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‘Ello, studyblr! Maths (or Math, whatever) can be quite / extremely / obscenely frustrating at times and very simple at others and it’s sort of hard to find a bridge between that. You can’t exactly cram for it either or study in under a week for finals so after flunking my first term epicly, I came up with a strategy of sorts and now my grade’s an A+ (yay!!). Anyway, thought I’d share ‘cause this shit could have saved me a lot of tears.

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Stop Apologizing

Intro: My inspiration for this piece comes from a nap I took the other day.  I was feeling especially anxious and was curled in my bed, trying to take a nap, my arms wrapped around my pillow.  You know those pillows that have like arms and are meant to act as like a back rest for when you are sitting on your bed?  Yeah I had my arms wrapped around one of the arms and I thought it felt weird (yet very comfortable), like I had my arms wrapped around someone’s leg…. and voila!  You will see what I mean when you read this.  

Pairing: Bones x Reader (I promise more Kirk x reader to come!)

Word Count: 1904

Triggers: Fluff, awkwardness, nothing else

Summary: So basically the preface for this story is that Bones and the reader are classmates at the Academy and have become really close friends, studying together all the time.  The reader secretly loves Bones, but doesn’t say anything lest he not return the feelings and it ruins the friendship (yes very overdone plotline I know).  But one day it all changes…


You felt warm and cozy as you pulled your pillow closer to your face, your arms wrapped around it tightly.  Snuggling your face into it you recoiled at the harsh texture of the material digging into your skin.  Lifting your head from the bed, you squinted your eyes against the light of the beside lamp and looked around, your eyes landing on a figure lying in the bed beside you.  

It was your best friend and fellow future doctor, Leonard, sitting slightly propped up against the headboard, a book in his hand.  He noticed you stirring and dropped the book a little, giving you a small smile. 

“Good morning, princess.” He teased and you could only squint up at him. 

It was in that moment that you realized that it was not a pillow that you had your arms wrapped around and face pressed against; it was Leonard’s jean-clad leg.  You froze in embarrassment, your eyes fully opening now as you realized the intimacy of your position.  You had your shins pressed up against the headboard, your knees at a 90 degree angle, and were laying on your side, the front of your body pressed against Leonard, your head near his knees and your arms wrapped around his thigh.  Only when you shifted did you realize that he had draped an arm over the back of your thighs, his hand resting on the bed just beside your butt.  

You rolled over, quickly pulling yourself from the intimate embrace and sat at the edge of the bed, your cheeks flaming in embarrassment and from the feeling of his arm draped against the bare skin of your thighs.  You took in a couple of shaky breaths before turning to face him, pulling your knees to your chest protectively.  

“How long was I asleep?” You asked, and rubbed at the sleep in your eyes. 

“6 or 7 hours.” Leonard responded non-chalantly, looking especially charming in his black-rimmed reading glasses.  

“7 HOURS!” You yelped in disbelief and looked at the clock, it was true, it was 7 hours later. 

You had come into Leonard’s quarters to study with him for the upcoming exam on alien anatomy, and had studied successfully for a few hours before you decided to do some independent reading.  You had lain down on your stomach beside him, your face propped up on your elbows, reading, your eyes getting heavy as the words blurred together, and you must have fallen asleep using Leonard as a pillow.  

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BTS reaction to their s/o calling them oppa

“Hi there!! <3 May I please request BTS reaction to you calling them oppa for the very first time? Thanks a lot and take your time- Anonymous”

Yay! Another reaction request! Guys send in other requests as well. I do reactions and scenarios too! send in some reactions requests too Pretty please? Lets get on with this! I hope you like this anon <3 Again I apologize for the delay. 


He was sitting in the living room, flipping through channels. “Jin, can you please help me?” you called from the kitchen. That did not get his attention. “OPPA!” you screamed. As soon as he heard that word he was out of his seat and running towards the kitchen. “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” he asked. “I was asking if you could open this box for me, it’s shut really tight” you pleaded. “I will, if you call me oppa again” You sighed. In the cutest voice you could muster “Oppa, can you please open this for me” you said. “ He gave you a kiss on the forehead and proceeded towards opening the jar of cookies. (ignore the mic in the gif)

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Yoongi was as usual taking a nap, after a hard day at work. He hadn’t eaten anything, and as soon as he came home he dropped on the couch and fell deep alseep. You did not want to disturb him, so you decided on cooking something for him, and in the meantime he could sleep. You crouched down to the level of the couch. “Oppa, wake up. I made you soup. Eat some and then go to sleep”. His eyes shot open. “Did I just hear you call me oppa?” You nodded while handing him the bowl of soup. He smiled and kissed you on the cheek. “You should do it more often” 

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He was practicing the choreography in the rehearsal studio. You brought a change of clothes and some snacks for him since he was working very hard. The music was loud. You tried getting his attention by calling his name, but he was too immersed in dancing. You turned down the music a little “Oppa, I brought your change of clothes and some food” He immediately stopped dancing. “He took the clothes from your hand and threw them on the floor. He grabbed you by the waist and gave you a sweet kiss. He then started jumping around in excitement “Finally, I never thought I would hear that word” 

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Namjoon was cleaning around the dorm, when you came in. You felt bad for him since he usually had to clean up after the boys. His back was facing you, so you wrapped your arms around his waist and said “Oppa you work so hard all day, you should rest when you get home” He dropped the vase he was cleaning. He looked at you wide eyed. “ Jagi, thank you” was all he said and he planted a soft kiss on your forehead, before rushing to get the broom. “Watch out for the glass baby” he called out to you. 

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Taehyung wanted to cuddle with you, so he was bothering you. Your exams were coming up and you needed to study, but Tae was being a distraction. “Oppa, I would love nothing more than cuddling with you, but I have tons of work to do” He stopped talking and went silent. “Are you okay?” you asked him in concern. “My dream just came true” he told you ina trance like state. “What dream?” “I dreamt for days that you would call me oppa, and you just did” he said (being extra as always) You just let him be, because he would distract you even more if you indulged in a conversation.

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You and Jimin were out and about, shopping around for things. You were in a flower shop, and you saw the most beautiful chrysanthemum flowers. In excitement you called Jimin  over “Oppa! look at these flowers” you said in awe. Jimin simply smiled and kept on looking at you. His heart was beating really fast and he didnt think you could look any more beautiful in you awestruck state“Not as beautiful as you look right now” he whispered while kissing your temple gently. He then grabbed your hand and exited the shop.

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Jungkook was in the dorm living room, playing video games. You were sitting on the couch next to him, reading a book. He looked over to you for a second and smiled to himself. You noticed and in your immersed state you said “ Oppa, stop looking at me like that. I need to read, you are distracting me” Jungkook dropped the controller from his hand. He turned to you and gave you an incredulous look “Ummm… jagiya its okay that you called me oppa now, but dont ever call me that again. Its very awkward.” “What so it was okay to be asking that girl in the Boy in Luv video to call you oppa?” you asked. “That was different, and it was in a song, and it was a verse I happened to sing” You sighed “Okay fine… I wont, and its awkward for me too” you replied going to back to your book.

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I really hope you like it :) Have a good day!



New to This

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1408

Warning: FLUFF, Dean being a sugar-coated smol bean, Dean defending a burger

Summary: Dean and Y/N have been friends all of their life and are finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other. How will the relationship life treat them?

A/N: This is my piece for Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. My Quote was “I think you pissed off my sandwich” Dean. Congrats on 2,000 followers, sugar! Thanks for letting me participate @dancingalone21 :)

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Boruto episode 11 thoughts

Today’s was a better episode than the last week’s.

The animation needs a lot of improvement and the direction can do the pacing a bit better. Really the story is fine but anime needs work.

Sumire and co got rescued by Naruto(’s clone). I get that she was the most injured out of the three but the amount of focus on her is starting to grate on my nerves. Somehow I don’t like her and this is not the Borusara shipper in me speaking because I also fangirl over Borumitsu (mostly brotp but borderline ho-yay). Something is not right about that girl. Either the insane focus is because she has an intentional (perhaps - the poor orphan girl who just wants her parents and the villain took advantage of this to manipulate her - kind of) part in the attacks or this is just for ship war. The former makes sense somewhat because unlike Denki and Iwabe, she didn’t receive a solo episode. The latter not so much because even Borusara (the almost canon ship) itself is in friendship mode right (I mean they are barely 8 right now). That said I have no doubt if it’s the former, she will be redeemed and will be teaming up with Denki and Iwabe in future. If it’s the latter then….meh. In all honesty, I want to see her as a well rounded character and we got a glimpse of that today when she was watching Wasabi and Namida with their families.

Boruto is such a good person. He is really like a mix of Naruto and Sasuke, so protective of their loved ones. Lol at his shadow clones having an attitude. He actually apologises to Sumire despite it being not his fault. He is becoming my favourite character day by day. That said, looking at his “can do” attitude right now, something drastic must have happened between the six months time period between academy graduation and chunin exams to make him become so demotivated that he didn’t even want to participate in chunin exams and later even cheat in it. Because he was just fine until academy graduation where he “couldn’t wait” to become a ninja. Do I smell another arc in making where Boruto goes on an adventure where he gets screwed up badly and loses his motivation?

