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Personal post: anyone with a chronic illness that involves fatigue have any tips for battling said fatigue? I’ve recently started full time parenting and taking care of the household and with that plus soon teaching and everything else it’s like I never wake up. I’m used to never having any energy but this feeling like there’s not enough coffee in the world to keep my eyes open thing has got to stop.

Edit: I just want to thank everyone for replying! I’m back to taking vitamins religiously. I have vitamin D deficiency and have been told to take vitamin D and Calcium regularly. I’m just so bad at taking medication. I’m now on Vitamin D, B12, and Calcium. I’m hoping to get my levels checked soon so I know what else I need to be on. I’ve also found that drinking more water, taking naps, and eating more regularly helps a lot. 

One thing I have a lot of problems with is exercise. I run around a lot doing errands, housework, and taking care of the kids but I need to have more standard exercise. Of course chronic pain makes everything difficult. I’ve tried yoga but with the combination of the fibro and my scoliosis it really messes up my back. I think I’d do better with someone trained to do stretching exercises for my conditions (looking into physical therapy). Of course walking on concrete seriously hurts my joints. I’ve heard walking on a mini trampoline is great for low impact exercise, and of course swimming in a heated pool (hoping I can find a physical therapy place close by that does this) Do any other people with chronic pain have tips on exercise, especially with a tight schedule or things I can do with the kids?

Hope these posts help other people with chronic pain!