pulling him along. Stiles stopped eating, stopped breathing, and stared as the older boy that he always noticed, as if he had a radar that could detect his presence, was finally led onto the field. The delay was not for lack of trying by the human girls of Beacon Hills High.

Stiles had been dreading this day for years.

Note: Here’s my first rec that’s over the set limit (just over 700 kudos), but I just love this one so fucking much, okay? TvT (It’s actually the one I had in mind when I made the ‘I may, occasionally, rec something over the limit’ caveat.)

It involves a mating run at school where werewolves chase the person they want to be their mate, but only if the person decides to step onto ‘the field’ of their own accord. And maybe, just maybe, Derek’s waiting for a certain someone to gather the courage ;^) Fluffy goodness!

Duty of Care

Prompt: A selection of times the Reader looked after Leonard. 

Pairing: Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Warnings: Drinking? Mentions of divorce? Swearing? Heated moment in the middle but not full on smut? 

Note: My first try at a Star Trek AOS fic so sorry if slightly out of character. It was also a bit longer and bit angstier than I expected. 

You hesitated outside the Medbay for a moment before a glance at the time forced you in. Christine looked up as you entered and wordlessly pointed to the office at the back. Giving a nod of acknowledgement, you crossed the room to it, the door shutting behind you. 

Leonard sat at his desk, head bowed and brows furrowed as he glared at the PADD. Dark shadows sat under his eyes and he ran a weary hand through his hair. “You need to rest,” you said, breaking the silence. 

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This is a hc: but I was watching legends of tomorrow and I was like what if reader was formerly/ a retired member of the batfam and she's telling them stuff like "Bank robbers don't scare me I dealt with much worse at 13" and some other passive aggressive stuff because she's irritated because a man came into her house on her 22nd birthday and literally kidnaped her to convince her to save the world like she left the hero business after Jay died and now she's back in it.

- She’s legit the saltiest mofo in the group. 

- They don’t quite know her background in the beginning. She’s fairly vague on her history and where she picked up her skills. 

- She probably says really cryptic one-liners “I fucking hate clowns.”, “Does it come in black?”, “Mad man trying to take over the city? Please I’ve been taking down jokers like this since before I had my first crush.”

- Rumors spread among the groups as to who exactly this badass is. The rumors get increasingly wild and over the top until she finally tell them her story (an abridged version) and how she used to run with Batman. 

- They ask who Batman is and she gives them a different answer every time. Clark Kent, the mayor of Gotham, Bruce Wayne, George Clooney, the Joker. They aren’t sure if she’s ever given them the right answer. 

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Why is Louis your favorite VC character?

Oh, god, Anon, you ask the easy questions don’t you?

Well, I suppose I should start by saying that I understand why he *isn’t* a fave for many people. Louis isn’t the flashiest (sweaters), or the strongest (so very very HU-MON), or the most active (what is initiative?) or talkative (ONE book). Even characters who “love” him so often default to recommending him based on his looks or a fetishization of his supposedly human qualities, which is a pretty boring surface interpretation.

I’m not going to try and persuade people, because the characters we love are so often personal to us. I’m also not going to bend on this, for the same reason; he’s *my* fave, for many, many, many reasons.

I could go the easy route, and say Louis was one of the first queer characters I ever saw. One of the first depressed characters I ever saw depicted *sympathetically.* One of the first I saw with a complicated understanding of his own emotions and femininity and place in society.

One with intense and consuming sensory experiences, distracting lights and sensuality and the confusion of a whole world, more intense than any vampire than perhaps Daniel. (The one vampiric ability on which he *wasn’t* short-changed.)


I adore Louis because… Well, we know he’s pretty, and he’s intelligent, and he sets things on fire, and his love is constant and enduring. Nice.

But what is all of that, in practice? In books constructed with their own inherent biases and speakers? For me, something to crack apart and think about.