Borusara moment was all platonic deep friendship. Sarada noticed Boruto is distressed and dragged him out to lessen it. So cute​ and shows how observant she is of him. That’s some deep childhood friendship right out there guys.

Naruto, Sai and Shino being reasonable authority figures. Just them being grownups makes me feel so sad yet proud. Sai being hard on himself because he wants to help fellow Root shinobi while Shino being the proud and involved teacher. Naruto…..you really need to sort out your priorities. Your son needs you more than your friend. And don’t pull your son’s ear. He is being a good boy, you will see. Also we see Sakura.

It’s so cool that everyone joins in the BoruShikaMitsu investigation. So badass of the academy students as well as the mailmen. They even come up with a plan and ambush the masked guy. And teams splitting up was so cool. Even Chocho joins in and gets tired easily. And the fight scene was so cool.

Except Sarada. Where is she? This is not definitely because she thinks this is childish game by Boruto, because she knows about the shadow. She possibly went to a reasonable authority figure. Maybe her sensei? Whoever that is.

Mitsuki definitely knows what’s going on. I think his role is just opposite of Sumire’s. He knows dark secrets but I think ultimately he means no harm. And look at that smirk. And god he is walking on water. Such a talented boy.

Borushika brotp is so sweet. He is definitely Boruto’s elder brother figure just like Shikamaru is to Naruto. Jumping in to protect his lil bro from harm.

Denki finally got to do some ninja stuff while Boruto is using his Hyuga style Gentle fist. Denki and Shikadai high fiving. And Boruto sending in a live kunai at the shadow. Just so good. Iwabe and Boruto joint attack was so good.

Metal Lee and Inojin are quickly becoming another brotp of mine. Look at all that bromance. Inojin’s smirk while drawing his sword and Metal’s sass while calling Boruto and co noisy and then getting knocked out just takes the cake.

Tayori-san and the postal bureau chief were cool while we finally get to see the villain or at least his pawn or agent with a mask. Definitely inspired by Miraculous Ladybug.

This villain is definitely going to affect Boruto’s future. I think the series will become darker from here on. Slice-of-life things will be here and there but I genuinely think Boruto is going to be darker than Naruto.

Preview….Mitsuki has to tell Boruto something. Definitely he wants to confess something about this ghost thing or is going to tell Boruto about the sun-moon thing. Either this or Borumitsu is going to sail.

Major Update

Hello everyone!

Sorry for dropping out of the radar, but tumblr is a major time sink and I needed to spend the semester focusing on school work.

BUT!!! It’s almost over! I had 2 presentations and an exam last monday and I still have to turn in a final project this friday and I have my last exam next wednesday but after that I’m on academic vacation yay!

Lots of things have happened such as making new friends, moving back to Lisbon, and reconnecting with my Lisbon friends! And I had 2 great projects that impressed the professors and I’ll probably be presenting one of them with my group at game development meet-ups and showcases which is really cool!

I’ll now be spending the summer doing art, maybe going to a few game jams, and trying to get into shape so I can go to the Summer Universiade in Taipei.

I know some of you have tried to reach out to me, so I will respond individually and gradually until I finish my last exam, and after that I will resolve any pending problems and resume all projects.

Thanks for sticking around! <3


School is much stress.

I want to sleep all day in bed

Is this a haiku?

Okay kiddos lonG TIME NO TALK. Today’s program include a basic guide to stress relief. Because I apparently can “manage stress well.” *laughs ironically* 

The Guide

*make routes based on different reasons for stress* (thanks, mysmes.)


Route II: I’M STRESSED CUZ  [insert event that already happened]


Choose your route and that’s gO

Route I

Time Effin’ Management & other Priorities you need to Straighten Out.

             Love, is this *really* the time you need to clean your room? Especially when you got that essay you have to do that is due the very next day?  No it isn’t. To prevent these accidents from happening, draft a list! It can be in order of due date/things you need to work on first. Make sure to write down how long it will probably take to do them! to-do list (my faves!): x  x  x  x  

Break that ‘ish Down Like A Karate Chop

        Maybe that big final is A! Week! Away! (well, crap) Okay divide the days. You have a week right? And that’s say you want to spend two hours each day on it. You have 14 units. Okay so that’s an hour a unit.  Zip through dem units, focus on things you don’t get. I have a tag for all the cram-exam tips you’ll ever need in your entire life yo. [ x ] Babe you got this !!!

I Don’t Get The Content!

        Darling, you need to chill.  Ask your teacher (f*ck ur pride. Now is not the time for them) Ask your friends (online friends!). Ask your parents. Google? Ask upperclassmen. Take notes. Textbooks! Sometimes you just need to step away a little. Busy yourself with something else! Look at it from a diff. perspective! Do anything to get the hang of it. Practice Problems?

Route II

    Is There A Way to Fix That?

         Okay you forget to turn in an assignment or got a really bad score on that test. Take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world. This is where Late Policies comes in. It’s better to turn in an assignment late than none at all! Try to make up lost assignment with extra credit. Always double-check that you have your stuff with you!

What Did I Do Wrong?

       If it’s something you can’t change, find out what you did wrong. Put that in a list and when you are doing an assignment similar to it, make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. Don’t get too upset over it! Instead put that (energy from crying) into studying harder for that next test. Life goes on, failure is temporary, success is permanent.

It’s a personal issue…

       *pats pats* there, there. Here is a Happy Guide. If you need me I’m always here okay feel free to rant. (it helps to talk to someone outside the situation) Might be best to take a Mental Health Day ? <3

 [ click read more to see Route III ]

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The Doll House is Growing


Your Bambola has some very exciting news for you! Next month, I will be adding a few admins to The Doll House to help expand our reach/groups we write for! Yay! The first of which is Admin Amore. You can follow her at @jisawang . To welcome her, she wrote a fic from one of my requests and I love it! I hope you will too. So without further adieu, here it is:

Apology Accepted

Genre: Smut/Fluff

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More of A Chaser

Request: “Aaah, that fan art you reblogged about Newt playing quidditch made me think of requesting an imagine where Newt is playing and the reader is there at the stands cheering for him and it’s the first time she’s there since they’ve started a relationship and newts is beaming with happiness because she’s there and you can decide how it ends?? :3 fluffy or smutty, go with the flow, sweetie :) /I feel like I’m rambling. Oh well”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1699

Warnings: Implied smut

A/n: I made the reader a Slytherin bc Slytherin/Hufflepuff relationships are so cute ok bye – Newt is such a cute lil happy n proud boyfriend awwwww just so pURE

Originally posted by 11-11

“Scamander! Over here!” Newt spun around, slightly teetering on the edge of his broom. The girl who had called his name had her arms outstretched, her face conveying her annoyance.

His mind was somewhere else, thinking about you specifically. You said you would come to watch Newt at the Quidditch tryouts, but whenever he would scan the crowd, you were nowhere to be seen. He knew he shouldn’t have been so upset about it, after all, you did say you had a certain disdain for sport. But he couldn’t help but wallow in the pity that formed from the disappointment of a broken promise, no matter how insignificant that promise was.

He threw the Quaffle, missing his teammate by a large gap. She zoomed towards the ball, but it had already landed in the Slytherin team’s clutches. His fellow Hufflepuffs all gave him a look of sympathy, but he could tell that even the most considerate of his team members were getting frustrated with his mental absence.

“What’s wrong Scamander, girlfriend stood you up?” The Slytherin Seeker taunted, the other members snickering behind him. He ignored them, swiftly moving towards the Chaser that held the Quaffle.

“Woo! Yay Newt!” His head snapped towards the stands, eyes landing straight on you. You had ditched your usual green coloured robes, and instead sported his Hufflepuff scarf which he had lent to you last night when you were cold. You were clapping excitedly, which seemed to be quite the task, as you held 3 large books in your arms.

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Daddy [SMUT]

Word Count: 1522

Omg I haven’t posted in ages. I finally finished 7/9 of my exams yay! I’ll be trying to post more regularly from now on so stayed tuned!! The ending of this was so rushed but I believe in your wonderful imaginations to make it on point.

Originally posted by yngimn

Your shitty day started waking up. Thunderclouds rolled across the sky, making it its playground and threatened to pour rain at any given moment. But being dense and stubborn, you refused to bring an umbrella because umbrellas were for the weak. When you reached your workplace, your clothing and hair were soaked and your make-up ran like coloured tears down your shivering face. It did not help that through your white button up blouse, your pink bra, strung with hearts was clearly visible. And that’s when your shitty day became a shitfuckshit shittier day. Well, in a good way.

