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Dear anon (you know who you are)

This blog supports ALL characters unequivocally. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, my plan is to feature all the characters in their positive fundamental characterisation.

Look, I love getting submissions, give me more of that! , they do help out a bit. But if you’re gonna submit a post that obviously bashes a character…well, don’t. They will never see the light of the day on this blog. If you’re hoping this blog would be a platform for certain character’s bashing, I’m sorry but let me divest you of that misconception by stating this again. This blog doesn’t condone character bashing. Not Mary. Not Moriarty. Not John. Not Molly. So, if you’re thinking one day it’ll feature…you’ll be very disappointed.

Cmon guys, don’t we see enough of it on our dashes? Let’s make this blog a happy and friendly place for ALL fans of BBC Sherlock .

Have fun following and Submiiiiiiit!

Rules: List ten of your favorite characters, from any medium such as literature, movies, television, etc. Then tag ten people.

I was tagged by the wonderful @black-john-lennon

1. Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead

2. Michonne (Grimes) - The Walking Dead

3. Blaine Anderson - Glee

4. Harry Potter - Harry Potter (mostly the books, loved the movies, but I absolutely loved the Harry in the books).

5. Angel - Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

6. David Haller - Legion

7. Tulip O’Hare - Preacher

8. Marshal Erikson - How I Met Your Mother

9. Samuel Klayman - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

10. Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead (I only put him last cause it still hurts!)

I could probably fill this with mostly characters from The Walking Dead, but I had to be more diverse with my shows and books I like.  lol  I feel bad leaving off Sasha, Carl, and King Ezekiel.  But also for leaving off Cordelia and Wesley.

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shixpe  asked:

Hello! Don't know me but I know people. So I wanted to ask if you knew of a term for the set props used, say in SPN, that are never addressed (like chekhov's gun or something), but are meaningful and may have subtext. Like the items over Dean's bed, signs, decor/paintings, flowers maybe. I think my brain invented a word that it doesn't even remember, because it doesn't exist.

Hehe, I’ve seen you around a bit. Sorry if any of the below sounds condescending. When I get these asks, I try to be as informative as I can.

There are a few possibilities. Motif maybe? Motifs are usually like.. patterns.. but we usually just lump everything in my experience. We usually just called set dressing or props that conveyed character presence or meaning “associations” or “setup calls”. Since symbolism in movies is associative, and anything in the narrative that calls a payoff, we just called them what they are.

There may be people who have specific names for them, but other than Chekhov’s “X” I haven’t really seen any specific words. That doesn’t mean the words don’t exist. People in film rename and redefine things all the time. It’s one of the reasons we used definitions more than terms when I was in school. You could argue about something, and then learn you were talking about the same thing coined by a different person. Even the terms for sequence structure of a movie are debated. People agree that 3 act movies have sequences, but not on how many, or what they’re called.

 When I was in college, we’d go through scenes (like the opening from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums) and pick out associations for characters (Mostly colors in this case, because Wes Anderson) and then discuss them after. The Royal Tenenbaums uses color saturation to convey meaning for example. How bright the color is transfers to the associative character’s passions and mindsets. 

In SPN, the colors, patterns and objects are “associations”. They use association very strongly. Associations are traceable elements with simple connections on their own. They’re sort of like the first introduction of a character in a screenplay. The first time a character’s name appears in a screenplay, it’s always in all caps in the action. This is so that character can be traced back to their introduction easily. How an association is incorporated indicates its symbolism, and its repetition in scenarios is what gives them meaning and allows for more complicated readings. My favorite ones in all of SPN are the items over Dean’s bed you mentioned. They are the easiest type to read. They’re consistently placed, easily legible without being too obvious, change when they should without losing simple explanation and are very traceable.

When I taught film, I showed Hot Fuzz as my movie for “setup and payoff” because everything in that movie is pretty much made of that concept. (It’s actually really neat watching it unfold). I used “setup calls” for the scenarios and props in that movie too. It’s pretty much any element that has to be addressed later (or should). The Pink Unicorn plush in Suicide Squad is an example of failure to respond to your setup calls. It’s also a blatant disregard for the Rule of Threes. 

Setup calls can be objects or dialogue, but when they’re objects, they’re usually given an insert. One of my film teachers joked by calling this “insert attention” but I don’t think it’s an official term. A creepy doll getting an insert in an early scene and turning out to be evil is an example.

There are a lot of “rules” in film, most of them I’ve heard as the definitions rather than the terms though. Their usually a series of “if then statements” like this: 

“If a sharp thing gets an insert, someone’s gonna get stabbed.”


