but my copy of the help is 1080p

kieraknightlcy  asked:

How do you make your gifs so clear? because are too grainy. P.S. your edits are beautiful btw

thank you! 

idk, the quality of the movie/clip is very important, I always download 1080p files and that helps a lot… also, I don’t cut and resize my gif in the original document. I mean, I create a new document with the size I want for my gifs:

then I copy and paste the frames into that new document:

and I resize them there (all the frames+layers must be selected):

I don’t even know if this improves the quality or not but I like to think it does lol

then I do this:

 I sharpen the gif (these are the settings I use):

and then I start the coloring process :) hope this helps. I’m sorry if it’s too confusing. I’m so bad at explaining things in english.