You arrived at work soaking wet thanks to the rain and your stubbornness.  Sitting down on the swivel chair revealed itself to be a horrible idea as you looked down at the clear butt print. You heard a call for you so you stood up. You looked down at your unpresentable self but decided there was nothing you could do so you shuffled your way over to his office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Your hand rested on the knob as you hesitated. It only hit you then that you had never been called into his office. Putting on a brave face, you twisted the door knob and stepped inside. The room was untidy but cozy. Full-length windows reached from the floor all the way to the ceiling, letting the little sunlight of today. Cautiously, you made your way to the CEO with your head bowed and your hands clasped tightly in front of you. You could feel his scouring gaze scan over you, making you break out into a sweat. It seemed like eternity later when he finally spoke.

“Get out and change your clothes.”

His monotone voice resonated with authority even though the pitch hadn’t changed. You barely managed a reply before you scampered out of his office breathing heavily as if you held your breath for the entire time. Regaining your composure, you walked over to your desk, looking for any spare clothes you could have left. But there was none. I returned to his office. Returning to his office, you twisted the door knob and stuck your head in.

“Boss. I don’t have any spare clo-.”

My mouth freaking dropped open. Kim Namjoon, the CEO of this whole fucking company had his head thrown back with moans erupting from his mouth as his hands worked on his dick. You took a deep jagged breath, eyeing his impressive length. But as quickly as the thought popped into your head, you ushered it away. Closing the door with a slam, you stood there dumbfounded at the bizarre scene you had just witnessed. You leaned against the door, your mind processing what you had just seen. The door suddenly opened and an angry man grabbed your wrist and whisked you inside. You spun around and came face to face with Namjoon. His large hands gripped both of your wrists easily and pinned them against the door.

“What the fuck.”

You mouth quickly clamped shut. Rule number 69, never swear at the person that pays you. You looked up at his stormy eyes and held eye contact for what seemed like eternity. You was entranced by his gaze and when he bent to mesh your lips together, you seemed to have been paralysed if not by the intensity of his stare than by the embarrassing flush that was creeping it way up to your cheeks. His kisses were sinful like hell but felt like heaven.  His hands trailed up your body to cup your face, tilting it. His tongue slipped past your lips and danced with yours. You tilted my head up and he pressed his body into your, rubbing the hard erection against your lower stomach. He loosened his grip on your hands and you pulled them away only to run them along his clothed body.

His ironed suit crumpled under your hands when he bit down on your lip suddenly, making you dig your fingernails into his skin. Your hands slid up his body, feeling his defined chest and stopping at the top button of his shirt, pushing the button out and repeating the process until the top of his chest was clearly visible. His mouth trailed down to your neck, leaving a trail of hickeys the whole way down. He kissed your collarbones and his tongue flickered out as if to sooth the skin before he bit down hard. You gasped and buckled against the door; grabbing his sturdy arm to hold you up. Shit, how was he this good?
He smiled down at you gently and you wondered how the transformation happened so quickly.

“Can we continue?” He asked you in an almost husky whisper. He only needed a nod for confirmation before he licked his lips and eyed your pink bra.

“Let’s get this off, shall we?” His hands reached to unbutton your blouse and it seemed like an eternity before he peeled the wet layer of clothes off you. You shivered from the coldness of the air on your damp skin.

“We’ll warm you up soon enough.” He said with a smirk and reached behind you to unclasp your bra.

Tossing it on the ground, his warm hand enclosed around your breast, softly squeezing it. You moaned softly and he smiled in response.

“You like that don’t you? Tell me how much you like this…” He ducked his head down and you felt warm air brushing across your breasts. He started to plant open mouthed kisses on your breast as his other hand came up to fondle your already sensitive nipple. You responded with short gasps for air. His mouth trailed over to the other breast, giving it the same treatment. Warm breath surrounded your upright nipples before his tongue came out and flicked across them.

You let out a frustrated groan and subconsciously, your hands made their way to your pencil skirt and unzipped it, letting it fall to the ground. He eyed the wet patch visible from in between your legs.

“Already this wet? We haven’t even done anything.”

Psh liar.

Your hands rubbed your clit and you whimpered. Namjoon smirked.

“Fine. Get on the table.”

You obeyed and walked over before sitting at the edge and taking off your panties. But Namjoon’s hands stopped you.

“Allow me.”

His hands held the sides of your panties and his lowered his head. The top of his hair brushed against your stomach and you let out a small giggle. He kissed your stomach, right above you panties and as his hands slowly stripped you of your underwear, his lips followed closely, planting soft fluttering kisses down. His lips came dangerously close to your clit and your breath caught in your throat but he ignored it and instead trailed kisses down your thighs. He let go of your panties and it dropped to your ankles. You kicked them off, spreading your legs.

He eyes your glistening core and his hands pumped his cock before positioning it at your entrance. His hard cock felt good between your legs. He held on to your legs and looked down at his disappearing cock as it slowly entered you. Your arms felt weak and at the pace he was thrusting into you teasingly, only going halfway, made you almost insane. Opening your eyes wider you looked at him with pleading eyes and thrusted your hips forward.

“Namjoon ahh, please.”

He smirked down at you. “Call me daddy.”

Your eyes nearly popped out.


“Do you want it or not?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes daddy.”

“That’s my girl.”

He thrusted into you and you felt your walls clench from the suddenness. He opened your legs wider and twisted his body a bit so he could hit you at a new angle. You cried out as you felt the tip of his cock scrape past your sweet spot.
“Please Namjoon, faster.”

“Namjoon?” He questioned, slowing down his pace. You groaned in frustration and lied down on your back, squeezing your eyes shut as you pushed down your pride.

“Please daddy, fuck me faster.”

Without a response, he sped up and you clasped your hands over your mouth, trying to muffle the moans erupting. Your walls clenched as he shifted again, this time hitting your sweet spot directly.

“Yes, there… daddy.”

He groaned and sped up even more. He felt your walls clench before white liquid flowed out, decorating his workspace with patterns. He continued to thrust into you and came with a groan. His body visibly trembled and he rode it out. When he pulled out, your body felt empty.

You sat up with a moan and he eyed you warily.

“You won’t tell anyone right?”

“N-No.” You said with a blush forming on your face.

You started to pick up your clothes and put them on, all the while feeling his eyes on you. When your damp clothes were on again, you walked to the door saying “You should clean up boss. Or should I say… daddy?”

You turned around with a smirk and a wink before disappearing down the hallway.

3AM Talk
  • <p> <b></b> Farkle is staying over at Riley's place for Christmas. It's their junior year of high school.<p/><b>Location:</b> Matthews's living room.<p/><b></b> Farkle is sleeping on the couch. Riley walks in from her room. She goes over to the couch. She starts shaking Farkle to wake him up.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Farkle, wake up!<p/><b></b> He doesn't wake up. She grabs a pillow and throws it at his head.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Ow! (Looks around and sees Riley) Why did you do that?<p/><b>Riley:</b> So you would wake up.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Why?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I couldn't sleep and I want to talk to you.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Do you want to go to your bay window?<p/><b>Riley:</b> How about we stay here?<p/><b></b> Farkle sits up and makes room for Riley on the couch. She sits down. They face each other.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> What's wrong?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I'm worry about the future. This year is the most important school year in high school. I'm scared that I will let the pressure get to me and no colleges will think I'm good enough for them.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Riley, you are one of the smartest people I know. You have accomplished so much...<p/><b>Riley:</b> What did I accomplished?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> In the past year alone, you were voted captain of the debate team.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Only because you didn't want to be captain.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> The only reason I didn't want to be captain was because I know you are a better captain than I'll ever be. You are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for. You are still tied with me for the most A's, which my dad hates by the way. (Riley laughs) Everyone loves and respects you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (looks away from Farkle) Do they though? Don't they see a childish person when they see me? I still use a bunny nightlight. I talk to stuff animals. And they talk back. I always try to ignore when things changed.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Everyone hates change. And the other things you mentioned, makes you who you are. It makes you Riley, my best friend. There's nothing wrong with that. You are serious when you need to be, but you also have this innocence that people lose as they get older. I'm happy that you never lost that. It's one of the many things I love about you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (looks at Farkle and smiles) You mean that?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I do. You helped me to have fun and let loose when I'm stressed. Remember the time, when we were studying at my place and it was raining? (Riley nods her head yes) I was worried about the final exams and you made me go outside, and danced with you in the rain. I had so much fun, that I started not to worried about the exams and I aced them. That was all because of you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> That was one of my favorite memories.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Mine too. You had made my life better since we met.<p/><b>Riley:</b> You had made mine better too. You're always there for me when I need you. We can talk each other about anything. We challenged each other to be better. I don't know what I would do without you.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You'll never have to find out. You're stuck with me. We'll always be best friends.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Good.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I was going to wait to the morning, to give you your present, but now's a good time.<p/><b></b> Farkle walks to the tree and grabs the present. He sits next to Riley and gives her the gift.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Merry Christmas!<p/><b></b> Riley takes the present and opens it to reveal a locket shaped like Pluto. She starts to have tears falling on her cheeks.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Farkle, it's beautiful.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Just like you.<p/><b></b> Riley blushes.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You should open it.<p/><b></b> Riley opens the locket. One side has a picture with her and her family. On the other side, a picture of her and her friends.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't know what to say.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I wanted you to keep the people that matter to you the most, with you at all times. The Pluto locket represents hope. I hope you never change who you are. The world needs a Riley Matthews. I need Riley Matthews in my life.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (tilts her head) Farkle.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You're the best person I know.<p/><b></b> Riley gives him a hug. They stare at each other. Riley leans in and gives Farkle a kiss.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Wow!<p/><b>Riley:</b> That was...<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Wow! That was the best gift I ever received.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (smiles) So I guess you don't want the present I got you?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> No, I do. But, no gift will ever top that kiss.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (playfully shoves him) You're a dork.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I know.<p/><b></b> They walk to the Christmas tree and Riley hands Farkle his present.<p/><b></b> By the stairs, Cory and Topanga are watching Riley and Farkle.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> That was the sweetest moment.<p/><b>Cory:</b> I've seen better.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> They remind me of us when we were younger.<p/><b>Cory:</b> I don't see it.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Like it or not, Riley's growing up.<p/><b>Cory:</b> NOT! I don't want her to grow up.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> We don't have a choice. Quit acting like a baby.<p/><b>Cory:</b> No. She's not growing up and she's never allowed to date. Especially Farkle. I can already imagine Minkus gloating about his son dating my daughter.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> It looks like they will be dating, and they're perfect for each other. Do not mess this up.<p/><b>Cory:</b> I can't promise that.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Then I can't promise that you will be living here much longer.<p/><b>Cory:</b> You would really kick me out?<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Mess this up for Riley and you'll find out.<p/><b>Cory:</b> I always thought Farkle was perfect for Riley.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> That's what I thought. Now go back to bed.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Yes ma'am.<p/><b></b> Cory and Topanga head up to their room.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> How are you feeling about the future?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I think for the first time in a while, I feel better about it. And that's thanks to you.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm glad. Any college would be honored to have you at their university.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Thanks.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> So, where do we go from here?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't know. What do you want to happen?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I want to ask you to be my girlfriend and I'm hoping you would say yes.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Ask me and you'll find out.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Riley, will you be my girlfriend?<p/><b>Riley:</b> YAY!!!!!!<p/><b></b> Farkle smiles and kisses Riley.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Can you put the locket on me?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> It will be my pleasure.<p/><b></b> Riley turns away from Farkle and lifts her hair. Farkle puts the locket around her neck.<p/><b>Riley:</b> This was the best present. Thank you. I love you.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I love you too.<p/><b></b> They kiss again.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Best Christmas ever!<p/><b></b> The end!<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