“If it’s purple, someone is going to die”, or “If a gun is shown or mentioned, it must go off eventually.” 

And my personal favorite: 

“If someone states an absolute before the finale, it will be addressed(usually challenged).” 

This is why the end of S8 makes me side eye TPTB a little.

Honestly, it’s perfectly fine to have your own terms for things. You just have to define them and get them out there. I’ve heard all sorts of terms when I was in college that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, but I see them in movies all the time. 

If you think of the word, let me know. It may very well be a term and I just don’t remember right now. My memory is kind of terrible. If it’s not already a term and can be defined separately from other ones, define and coin it! Maybe it’ll catch on.


Richard Dean Anderson at OzComicCon 2015

BTS as Wes Anderson Films

A/N: Mostly based on aesthetics and general vibe of the movie. Film critics everywhere are rolling their eyes at me (sorry high school Film Studies teacher!). 

Seokjin as “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

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Yoongi as “The Royal Tenenbaums”

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Hoseok as “The Darjeeling Limited” (wrote a paper about this in college, lol)

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Namjoon as “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” (based mostly off beanie game, I won’t lie)

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Jimin as “Hotel Chevalier” (I was originally going to do Bottle Rocket but I just couldn’t see the connection </3)

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Taehyung as “Moonrise Kingdom”

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Jungkook as “Rushmore” (a kid who is involved in every extracurricular and falls for a teacher? Hmmmm…)

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just-another-exhausted-fangirl replied to your post “remember when i actually imagined what itd be like if they explicitly…”

Could you name some? As a cis person it’s very hard to see it from a trans perspective so I’m very curious! ��

aight heres some off the top of my head but theres more in my trans sherlock tag

-judging by the pirouette he does in tsot, it is very likely that he has studied ballet at some point in time, most people who do do so in childhood and most children in ballet classes are girls (balance of probability)

-magnussen, a man who loves to blackmail, intimidate, harass, and expose the secrets of vulnerable people for personal gain, in a deleted scene from HLV held sherlocks hand in his and described them, ending by questioning if they were a woman’s hands, at which point sherlock mustered all his energy just to disgustedly pull his hand away

-”sherlock is actually a girls name”, yes it was a joke sherlock said while high but its an interesting possible truth nonetheless

-in HLV mycroft says (and im quoting from memory only here, also the added emphasis is by me) to sherlock of his drug habit “How like Uncle Rudy, though in many ways cross-dressing would have been the wiser choice”

-in teh sherlock has been away for 2 years and in that time his hair grew very long but his facial hair barely seemed to grow at all ??? though we know it can due to The Lying Detective setlock pics (suggesting a lack of T while undercover and away from home)

-his lack of sexual experience could be contributed to by body and more specifically genital dysphoria, in addition to being trans making it even scarier to get close to people

-despite mycroft being frankly quite belittling and mean to him, he looks up to him at almost every turn and clearly models a lot of himself on mycroft, which to me seems like someone looking for male role models to replicate, which just personally to me is a LOT of what gender presentation involves

-sherlock saying in TSOT “beauty is a construct”; gender is also a social construct, something which many trans people know very well and something being a “construct” being….quite the thing to just blurt out

-#drugs mention for this bullet point: Sherlock seems to take intra-venous drugs, and testosterone taken by trans men is typically injected with needles! it seems to me like that would have been a perfect cover for his drug habit, in addition to the possibility that getting gender-affirming surgery would have given him more reasons to be on and methods to obtain other drugs

I’m going to compare my experiences of seeing a taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

I thoroughly enjoyed both. I didn’t go into the tapings with any idea of which host I liked better, etc. I just wanted to have fun and see the sets and enjoy the celebrity guests. I’m incredibly interested in television and I adore both Stephen and Jimmy. 

The first one I went to was for The Late Show. I got to the Ed Sullivan theater early – I ended up being the first one in line for the General ticket holders (ticket holders are split into priority and general). I waited for about two hours, but I wanted to make sure I actually got in (they can turn you away if they have too many people), so it was worth it. The only issue is we had to wait outside. This was back in June and for some reason it was a REALLY cold day that day and I didn’t have a jacket. I couldn’t imagine waiting out in the heat for two hours, though. I feel like I would have passed out.

