but my bio teacher

so today there was this fly on the ground and he couldn’t fly so I scooped him up w a piece of paper and carried him to bio class and he just chilled out with me. my professor was like “is that a fly??” And I was like “ya he’s my new pet” and he just like, nodded. and then he went into the back room and came out with a big plastic fly model and sat it on my desk. so me and my fly buddies just chilled out the whole class and my professor would not stop laughing at me.

 TLDR; I had a fly for a pet and now my bio teacher calls me fly girl and I’m the resident class weirdo

au where instead of being in space everyone’s high school teachers

my cell bio teacher actually postponed our test cause of the “election results”

thank fucking god hillary didn’t win because i didn’t study at all for that

Day 10: Who is your favourite teacher/professor and why?

My earth science teacher is by far, the most amazing teacher I have  ever had. I’ve never seen him down and he’s always so bright when teaching, if you could just attend his class, you can see how passionate he is!! I miss him so much, I hope he’ll be my teacher in bio next semester! 

On the other hand, my calculus teacher is just as amazing. He really tries his best to teach us such a challenging subject and he’s always so patient.Whenever he sees the class lose interest, he engages the students with his life’s challenging experiences. He’s got me so inspired, I always thrive to be good in his class, however challenging it may be, because I want to return his good heart and his passion for teaching.

I love them both so much. They are more than teachers to me. They give me an extra reason why I should continue in life. The world need more of them <3

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The Signs As Things My Bio Teacher Said This Semester
  • Aries: "Welcome to class, your parents had sex to make you."
  • Gemini: "Ball is not life, testicle is life."
  • Cancer: "You're only allowed to wear a turtle neck in this class if you have hickies on your neck."
  • Leo: "So what? You have to ejaculate a bull every time to get a can of RedBull?"
  • Virgo: "Fried chicken is not healthy oh my god."
  • Libra: "Pollen isn't magical; it's plant sperm!"
  • Scorpio: "Life isn't a Disney movie. You're all going to die some day."
  • Capricorn: "Maybe you're single because you mistook a female lion for a male tiger."
  • Aquarius: "Please raise your hand if you know what 'genitalia' is."

One of the best sides of having a small class is when the teacher offers to make tea for everyone 😱💕☕️🔝

Rubbing her temples she let out a sigh, why must she deal with teenagers all day to only come home to one? “Even though it could be his fault or even no one’s fault, it’s somehow always mine.” Sighing she is shaking her head, maybe this is karma. Is karma real? Hopefully he was going through a nasty phase and it’d be over real soon. “I miss when he was little and cute, when he liked being tickled. Now he’s just always angry, who wants to be that way?”

Since school is coming to a close for me tomorrow, I’d like to tell you all a few things:

So my AP World teacher from this past year was one of the most condescending, self-righteous people I’ve met in my life. She always told us when going over tests that certain questions were “gimmes” and that she’d “come after us” if we put the “dumb” answer, making some students (including some of my best friends) embarrassed for struggling. Then, she would tell us about how worldly she was constantly, about her South African husband and her time in New Zealand and the Middle East, clearly favoring the more ethnically diverse in our class to prove how worldly she was. She called me and two of my friends “middle of the road students” when I had an A- in her class.

My honors bio teacher literally didn’t try. We taught ourselves a whole unit at the end of the year, and she left us on our own-in a bad way-a lot to do our work. She literally admitted to being bad about grading and returning work. She expected us to do a 300 question packet with a lot of material we barely knew about during exam week. And my parents told me she acted proud of this at teacher conferencing.

My theater teacher is clearly unhappy in his work. He’s a real nice guy, but he does not want to be a teacher. He wants to be an actor. But, unfortunately, it’s looking as though he never really will be. And I think he’s tired already. And I feel sorry and sad for him because he is not where he wants to be in life. He talked about when he was younger and trying to get into acting and such, and I can tell he wants those days back.

My German teacher is so meek, so easily persuaded, so sweet, and it breaks my heart to see the way people treat him, even if it’s not my favorite class. Some of his students don’t respect him, disobey his rules about phones and all that, and he can’t bring himself to truly discipline them, so these students continued to disregard and disrespect him all year.

In 8th grade, my honors algebra teacher was a tightass. Not exactly friendly. If I didn’t have my binder exactly in the order he wanted, he’d fail you on his “binder checks.” He gave us our tests back in order of best to worst score, and my dad and I had to tell him to change to spare everyone’s feelings. He gave us roughly thirty problems a night, including over certain breaks, and it would leave me crying over my textbook since I’m heavily involved in sports and other extracurriculars, and it was worse when I couldn’t understand because I felt extremely uncomfortable talking to him and in his classroom.

I’ve been heavily overlooked for two years, and I’m not used to it. I haven’t wanted to truly work hard for a teacher since 7th grade, excluding a few instances since then, when I had really good teachers that treated me well and respected me and their other students, really getting to know us.

This has been a hard couple years for many reasons. The thing about our education system is it’s sad. It’s full of bitter, lazy people who don’t belong there, who shouldn’t be teachers, who want to keep us in line to make life easier for them. For those people who fit this mold, I have something to tell you: Stop. Please. Don’t complain about grading. Please. A lot of people worked hard on whatever you’ve assigned, and we’d like you to take it seriously. Stop using your “power” to scare us and keep us in line. Make us respect you for the right reason. Don’t be proud of your faults. Accept and fix them. Don’t shame students for struggling. It could be your own damn fault.

All of you are worth more than this. Be your own fucking person, your own fucking student. Don’t let a teacher put you down or discourage you. Not all of them are like this, but know that you are more than a number, more than an answer on a test. Don’t let them make you feel this way because one day, you’ll be beautiful and wonderful even if you flunked that paper and missed that “gimme” question.