He must, I think, have positive social qualities far beyond being oh-so-lovely. The entire series from about 1790 onward wouldn’t make much sense if he weren’t genuinely pleasant to be around. Pretty doesn’t last decades, and Lestat, Claudia, Armand, and even Daniel at points wanted him in their lives permanently and exclusively–to the point of massive upheavals in the remaining known fragments of their people. He’s *charming,* in an unconscious way that can’t be taught or feigned; he certainly doesn't see it himself, describing himself repeatedly as “ordinary” and being often surprised by the lengths others are willing to go to try and possess him. For him, others’ desires seem to be something of an absurd mystery, and often dangerous or painful as well as irrational. Given what we know about the characters who love him, I’m inclined to believe he’s possessed of a calming vibe, something quiet and nonthreatening and inviting, something very different from the violent predatory sexuality that many vampires wear on the surface.

Not that he *isn’t* a predator–not that he isn’t the most dangerous and random of them all *to humans,* before Lestat’s edicts put an end to the individualistic hunting practices of his subjects and instead imposed exactly the sort of artificial morality Louis long ago decided didn’t work for him. BUT I DIGRESS THERE.

I think Louis attracts many fellow vampires because he is calming to their traumas and anxieties; he *feels* safe and gentle. This is a thing that I find very attractive, myself, and also very real.

People see me, in real life where my words don’t take on a hard edge so easily, as soft. Soft, soft, all rounded edges, gentle and safe and harmless. Deceptively lacking in guile, lacking in *something* they expect. I seem sweetly vacant, on first and third meeting. I know the very Southern art of refusing by lack of engagement, dodging a suit or a favor by acting too innocent to realize it’s being pressed. It’s–helpful, when others decide to treat me like an object available for consumption.

Because, like Louis, I’m not *strong* in a physical way or *powerful* in a sociopolitical way. I can’t do the equivalent of setting people who hurt or control me on fire with my mind. Hell, I can’t even get anyone to socially sanction them. Like Louis, father to a legally murdered daughter and husband to an abusive man, I will never see justice for many, many things.

But I will live.

I have and will continue to find people who love me, and places that are comparatively safe. I will grow and read and think.

I won’t give in and die, even though it hurts. I’ll fight in ways others can’t see or understand. And sometimes I’ll compromise.

And Louis has a lovely smile, and a wry sense of humor, and the ability to dress beautifully in silk and lace on nights when he has the energy. On nights he doesn’t, he still gets by.

He still cares for people, and if he can’t forgive himself his evils and his choices, he can at least live with them.

We should all be so lucky.

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"please talk to me" for Kylux maybe?

(You got it! Canonverse for this one.)

Ren’s outbursts are, by and large, exaggerated, mostly by Hux himself, mostly to try and humiliate Ren out of doing it again. They’re costly and look terrible on the First Order, and the subordinates who witness them come away frightened, sure, but maybe not as confident in the self-control abilities of their superiors as they could be. Hux is determined to make them stop for good, but even he has to admit that Ren isn’t the whirlwind rage monster that he is rumored to be.

Except for now. Something, something has sparked a complete takeover of Ren’s senses, making his as violent and careless and bestial as Hux has complained that he is to anyone who will listen.

“Ren. Ren!” In any moment of doubt, Hux will opt for the offense as his defense. “Ren, you are to stop that this once–”

If Ren hears him, he makes no indication of it. The wall paneling is fucked, no doubt about it. “Ren!” He knows better than to get in front of him, in any capacity put himself within Ren’s reach. He’s seen Ren in combat, both practice and real-life, and knows how graceful he is, how skilled. None of that is evident in this. He’s not using his saber as a weapon to duel, he’s just trying to inflict maximum damage, regardless of how clumsy and unmeasured.

Ren pauses, to catch his breath, and Hux makes his move.

“Talk to me. Please talk to me.” The please catches them both completely by surprise. They have maybe never had a conversation that wasn’t directed by commands, or at best, sarcastic requests. It jolts Ren enough to actually obey.

“Snoke is displeased.”

“With what?”

“With me. With everything I’ve done, everything wrong, so many things in so little time after so long of doing everything right-”

“This isn’t going to help anything,” Hux says firmly. 

“It helps me,” Ren says, not a retort, just a simple response. So simple that he maybe sounds sad, though with that vocoder this is all just projection.

“There have to be other ways–” And here Hux thinks he is going to throw all the usual barbs, insult him, demean him, belittle him, grind him under his heel like he has wanted to from the moment they met, and yet he can’t, he can’t do it. “There are other ways you can help yourself. Or maybe. I. Can. Help you.”