So, the time comes to check in, where they just scan your tickets and give you a wristband. And then there’s more waiting. And then you go through security, but you’re finally inside so all is well. Then they heard you through the entrance towards the studio. I was given a seat up in the balcony, but let me tell you – that set is absolutely gorgeous. There are so many crazy lights and projections and the projection on the ceiling is freaking fantastic. I felt kinda lucky to be in the balcony so I could actually see the ceiling. But I also wished that I could have sat on the lower floor because it looked a little closer to where I was. 

Anyway, the warm up guy comes out and goes on for what felt like an eternity. An eternity. He was funny, it just felt like it took forever for him to be done. And then Jon Batiste and Stay Human came out and played for what also felt like an eternity. 

And then all of a sudden THERE HE WAS. Stephen Colbert. What a guy. He is absolutely a class act and he looked fantastic. I was freaking out. Here was the guy I used to watch on Comedy Central almost every day when I was younger in the flesh. He kicked things off by answering three questions from the crowd. One person asked about an internship. One person asked about the set design. The last person asked what he tells himself before coming out to do a show (his answer: Don’t fuck up. You have no other skills.) It was hilarious. 

Then the show started. His monologue was perfect. His guests were Jim Gaffigan, Anna Chlumsky and Louie Anderson performed stand up (who is freaking adorable, let me tell you).

He talked to Jim Gaffigan about his wife’s turmor, Catholicism (because we all know about Colbert being a catholic) and his stand up. Anna Chlumsky told a really funny story that I cracked up at about the actor who plays Mike on Veep catching himself on fire.

 And just like that, it was over. Stephen ran up the one aisle, hi-fiving the lucky few, did his bit out in the hallway, and then he was gone. And we were lead out of the theater. 

They had a cute little stand set up for merch and I bought a t-shirt. Also, I bought a subscription to CBS when I got home so I could watch the episode (I don’t have cable because I am poor).

Next up, The Tonight Show. This was recent too, it was the July 20th show. I live in Pennsylvania (close to Philly), so for each of these tapings I had to drive to the city. I got there extremely early for Colbert. But for Jimmy, I didn’t really have to. I got to the city around 1pm and made my way to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. That place is INSANE. If you haven’t been there before, you should go. It’s like a mall at the bottom, and then studios and offices above that. It’s crazy to think that this place is where SNL, The Tonight Show, Late Night, etc. are filmed. It just looks like a normal office building on the outside.  

I had a about an hour and a half to explore 30 Rock before I had to report to the Grand Stairs. Upon getting there, a man checked my ID and then I went up the stairs. There were already people in line, but it didn’t feel like that big of a crowd. I got in line and waited. I really appreciated the fact that I got to wait inside, though. It was literally 98 degrees out that day, so I’m not sure I would have made it if I had to wait outside. I think about 45 minutes go by until they start checking people in and having them go through security. They gave everyone a ticket with letters and/or numbers on them. It felt like things were moving right along.

After checking in, we were directed to the lounge. There were seats for everyone! The crowd felt a little bit larger now, just because we were all spread out in this room. They had giant screens that had pictures of Jimmy and guests alternating on them. It was so nice. And it didn’t feel like we spent that much time in there at all, because before I knew it, they started calling out our ticket groups to head upstairs. My group got into an elevator together and we were sent up. I think the wait felt less long than Colbert because there were different stages of the waiting period. And I appreciated that because I was practically banging my head up against the side of the building waiting in line for Colbert.

We were all lined up outside of the studio audience. They told us that we were the first 25 to be seated. That’s what I started to get real excited. I had not expected to get a good seat at all. After a little bit of waiting, the doors opened and we were sent in individually and directed to our seats. I was in the SECOND ROW. Right in front of the Tonight Show desk. Also – the studio is a lot smaller than I imagined. It felt much more personal. And being so close definitely helped with getting me incredibly hyped. He was going to be sitting right there. Right in front of me.

The warm up guy came out and asked the audience questions and issued some zingers. He didn’t seem to go on for too long and I could also tolerate him better than the warm up guy for Colbert. He then announced the members of the Roots and they had a pretty sweet jam session for a little bit, but again, it didn’t seem like it went on for too long. 

Then Steve Higgins came out, announced Jimmy Fallon and the show started. I remember being somewhat disappointed. Jimmy didn’t come out before the show started to answer questions like Colbert had. But, I enjoyed the start of the show nonetheless. Jimmy’s monologue was pretty good – I cracked up at the part where they played the clip of Trump asking people whether they like “Made in the USA or Made In America” better. I also felt like I was having a stroke, because what the fuck?