Ahh can i please request this from the angst prompt?! “Kissing me breaks the promise… remember?” I picked a semi-neutral one so it CAN, not end in angst. XD <3 Thank you <3

YES YOU CAN. I didn’t do angst, I promise ^^ Thank you for the prompt!

Killugon, age 16ish, Harry Potter AU :D

Killua chuckled lowly, warm breath brushing against Gon’s lips and cheeks-

“Kissing me breaks the promise,” Killua murmured. “Remember?”

Gon blinked his eyes open in time to see Killua dancing away, evil smirk perfectly in place.

“Wha- Killua!” Gon whined and slumped over his desk. “You did that on purpose!”

Killua’s laughter echoed around the empty classroom. Gon glowered at his best friend, inwardly cursing. It was good that Professor Slughorn had let them into the potions room to practice for their upcoming exam, but when he and Killua were left alone together, they tended to get…distracted.

And distraction was exactly what Killua wanted.

“Its not my fault I’m so irresistible,” Killua said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Gon retorted, “You just want to win the bet.”

“Duh.” Killua rolled his eyes. “I promised you I wouldn’t buy any more chocolate frogs the next time we go to Hogsmeade because of your so-called ‘concern’ for my health-”

Gon shot up. “You eat too much chocolate, Killua! Even Leorio agrees-”

“BUT!” Killua said loudly. “But, if you kiss me before then, you have to buy me however much chocolate I want. So, of course I did that on purpose- what did you expect me to do?! I won’t break the promise but I’m not beyond playing dirty to get what I want.”

Heat rushed to Gon’s face at the word ‘dirty’. He silently groaned. He really needed to get himself under control. But when it came to Killua, that word was nearly non-existent.

“C’mon,” Killua said, snapping Gon out of his thoughts. “We’re done here anyway, right? Lets get this place cleaned up and snag dinner’s leftovers from the kitchens.”

Killua twirled on one foot, a whirlwind of blue, silver and midnight black robes spinning around in a graceful arc, and his wand slashed through the air in a shower of sparks.

The potions room came to life. Gon scrambled back from his desk as textbooks, insect legs, herbs, mixing tools and bowls rose steadily into the air. He watched in awe as the supplies flew to their proper shelves, all without a single item dropping. Even Gon’s green patterned tie and Slythern pin straightened themselves from where they hung around his neck and on his cloak. 

It was beautiful spell-work. Gon couldn’t have done it in a million years.

He looked back at Killua. The Ravenclaw was grinning with pride and Gon’s own chest swelled.

“I can’t believe that worked!” Killua said gleefully. “I’ve been practicing that spell for ages, and I’ve never gotten it right until now- ah, Gon!”

Gon had sprinted over and grabbed Killua around the middle. He lifted Killua right off the ground, pushed him against the nearest desk and smashed their mouths together.

Killua didn’t hesitate to respond. His hands gripped Gon’s cheeks hard enough for it to hurt, nails digging into Gon’s face. But Gon couldn’t care less. Killua was magical and amazing and wonderful and kissing him was even more so. Coming to Hogwarts all the way from his deserted Island had been worth it just for meeting Killua.

They parted to gasp for air, breaths ragged. Killua leaned forward to press his lips to Gon’s ear. Gon shivered as Killua whispered:

“I win.”

anonymous asked:

hi~ I was wondering if you had any more fic recs? I read all of the stories by the writers you recommended, and they were all so good. And I love your writing, too !! Thank you and hwaiting, cat-ssi !!^^~

Thank you for the compliment! So, I basically only read stories by those writers that I’ve listed in my ficrecs (and min-tokkiwriter and minearebigger for SHINee scenarios), but I decided to procrastinate from studying and poked around tumblr to find some more amazing writers yesterday and today. Here’s the talented people I found and my favorite stories by them so far, but you probably already read all their stories before hahah:

ʚ hitchhikingbabeh - She writes for EXO, SHINee, and BTS, and her writing is 110% satisfaction guarantee. Really. I’m not joking. She should probably teach all of us how to write like her. She also has smut scenarios if you’re looking for that. I sent her a message before, and we have talked very briefly, but from that, I know that she’s a very kind and thoughtful person who takes the time to respond to each and every one of her messages. My recommendations would be Nyctophilia [Baekhyun] and her Lygerastia AU series for SHINee.

ʚ jongtothedae​ - I have read all of her scenarios, and they are all so amazingly written with such descriptive language and dialogue. It’s a wonder how she can write so flawlessly. She really puts you into the story, and wow yeah, just go read her writing and experience it for yourself. She has some SHINee scenarios, but is writing for EXO only currently. She seems really nice as well. I quite enjoy Librarian Checkouts [Chen] and her current multi-part Kai scenario, Unscripted. Yes, I highly recommend Unscripted. It’s a work of art. She’s fantastic at writing, and I can’t wait for Unscripted’s Part 4!

ʚ an-exotic-writer - I spent a good couple of hours reading through her writing, and holy shizzle, there’s practically a library of scenarios so I’ll have to go back and continue reading later on. And she writes for five groups. Five. Five. Five. That takes pure dedication and determination, man. There’s a variety of Big Bang, BTS, Winner, iKON, and of course, EXO scenarios to read from. She’s an exceptionally talented human being, and her writing is phenomenal. She practically posts something new everyday, too, so yay for more reading material! She also seems like a lovely person from her responses to her askers. My favorites would include her EXO AU series here and basically anything she writes now.

ʚ writewhatyoulove - I quite like love her writing because I don’t particularly like smut myself, and she has a whole collection of fluff, angst, slice of life, everything besides smut lol (and she also has SHINee). Her scenarios are practically the epitomes of bias wreckers. She can make you change your bias with just one sentence. And, her AUs are literally perfect, oh my goodness. From her adorable Cat!EXO boys to Robot!Chen to my absolute favorite, The Art Of Being Kim Minseok, I’m just a puddle of feels from her writing. So, kindly step over the puddle and go straight to her masterlist and read your heart’s desire. Additionally, I wish her good luck on her exams if I’m not too late!

ʚ keypea - TFLN. That’s all I have to say. Her TFLN series make my day, night, week, everything. The idea is so creative, and she aces it perfectly. She’s a brilliant writer with an abundance of mind blowing scenario plot lines up her sleeve. So go read her EXO TFLN stories as well as Take My Heart [Suga]. I don’t even listen to BTS or even know who any of the members are, but her writing makes me want to go learn about them now lol. I have never read BTS scenarios before, but she definitely got me into them today after reading all her hybrid!AUs for them, oh gosh. Also, she has smut if you’re into that. She writes for EXO, BTS, SHINee, and GOT7. She’s a very sweet (and also really gorgeous) person from what I see in her replies.