It comes out so poorly, sounds so ridiculous. Hux hates the way his uncertainty tastes. It coats his mouth. Until Ren seems to really look at him–again, projection, he really can’t know–and says, “All right.”

Doesn’t ask how. Just agrees.

It is a strange feeling. Not in a bad way.

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So let's just say that two siblings fall underground. The game happens and near the end, one of the siblings DIE. The other sibling is just completely crying and hugging the lifeless body of their sibling. The sibling ALMOST killed Flowey since he caused the death of their sibling. How would the UT main 4 react? (wow i hit you with angst on my first ask lol)

WOOOOOOOOOOW. Okay, since its the end of the game I’m assuming they’re all there together, so I’m gonna write it for the group.

Papyrus is crying too, very hard and is trying to comfort the kid. Suddenly the kid gets up and is running straight at the flower, holding a weapon in a clenched fist with a luck of murder in their eyes, and suddenly Papyrus and is yelling for them to stop, don’t do it, don’t kill anyone! He refuses to drop the other one, but the kid just keeps striking and striking and Papyrus knows that Flowey is a terrible thing but he can’t stand seeing anyone hurt like this, and so he yells for Sans to do something. 

Sans isn’t in a great way either, he can’t believe the kid is dead, not to mention who knows who’s next? BUt Papyrus’ voice snaps him out of it, and he uses his magic to levitate the kid away from Flowey.

Undyne is seeing red, she’s so furious, who the hell is this flower punk, he just made the mistake of hurting her friends, he’s gonna- and then she looks over to see Alphys.

The dino gal is trying to help Papyrus comfort the poor kid, but she’s shaking all over. She’s so scared. She just watched on of the few people who might consider her a friend die, and now she’s worried that any of them might be next. She feels guilty somehow, like she should’ve done more to help, why is she alwasy so useless. Undyne realizes this’ll only get worse if she throws herself into danger. Not to mention Papyrus might never forgive her. So she joins Sans in helping defend the three (formerly four) behind them, rather than rushing forward to attack.

Eventually Papyrus and Alphys help comfort the kid into at least mobility, and they manage to finish the run, sparing Flowey even though every fiber in their being wants to tear his petals off and make him choke on them. 

All four of them help the kid out as much as they can in the coming days. 


So last night I decided for the first time ever to try deadlifting with the smith machine… It’s something I’ve been nervous about this hole time for two reasons. First one was because I don’t know the proper way to do it and was afraid to look like an ass and the second was being nervous of hurting my back. Well, I now feel like my back is becoming strong enough to handle it and I don’t give a shit anymore if I look like an ass or not… The fact of the matter is I’m trying to do it!
But I am willing to take and tip and pointers on deadlifting techniques. Feel free to give your opinion… I’m actually asking for it this time. LoL
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What is your opinion on the binder you have? (a review, if you will)

(Note: I would show you photos but I’ve already worn it for about six hours today and I don’t really want to put it on again until tomorrow, I’m trying to let my body get used to it first.)

I own a black gc2b half-binder and one thing I have to say is that it’s EXTREMELY comfortable. I would compare it to wearing a swimsuit; it’s nowhere near as tight as I thought it would be and I can breathe and move comfortably which is quite nice. 

It also binds very well and this definitely surprised me since I have a slightly larger chest, naturally I can’t get completely flat because I’m not the skinniest but I don’t really mind, it looks perfectly fine when I have a shirt on anyway so I don’t need to worry. 

When it came through the letterbox I might have cried just a bit because I was so happy, then I ran upstairs to try it on and I was like


and I wanted to cry for the opposite reason because it didn’t look the way I thought it would. Then I kind of adjusted things around a bit and I was like


Later on I went out in it for a couple of hours, and at one point when I was in a shop I was referred to as “that hot guy with red hair” and I was like

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Before you ask, yes, the first time I put it on I did get stuck.

Favorite (Katlaska) Chapter 6 - Aliena

AN: Sorry about the long wait for this chapter, work’s been really busy lately.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for the lovely comments. I love writing this fic, and it makes me so happy that you like it.

