but my dress right

Today, I fucked up... by punching my boss

Our office is set up really strange and to get to the women’s restroom you have to walk through a large dimly lit storage area and pass through a couple of doors. I had just finished washing my hands and turned to reach for the door to leave. Suddenly the door was flung open and scared the ever loving shit out of me. I guess my fight or flight chose fight because the next thing I know I’m wildly swinging a right hook. I punched my boss, who was dressed as a witch for Halloween, in the jaw/neck as we screamed at each other.

We’ve now had two “safety meetings” about preventing future incidents, they’ve made laminated signs and taped them to the bathroom door that say “Please open SLOWLY” and every woman in the office now announces themselves every time they come in or out of the office. I got a verbal warning from HR and I’m now too afraid to use the office restroom because I don’t know if I can be trusted when startled. I sat through a meeting about it dressed as a bumble bee and trying to not laugh and cry at the same time.

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Pokefemslash Day 9: First yuri ship?

i take your "tall girlfriend” and i give you… taller girlfriend


Queen of Disaster - Lana Del Rey  🎵

@simplifiedsimi‘s release of this wonderful hair totally inspired my simself to channel her inner Lana Del Rey today. 

(also look it’s @our-dazed-sims denim skirt recolour)


hot dresses AU/spyAU inspired by that incredi-drawing by gabzy + Neji is too floored by how killer Tenten looks to properly touch her (for a while, anyways). based off of convo with gabzilla-z & matchaball and

this AU is gonna be the death of me my god 


Infinite AU Social Media Posts: Riley’s outfit for the night

Side Note: Do you guys like me posting these visual tie-ins to the fic?  Be honest…anon is on in my ask box if you wanna be anon.  I haven’t done one in a really long time, but it’s mainly because it took me a long time to find the perfect visual for what I had in mind for her dress.  I have a few others, but I really don’t know if I’m being super annoying with these or not.  So let me know?


@typhoidmeri​ that was a complicated frock we chose to swoon over ;)

maybe she’s like reverse Cinderella or something? Like she’s actually the princess holding the ball, and Steve is the one who gets trussed up. Pierce is the wicked stepfather, I guess. Rumlow as the not-so-ugly stepbrother, and somebody else, that Gilmore Hodge guy from cafta? The fairy godmother is Sam (fairy godfather, falcon godfather, fairy godfalcon??)

”i need you to find me the biggest damn pumpkin you got, a bunch of critters, and a goose who can’t drive”

“a goose who CAN’T drive?”  

“what you telling me you got one who can??”  **

Lucky the dog gets turned into Clint, a raccoon gets turned into Bucky, some mice into horses yada yada, and instead of a goose the driver is a small black spider that Steve presents to his Fairy Godfalcon in an upturned glass with a piece of cardboard underneath. Which turns into Natasha, obvs. Beep beep! 

And whatever else because Darcy should wind up searching high and low, demanding of every young gentleman, “hey gimme your shoe!”

**i’m only slightly sorry about the goose thing, because it is a fantastic in-joke with my friends from when we watched the live action Cinderella and laughed at the bit when the goose gets turned into the driver and says “I can’t drive, I’m a goose.” That movie was way funnier than I think they intended it. 

  • EQ: Oh my god.
  • Regina: What?
  • EQ: Clearly I was the one with the dress sense.
  • Regina: Yes because leather corsets and ball gowns are high fashion right now.
  • EQ: Better this than...what are you wearing? Are you part of the Ozian guard?
  • Regina: I like this jacket!
  • EQ: Do you? Do you really? Or do you think Emma will like it?
  • Emma: Emma will like what?
  • EQ: Ah perfect timing! Tell me dear, which of our outfits do you like better?
  • Emma: Um...I...you look great in everything.
  • Regina: You like this jacket right?
  • EQ: Or do you prefer my dress?
  • Emma: Um....I...evil cleavage...I don't know...do you two have to keep drawing me into your squabbles? Surely you both know I prefer you in nothing at all.
  • EQ: Oh really?
  • Regina *blushes*: Damnit Emma.