but my delusional mind can

@ people who say that zankie fans are conveniently ignoring that zach said he’s straight

are you conveniently ignoring ‘bro, i want to fuck frankie’ 'i’d make out with guys’ 'i’m bi’ 'it’s giving me chills’ (in ref to frankie’s neck kisses’) -leans frankie over and pretends to fuck him- -lets frankie push him down and pretend to fuck him- 'i’m in love with you’ 'i wouldn’t mind if you slept naked’ 'i want to push you off but like…i don’t’ 'does it make me gay if i’m in love with a homosexual’ donny saying 'i think zach has a crush on frankie’ other houseguests saying 'i think zach has a thing for you. i think it’s real’

no one is ignoring zach identifying as straight. if he’s straight, he’s straight. his sexuality is his business. but for people to say zach has never shown any interest in frankie and that frankie is always the aggressive one pushing his feelings onto zach………wow you guys are ignoring a lot of things

at least think logically about both sides of this argument. zach has constantly stated he’s straight and this is not something to be ignored at all. no one should say he’s lying or in denial. but then you also need to pay attention to all these other things zach has said?? it blows my mind how people can say it’s delusional to think there might possibly be something more there after everything we’ve seen. after all the video footage. zach might be into frankie. zach might be 100% straight and just view frankie as a bro. but at least acknowledge both options when there is evidence for both to be true