ʚ thesammtimes - Okay, why have I never found her scenarios before? This is a real tragedy because I shouldn’t be reading these when I’m supposed to be studying for AP exams and finals and SAT subject tests, but damn, her stories are addicting, especially her Villain!EXO AUs and Wolf!EXO AU collaboration with her friend, ModestlyDreaming. But I can’t forget to mention Bodyguard!Xiumin either because that AU is probably the bane of my existence. Basically, she offers a whole lot of amazeballs AUs (and smut) to read from and writes for EXO, SHINee, GOT7, and BTS. She also does a lot of drabble games to interact with her readers, which looks absolutely fun to take part in and it’s so nice of her to do them.

ʚ causekpop- Love. Love. Love. All of these writers have so many muses and AUs to choose from, and she has her own muses as well, whom I absolutely adore to bits. My absolute favorites are CEO!Luhan and Playboy!Sehun. Her character development is done thoroughly, and just her style of writing is to die for. Each scenario punches you in the feels quite effectively, and she has smut scenarios, too if you like that. She updates with scenarios frequently and doesn’t disappoint. She writes primarily for EXO, GOT7, and B.A.P. She seems like a lovely person to talk to as well and does hold drabble games, too, which is pretty great, isn’t it?

ʚ babyitsfiction - Where to even begin.. I very rarely read smut, and her writing is one of the exceptions. She phrases everything so beautifully, and her Wolf!EXO scenarios give me life. I would list them all, but it’s probably easier to just go here and see for yourself. She writes for EXO, BTS, Infinite, SHINee, and Winner. For now, I’m pretty sure she’s focusing more on BTS, but whatever she writes I’ll read because holy fudge, everything she writes just attacks you with feels and probably came down from the heavens or something close to that. Every scenario, every paragraph, every sentence, every word that she writes just gives that effect. It’s unexplainable, but yes, read her writing. What can I say– she has a lovely personality, lovely music edits, and lovely stories.

ʚ krismebaobei -  Like woah. From her replies to messages, you can tell that she’s a beautiful, thoughtful human being who deserves D.O. or Kaisoo or maybe both. Her writing is also really incredible and does have smut most of the time. I personally think her 12 Days of EXO is the best as well as Love Note [Chanyeol] and Say I Love You [Luhan]. She also has this super helpful page filled with writing resources, bless her soul. She’s crazy talented (and super duper pretty omg) and wow, can I have just an eighth of her talent or can her writing talent maybe rub onto me a little bit please? Basically, she’s an amazeballs writer, and her writing will most likely make you go on one hell of a roller coaster of emotions, but that’s okay because don’t the best writers all do that to their readers?

ʚ duizhangdeluxe - If you haven’t read her writing yet, please march yourself over to her blog and start. Robot!Suho and Drummer!Chanyeol really hits you in the feels hard. My absolute favorite would have to be the Robot!Suho scenario where they get Dyson. And, there’s wolf!EXO, too! There’s so many different AUs to choose from, so why not read them all? She also has smut if you’re in the mood for that. She seems really friendly and seems like a wonderful person to talk to, putting time and effort into replying to the messages she receives. I’m in love with all her muses and her writing. Seriously, how is even it possible to write like her?

I’m sorry I took a while, and I hope this helps you, anon. If you have any more questions or would just like to talk, feel free to send me another message. :) Please remember to stay safe and healthy as well as be happy, and I hope you have a wonderful day/night wherever you are! ♡

Don’t Be Jealous, Jagi

Summary: “That girl…do you love her?”

Members: Taehyung, You, Rest of Bangtan

Genre: Angst + Fluff

Warnings: Foul Language 

Length: Decent

A/N: I had this saved as a draft for a while. Since I don’t have much inspiration for “No Longer” Pt.3, I decided on finishing this and uploading it. Enjoy!

Staring at the bright screen of the laptop, you sighed and closed your eyes. Lately, college has been stressing you out with exams coming up and the pressure of making your parents proud was high. You always wanted to prove to your parents that the abroad studying to South Korea for college was a wise decision. However, with exams coming up, you just wanted to scream.

You closed your eyes for a minute until your phone started blaring your ringtone, which just so happened to be Pokémon’s theme song. Annoyed, you grabbed your phone and practically screamed to your poor boyfriend, Kim Taehyung, a singer in the k-pop boyband Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS. BTS was currently making a comeback and decided to make a track song, “War of Hormone”, into a music video. 

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K Missing Kings Final (Review)

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ !!!!!!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!! + long post

Usually I wouldn’t be doing this but I just have to!!!

First of all…. Few less people died than I expected.

Munakata, Sukuna, Yukari, Shiro all survived!! So for me it was basically reducing number of dead characters instead of adding, and I’m so so happy!!

At the very beginning we get to see Neko fighting the green clansmen. Like WOW our cute silly Neko-chan got some epic moves! \ ( * o * ) / 

Even Shiro was surprised and I’m just jealous like hell…. Can human even be that flexible?! 

Oh yes, the confrontation! Much to Nagare’s surprise, they finally reached him and slates. And yes, he keeps his cool literially welcoming them (/^▽^)/

But hey, first let’s get a glimpse at Kuroh’s and Yukari’s fight.This time would be different. No one is to stop Yukari and that equals someone will have to loose… Kuroh probably gonna get super strong from all motivation and seriousness and kill (please don’t, Jungle already lost 2 members…) defeat his senior…. or just the opposite, it’s Kuroh who loses to make it more dramatic. GORA wouldn’t do that to us, would they? (*/ω\*)

And there’s the Red Queen Kushina Anna. She has so much faith in Misaki… It gave me so many feels (。’▽’。)♡

Damn you Munakata!! Poor Seri-chan… She was so sad… How can you even ask that of her?! Of anyone?! You ain’t gonna die!!! No one is letting you cuz Shiro’s gonna save the day ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

Yes! Thanks to our villain we finally we get a glimpse at his and Neko’s past! Just… how does he even know that? (‘◇’)? 

(.=^・ェ・^=) Nyann~~

Is it just me or is it an irony that the antagonist is questioning the protagonist about faith in humanity? ( ・◇・)?

(omg still can’t get over the fact Nagare is so pretty   (。♥‿♥。)

(.=^・ェ・^=) Neko shines again with her unexpected, emotional speech that would melt your heart. Even Nagare was sort off moved  reached by her words in some way. ω(=^・^=)ω 


Shiro, thanks to Neko Neko, finally reached his conclusion as Silver King 

*saluting the silver king* c(>ω<)ゞ

Nagareeeeeee why why did you have to say that?! and with all that confidence?! Don’t you watch movies? They always die loose after saying these words!!! Baka Nagare!!! (I still love you)   They’re there to destroy slates which your life depends on…. 

Pff…. at this point his faith has been decided .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. 

Oh we get some pretty frame of Munakata (*^▽^*) 

Don’t you all underestimate the power of RED Clan ¡¡¡( •̀ ᴗ •́ )و!!! 

Anna is being a BADASS QUEEN (ง’̀-‘́)ง

Look!!!! Just LOOK at how beautiful these things are!!! (*’∀’人)♥

All kings gathered yet again! Most likely for the last time…..

Yes Munakata. Mikoto is still there, watching over his little princess queen “Burn Them…! 

 Burn Them…!

 Burn Them!!!”

Last glimpse on that beautiful Red (๑´╹‸╹`๑)

Surprise bitch!!! (just kidding, I still love you!)

That’s what you get for excluding ladies team (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Nagare Nagare Nagare, you keep feeling disappointed, yet keep underestimating the power of being the main character hihi 

“The path has been cleared!”

Oh yes, he WILL!!! (ノ・ェ・)ノ

“I can… and will surpass you!”

Guess who’s got some power-up! 

“In fields and mountains, Though our color may differ, We’re Ichigen’s seeds.”

Yay!!!! Yukari officially survived the final episode!!!! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

(told ya Kuro would win…)

Looks like he still got some attachement to Ichigen 

Awww…. and he’s going to find Sukuna too!!! (Could he be still alive? Probably…)

Silver Sword of Damocles is falling!!!!! NOOOoooo!!!!!! It’s so pretty… 

Close up look, and wow it’s HUGE!!!!!

Can I hug this giant thing? Why do I feel like hugging everyone and everything?!

again Seri’s butt in the spotlight

Kurosuke Appears and BLOCKS Nagare??? 

“How? Why?” I know right! I mean, villain or not, he’s a KING for God’s sake! Kuroh could hold him off for a moment, but completely? I’m not buying that…. 

The memories…. 

(somehow got me feels I’ve gotta appreciate family more…)

Nagare finally gets it… Typically when it’s already point of no return… (ノ#-_-)ノ

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of slates… and Kings… and powers…and series….

Yes Baka Reisi!!! What else did you expect?! *hugs* ───==≡≡ΣΣ(> ^_^ )>

He was curious if she could slay him? I appreciate your efforts? Are you freaky kidding me?! How is this something to joke about? ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

“Your gratitude alone will not enough.”