After the monologue they did Tonight Show Hashtags, which was pretty funny. It’s much more funny just being there. It’s such a positive energy. The guests that night were Charlize Theron and Michael Phelps, with musical guest SZA. Charlize is beautiful in person. I got to watch her and Jimmy participate in an 80s dance off and I SWEAR TO GOD he looked right at me and did a little head nod while he was doing his dance. But – who really knows? It was really funny to see them do goofy stuff like that. After the segment, Charlize walked off stage and Jimmy came right up to the front row and was like “wasn’t that so cool?! She’s so amazing.” He found out that it was the one girls birthday in the front row and seemed so genuinely excited for her. It’s crazy to see him and his energy in person. After that Michael Phelps came out and talked about how he was racing a shark that upcoming weekend. He’s such a weird guy. 

I wasn’t really that interested in what he had to say but it was funny seeing Jimmy freak out over him racing a shark. After Phelps left the stage, they got ready for Julie Klam to come out. She talked about her book (The Stars in our Eyes) for a bit, which I actually just finished reading a few days ago.

After that, they started to get things into place for the musical guest. And while they were doing that Jimmy came right up into the audience. It was amazing. He told us about how he loved Julie Klam and her book You Had Me at Woof was hilarious and how he recommended that we read it (I did. Because he told me to, and it was a fantastic, hilarious book). He said he was trying to inspire people to read again. He took some questions. I honestly can’t remember what they were right now because he told us SO MUCH. He talked about how his daughter was turning four that weekend and how she is obsessed with trophies. He has like thirty trophies made of legos from his daughter. For her birthday, they got her a trophy for turning four which is one of the most adorable things I have ever heard in my entire life. He also talked about how his kids have so many toys, way more than he ever had. He said he used to cut holes in tissue boxes and flick bottle caps into them for fun. God. He was so personable. So accessible.

He also found out the musical guests parents were in the audience and he gave them both a big hug. When SZA came out to get ready to perform, Jimmy was still in the audience was like “I’M WITH YOUR PARENTS!! I’M WITH YOUR PARENTS!” It was so funny. He thanked us all for coming. And went down to the stage to introduce SZA. After the performance he did his usual thing where he holds the album up to the camera and then headed up the stairs to the audience. He gave out high-fives and even hugs to those in the aisle seats. I was expecting him to disappear after going up that aisle, but he came right back down the other side that I was on! He took his time, shook hands, gave hugs. I didn’t get one because I was all the way on the end, but it was so cool to see him just walk by. He got back up to the stage, thanked us all again, and then exited through a door on the set.

The warm up guy came back out and talked to us as we were directed out. We went down some stairs and ended up exciting through the gift shop. I bought a shirt, because tradition.

Overall, I enjoyed the hell out of both shows. It was amazing to see these two men in their element. But…I enjoyed Jimmy more. From not having to wait outside for hours, to how personable and just an all around sweetheart he was. He felt accessible and it was way more of a personal experience because of how small the theater is and how he talked to us about what was going on with his life and his kids.

I highly recommend going to a taping of both of these guys shows, though. They are so fun. I’m hoping to go to a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers next, and possibly Last Week Tonight in the future.

Anderson Headcanons (because I was bored)

These are mostly humorous and OOC and done out of boredom and I am sorry if they (or I) annoy you.

NEVER give Anderson caffeine before bed. He has a…strange reaction to it as an adult. He’d bounce off the walls (literally if he had more than seven cups of coffee) and won’t be able to sit still and depending on how much it is, can stay awake for two days and once chased Enrico up a tree with a egg launcher.

He is TERRIFIED of spiders. Yes, he can take on vampires head on in the night, but show him a teensy little grass spider, and you’ll hear the most girliest scream out of a grown men ever, followed by Anderson clinging to whatever object happens to be nearby, including a cieling fan and a very startled and pissed off Integra.

If you want to see him bawl his eyes out, have him watch the sad death scenes in Bambi and Lion King. Lilo and Stitch will also provoke this reaction.

Anderson once tried to teach the children at the orphanage how to build a fire in case they ever got lost in the woods at night. It resulted in calling the fire department and he takes them to a survival summer camp instead from then on.

During Mass, his phone went off and caused a horrific embarassment. The song? “Play that Funky Music White Boy” which resulted in a three hour lecture from Enrico.

When Enrico was a child, he would refuse to let anyone cut or touch his hair, with the exception of Anderson, who would braid it back or ponytail to keep it out of his eyes. Since then Enrico had kept the ponytail look, though he claims its for convenience.


These were super cute! Thank you very much! (And you don’t annoy me at all, these helped pick me up a bit from my slump)