If you’re looking for chapter 5, check the author tag instead of the story tag, because I’ve realised I tagged chapter 5 favourite instead of favorite (a result of English not being my first language, being taught to spell things the British way, and trying to use American spelling for American fandoms). But it’s all there under the aliena tag. It’s also up on AO3 now.

Just one more chapter to go after this one!

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Fanwork Appreciation Day

So it’s apparently Fanwork Appreciation Day in big bold letters and I don’t know where to start omg. I could just link the entire Stormpilot/Jedistormpilot tag on ao3 since that would probably be easier. Like there’s so much good work out there, so many fics that I always think about and come back to. So I’m going to try and list my continuing fave authors (and an artist!) on here, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up forgetting somebody at some point.

I suppose the first one is obviously @animalasaysrauer or TuppingLiberty on ao3. Just about everything she touches turns into something incredible, but her Organa’s Organics series is so long and heartfelt and incredible. Idk how she got me with a farming au but she got me.

@beautifullights1 is honestly the best commenter you want on a fic, but anyway. The everyone has scars series keeps tricking me into rereading bits and pieces of it again and again. Like it accidentally became a permanent fixture in my ever growing Stormpilot library and I don’t know how it got there or when but it’s there now and it’s never leaving.

@nekosmuse is hard to forget because she showed up like in the middle of the year like a whirlwind just like “SHOW ME EVERYTHING” and then she started writing and Superluminal Motion ruined my life. I’ve been waiting for a really good “Finn gets reconditioned in the FO again” fic and WOW this is it this is everything omg.

@cha-llamala aka QianLan is a difficult mess because EVERYTHING is so good and she writes so so so so much and it’s all SO good like I’m here for every second of it. Okay here just go read Bound (handcuffed together) and Kill Shot (assassin turns bodyguard) and Magic (werecreature soulmate thing ????) and just get back to me when you can okay. I think about these ALL the time. Just. Okay.

@imaginarygolux … AHHHHHHHHHH okay there’s a lot. there’s a whole lot. it’s okay. I would be absolutely lying if I said I didn’t remember her solely as the author of the Fractured Fairy Tale AU’s which is exactly what it sounds like but there’s also Morning Glories about all sorts of morning sex and Life Debt about a life debt duh and The Emperor and his Consort omg and and Like Attracts Like where they can’t get too far from one another and and seriously, read everything.

@topographical-map-of-utah is another one of my fave authors that I accidentally found on tumblr one day (yay) but I don’t know where to start. Go read the Along Came Baby series which is a modern baby au and the first fic is so good honestly but anyway go read that to start off with and then read all the others and then we’ll talk. Oh oh and Catch of the Day about mer!Poe. It’s a wip but AHHHHHHHHHHHH etc.

There’s a lot of fanart out there but I love @saraduvall and her Witch AU so much that I ended up writing a fic about it and I’m seriously considering updating.

There are so many great works that are stand alones or by authors that I don’t know. It would take a few days for me to make a whole new rec list of amazing fics because there’s so many. What I listed here is from people that I know are on tumblr, people who are awesome and deserve all the love in the world. I know there’s a lot of people out there that I know on tumblr and ao3 but I don’t realize that they’re the same person or something???? that happens a lot. So if I had the time to do research and include everyone, I would. So thank you to all the authors and artists and folks out there who MAKE these incredible things FOR FREE just all the time and are absolutely great people. Also, equally important, a big thank you to all of the consumers of said fics and art and what not, to all the commenters and leavers of kudos, we love you.

AHHHHH I love you all okay I’m done.

Dear Jack

I am begging you, please do not take your video “Let’s Talk!” Down. You are the only youtuber thus far who has had the guts to speak on behalf of us who were upset by Felix’s actions. You didn’t make jokes about being “triggered”, you didn’t try to justify, you were just factual.
These past few days, the scandal has hurt me personally. I am a Jew who has had my home defaced with swastikas, who has been called a k**e more times than I can count. You were the only one to point out how bad the culture around anti-semitism has gotten due to reccent events.

Jack, I have cried a lot over how my friends and heroes have reacted to this. Last night was the first time I felt that any of my heroes had my back, an it was you. Please don’t back down! At least don’t take down that video.