“Huh?” (look at the precious kawaii face he just made!! I swear can he be even more adorable?) ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

“ Forgive me.”  (Serves you right! and you know you deserve it)

Nagare-chaaaaaannnnnn!!!!!!!!! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

at least he’s smiling… not sure how’s that supposed to make me feel better… 

Guess who’s NOT DEAD… Yet… Iwa-san aka Gray king suddenly appears.

He came all the way and in his condition just for Nagare,..  。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

He even evacuated everyone… 

Still curious what he’s said at that last moment…  

Nagare, let me hug you you cute poor little baby!… is it weird to wanna hug a dead person, who’s technically been dead for years now? 

Did you see? Did you see? How Munakata was worried about Fushimi as he looked down there but Fushimi wasn’t in sight? (゜▽゜;)

Guess who made it back? Safe and sound (ノ^o^)ノ

btw… Slates were destroyed and powers were fading away anytime, WHAT IF, her powers disappeared right at this moment? Would they like get stuck or what? 「(゚ペ)

I would have been really disappointed if they didn’t give me a chance to look at my baby’s precious face for the last time ♡^▽^♡ I love Saru so so so much!!!

More screen-time for him and Misaki wouldn’t hurt…

“Mission cleared, sir…” 

Yes. That’s the face of relief!!! Happy Ending for Scepter 4 (*^▽^*)

Secretly wished for Fushimi to ask Reisi what’s happened to his face lol

he also didn’t pick up his glasses… does that mean that oh-so-deserved-awashima-punch broke it?

Wait what? Why are they crying? Why not thinking of possibility he may just go back to his original body? Nobody’s dying here!!

See, guy’s alive. And we still have no clue who he is. Did they even explain what has happened? Dude just lost like two years of his life you know!!

That’s the part you should start CRYING!! If you haven’t yet…

Yukari saying farewell to Nagare and Iwa san…. the simple speech and the flowers…. I am emotional mess right now… .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

No, No don’t… 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。

really…. that face…. why… ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

Rest in Peace Nagare-chan… Iwa-san…  (๑◕︵◕๑)

srsly don’t just leave their bodies down there…

Munakata hanging out at Homra with Kusanagi 

Yukari stayed and is taking care of Sukuna and Baka Parrot 


SARUMI back friends!!! (they better animate this shit for me!!!)

Anna and Sukuna? I wonder how that will turn out ;D

The last group pictures are so pretty…. 


but what about Silver clan?

Neko transfered to school island, her “Relative” transfered too, as a teacher!!! Now who may that be….

No one but: Adolf K Weismann ( ^∇^)

Why, just why did he cut his hair? I mean, it’s not bad, pretty actually, but long was so fabulous and vampire like~ 

Tell me, if that’s not a happy ending?? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I am, I really am satisfied. The ending was perfect. Deep down my consciousness still anticipates new episode next week haha oh God, I have no Idea what I will do next week… right gotta study for exams   

It would be nice if they did animate the novels as some Special episode or movie or at least OVA of the after story,  That would be great to see SARUMI’s past animated…

Anyway…. Watched episode 3 times so now can have a peace of mind.

Bye bye the best handsome-guys-only anime of the year~~

Post turned out REALLY LONG… Sorry not sorry 

Some Tips on Surviving Finals!

It appears to be universal Finals/Exams season on studyblr It’s rare to find a time when both hemispheres a school schedule alignments. I thought I’d share some of my tips on surviving this stressful time!

1) Schedule your studying! This helps me avoid procrastinating. My finals schedule works by separating each day into three parts (morning, afternoon, evening) and filling in which sections of work I need to finish in each session. I start by filling in my actual exams and working backwards, distributing the workload over a week or two. 

2) Meal prep and exercise. This is probably the last thing on your mind, but you want to stay healthy during this stressful period. Preparing your meals and fitting in some exercise is going to stop you from snacking on bad stuff, and all the exercise will numb the pain of studying through endorphins help your brain. It’s probably also a good idea to take vitamins and immune-boosters because long-term stress has a negative effect on your immune system. Even if you’re just taking a light walk somewhere - get moving and eat properly.

3) Have your survival kit. For me, this includes my headphones, laptop, a travel mug and teabags/sachets of coffee (I have access to boiling water so I don’t have to spend money on coffee when I need a boost), my schedule and tons of extra paper and cheap pens. 

4) Gather your resources! Download ALL your study materials in advances. All of them. Even the ones you know are online and easily accessible. If you live in a country with problematic electricity looking at you Eskom  and internet this is going to save your life. Put them on a memory stick so if something happens to your laptop, you’re not screwed. Just trust me on this one. 

5) Have something (offline) to de-stress. After staring at a screen all day, I prefer to read, colour or journal. It’s better for your sleep as well.

6) Delete your social media/TV shows/distractions. Some people can manage their time spent on tumblr/WhatsApp/binge-watching Charmed from 1998. I am not one of those people. I usually log out of all my social networks and delete the apps off my phone because I can get so distracted by them. I don’t like to cut myself off completely from the outside world, especially not from studyblr, but I do put measures in place to reduce the amount of time I spend on the internet.

7) Speak to other people. If I’ve spent my entire morning alone, studying, it helps to get out of my head, go to the prayer room and have a chat with whoever is around before/after praying. Sure, it’s not exactly the time to be socialising but seeing other people and speaking to other people during the day stops me from going crazy.

8) Don’t eat where you study. It’s nice to munch on some snacks while studying, but I’ve made it a personal rule to never eat a meal at my desk where I’m working. I get up, ask someone to keep an eye on my stuff, and go eat my lunch outside or at a different table. It’s better for my head.

9) Learn the art of leaving your stuff somewhere safe. I’m really lucky now in 3rd year - I have access to two (locked) labs and a reasonably secure library. I can safely leave my textbooks in the lab overnight, and if I want to leave my things at my study spot I can. It saves me the effort of lugging my laptop, backpack, textbooks and notes around all day. If you have a safe, secure space where you can do this, take advantage of it!

10) Roll your shoulders. All that time spent hunched forward, carrying heavy backpacks filled with textbooks and stressing strains your back. Give your shoulders a good roll and stretch whenever you remember to.

11) Do what works for you! This is THE most important tip ever and is one that doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough on the studyblr community. Pretty notes work for you? AWESOME - use them. You don’t care and just scribble on whatever paper and that’s how your brain works? YAY go ahead and do that! Try out different things, but you’re really the only one who will know which methods best suit your learning style, preferences, and way of thinking so DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

 I hope these tips are helpful! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an ask! You can also find my study instagram @ munirastudies, where I post most of my studyspo!

Happy studying!

xx Munira

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28. High as the Moon Apritello please! (I <3 the Diner :) ) Thanks!

Yay for High as the Moon (I love that people love this fic ‘verse)! :D 

28. “I don’t care that it’s 2:00 am, we need pie.”


“I don’t care that it’s 2:00am, we need pie.” April shuts her notebook hard enough to rustle the papers scattered on her half of the desk, but Donnie doesn’t even look up. “Ground control to Major Don, I said we need pie. Are you listening?”

“No,” Donnie murmurs, and turns another page. The tip of his tongue pokes out of the corner of his mouth, the truest sign that April’s lost him to the wonders of organic chemistry for the foreseeable future — but April is stubborn, April is tired of studying, and April is hungry. Organic chemistry doesn’t stand a chance.

She leans back in her chair as she weighs her options. A head-on distraction might buy her a few minutes of his attention, but Donnie knows how to evade those, thanks to a lifetime of living with Mikey and Raph. And she doesn’t just want a few minutes, she wants pie.

Pie, and a few decent hours of sleep. Neither of them have exams till tomorrow afternoon, which means they can make a run to the diner and sleep till eleven without a problem. April’s financial aid will be fine as long as she gets a B-minus on her anthropology final, but Donnie’s worked himself into his usual semester-end panic-spiral, and hasn’t moved from his desk in fourteen hours except to pee and make more coffee.

Despite being the only actual genius April has ever met, Donnie is an absolute idiot when it comes to self-care.

She’d asked Leo about it, back when she and Donnie were still learning each other, each discovery a quiet delight, and Leo had just sighed.

He’s always been like this, no matter what we tell him. I just shove protein bars and bananas in his direction and hope for the best till it passes. Guarantee you he’ll sleep for a couple days when this is over.

Leo hadn’t been wrong: Donnie slept for nearly seventy hours straight, and then appeared on her balcony, sleepy-eyed and apologetic and ready to make up for all the lost time. The routine had been the same every semester afterwards: panic, slowly sinking into exhausted despair, the inevitable ace-ing of all his exams, and then a spectacular collapse.

Don’t forget the I’m-sorry-I-ignored-you-for-a-week sex, April thinks, and wriggles a little in her chair, grinning. She does enjoy that, but she’d rather not have to deal with everything else that comes with it. A miserable Donnie is not worth a few incredible hours of —

Nope. A head-on distraction won’t work — but April’s learned a thing or two over the past couple years about stealth.

She stands up slowly, stretching until her shirt rides up and exposes her belly, but Donnie doesn’t look her way. That’s fine, she just wanted to gauge his level of absorption.

It’s at critical. April scoots behind Donnie’s chair, and drapes herself over his shell with her arms looped around his neck. “Hi,” she whispers in his ear. “How’s it going?”

One of his hands steals up and wraps around both her wrists. “It’s going,” he says, then lets out a jaw-cracking yawn. “I’m being a bad boyfriend, aren’t I?”

“No, you’re totally devoted — to your textbook.” She lays a smacking kiss on his temple, then stands up, sliding her hands back until they rest on his shoulders. “I’d be jealous if it wasn’t so sweet.”

Donnie huffs, then groans as she starts to massage his shoulders. “Oh — oh, wow, April. That feels amazing.”

“I know,” she says to the top of his head, smirking. “Is there anything I can help with?”

“No, I just need to get this through my head.” Donnie lets his head loll back until it rests against her belly, and smiles up at her. A heartbeat later, his eyes go dark and apologetic, and his mouth curves down at the corners. “I’m sorry, I know I always do this, but I just —”

“Donnie, it’s fine.” April digs her thumbs into the tightest knots, and Donnie gasps as the muscles loosen. “But you’ll be fine. You’ve got this. You’ve always got this.”

“But what if —”

“Dr. Stone isn’t letting you go anywhere.” She feels a little guilty for interrupting him, but he needs to understand. He needs to sleep. “You keep that lab running single-handedly. Dr. Klein keeps trying to poach you, remember? And Dr. Martin.”

Donnie sighs. “It’s not just the lab, I have to keep the scholarships or — or —” He yawns again, eyes sliding shut as she keeps massaging his shoulders.

“You’re the beloved Chem 100 TA,” she says, stroking his neck with her fingertips. Donnie makes a soft, appreciative sound, and spins his chair around so he can lean his forehead against her chest. “And the idolized president of the Engineers Society. Your foes tremble when you pass.” Donnie’s laugh shivers through her. “You’ll nail your exams, Donnie. Now come get pie with me.”

“Okay,” Donnie says, voice muffled. She can feel his smile through her shirt. “If my princess insists.”

“Your princess does insist,” she says as he stands up. “On white chocolate mousse and —”

“And apple.” Donnie beams at her, the stress sheeting away like water off a duck’s feathers. “I remember. It’ll be my treat.”

April stands on tiptoes to kiss him. “Damn right it will be,” she says. “Let’s go, handsome.”

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Hi u do some shit about being in a long distance relationship with calvin, flying over and meeting him at the airport or something soppy like that bc I EAT THAT SHIT UP TBH thanks x

Sorry for not posting lately…or ever as promised, lol, I will try to post more often :) really fluffy and seems ooc (even though I think any guy can get sappy over a girl he likes), but oh well :p I tried to do a longer one to display my apologies. Warning: emotional rollercoaster for hearts. I warned you. 

LeafyIsHere Fanfic - Airports

It’s not easy being in a long distance relationship with someone. Between the time differences and distance in general, it can be difficult to maintain a relationship. 

You and Calvin are in a long distance relationship and haven’t been able to physically be with each other for about 4 months now. Trying to Skype and talk was difficult. Calvin was always busy traveling or making videos and you were abroad this semester on Semester At Sea trying to finish up another year of university. Sure, you guys would talk throughout the week when you had time via WhatsApp but it was definitely starting to take a toll on you. 

Normally, you could fly home on long weekends and see Calvin. He would always be there to pick you up and thoroughly enjoyed your visits. It never seemed as bad because it would always be a month at most without being physically with each other. As you can imagine, people have needs that can more easily be fulfilled in person. *wink wink*  

Your classes started to pick up as finals were coming up in a couple weeks, which meant that you would be flying home in a couple weeks. However, with the constant traveling between countries and studying to maintain your stellar grade point average, it was becoming stressful. You couldn’t even listen to his commentary on videos while doing homework, like usual, without getting distracted. Not only that, you two haven’t talked in a couple weeks. Or rather, you haven’t been able to reply to Calvin despite his attempts to text or call you. You knew that if you talked or saw Calvin on Skype, you would get distracted from work, or worse probably break down. 

Calvin could tell something was wrong after you ignoring his messages all last week, but he let it go because he knew you may have been busy or had an awkward time change. It’s not like he could spend all the time in the world worrying about you, either. He has been busy with videos and stressed out with a bit of YouTube drama. Even so, he was not about to give up on getting you on the phone when you ignored him these last few days. 

A set of messages were coming into your phone as you sat in your room studying late. With the stress of school and trying to maintain a relationship, while not going insane, you turned to a rash decision without thinking it over for long. Calvin had sent a simple text to check in on you and it turned into a conversation he wasn’t expecting. 

Calvin: Hey, just wanted to check in. Haven’t talked with you in a while, I know you’re busy but I got a little worried. I don’t know if you’ve been getting my messages or calls. Just text me back when you have a minute.

Y/N: I don’t know how much longer I can do this Calvin, I’m sorry.

Calvin: What are you talking about? 

Y/N: This. Us? I don’t know. I guess I’m just really stressed out, I don’t want to make you wait on me all the time, and I don’t think I can be in a relationship with everything right now.

Calvin: Y/N, please calm down. Just call me on Skype and we can talk about this. 

Y/N: I can’t, if I do I don’t know what I’ll say. I’m sorry. 

Calvin: You’re almost back home! Where is this coming from? Just a week and a half ago we had been talking about me picking you up at the airport, like usual, and now you want to break up? 

Y/N: I’m sorry, it’s going to be better this way. 

Calvin: Better for who? We’ve made this work until now and you only have two weeks left. I know you will ace your classes and exams, so why are you stressing so much? Please just call me on Skype. 

Y/N: I’m stressing because this is my future, what if I can’t get into a good masters program because I fail? You should be with someone who can be there for you when you need them, too.

Calvin: You will get into a fucking great masters program and I can’t believe you would say that. I care about you, and this relationship. You are there when I need you and I will still be the one picking you up from the airport when you finish. So hurry up and pass that shit so you can come home to me and not stress. 

Y/N: Calvin, I’m sorry.

Calvin: Stop. Fucking cut the bullshit. If you don’t talk to me for the next two weeks, I don’t care, just don’t end this. I’ll be there. 11AM arrival, LAX. 

Y/N: Okay.

You couldn’t believe the conversation you just had. You didn’t expect for Calvin to refuse to break up with you. He didn’t care that much, right? Sure, you were in a relationship for almost 2 years now. But did he really miss you that much, was he really willing to put forth such an effort? 

On the other end, Calvin was a wreck. It came out of nowhere that you wanted to break up. Just the previous week you had been boasting about your high grades and now you were practically killing yourself over these small finals? In the grand scheme of things, he knew those exams wouldn’t make the difference in your grades– even if you bombed them. And that’s what got him so frustrated. You were ready to let go of a relationship with him for nearly 2 years over something so trivial. 

It didn’t help that he was always asked in comments and tweets about how you were doing. Or that with the new amount of YouTube drama, that you were unaware of, you weren’t there to pick him up like usual. Usually, you could support his content and triple check to make sure before he uploaded anything that it was appropriate or the people involved were okay. Even though there was some content you may not have agreed with, you knew his audience came first with videos and what would be acceptable in the community. However, you were still there to stand beside him and support him to create the best content he could. 

And with all of this came things he didn’t even think of at first. How would he tell his reptilian army you two broke up without a flood of hate attacking you? Who would he show his new roasting ideas to that he could trust? How was he going to find a booty as nice as yours? > lol 

Needless to say, he was determined to meet you at the airport and make things better. The two weeks of waiting certainly didn’t help and his reptilian brotherhood could tell it was wearing on him in his videos. Which only created more questions about him and/or the relationship. 

You had spent the next two weeks studying and managed to ace all your exams and classes, per usual. When it was all said and done, you were left wondering two things. One: why you had been so stressed out to begin with? And two: why were you still so anxious and stressed? You assumed it was just left over from exam week, yet couldn’t help but wonder if Calvin would really be waiting for you after everything. 

Your flight landed on time at 11AM at LAX. You headed to the baggage claim carousel and waited to get your bag. Standing, with one of your head phones in watching the bags come out, you feel a light tap on your shoulder. You turn and as you do, you are enveloped in a tight hug by Calvin. 

Calvin joyfully hugs you and says, “Yay! You’re back!”

You hug back and maintain in his arms as you say, “Calvin, I’m sorry. I don’t want to break up. I realize how stupid I was. I just missed you a lot and my teachers were stressing me out and –” You had not even realized halfway through you started to cry a little. 

Calvin quickly stopped you with a series of shush and rocking you slightly back and forth. “Hey, hey, shhh. It’s okay, I understand. Just stop being such a nerd and relax, would you?” He moves slightly away from you, but still holding one of your hands tightly, “Let’s just get your bag and go home, okay? We can order Chinese food and watch some videos or play some games … or catch up on some lost times in the bedroom..,” he quickly and quietly adds in the last part with a wink back to you. 

This causes you to chuckle and wipe away the stray tear. Calvin gives you a quick kiss on the cheek and guides you to the parking lot where the car is. You couldn’t have been happier that everything was finally working out for you. How did you get so lucky as to have someone so supportive as Calvin?

He never lets go of your hand, and before you go to bed that night, he doesn’t fail to hold you close and add in, “I really missed you, too. I don’t think I could do it again for that long, so please promise you won’t leave me or make me worry like that again.” 

Kissing him slowly on the lips, you give him a simple reply, “I promise,” before heading off to sleep in his arms. 

I just want you to know I spent 3.5 hours writing this, and not only is there probably still mistakes, but it took me a long fucking time so I hope you enjoyed. I am sorry and also not responsible for any suicides from this fanfic. kys. You’re welcome. 100 Notes and I’ll go abroad for a semester ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A Special Moment

A Rucas Fanfic

Rucas Week - Day 1 - Lucas and Riley Study Together

Story By: @hoffkk

Summary: Riley helps Lucas study for his MCAT, putting a little emphasis on anatomy ;)

Note: Gets a little smutty but mostly sweet.  No graphic details.  Enjoy!

Riley sighed softly as she leaned against the door frame of Lucas’s room with her arms crossed over her chest and watched him study.  He sat hunched over his desk, head stuck in a thick textbook as he read and highlighted important details.  Lucas had been in this position all week preparing for his MCAT, one of the two big exams he had to do well on to get into vet school.

“You know, if you sit like that much longer, you might just get stuck in that position.” She quipped, alerting her boyfriend to her presence.

“Very funny.” Lucas replied dryly, smirking as he did so, not that Riley could see since he didn’t even bother to turn around.

“So how’s it going?”  She asked, truly interested.

“Good so far I suppose…but there is still a lot to go over.”  Lucas answered, running a hand through his hair in frustration, something he only did when he was stressed out.  He had so much preparation to do and so little time to do it with the testing being only two days away.

“You can’t be serious.”  Riley replied in disbelief as she walked into the room and headed toward Lucas. “You’ve been at this all week.”

“I know, but there is just so much information to go over…I’m not even halfway through my biological science text yet.”  Lucas explained.

Riley shook her head playfully, stifling a smirk.  "I think you’ll be okay, I mean, you did ace all of your undergrad bio classes.“ Riley reminded him.

"Yeah, but that’s kid stuff compared to what is going to be on this test.  That’s why I’ve been holed up in my room studying for the past five days.”  Lucas went on.

Riley didn’t respond right away and instead stared at Lucas’s handsome profile.  Taking him in, she noticed his knee was bouncing uncontrollably, another sign of stress.

“Want me to quiz you?” She said finally.

Lucas finally looked up at his girlfriend and noted her hopeful face.  He had been so focused on studying all week that they hadn’t spent much time together.  Feeling a bit guilty, he quickly took her up on her offer, giving her a sweet smile.

“Yay!”  She blurted happily then grabbed the big textbook and leaned against the desk beside him.  Riley began asking him questions.  He answered the first two correctly then missed the next three.

After missing the third question, Lucas pounded a fist on his desk and yelled, “Dang nabbit!” He was clearly speaking more southern.  His drawl always got thicker and more obvious when he was angry.  

Realizing how irritated he was becoming, Riley decided to end the review.

“Maybe we should stop for now.” She offered, closing the text and placing it back on his desk.  She knew that Lucas knew the answers deep down.  He was just on information overload, causing everything to get jumbled in his head.  It happened to her all the time.  A little brain break was all he needed to right himself.

“Good idea.  I clearly need to study more on my own.” Lucas responded, chastising himself.

“What you need is a break.”  Riley told him.  "You are going to burn yourself out if you keep up this pace.“

"This test is important, Riley…”  He began, but she replied before he could go on.

“I know, but so is your mental health .”  She pointed out.  "Besides, you already scored well on your GRE.“  She added, referring to the first big test he took for entry into vet school.

"I did okay.” He shrugged.

“You scored above average.”  She reminded him.

Barely above average.”  Lucas amended.  "That’s why I really have to ace this one.“

"And you will.” Riley asserted.  "But to do so, you need to give that big brain of yours a time out for a little while before it overloads on science.

Lucas let out a long breath as he stretched out his legs, pushing his wheelie chair back a little bit and angling it toward Riley.  "And what do you suggest I do instead?“ He asked, thinking Riley made a good point as he felt his brain could short circuit any second.

"Well, let’s see…”  Riley began, slowly moving closer to Lucas.  "we’ve got you and me…all alone together…in this big empty house…“  She trailed off, taking a seat on his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck.  

Lucas had completely forgotten they had the rental house to themselves.  It was usually bustling with people, considering it housed the whole group - Riley, Lucas, Farkle, Smackle, and Maya.  It was just missing Zay, but only because he surprisingly chose to join the military after high school, while everyone else headed off to NYU. However, the lack of Zay was made up for with an ever-present Joshua Matthews who visited his feisty, blonde girlfriend nearly every night.  It being spring break now, they were temporarily attached at the hip with Maya staying at his place all week.  Meanwhile, Farkle and Smackle were being all couple-y themselves on a trip to Florida with the environmental science department to study wildlife in the Everglades. Thus, Riley and Lucas were on their own for the week.  Being reminded of this, Lucas grinned broadly at the girl in his lap.

"I’m sure you can think of something.”  She finished with a playful smile, making Lucas’s grin widen even more.

“Now that you mention it, one idea in particular comes to mind.”  He commented, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her in close for a kiss.  One kiss turned into two and two turned into three and so on, breaking out into a full on make-out session.  Their kisses were electric just like the first one they shared on the subway in eighth grade.  This time, however, they were so much more.  They were hot and passionate and full of love and promise.  Needless to say, the studying was quickly forgotten.

Eventually, Riley maneuvered herself so she was straddling Lucas.  Then he stood, her loose, floral pant clad legs automatically securing themselves around his waist, and carried her the few feet to the bed, laying her down gently.

They made out some more with Lucas hovering over her, bracing himself with one hand planted on the bed while the other roamed  Riley’s body delicately.  Riley ran her hands over his chest, playing with the buttons of his blue button-down shirt, slowly undoing them.  Once they were all undone and his shirt hung open, exposing his toned chest and stomach, she began caressing his smooth, warm skin.

Lucas didn’t think anything of it.  She had done this several times before, during their many other make-out sessions, much to his enjoyment.  However, as the kissing continued, he felt her hands travel further south than normal. Too lost in Riley to care, he didn’t make a move to stop her until a tug on his belt made his eyes fly open and his lips pull away from hers.

“Wh-what are you doing?”  He inquired, slightly out of breath.

“What does it look like?”  She asked innocently, undoing his belt completely.

“Riley…” Lucas warned, placing a hand over hers to make her stop.  "I don’t think that is a good idea.  If those hands move any lower, I may not be able to stop myself.“

"I don’t want you to stop.”  Riley whispered.

“Wait…what are you saying?”  He asked her slowly and deliberately.

She took a deep breath and answered, “I’m ready, Lucas.”

His eyes went wide and he pulled back quickly, so, instead of hovering over her, he was sitting beside her on the double bed.  She sat up in response and looked at him with eyes full of confusion and concern.

“I’m sorry if I got carried away, Riley, but I swear I wasn’t trying to go that far.”

“I know you weren’t… but I was.”  Riley said.  "I want you, Lucas.  Don’t you want me?“  She asked quietly, feeling slightly deflated.

"Of course, I do.” He assured her as he pushed a lock of long brown hair behind her ear.  "But don’t you want your first time to be special?  Like…in a hotel with flowers and candles?“

"I love that you care so much about this, about me…but I don’t need any of that stuff. All I need to make the moment special is you.”  She smiled sweetly.  "You are special to me Lucas, and you make me feel special, so our first time will be special… no matter where we are or how the room is decorated.“

Lucas just smiled back, feeling like the luckiest guy in the world to have someone as great as Riley to call his own.  "You are special to me too.”  He said, stroking her cheek lightly with his thumb before placing a soft kiss on her lips. He pulled back once more to look into her eyes, asking one last time, “Are you really sure this is what you want?”

Riley didn’t speak, but simply smiled and nodded, then lifted her arms above her head and waited. Within the next few seconds, Lucas pulled her green, flowy top over head and had his lips back on hers, getting lost in Riley all over again as she got lost in him.

Nothing ever felt more right than this moment for either of them.  They spent all night in complete bliss and by the time morning came there were no regrets, no confusion, and no more insecurities.  They were each other’s firsts, yet again, and were convinced they would be each other’s lasts.

They may not have a great love affair like Cory and Topanga who dated their whole lives until they married and lived happily ever after, but they were their own special something. They were Rucas - perfect, lovable, adorable, completely amazing Rucas.  For now and forever.